People’s Charter not getting across to people….

The SV Team questions whether Mataca is so blind, that he mistakes the forest for the trees. He now ponders why the People’s Charter is not getting across to the people, when even his own Province has rejected the illegal Charter! Over 85% of the Fijian Provinces have rejected the Charter. It is only supported by the majority of Indians and some wannabes like Peni Moore and Des Whiteside, who have no ‘people’ or ‘following’ to make them an authority to speak on behalf of the people of Fiji. Mataca needs to pray for himself and not Fiji because he is already making a fool of himself!

He blames those people in position of leadership as responsible for the lack of dissemination of information to the grassroots, but cannot admit the reason maybe due to the illegality of the government he has chosen to support and the illegal Charter he is promoting.

We at the SV Team say, keep blogging ragone!

One National News

5 Jun 2008 02:04:34

The Co-Chair, Archbishop Petero Mataca of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji says information about the Proposed Peoples Charter is not reaching the people.

The Archbishop claims, People’s rights are being violated by those in leadership positions who are blocking NCBBF teams in their task to create public awareness on the Proposed Charter.

This comes as the NCBBF prepares for its 4th full Council Meeting next week which will determine the framework of the Proposed Peoples Charter.

As the Co-Chair for the National Council for Building a Better Fiji, Archbishop Petero Mataca is an authority on the progress of its work.

So far, the Council has had 3 full meetings which have included the 3 National Task Teams and its NINE working groups.

Next week will see the 4th Council Meeting in which a final State of the Nation and Economy Report will be compiled.

The SNE report will form the basis of the Draft Proposed Peoples Charter which according to the initial timeline will be submitted to the President in October.

The Archbishop says, that timeline reflects Elections in 2009.

But the Archbishop is concerned that information about the Proposed Charter is not reaching the people.

He says this is a violation of peoples rights and that those in leadership positions are responsible.

The Archbishop reiterates that for Good Governance, Fiji needs Good Leaders.

20 Responses to “People’s Charter not getting across to people….”

  1. aubatinuku-N Says:

    I wonder if the Pope approves of the charter!

  2. Vu Says:

    I wonder if the Lord Jesus approves

  3. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Is the Pope Catholic?

    What the heck is Mataca doing all wound up with the DESPOT Voreqe Bainimarama??

    Or is the Pope Catholic?

  4. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I wonder how much bishop sinful is being paid by cheating chaudhry to espouse such rubbish?

  5. FijiGirl Says:

    Good governance results from good structures, sound checks-and-balances, and the legal redress to remove non-performing or unpopular leaders.

    Good leaders, in and of themselves, do not guarantee good governance. Good leaders easily fail if the stuff they are leading does not work.

    The Archbishop is correct in his statement that peoples rights are being violated, and this government is responsible.

    His other comments are either misguided or self-interested.

    I feel a march coming on…

    God bless Fiji

  6. Jose Says:

    Mataca of course is in the thick of this illegal movement. He does not worship God the Creator. He worships lucifer the counterfeiter, the copy cat wanna be god. Mataca will not be advocating the Law of God the 10 Commandments he will be championing human rights of course the law of men. “THUS SAITH THE LORD…………… in the Commandments.

    Mataca will say “I have the right to…………….. in the human rights, law of men. The law of satan.

    The pope approves of the charter. Human rights is his baby. He’s the champion of it. He has even changed the Commandments to suit what they stand for. Check out the devils human agents right here in Fiji.

    Don’t worry Jesus knows.
    He wins in the end. Every knee will bow.

  7. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    A/Mataca should understand that people are rejecting the Charter Farter for a reason. He should try and find out these reasons instead of trying to follow Bhaini’s efforts of shoving this shitty document down people’s throats.

    If Mataca takes time out to understand the reasons for the rejection he can discover a totally new perspective that he has not seen up until now. He should go down to the grassroots for a change where he can learn a lot of new things!

  8. Jose Says:

    The pope is luciferian, the vatican. Not surprisingly mataca is conducting himseld right on cue.
    They are wolves masquerading in sheeps clothing misleading the people. Knowingly and deliberately misleading the people. They have indoctrinated their false beliefs in to the mainstream churches, have fed believers who have unknowingly drunk of the wine of the wrath of fornication. The false doctrine. There is no longer Reverence in the mainstream. Can no longer tell the difference between the church and the world. But they say “It’s okay, I do it for the Lord” Question the believers and they will defend it. The brains have been fried.
    The pope is the antichrist and the whole world wanders after the beast.
    But the BIBLE talks of a REMNANT church, who will not bow to their system. There is hope people.

  9. Jose Says:

    The sole purpose of human rights while turning people to be “I, I, I, and ME ME ME self servers iinstead of Christ centred, it’s sole purpose is to destroy the REMNANT CHURCH.

  10. Jose Says:

    They hate QARASE because he is a REMNANT.

  11. Peace Pipe Says:

    Bad eye and his ncbbf bandwagon including the top brass pig/snake/arse trilogy are getting frustrated the charter farter is not being accepted by the majority of people in Fiji. Their evil plans are not making any progress and its making them very anxious and worried since in the charter lies their hope of salvation.

    People too have their rights not to listen to bullshit and things illegal. The ig must realise there are a lot of right thinking and law abiding people around who can think and decide for themselves what is right or wrong than to be forced and brainwashed by this illegal charter farter.

    The pig said the charter will ensure no more coups in future as the military will see to it. Yeah thats right like they said they had to step in on 5/12 to save the country from danger. Danger from what? The only danger to the country then were the army themselves. So they are cause and solution of the problem, eh? Sorry to say it does not work this way since this will only recur in an ever circling cycle.

  12. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    The people have scored another victory when the Macuata Provincial Council voted in Sireli Leweniqila as its new Chairman. The Tui Macuata’s brother who is also a member of the NCBBF received 2 votes against Sireli’s 26 votes.

    It was reported by those in the meeting that the Tui Macuata who is a strong supporter of the interim regime was very disappointed with the result.

    Power to the people!

  13. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    True chiefs are only as strong as his/her own people allow them to become and in this case, it clearly shows that the Provincial Council of Macuata have no confidence in Tui Macuata and his his brother by voting for Isireli Leweaniqila by such a huge majority.

    What a blow for Bainimarama, Ganilau, Nailatikau, Tabakaucoro and Nawalowalo, but we all know it was going to happen.

    Yet, Mataca still despairs and blames other ‘leaders’ for not transmitting the People’s Charter down to grass roots. The fact is Mataca, THE FIJIANS DON’T WANT IT!

  14. Belijo Says:

    Would be interesting to know what the Catholic Churches stand is with regards to the Charter!

  15. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    They have themselves to blame. Journalists were always barred from accompanying their NCBBF teams on those promotional tours enlightening the public. Reporting their findings on their widely circulated newspapers, radio and television would serve their charter a good turn. But instead, the IG caved to an artificial fear. Too bad for them.

  16. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    SV, you are right. Archbishop Petero Mataca certainly cannot see the forest
    for the trees.

    While we suspect he may well be sincere in his desire to promote those values
    he reads into the people’s charter, we cannot accept that in the process he
    completely overlooks and ignores a fundamental fact.

    This is the absolute criminality of the people advancing the charter — Fiji’s
    military-backed regime.

    But where Archbishop Mataca gets right of his depth is in attacking the
    leadership qualities of the provincial councils (who are in a clear majority) and
    their decision to opt out of the charter process.

    If he stopped and thought about it, and considered the underlying Christian
    values of equality, fairness and individual rights, he would instead, as a
    churchman, be praising the courage and leadership being displayed by these
    provincial councils.

    They have demonstrated real leadership by rejecting the advances of a regime
    that has no constitutional authority and a record of gross abuse of human
    rights to boot.

    All the provincial councils are doing is opting for democracy – for free and fair
    parliamentary elections — over dictatorship at the point of a gun.

    So how can Archbishop Mataca describe this as violating people’s rights?
    And how can he in all seriousness link “good governance” to this regime?

    Where is “good governance” in the phoney inquiry into the illicit wealth and
    demonstrated tax evasion of Chodopu$$?

    Where is “good governance” in the dictator’s increasingly bullying approach to
    anyone who dares question him?

    Through his words and actions. Archbishop Mataca, this man of God, seems to
    have forsaken his pastoral role for that of a politician.

    In the process, he is investing the moral authority of his position as an
    Archbishop of the Holy Catholic Church in the transparently illegal and self-
    serving agenda of the likes of three desperados, namely Chodopu$$, Kid
    Cowboy Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and Fiji’s dictator, Bainimarama.

    We think Archbishop Petero Mataca has strayed from the Lord’s flock. It’s high
    time he sought out a good priest to get the guidance and forgiveness he so
    clearly needs.

  17. Jose Says:

    @ Fiji Democracy Now
    He is a man of god alright. Not the Creator but the Usurper Lucifer. Wolf in sheeps clothing. Deceiver. Lucifer the devil called satan ,that old serpent the snake. His flock are just like him. Catholosism throughout history has been the death of millions of christians.

  18. Adi Kaila Says:

    his name speaks volumes – mataca – very appropriate – blind by name, blind by nature

    he’ll be doing a HELLUVA lot more genuflecting when this crap of a coup has been eliminated for good.

    Man of God? he’s a friggin’ tevoro and the grim reaper is waiting with his trident to tavu him. Kana ca na mataca.

  19. natewaprince Says:

    Peace Pipe,it’s not ‘bad eye’,but ”cock-eyed”,just like our pot bellied fat assed PolCom.

  20. natewaprince Says:

    Peoples,anyone know the situation concerning the Lau Prov.Council meeting?????????

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