This would be the perfect time for the Legally elected Government to take back their rightful position as Government of Fiji.

While pigs waste is wasting everyones time and money in Vanuatu and the Maras, Ganilaus and Nailatikaus are on their merry way to Tubou, the soldiers and police that are loyal to the Legal Government should escort the  Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase & his SDL party to Parliament House and block all exits so that any coupsters who try to get out of Viti Levu are detained  – No house arrest – straight to Korovou or another building where they can be imprisoned, from chaudry prasad saheb his snivelling offspring, khaiyum and other lawyers and judges who have been backing the coupsters, shamimis – all of them, fifi of the marble eye, $2 Jo and also ensure that pigs waste and anyone who is overseas – even on another Island within the Nation is not allowed to step foot on Viti Levu – so all airports to be alerted not to allow any airplanes with coupsters in them to land anywhere in Fiji all ports to do the same.

If there are any airplanes with coupsters in them on their way to Fiji or Suva – divert them to Korea – mera lai kana kimchee.

Any ships or boats with coupsters travelling in them to be diverted to ?

Qai Macala!




  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Reinstate Parliament and at a secret location , have it request foreign assistance or intervention , including police to maintain law and order .
    That would be in accordance with the Constitution and be legal . This action couldn’t be challenged in the courts . Whatever action is taken , it must be done according to the Constitution and the laws of the land . The GCC could be reconvened , again at a secret location at the same time as Parliament sit to request the International assistance or intervention while electing a new Vice President and President as the current President , today in the Fiji Times has admitted this is his last year of office !
    Loyal police and military personnel must support this move . The loyal soldiers who resigned rather than support the Commander , could be re Commissioned perhaps and I would suggest you consider the prison’s Commissioner as a possible contender for the Commander’s position . The current Commander , Frank , should have his Commission withdrawn by Cabinet and be replaced .
    All these things could be done at the same time , by internet if necessary from secret locations . But Cabinet must be part of the legal process .
    The Police Tactical Response Group must be reinstated and Armed to the teeth , backed by loyal Soldiers sworn to uphold the law . All evidence against the Commander and others , must be kept in a secret location while the police arrest them and the Courts do their job .
    Remember , the Parliament was never dissolved , the Ministers did not resign and the Prime minister didn’t resign either , they are all still your legally elected Government and consequently , under the Constitution , have the legal Authority to request outside assistance or intervention .

  2. Tracker Says:

    I’m sure that the military council have clashed with Bainimarama on a number of occassions & judging from the way these morons think, I wouldn’t be surprised if one or two of the members of the council is already plotting & recruiting soldiers to back him up against Frank.

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    Well I agree and I think blind Freddy saw this coming at the beginning of the coup , as Frank was warned not to go ahead with the coup , by his own fellow Officers !
    I wouldn’t be surprised if action is taken very shortly , i just hope they stashed heaps of Ammo. and weapons for the occasion .
    Good night tracker !

  4. gstring Says:

    22 members in Fj del to Vanuatu.Honorary(self apptd) Fiji Counsel in Vanuatu – an old guy “Whippy”(Wainunu gang)- big supporter. iPm mustering support among Fijians in vnt. More protection arnd him thn US President. Elecs in Mar 09 aftr chrtr done. Evthg progsng well in Fj.
    Mny USP students prsnt outof rspct n fear xcpt mil layrs trng + some indos. Chrtr only acptd by Macuata (next VP with/without GCC endorsement or VB himself) and Rotuma (two colonels), othr prov chiefs inflng pple. Evryone crwlng up to King (protocol – stdnts brifd).
    Chaudries days nubred. Implsn shrtly. Pray pple.

  5. vatukaca Says:

    My suspicion is that all these soldiers are worried if SDL is back they will be out of jobs as they were going to scrap RFMF. Unless SDL could guarantee some job security they are in this mess to the end.

  6. Linus Says:

    Just found this on Radio Aust. Pacific Beat.
    Never saw it on local media!!

    Fiji offers new incentives for return of skilled former citizens

    Updated Tue May 27, 2008 3:46pm AEST

    Fiji has joined the campaign being waged by a number of Pacific Island countries to attract home skilled people who have gone to live overseas. The interim government has gazetted rules offering permanent residency to foreign investors born in Fiji.The new Chairman of the Fiji Trade and Investment Board, Francis Narayan, who himself has recently returned home after more than 30 years working abroad, says permanent residency could make a big difference.

  7. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Great!!!! thinking ke rawa mada ga!

    Oilei Lord! We need You right now and your blood to flow over our real leaders.

    Sa levu ga na cawi nei cavuka vore, mai rawataki na gade i vanua tani….kani sega li ni rawa ena buno ni yadrena eh????? Levu la na via2 true leader…mai caka i ke!

    God bless our democracy fighters!!!!!

  8. Budhau Says:

    Sounds like a plan – we march Qarase and company to parliament.

    Actually, just after the December coup Bainimara was scared about what the people might do. You may recall, just before his trip to Tonga – there were statements in the media that “don’t even thing about it”. Even the earlier “clean up campaign” had more to do with trying to convince the locals that the coup was justified.

    Once Bainmarama realized that the local opposition to his regime is not significant, he dumped his ideas about trying to convince the locals of anything. The important thing for his regime now it to convince other governments and get their support. That is why he needs to travel and and he is fairly comfortable leaving the country.

    The suggestion by SV would most likely lead to a shooting war in the streets of Suva. FB seems to have the full support of the military council – there may be some disagreements but that does not translate into support for Qarase.

    I think you should forget about putting the last SDL government back into power – that ain’t happening. If you are a Qarase fan, than just hope that Qarase can remain the leader of the SDL and his party wins the next election.

    If another military officer was to pull a coup against FB – we may still have a military dictatorship. However, this time the new dictator may abrogate the constitution and we can than have a constitution that we want – total dominance by the Fijian people.

    Another coup is not the answer. We either have a negotiated settlement and that will only happen if this regime is frustrated and is unable to govern. Then there is the election – so what if it is not in March but in December. If you just wait – give these guys enough rope and they will hang themselves.

    That diverting the plane idea – very good. Remember what happened when they diverted Musharraf’s plane – the military will just march to the airport and make sure that the plane lands – unless you have enough manpower and firepower to stop the military.

    So don’t even think about it – those folks will return from abroad and from Tubou and things will be business as usual come next week.

  9. FijiGirl Says:

    Can a legal expert (not you, Budhau – you don’t qualify) confirm HOW the process would work to introduce PR for former Fiji citizens?

    The article quotes the proposal has been “gazetted” – what comes next in the process?

    How can this illegal regime pass their illegal proposal into “law” ?

    How can those opposing the notion stop it?

    God bless Fiji

  10. Budhau Says:

    FijiGirl – You don’t need a legal expert to tell you that Bainimarama can do whatever he wants – what he say is the law.

    BTW – why exactly are you opposed to the notion – your same old anti-Indian crap – since most of the migrants who left Fiji happened to be Indian.

    Maybe you should encourage your boy Qarase to put in place some similar legislations – it might just be good for Fiji.

  11. Orisi Qaranivalu Says:

    What about your boy Chodo the thief. Of course Baini is Chodo’s sister and will do whatever the Choro wants AND YOUR POINT IS ???????

  12. Orisi Qaranivalu Says:


  13. FijiGirl Says:

    Btw, good call, SV.

    It might spark off a brief mini-civil war, but it IS a legitimate move by a legally elected govt, protected by law.

    It is also phenomenally stupid of the coup-coupsters to leave the hen-house unguarded – must have been one of Budhau’s ideas.

    God bless Fiji

  14. Glawyer Says:

    Maybe thats why they called in the TF last week which seems such a stupid thing to do considering the lack of $ in the coffers. Now they can go off on holiday leaving all these soldiers in barracks to ensure no one does anything since all the upper military seem to have their heads so far up Vore’s s they can’t see anything else and will protect their interests.

  15. Budhau Says:

    Super-moron vehemently anti-Mara Qarase was never a politician. You could tell he never really was much of anything: he failed miserably as funds manager (lost millions of dollars) before the ungrateful sod accepted Bainimarama’s offer and then failed even more miserably as prime minister. He had absolutely no control over his ministers and his government. Not surprising.

    In addition, he was a bad judge of character. He even had that super-faggot MARTIN DARVENIZA in his “think-tank” –

    This pedophile Darveniza, a third-rate lawyer from Brisbane knifed the great developer Andrew Thomson (son of Sir Ian) and took over the ‘development’ of Denarau and made a complete mess of it. He was not even a Fiji citizen and yet sat in Qarase’s think tank!

    Not only is he a third-rate lawyer and a even worse developer, his family life is in shambles – his wife Georgina has left him and moved in with that druggist mongrel (former) owner of Cardo’s at Denarau. This Cardo fellow has been getting into Georgina’s panties for the last few years, and has caused the breakup and even death of a few white families!

    Nevertheless, the idiots Qarase & Martin deserved what they got!

  16. soro Says:

    OMG its that pink Budd again with all its smelly bullshit waffle. Eject button and exit stage with bad smell in wake. Everyone hold yr noses pls.

  17. LUVfiji Says:

    @SV. Indeed. If the time is right… then lets do it ! Let us rise now. Who is acting commander RFMF now that Saumatua has gone on pre-retirement leave? Let us make our move NOW.

    What say you fellow bloggers. Me da tu ka da ia !


  18. Budhau Says:

    Fiji army chief has a valid cause

    The Government of Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase, with its dangerously divisive policies, deserves no sympathy from Australians, writes Graham Davis

    November 25, 2006

    IT’S a tale of the South Pacific James Michener could never have imagined: Australian warships off the coast of Fiji and high noon in Suva between the Australian federal officer locals call James Bond, and the tough guy who heads one of the fiercest fighting units in the world.

    Unfortunately it’s not fiction. Australia’s impotence in dealing with events on its doorstep is about to be demonstrated in a way the Howard Government would never have envisaged when it launched its policy of active engagement in the affairs of its island neighbours.

    It seemed like a good idea to send the debonair Andrew Hughes to Fiji as police commissioner. The local force was demoralised and corrupt, and criminal activity was widespread.

    The Aussie import has turned the force around, putting local bovver boys on the back foot and emerging in a recent opinion poll as the country’s most popular public figure. But Hughes may find himself in trouble now he’s decided to go head to head with the commander of Fiji’s military forces, Frank Bainimarama.

    The plot goes like this: Hughes wants Bainimarama to come in for an interview over his threats to remove the elected Government of Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase. The police chief is muttering about sedition and a range of other alleged offences. But Bainimarama has instead flown to New Zealand for a christening.

    Bainimarama wants the Government to drop two key pieces of legislation: an amnesty for those involved in George Speight’s 2000 coup and a bill that would give indigenous Fijians the right to claim money from other ethnic groups for using coastal waters.

    The military chief maintains neither is in the national interest and has garnered significant community support for his stance.

    He has now added another demand that is far from popular in Suva or Canberra: the removal of Hughes as police commissioner. That must be done, he says, in the same two-week timeframe as his other demands.

    And although Bainimarama is talking about a clean-up campaign rather than a coup, Australia’s Foreign Minister Alexander Downer says he fears a coup within two weeks and has issued fresh travel advisories for Fiji.

    The reasons Bainimarama has made the tough statements he has – crude as they may seem to the casual observer – are not properly understood in Australia.

    I’m not alone among Fiji-born Australians in being perplexed at the Howard Government’s support for the Qarase Government. It is a racist Government pursuing racist policies, and has in its ranks many of the shadowy figures behind the 2000 coup who are desperate to avoid justice.

    Race has always been at the heart of Fijian politics, especially the divide between indigenous Fijians and the descendants of the Indians brought to Fiji by British colonialists in the 19th century.

    But it is Qarase who has made race an issue in this stoush, hitherto a power struggle between indigenous Fijians – Qarase and Bainimarama – that the Indians have wisely avoided.

    When a Fiji Times-Tebbut poll last week showed that most of the Indians questioned sympathised with Bainimarama, it was the cue for Qarase to play the race card. On Wednesday he told parliament: “It is deeply troubling that the majority of one section of the community seems to favour military intervention in government. This is the conclusion to be drawn. The other major ethnic group does not support this. This leaves us in a finely balanced and potentially dangerous situation.”

    This is classic Qarase, an oblique message to his extremist Fijian supporters that the Indians favour his removal and to act accordingly. This is tantamount to unleashing the dogs of race on the basis of a poll of only 1000 people of all ethnicities. Small wonder Bainimarama is incensed and so many Fijian citizens of all races find themselves wondering about the true worth of democracy, if this is what it delivers.

    It evidently hasn’t reached Downer’s ears that many would prefer Bainimarama to seize power and return it to civilian hands when the country is stabilised. Jerry Rawlings did it in Ghana, Olusegun Obasanjo did it in Nigeria: both were military men who subsequently became popularly elected civilian leaders.

    Bainimarama opposes an amnesty for the perpetrators of the 2000 coup – some of whom are in Qarase’s cabinet – in order to stop Fiji’s cycle of coups, not perpetuate it. And he opposes the qoliqoli or coastal resources bill because it is inherently racist.

    Fijian law already enshrines indigenous ownership of more than 80 per cent of the land, so there is no question of Fijians being dispossessed. By giving them dominion over coastal waters, Qarase is forcing other Fijian citizens to pay to use a resource that should be universally accessible.

    Already, individual Fijians have been intercepting groups of people, including foreign tourists, at sea and demanding money before allowing them to resume their journeys. Yet when the country’s peak tourism body said the qoliqoli bill could spell the beginning of the end for tourism, the country’s biggest revenue earner, Qarase accused it of trying to sabotage the national economy.

    Unlike the Prime Minister, Bainimarama is a committed multiracialist who subscribes to the vision of Fiji’s founding father, Ratu Kamisese Mara, of a nation in which Fijian rights are respected but all races are treated equally.

    The military chief has many friends among Indians and other ethnic groups, having attended the multiracial Marist Brothers High School in Suva.

    If Bainimarama does seize power, as Downer now expects, he’ll only be taking back what he gave Qarase when he invited him to form a government after locking up Speight in 2000.

    What’s not appreciated in Australia is the intensity of his rage at what he sees as Qarase’s betrayal of the understandings between them, especially the need to punish those behind the coup.

    Instead, Qarase brought many of the coup-makers into government and now wants a general amnesty that would lead to the likes of Speight being pardoned.

    The Prime Minister could be about to learn the truth of an old adage: the hand that giveth also taketh away.,20867,20816220-28737,00.html

  19. wailei Says:

    awww Fuck Graham Davies his a Boci… These are the fly by night’s wannabe expert on Fijian Politics. Plus, thats a 2006 article..

  20. Budhau Says:

    wailei Says: “awww Fuck Graham Davies his a Boci… These are the fly by night’s wannabe expert on Fijian Politics. Plus, thats a 2006 article..”

    Parts of it are still revelant, very relevant, wailei.

    GD: “Bainimarama wants the Government to drop two key pieces of legislation: an amnesty for those involved in George Speight’s 2000 coup and a bill that would give indigenous Fijians the right to claim money from other ethnic groups for using coastal waters.”


    GD: “It is a racist Government pursuing racist policies, and has in its ranks many of the shadowy figures behind the 2000 coup who are desperate to avoid justice.”


    GD: “Bainimarama opposes an amnesty for the perpetrators of the 2000 coup – some of whom are in Qarase’s cabinet – in order to stop Fiji’s cycle of coups, not perpetuate it. And he opposes the qoliqoli or coastal resources bill because it is inherently racist.”


    GD: “What’s not appreciated in Australia is the intensity of his rage at what he sees as Qarase’s betrayal of the understandings between them, especially the need to punish those behind the coup.”


  21. Peace Pipe Says:

    That was in 2006. The same paper Australian is now attacking the pig for booting out their man Mr Hannah from Fiji. Things have changed since then as the true colors of the pig has emerged now.

    More lying going on overseas with Naulukau saying elections will be held on schedule. Yeah just as he promised to give a timetable to the Pacific Forum leaders in NZ which he did not. I thought this was a man of honour coming from a chiefly rank and military leader. They are all liars the b@#$%*ds. When these pricks goes overseas they make all the good promises and assurances in their presentations but when come back they starting talking shit to their very own people in Fiji.

    Wish we could carry the suggestion of retaking our country as mentioned above but the trouble is our soldiers are loyal to their criminal boss instead of to their country and people.

  22. Budhau Says:

    IF only super-moron Qarase had dropped those two key pieces of legislation: *reconciliation* and *qoliqoli* – we would not be in this mess today. What a selfish inconsiderate ass

  23. newsfiji Says:

    Budhau – May God Bless You Abundantly!

  24. Budhau Says:

    Thanks newsfiji….What some idiots here don’t realize is that I am FAIR & IMPARTIAL….I agree that the current government is obviously no good and needs to go, and that we need an elected government….but who? That same old idiot Qarase who got us into this mess in the first place? Who was very very stubborn and refused to drop the *reconciliation* and *qoliqoli* bills and refused to punish the 2000 coup perpetrators.

    As mentioned above, I know people who were in Qarase’s “think-tank” and they tell me that super-idiot Qarase declared the QOLIQOLI ***not open for discussion*** – ‘off limits’!!!

    We need A GOOD, HONEST, AND STRONG FIJIAN LEADER, not that stupid weakling Qarase who refused to work with all parties and couldn’t even control his own ministers (he had way too many ministers)!

  25. soro Says:

    Tobo o Budhau @ 12.16 pm …. dude I was a member of one of think tanks. Never once did Qarase say any such thing. Tu na da !!

    In fact the Qarase YOU talk about doesnt sound like the Qarase I know. He is a thinking calm man, a moral man and someone with great ethics. I may not have agreed on a persoanl level with some of the programme policies but we could agree to disagree in a civil way and we had many discussions which were thought-provoking and provided some of the great things about the think tanks. Experienced people in their various fields pooled their vast experiences and knowledge to assist in implementing and guiding policies for the country. It was part of the process of democracy in its most enlightening form.

    And may I add far superior in any of the unthinking and incredibly stupid ideas I see emanating from current regime.

    Produce these minutes you are talking about fake Blue BuDD , or shut up and ship out. You are blowing far too much smelly hot air in here

  26. Budhau Says:

    So you’re calling people I know who were in Qarashit’s think tank a liar!

    Keep up the dirty work, Zorro

  27. Budhau Says:


    Dudes, it is a FACT that mega-moron Qarasack declared the QOLIQOLI ***not open for discussion*** – ‘off limits’!!!

  28. Kai Veikau Says:

    We all must forgive you for the Qarase you are talking about is completely different from the very honorable, intellegent and respectable one we know. Your character assasination of PM Qarase is making a mockery of your own self. In fact we are beginning to know more of the vernom that Voreqe and his clonies must have spewed out to ppl like you and we very much understand why you are all screwed up the way you think, talk and present yourself in this blog. Keep it up for no one believes in the bullshit you are talking about except yourself and the few clowns who visit this blog from every now and then. You continue to fail to respond to the many real issues we asked you but decided to mock yourself and whoever you are working for by making wild allegations in this column. We are well arware of the many people with simi;ar views like you on the Qarase Government but they did not matter. Have a look at the results of the 2006 General Election yourself. Despite all the vernom spewed out against opur Qarase and his Party, they went out to win by an even bigger margin in the Elections…In fact we need you in our next campaign because we will utilise all the wrong information you share with us in this column to reposition our supporters and will come out even with a bigger margin come the next General Election. It is for this that Voreqe and Chaudhry are fearful of calling for General; Election as promised. They tried to beat the SDL Information Strategy Team in 2006 Elections but failed miserably.They never will, – now that the whole of Fiji have full knowledge of their failures to lead Government and of the increased corruption and Nepotism they commit day in and day out during the last two years… We will suceed Budhau…we will…

  29. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Budhau,

    weren’t the Qoliqoli & Reconciliation Bills agreed to be recalled by Qarase under pressure, as a consequence of their Wellington talks?

    Even if Qarase stated it was off limits prior to these talks, the fact is that he agreed to have it recalled. ‘Off limits.’

    If so, then why proceed with the coup?

    The answer is obvious.

    These Bills were only facade to execute the coup by Bainimarama, the Mara, the Ganilau, Nailatikau and Chaudary and the FLP.

  30. Tuks Says:

    Very true Jese, very true..but unfortunately it is going to be very hard to convince ppl like Budhau and his/her friends alike on the truths. They are all hell bent in misinforming the Nation and remained blind to the truth,unfortunately by their own choices.. We remain focussed in fighting for the truth and must be thankful that they do provide us with ammunition to hit them back with the very ideas they are giving us with each time they blog as very correctly noted by Kai Veikau above..

  31. Linus Says:

    Here is a new piece of Bull Sh1t from Piggy’s farm. F/T today.

    Interim regime seeks to strengthen indigenous population

    Friday, May 30, 2008

    Update: 10:41AM THE interim regime is seeking to modernize and strengthen Fijian institutions and to ensure that indigenous Fijians are better and more effectively served.

    Interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama made the comment at a leaders summit at the Melanesian Spearhead Group today in Vanuatu.

    He said he was aware of the allegations being made that the various reform initiatives relating to indigenous Fijian institutions are aimed at marginalizing and weakening the indigenous Fijian community.

    Nothing is further from the truth, he said.

    To the contrary, we are seeking to modernize and strengthen these institutions, to ensure that indigenous Fijians are better and more effectively served.

  32. Budhau Says:

    Was there any need for super-idiot Qarase to sack Nalitikau and Ganilau? You tell me.

  33. Budhau Says:

    You idiots are even more STUPID than previously thought…keep it up, dudes.

    Jese Waqalekaleka Says: “weren’t the Qoliqoli & Reconciliation Bills agreed to be recalled by Qarase under pressure, as a consequence of their Wellington talks?Even if Qarase stated it was off limits prior to these talks, the fact is that he agreed to have it recalled. ‘Off limits.’ If so, then why proceed with the coup?”

    So, Qarase agreed to recall them UNDER PRESSURE…hmmmmm. Why not before, then? WHY NOT?

    Here’s why, JW.

    Qarase had become so full of himself…and I’ll tell you one more thing:

    ***Qarase’s BETRAYAL, especially the need to punish those behind the coup***

    Did Qarase get rid of the coup perpetrators – did he put them behind bars?

    No, his government was INFESTED with the 2000 coup makers.

    Let’s face it: He is a piss-weak “leader’ and he caused this coup!

  34. Tuks Says:

    You are better off asking those questions to Nailatikau and Ganilau themselves!!. I tell you one thing and is fact. Qarase’s action are all lawful. Decisions to terminate and not to renew their terms of office were all made according to Law and in his rightful capacities as PM, etc. Nailatikau and Ganilau whom you seemed to be supporting are the only ones who should know better. If they had remained disciplined in Parliament [Epeli Nailatikau] and in the GCC [Ganilau], follow leadership as we all did respectfully during the reigns of their fathers, then all would have been well. They sowed the wind and are now reaping the whirlwind.. I tell you Budhau, when the dust finally settled down, they are the ones that stands to lose out most in terms of personal intergrity, respect and etc…Dont tell me that Qarase also sowed the wind because all your [eoples action are ILLEGAL and not in the spirit of Law as we all know..

  35. Budhau Says:

    Tuks Says: “If they had remained disciplined in Parliament [Epeli Nailatikau] and in the GCC [Ganilau], follow leadership as we all did respectfully during the reigns of their fathers, then all would have been well. They sowed the wind and are now reaping the whirlwind..”

    Yeah, Tuks. Go for it, boy.

    Was Qarase the betrayer “disciplined”. Was he?

    Did he carry out his side of the bargain – NO, dude.

    *Did Qarase get rid of the 2000 coup perpetrators in his government?*

    Answer my question.

  36. Tuks Says:

    On your point that Qarase’s Government are infested with 2000 coup makers,let me make this very clear to you. At least Qarase himself never make any attempt to prevent any of them from facing the law and being prosecuted according to Law. The 2000 coup makers or perpetrators were all sent to prison and some freed by the process of Court and Rule of Law. Unlike the current IG, all these infested 2006 coup makers and perpetrators are only hell bent in evading justice and the Rule of Law!!. The Attorney General’s action in declaring the President’s amnesty for all of them is indicative of the fears they now are quietly facing and living and of the fact that are all fully aware of the consequences of their own actions in supporting their military coup of 2006. Qarase and his men were men enough to face the music honorably and in a very very humble manner . Can this be the same with Voreqe and his men[and gals]??. I doubt it Budhau, we very much doubt it. They seemed all ready with the first sign, to run and leaving their Master behind to face the consequences of his actions by himself.. Valoloma levu ga oira noda Sotia vinaka mai na keba…Valoloma levu..

  37. Tuks Says:

    Dude. Tell me how can Qarase got rid of his MP’s when they were elected by their various constituencies?. His hands are even tied!!. He simply can not fire them at will!!. You sound really naive and totally ill informed of Parliamentary democracy and related processes!!. The only action he could take is to allow the Courts to make determination on their alleged actions of 2000. That he did faithfully and honorably according to Law!!..Budhau you dude!!!.

  38. Budhau Says:

    Tuks, you’re mentally imbalanced. Qarase had coup perpetrators in his government. Many of them. He should have sacked them all. He didn’t. He couldn’t. Too weak. Simple as that. He wasn’t a politician. Never had any ambition to be a politician.

  39. Dauvavana Says:

    There is a difference Naulukau and Ganilua have never ever won an election seat whereas those Ministers were elected into parliament by the people.

    The moments coup supporters stop patronising us and respect our decisions about who we have voted for that is the moment this country can really move forward

    and please don’t go back to 2000 but stick to current elections result. If in doubt call an election tomorrow and really feel the pulse of the Nation.

  40. Bullah Says:

    The only part of the bargain Qarase did not keep was not granting wholesale amnesty to Bainimarama & co. (and they pressured him to do it), because actual story about 2000 was a mess..with bainimarama and others in this interim govt also involved…His Truth bill would have brought out the true story once and for all for the people to see, and those who were hiding behind it. Only the small fries were taken to jail for it…the big ones are still around and in the interim. But the country fell for the army trap when they went against his government in those bills and this provided the momentum for Bainimaram to go ahead with the coup claiming this support.

  41. Budhau Says:

    Dauvavana says: “those Ministers were elected into parliament by the people.”

    Hmmmm. It doesn’t matter if you have a criminal record or took part in the 200 coup, so long as you get elected!

    That’s a very Qarasist thought – Qarase also thought that so long as got elected, he could do whatever he wanted, going as far as trying to introduce crazy bills such as the *reconciliation* & *qoliqoli*.

    Get “logic”, dudes. Get up the great work. I’m sure your mothers and wives are very proud of you.

  42. Budhau Says:

    Dauvavana says: “those Ministers were elected into parliament by the people.”

    Hmmmm. It doesn’t matter if you have a criminal record or took part in the 200 coup, so long as you get elected!

    That’s a very Qarasist thought – Qarase also thought that so long as got elected, he could do whatever he wanted, going as far as trying to introduce crazy bills such as the *reconciliation* & *qoliqoli*.

    Great “logic”, dudes. Keep up the great work. I’m sure your mothers and wives are very proud of you.


  43. Bullah Says:

    On criminals not contesting elections….agree…that would include all those in this criminal interim government.

  44. Tim Says:

    One can easily tell Bud comes from a strictly ideological rather than pragmatic rut. He keeps having afterthoughts as in “here’s some more crap” just to hammer home his point.
    We know you’re not stupid Budhau, but just who the hell is it that you’re trying to convince?

  45. pestcatcher Says:

    This budhau wanker is not worth discussing with – look at the present regime – stuffed by election lsoers, a $2million thief of the highest calibre, ex-1987 and 2000 coup beneficiaries etc – if the Commodore is so hooke don 2000 and budhau, why did he not step in and let Speight be hanged as Justice Scott had ordered him – no, becuase in the back of his mind, the Commodore knew that he coup be the next – its time to mobilise a new Movement worldwide, like those slimey coolies did after the 2000 coup

  46. Dauvavana Says:

    Boci Bhudhau as I have said stop patronising us as we look right your morons and no matter what you say we wil not buy and come election time we will vote again for who we want……………can’t you get that through your tick head and also learn to differentiate between those taht are crimminals because they are crooks or those who a convicted of crime they committed based on an ideology……………plus there is nothing in the constitution stopping people from standing for election if they are committed of a crime. Can’t you accept the fact that they broke the law based on their ideology, have not stolen money like you father Chodo from the cane farmers nor murder some one in a hit and run…………and they have repaid their debt by being man enough to serve time at Korovou…….a place your hero the Pig would shit his pants in as someones bitch…………….sa vakabula kau tiko mai Naboro o Seniora waraka tiko na sona nei Vore. Period!!!

  47. Ablaze Says:

    Budhau Wanker Says, the illegal Regime and all the dumbass that support it go drown yourselves in the Rewa River.

    Gone For Good! Peace To Our Nation!

  48. Tim Says:

    Any1 see Frank’s MSG crap on FijiLive? There’s another one that seems to have learned their spiel parrot fashion. He talks about cycles of coups and elections yet completely fails to grasp the basics. Elections are legitimate and at least somewhat representative of the will of the peeps. Coups are not – they merely represent the will of a (self-appointed) elite.
    The more I see and hear his bullshit (and Shaista’s), the more attracted I am to the idea of a public execution. It’s hard not to feel embarassed for his offspring. At least Frank has an excuse – he’s as thick as pigshit. Shaista, Yippe-I-Aye and some others won’t be able to make that claim as a defense.

  49. LUVfiji Says:

    Oh please.. Ablaze , dont pollute our beloved river. Go drown ’em elsewhere!

  50. Tebara Says:

    Great idea SV …. Now that they have gone their merry way … Boat with the Maras clan on it shud be targerted off Naselai and shot down. As for the Piggy he shud accept Vanuatus immunity residence and dont bother stepping back into Fiji …!!

    Ohhh and lets ignore the IDIOT BUTTHOLE …!!

  51. LUVfiji Says:

    Well no matter how much you all disagree with our buddy, Budhau.. he’s got all yr attention, guys!

  52. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Oilei Tebara..totally agree with you…kemuni na veiwekani…IGNORE THE PIG-BUTT-NOSER-YOU-KNOW-WHO!!! Baleta na levu ni saumi tiko ni nona postings macawa sega na betena, na levu ga ni nona yap-yap tiko vaka e dua na cavuka!!!!

    Laivi koya me vosa2 yalona tiko mai…ka li ni dosi YALOWAI!!!!!!!! sa senile tiko.

  53. Budhau Says:

    Bullah Says: “Budhau: On criminals not contesting elections….agree…that would include all those in this criminal interim government.”

    Yes, Bullah! As long as it includes Qarase and his thugs as well, since they’re all guilty of the 2000 coup. We don’t want any double standards now do we?

    Qarase is guilty of protecting 2000 coup plotters and perpetrators and bringing them into government and for introducing the terrible *reconciliation* and *qoliqoli* bills.

    You know the *law* – those giving shelter to criminals are just as guilty as if not more.

  54. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Tuks @ Jese W –

    The argument ‘that the Qoliqoli Bill and Truth & Reconciliation Bill are the reason for the elected government’s downfall’ is full of fallacies and you are right to reject it.

    1. The Bills were before Parliament for DEBATE. That is the function of a parliamentary house, to DEBATE proposals so that good ones are passed to the next stage before possibly being passed into law, and poorly structured proposals are rejected.

    This is the vital check-and-balance process to protect The People from silly laws.

    This illegal regime does not understand, just as Chodo in that day did not understand, that the act of DEBATING a proposal in Parliament is a highly evolved process. Yes, sometimes stupid laws are made, but again Parliament has the powers to get stupid laws amended.

    2. Chodo instead saw the idea of Qoliqoli and Truth & Reconciliation Bill as au-fait-accompli.

    Why would he see it as this instead of part of a process, with the possibility of being rejected? Perhaps because that’s how he chose to lead during his time in the PM’s chair.

    3. Chodo was a micro-manager who had no respect for Parliamentary process.

    He had no respect for it when he was an official trade union leader (remember the Boycotts, Strikes & International Pressure?).
    He had no respect for it when he was in Opposition.
    He had no respect for it when he was PM.
    He showed his complete lack of respect for it when he planned and executed his coup.
    He still has no respect for it with his continued actions to introduce laws outside of the Parliamentary process.

    4. The coup-coupsters did NOT hold their coup because of Qoliqoli and T&R. They held their coup because Chodo wants to wrest land ownership from us, the indigenous Fijians. And at some point, probably while in custody courtesy of George Speight, Chodo decided he needed a coup-de-tat of his own.

    5. The coup was held because some pile of money bags in India teamed up with Chodo and the two of them have planned to turn Fiji into “Little India”.

    India believes the next millennium belongs to them, and seeks to edge The West out of pockets of the developing world. Who can stop them? At this point, probably only China.

    6. The coup was held at this time because Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau and Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara were already dead. As were Sir Len Usher, Sakiusa Butadroka, Lulu Buksh, and others who knew Chodo back in his younger days, and had sufficient authority to chide and stop him. Jai Ram Reddy, possibly the only other person of such stature, has moved to bigger, greener pastures.

    Chodo must be stopped.
    Tabu soro

    God bless Fiji

  55. Peace Pipe Says:

    “It was with the utmost reluctance that Fiji’s Military, under my leadership, removed the former government from power on December 5th, 2006.” the pig lied to the MSG leaders in Vanuatu last night. (If he was reluctant then he would not have done the silliest thing in his damn life. Now he is reluctant to relinquish the reigns of power. He has tasted blood (absolute power) and craves for it.)

    In a press statement, the pig said there were many critics of this action (he did not say coup as it really was one) to whom he said there needs to be a distinction between what happened on Dec 5th from other coups in Fiji.

    The lying pig said Fiji has a coup culture which he is committed to remove, adding he is also committed to democracy and the rule of law. (What a laugh, what a lie)

    The pig said to do this all policies which promote racial supremacy and further the interests of social and economic elites need to be removed once and for all. (Who is he refering to. He and his hangers-on are the very ones doing the very things above and gaining enormously out of it. What about corruption which he failed to prove as he claimed was the reason of the coup the time he did it)

    The IPM pig calls on the MSG Members to help support and work with Fiji in addressing its fundamental problems. The pig adds the IG’s commitment is not only to return Fiji to parliamentary democracy through free and fair elections but to address the deep-rooted problems of our country. (What a bunch of rosy lies.) The foregoing were excerpts from Fijivillage and abridged for our ease of consumption.

    I certainly hope the MSG did not fall those crooked lines emanating from a crooked mouth. We are too aware of his constant lies.

  56. Budhau Says:

    ********QOLIQOLI BILL: THE OIL FACTOR*******

    FijiGirl, do you know the actual reason why Qara$$$$$e was hellbent on introducing the QOLIQOLI bill (and he would have had he remained in power). As I have stated before, I have friends who were in Qarase’s think-tank and Qarase declared Qoliqoli to be ‘off-limit’!

    *******2000 Coup and Qoliqoli Bill : The Oil Angle***********

    Shortly after the May 2000 coup a couple of Fijian friend of minds approached me to form an oil exploration company.

    I rubbished the idea because I had been informed by a former Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources that when he was in office he had made enquiry and had been informed there were no worthwhile geological structures in Fiji worthy of exploration for oil.

    Quite frankly the information given to me and the then Minister of Mines was incorrect . It turns out that in 1993 there was a report completed for SOPAC and made available to Mineral Resources Department which indicated the existence of geological structures in Fiji which have a high probability of bearing oil.

    he Rodd Report

    The report was written by Jonathon Rodd who completed the work whilst engaged as Petroleum Coordinator at the South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC), which is based in Fiji.

    The summary states:

    Fiji forms part of the South-West Pacific island arc system which marks the boundary between the Indo-Australia and Pacific plates. The territorial waters cover almost 1.3 million km² and contain two shallow-water Tertiary sedimentary basins. Bligh Water Basin, covering some 9500 km², has sediment thicknesses in excess of 5km and has excellent potential for hydrocarbons. Bau Waters Basin is also prospective, having a shallow-water area of about 1600km², with sediment thicknesses up to 4km.

    Fiji lies on the same regional play trend of Miocene reefs which produce oil in Irian Jaya, Indonesia and gas/condensate in offshore Papua New Guinea. Indeed Fiji’s basins have many similarities with the oil and gas producing, arc-related basins of Southeast Asia.

    Source rocks of Oligocene, Miocene and Pliocene age are exposed onshore in Fiji and have been encountered by drilling in the offshore basins. An oil seep in Bligh Water Basin and oil and gas shows in wells provide evidence that hydrocarbons have been generated in the basins. Modelling studies indicate peak oil generation to be at about 2.6km below sea floor.

    Miocene and Pliocene reefal limestones from spectacular outcrops in Fiji and represent the best potential reservoirs. Reefs of the same age have been identified on seismic data from the offshore basins and represent attractive targets for exploration. Common forms are reefal mounds and prograded platforms.

    Over twenty structural reefal traps have been identified on seismic lines in the Late Miocene and Pliocene sequences, mostly in Bligh Water Basin. Estimates of potential unrisked recoverable reserves are 270 million barrels of oil (mmbo) per structure. If structural-stratigraphic trapping occurs, recoverable reserves could increase to over 1 billion barrels of oil per structure. There is considerable scope for more reefal structures in the deeper Oligocene-Middle Miocene interval which cannot be resolved on the existing seismic data, and in areas where seismic coverage is sparse.

    Limestone turbidite lobes have also been identified on seismic data. These constitute a secondary play and may contain estimated recoverable reserves of 100-200 mmbo per structure.

    See The Rodd Report

    In plain English this means that if the propective value of returns are sufficiently high then Fiji may expect interest in drilling for oil to be shown by oil exporation companies with good chances of an oil strike.

    Oil Exploration Licenses

    In April 1993 when the Rodd Report was written the indication given was that no exploration or production licences had been issued.

    The price of a crude has moved significantly upward since that date and one could expect that the oil companies might now be showing interest and of course that is the case.

    On 22 September 2006 fijivillage carried the following news item:

    Minister for Energy has confirmed that a new prospector, Southern Cross Management Company Limited has applied for a petroleum exploration license which is now being considered by the Mineral Department. Acting Director Mines Vijendra Prasad confirms that two companies have been issued the license earlier and Southern Cross, Once granted the license will be assigned to explore areas other areas, as the Bligh Waters and Lau waters are already assigned to the two existing companies. Prasad confirms that with the third prospector, most of Fiji’s waters will be explored in the search of petroleum.

    The report implies that the licences to explore Bligh Water and the Lau area have already been let.

    Had it not been for no one in in this country would have known.

    As mentioned the Rodd Report was produced in April 1993 but apparently was not made public.

    We have it also that Ratu Mosese Volovola was never informed of its existence whilst he was Minister of Mineral Resources in the Chaudhary Government.

    The questions I put are:

    1. Could it be that the accepted reasons for the George Speight coup of May 2000, namely harvesting of the mahogany forests were completely wide of the mark?
    2. Was the real reason for the George Speight coup the high probability that there is oil is lying under Fiji’s sea’s waiting to be discovered ?
    3. The Qarase Government clearly intended by means of the Qoliqoli bill to pass the ownership of the seabed from the State into the Native Land Trust Board system: Was the high probability of an oil discovery of oil the real reason for their refusal to budge from that position?
    4. Was the Qarase Government in fact backed by an oil exploration consortium?

    In Fiji we all know that under the Native Land Trust Board system – seabed would be treated as “vei-kau” That is the “oil rights” would be efectively vested in one or other of the chiefs and no-one else could benefit.

    Formation Of Oil

    The time period necessary for formation of oil beneath the surface of the Earth is estimated to vary between 10 million and 600 million years.

    Conventional wisdom has it that at the beginning formation process we have tiny plants and animals (plankton) which die in ancient seas, settling down and decaying amid the sandy mud sediments lying at the bottom of those seas.With little or no oxygen present these micro-organisms break down into layers of carbon-rich organic compounds mixed with the surrounding sediments and eventually formed into a fine grained shale or source rock.

    Over more time new sedimentary layers are deposited on top of the source rock. The intense pressure and heat so exerted on the source rock results in the organic material being distilled into crude oil and natural gas. The flow of oil from the source rock then accumulates in thicker, more porous limestone or sandstone, called reservoir rock. The crust of the Earth’s surface is known to be made up of a number of plates. These plates move against each other. Movements of the Earth may in places, trap oil and natural gas which are in the reservoir rocks between layers of impermeable rock, or cap rock, such as granite or marble.

    Searching for oil: When searching for oil, geologists look for oil traps formed by movements of the Earth.In general there are three types of geological structure in which oil traps are likely to be to be found. These are where :

    * folding takes place. That is horizontal movements of the Earth press inward and move rock layers upward into a fold or anticline. Under such conditions an oil trap may be found between impermeable rock formations where the fold has occurred.
    * When faulting occurs the layers of rock crack, and one side shifts upward or downward relative to the other. Under these conditions an oil trap may be found downwards along the fault line where the oil has been locked by impervious rock.
    * A third condition called pinching out is where a tongue of impermeable rock has been squeezed upward into the reservoir rock. The oil traps in such cases lie along the impermeable rock which has pinched up through the crust of the earth.


    It has been established that there is a substantial area in Fiji where pinching out has occurred. The area concerned is called the Lau Ridge which shown in the map below published by the Mineral Resources Department. In addition major fault lines exist.

    Oil exploration

    The following comments are taken from a paper prepared by Johnathon A Rodd in 1993 for SOPAC and later published by Mineral Resources Department

    Fiji first gained attention as an area of petroleum potential in 1968 following the discovery of oil seeps in neighbouring Tonga. Subsequently, there have been two stages of exploration. The first period from 1969 to 1977 commenced with reconnaissance mapping by Shell Internationale and Magellan Petroleum in 1969 and 1970, which provided the first assessments of source rocks and reservoirs. Following this, the first exploration licence, covering Bligh Water Basin (Figure 1), was awarded to a partnership with Southern Pacific Petroleum as operator in 1969. A total of 1590km of regional seismic data was acquired from which sediment thicknesses and general basin depocentres were established.

    In 1971 three licences were awarded to Offshore Oil Exploration, Atlantic and Oceanic Resources, and Investment Corporation of Fiji; and a fourth to International Petroleum in 1972. These licences covered the western Yasawa Platform, central Lau Ridge, Bau Waters Basin and Baravi Basin respectively (Figure 1). A total of 1585km of seismic data was acquired in these concessions from 1971 to 1975. A further 4433km of regional speculative seismic data were acquired by Amoco and Western Geophysical in 1972 and 1973.

    From these surveys the Bau Waters Basin and western Bligh Water Basin were outlined and general sediment thicknesses determined on the Lau Ridge. By 1977 all licences granted during the first period of exploration had expired.

    Encouraged by high world oil prices, the second period of exploration took place from 1977 to 1987. In 1977, Dakota Exploration was awarded a concession in the Bau Waters Basin and western Koro Sea. Over 1400km of seismic data were acquired offshore which permitted more detailed structural interpretation.

    In 1978 three exploration licences were awarded to Pacific Energy and Minerals covering Bligh Water Basin, the Yasawa Platform and Great Sea Reefs Platform. Following farm-out agreements with, or options taken by, Bennet Petroleum, Chevron and Mapco, 6050km of seismic data were acquired which formed the basis of more detailed structural interpretations. Geochemical investigations of sea-bottom sediments in Bligh Water showed one pentane anomaly indicating thermogenic, migrated hydrocarbons.

    Exploration drilling followed with Chevron’s wells Bligh Water- 1 and Great Sea Reefs-1 in 1980 (Figure 1). During 1981 and 1982 Bennet Petroleum drilled four wells: Buabua-1 and Buabua-2 located on an island in western Bligh Water Basin, followed by Maumi-1 and Cakau Saqata-1 in Bau Waters Basin. Finally, Worldwide Energy as operator of the Pacific Energy and Minerals group drilled well Yakuilau Island-1 in 1982 in western Bligh Water Basin.

    All seven wells were drilled to test Tertiary reefal limestone objectives but, none reached its target and a re-evaluation of seismic data shows that six of the wells did not drill valid structural traps. Consequently, Tertiary reefal limestones are still an untested play with considerable potential. On a more positive note, drilling has shown the presence of source rocks and shows of oil and gas in the offshore basins of Fiji (Figure 2; see Petroleum Geology).

    By 1987 the second group of licences had expired. In the same year the Fiji Government’s Mineral Resources Department completed a major source rock sampling programme. Two earlier evaluations by SOPAC (refs 1 & 2) have been superseded by a major new evaluation (Ref. 3), the results of which are summarised here.

  57. Budhau Says:

    2000 Coup and Qoliqoli Bill : The Oil Angle

    The questions I put are:

    1. Could it be that the accepted reasons for the George Speight coup of May 2000, namely harvesting of the mahogany forests were completely wide of the mark?
    2. Was the real reason for the George Speight coup the high probability that there is oil is lying under Fiji’s sea’s waiting to be discovered ?
    3. The Qarase Government clearly intended by means of the Qoliqoli bill to pass the ownership of the seabed from the State into the Native Land Trust Board system: Was the high probability of an oil discovery of oil the real reason for their refusal to budge from that position?
    4. Was the Qarase Government in fact backed by an oil exploration consortium?


    * Was the high probability of an oil discovery of oil the real reason for the Qarase’s Government’s refusal to budge from that position?*

    As I have said many times, Qara$$$$e refused to discuss the QOLIQOLI with members of his “think-tank”. It was ‘off-limit’!

  58. pestcatcher Says:

    Well, who gives a damn, very gvernment has its own policies- but look at Chodo – how he exploited the 2000 coup to enrich himself, and his family – remember that $50,000 gift to his daughter, education of his son from bush lawyer to FLP lawyer etc

  59. Budhau Says:

    pestcatcher Says: “Well, who gives a damn, very gvernment has its own policies-”

    “Who gives a damn”, eh pestcatcher?

    I do. I give a damn. The QOLIQOLI BILL was very harmful to the nation.

    Ratu Mara *NEVER* touched it, and Qarase shouldn’t have either.

    Not surprisingly, Qarasese made many many political mistakes, and he’s now paying for his sins.

  60. melinij Says:

    o ka na budhau qoka na yalewa yalo ca dou butabutako levu mai Serene – okoya e kalougata ni sega ni veilewai taki ni dou butako mai nona vanua ni cakacaka. Sa caka oti vakarua – tamata no ghare i Viti no ghare i Serene.

    Vakaloloma na tamata sega ni kila na ivakoro se na ivanua qai mai vola tiko na lasu vakaitamera.

    Dou kila tiko na ‘article’ vola tu ya o Graham Davies qai sauma yani vakavinaka vua o Imaran Jalal – sa blog taki oti eke.

    Na gauna qai mate kina na tamai Graham o Reverend Davies qai tukuna mai o Graham ena Vale ni Lotu ni sa tukuna vua o Tamana me kua ni va’bouta na tamata ca era vavuna na coup ena 5.12.06.

    Sa bou dua na tamata lasulasu levu qai sarui sivia nona sevaki Prime Minister Qarase – ca gona na tinanitoa qase dou butabutako.

  61. Bullah Says:

    Heard the same shit in the early days of the coup. heard that documents show that Bainimarama & senior army officers are directors of joint venture that was supposed to be given the rights to drill oil in fiji ..I heard then that was the main motive behind the coup and Qarase was a threat to these people’s interest..again all speculation ..but would be interesting to investigate by an investigative journo.

  62. Adi Kaila Says:

    This is for Nativegal – if you are reading this

    Could you please do us all a favour and go to Ratu Levu @ Government House and tell him how voreqe and chod are making a fool of him and this Nation.

    Please ask him to ask the other Turagas in Viti Levu to put their people in the strategic positions like Nadi Airport, Nausori Airport and where there are places that airplanes can land or ships or boats can dock to block voreqe or any other coupsters from stepping foot in Viti Levu – the same could be done all over the Nation. The Turagas from these places can do this nativegal as they are the landowners and have full authority over their lands. If they band together as one and execute this we will be free forever of disdainful people that drag our beloved Nation down.

    We have been critical here of the President out of pure frustration at the constant illegal and corrupt behaviours of voreqe and his coupsters because we all know that he has the power to sack the coupsters.

    Nativegal if you could plead with Ratu Levu we will be forever grateful.

    Vinaka Vakalevu.

  63. solivakasama Says:

    To the fake Budhau blogging from Sydney, this is your last chance, if you keep on bloging under that blogger name you will be constantly monitored and deleted from this blog.

    Please start using another blogger name

    Last warning

    SV co-editor.

  64. KuitaMada Says:

    The Oil consipiracy….another of the great cons that was used to convince the soldiers that Qarase was trying to steal from the nation. So… that the country is in the hands of these illegal morons are in charge and the nation is in dire financial straits (due to these morons) where is these oil that will surely make us all rich? They should be running the pipes by now…or even some oil exploration company should be banging on the door with big bucks, especially with the high price of oil. Unfortunately like all of your other accusations this one is a pipe dream and like you full of sh*t. That report has been around a long time and has done the rounds many times and if you really want to know what the people think of the report why don’t you toddle off to Mineral Resource Department and ask them….or better still go to the Oil companies who have millions just waiting to invest in oil explorations that are worth anything and see how much money they’ll give you to back up that report….big fat 0!! Unfortunately those idiots in the army…might be those that are blogging in here wasting tax payers money fell for it…hook…line…and stinker! Na ulukau ga na ulukau!!! The only oil you guys will get is the kind needed for you to polish Vore’s guns.

  65. Tuks Says:

    Very interesting, Budhau. So you must be part of the misinformation Team organised by the military prior to the 2006 Coup. I could not stop laughing learning the fact that you had just prove that you are part of the military’s dirty trick and misinformation department . Can you pls tell us why you were unable to prevent the SDL and Qarase’s Government from their victory in the 2006 Elections through those misinformation campaigns?.
    I can tell you why.. because they were all hot air and full of rubbish. If you ever think that you can fool us this time around, very sorry Fulori but you have just strengthened our resolved to take you [and those behind you] on come gale, hale or storm. Thank you for all those cut and paste job. We wonder how you yourself managed your conscious given the amount of lies and cheap propaganda you dished out all the times. Tell you what- they are all very unconvincing..full of hot air just like you dude…Please be honest and do acknowledge your source of information and stop being the copy cat you are.

  66. Adi Kaila Says:

    KM – you’re absolutely correct – all conspiracy theories and the google info was way out of date.

    There’s no oil – kemudou if there was oil we’d have drilling rigs sticking out in the seas. The tests were done in the 1970s and later on. NO OIL!

    We need to remind those who do not know much about Fijian Culture that the qoliqoli has always been in place.

    If you go fishing or swimming anywhere in Fiji whether it’s inland or in the seas you have to ask the Chief of the area for permission first – we all know this. You can’t just go venturing onto someone elses property and do as you like – no. The rivers and lands around the inland villages and the land and the seas in front of the coastal villages belong to that village – it’s their source of food and economy as they can sell any excess catch for example.

    The QoliQoli Bill should be enforced so the peoples of those lands are able to access their traditional fishing grounds and that development does not encroach on the lands they need to grow traditional food and if it does then they should be adequately compensated by way of regular rents paid to them directly.

    That very briefly is what qoliqoli is.

  67. Tracker Says:

    For those of you who may not know, the discussions on protecting the iQoliqoli has been one of main points of discussions of the Bose Levu Vakaturaga since its inception. In the early 1980s, a Resolution of the BLV was for the issue of iqoliqoli being given to the Fijian people be explored. The Bill that Qarase’s govt came up with was pushed by Qoriniasi Bale, one of the people that had been asked by the BLV.

    THe area of indigenous rights of which the Qoliqoli ownership comes under is a developing area of law. There are no hard & fast rules but depends strongly on the political will of the people and how things are at a particular point in time.

    In NZ, significant changes to indigenous rights came about when the Labour Govt was elected in 1984. THey passed the Treaty of Waitangi Act & the State Owned Enteprises Act which brought the claims of Maori people to the fore & mainstreamed it into the NZ legal framework. In the early 1900s, it was illegal to speak Maori in schools and there was an active policy of successive governments to eradicate the Maori culture. Today, Maori enjoy unprecedented economic advancements, more than their parents or grand-parents ever dreamed of. Of course, there are still a lot of people who are on welfare but the opportunities are there for them to be educated, run their own businesses & get compensated for their lands etc.

    In Australia, discrimination against the Aborigines is well known and documented. Since the Mabo decision, there has been a change in indigenous rights jurisprudence, allowing for the recognition of land ownership of indigenous peoples. But more significantly, the election of Rudd’s govt has brought significant hope that the plight of indigenous peoples of Australia will be finally dealt with. The Apology in February by Rudd and his assuarances to Australia and to the international community about working with the aborigines have been welcomed with open arms. Of course the issue of comepnsation has not been significantly accepted by the govt but that is a start. The Premier of Tasmania had announced that the State will compensate those of the Stolen Generation – now isn’t that amazing!! These changes will see greater gains for the indigenous people in the future.

    So, in Fiji, the iQoliqoli needs to be sorted out. Agricultural lease at around 6% ucv is pathetic. I think its the deal for landowners. Fijians should be creative in their thinking and come up with ways to ensure that the fishing grounds belongs to them & that they get their due rewards from its use & exploitation. PNG has done something similar with strict sharing formulas with mining companies & the landowners. Solomon Is is considering a new law to ensure that Landowners and the Govt share the rights, resources & minerals from mining. They will have to work out the mechanics of this but it is a start. Who is there to say that we are not entitled to make decisions about our land and resources? What is the point of sovereignty if you can’t make these decisions?

    I have never been a supporter of SDL nor Qarase, & in some ways, I think that he allowed corrupt people in his govt which paved the way for his demise. However, he is our leader and should be treated with dignity. If he is corrupt than he should be charged if the evidence is presented and overwhelming. Similarly, when the dust settles on this interim govt (and it will) evidence should convict Frank & Mahen & not rumours and innuendos! We should all learn to respect the rule of law.

    Just a final note – nothing is impossible. With God on our side, who can be against us?

    Peace & Love my brothers & sisters.

  68. Tracker Says:

    I have seen & read the ‘oil’ report which came out in 1993 when Ovini Bokini was then the Minister responsible! There have been a number of exploration licences given & I wonder what’s happening to that. Can’t wait for oil to be found so that our bloody fuel prices can go down!!!

  69. Tebara Says:

    This so called Bhudau BUTTHOLE ..with green icon … Has a footprint of that skinny black azz Eleni Ritova Whippy .. for one she name drops at every possible opportunity. And the other ..She like no other … absolutely kisses PIGGYS shore ..and its so varken NOT FUNNY !!

  70. Nostradamus Says:

    Excellent informed postings from Tracker.
    Indigenous peoples tend to get marginalized, ignored, and worse unless deliberate action is taken to include them and hand them back some of the rights and responsibilities that have been taken from them over the centuries.
    The notion that Chaudhry and Samy can force upon the indigenous people through their own military a solution based on their (C&S) value system and prejudices is absolutely ludicrous. It is rather like a reincarnation of the caste system. We deserve more, and we know more, and we deserve to lead because we are ……????
    These two, like Voreqe, are suffering from a serious anger problem because they all suffered (or so they think) during the first few coups and mutiny. National policy should never be determined by angry zealots. The only one of those jokers who has ever run for an elected office is Chaudhry, and he plays the race card all the time to get elected, just like he is playing it now to try to stay in power. No one in their right mind would ever freely vote for Samy or Voreqe and they would never subject themselves to an election they would lose hands down.

  71. far and wide Says:

    Who is Frank hiding behind the scenes?

    No place for military in politics: Lal
    Last updated 5/30/2008 9:03:01 AM

    An unelected military backed regime should not choose the nation’s political culture as this should be the people’s choice, says a co-architect of the 1997 Constitution. Academic Professor Brij Lal yesterday said threats by the interim government to stop certain political parties from contesting the next general election would be futile.
    Earlier this week, interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said the military would not allow the Soqosoqo Duavata Ni Lewenivanua Party to contest the next election.
    The party had won the 2006 general election and was removed from power a few months later by the military. Mr Lal said the party members could just regroup and form a political party under a different name which would make the military’s move pointless.
    “The threat to deny SDL the right to stand in future elections is futile,” he said.
    “It goes against the letter and spirit of the constitution where the grounds for ineligibility are clearly defined. Any other criteria other than the ones specified will be unconstitutional.
    “There are other issues to consider. Today the military has the SDL in its sight, tomorrow it could be another political party. The commodore talks about the SDL, but the party could reform under another name. How long will he continue to ban political parties that do not subscribe to his ideology? The important thing to do is to specify the principles which all parties should observe, not only the SDL, about membership, internal governance, financing, election platforms and related issues.”
    He said that is best left to the elected representatives of the people.
    Mr Lal has alleged that there are people working behind the scenes and using the military to push their undemocratic agenda.
    He said these were the people who needed to be exposed as their anonymity can prove to be very dangerous.
    “It is not the military alone which is pushing this undemocratic agenda,” he said.
    “There are a whole host of people in all sectors of Fiji’s public who have benefited tangibly from the largesse of the interim regime. They are on the gravy train. They are enjoying the fruits and privileges of power without having earned it. They risk losing too much. In many ways, they are more dangerous because they are working silently, under cover,” he added.

  72. FijiGirl Says:

    Re the Qoliqoli Bill – whether or not there WAS oil reserves (probability – zilch!), the fact remains that UNDER the legitimately elected government, the checks-and-balances were in place to limit what the government could do with those hypothetical oil reserves.

    PARLIAMENTARY PROCESS was that check-and-balance.

    This illegal regime has set aside that process and is snaffling up illegal actions WITHOUT the mandate of the people. For instance :
    * repeated attempts to reform the GCC,
    * actual attempts to reform land ownership,
    * changing electoral boundaries,
    * removing members of the judiciary and stacking it with puppets (theirs),
    * offering permanent residency to foreigners and former citizens,
    * negotiating long term loans which will shackle the next legitimately elected government,
    * muzzling the media,
    * the list continues and grows daily….

    Jean D’Ark said in Feb 08,

    “as I’ve advised landowners previously on this issue, the only sensible and prudent course of action for them in those suspicious circumstances, is to suspend approval for any new agricultural leases on their land until a legitimate, democratically-elected Government is back in power. Otherwise they simply have NO RECOURSE to anything if their lease deal goes sour, as these almost inevitably have done ever since ALTO/ALTA was first introduced.”
    … and …
    “Personally, I don’t know why any landowner would want to renew ALTA leases under the current suspicious circumstances anyhow. There are absolutely no Constitutional checks and balances at present – no GCC, no Senate, no Parliament, no FHRC, no guarantee that the Regime even knows what it’s talking about. No apparent independence in the NLTB, or the PSC, or the Judiciary, and no definitive rulings yet on the coup, or any of the other “rule of law” cases/issues from the High Court to demonstrate whether they have the guts or integrity to uphold the rule of law over their own political preferences. It would be a brave landowner who ignores all that in favor of accepting the word, and relying on the honor and goodwill, of the Pig and the Snake!”

    Sorry, pro-illegal regime bloggers! You have no answer to this one!

    God bless Fiji

  73. IslandBoy Says:

    @Tebara – you nailed it!!! When Ellen Whippy talks, when she is discussing something or in an argument, she ends her tirade by saying, you tell me.

    We should also note her brother Daniel, in his capacity as a Carpenters top manager saving Epeli Ganilau by writing to the banks about their intended deal on te Taveuni land.

    As Chairman of FBCL appointed the junior Khaiyum as CEO of FBCL.

    Is it time we all started boycotting MHs etc and put Daniel and Carpenters o the list of illegal regime wall of shame and guilt?

  74. IslandBoy Says:

    Sorry – forgot to add Daniel Whippy was appointed by MPC when he was PM. He was and remains an ardent Labor supporter and will go to any lengths includig using his employer to support the arsehole MPC.

  75. Buddha Says:

    Adi Kaila Says: “If you go fishing or swimming anywhere in Fiji whether it’s inland or in the seas you have to ask the Chief of the area for permission first – we all know this. You can’t just go venturing onto someone elses property and do as you like – no. The QoliQoli Bill should be enforced so the peoples of those lands are able to access their traditional fishing grounds and that development does not encroach on the lands they need to grow traditional food and if it does then they should be adequately compensated by way of regular rents paid to them directly. That very briefly is what qoliqoli is.”

    That is, very briefly, what Adi Kaila’s definition of qoliqoli is.

    Adi, we’re living in the year 2008, not 1008, dear. There are many factors to consider. Fiji is not some backward nation – it is the most developed nation in the South Pacific, and like it or not, the SEAS BELONG TO THE PEOPLE, TO THE PUBLIC….

    Can you imagine the harm this bill would do to the tourism industry – tourists would stop coming – moreover, many koros (eg Narewa) get their main source of income from these hotels.

    So, your idea is truly OUT-DATED, dear.



    Lord Buddha (Awakened One). The SUPREME BUDDHA of our age

    Sydney Aust.

  76. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Just go back to your everlasting slumber O awakened Buddha of Redfern pub.

  77. IslandBoy Says:

    @Adi Kaila – I find it frustrating trying to communicate with people who do not understand Fijian cultural variables and reduce all of the important cultural prcatices to a level they can comprehend.

    I am quite sure you were referring to, ” na vanua e vakaitaukei ” and other places considered sacred or tabu as well as what is commonly understood by villages and vilagers as native reserv although it may not have been formally surveyed.

    The concept of “vanua tabu se vanua vakatabui” is not necessarily common amongst other cultures.

  78. Peace Pipe Says:

    People we seem to be missing a point here in our exchanges. Its well and good disecting the current insanity perpetuated by the pig and his entourage but what of the future with the mad pig still around. We all know the SDL and LQ would win the next elections hands down which is a sign of rejection for the pigshit pig. The pig knows this too which is why he is making these direct threats to the SDL if they do not support the charter farter which is his getaway vehicle from the crimes he committed. Let us go to the future and into the scenario of SDL winning the elections 2009 and the pig and his associate party lose out big time at the polls. Will he give in and let SDL retake govt peacefully. What can be done to nute the pig as he will concoct more crap to oppose the will of the people. Thats the biggest challenge we all face to date.

  79. Buddha Says:

    Bainimarama will “find” someone else to lead this nation, just as he “found” the ungrateful sod Qarase who had no politician ambition!

  80. Buddha Says:

    If the great chief Ratu Mara refused to touch the QOLIQOLI, then who the hell is Qarase to introduce such a controversial, extremely HARMFUL and unnecessary bill. If qoliqoli was bad enough for Ratu Mara, it is bad enough for everyone. Period

    Lord Buddha

  81. Kalounidraki Says:

    Buddha you skinny piece of black shit, I saw you trying to act like a white high and mighty sitting at the club house bar of East Rugby last Sunday with your almost dead father during the Fiji Under 20s v Australia Under 20s game. I am tracking you everywhere.

    Better start looking behind your back every now and then because the mist has formed and is falling you.

  82. Orisi Qaranivalu Says:

    Isa. Sa tobo ko Budha. Lol!

  83. Orisi Qaranivalu Says:

    The Q Bill is enacted as we speak. Bainimarama’s and your boy Chaudhy’s approval are not needed by the villagers. Didn’t you know?

  84. Dredre Mada Says:

    Me kau mai o Buddha. Me mai teve rawa, me da qai vakayamoci koya tu vakamalua. Mataqali va ya me su kora taki ga ka me laukana vata kei na waite maqo kei na bolomo uto vea levu…………….

  85. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    This author depicts the most ideal scenario but our envisioned heros need a healthy dose of outrage to produce our desired outcome yes? The pot has been heating (too slowly for some of us) but someday it will get to boiling point then spill over and that’s when all hell will break loose.

  86. Adi Kaila Says:

    Hi IB

    Exactly – I tried to simplify it for our bloggers and readers that live overseas and expats here that read this site regularly who aren’t ofay with these intricasies.

    Anyway reading the posts from the fakester it doesn’t know what it’s talking about – and I really couldn’t give a damn about it’s lack of knowledge. FLIP THE BIRD!

    More important things to contemplate than reading the mindless ravings of the imbecile.

    Good on you Tebara and Kalounidrake – You made me laugh really hard. Drau kua la ni voleka sara vua – kila ga na kuvu ni kalavo qase.

  87. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Buddha – Might I suggest you use a different blog name?

    Your lies and arrogance are testing the patience of real buddhists. Building up some extremely bad karma there.

    God bless Fiji

  88. EnufDictatorship Says:

    For the maintenance of our future Peace Pipe, only one question to be posted to Vore on our terms, since he seems to calling all the shots lately on his terms,


    Then we can come and sit and talk and have a real \”big men\” challenge, one-on-one.

    qai laurai, e rawa se sega.

  89. Adi Kaila Says:

    Hi EnufDictatorship

    voreqe and his coupsters could never ever do that – they cannot do what they are doing without guns.

    Without guns there would be no bombast. Tamani big cutting washers. (nai balebale ni vosa qo – na levu ni lamusona dou va’vuna na qumiti vakaukaua ni sona – na kenai gu gona e vavuna mai na washers (ni paipo) me cavuka mai) Qori – todays medical lesson.

    LAMUSONA is the major trait of these coupsters – that’s another reason they blame the church, the GCC and all of us for the treason they have committed.

  90. LUVfiji Says:

    Too true, Adi Kaila. All that hot-air is coming at us through the barrel of the gun. They’re bloddy naked without their weapons. But, that wasnt a bad suggestion @ EnufD.. Im reminded of the Cadbury jingle: Wouldnt it be nice!

  91. Orosi Qaranivalu Says:

    To Odro, I forgot in my earlier post to you to direct you here. See how SV has this wonderful theory and it is perfect. Why wouldn’t it work when all we needed was to find these soldiers. So where are they? Maybe time to forget about the soldiers and look to honourable civilians who are courageous enough and more than pissed off to STAND UP TO THESE BULLIES and RECLAIM our beloved Fiji.

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