Sacking won’t change stance: Rewa Chief

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


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Provincial Council will not change the province’s stand on the proposed People’s Charter.

Ro Filipe was responding to a threat by interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama to sack members of provincial councils who opposed the charter and the GCC task team report.

Bainimarama said Ro Filipe would be the first one to go.

However, the Rewa chief says the province’s stand on the two issues was well researched and discussed before the position was taken.

Ro Filipe has urged the interim government to dig deep into their resolutions on the two issues – saying it will help them with their decision making on the two reports.

Ro Filipe has also confirmed that he has not received any termination letter from Bainimarama.

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62 Responses to “Sacking won’t change stance: Rewa Chief”

  1. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    The ultimate sign of an idiot with an inferior complex:

    each time Vorege is challenged or criticised, he threatens with expulsion or resorts to violence.

  2. Shri Baladeva-Balarama-Vasudeva-Subhadra Says:

    He lost the plot the day he invited Qarase (post-2000 coup) to form a new government.

    It’s been downhill all the way since then!

    The Expected One.


  3. Shri Baladeva-Balarama-Vasudeva-Subhadra Says:

    He lost the plot the day he invited Qarase (post-2000 coup) to form a new government.

    It’s been downhill all the way since then!

    The Question still stands:

    *******Since he is currently sooooooooooooo pro-Chaudhry-Pra$ad, WHY did he not reinstate him after the 2000 coup?*******

    The Expected One.


  4. Shri Baladeva-Balarama-Vasudeva-Subhadra-Nanda Baba Says:

    Bainimarama is to be blamed for this – first and foremost for inviting Qarase to form a new government post-2000 coup.

    The Expected One.


  5. lauan boy Says:

    Voreqe boci….lamusona.

    only strong when gun is in his behind and bodyguards to protect your sorry arse.

    levuni boci…

  6. EnufDictatorship Says:

    If Ro Filipe keeps up his fight, I hope he takes it one step further and Taubale mada!!!!!!!

    Sa leqa gona vei Voreqe ni sa on tiko na ADHD!!!!!!!!! he doesn\’t seem to know how to control what he\’s doing, saying, thinking, etc etc

  7. Pusiloa Says:

    We know you and your green goons up at the camp read this site. A word of advise mate…engage your brain first before opening your mouth. Kua ni tadola tiko ga na muaimuri. Qori e dau dromodromo kina na boto ni tarausese me vaka nomu ciciva sobu na baba mai Namadi….Se nanuma tiko ga na siga ya se sega?

  8. Wailei! Says:

    Has any one read this so called “Charter”?

  9. natewaprince Says:

    Let the mongrel do as he wishes.Kua sara ni dua e suka i muri.Me laurai sara mada se na tini i vei na yalo kaukauwa e kauta tiko mai qo.

    Qo sa rawa ga ni kacabote na nona mona ke kauta tiko ga mai nona yalo ca.E na va vuna ga na nona rusa koso na cudru macawa e va’raitaka tiko qo.


    Sa qi matata tiko mai na matameke qo, kua sara ni dua e suka i muri,qi laurai sara mada na vanua e na dro kina … coconut news says that he got some money from India….

  11. IslandBoy Says:

    With Naitasiri making such an emphatic statement, we could do no less than to support our relatives from the mountains.

    REWA AU CIBI TU!!!!!

  12. Budhau Says:

    Wailei – none of them dudes have read the charter, they just oppose it. Why bother to read the charter – when they can get all the information they need from blog sites like this.

    BTW – they any of those guys ever read the constitution before supporting it or opposing it.

    The dude got ADHD also – I thought your resident experts had diagnosed him with bipolar disorder – maybe you should check with Tui Savu on this ADHD diagnosis – Tui Savu always knows about these things months before we find out

  13. Save the Sheep Says:

    Why bother to read the Charter when the process of putting it together is clearly pre-emptive and cloked behind a veil of “Consultation”.

    The only people being consulted are those who agree with the drafts. People who put ideas contrary to the pre determined directions of this Charter are ignored and even threatened.

    Hardly consultation is it? Hardly being inclusive is it?

    So please all those trying to distract discussion. Stick to the point.

    The IG and the Military are not the slightest bit interested in the views of the people of Fiji. Hardly a recipe for good governance or for a good way forward is it?

  14. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Vakaloloma dina na mataqali vakasama e sa tu vi naita Voreqe Bainimarama, Isa!!

    I wonder – Is naita Voreqe & his family welcome in his own village, se sa voleka tiko beka na toki ki Haryana? What I think has happened here is he is way behind schedule with the deadlines he agreed to with Chaudhary and India.

    O na galu mai gonei!!

    Most despised person in the history of the Fijian people is Voreqe Bainimarama!

  15. Jose Says:

    voreqe bainimarama, the most incompetent leader in living memory

  16. Mark Manning Says:

    youtube , sermon on the mount , monty python , blessed are the cheese makers ! google

  17. Peace Pipe Says:

    Cowardo in action once again having so much courage (with guns and goons) to sack people anyhow. Thats the kind of attitude not fit for a leader of a country. Its the attitude of a dicktaker to fire people at will. He is under heavy pressure right now which is why he is behaving irrationally. All his evil plans are falling through and his lies are getting exposed so he is one angry pig right now. His behaviour right now is making the 9 months wait for election seem like 9 years. Time seem to drag along very slowly somehow as we suffer and painfully endure the pain of hearing this idiotic cowardo.

  18. Mark Manning Says:

    monty python welease bwian
    bigus dikus

  19. Mark Manning Says:

    Military Council meeting .
    monty python , right to be a woman , youtube .

  20. IslandBoy Says:

    How ironic to see Parmesh on TV tonight lauding the MSG communique on Fiji’s position regarding the electiosn etc.

    I could not believe he was so capable of self-deception.

    He is very well aware that the MSG leaders and countries hate Indians in Fiji with a passion. As stated elsewhere on SV – to them Rabuka is one of the greatest heroes of all time and now of course Frank is accorded the same status.

    Knowing the sentiment behind the MSG’s support and being of Indian origin himself, you might think he would, at the very least be a little hesitant.

    I take this to mean Parmesh is capable of anything and have lost all previous professional respect I had for the man.

  21. Koya na Man Says:

    The sign of desperado is at hand, vore has now realised that he is running out of option.

    Not only that he is just realising that no one was really supporting him all this time, he has lost all his friends(all the matured army officers he sacked on his way to Dec..06) and the hunting game is over, and he was the stupid one after all.

    It’s time to pack up and go back to the shit hole you came from & let the real politician run the country, you fake,wanna be.

    GO back to your stupid military camp so that your power hungry military council and con intellegence unit can further feed u with the load of crap & fantasy, which is spinning your pea brain.

  22. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Ok..Vore may perceive that he has the MSG support with all the \”royalty welcome\” of sorts

    BUT little does the man know, we are ALL interdependent on this green Earth..the animals, the people, the seas, the countries, etc etc.

    Therefore, the MSG may roll out the red carpet of welcome BUT they will also want to keep their images right with our Pacific Big brothers, the Commonwealth etc bcos at the end of the day MSG depend on those Big Bros and richer countries for their aides, in order to keep their economies floating and citizens happppyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

    And the red carpet and lending their ears is just the plain Pacific culture of being respectful to each other.

    The other part of the big picture, well, I don\’t think any right thinking MSG will wanna compromise their standing with the BIGGER and RICHER bros.

    Rem., we\’re ALL interdependent on each other. No one can do it alone!!!! Only God can! Emeni!

    However, it\’s the kinds and ones you choose to depend on, that will determine your success or failure!!!

    And unfortunately for Vore he chose the \”right kinds\” for him..Bad choice of character ka dina!

    When will he realise that? Hopefully sooner rather than later.

  23. Always 4 Fiji Says:

    @ Wailei. Please let me email you the draft Charter that John Samy circulated to some of us who know him in New Zealand in May last year. Flick me an email to Once you receive the draft Charter, you will then see that the Charter Council is simply humungous wastage of resources because the Charter has already been prepared and has been implemented as far as the review of the GCC, Fijian Affairs Board, NLTB and Fijian Commercial Enterprises. The Charter Council decision will surely mirror the draft Charter that was prepared by John Samy and Francis Narayan and sponsored by Mahendra Chaudhary and Fiji Labour Party. The main aim of the Charter is to marginalise the Indigenous Fijians. It is a racist document!

  24. Tracker Says:

    This is the begining of the end for Bai. Sacking the Provincial councils cuts of the Fijians in the villages from the national govt. They are already cut off from the GCC as a governing body. I just can’t wait to see how things will happen after this.

    In solidarity

  25. Tuks Says:

    It amazes me as to what the rest of the military personnel at Delainabua are thinking about for this really threatening action by their commander.
    “Isa ko Viti sa na vakaevei?.
    Ke sa bokoci na Matanitu Taukei.
    Meu qai wili vei cei?
    Se’u Matanitu kivei?
    Noqu Viti Talei,Mo Tudei…
    Isa na ka era taqayataka tu na Qase sa ra liu yani sa ra mai vakavotukanataka tu qo o Bainimarama kei ira nona sotia mai Delainabua ena veilecayaki ni veika sa mai caka oqo baleti keda na i Taukei .

  26. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Ok..digress mada se sideline mada. I read this comment on Fijilive where SDL was saying that they want Chodo\’s tax evasion issue to be re-investigated, and I just had to laugh at the last sentence…oh mannnnnnnnn laurai vei dosi qo, na tamani lamushona levu..mai kani cavai na military uniform…dara la lai dabe sara vana vale-ya!!!! yes, the loo!

    Ula Nejad of United States wrote
    Time: 10:56 – 02/06/2008

    Fiji does not need an inadequate man like Qarase to lead the country. His statement speaks of how pathetic and a wimp that he is. Can he prove himself at the polls like a real MAN? Tell the people why you a better candidate than Chaudhry instead of attacking the man before the fight begins. And it\’s high time interim PM disconnects himself from any political party and act in his capacity as Commander of the Military Force as we head for the elections. Maybe wear his military uniform to work to remind himself of his role.

  27. Budhau Says:

    What does Qarase get by announcing in the media that he wants Chaudary re-investigated for tax evasion.

    Making statements like this is counter productive. Qarase knows that he has to negotiate and deal with Chaudary, Bainimarama and company to get things resolved in Fiji.

    What Qarase should do is work towards democracy. Once we have a democratically elected government in place – let them investigate Chaudary, Bainimarama or whoever and prosecute the people if they have probable cause to prosecute them.

    Trying these kinds of issues in the media won’t help – you know it and Qarase knows. Qarase’s hatred for Chaudary if getting in the way of the man thinking straight – remember when Qarase did not want Chaudary in his cabinet.

    The man has to get over these things – you have to work with the other side and it does not help antagonizing them.

    Tracker – The Fijians in the village – if they want to participate in the national government – they vote in elections, you don’t do that through provincial councils – provincial councils are the power base of the chiefs – there is minimal participation by the villagers.

  28. Jose Says:

    Bdhudau haven’t you understood anything from these bloggers? Let me spell it out to you.This is an illegal govt. Everything they do is illegal.For that reason we will never work with them. If they are antagonised by this stand that’s their problem.It’s that simple.

    Now on the other hand, if you must work with them because you are afraid you will antagonize them, that’s your problem too. It’s your problem if you choose to sell out that way. But what else can we expect from haryana seeds.

  29. Budhau Says:

    Jose you idiot – haven’t you understood yet – that just because I shoot down someones idiotic reasoning in some argument – that does not necessarily translates into me being a coup supporter.

    Secondly – you don’t have to be afraid of someone to not antagonize him. The point was that if there is going to be a negotiated settlement – then there is point in antagonizing, badmouthing etc. Any such act is counter productive.

    So Jose, you idiot – you you get what I am saying – what did Qarase get by saying that he would press FICAC to investigate Chaudary – if he wanted to go to FICAC – be better get his ass over to FICAC not to the Fiji Times. If he was trying to score some points with his Fijian voters, I don’t think this is the time to score points – leave that to around the election time. Qarase can not resolve this crisis in the media.

    So did this Haryana guy, the degenerate viper kick you arse on this issue enough.

    Of all the folks in here you see to be the biggest idiots – totally no school – and they will come to your aid not because you are smart or something – you are on their side so they need to help.

  30. natewaprince Says:

    Budhau you f****n asshole.What’s the matter mate? Every time we mention Chodo’s name,you start jumping up and down trying to protect his sullied reputation.

    So what if the snake is scrutinised again?You know very well that his tax-evasion investigation was swept under the carpet.If this regime is concerned about transparency,what harm is there in re-opening the case to clear any doubts of any wrong doing.

    And as for bringing the case out in the media,it was maka-Chodo,the bi-polar pig and slack-arse Khaiyum who set up the incompetent FICAC to investigated the ousted govt. with great fanfare,via Fiji TV.

    And how many cases has FICAC managed to prosecute in the courts since they were set up?? A big fat zero,that’s right,a big fat 0.Big and fat like your cici.

  31. Bhu-dhadha-u Says:

    I dare Bainimarama to contest against Ro Filipe in any constituency anywhere in Fiji come election time. That is, in any Open, Fijian or General constituency, because the Indians are all just too bitter towards anything Fijian to even consider voting for a Chief, especially one on whose domain rests the Leonidas. Ro Filipe will win even without campaigning.

    For once, I am confident about that. We will then see who needs to be, not sacked but literally, kicked out.

  32. Budhau Says:

    You idiot – there are certain open seat that are so secure for one party or that other – that it is stupid for some idiot like you to make that challenge – but than again it does not cost anything shoot at the mouth over here in a forum like this.

    You idiot – your being confident has nothing to do with reality.

  33. Budhau Says:

    Natewaprince – what is your facination with ass-hole, butthole etc. The other day you were talking about EW – bloody hole, big hoole and all that.

    Why do you want to look yu these hole – you don;t plan to go to med school – you know Gastroenterology, hepatology type of stuff.

    ..and now to your idiot comment – this wasn’t about howm many cases ficaca has successfully prosecuted, this wasn’t about Chauday’s tax evasion etc.

    What I said was why is our boy Qarase going to media and trying to take on Chaudary – he wants to go to FICAC – fine, get his ass over there right away – why stop at the Fiji Times.

    If he is trying to score a point with his voters – save that for the election.

    Getting into a mudslinging match with Chaudary in the media – how does that help our cause – even if he gets Chaudary out of the IG – hwo does that help us – it make make Qarase and soem of you idiots feel good – but the power grab was done by a group and Fijians and they will still be around.

  34. natewaprince Says:

    @ Always 4 Fiji, could you please send that draft charter to so that it can be posted on this site and accessed by all bloggers.


  35. Maqa a Leqa Says:


    Can you mail John Samy’s draft Charter to this site so it can be exposed to other people?

  36. natewaprince Says:

    Read my comments properly ”asshole”.If LQ is using the media,what have you got to say about the 3 assketeers using FICAC to lead the media around on their witch-hunts.

    The trouble with blogging from abroad is that you don’t see how your ”asshole” boss uses Fiji TV to try and get at LQ and the SDL.

    Oh,before I forget,you ”asshole”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Oilei Budhau – I dread to imagine what would happen to you if you were literally in the same room as NP, not to mention all the freedom bloggers, you poor soul!!

  38. Augustus Says:

    IMHO, Qarase should stop announcing every step he intends to take in the media if he is genuine… Announcing his intentions & doing his intentions are two things totally is non-action, and the other action. What is required is actions… . He should negotiate his way thru this quagmire in stealth. Then come out in the open when the results are achieved.For eg he went straight to the media after the initial contact with Voreqe…he shouldn’t have done that. The meeting was not an achievement..he should have used it as a means as a catapult to achieve the ultimate objective…he is causing alot of unnecessary pressure on himself and every one.

  39. anon Says:

    Qori fire mada NP.

  40. natewaprince Says:

    Augustus,o ratou na media ena va’muri LQ wavoki ni ratou vaqara news.Ke la’i veka mada ga o LQ,ratou na tarogi koya,” E coka beka na ketemuni? E kala cava beka na nomuni va’lailai?”

    It’s there job mate,they went looking for that particular interview.

  41. Linus Says:

    @ A4Fiji. your e-mail:- was returned invalid!!

    Many of us would like to see this draft charter!!.

    Many Thanks.

  42. Augustus Says:

    Iknow…but IMHO LQ should be able to use his skills to handle that and not to fall into their hands…his experience in public life should enable him to avoid that rather than fall into their trap.

  43. Shri Baladeva-Balarama-Vasudeva-Subhadra-Nanda Baba Says:

    History repeats……….Qarase SACKED both high chiefs Nalitikau & Ganilau, and in turn was SACKED! ha!!! The ungrateful sod thought he was invincible, plain and simple.

  44. Juicy Lucy Says:

    wailei na nut ga na nut listening to the nutters on the military council.

  45. Budhau Says:

    Qarase is just pissed off at Chaudary, like some others in here and it seems that it is more important for them to be a thorn in Chaudary’s side – than to actually try and resolve the bigger issue.

    Qarase is simply trying to show his people that he is taking a stand – instead of taking some stupid stand, what Qarase should look at the issue at hand and deal with – making some statements and antogonizing Chaudary is not going to help – some day he will have to sit down and deal with these guys – be is Chaudary or Bainimarama – and when he does sit down, all this bad mouthing is not gonna help.

    Qarase has a history – remember, he didn’t want FLP in his cabinet at all and when that did not work he won’t have Chaudary in his Cabinet, then when he came back to Suva after this coup, qarase said something about that he will not work under Chaudary.

    Qarase continues to play his childish games.

    Natewaprince – you idiot, my remarks had nothing to do with “blogging from abroad” – you idiot anywhere and in any culture – when there is a possibility of negotiations or mediation to settle a problem – they will all tell you that what Qarase is doing is wrong – so what if FB and Chaudary are going to the media – does that mean Qarase should do the same.

    NP you idiot – the problems we have in Fiji will not be settled in the media, neither will it get settled in a court of law – like Qarase tried to sue. There are two ways of settling this – you guys go violently get rid of the military dictatorship – and good luck with that – OR this will be settled by negotiation and mediation.

    Things like this – what you always look for is – what is your best alternative if you do not settle – the alternative don’t look too good.

  46. Budhau Says:

    Islandboy wrote, “MSG leaders and countries hate Indians in Fiji with a passion. As stated elsewhere on SV – to them Rabuka is one of the greatest heroes of all time and now of course Frank is accorded the same status.”

    MSG leaders and countries hate Indians – why, because someone said so on this blog – and if Rabuka is a Hero to some, than why can’t Bainimarama be a hero to others – well at least as long as someone on you side can get around to doing a coup.

    So Islanddude – can you back up you statement – or is it for the consumption of the idiot brigade only.

  47. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Obama for president!!

  48. LUVfiji Says:

    Yeah… yeah.. yeah.. I guess Hillary will have to settle for VP ? !!

  49. Wailei! Says:

    @Always 4 Fiji. Yeah I downloaded the charter on Fiji live. What a loud of crap! Its someone’s wet dream.

    “Fiji’s economy is generally in tatters and on the brink of collapse:
    with increased unemployment and underemployment, decline in
    productive investment, continued emigration particularly of the skilled
    and the educated, stagnant manufacturing and declining export
    sectors, a sharp deterioration in the fiscal and external balances, and
    growing poverty and inequality. The country’s infrastructure (roads,
    power, water) have severely deteriorated” – Charter

    ahuh, ever since they got into power the country has actually collapsed. Have they seen the currency exchange lately? The last government was actually improving the roads from Nabouwalu to labasa highway and Tailevu to Naitasiri roads. What have the shiate’s done so far? Wasting money on promoting the Peoples Charter and paying high wages to people that have no qualifications. Back door ga na backdoor. Bunch of wankers..

  50. natewaprince Says:

    Da sa mai boi moromoro kece ga va mataka.

    Budhau you baku,stop trying to shift the blame you ‘idiot”.You think it’s OK for Chodo to use the media and say why should LQ do the same.You’re the one who’s an idiot.

    And blogging from abroad has everything to do with what you and I are talking about.I’m saying it because we watch your father maka-Chodo every night on TV blaming the SDL and everyone else but himself for the problems we’ve been going through in the last 18 months.

    We know that nothing will be settled through the media,but we will settle it OUR way,here,not from over there.

    You idiot asshole,acha?????

  51. Peace Pipe Says:

    The charter farter is the master plan of Chodo and his FLP cronies to dilute the Fijians rights as owners of the land and country so that they can worm their way into the highest rung of power and have total control of the country. How can we achieve a non racial Fiji when there is a language, cultural and religious divide which still segregates each other in racial or religious compartments. The best way was as we had it before where reps from each race are represented in all national decision making processes such as in parliament. If we dig deeper into this aspect of the charter I am sure we would find the dark ulterior motives behind this seemingly good proposal which is manifesting itself by the dismantling of Fijian institutions and identity.

  52. newsfiji Says:

    Budhau…kerekere ro mada…kua soti ni o vuka wavoki tiko…

    I’m just sick and tired of reading your pathetic little comments everytime i come in here to get the latest updates..

    Cut the whole bloody story short…let’s have election and any bloody body and every bloody body is welcome to stand..that includes Voreqe, Chodo, the Mara’s the Ganilau’s, Qarase’s, Bole, etc.. etc…

    That’s fair for everyone…then we’ll see who the people are really for…

    So, before that happens, just shut your trap and take your evidence to the police and stop screaming here and there about the bullshit corruption…etc..

    Luveni #*@!(%)@

  53. newsfiji Says:

    Au sa kerekere madaga me ra sa lesu tale i India o ira…era kauta ga mai na leqa vei keda…

  54. Jose Says:

    Bhudau, you $18 per hour idiot from Sydney.This is no school wages by Sydney standard you idiot. Bainimarama can’t be a hero because he’s just a bigger idiot than you, you idiot. He’s noo school you idiot. Who wants a no school too thick leader for their country you idiot.The illegal wanna be ruler are doing anything they want you idiot. So why can’t LQ who is the Prime Minister of this country do anything he wants let alone talk to the media. Who cares if you don’t like it you idiot. He’s entitled to use the media you idiot so that it’s public before the idiots try to silent anyone again about the issue. Let the world know, good for him, I say never mind what you or the IG think. You are a cheap cop out you $18 per hour no school cheap idiot.

  55. george of sydney Says:

    1)What is so special about this snake Chodo that he cant be sacked or properly investigated for committing an offence like tax evasion. Everybody who watches this whole episode must be laughing because for an investigation of a tax fraud of millions of dollars to take that short time to decide must be a fraud itself. The IG are now classified as master investigators for they will find a way to investigate and humiliate anything or anyone who criticise their policy. They must be worried for it might be found that sometime ago they had a bite on that piece of cake from Haryana or somewhere from India. The Public (taxpayers) deserve the
    truth and a fair and thorugh investigation is essential.
    That coward attitude is not new. Remember when Qarase went and face court for his challenge on the legality of the coup, the President, Interim PM, Ayarse,Chodo,Pramesh puppet, Nacewa pufta,Naulukau and Ganilua and others went hiding (Scared of being interrogated). Qarase face the judicial system like a man. It just shows the true characters this people have. The thing I like most about Qarase is that he stands by what he believe. At the same time, he is a very smart and intelligent man with a lot of respect for people. Have you heard him use the same language and tone Bainimarama, Chaudry or AG uses. During the coup in 2000, Bainimarama wouldnot have chosen Qarase to be PM if he doesnt know the kind of person he is. Qarase’s nationalists ideology and the quality of leadership he possess is well known to everybody including Voreqe.
    2) The idea of SDL being racist, the Corruption Allegation, the allegation of election rigging and the electoralral system a flaw is just being used by Voreqe personally and the Labour, Fijian Association Party and National Alliance Party to justify the coup and the forcefully removal of a democratically elected government.
    Voreqe’s personally made the coup to escape being investigated for the
    – death of CRW
    – regimental fund (with Ganilau)
    – charge of threatening the government of the day
    PROVE: Why did he change a lot of people in the judiciary? – For safety
    Why the Charter is essential? – For freedom and guranteed
    everlasting leadership of his type and others
    Why did he change the Polish Comish with one of his Yes man?
    Why did he change the Commissioner of Prison?

    Why did he put Military Officers in key position of the Public Service

  56. IslandBoy Says:

    @newsfiji – I never ever respond to Budhau. I have lived and worked extensively in Port Moresby, Honiara and Port Vila, but refuse to dignify his lunacy regarding the MSG with a response.

    Unless he’s referring specifically to me, whenever I see his avatar or name I just zip right on by.

  57. merovingian Says:

    Wailei sa mavoa o Budhau… someone give him some plaster quick!

  58. Tui Says:

    Bula tale peeps, nice to see all the love in this here blog site. Vinaka NP, samusamu raki Bulagi vinaka me yaco me manumanu soni! Baci kubukubu dra sara tu ga o kea. Misi!

  59. at least Says:

    George you just said it right…Vinaka…

  60. Tracker Says:

    Like you IB, I never respond to Bhudau. I have worked extensively as well in Melanesia and I know melanesian thinking. The problem when you think that you’re smart is that you think everyone else is wrong and you are the only person that is right. Budhau thinks so highly of himself and his own abilities that he doesn’t realise that there may be people who know more than him in particular situations! I must admit though that some of the things that he says are logical and I tend to agree with him on those things – but, not everything he says is factual or the analysis up to scratch.

    For us Fijians that were brought up and understood very well how provincial councils worked, we know the consequences of en-masse sacking of provincial councils – should VB have his way.

    Bhudau mentions voting as the way villagers participate in national government – off course, one gets to vote in the normal scheme of things once every 5 years for his/her MP(& at this point the voting that happened in 2006 came to nought because of VB). However, in their everyday life, the Fijian administration plays a very important role and is their link. The village meetings to discuss development issues which are then taken to the Mata ni Tikina, the Tikina meetings in which some of these issues are discussed and then the Bose ni Yasanas. Also the Rokos & Assistant Rokos also communicate with or visit with the tikinas and villages etc to update them on what’s happening, including the Youth officers, women’s officers etc. A Fijian in the village understands the importance of these links which goes right up to the BLV. The FAB provides the secretariat support which then communicates to the Min of Fijian Affairs. Whilst it is not a perfect system, and I’m the first to admit that, this is how the Fijian sees it. It also amazes me that even though some Fijians have lived in the urban centers for decades, there are those who still choose to participate through the provincial Council processes. There are also reps in the Provincial councils that represent those in the urban areas – mata ni tu vakacakacaka!

    Anyway, we all need to work with our provincial councils & their workers to help improve the our lot. Sacking the provincial councils will just not cut it. In fact, it will be the begining of the end for the IG.


  61. Imroz Buksh Says:

    For decades the Provincial Councils have been in existence, the recent inquiry by Kurisiga team found that the Provincial Councils have been the source of problems for the Provinces. Get a copy and read, it will enlighten some of you in here!!!

  62. Imroz Buksh Says:

    BTW Frank can sack these Provincial Councils anytime thats not so difficult, if he can do it to the SDL Govt then why can’t it be done to these councils. Sack the councils and replace them with his own….vacava that!!! No two bit opinion in this blog can deter him from doing that, thats a constanant for now…period!!!

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