Double standards the hallmark of the illegal regime

This is taken from One Television News and it shows the double standards of the illegal regime. The stance it took against the Publishers of the Fiji Sun and Fiji Times totaly contridicts it actions it took against this Indian national.

SV Team.


One National News

Businessman baffled that deported worker has permit renewed
1 Jun 2008 02:52:47

A Suva businessman is baffled over how an Indian national, who was ordered  by the Immigration department to leave the country, had his work permit renewed later.


The Prime Minister’s Office has been made aware of the incident.

The Indian national who was ordered by the Immigration department to leave the country.

For legal reasons we can’t reveal his identity nor the company he is working for now.


But what we can show is the Immigration department’s correspondence, stating that the receiver of this letter on the 7th of February last year was instructed to leave the country within 14 days.

The author of this letter cited that his initial work permit, was null and void after the termination of his contract on the 22nd of January.


His former boss explained why they had sacked the Indian national.


Kannutri came to know of the work permit renewal through this immigration letter, dated 6th of December, 2007, eleven months after the 14 day removal order was issued.


The Immigration department confirming that the Indian nationals work permit has been renewed for another year.


Kannukarthi queried the immigration departments decision in a letter addressed to the Interim PM Frank Bainimarama, calling for an investigation.

It’s been noted by the PM’s office through this memo dated October 2007, but nothing has eventuated.

The Immigration Director Viliame Naupoto could not be reached for comments when this bulletin was prepared.


29 Responses to “Double standards the hallmark of the illegal regime”

  1. Peace Pipe Says:

    It funny how all of a sudden a lot Indian nationals have popped here and there. We had last week the case of several Indians working at FSC and then this individual who had his permit renewed. Goodness knows exactly how many of these aliens are in the country since they can blend and be taken as any local Indos. There is the danger that they are here for some clandestine reason since they are not really needed for their expertise – which they dont have. Then come election time they will pose as Fiji nationals and vote for Chodo the snake. May not be true but its just a scenario that popped into my mind when I put these bits together.

    I no longer wish to hear any explanation from the illegal ig as more lies will be spewed out to justify their wrong-doings.

  2. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    Let us now wait for the smart-arse reply that will be given by the wannabe Director of Immigration! It is evident that somebody was palmed for this permit extension and the wannabe PM must investigate this incident himself. Sa baci tu tale e dua na da boi levu!

  3. kuku Says:

    Yes, they’re all over Fiji and Chodo is trying to bring in a million indo to vote his party into power. Mr AG ass-wiper is looking after the legal side of their entries. The word is Chodo and Ass have send representatives especally in culcutta to roam the street signing destitute untouchables for a year free trip and works in Fiji. Chodo is using the FSC throughout Fiji to house these untouchable and they would be in the country right in the middle of the IG promised election in May 2009.They have not been told of what Chodo plan for them to do during the election in order to get his party elected and thus the right for them to live in Fiji as citizen. Remember the IG peoples Charter, it disqualifies,jailed and fines, anyone that makes racist remarks etc,and that is why they want the charter to be in place before the election! Isa, sada qai mate na i Taikei!

  4. tosotiko Says:

    We freedom loving people must do something about this. Because this is deception of the highest order. Democracy is where the will of the majority must prevail – the real majority not an artificially created one.

  5. Jose Says:

    Never mind the will of the people liu mada na will of the natives. Action has been wanting for a long time. Sa sega ni rawa ni da vatu ga va qo. We need a resistance movement we need arms.

  6. Pusiloa Says:

    Agree with you Jose. Sa sega ni rawa nida sa va tu ga oqo. About time we do something. I for one wouldnt tell the difference between an Indian arriving from India from a local one. They all look the same. Election registration will be a challenge. Everyone should show some form of ID or citizenship status b4 registering to vote….If not, then GOD help Fiji….

  7. natewaprince Says:

    This is a direct result of the pig’s ‘look-north’ policy.With the intention of doing away with visas’ for Chinese nationals,the situation can only get worse.

    But fear not peoples.Just as nature has a way of natural culling in times of over population of species,these illegals are at the very bottom of the food chain,so to speak,and will be culled.

    O ira era tiko ena ‘top of the food chain’, qo o ira ga na noda cauravou era sega tu ni cakacaka.O ira qo nodra cakacaka tiko gauna qo na mokuti ira tiko na kai Esia,basuka nodra vale,ka tinia sara tiko ga na bula.

    Though I don’t condone their actions,the culling process has to be allowed to take it’s course.

  8. Tracker Says:

    ha ha ha vinaka NP

  9. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Kuku – I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next person (yes, Budhau, AND I can admit it, too).

    But, even with all the corruption that thrives under this illegal regime, I find it hard to believe that Chodo would find it so easy to bring a gazillion ‘fresh’ Indians over from India and have them automatically blend in with our Fiji-indians.
    They don’t look the same, talk the same or walk the same.
    Fiji-Hindi is a very specific dialect from classical Hindi.

    The same goes for immigrant Chinese, you can spot them a mile away. They are completely different to our Fiji-chinese (who are mostly part Fijian anyway – good on them for assimilating).

    The best Chodo can do is import in a few hundred.
    So what’s the fastest way to get the illegal Indians out of Fiji again, before the elections?

    We could always copy the military’s tactics for preventing street marches by pro-democracy activists : make ‘an example’ of a few ‘new Indians’ – kill two or three in separate incidents (perhaps in a drunken pub fight), beat and maim a few more, and the rest will hightail it out of Fiji in no time.

    Thankfully, we are not psychotic war-mongerers.

    Best way is to bring these individuals to the attention of – the EU delegation, embassies of Oz, NZ, UK, USA, etc etc. Keep stirring the international pressure!!

    Boycott businesses that hire Indians from India, and let them know it.

    Strike !! It’s really time we got some strike action going against this regime.

    All civil servants who want to support the return of democracy take a sick day every Friday. Make sure you get a note from your doctor (good non-specific symptoms to cite are : running stomach, headache, sore joints, chills and fever, blurred vision).

    The regime can’t accuse you of strike action, but it will achieve the same effects as a ‘go-slow’. You can’t lose your job either, because you’ll have a note from your doctor.

    People, it’s time to start making a real stand.

    Anyone up for a good, old fashioned march?

    God bless Fiji

  10. Jose Says:

    No Fiji Girl, a good old fashioned veibuturaki is needed.

  11. FijiGirl Says:

    Jose – lol 😉

  12. EnufDictatorship Says:

    @FijiGirl..yes, a good old-fashion march, should really be in order, Ro Filipe should lead it and Qarase…qai ra bind mai na Free Fiji bloggers!!!

    POWER TO THE PEOPLES!!!!! or firstly beka to the natives as Jose puts in above 🙂 😉

    SDL to pursue Chaudhry’s tax evasion
    3-Jun-2008 10:25 AM

    THERE is a possibility that the alleged tax evasion issue by the interim Finance Minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, may resurface.

    Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanu (SDL) leader, Laisenia Qarase, said there was a possibility that his party would take Chaudhry’s tax evasion case to the Fiji Independent
    Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) and Police Commissioner.

    Qarase said the issue was part of their resolutions at the annual general meeting held on May 23. He added that Chaudhry should be brought to justice.

    “The matter was just swept under the carpet. The evidence is so clear,” he said.

    Qarase stressed that the interim regime on one hand does not spare people with the slightest suspicion of corruption and in Chaudhry’s case, it was a whitewash.

    “Everybody should be treated equally,” he said.

    A tribunal appointed by the interim regime cleared Chaudhry of the alleged tax evasion.
    The Fiji Times had named Chaudhry as the minister in the alleged tax evasion scheme and
    went public with it.

    Chaudhry is now suing The Fiji Times for a billion dollars in damages.

  13. Budhau Says:

    EnufDictatorship – Qarase has nothing better to do than take Chaudary to FICAC.

    May be FICAC can investigate both Qarase and Chaudary and they can spend some quality time together at Naboro – if FICAC can nail either of them.

    Come on guys – don’t you think Qarase could be doing some constructive stuff – besides trying to piss off Chaudary. When is this guy gonna grow up.

  14. FijiGirl Says:

    Budhau’s client wants to put us off the idea of marching because a public show of dissent is one of his greatest fears.

    He knows he cannot win against a March.

    Don’t be put off, people!

    God bless Fiji

  15. natewaprince Says:

    O Bud me rau vei tauri ‘acu ga vata ‘ei gata levu,what say you bud???

  16. Budhau Says:

    Yeah go for it – march all you want. You start talking about a march in here – and tomorrow, you good buddy back in Suva will get a invite to QEB – poor guy.

    Anyway FijiGirl – the March is a better idea then reporting Chaudary to FICAC.

    You see initially Bainimarama was scared of the people – what if the Fiji people both Indians and Fijians reacted negatively to his coup.

    Because he was scared, he tried to convince the folks about clean up campaign, corruption and all that.

    Since then FB has found out that our people ain’t gonna do jack sh*t. Now that threat of a march don’t scare him none – he is probably going to intimidate some local folks – whether they have anything to do with the march or not – just to send a message to the rest of you.

    If the majority of folks in Fiji are opposed to FB – theyshould stand up to him – you don’t have to get violent to do that – just shut down the civil service or something. Why you want to boycott them Indo-business -mostly gujjus – some of those Gujjus are probably screwing the Indians for a long – and would probably make good source of funds – they hate Chaudary also.

  17. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Just put everyone back on the Leonidas & ship out!! Too much blah blah blah!!

  18. Budhau Says:

    Blah, blah better than boom, boom – maybe more blah, blah is good.

    aubainuku-N – that Leonidas remark – did that have anything to do with the voyager/villager discussion earlier.

  19. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Blah blah blah is indeed better than boom boom boom and getting caught by the tea lady! Just ask MC……hammer hammer!

  20. EnufDictatorship Says:

    @aubatinuku-N…Kailaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! boom!boom tiko vei MC!

  21. soro Says:


    As I learn to trust the universe, I no longer need to carry a gun.

  22. Jose Says:

    Chodopussy must be reported to FICAC. He should be stood down in the meantime. There is a major thieving snake in the Fijian illegal government. A THIEVING Financial minister. He must be taken to court. If found guilty serve jail time then deport the bastard to haryana with bhudau where they can claim equal rights.

  23. EnufDictatorship Says:

    The appointment IS beside the point here (let alone Ahhh lewensky having the appropriate qualifications..well that\’s debatable!!!)..BUT the point IS Mr. Kotobalavu that VORE SAID, NO MILITARY OFFICER WILL GAIN FROM THIS COUP!!!! AHHHH Tu tale na DUH!!!!!

    \’Nothing sinister in Leweni appointment’
    03 JUN 2008
    A former permanent secretary in the Fiji’s Prime Minister’s office says there is nothing untoward about the appointment of a senior military officer to the civil service.

    Joji Kotobalavu says Major Neumi Leweni’s transfer from the military to a diplomatic post and more recently to the civil service was not unusual.

    “In many cases in the past dating as far back as independence there were senior military officers who were seconded to diplomatic posts and later to the civil service,” he said.

    “It is also consistent with past practices where a skilled person is hired and in this case Leweni has proven himself skilled in communication matters.”

    Kotobalavu said Leweni had been recognised as the most effective for the position thus his appointment.

    On the issue of whether the appointment was in accordance with public service procedures, Kotobalavu said the appointment was on an acting basis and therefore the system was observing procedures.

    “I think people should welcome the appointment instead of reading negatively into it,” he said.

    Leweni had been on a diplomatic posting to China where he was counsellor at the Fiji Embassy.

    However, it was revealed early this week that he had since been appointed deputy permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information.

    Former senior military officers who’ve undertaken diplomatic postings include Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, Isikia Savua and Jeremaia Waqanisau.

    At the moment, Fiji’s counsellor at its mission to the United Nations is a senior military officer Lieutenant Colonel Mason Smith.

  24. natewaprince Says:

    Kotobalavu,wake up bro.Most effective,my royal ass.Dua na tamata dau uvu biukila mata va sona me qai la’i Dep. PS sara. F**k my dog man.

    Vinaka cake me la’i kau mai e dua na yalewa kaba waqa.At least she’d have a better grasp of a second language than that aahhhhhhh dickhead.

  25. Kaiviti Says:

    hey fiji girl…i’m with u for the march…’s now or never….

  26. LUVfiji Says:

    Obviously, Kotobalavu is himself after a posting. I only wish he would stop commenting on current issues. He sounds as ancient as his name is to the Fiji civil service.

    How can he compare this arse-ache to the three mentioned above (or four). Parleeeeese!

    Well, I guess we will be hearing more from mr-has-been now that “the bitch is back” in town !

    Vinaka NP.. but please, save yr poor dog!

  27. Budhau Says:

    aubatinuku-N – if you were going to get down to that level with that boom-boom remark with that tea lady response – you want me to count every bastard child fathered by you chiefs – all those bugger who are now living in sin or screwing around – tell that to that Jesus freak Jose.
    and then there is the national hero, caught in some bathroom at some golf course.

    So next time you wanna complain about the tea lady – thing twice.

    BTW – heard that back in your country – old boy Bill was having a ball on the campaign trail.

  28. natewaprince Says:

    LUVfiji,very true.Looks like the randy old goat is hoping for a post in this illegal regime.

    Boi bociboci tale ga na page qo,au sa toso sara.

  29. Jose Says:

    Name them bhudau you idiot. Let the world know who they are you idiot. It would be just like a low IQ $18 idiot you viper snake idiot.

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