Beddoes slates clergy’s proposal

The SV Team applaudes Mick Beddoes in calling Father Arms proposal ‘treasonous’. The coup and all subsequent actions of the illegal government are illegal and treasonous.

Keep blogging ragone!

SV Team.
06 JUN 2008

The discussion paper prepared by Father David Arms for the National Council to Build a Better Fiji has been described as ‘treasonous’.

Ousted Opposition Leader Mick Beddoes made the comments today in reacting to suggestion by Dr Arms that “as the military regime was more or less acting outside the Constitution, the NCBBF should take the opportunity to push through the electoral reforms and amend the Constitution, by taking advantage of the military authority and ignoring the legal constitutional requirements for making such changes”.

Beddoes said this is a suggestion for selective compliance with Fiji’s laws.

He said he was dismayed at the ease by which a few ‘men of God’ have become biased in favour of the perpetrators of treason.

“They have allowed their principles to be easily compromised by opting for shortcut solutions to our problems because of the ‘sway of the gun’.

“God did not take any short cuts; he gave his only son so that he dies in order to save the sinners of the world.

“Yet here in Fiji we have at least four of his messengers, shamefully proclaiming the need for change in support of a military Junta, whose actions to date have been against the will of the people.”

Beddoes said that it was grossly ‘irresponsible’ of Father Arms and his colleagues to be suggesting changes to the electoral system that could not be correctly implemented without an elected Parliament.

Beddoes said there was no substitute for a properly constituted and inclusive ‘political dialogue’ process.

“Through this process agreements can be reached and signed that will call for necessary action, either before the proposed 2009 elections, or after.”

Beddoes adds that minority rights and representation must be a factor in any discussions about electoral reforms.

“It must remain so until a level of maturity settles in and the electorate starts to view the candidate, not just the political party or a person’s ethnicity as the reason for choice.”



36 Responses to “Beddoes slates clergy’s proposal”

  1. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Vinaka Beddoes and say it like it is.

  2. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Go Mr. Beddoes! We\’re all behind you.

    Beddoes for Vice President!

    Yes, and who is this Father Arms again? Liga balavu se liga leka…vakataki Meri? Liga leka tiko to the coffers of taxpayers to fund her many overseas trips…mai caka i ke???

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    Beware false profits , the Bible also says !

  4. natewaprince Says:

    On the news tonight,he said that it was just his personal opinion.Father,please keep your opinions to yourself.The pig is so thick in the head,that if you suggested that he undertake a sex change to improve his popularity,he wouldn’t hesitate.In fact he’d ask you what your preferences were.

  5. natewaprince Says:

    Mick Beddoes.

    Scientific name: Yudaman populas

    This ‘wonder-bug’ is a result of cross breeding one of the local species and one introduced a hundred years ago.It is now responsible for eradicating another foreign pest introduced from India.

    As it is found to be very useful to this country,it is recommended that it is not harmed,and that we allocate a reserve in our country for it’s existance.

  6. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ NP – Maybe he/she does not even need to consider a “sex change”, they might already be asexual !! But then again, inbreeding might be the problem here!!

  7. natewaprince Says:

    Sa dua na yakavi vinaka dina vei au nikua.

    Boi vinaka na matani cagi,ka sa yali na boi moromoro da boica tiko ena vica na siga sa oti.

    Sa bau dua na ka na nona via mai va rough rough tiko ike,luveni tabu teve.

  8. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Budhau the Bigus Butas is now in morph mode!

  9. natewaprince Says:

    Quite right a-N, I mean,an orifice is already there.

  10. aubatinuku-N Says:


    Osobo NP, what do you mean ” an orifice is already there”? HE IS THE ORIFICE for this ILLEGAL JUNTA.

    I get your point though! 😉

  11. IslandBoy Says:

    What I can’t get over is the Pope giving Frank a meeting. Did that qualify as an official papal audience?

    So the Vatican supports the illegal regime. FijiGirl this is worthy of your network’s international letter writing campaigns.

    I urge all Caholic brothers and sisters to write to the Holy Father and express your complete dissapoinment.

    Mataca and this new player David Arms must be busy pulling out all the stops to give Frank an acceptable international facade.

    Frank now thinks and has been assured that his actions are blessed by his church so he must be very secure and spiritually convinced he is doing the right thing.

    Someone had asked earlier on SV, under a different thread if Rome was aware of what Mataca was up to locally.

    You got your answer in full colour widescreen. Pic posted on fijigov website.

  12. EnufDictatorship Says:

    I guess, sa varaqa masu rawa tiko o Vore ni bera ni yadi yani to the slaughter-house..

    sooner rather than later, please, ..oooooooink..ooooooooinkk

    Who cares who he meets in Rome? I hope the Pope gives him a good scolding about his behaviour.

    The only thing we care about is him and his via2 wife wasting taxpayers\’ money gallivanting!!!! rau vei ka!! mai rawataki

  13. Shri Baladeva-Balarama-Vasudeva-Subhadra-Nanda Baba Says:

    Beddoes would make an excellent MACDONALD’S FAST FOODS ambassador!

  14. Tim Says:

    @IB, Completely agree. It never ceases to amaze me why the church gets itself into trouble by tolerating the bad behaviour it does. As if the Catholic church globally hasn’t had enough trouble with clergy involved in sexual abuse. Now they’re courting coupsters.
    Still I spose it could all be innocent – Frank was probably just touching them up for a loan.

  15. at least Says:

    Tim..That is why I always have second thoughts in hearing just reminded me on dat..Vinaka TImi..I hope its not the same for others..

  16. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Popes have met despots of all sorts over the years; apparently to give them moral advice.

    Let’s hope that the pope told bananasinpyjamas to give himself up and accept a lawful trial for treason.

  17. Peace Pipe Says:

    The only way the pig could meet the pope was by accreditaion from the head of the cath church in Fiji who is none other than bad eye. It never ceases to amaze me how the pig could face all world leaders straightfaced knowing full well the crime he had committed back home and posing as the leader of Fiji without the mandate of the people. He must have thick skin not to feel the negative vibes in his presence. What never ceases to amaze me also is the leaders welcoming this dicktaker in some instances. Can’t they see that he is a criminal power grabber who carried out an armed robbery in Fiji and should be shunned as criminal on the loose would have been.

  18. Budhau Says:

    You idiots took a serious issue amd immediately brought is to your gutter level with stuff like sex change, Indians as pest that need to be eliminated.

    Peace Pipe – remember Rabuka when he visited Australia for the first time after his illegal power grab and the welcome he got – or all of those Musharaf visits to the US – so your argument of that illegal power grabbers must always be shunned don’t work.

  19. soro Says:

    Pooooh …. theres that patronising pong again !

  20. Jose Says:

    Folks, there is more to this then meets the eye. There are good Catholics but in the very high hierarchy there is a secret within the secret societies. And they don’t worship our God. They are Luciferans. Devil Worshippers. They believe that it was Jesus that lost the war in heaven and Lucifer that won and it was Jesus that got kicked out not Lucifer who is now called Satan, the Devil. There are actually people in the world that worship Satan including the Pope himself who is the antichrist described in the Bible. He is the beast, and the president of America is the second beast. (It doesn’t matter who wins the election in the States). All the presidents and his men are all birds of a feather. All the leaders, Kings and Princes of the world have given the pope his power. The pope is now the ruler of the world. Anyone that doesn’t surrender their power will be destroyed. J.F. Kennedy refused to bow to papal power so he was murdered. They have changed the 10 Commandments to suit them that the pope is not just the pope he is also god. (and the whole world wander after the beast)

    Voreqe is only doing what is expected of him to do. Surrender Fiji’s sovereignty to the papal power.
    Throughout history, Catholosism has murdered millions even billions of christians.
    Checkout the staff (cane) that the pope carrys. Right at the very top, you see a bent cross with Jesus hanging on it. The bent cross is the sign of Jesus’s defeat. The pope worhips the devil himself. Voreqe and #$*&%Mataca are aware of this.
    They have direct orders to carry out. The will of the people doesn’t matter. They have a job to do and they have to get it done. Chodopussy has always been as a scapegoat as long as people keep thinking that its fine so that the devils at the top can stay back in the background and look noble.
    Study the prophecies in the Bible to make to make yourselves approved as God’s workmanship.

    Revelation 1:3 says Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things that are written therein, FOR THE TIME IS AT HAND.

    Folks, Im’ no preacher or thoelogians or anything. Just someone who loves to read in the spare time. I share with you what I have been blessed to understand from my readings and seminars I had been interested to attend.

  21. Budhau Says:

    Soro – the “ci” mantra did not work – so now you have started repeating that patronizing mantra.

  22. Glawyer Says:

    Good on Beddoes for telling it like it is. These guys are abusing their positions and I know a lot of catholics who are against it but will not say anything out of respect for their positions. What it needs is for some of these people to go to prison when the dust has settled to make people realise at the end of the day we are all humans and make mistakes and that crime must be punished regardless of your position. Same goes for vore.

  23. Budhau Says:

    Good one Glawyer, “What it needs is for some of these people to go to prison when the dust has settled to make people realise at the end of the day we are all humans and make mistakes and that crime must be punished regardless of your position. Same goes for vore.”

    Now – why didn’t someone tell Qarase that – when he decided to release those jail birds out of prison and refused to aggressively pursue others who may have been involved in the 2000 coup.

    That is probably one reason why our boy Frank is pissed off at Qarase.

  24. IslandBoy Says:

    Apologies for this digression folks, but ithas started. I find this very disturbing butthe questions is, how many more regional, international and bi-lateral organisations are going to follow them out the door.

    What do the fuckwits have to say about this and who will they blame now. This is from fijilive.

    Instability forces crime unit to flee Fiji
    06 JUN 2008

    The Pacific’s Transnational Crime Coordination Centre has blamed Fiji’s political instability for its decision to move offices out of the country.

    Radio Australia quotes the assistant commissioner with the Australian Federal Police, Tim Morris, as saying the TCCC board of management decided it had to be moved.

    “The ongoing instability surrounding Fiji has made the board that oversees the Pacific transnational crime network reconsider whether that is the optimum location,” Morris said.

    The transnational crime network coordinates the efforts of Pacific island nations in fighting crimes which affect all of them, including money laundering, human trafficking, drugs enforcement and customs law enforcement.

    It was set up in 2002, based in Suva.

    The new centre for the network was opened in Samoa’s capital, Apia, today.


  25. natewaprince Says:

    Veisau na matani cagi nikua.Sa baci boi mai na kota,blerry bastard.

  26. LUVfiji Says:

    @NP.. hahahahahahahahaha! 😀

  27. soro Says:

    Funny how the smelly one recognises itself .. note I never mentioned who .

    Lets see if it raises the armpit again. LOL

  28. Jose Says:

    Please do not call the pope a holy father. This is blasphemous. There is only one Holy Father. God the Creator.
    There is nothing holy about an old man who has to wash/shower/bath to stay clean or will stink. Then he has to eat, shit and piss. There ain’t nothing holy about that.
    THE POPE IS THE ANTI-CHRIST. He worships the devil, knowingly and deliberately leading people to their eternal damnation.

  29. Budhau Says:

    Hey Soro, on you patronizing mantara that you have been repeating – BTW – did I tell you that I am young, good looking and wealthy – better educated than most you and probably better looking also.

    As for that patronizing bit – what does patronizing actually mean – gotta go to May be you should stuff with that disgruntled line – ticked off form the ’87 coup.

    smelly one,
    degenerate coolie.

    ..and that idiot Jose went off on the Pope this time – because some Catholics do not agree with hie line in Fiji.

    God Bless.

  30. Mossad Says:

    Breaking News……our sources in Rome told us that the Pope gave Voceke an audience coz he heard of the orgies that Voceke, Fr Arms & Mataca are having in Veiuto….you know ga,fella want to know the details and all….all rite see u later….

  31. Jose Says:

    Yeah Bhudau, your $18 per hour job is very wealthy for you in Sydney where its for low income earners you poor ignorant bugger. So you can’t make that kind of money in Fiji you think now you are wealthy with your $18. That’s not even enough for your mortgage, bills, food and petrol. So what do you do, let your poor wife go to work to contribute to household income as well as look after the kids and a half a man husband? That much is clear from your low wages you useless bugger.
    Ignorant man like you can’t see past your nose. Stick with your wheelbarrow job where you belong.

  32. Jose Says:

    Mossad, na wekaqu, thank you for the news. Tell us more. I’m very interested.

  33. Mossad Says:

    If you have mates in Bank of Baroda or Colonial, ask them as to the huge amounts of money thats been going through VB’s bank accounts. A glimpse at it, one would assume it was a business account for some huge company……this guy is getting paid heaps and its not from the government……might be from Budhau’s $18…

  34. DVC Says:

    @Jose, Mossad – lodge an allegation to FICAC/Police – they should investigate like all other allegations lodged against the deposed Govt, CEOs etc. etc. with zero results. What goes aorund comes around. this time we might catch the real thieves. The IG set up the monster that will eventually eat them first.

  35. Ika Says:

    When the clergy supports illegal activities whether in government or not, they are not representatives of Christ. They are self-serving false prophets whose day of damning is on the horizon unless they prostrate themselves before God and repent.

    The leader’s need to make a genuine return to God so He can heal the land once again. That’s traditional and political leader’s alike.

  36. lauan boy Says:

    dou veicai na mataivalu….this is the corruption clean-up?? fuck ur father … dou caita nomudou koma-da.

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