Bainimarama’s statement at the MSG ‘baloney’



Bainimarama’s claim before the Melanesian Spearhead Group, that he illegally removed the Qarase Government with ‘uttermost reluctance’ simply cannot be substantiated by his own actions preceding the 2006 coup.


One only needs to compare his press statements after taking over executive control of the government in 2000 and in December 2006, which are significantly different.


In 2000, his demeanor was consistent with his ‘uttermost reluctance’ syndrome, as he was visibly tense when explaining to the nation why he took over the reigns from the late Ratu Mara.


However, the same cannot be said when he unlawfully removed the Qarase government in 2006.


His constant threats, seditious behaviour and sanctioning the Military to actively campaign against the Qarase government months before coup portrays his ‘utter contempt’ for the Qarase government and not ‘utter reluctance’ as he now claims.


How reluctant was he when interviewed watching the Sukuna Bowl rugby match on the eve of the coup, said ‘I maintain my demands and the deadline still stands and I will make a commitment to my stand after the rugby match.’


His speech from the Officers Mess at the QEB after unlawfully removing the lawful Qarase government, coupled with an officer shouting in the background ‘hang the bastards’, bringing a glee to his face totally repudiates his claim of having only done so, with ‘uttermost reluctance’.


Subsequent human right abuses, unlawful killings of innocent civilians, disregard for the rule of law, nepotism and corruption during his 18-month rule further refutes his meek claim of having done so with ‘uttermost reluctance.’


This only proves what I have stated previously, that ‘the irony of it all is that the illegal regime has become oblivious to their own lies and has now become a ‘means’ to their own ‘ends’’.



Tui Savu.


Townsville. QLD.


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  1. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Great points raised here thanks Tui.

    SV team, is there a way to get both clips of Bai’s press releases put up here? Let’s go back there live if you can pull it off will be a real treat.

  2. Tuks Says:

    Cant be any better said Tui. You hit the nail on the head there and what else can one add except to say that Voreqe’s deliberate lies to the MSG Leaders in Vanuatu will come back to haunt him in its own time. Somehow Voreqe has come to believe that he is the only one living in this world and that his ldeliberate misinformation of the MSG will never be discovered. “We will see with our own eyes when the wicked will be repaid”.. thats what the Bible said. Voreqe must be told that he can run away from everyone else but never from God. His own words will come back to haunt him in its own time.. Valoloma dina na mataqali liuliu ni Matanitu sa lasulasu wavoki tu va qo. He always accuse Qarase of being a liar at all times prior to his 2006 coup. Everbody is now seeing who the real liar he truly is by virtue of his own words and action.. Tobo tale tu o Van Damne!!.Valolomataki koya ga..

  3. natewaprince Says:

    Vosa vaka lialia o rasona baleta ga ni lialia ka dina.He’s just proving to the world that he really is insane.

    Uneducated+ Insanity = Big trouble for us all

  4. Buddha Says:

    TS: “His constant threats, seditious behaviour and sanctioning the Military to actively campaign against the Qarase government months before coup portrays his ‘utter contempt’ for the Qarase government and not ‘utter reluctance’ as he now claims.”


    *Lest We Forget*: Who gave Qarase the opportunity (the break, if you like) to become a politician? Did you know Qarase had no ambitions and more importantly no experience to become one! Qarase betrayed Bainimara’s TRUST and the UNDERSTANDING they had.

    The question still stands: *Why did Qarase not get rid of the coup plotters and makers in his government? WHYYYY?*

    Lord Buddha

  5. Adi Kaila Says:

    mauvu tiko beka o koya qo

  6. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Who were the alleged coup-plotters and makers in the LQ gov, LB? Can you name them?

    \’Cos I thought those that were implicated in the Speight coup had their time in court, was sent to jail (albeit for a short stint), which means that those FOUND BY LAW to be guilty of the crime, PAID FOR IT already.

    So, who are these extra coup-conspirators you are harping about LB?

    What is really laughable, reading the vore\’s statements (and almost \”cry baby\” attitude) is thinking what would have been going through the other MSG leaders\’ intelligent brains, when listening to this loser, no-brainer trying to explain to them his vision for our country.

    Puhleeeeeeezeeeeeee, Louise….Vore, collectively in this forum we have more intelligence and qualifications under our belts to render you unintelligent, incompetent and crap!!!! Simple as that!

    So, where\’s the evidence of corruption by LQ\’s gov again??? This is NOT a clean-up campaign by YOU, Mr. B, it is a COVER-UP-MY-BEHIND campaign and your time is coming..tick tock tick tock

  7. Buddha Says:

    EnufDictatorship, there were MANY in the Qarase government – and Qarase REFUSED to do anything about it, even after multiple warnings. Who did this guy think he was? The Almighty! He FAILED to take note of these warnings and this has cost the nation dearly. So selfish!

  8. Tim Says:

    There ges that Budhau illogic again! Who gave Qarase the opportunity – the break to become a politician? Your reasoning says more about VB than it does Qarase, Budhua – at the very least it shows what a bad judge of character he is. That’s aside from his vindictiveness and his expectation even back then, that he saw himself as master of the universe.
    Anyway, you got me again – I was going to ignore you on the basis that you’re just another fundy and one so ready to accuse others of the same dysfunction you’re guilty of. At least this time it probably is you rather than that Elizabeth/Central Bigpond idiot

  9. Tim Says:


  10. FijiGirl Says:

    Vinaka Tui. The inconsistencies of this illegal regime, while plain for the pro-democracy bloggers to see, still need to be pointed out clearly and succinctly for the rest of the world to understand.

    Yes, Vore’s statements are outright lies – but don’t you also think they show the extent to which he is in complete ‘denial’?

    I wonder if Vore actually comprehends how transparent his lies are.

    If he honestly believes that the community in Fiji and internationally actually believe this baloney, just because he states it … it shows the extent to which he has surrounded himself with ‘Yes’ men, people who will tell him only what he needs / wants to hear.

    True leaders aren’t afraid of dissenting views.

    Qarase was not afraid of, or adverse to, dissenting views. When you are in charge of a nation, you MUST hear ‘the other side of the story’, and RESPECT IT! Qarase had no choice but to welcome opponents into his ruling government, because of the Constitution. But he observed the law, and the multi-party cabinet WAS working, despite Chodo’s continual attempts to upset relations in his self-appointed role as The Abominable No Man.

    Qarase was not ‘given his chance’ by Speight. Qarase was appointed by Ratu Mara, whose scions are now usurping him as the legally elected PM who had the overwhelming mandate of the people.

    Vore is frightened of hearing the truth which stares him so blatantly in the face, bumbling along in ‘utter’ denial, happily absorbing the lies of his ‘yes’ men and Chodo the arch manipulator.

    This illegal regime will be annihilated at the ballot box (whenever they are forced to hold elections).

    Then it will be undeniably clear to Vore just how badly he has, to quote George W Bush, ‘misunderestimated’.

    God bless Fiji

  11. EnufDictatorship Says:

    @FijiGirl…awww girl!!! I just laughed when you mentioned Bush…we actually have the book-The Bush Dyslexicon by Mark Crispin Miller, on his many sayings in our loo (for \”quiet time\” reading…hehehehehe)

    \”They misunderestimated me.\” Hehehehehe…the sayings of President Dubya, goes well too for Self-Appointed Illegal Interim Poo Maestro!! (But at least President Dubya is an ELECTED leader, not a lamushhhhhhhh to steal power by guns like Vore!!!)

    Oh man the weekend is here…time to go na va-makete.

  12. Tim Says:

    @FijiGirl: George W and Frank have a bit in common aye? They both experts at mangling. Whilst Frank probably has an excuse and noone expects him to be brilliant in a second language, he shows his intellect every time he opens his mouth in whatever language.
    I’ve also just read the latest on RNZI and listened to the latest on RNZ Chodo.
    Both don’t do themselves any favours do they?. I think they truely believe they are convincing people or they wouldn’t keep up the ruse. It’s like that unique kind of arrogance (probably ego driven) that assumes everyone is either as stupid or as stoned as they are.
    After the pre-prepared outbursts in the media, Shaista didn’t want to subject herself to any “live” comment. I imagine she’d need to collect her thoughts first – sometime next week then (maybe). But in any event – I think she realises she’s blown any credibility she thought she had as some sort of champion of the underdog. The world sure as hell has shown her they have no confidence in her abilities. Pistol shooting was never going to help her image out either. She’ll be bleating the world has misunderestimated her too. Pigs squeal just like they feed at troughs. God how I sometimes wish certain travel bans were not in place just so her crap could be confronted. She’d shit herself!
    Too late for her to take the advice of her sis way back when. I sincerely hope I don’t have to suffer listening to any of these pathetic munters when the shit hits the fan.

  13. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Tim – Agree & love the idea of Chodo’s arrogance thinking everyone else is as stupid/stoned as he is. In Vore’s case, I think it’s probably denial. In Chodo’s case, as regular bloggers will know, I think it’s part of his twisted plan to dominate and rob the taukei.

    A big vinaka to the NGO’s like YPCN who have publicly called for Shi*ster’s removal from FHRC or for a rival body to be set up because she so clearly fails to fulfill her job description. The Amnesty report may have been the final nail in her professional coffin – Amnesty carries alot of credibility at UNHRC. She can’t easily explain her way out of that one.

    Not to distract from Tui’s excellent analysis… the illegal regime is fast swapping its position from being a means to becoming it’s own ‘end’.

    (Jokes about which end, the job of that end, input/output, aroma, image, etc to be submitted in writing, alovinaka)

    God bless Fiji

  14. Buddha Says:

    Tim: “Your reasoning says more about VB than it does Qarase, Budhua – at the very least it shows what a bad judge of character he is.”

    Dude, Qarase BETRAYED the understanding Bainimarama had with him – it’s not bainimarama’s fault.

  15. Bebenibogi Says:

    It is clear as crystal that the IG never was, is not, and never will be genuine. As pessimistic as I sound it will not relinquish power unless it has its way and its people in power. They’ve never had caviar and a good red before, and are not about to give it away easily. There will be no elections, come March 2008. There may be a puppet GCC. There will be no democracy. Perhaps there never was one from an idealistic point of view. Opposing Fijians will be marginalized. Supporting Fijians will gain. Fijians will be more divided than ever before. Indians will continue to leave in droves. There is no two ways about this; they are scared about the potential repercussions of the coups. Those Indians making the most noise have a passport with a foreign PR in their pocket and will leave at a minutes’ notice. The Chinese, Gujarati’s, and others in the business community will just continue to put money in the pocket of the rulers of the day (this is essential for the success of their business). Where does that leave you or me (assuming we are all just ordinary law abiding folk who can’t comprehend this living nightmare?) No one, I repeat no one really gives a damn, about you or me. So what can we do, assuming our voices there will not be heard at the ballot by fair and free elections? We can rise up in protest physically – most of us agree this will only lead to a bloodbath, so this may not be the way to go. We can protest peacefully as we presently do to the regime, but they appear not to give two hoots (it is a military dictatorship after all – and he who has the guns has the power). So in essence from within Fiji, the people are powerless (it is not a democracy – we are captives with chains around us). Generally bullies are really weak and insecure people, and attract the same. They accomplish by sticking together in numbers and intimidate. A strong person usually stands alone (he doesn’t need the security of others), but unfortunately can get mobbed by the pack. So what can we do about a bully? We must first ask – Who scares a bully? Another bigger bully. Yep much bigger bullies. Why do you think the IG has to globetrot? To try and pacify, convince and justify their actions to the bigger bullies. It’s all a big PR exercise. Someone might eventually believe their disinformation. In my opinion the best plan of attack which must be sustained in the war for freedom must be sustained information to the International Community about the truth. And I mean sustained. The big bullies will take care of the little bullies. On the home front the little battles can be won through our continued passive resistance. The truth will always prevail. On the personal front – take the time to smell the tagimoucia (your individual family and the most important people in your lives – God has only lent them to you for a short time) – ensure they are well taken care of and loved. Tomorrow go to your place of worship and cry to God for Freedom. “Blessed are those that are persecuted – for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven”. Bless you all.

  16. Mark Manning Says:

    If I were wanted for questioning over the murder of CRW soldiers in 2000 and under suspicion of being aware of , if not involved in those and several murders since December 5th. 2006 , I would be looking for any excuse to avoid going to an election and making every attempt to make myself look innocent in the eyes of as many people as possible , if only to avoid a life term in prison .
    But it appears to me that Frank is setting it up to abrogate the Constitution , under any circumstance . I suggest , that now is the time to act , if indeed any of you ever intended to . Because once the Constitution is abrogated ?

  17. Glawyer Says:

    Vore has shown time and time again that he is the biggest liar in the history of Fiji!! One of his biggest whoppers was “no military personnel shall benefit from the coup”. The MSG message also seems to be one of tabetabe…they obviously have no idea of whats happening here in Fiji and seem content to listen to one side of the story only. Vore’s speech is pathetic, as posted above and of course he always puts in the ‘big brothers Aus and NZ don’t understand’ crap always going on about misunderstood! Hello!!! Thats because you’re insane and the rest of us aren’t…..if you want to be understood check yourself into St Giles…they speak your language in there!

  18. Tuks Says:

    How ill informed you are. Qarase NEVER betrayed Bainimarama in any way at all. That was total misinformation – the way it was portrayed according to Bainimarama himself. What actually happened was that Bainimarama had an agreement with Qarase that all coup plotters, perpetrators and supporters allegedly involved in the 2000 Coup be taken to task through the process of Law. Qarase followed and did this to the letter of the Law!!. When it was Bainimarama’s turn to be put under scrutiny through the same legal process, he had the notorious idea that he must be spared prosecution,etc for reasons known only to himself. That was when things started to go wrong between them. Bainimarama had himself to be blamed!!.If Qarase’s Ministers all went to Court etc, who is Bainimarama that has to be spared?.Who is he? Can you tell me Buddha!.It was for these reasons that the military conducted their anti SDL/Qarase campaign which led to their ultimate takeover in Dec 5,2006. Stop lying Buddha. Sa matata ga mai nomudou lasu kei na veivalaboci o ni rawai tu kina na sotia mai Delainabua…Sa rauta mada na vakadewa taka tiko na lasu qori..

  19. Glawyer Says:

    Also read that the pig says Fiji’s problems are ‘deep rooted’….someone should ask him exactly what he means by that and give examples…he’ll probably reply “its what I get from Aiyarse after he writes my speech for me!”.

  20. Ablaze Says:

    Glawyer: am not surprised!

  21. misi a batina Says:

    Waiawe, Tui ko bau galu mada, ko sa draka levu.

    For one who was involved in scamming Gaunavou Investments Limited (ko sa nanuma tiko a meca drau dau valata kei Poaumau ?). That 20,000 in legal fees you took for drafting those bogus share certificates to increase the share capital of Gaunavou Investments Limited without notification to the Registrar of Companies ? Ring a bell ? E ta bosei a omu advance, ko se nanuma tiko ?

    Ko iko a tamata drivadriva.

    Popo wale a omu mai vosa tiko vakamaopo iei.

    A meca ko kaya mai iqori e tekivu mai Jerusalemi.

  22. Peace Pipe Says:

    Exactly Glawyer. Thats one of the same worn out terminologies (deep rooted) being overused by pig, snake and their arse. They just give some fancy adjective to impress and gain the confidence of the listeners. Have you noticed that he always takes around parmess or arse whenever he goes to meetings overseas. Does it say something to us about his inability to make his own speeches, presentations and appropriate responses to queries. Did you notice parmess in the contingent in Vanuatu.

    His statement of “uttermost reluctance” made in Vanuatu is an uttermost lie. Just using the same adjectives as his other partners in crime snake and arse. He can say those sort of things overseas as they may just believe his lies there. But we all know the real truth in here that the coup was about conspiracy and power grab by him and the losers of the 2006 elections. Now he is uttermost reluctant to hand back the reins of power as he is relishing it very much.

  23. Jamesa Says:

    Well written post – keep it coming.

    We should not take our eyes off the the big lies as and when they come.

    Big lies may be harder to get away with (I hope) in this period in history because of these different media forums for discussion and reflection on current and past events. It makes it harder for the bastards to sneak things past the public if it is recorded in print.

    I think this, at the very least, gives us real hope for securing Fiji’s future as a democracy.

  24. EnufDictatorship Says:

    From Islands Business Sept 19, 07…

    Meanwhile, Fiji’s interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama said there was no need to abrogate the Constitution

    Fiji Times reports when the question of the abrogation of the 1997 Constitution was put to Commodore Bainimarama, he said “Why should we abrogate the Constitution?”

    and from fiji gov website Jan 5, 07…

    He (Vore) added saying that “I shall seek to uphold the mandate as set out by his Excellency and it will be the mandate that will guide the incoming Interim Government as a whole, and the respective individuals who will be appointed as care taker ministers.

    The mandate set out by His Excellency the President are as follows;

    To continue to uphold the Constitution;


    Whose mandate again????? hmmmmmm da mai lasutaki!!! lasutaki iko tiko ga rau!

  25. Tim Says:

    @Budhau: I’m not a fan of Qarase nor opposed to him but the point you keep failing to realise is that Qarase thought he was supposed to run the country in the interests of Fijians whereas Frank thought Qarase was supposed to run the country in his interests – he’s still in that mindset.
    Qarase at least understands integrity. Frank does not. All the comprimises made in Wellington were still not enough for Frank.
    Everyone came away with an common understanding of events – Frank’s unna Stan ding was different. Just as it was in Tonga and every other meeting where he gives undertakings, makes agreements, then immediately changes them on the flight home.
    Everyone knows who Stan is – he’s that snake that has a wayward son and is a disgrace to any and every trade union movement .

  26. FijiGirl Says:

    From Fiji TV Website
    Election date commitment
    31 May 2008 02:33:10
    There seems to be a major shift in the interim governments committment in holding elections by March 2009.
    First it was a promise to hold an Election by March 2009, but that has now changed to holding elections as soon as ‘practicable’ in 2009.
    Its been described as a major shift in an undertaking given by the interim government to hold elections by March 2009.
    The interim PM first gave this committment to the Forum Leaders meeting in Tonga last year, Frank Bainimarama saying the country would go to the polls by March 2009.
    But that tune has changed this week.
    Bainimarama revealed this to Leaders at the Melanesian Spearhead group in Vanuatu.
    “My aim to build a better Fiji through the People’s Charter process; for Fiji to then to go an election under a fairer and more representative electoral system, as soon as practicable in 2009.”
    Qarase adds though that the recent MSG meeting in Vanuatu, still recognises the March 2009 Election.
    The Fiji Labour party Assistant Secretary Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi says they’re part of the interim government, and will support any commitment the interim PM will give.

    NGO’s – Please write to the EU Delegation in Suva, asking them to outline what mechanisms are in place to revoke or modify their earlier agreement with the illegal regime on sugar prices.

    The illegal regime is NOT living up to their side of the bargain.

    What penalties will the EU take against the illegal regime? What alternatives do they have for making the illegal regime stick to their promise of holding free and fair elections under Fiji’s unaltered Constitution?

    God bless Fiji

  27. Buddha Says:

    Tim: “Tim Says: “I’m not a fan of Qarase nor opposed to him but the point you keep failing to realise is that Qarase thought he was supposed to run the country in the interests of Fijians whereas Frank thought Qarase was supposed to run the country in his interests ”

    It was in the in interest of the NATION. Qarase FAILED miserably at that. The coup perpetrators within his government + the “reconciliation” and “qoliqoli” bills + his refusal to work with the opposition are proofs of Qarase’s total failure as a politician.

    Lord Buddha

  28. Islander Says:

    Bainimarama now wants the way forward for Fiji in “his terms.” This menace never ceases to amaze me more and more each day with his controlling and dictatorial behaviors. What’s happening to Fiji is atrocious and you’ve got blood on your hands Frankie. Can someone point Frank to the toilet since he is pointing us backward, rather than forward.

    From Fiji Times.

    On my terms: Bainimarama points way ahead
    Sunday, June 01, 2008

    THERE are many ways and means to nominate the President and Vice-President, says interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

    And, he said, the restructure of the Great Council of Chiefs would bring about great good.

    He said if chiefs continued to drag their feet on nominations for the GCC, there would be no quorum.

    “If there are no chiefs, then there’s no quorum,” he said.

    “We can find ways and means to nominate the President.”

    He said the same would apply to the nomination for a vice-presidency.

    Chapter Seven and Part One of the 1997 Constitution on executive authority says the President and the Vice-President are appointed by the GCC after consultation with the PM.

    Commodore Bainimarama did not elaborate, only saying there were many options to consider.

    “The corrupt chiefs say the provincial councils are not supporting us because the chiefs who have been political are pulling them away from coming on board.

    “The most unfortunate thing is that the events of December 5 were carried out by the military.

    “If it was carried out by the church or the GCC it would have been okay.”

    He said this would have been endorsed by countries like the United States of America.

    “Because usually when the military does this, it’s seen as a grab for power. But we can’t let the chiefs dictate how we do things because they’ve been very corrupt.

    “That’s why we’re changing the GCC structure. We want people who are not corrupt to come on board with this.

    “We can’t let the church decide for us because the church has been politicised.

    “They were politicised in 1987, they were politicised in 2000 everyone in Fiji knows that.”

    Commodore Bainimarama said the chiefs were bankrolled by the church and politics through the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party.

    “So we’ve taken it upon ourselves because we think we’re the only entity that can do this and that’s most unfortunate.

    “Because we’re the military and with the military all over the world, as soon as you overturn the elected government, you’re seen as being out to grab power.

    “If the chiefs don’t want to come in, if the people don’t want to come on board with the charter, there’ll be no elections.”

    Commodore Bainimarama said elections would be held on his terms and it was important for everyone to join in the charter process.

    He reiterated the need for the SDL to join the process and urged it to bring in its supporters.

    He said many would be surprised at the number of people wanting to participate in the process.

    He said if the SDL came into power in two years time and decided to remove institutions like the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption and bring back controversial bills like the Reconciliation, Tolerance and Unity Bill, then he would step in.

    “We’ve decided on the charter we’ve decided that this (charter and institution removals) is not going to happen. If you do it, I’ll remove you.

    “The reason is for us to come on board the charter so there’ll be no coup. That is the reason.”

    He said the charter would be formulated by consensus and inclusive of all views. “But the people who have not given their views, if they don’t say, ok I agree with the charter at some stage then there’ll be no elections.

    “Because what’s the use of elections if SDL wins and two months down the line, they change everything else. What’s the use of having elections?”

    However, he stressed that dialogue would have to continue with deposed prime minister Laisenia Qarase and the churches.

    “The statement by Qarase that a lot of people don’t support the charter is rubbish,” said Commodore Bainimarama.

    Lawyer Jon Apted declined to comment.

    Interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum could not be reached for a comment.

  29. Linus Says:

    What with Chodopu$$ forcing Air Pac. to fly to India / China for his colonization programme; and Piggy freaking out at the thought of Qarase coming back to power; I feel the future is gonna be a roller-coaster ride thru St. Giles for all in Fiji.

    WE need to dismantle the RFMF [possibly with exception of International Peacekeepers who provide good revenue / family support] and get a man of the quality as Andrew Hughes as Pol. Commish.

    Even Dr. Brij Lal is becoming pessamistic>>

    “Be prepared for undemocratic impasse resolution

    F/T Sunday, June 01, 2008

    Update: 11:27AM ONE of the architects of the Constitution, Doctor Brij Lal says those who are hoping for a democratic resolution to the impasse better be prepared for an undemocratic one.

    Dr Lal made the comment in reaction to comments by interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama that there were many ways to elect a President and Vice-president of the country.

    Dr Lal said Commodore Bainimarama has suggested that the option of abrogation of the Constitution has been canvassed among his officers.

    No one should be surprised if that is the route that is taken by him. After all, he tried hard to abrogate the constitution in 2000, but was stopped by the courts. Whether the courts have the moral courage and the constitutional spine to defend the constitution this time around is anyones guess, said Dr Lal.

    Dr Lal said the procedure for the appointment of the President is clearly specified in the Constitution. Section 90 clearly states that the President and the Vice President are appointed by the Bose Levu Vakaturaga after consultation by the BVL with the Prime Minister.

    Consultation does not mean concurrence or kow-towing. And the appointing authority is the BLV, no one else. But we are not talking about constitutional niceties here, said Dr Lal. ”

    Also I note Piggy is still determined to gag the Media to say only his rantings!!

  30. Mark Manning Says:

    what else has to happen , how many more hints from the Commander do Fijians need before they take their destiny into their own hands ?

  31. Leve davo Says:

    Kua ni leqa, sa voleka sara tiko ni tasove na sucu, cati bumu

  32. Tuks Says:

    On your question as to why Qarase didnt remove those MPs allegedly involved in the 2000 Coup. He simply could not for genuine reasons. Firstly, they were democratically elected members and hold respectable positions in their own Provinces and constituencies. Secondly they held the balance of power [the Matanitu Vanua/CAMV Party especially] ambit the result of 2001General Election . It would be politically naive for Qarase to ignore those realities and constraints. He was then compelled to make arrangement with them in order to secure the numbers to have a clear majority and formed Government. Remember your hero Chaudhry was already trying to sleep with his own enemies and 2000 coup plotters at that stage in order to get them on his side to lead Government!!!!. Old habits die hard mate..Chaudhry will never change I tell you. He is having a second bite at the cherry now that he is repeating the same modus operandi in his ability to get Bainimarama and the whole military support for this unpopular coup.

  33. Sky Pilot Says:

    Get a life Buddha.

    Just who the hell do you think you are anyway?

    And who the hell does Frank Bainimarama think he is?

    The issue here is about the Military Take over of the Elected Government of Fiji.

    Just 7 months after an election in which the RFMF campaigned strenuously against the SDL and still lost. END OF STORY.

    Regardless of your political opinion, facts are facts.

    Frank is an idiot and so is anyone who supports or agrees with him. All very well to blame corrupt chiefs, so the Chiefs supporting Franks now are not Corrupt??? Ha Ha Ha give me a break. Ratu Ganilau, Nailatikau Ului etc are seriously corrupt and self serving indivduals. Nawalowalo and co are just plain idiots who wannabe These are the facts so pleas stop boring us with your point that Qarase was wrong for not heeding the warnings from someone who had no right to make such warnings in the first place.

    The whole Justification Spin just makes me sick………

  34. Linus Says:

    @Sky Pilot…
    Yeah!!!!!!!! More strength to your typing finger; Good to see someone tell Budda “The way it is” Vinaka!!

  35. Tim Says:

    @Budhau: Your answer to my post pretty much says it all. You’re suggesting that Qarase failed in the interests of the NATION (which is why Frank did what he did). How do you define “NATION”? Apparently it’s something that doesn’t include Fijians but DOES include Frank and his paraphenalia. Which ever way you cut it – Frank’s way is bullsh&t. He’s trying to have it both ways – but then we always knew he was that way inclined. The same goes for Shaista, and Yippe-I-Aye – all of who can’t front the media with honest questions UNTIL they’ve had a chance to rehearse their lines – then we just get more crap.

  36. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Bula everyone,

    just returned from out of town.

    Well Budhau, answer your critics.

  37. LUVfiji Says:

    Bula vinaka JW.. so you’ve been out of town? Were you, by any chance, on board the MV Iloilovatu?

  38. Corruption Fighter Says:

    What does the dictator mean when he says: “We can find ways and means to nominate the President”? It’s typical Frank. We are supposed to be impressed by this but the number of people taking his seriously is dropping everyday. We all know it’s only the guns of the military holding him in power. Everybody can see the regime is taking the country down the drain fast. When he can no longer deny that he is serious about holding elections, his credibility will further drop and the EU and other donors will cut their assistance further. Cane farmers who haven’t worked out what is happening by now will cotton on to the facts then. The courts will eventually have to face the fact that the whole regime is illegal, but that won’t bother Frank. He doesn’t care about the law, the constitution or the country. At
    some stage his supporters in the military are going to realize what’s
    happening and call a halt and piace him in custody. There is no doubt that they have the legal right to do so. They can do it under the Constitution and any number of laws, including those covering mental health. Please, will somebody in the military just respect the law and do the right thing.

  39. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    No LUVFiji,

    more like HMS No Come Back.

  40. Tuks Says:

    Well sais CF. Well said. Given the current situation, they that live [and Rule] by the Gun shall die by the gun”..Its really up to the soldier boys at Delainabua to correct the situation and most important to eredeem themselves from the rotten state of things Bainimarama himself has taken them to.

  41. FijiGirl Says:

    @ CF & Tuks. Yes, the military themselves can make the difference. Without the support of the troops, Vore is nothing.

    But why would they turn their back on their leader, crazy as he is, when they feel antagonised by ordinary people?

    We need to appeal to the soliders. My mum used to say you attract bees with honey, not vinegar. Reach out to the soldiers – every one of us has a relative in the military. Talk to them, reach out to them. That is a real cause for hope.

    God bless Fiji

  42. Wailei! Says:

    @Fiji Girl… Good point on talking to our relatives but than do we trust them enough not to report us? We just might have to run around the military oval with an m16 on our backs. Hell, if Ms.Digitaki’s own relatives can do that to her, what makes you think that they wont to us? They have pledged their undying devotion and loyalty to Voceke, not the Vanua, not the relatives but to the Commander. Its a sad day for us all.

  43. Orosi Qaranivalu Says:

    @Tui’s report. The kinds of behaviour exhibited by dictators. Their words means squat which they know and don’t care that we don’t believe them. They have the weapons. We don’t.

    Agree with FijiGirl good suggestions there FG. We should not self defeat conjuring up all negative scenarios to keep us from taking those steps you suggesting FG. Precisely! because it is exactly the stance they (the bullies) want us to adopt. So proceed full steam ahead. Talk to you soldiers brothers, cousins, nephews, uncles.

  44. S.Tolotu Says:

    Bainimarama’s blame game is always a smokescreen for his failure as a soldier.

    In listening to the rantings of Bainimarama, it is evident that he both a failure as a military commander and a deviously corrupt individual with a lust for power. His current tactic of throwing the blame of his misguided actions on everyone since 1987 will never fool anyone except his deluded die hard supporters who have a demonic yearning for his coup to succeed.

    Sensible citizens though, see past his folly and arrive at a rational conclusion that Bainimarama should take personal liability for his wave of crimes against the country. We are all responsible for the decisions we make and it is high time that Bainimarama is exposed fully for his incompetence and evil. He should also be reminded that we have good evidence to conclude that he is a failed commander and the current coup objectives and strategies of the equally disloyal military council up at Berkley crescent are wrong.

    The role of every military person including Bainimarama is defined by their oaths of allegiance to the people when they take up arms. The role of the commander then is crucial in issuing the proper guidance under law to carry out those duties because command is total. These are clearly outlined in the Fiji Military Act cap81 and the Constitution. The good evidence I am alluding to comes from the concern in the US about the increase in the involvement of current and past senior military officers in the political arena. In relation to the difficult political environment of the contentious US presidential elections, the highest US ranking military officer, Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff reminds his troops by saying,” As the nation prepares to elect a new president, we would all do well to remember the promises we made: to obey civilian authority, to support and defend the Constitution and to do our duty at all times.” He goes further, “Keeping our politics private is a good first step and the only things we should be wearing on our sleeves are our military insignia.” It is plain to see that Bainimarama is a failed commander by allowing himself and that of his subordinates to be politically corrupted.

    Mullen reserved a special attack in particular about the influence of some senior retired officers, such as Ratu Epeli Ganilau, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau and Cl Paul Manueli, who have been involved in political campaigns in Fiji since 2005 and the current junta.Their irresponsible actions have gone to the extent of polarising the military from the public by influencing Bainimarama to publicly call for a change in policy,resignations of public officials and parliamentary representatives. The underlying concern that the US Command had was the negative influence these retired officers would have on current serving military personnel. It is no secret that they have exploited the weakness in Bainimarama and in reality they have conducted a coup within the military itself by overthrowing its democratic statutes and spirit de corp. The FMF then is but an evil tool being exploited in the evil regime in its current campaign of trying to usurp political power and sovereignty from the people it swore to protect. The concerns of Mullen for his subordinates and the citizens of the US are the hallmark of a great military commander but unfortunately in Bainimarama and for Fiji, it is a living nightmare.

    Whilst it is a right of every military officer as a citizen to have political views, Mullen clarifies this issue by saying, “I am not suggesting that military professionals abandon all personal opinions about modern social or political issues.” “What I am suggesting – indeed, what the nation expects – is that military personnel will, in the execution of the mission assigned to them, put aside their partisan leanings. Political opinions have no place in cockpit or camp or conference room.” He added that “part of the deal we made when we joined up was to willingly subordinate our individual interests to the greater good of protecting vital national interests.”

    Furthermore, Bainimarama should take note of Mullen’s solution to those officers who have difficulty with the limitations of their duties in terms of being apolitical, “If my orders are followed, great,” Mullen said. “If it’s not, we only have two choices: obey the orders we have been given, carrying them out with the professionalism and loyalty they deserve, or vote with our feet.”

    The time has come for the FMF to take stock and the onus is on every officer with a conscience to honestly endeavor on a path of self appraisal. It is now day 546 days since Bainimarama ceased to be a commander. It has been 544 days since the military ceased to be a representation of all of the people of Fiji. It has been 544 days by which the evil junta has attempted to rule over the lives of innocent citizens. If officers are still wondering how and why everything has gone horribly wrong then Mike Mullen has answered the question. The problem lies with Bainimarama and the small corrupt and elite group of officers within the FMF command structure. In order for the country to move forward it is an imperative that these vices that hold our armed forces hostage be broken. This can only be achieved by the collective effort of responsible leaders and citizens working in tandem with responsible officers still within the force. Those corrupt elements responsible for this misguided coup must be systematically ejected from within the military and from the political arena. They should then be held accountable in a court of law to serve as a lesson for those who might contemplate the same evil path in the future.

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