No Friends! No Aid! No Hope!

After the devastation of Fiji’s economy by the 2006 coup and the
incompetence of the Illegal Regime installed after the coup, what Fiji
needs most is friends who can assist. Well, don’t hold your breath. We are
fresh out of friends.

Even before the death threats to their High Commissioner the Australian
Government had a very cool attitude to the illegal regime. Aid funds for
Fiji in the recent Australian budget have been frozen at $21 million for
next year. The rest of the Pacific got a nice boost from the new
government in Australia, which is anxious to make a fresh start for
Australia in the Pacific. If you check the Australian aid web-site you II
see that funds for the Pacific increased by 17 percent to $814 million.
You’ll also see that Fiji’s programme remained stuck on $21 million.

Don’t expect anything from the European Union either. They want to help
our cane farmers, but they will not help a regime which is clearly illegal
and imposed by force on the people. In April last year, the EU told the
illegal regime what it expected.

They said they would “monitor the situation very closely and, in
particular, the commitments guaranteeing early and credible general
elections foreseen for not later of 1 March 2009.” So if there are no
CREDIBLE elections, there will be no further assistance for the sugar
industry. No doubt they are carefully noting all of the statements made by
the Illegal PM. Saying the most popular party is going to prevented from
standing without giving a shred of a legal basis for doing so is not the

And don’t look to China either. Despite lots of hot air from the illegal
regime implying a tsunami of Chinese funds is about to hit Fiji, it is
clear that they have no intention of providing such funds. They may be too
diplomatic to contradict the regime mouthpieces who air all of the
propaganda implying that China will be throwing vast sums of
money at Fiji, but the facts have been confirmed by the Embassy in Suva.

Embassy Director of Political Affairs Lihua Hu told Fijilive: “There are
no new aid programmes to Fiji neither am I aware of any talks for
increased funding.” He couldn’t be clearer than that.

Fiji is on its own and going down the plug hole fast. Hopefully, before
it’s too late, regime supporters, including senior military people who
stand by and watch their Commander destroying the country, will withdraw
their support and the country can return to normal.



22 Responses to “No Friends! No Aid! No Hope!”

  1. IslandBoy Says:

    @CF – what is the situation with India?


    ask chodo

  3. Pusiloa Says:

    India is not providing any fund. Just cheap illegal labourers from the streets of “Beqali” to help Chodo win the election…..

  4. Peace Pipe Says:

    With the disastrous earthquake recently in China, they would be reviewing their aid programs since lots of money will be needed towards relief works. Fiji does not sit anywhere near high on their priority list so they can just reallocate money once promised for something unimportant in Fiji and divert it towards helping its own people. I am however surprised and disappointed the economy has not crashed as we would have wanted it to happen so that we can kick out the butts of these losers and robbers in the ig. The only country that is cunningly and quietly supporting the ig is India. But in terms of cash it is not known. We only know a lot of their people are in Fiji and Chodo is always making monthly visits to India to request more assistance. What about his lies that he will meet with India’s PM. He only managed to meet some other insignificant govt figure over there. I think the stigma and stench of Chodo’s association with the coup is something unpleasant to carry around and have near you.

    Well have you seen the Sun news. The pig said the 2009 election is still on. What can you make of this man. Bipolar best fits the description of his behaviour. He is just trying to repair the damage made in his earlier statement of no elections. He is worried the EU, UN and Commonwealth would seize upon that statement and take him to task on it like more sanctions and withdrawal of aids. Everything does not seem right. So will the charter farter have any bearing on the conduct of the polls? Will they implement the illegal one man one vote system? Because the commitments the pig made at the Tonga forum and to the EU were elections in 2009 on the existing constitution. They cannot just change the constitution by themselves they would need an elected parliament to do that, which is not there. Any change extra parliament is illegal like everything happening since 5/12. They say everything is on course but as we see it progress is behind schedule. So what happens if LQ wins which is a very good bet he will. Will the pig intervene again. What can be done to prevent the pig from doing so? We must consider steps to ensure everything goes forward on the election process and no one to derail it.

  5. Wailei! Says:

    Heard through the grapevine that the Elections wont happen next year. It never was planned for next year. They (IG) were just saying that to vakatchi the people. When next year comes, they will use the charter as an excuse. Their plan was for 2010-2011. So, peoples I would not hold my breath. The fuckers are lying to everyone.

    The thing is: If Elections were to happen, than the new government would reopen the case of the CRW. Now that Bainiceke does not want that.

    2. All those that participated in the 2006 coup will be taken to court. Since George Speight & Co. put a precedent on that. That is, they were taken to court and sentence for life. Bainiceke can’t run away from justice!

    So, me thinks that they :- 1. either have an election or 2. have a military government. Which would protect the fuckers.

    So, Im loosing hope vely vely vely slowly, I cant see a light in this bloody situation. Sorry Im being cynical and just had enough of living like this.. the weather sucks so does the Intolerable Government!

  6. Vasiti Osborne Says:

    Thank you for the great recapp CF. Fiji is indeed going down fast and will continue to sprial until the people decide they will reclaim their country. How long will it take before the camel’s back breaks is the question of the millenniumm. The populace can not just continue suffering and keep accepting their poor conditions. I dare say even Indians are beginning to see the light now. They thought this coup (theirs) will be just like any other coup of past but they were wrong. Dead wrong.

  7. Tim Says:

    Mugabe and Frank have a lot in common. Neither can accept they are responsible for what is going on.
    As I pointed out probably over a year ago – if there is one thing about the Chinese, it is that they are pragmatic as well as hard working.
    They like the look of Australia’s Uranium, and Coal.
    So does India for that matter.
    Why would either rub Australia up the wrong way for a couple of untrustworthy, dishonest, cowardly and pathetic little munters like Voreqe and Chodo?
    Frank and CHodo: you’ll have to up the ante. Maybe sign over half the fish resources, offer cut rate tourism, as much land as you can possibly con out of Fijians, and anything else you can whore yourselves for

  8. natewaprince Says:

    On tonights news,some Catholic father in cahoots with this regime said that there will be no communal seats in the next elections.

    That means that all 72 seats will be open to all.How the hell do they expect to change the electrol act when the constitution is quite clear on the matter???

    I wish the pig just abrogates the constitution and does all the illegal things he’s talking of doing.Then we will see the clear picture and know exactly where we stand.

    Kena ca ga ni levu nona vosa qai lamu tiko ni cakava na ka e tukuna tiko.Put your money where youe cici is pig,put up or shut up.

  9. EnufDictatorship Says:

    My worry would be if they have elections and SDL (or new name) wins, what these goons will do (IF THEY STILL HAVE THEIR GUNS) is follow the Burmese e.g. and

    annull the result and place Qarase or whoever that comes into power and is against their policies and farter charter, under house arrest, for real!

    Then this cycle of uncertainty will be upon us again. Aeeee ra luve-i-Viti da taubale yani!!!!!!

    It\’s never too late!

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    I still believe it’s the citizens who have to show their disgust to the military in their support of this coup . When you see them , turn your backs , if that doesn’t give them the hint , then i don’t know what will !
    The Aboriginal community use this method as an effective show of disgust at a persons behaviour , actions or statements . It’s incredibly effective and hurtful !

  11. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Ur so right there Mark Manning.

    I guess it was done when the Opposition Leader made his speech, right after Kevin Rudd\’s apology speech, right? and it was televised when A LOT of people turned their backs to him..ohh including some of Rudd\’s gov. workers and I guess for good faith, they were disciplined..huh.

    Yes, great strategy. Next time Vore speaks somewhere and it is open to the public, bind yani the pro-democracy fighters, wearing tees saying…FREE FIJI!!! and act as such.

    Peaceful and of course, we are NOT walking so they can\’t arrest anyone!

    So, where is he talking next? Who knows his agenda?

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    no t-shirts or logos as he could have you arrested for inciting !
    best just to turn your back and i think it was Brendan Nelson they turned their backs on because he stated in his maiden speech , in the Parliament , that compensation shouldn’t be paid to the children of the stolen generation . These were families that had their half white children forcibly taken from their parents , some never to see them again and some being split up forever from their siblings . Many of the victims of this stupid colonial policy are still alive today and are still suffering emotionally . The money is not the point and the apology isn’t sufficient . I’ve already notified the Prime Minister and the opposition leader , Brendan Nelson , that compensation must be considered . The turning of their backs in Parliament , was a very very powerful protest and is probably the highest insult in Aboriginal culture , the opposition leader was deeply affected , but he was compelled to express his Party’s views , not his personal views which probably differ from those of the Liberal Party . But protect yourselves , wear arm bands , black in support of Democracy as a sign that it has died in Fiji , or the colour of the flag . No words , just the same armband taken out of your pockets and worn at the same time and turn your backs on those losers !

  13. Mark Manning Says:

    Make sure the press see plenty of the silent protest , take plenty of digital photos and videos to download afterwards .

  14. Budhau Says:

    Corruption Fighter – you need friends who can assist – that kerekere mentality.

    With your analysis on China – did you find out what the China aid is at the moment – did it increase or decrease – back it up with some numbers.

    The Chinese rep in Fiji has to say what he did say – they don’t want to look bad supporting all these military dictatorship – places like Burma, Sudan and all that. Just because he said that that does not mean that they have not increased their aid to Fiji – Come on CF – you know better.

    BTW – if we take your argument on its face value – that no one is assisting Fiji – that would then support the other argument that Chaudary is doing a great job under the circumstances – no aid and the IG is still surviving more than a year after the coup.

    Hey Enuf – that T-Shirt idea – very good. Maybe the same message on the bumper sticker, a Fiji flag in your living room, and mean messages in this forum- you have done you share of fighting the military regime in Fiji.

    NP – you idiot – so how the hell did they change the constitution in 1990 when the constitution prior to that was very clear on what can be done and how. Get that thru your thick head – Bainimarama can do anything, if it don’t work, he will abrogate this constitution.

    The question is not what Bainimarama can or cannot do – the question is what are you going to do about it – Comprende.

    BTW – what seem to be your problem with communal seat – with almost 60% Fijian populations – you should be happy that the Fijians can get more seats than what was allocated to them before.

    Tim – Fiji is too insignificant to get in the way of China and Australia. Both of whom need each other – Australia more so than the Chinese.
    As for the natural resources of Fiji – that don’t matter, if Frank does not ship them all to China our chiefs will – we will just let the Kubuna girls sell fishing license to foreigners.

    Wailei – the elections will only happen when FB and company get a iron clad amnesty deal – and even then they might not go for an election unless they are confident that a coalition between the Mara clan and Chaudary can make one of the Epeli boys the PM and the president.

  15. soro Says:

    Go theres that bloody awful smell in hia again ….. why does smelly Budd sound as if IT is talking on behalf of the illegal regime – it is SO defensive of what they are up to and SO patronising of us “common folk”.

    Sounds like Choro talk and/or part of the Choro clan of friends and supporters to me !!

    Open the windows everyone pls and get some fresh air in here.

  16. lauan boy Says:

    Cowardo Bainimarama admitted himself right on Fiji One TV – Viti Nikua programme..”keimami sotia ga, e sega ni mami tavi na cicivaka na matanitu. cakacaka qo nodra na leweni vanua – o ira na dau ni politiki” caita cava ga o mai cakava ….. dou vei cai nai mataivalu.

    we are too deep in this mess with these arseholes….the military must pay for the misery these soldiers caused everyone.

    fuck u

  17. Budhau Says:

    lauan boy – those soldiers have been causing misery for a very long time – you just figured that out ask Island dude – Rabuka is his hero.

    Hey Soro – “common folks” – bunch of bloody idiot in here – common folks ain’t gonna jack sh*t – what we need now is some uncommon folks stepping up to the plate. And that stench – Soro, find the source of it – it has been stinking up the country for too long.

  18. natewaprince Says:

    Budhau you idiot asshole.Go to the next post and see why Fiji GirL and I think you are real pest.

    Can’t you stop pestering everyone here.You must have been a real asshole when you were a kid,pestering everyone around you.You seem to have something to say about everyones comment.

    Siga,bogi,siga,bogi,ia toka ga o raboci na complain.Dua mada vei kemudou na wekaqu me vesuki koya mai vei au me’u LB taka na dakuna.

  19. Puf-Military Says:

    Looks like Budhau’s going to get banned. Oh, u poor thing we’ll really miss ur 24-7 complaining. See ya loser 🙂

  20. Corruption Fighter Says:

    @IB India has made no announcements about aid to Fiji (you can
    check the Indian Governments web portal – they have said very little
    about Fiji since the illegal regime took over). India is still a
    developing country with millions of poor, they can’t afford to run aid
    programmes with grant funds like OECD aid donors. What they have
    are ‘soft loans’ in support of exporters. Chodopu$$ has carried on
    about the level of debt Fiji has, so why would he want to increase the
    debt further by chasing loans from China and India.

    @ Budhau/Budd/ & all sock puppets dou vei kata

  21. Jose Says:

    @ Puf-Military
    He is now using Imroz Buksh

  22. Budhau Says:

    Corruption fighter’s argument – “Chodopu$$ has carried on
    about the level of debt Fiji has, so why would he want to increase the
    debt further by chasing loans from China and India.”

    What Chaudhary was complaining about – was that Qarase regime, under normal circumstances was putting the future of the next generation on the line by getting the country into debt – the last one was the $500 million bond.

    These are not normal times – with no money from aid from EU, Australia, NZ, the US – this regime has to seek more loans – they don’t have a choice, unless they chose to hand over the government and march to Naboro.

    Corruption fighter – regardless of which side of the IG you are on – you can do better than this. There is a legitimate explanation for the need for loans now as opposed Qarase’s need for loan back then and why Chaudary was criticizing Qarase.

    NP – do you think this is pestering – may be I should be talking about certain parts of Corruption Fighter’s anatomy – is that what you would like to see.

    Yes, I have something to say – unlike you NP – going around calling people assholes or trying to figure who is whose biological father.

    Listen guy, you can not make an argument that can stand up to scrutiny, then you have a problem, don’t blame the guy who shoots down your argument – just like I did with Corruption Fighter’s argument just now.

    NP – that thing about FijGirl agreeing with you – I thought it was you writing under both those names.

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