Qarase concerned with court’s delay

06 JUN 2008

Fiji’s ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase has expressed concern over the delay of the delivering of the judgement of a Constitutional redress case filed by him against the interim Government.

Qarase told Fijilive that it has been three months and his lawyers are still waiting for the date.

“I’m very concerned with the delay,” he said.

The trial ended on March 20 and Qarase’s lawyers and Queens Counsel Nye Perram have yet to be informed of a judgment date by the three panel of judges.

The panel of judges include Acting Chief Justice Anthony Gates, Justice Davendra Pathik and Justice John Byrnes.

Questions sent to Judge Justice Anthony Gates on the issue remain unanswered.



47 Responses to “Qarase concerned with court’s delay”

  1. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    The delayed ruling shows Gates and company are afraid of reveal their decision. The whole world is waiting and their decision is going to be closely scrutinized by experts.

    One would think in any competent jurisdiction, constitutional redress such as the Qarase case because of its urgency should have already been decided by now, but when you have an illegal appointed court and Chief Justice, what else was to be expected?

    Gates and company, show your true colours and be condemned for life!

  2. Wailei! Says:

    Interesting, how fast the ruling was made in 2000 on the “Prasad Case” it was lightning speed! while, the LQ case is on a snail pace.

    Wawa mada.. Who is Gates anyway? Is he a Fijian Citizen or someone that could not get a job from where he came and got dumped in Fiji. Anyone know his history?? WHO THE FUCK IS GATES?????

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    Wailei! prepare for the flood re: Gates’ history….the blogosphere knows all about Gates and his ummmmm “happy” tendencies 😉

  4. Shri Baladeva-Balarama-Vasudeva-Subhadra-Nanda Baba Says:

    We already know the answer, and that is: ***Qarase lost*** his case against the IG. The coup was illegal, of course, but so was Qarase’s government infested with 2000 coup plotters and perpetrators and so was the qoliqoli and reconciliation bills.

  5. Shri Baladeva-Balarama-Vasudeva-Subhadra-Nanda Baba Says:

    The coup was illegal, of course, but so was Qarase’s government infested with 2000 coup plotters and perpetrators and so were the qoliqoli and reconciliation bills. Period.

    Let’s move on.

  6. hopefiji Says:

    well what else can one expect from this corrupt bunch of militray appointed judges. One only has to look at the way they are dealing with the Heffernan matter before them.

    I think they are waiting for the hosting ofthe politucal forum with all politucal leaders as a demonstration of acceptance. They cannot get that with the failed charter process, hence the importance ofthe politucal forum.

  7. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    One can only surmise that the Commonwealth of Nations has told president bernie to ‘go jump’ with his forum and use his ‘energy’ to fast track elections under the 1997 constitution.

    This is obvious as chaudhry’s illegal junta received the reply last week from the Commonwealth. If it had been +ve, hairyarse would have been to the media to trumpet his ‘success’.

  8. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    Tha Chandrika Prasad case took three weeks before the judgement was out. But the Qarase one has now gone past two months three weeks and we do not see any judgeent on the horizon.

    The longer it takes the more the possibility that the decision has been tampered with to reflect what the IG wants.

    Sa levu ga na vosa vei Voreqe ia na corruption e sa qai sivia ga. Ci boica!

  9. george of sydney Says:

    This has to be expected given the platform this illegal IG stands. The Military Commander should have learn that an overthrow of a democratically elected government will never ever be legal. It doesnt matter if you think your reasons are genuine such as the eg. stop corruption, unfair and government policies, No other way to change constitution etc. As I have said before, one problem with this illegal juntas is SA LEVU NODRATOU VIAVIALEVU KEI NA VEIBECI.
    They can only condemn Qarase but when ordered to appear in court to justify to the court the legality or the relevancy of their action, they all ran to hide. I dont expect the President to appear but it is the people using him for their own benefit such as Voreqe, Nacewa, Pramesh, Aiarse, Nailatikau, Ganilau etc. that were supposed to give evidence in court. This is a clear indication of the type of characters this people are. ALL PUFTAS.
    If you cant stand the heat then Get out of the fire.
    Qarase suggested to them a solution, which he was willing to take for the sake of the people who are being victimised because of the coup (lost of job, high cost of living, rise in poverty etc. DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN HE SUGGESTED TO VOREQE TO RECALL PARLIAMENT SO THAT THEY CAN MOVE TO DISSOLVE THE PARLIAMENT CONSTITUTIONALLY. THE PRESIDENT CAN THEN LEGALLY APPOINT THE INTERIM GOVT TO TAKE US TO THE NEXT ELECTION. KNOW WHAT? THE RESPONSE FROM FRANK WAS
    What would Qarase do when you have all the physical ammunition with you. If you had agreed at that time, it could have legalised Qarase’s removal and since the interim govt be legal, relationship with Aust, NZ and
    US will be restored and trade ban will be lifted and the economy can be quickly restored. Now people are suffering because of nothing else but the PRIDE that this illegal juntas have.

    Remember everybody will come to know that the coup was only done for the commander to protect himself from prosecution for :-
    1) death of CRW soldiers
    2) Threatening the Govt that it will be thron out if it passes the RTU Bill
    3) Avoid auditing and investigation of the Regimental Fund by the Ausitor Generals Office.

    I think they were hoping that the acceptance of the charter and the recommended changes from the GCC taskforce from Provincial council could have convince the world that the people are demanding change and that could justifies the essentiality of their action and not its legality.
    Unfortunately majority of the Provincial Council and Bose Vanua rejected the proposal outright.
    Only one thing is clear. Today the Commander and the military council are the ones dictating government policies this days. The Interim Minister are puppets (Yes Sir).
    Therefore only the Commander and the Military Councils know the real reason behind the overthrow of the peoples government. BE A MAN AND FACE COURT BUT SINCE YOU WERE SCARED, BE A MAN TO ACCEPT ANY DECISION BY THE COURT AND YOUR PUPPET GATES.

  10. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Maqa a Leqa, Gates handed down the Chandrika Prasad decision.

    Now he knows that any judgement that is wholly unsatisfactory can blow up in his face and ignite civil unrest in Fiji.

    The judges must be having sleepless nights, and we should continue to keep up the heat and ensure they don’t sleep until they do the right thing.

  11. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    (Pink) Dear Mr. President
    Come take a walk with me
    Let’s pretend we’re just two people and
    You’re not better than me
    I’d like to ask you some questions if we can speak honestly

    What do you feel when you see all the homeless on the street
    Who do you pray for at night before you go to sleep
    What do you feel when you look in the mirror
    Are you proud

    How do you sleep while the rest of us cry
    How do you dream when a mother has no chance to say goodbye
    How do you walk with your head held high
    Can you even look me in the eye
    And tell me why

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    Impartiality of any within the Judiciary in Fiji , remains questionable !
    The delay of delivery of a judgement of a constitutional redress case of March 20th 2008 , is clearly a delaying tactic by the Regime . It would appear that the Judiciary is totally in the hands of the Military Council and that consequently Fiji is being run by a dictatorship !
    Could it be that the military council is simply waiting for several things to fall into place before taking their final action ? The total destruction of Fijian society as it is now
    1/propose a candidate that suits the regime for Vice President to the Great Council of Chiefs , knowing the GCC will reject that candidate !
    2/present a people’s charter to the GCC , knowing the GCC will reject it !
    3/Threaten to delay the March 2009 elections on the basis that the GCC has rejected both the VP nomination and the people’s charter !
    4/Appoint Judges and magistrates to various positions within the Judiciary , knowing they are sympathetic to the regime !
    5/Having appointed those to the Courts who are onside with the regime , delay the Qarase case indefinitely !
    6/Wait quietly in the wings for the President either to become too ill , too old , too in-firmed or just to die , before the Commander declares himself President !
    7/ Take total control over Fijian society !
    8/ The final act , ABROGATE the CONSTITUTION !

  13. IslandBoy Says:

    @ Mark Manning – your #7 – NEVER!!!

  14. Mark Manning Says:

    I have to say , I don’t think the President can see that far , even if he could , i don’t think he’d remember the question after 30 seconds !
    How shameful of those within this regime to continue to use this Stately elderly gentleman in this way . Have they no morals ?

  15. Mark Manning Says:

    Island boy , i hope your right , but it’s heading that way unless Frank and the others get a bullit in the head soon !

  16. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Simply put

    The Dictator owns the Judiciary.

  17. Islander Says:

    Frank must have something hanging over the heads of those that do his illegal bidding, why else would anyone in their right mind follow such a stupid idiot like him? He has no integrity, oh wait a minute, I got it, he’s paid them all off while the country and the people suffer. I tell you, there’s a special place in hell for the likes of Frank Bainimarama.

  18. Mark Manning Says:

    you have to think like a soldier , either they have seen action together and are blinded by what they’ve seen or done overseas as they may think that they are saviours of some kind and in their minds , they are helping Frank save Fiji etc. or they have spent too much time together in the Military and feel a loyalty to Frank that goes beyond their duties ! Either way , their thinking is unrealistic and it’s unlikely anyone other than Frank , can change it .

  19. Jose Says:

    Their brains have been fried with crap. They believe he is the saviour of Fiji sent by god?????

  20. Jose Says:

    Or simply having a job is worth more then principles. You know, wife and children to support. Bills to pay.

  21. merovingian Says:

    This just in…

    Update: 4:02PM

    The Prime Ministers Office has clarified that it was normal in any government for the Prime Minister and its ministers to undertake duty travel overseas.

    Parmesh Chand, the permanent secretary in the PMs Office, explained the background and reasons for the recent overseas trips taken by the interim Prime Minister and interim ministers.

    Mr Chand said each trip was carefully vetted by the interim PM in terms of cost and benefits, taking into account the immediate and long term interests of Fiji and her people as a whole.

    The duty travel being undertaken by the interim PM and respective Ministers are in line with work program priorities of the interim Government,” he said.

    You will note that there is in place a much smaller Cabinet of only 12 ministers and they all have multiple responsibilities by virtue of merger and streamlining of ministries. Naturally given their multiple responsibilities, the interim Prime Minister and respective ministries have relatively more overseas engagements in terms of country visits and participation in high level conferences and meetings.

    According to Mr Chand, the interim Prime Minister is very conscious about costs and accordingly he ensures that there is maximum mileage and benefits achieved for Fiji from any duty travel undertaken.

    …WTF! Chand fails to realise that while it might be normal for ELECTED governments to do this, is is in fact highly iregular for unelected interim administrations to use public money to fund their overseas travels because they have no Constitutional authority to represent the people of Fiji or its government.

    The core function of every interim administration is to get the country back to democratic rule, not to go galavanting around the globe at taxpayers expense!

  22. Shri Baladeva-Balarama-Vasudeva-Subhadra-Nanda Baba Says:

    Blame Qarase the idiot for ALL this!

    He forgot who [*no lollies for guessing*] have him his ‘break’ to lead the country, and he refused to work with Bainimarama and put the interest of the nation FIRST.

    Now we’re ALL paying the high price of his betrayal and weak leadership!

  23. Shri Baladeva-Balarama-Vasudeva-Subhadra-Nanda Baba Says:

    QARASE, YOU’RE the CAUSE OF ALL THIS. YOU ALONE! YOU and YOUR racism, betrayal, stubbornness.

    *********Blame Qarase the idiot for ALL this!*****************

    He forgot WHO [*no lollies for guessing*] gave him his ‘break’ to lead the country:

    and he refused to work with Bainimarama and put the interest of the nation FIRST. Meaning: NO coup makers-perpetrators-sympathizers in his government and NO reconciliation and qoliqoli bills.

    Now we’re ALL paying the high price of his betrayal and weak leadership!

  24. Tui Says:

    Right now the only party to serve the interests of the Fijians is the SDL. Otherwise, all the other “Fijian” parties are sold out to the Indian parties. There is no doubt that Qarase will return with a greater majority. He may look weak but you ain’tn seen nuthin yet! Anyway he is so “weak” to quote Shri that the the pig with all his guns and bodyguards just shits his pants every-time he see the great LQ.
    I told ya Obama was goin to make it, but he will loose to Johnnie Boy! And yes the war will still rage on regardless if the Democrats or the Neo-cons win. Bugger!
    Pray for our Fiji especially our children.

  25. Jose Says:

    QARASE is a GOOD man. He is peaceful and harmonious and a gentleman. Qualities that is opposite to the IDIOT voreqe bainimarama. VOREQE BAINIMARAMA is the reason we are having this problems. He is the one who hijacked this country with his wooden soldiers or toy soldiers should I say. The Vore is not a leader, just A GREAT BIG IDIOT.

  26. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Unanswered qsts from Justice Gates…guess he\’s taking his fifth amendment on that one, huh.

    Obama for President!…Most Americans like us, are SICK of WAR!!!!!!!! and it\’s now an election of emotions rather than patriotism.

  27. natewaprince Says:

    LQ’s case is similar to the MDC’s case in Zimbabwe.Though the outcome clearly did not favour Mugabe,he did not reveal the election outcome for weeks after the counting was completed.

    So we can safely assume what the outcome of this court case is,LQ – 1,soresore bi – 0.

  28. Shri Baladeva-Balarama-Vasudeva-Subhadra-Nanda Baba Says:

    Jose, you moron. We’re not talking about whether or not Qarase is a good man. He most likely is a good person, but that’s not the point, you silly bug.


    Truth does hurt.

  29. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Sai Baba!! Your drums real empty! gong gong gong……………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are you out of your meditative stupor yet? Or are you still on the Kon Tiki Expedition to the ends of the earth, GET OFF the dumb craft you dodo!! Get a new hairdo, it’ll revitalize your effed up version of the diaspora of the peoples of the South Pacific Islands!

    I only wish you went ashore with Capt Cook on Kealakekua Bay, he was dismembered, the Hawaiians were not cannibals though or did you miss that fact too! The big boulder that Kamehameha the great lifted out of Pololu Valley still sits on the trail North of Hawi (Pronounced Havi).

  30. Groggymaster Says:

    Shri Baladeva

    The “coup plotters” in the SDL govt were elected ……
    The present IG govt members are all unelected, and therefore in treasonous breach of the constitution.

  31. Shri Baladeva-Balarama-Vasudeva-Subhadra-Nanda Baba Says:

    This “concerned” moron actually thinks he’ll win!

  32. Shri Baladeva-Balarama-Vasudeva-Subhadra-Nanda Baba Says:

    aubatinuku-N, is Jose your husband or father or lover?

  33. Jose Says:

    QARASE is a GOOD man. He is peaceful and harmonious and a gentleman. Qualities that is opposite to the IDIOT voreqe bainimarama. VOREQE BAINIMARAMA is the reason we are having this problems. He is the one who hijacked this country with his wooden soldiers or toy soldiers should I say. The Vore is not a leader, just A GREAT BIG IDIOT for a little man.
    QARASE was doing fine until the IDIOT little man voreqe stupidly carried out the orders of the pope through the devils advocate mataca. If he was not doing well, then the general election would have seen him out.

    Don’t worry people, The end is already written in the Bible. We know that the real KING, the TRUE GOD the CREATOR is going to come in HIS GLORY with the ANGELS of HEAVEN.
    And the pope, voreqe, and mataca? Yes people, the devil’s end is already written and his faithful followers and also the unbelivers. IT IS WRITTEN…………..

  34. Jose Says:

    @ SHREK that is none of your business.
    You a good choice for the job of TOILET CLEANER. We have a vacancy for that in the department. Let me know anytime.

  35. Jose Says:

    @ SHREK, your suffering is your own. We don’t even know what you are suffering from. PERSONALITY DISORDER perhaps. There is treatment available for that. Let me know. I can have you scheduled

  36. Jose Says:

    And let me be the bug in your brain that will drive you insane. You are almost there.

  37. Wailei! Says:

    @ Jose Could you refrain from talking about anti catholicism. Most of your religious gibberish is getting annoying. Please keep religion out of politics. Also, you must respect other people’s belief. After all that is what democracy is all about.


    As for the Masonics they were set up by anti-catholics in its formation, by the anglican church. Masonics were traders they were castle builders etc., they were from the time of King solomon. As time went other people wanted to join this secret society. It was not until the 70’s that the Masonic allowed other people to join their group. The condition was that you were a Christian.

    Could you please get your story straight. It is quite annoying to read your posts qai calacala tu na nomu facts.

  38. Budhau Says:

    Yeah Jose – please cut out the Anti-Catholic crap – that would only divide Fijian – focus on the anti-Hindu thing – them dollies and the snake – Jose, you no school idiot.

  39. Jose Says:

    Wailei, Bhudau and Bhudda, Shri Krishna and Sankaracharva.
    Okay Bhudau, here is the anti Hinhu thingy, them dollies and ancient snakes. Happy reading. These are for all of you. Just take whatever is yours and print it in your memory. You will need to remember it someday. Cheers.

    First, you Bhudau, you want to talk about ant-Hindu and your little dollies, well here it is. How about this for one world religion and your little dollies contribution.

    The forerunner of the new age movement is the Hindu reformation movement (1830-1870). A central teaching of this movement, is Bhati, the teaching that the divine nature is approached by directed meditational concentration and visulisation. Hindu gurus fall under the control of a secret organisation called the Visha Hindu Parishad.Such groups include Rama Krishna, Vedanta Movements, Hare Krishna, ISKON, 3HO the Theosophical Society and many yoga groups. Their stated aims is to unify all religions. The history of this apostasy can be traced back to Babylon, and has been maintained throughout the ages. In the time of Christ, the Essenes adhered to occultic teachings and later they were initiated into a brotherhood, called Sufis. Those incharge of this mystical organisations are known as the Masters of Wisdom. Currently the Great White Brotherhood, with its headquarters in Tibet is the source to which most occulticorganisations can be traced, including the Order of the Rosy Cross, Ordo Templi Orientis, The Bavarian Illuminatti, and even the Jesuits. According to a prominent occultist, Elisabeth van Buren, the Great White Brotherhood is led by Sanat Kumara (“Sanat” being a scrambling of the word “Satan”)
    Symbols used by the New Age Movement are essentially the same used by the Jesuit Order and the Freemasonry , and we can trace their origin to Babylon and Egypt. Freemasonry uses the acronym “Solomon” and Solomon’s Temple to give legitimacy to their rituals, but the rituals are the same found in all the pagan secret societies. Sol-om-on are the names of the solar deity in Latin, Eastern mysticism and ancient Egyptian mysticism. The born again experience of Freemasonry and many other secret societies and religious bodies cannot be equated with the Biblical concept of conversion, since they entail rituals as lying in a coffin and being raised to a life of enlightenment by a master. Moreover, the Temple rituals are precisely those that God instructed His people not to follow, since they involve the glorification of celestial bodies. Temple terminology, Mithraism, Eastern religions and modern christianity are all equated in the New Age and placed in the context of Babylonian mysteries- the new religion for the New Age. Their own writing illustrate this point:-

    ….the two pillars of Jachin and Boaz…… came into being approximately eight thousand years ago. Then came Taurus, the Bull, wherein Mithra came as the world Teacher and instituted the Mysteries of Mithras with an (apparent) worship of the Bull.Next followed Aries the Ram, which saw the start of the Jewish Dispensation which is of importance to the Jews and unfortunately is of importance to the Christian religion, but of no importance to the untold millions in the other parts of the world; during this cycle came the Bhudda, Shri Krishna and Sankaracharva ; (one of our bloggers is using this name) finally we have the age of Pisces the Fishes which brought to us the Christ. The sequence of the Mysteries which each of the sign of the Zodiac will be clarified for us by the Christ.

    Leading up to the final World Religion, a preparatory work was done by a number of mystics to pave the way for the acceptance of this mindset. The Modern Theosophy Movement was spread largely by the efforts of Helen Petrovna Blavatsky, who stayed with Koot Hoomi, one of the Masters, and was instrumental in introducing the ancient occult ideas into Western civilisation. Blavatsy’s book THE SECRET DOCTRINE contains much channelled material, and the twin lies of Eden are once again reiterated.
    The High Priestess of the modern new age movement is undoubtedly Alice A. Bailey (1880-1949) who received messages from the Tibetan Master Djwal Khul, also known as D.K, who was a pupil of Koot Hoomi. Her famous writings include Problems of Humanity and The Reappearance of Christ. THESE WRITINGS WERE TO PREPARE THE WORLD FOR A ONE – WORLD GOVERNMENT, ONE – WORLD RELIGION and UNIVERSAL ACCEPTANCE of the CHRIST (Satan masquerading as an angel of light). Djwal Khul claims those associated with him will know him through the office of Alice A. Bailey. He further claims that:

    I am a brother of yours, which has travelled a little longer upon the Path thnt has the average student, and has therefore incurred greater responsibilities. I am one who has wrestled and fought his way into a greater measure of light than has the aspirant who will read this article, and I must therefore act as a transmitter of the light, no matter what the cost. I am not an old man, as age counts among the teachers, yet I am not young and inexperience. My work is to teach and spread the knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom wherever I can find a response, and I have been doing this for many years

    The essence of his message was that the new age mystic ideas, camouflaged by the outer symbols of amulets and talismans, as well as such new age concepts, as astrology, numerology, colour work, card readings, palmistry, pyramid power, natural healing and eco-consciousness should eventually infiltrate all religions, and fuelled by the twin lies of immortality and innate godliness, all would eventually come to accept the false Christ who would lead the world in a millennium of peace.

    Djwal Khul instructed his followers to spread these doctrines through every conceivable channel, the media, the entertainment world, institutes of learning and medicine and that this should commence after 1975. Secret societies such as the Free Masons, Illuminati and those of religious orders would infiltrate the economies of the world, and prepare the great religious movement of unification with the ACCEPTANCE of the BISHOP of ROME AS THE SUPREME RELIGIOUS RULER OF THE 20TH CENTURY.
    Information as to how this should be achieved would be channelled by the Masters through selected individuals who would keep governments informed and allow for the planning of strategies.

    The world is being prepared for the final conflict between Christ and Satan.

    The great Catholic visionary, Don Bosco, predicted in 1862 that the Pope would succeed to anchor the “gospel” ship between the twin pillars of the faith at the end of the twentieth century. The twin pillars he envisaged is those of the Eucharist and the veneration of Mary. The Eucharist is the symbol of a defeated Christ (Christ sacrificed again and again) and Mary is the symbol of the Solar deity or the great female personification of that deity, Isis, Artemis, Venus, Astarte or whatever one may call her. In New Age thinking, the goddess concept ( the great earth mother) is also very prominent. A new age proponent and psychologist Ken Wilber writes:
    “ The great goddess Kali of India when viewed in her highest form as the wife of Shiva, is the perfect example of the assimilation of the old Great Mother image into a new and higher corpus of Great Goddess mythology…which serves actual sacrifice in awareness, not substitute sacrifice in blood….The “FALL” was an evolutionary advance and perfect growth, but it was experienced as a fall because it necessarily carried an increase in guilt, vulnerability and knowledge of mortality and finitude……..By eating from the Tree of Knowledge, not only did men and women realize their already mortal and finite state, they realize they have to leave Eden’s subconscious’s and begin the actual life of true self………They didn’t get thrown out of the Garden of Eden; they grew up and walked out” (Incidentally, for this courageous act, we have to thank Eve not blame)

    In contrast, the Bible has its pillars of faith, which rest on an entirely different foundation, namely obedience to God and faith in Jesus Christ.

    Revelation 14:12


    Truth Matters
    Escaping the Labyrinth of Error (page 334-337) by Walter J. Veith

  40. Jose Says:

    Hey Bhudau, figure it out. You ussually do.

  41. Adi Kaila Says:

    vaka mosia vaka vinaka na uluna Jose – Vala – Qaqa tu ga Na KaiViti.

  42. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Sai Baba left the bldg a looooooooooooooong time ago!!

  43. Orisi Qaranivalu Says:

    Sobo sa levu na yacana. qo sa baci o sai baba. isa dou bau lomana mada ga.

    Qarase is rightly concerned with the delay just as we all are. It does not make this Judiciary crew look good let me tell ya.

  44. Jose Says:

    @ Wailei,
    The Freemasonry control the New Age Movement. The Jesuit Controls the Freemasonry. The Jesuits created it. Jesuits are designed to destroy the reformation or protestantism.
    Dont’ bother reading it if you wish to remain ignorant to what’s really happenning around you and continue to blog on aimlessly. I’m sure people are beginning to realise that this coup is different from the rest. There’s something VERY DIFFERENT. Take a good look at everyone involved. What are their backgrounds? What is their faith, their beliefs, their values. What is their hidden agenda they are not telling the people? It’s got everything to do with religion AND THEIR FAITH COLLECTIVELY.

    NestaH. Webster, Secret Soceties and Subversive Movements, (Christian Book Club of America, 1924)

    In the year 1118 -19 years after the first crusade had ended with the defeat of the moslems, the capture of Antioch and Jerusalem………a band of 9 French gentilshommes led by Hugues de Payens and Godelfrel de Saint-Omer formed themselves into an Order for the protection of pilgrims to the Holy Sepulchure. Baldwin !!, who at this moment succeeded to the throne of Jerusalem presented them with a house near the site of the Temple of Solomon- hence the neme of Knights Templar under which they were to become famous. (They became a very powerful Order and controlled all the finances of the financial world. They were the banking ellite)
    In 1128 the Order was sanctioned by the council of Troyes and by the Pope…..(it was a Roman Catholic Order within the church).

    ( Some years later the King of France brought the Order to an end because it came to light what the Order was doing).

    The King of France Philleppe le Bel had all the Templars arrested on October 13, 1307 and sentenced them to death (this is the origin of black Friday the 13th).

    Charges brought against them were:

    1) The ceremony of initiation into the Order was accompanied by insults to the Cross, the denial of Christ and gross obscenities.
    2) The adoration of an idol which was said to be the image of the true God
    3) The ommission of the words of consecration at Mass
    4) The right that the lay chiefs arrogated to themselves of giving absolution
    5) The authorization of unnatural vice.

    But the Order did not just disappear.

    “…..severl knights who had set forth to rescue the holy places of Palestine from the Saracens formed an association under the neme of Free Masons, thus indicating their principal desire was the reconstruction of the Temple of Solomon……”

    (1) Secret Societies and Subversive Movement, Nesta Webster(South Pasadena, California: Emissary Publications 1980 originally published in 1924) page 139.

    THere is considerable analogy between Masonic and Jesuits degrees; and the Jesuits also tread down the shoe and bare the knee because Ignatious Loyola thus presented himself at Rome and asked for confirmation of the Order. (originally published in 1933)

    Founded August 15, 1534 by the Spaniard Ignatious Loyola and sanctioned by Pope Paul 111. September 27, 1540.

    Layola wanted the Order to be the champions of catholic unity which could only be assured through an effective submission to Christ’s vicar
    (R.P. Jseuit Rouquette. op.cit.p.44) Layola wanted total subjection to the Pope.

    The oath when one becoming a Jesuit
    “I_______________, now in the presence of Almighty God , the Bessed Virgin Mary, the Blessed Michael the Archangel, the Blessed John the Baptist, the Holy Apostle Peter and Paul and all the saints, sacred hosts of Heaven and to you my ghostly father the superior general of the Society of Jesus, founded by Ignatious Layola in the Pontification of Paul the Third, and continued to the present, do by the womb of the virgin, the matrix of God and the rod of Jesus (Thrice declare and swear that his holiness the Pope is Christ’s vice -regent and is the true and only head of the Catholic or Universal Church throughout the earth; and that by the virtues of the keys binding and loosing given to His Holiness by my saviour Jesus Christ HE HAS POWER TO DESTROY HERETICAL KINGS, PRINCESS, STATES, COMMONWEALTH, GOVERNMENTS, ALL BEING ILLEGAL WITHOUT HIS SACRED CONFIRMATION AND THAT THEY MAY BE SAFELY DESTROYED. I do further declare that I will help and assist all or any of his holiness’ agencies in any place and wherever i shall be and do my utmost to eradicate the heretical Protestant or Liberal doctrines and to destroy all their pretended powers legal or otherwise.
    I do further promise and declare that not withstanding Iam dispensed with to assume any religion heretical for the propagating of the Mother Church’s interests to keep secret and private all her agents “counsel” from time to time as they may instruct me, and not to divulge directly or indirectly, by word, writing or circumstances whatever but TO EXECUTE ALL THAT SHALL BE PROPOSED, GIVEN IN CHARGE OR GIVEN IN CHARGE UNDER ME MY Gghostly father…….
    I do further promise and declare that I will have no opinion or will of my own or any mental reservation whatever even as a corpse but unhesitatingly obeyeach and every command that MAY RECEIVE FROM THE MILITIA OF THE POPE AND JESUS CHRIST.

  45. Jose Says:

    @ Wailei, there’s more much, much, more, you do your own research. I have been doing mine for years.

  46. Jose Says:

    Wailei if this is the faith you have, you are welcome to it. It still gets worse. The devil is building his kingdom right here on earth. Mentioned above are his human agents doing his work.
    WE, in FIJI are under attack.

  47. Jose Says:

    AK, a-N, OQ dou kua ni leqa set tiko yasana qo. Vinaka na veitokoni. O Bhudau ga me lai vatatalo kei ira nona dolly. Pala o koya via rika sara mai me vacaca.
    Au sa gade mada man, I got a life.

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