Bills Not Racist: Qarase

We at SV totally agree with Qarase that the Qoliqoli & Indigenous Lands Tribunal Bills are not racist at all, as claimed by the scumbag Akuila Yabaki, Bainimarama, Chaudary and others.

These Bills as Qarase rightfully says is about protection of Fijian rights. Yabaki’s claim that Fijian rights are already entrenched within the Constitution is hog wash, because the Qoliqoli’s are still registered to the State.

People, don’t get caught up with the lies of Yabaki and company because they use politically correct words, like ‘racist’, ‘equality’, etc which sounds very nice and honourable, but have very ulterior motives which are detrimental to the indigenous Fijians.

SV Team.

Publish date/time: 04/06/2008 [07:46]

Ousted prime minister and leader of the Soqosoqo Duavata Ni Lewenivanua (SDL) party Laisenia Qarase stressed that policies like the Qoliqoli and Indigenous Claims Tribunal bills are not racist and he still aims to implement them when they come back into power.

Qarase said the proposed legislations are necessary for the protection of the resources of the indigenous Fijians and there is nothing racist about it.

Although the military has stressed that the bills dealing with the Qoliqoli and Indigenous Claims Tribunal were racist policies, Qarase said there is nothing wrong with the proposed legislations.

Qarase is hoping the SDL will return to power as he has a passion for the protection of indigenous Fijian rights and property and he has unfinished business to complete. However, he stressed that the protection of indigenous Fijian rights does not mean that the other communities will be ignored, as their rights will also be protected.


47 Responses to “Bills Not Racist: Qarase”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    As an outsider and having seen what the white man has done to so many cultures throughout the world , to their detriment , I’m all for the protection of indigenous rights and the protection of the environments of any indigenous tribes . Fiji has something unique and its environment should be protected for the present and future generations to enjoy and prosper from . It’s not something that should be used up now , just to make a quick buck . And in protecting those environments , all of society within the particular country , must benefit .

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    One should ask the question , what is it that the detractors want that they don’t want this bill to go ahead !
    What is their aim ? Is it to turn all the foreshores into resorts for overseas visitors ?Are they to be part owners of the resorts or to get a cash payment so the Resort owners never have to pay a fee for the privilege of using those waters ? Ask what is their motive for not wanting the qoliqoli and Indigenous Claims Tribunal bill , rather than why does the Qarase Government want it ? Turn the statement that it is racist into a question , why don’t you want it , what is your interest and motive for not having these bills passed !

  3. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    MM I read that bill and think it was illconceived at that stage. After all, what was the point of allotting rights to qoliqoli owners when not all foreshore land had been properly surveyed – it would have led to more disputes. The Qoliqoli Bill should have been properly thought out before being released – like the Reconciliation Bill.

  4. Linus Says:

    @ Mark. 1 answer re Qoliqoli is that some unscrupilous resort owners; eg Turtle Island do not want to pay the rightful custodians for use of their heritage, while charging overseas tourists very high prices [by Fiji stds anyway] to use those resources.

    VB claimed originaly that he felt that the qoliqoli bill may lead to in-fighting as not all qoliqoli ownership had been suitably and agreeably established. I cannot verify the truth of this last argument.

    Also, it will mean that the Indo-Fijian and non-indigenous fishermen will have to pay a significant fee to go fishing, for business or personal consumption where as it is presently free.

    In respect of the Indiginous Land Claims tribunal. This will open a huge can of worms and cost the nation mega dollars to sort out & compensate for the poor management / naieve sale of native assets to itinerant traders etc. by unwise / unsuspecting chiefs. Look at the costs and problems NZ had and in many cases, the disasters the funds created for the tribes!!!

  5. Mareko Vuli Says:

    Fair go guys!!! Come on! When will the SDL learn its lesson from making wrong decisions? For goodness sake!!! The reason why this country is going down is because of this race base laws that brings division among its people. I believe charter will water down the arrogancie of those tries to bring division in the nation. Qoliqoli bill law must not be brought up in by the next government. His Excellency the Honorable Prime Minister Commander Voreqe is making a lot of progress in making Fiji a better place through this charter.The indians are here to stay and you cant change that by bring such laws. Future indians will marry fijians and Fiji will be prosper through this charter. Beside please dont pick on His Excellency Rev Yabaki, he is doing a good job for the nation and should be rewarded and honored for fight human rights in fiji. By the way his Exellency Chaudhary will be a good Prime Minister for Fiji onces His Exellency Bainimarama takes the presidency from Iloilo.

  6. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ NBB, you are correct that not all qoliqoli’s are registered, but the great majority of them have been surveyed and registered.

    The Bill empowers the Qoliqoli Commission to complete the survey and registration of the ownership and boundaries of the remaining qoliqoli area. (see section 7(12)).

    I disagree with you that since not all qoliqoli’s have been registered that the bill should be shelved because I see the passing the qoliqoli bill, will provide an incentive to the Commission to complete its task ASAP, otherwise they will be pestered by those awaiting the registration.

  7. Linus Says:

    @NBB. I agree with U on both points. Especially the reconciliation Bill. To my understanding, reconciliation is a matter between the person and Jesus; so for 2 people to truely reconcile, 1st they must reconcile with Jesus. My faith convinces me that Mankind is incapable of sincere and lasting reconciliation unless inspired by a work of the Holy Spirit… AND in that context CAN NOT be legislated. I believe that the RTU Bill is a politically expedient animal and not racist but also very ill-concieved

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    Then perhaps it’s time to decide exactly just who should be benefiting from the implementation of any bill at all in regards to Fiji’s resources , land , sea , under sea , under ground including it’s mineral and oil resources . Should it all belong to the people , all the citizens so that all the financial gains can be equally divided amongst the society ?
    What is your goal , who and how should it be implemented and managed , how should the wealth be distributed and amongst who in your society . They are difficult questions to answer , but they are man made problems and so there is light at the end of the tunnel as man made problems can be resolved by man !
    Is the concept of protecting indigenous rights , a thing of the past , has it past it’s used by date or should a compromise solution be sort . It must be incredibly difficult to balance the old ideals with the new , culture with modernisation . The solutions come with people of integrity , who have the interests of society as a whole at heart . You can’t resolve these difficult issues if you have vested interests and only your own agenda to push . Fiji is fighting for it’s indigenous population , the youth are fighting for their future and inheritance , the Indians are fighting for their rights as citizens yet not land owners and then there are those wishing to expand businesses and make a living from a viable business through tourism , and manufacturing or farming . The answers are there , you need just people of honour to sift through the problems until a satisfactory resolution is found , one which will benefit all in Fiji .At least your all talking about it , and that’s great progress .

  9. groggy Says:

    Mareko Vuli you must be in gaga land. Voreqe will never be honourable as he is not worthy to be even called that. THis is only reserved for people who have been elected into public offices. And the drunk padre is only protecting his behind.

    I am not to sure why people are so against the itaukei getting what they deserve to be getting. It happened in New Zealand and also Australia. What is so wrong with that. If these two countries recognise the identification of the landowners than why shouldn’t every other vulagi to these land do otherwise.

    Choodoo is really playing these land game again. He states in his NFU message that in order to bring back the farmers to Vanualevu the government will have to offer them cash incentives again. For goodness sake they already paid $28000 for leaving a dead piece of land and not they get more to go back and farm that dead land.

    As i said before Choodo will do anything in his evil and skimming way to get the native land that has never been farmed before. Why – because unused or uncultivated land taht has never been planted will yield bumper crops for a long time. Most cane fields now are yielding very low returns because the land is dead and not as fertile as before.

    Kemuni na taukei ni qele ni maroroya nomu ni qele me kua ni vakasabusabu taki. O na solia ga me lisi taki o iko kei iratou nomudou na sega tale ni raica ni oti e 50 na yabaki. E liu e 100 na yabaki qo sa vinakata o Maichoodo me 50 na yabaki. Ni vakasama sara vaka vinaka.

    The reduction in sugar production per tonnes is not because alot of cane farmers have left or lost their land leases. We should look deeper in to what is the real cause for low sugar production per tonne of cane. The answer is that cane is no longer yielding enough juice to make sugar. The main cause of these is that the cane is no longer as healthy or big like before. No amount of fertiliser will make the cane sweeter or bigger. You will need virgin land to get back the sugar industry to its glory days

  10. Islander Says:

    The only “arrogancies” in Fiji is from the two bit thug Bainimarama. Go figure!

  11. Peace Pipe Says:

    Saying the rights of the Fijians are entrenched in the contitution is not good enough. The constitution is just the wording of the law brief policy form, the bill is the application of those into actual action like the demarcation of land and qoliqoli boundaries. Saying the rights are safeguarded in the constitution does not mean much until action is taken based on the law of the land to prove it. I never never knew racism ever existed until these oafs kept harping about its existence which are all pack of lies. And I still think there is no racism being balatantly practised. Everyone still has equal rights in this country. The bills simply put into law the protection of the Fijian peoples properties and their rights as owners.

  12. fuggedaboutit Says:

    Hear hear Groggy

    I reckon Mareko Vuli should reconsider the use of the title His Excellency. The use of that title is only extended to the Heads of State i.e. our Neither Here Nor There President Weeknd At Bernie’s.

    When employing the title Honourable it is only given to sitting members of the House of Parliament, in reference to the August Body of Parliament.

    Something we haven’t had the benefit of for the last Year and a Half, as this most dishonourable bunch of thieves and ursurpers blatantly robbed us without a moment’s remorse.

    Not one of these Bastards was elected so I reckon cut the crap and stop referring to Mahen, Frank and Co. like they are deserving of the titles they so freely bestowed upon themselves.

    Mareko Vuli if you think otherwise then may I suggest you relinquish your P.R. for a week and swap it with one of your kai, or any other Fiji Citizen who has been doing it tough eversince December 5th 2006. Perhaps then you might have a different point of view.

  13. merovingian Says:

    Fuggedaboutit, Makero Vuli is only one step away from idol worshiping Bainimarama.

    He’s too far gone…

    No one can convince him his God, Bainimarama, is just a numbskull wanker who gets off on hearing the sound of his own retarded voice.

  14. Vasiti Osborne Says:

    What would be really nice is to see the SDL’s re constructed Manifesto. It will greatly undermine the duo B & C ‘s propaganda instilling fear in the minds of the Indian communities. I dare say that many silent Indians will vote SDL after all these fiasco. SDL should seriously consider now, how to go after and win the Indian Votes. I believe they can do it.

  15. Soul of Fiji Says:

    @Linus, reconciliation is or are between agrieved parties, the bill is only a framework that will allow reconciliation to take place.

    A party might want reconciliation while the other party might not feel adequately compensated in the proposed settlement, therefore we cannot say that the two parties have reconciled.

    Recociliation Legislation will propose and establish a framework to allow reconciliation to take place, without this framework there is no processes to follow to achieve or adequate recociliation. Or should we reconciile

    Without established processes….the result is corruption, underhand dealing, cutting corners, jumping the queue etc….

    You were referring to Jesus….I think you meant forgiveness. An aggrieved party can forgive the other party but has the victim been adequately compensated for the hurt, abuse, loss of income, loss of business etc…?

  16. Wailei! Says:

    Dou @ MV… I can clearly see you licking their arses cause its shinning so bright right here in FIJI!

  17. natewaprince Says:

    Mareko,va cava mo va cucu mada mo tovolea na kulina nei his exellency maka Chodo.Oti ya mo qai mila toka na soresore nei his exellency Vore.

    O ira na kaidia qori me ra vawatitaki iratou ga na ganemu era tiko qo i Viti.

  18. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Talking about these bills…(ok never mind its inefficiencies, if there\’s any, if it ever even had a chance to be implemented), our point here, all along has been,


    Yes, it may or may never see the light of day BUT at least it was going by the stipulations in our constitution of how bills should be prepared, debated, etc etc. And in the same process preserving and considering our feelings, our livelihoods, our prosperity, our sanity!!!!!!

    Unlike this farter charter, which has been forced unto us by cowards who can only do all these because of their GUNS!!!! PERIOD!!

    And as for qoliqolis and all, as an indigenous landowner, I am fully aware that in my koro-ni-vasu, my mataqali has more land compared to some other mataqalis. And as by our Fijian culture, the one who need them come to my family and \”KEREKERE\” so they can have their grandchildren build their homes on our land. And because of WHO WE ARE, FIJIANS, we give. Now, this means, that my family plots used for farming, is now benefiting those who need them for housing. That is the essence of who we are as Fijians. We are NOT egocentric people. We also care for others BUT if you take advantage of our goodness, then you will see our wrath!

    And to say that this bill will bring about in-fighting amongst Fijians is a load of BULL!!! Because, if you\’re a true Fijian, you will know where your lines of Fijianess run in your village. And, as per our culture, if you overstep your mark, it just shows that you\’re an ignorant bastard who have been influenced by evil powers.

    Da dui muria ga na noda i yatu. Na tamata qaciqacia, lecaika ga vakataki Voreqe e lecaika, ka yameke2 na nona i vala2.

    Tamata lamu2!!!!!!! E sega ni ura me damu ni kua gonei!!!

  19. Mark Manning Says:

    I was about to say , mareko vuli must be on a different planet to the rest of us !

  20. Adi Kaila Says:

    You Go Mark Manning – You understand the situation in Fiji better than that person mv.

    Volkswagon for MM

    Denipusi for mv

  21. Mark Manning Says:

    that’s his excellency mm !

  22. FijiGirl Says:

    The Bills in question were in Parliament to be debated, subjected to Parliamentary process as a function of democratic procedure.
    The Bills were NOT au fait accompli.
    Parliament, including the Opposition and the Labour Party (who, technically, were a part of government) had the opportunity to reject, alter or tailor the Bills accordingly.
    Chodo panicked because, since he has no respect for Parliamentary traditions, he expected dirty tricks and backroom deals to force it through. He cannot accept that other people do not work that way. Like Tim said, he has the kind of arrogance that assumes everyone else in the room is as stupid or as stoned as he is.
    Our legally elected PM and the SDL Party would NOT have resorted to Chodo’s dirty tricks because, well, they are not Chodo.
    Fiji has been robbed of its once prosperous future, sacrificed on the altar of Chodo’s vanity.
    God bless Fiji

  23. Budhau Says:

    Bull crap – FijiGirl – there was nothing anyone could have done to stop these bill – Qarase had the votes and he had indicated that he will not back down.

  24. soro Says:

    Bullshit smelly boy – processes were still in place to allow dialogue and fine -tuning of these bills …… so dont bloody patronise us on this subject.

  25. lauan boy Says:

    parliament extistence was entrenched in the constitution…likewise treason is unlawful yet the military things they can by pass the law and not held to account for their actions…

    now…the lections is coming up, all FIJIANs will ensure we put in the right ppl into parliament to safeguard our interests then we’ll review all laws to make sure our interests is safeguarded by law.

    we’ll do it this properly.

    Mara, Ganilau, Bainimara and the military can go fuck themselves…

  26. newsfiji Says:

    Good we bring on the Qoliqoli Bill so that Launs can have their fair share. At present all Lau Waters come under the chiefly household. All Launs are entitled to their own qoliqoli.

    Vinaka, Vinaka, SDL bring on the Qoliqoli Bill!

  27. Budhau Says:

    Luauan lad – with that four letter word in every post – did you get some last night.

    This ain’t about safeguarding your interest – why don’t you get – the 1987 coup, the 2000 coup, the mutiny, the election of SDL, SVT – all that had nothing to do with indigenous cause or indigenous interest.

    What makes you think the next election is going to be different.

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different result.” – Einstein

  28. natewaprince Says:

    Buddy,there will be only one outcome to the elections.

    O kemudou kece na Kaidia mo ni sake mai na vei tutu lelevu i Viti.O kemuni na va’itavi ena matanitu qo mo dou na vesu kece i Naboro vatakei Vore.

    Did you get that???????????????????

  29. Always 4 Fiji Says:

    A draft Qoliqoli Bill was prepared by the Alliance Party of Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara in 1986. It was to be taken to Parliament had the Alliance Party won the 1987 election. A series of programmes on the Bill was broadcast by Radio Fiji in 1986 in a Fijian magazine programme called the ‘Dui Bana’ on Sunday mornings.

    The issue of the Fijian fishing ground and ownership has been pending for a very long time. It was discussed at three Great Council of Chiefs meetings in the late 1880s at Waikava in Cakaudrove, Mualevu in Vanuabalavu and Nailaga in Ba. It was at the Nailaga meeting, that the Governor at that time read a letter from Queen Victoria to the Chiefs of Fiji stating that she was returning them their qoliqoli. The records of those meetings are well kept and available from the National Archives in Suva. I obtained a copy of the record of the Nailaga meeting for $1.50c last December. Queen Victoria had done the same when earlier returning land to the Chiefs and implemented by the Colonial Government. The return of qoliqoli ownership was never implemented by the Colonial Administrators.

    What the Alliance had wanted to do and certainly the SDL was to implement this long outstanding issue. Preparatory work was carried out when investigation and registration for ownership of fishing ground started in Beqa in 1986. The Navy was involved and Bainimarama should remember this because he was a senior officer at that time. Bainimarama was happy when briefed in 2000 by Qarase and Interim Government that the Qoliqoli Bill will introduced. I do not see anything racial in the Bill.

  30. Mark Manning Says:

    your so right , it is the job of the lower house to debate and amend Government policy and bills etc.
    In a dictatorship , there’s no discussion !

  31. Mark Manning Says:

    The bill was never the issue !
    It clearly was the police evidence which was mounting against the Commander on the murders of the 5 CRW soldiers in 2000 and his alleged involvement and or knowledge of them , which catapulted the Commander to take action . The excuse that it was the qoliqoli bill and the Indigenous Claims Tribunal are just a smokescreen to distract you all from the real issue .
    And we all know how easy it is to be distracted by sensational claims etc.
    But let’s not forget those who have been murdered , maimed , tortured and detained by this and previous regimes . Let’s not forget the pain and suffering their families , their mothers especially , still feel . By remembering them all , it will keep the flame alight until justice is done .
    Just remember though , that the common denominator in all this , is the Commander ! He was there in 2000 , in a position of authority , it’s even believed that he ordered the arrest of those CRW soldiers who were murdered in the back streets of Suva , their death cries being heard throughout the night from police vans ! Yes , Frank was the common denominator then and now . Forget about the qoliqoli bill .

  32. Islander Says:

    Bainimarama is just sore that he hadn’t the brains to draft or be the one to implement such a bill. Idiot!

  33. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Always 4 Fiji

    I really appreciate that. Thank you for sharing.

  34. Shri Baladeva-Balarama-Vasudeva-Subhadra-Nanda Baba Says:

    “Protection of Fijian rights” my ass. Fijian Rights were, are, and will always be PROTECTED! It is well-known that Qarase and his SDL members were/are racist losers. These two bills – the RECONCILIATION and the QOLIQOLI – would have done a lot of harm to the Fiji nation. Ratu Mara NEVER touched the Qoliqoli, and neither should politician or prime minister. As for ‘Reconciliation”, that’s a bunch of crap! There is no ‘reconciliation’ in getting coup thugs out of prison.

    For him to be saying this – “bills not racist” – right now, when he is at the dirt bottom of his life and career, just goes to show what harm and damage this madman was/is capable of doing if he had remained in power or if he gets into power~he must be stopped: too dangerous.

  35. Shri Baladeva-Balarama-Vasudeva-Subhadra-Nanda Baba Says:

    Follow Me, and allow the dead to bury their own dead.

    The Expected One.

  36. Shri Baladeva-Balarama-Vasudeva-Subhadra-Nanda Baba Says:

    Qarase – “bills not racist”!

    I have friends who were in his “think-tank” and they tell me that Qarase declared the Qoliqoli discussion ‘off-limit. That and his recent comment that these bills are not “racist” PROVES once and for all that he and his colleagues were hell-bent on passing them. Just as well he was removed. Thanks to all who were took part in his removal. Moreover, his “reconciliation” bill proves that he supports the 2000 coup and that his government was infested with 2000 coup plotters and perpetrators.

  37. Always 4 Fiji Says:

    @ Shri Baladeva-Balarama-Vasudeva-Subhadra-Nanda Baba

    Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara had wanted to introduce a Qoliqoli Bill in 1986. He lost the election in 1987 and the Bill did reach Parliament. It is an unfinished business which I strongly believe will be finished eventually.

  38. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    All of that maybe true; is still not justifications to mount the 2006 coup.

    You should have waited and mounted your very own rigorous campaign to remove him at the next polls.

    That is the way to do it.

    Why you ask?

    Because we are sick and tired of coups fullstop.

  39. Shri Baladeva-Balarama-Vasudeva-Subhadra-Nanda Baba Says:

    Always 4 Fiji, where’s the PROOF that Ratu Mara wanted to introduce the qoliqoli? Please provide PROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFS, SWEETHEART.

  40. Keep The Faith Says:

    Fair Go??????????

    And when the fcuk do the people of Fiji get a Fair Go Mareko Vuli??

    I still maintain that Qarase fell asleep on his watch but as for these Bills, the Constitution if I’m not mistaken adequately protects the interests of indigenous fijians — check the blue book (while we can still say its “alive” e-version: and the Compact section 6 and Chap 13 on Group Rights…..this is the problem when you get a 2-bit lawyer like The Shyster advising the IG and their cronies like Yabaki et al who only knows how to place the emphasis on human rights when the spirit of the Constitution is supposed to be read and interpreted in TOTALITY.

  41. Tim Says:

    Here’s my thrupence worth. Always 4 Fiji Says (who I suspect is well familiar with the indigenous struggle in NZ and elsewhere), is in postion to know. Mark M more often than not hits the bloody nail squarely on the head apart from his bloody preoccupation with those damn useless Vdubs that were, and always have been a total ^%& to work on, let alone drive, and their only fan might be a pot head hippie on a bender with a penchant for pistol shooting and a fag with an ego. At least with a Simca you could get access to the bastards, and the French had the foresight to allow one to separate the engine block (the Chaudrey of the engine) from the piston barrel (the Bainimarama). Piston rings (Shaistas) and big-end bearings (Yippe-I-Aye’s) were bad design from the start but at least they can be disposed with with normal wear and tear.
    The thing that amuses me most about the Shri Baladeva’s and Budda’s is the total lack of understanding of democarcy (along with Frank and his supporters).
    The beauty of a representative democracy is that all is contestable. This pathetic little coup and its supporters seem to think that everything they do and position themselves for is set in stone and is permanent.
    Trouble is, SFA of them have the guts to stand up for their (lack of) principle on the same even playing field they expect of evryone else.
    What is worse long term (for Frank and co) is that most people, even though they might well act in their own self-interest, or act as a collective, or whatever else their politics, religion or ideologies dictate, realise (even if it takes a while) is that the current bunch after a year have proven themselves a total faiure, that there is a difference between intelligence and animal cunning, and there is a difference between compassion and concern, and total self-interest.
    Frank has animal cunning – merely survival instinct. Shaista and Yippee have egos and ambition that overides everything. Chodo knows what he’s about – he’s just consciously manipulative. Those that put any faith in him probably deserve what they get – even his own offspring have him pegged.

  42. Shri Baladeva-Balarama-Vasudeva-Subhadra-Nanda Baba Says:





  43. Tim Says:

    Black is black, White is white. There is no grey – ain’t that right Shri? Have you ever thought that maybe why law was devised was to take account of the grey. It seems to have escaped a few that profess to practice it as so called experts – Shaista and Yippe alike.
    If there are ever to be executions – I nominate those two are first on the knob

  44. Always 4 Fiji Says:

    @ Shri Baladeva-Balarama-Vasudeva-Subhadra-Nanda Baba

    I accept your ignorance. I am certain of the Qoliqoli Bill in 1986 under Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara because I wrote a number of stories and programmes at that time after interviewing the politicians and officials. I invite you to search and see for yourself the proceedings of the Great Council of Chiefs meetings at Waikava in Cakaudrove, Mualevu in Vanuabalavu and Nailaga in Ba ni the late 1880s. They are all readily available at the National Archives in Suva for a very nominal photocopy fee. You will then understand the historical background of the Bill as it was not plucked out of thin air and racist.

  45. Always 4 Fiji Says:

    @ Shri Baladeva-Balarama-Vasudeva-Subhadra-Nanda Baba

    My apology the Qoliqoli Bill in Ratu Mara’s Government did not reach Parliament in 1987.

  46. Jose Says:

    Don’t forget Gates, Tim. First is too easy. In the middle or last. Give them time to suffer.

  47. Frida Says:

    The problem with Bainipajamas is he does not have a clue of what it takes to be a leader. The very issue he is alleging SDL to be – corrupt is what MC did in his short term as PM. So MC is basically telling the faggot what to say and he says it – when he is questioned outside the contents of a writtem paper, he does not know what to say. I want a leader who can think on his/her feet and the response makes sense to my 11 year old daughter. At this point, nothing coming out of the bi-polar’s mouth is satisfactory and I guess i will have to continue to explain to my family and neighbours as well as I can for them to make up their mind.

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