Open Season on our Tax Dollars – This time its the Maras’ Turn

If you think the Mara Clan are history, think again. They are still lingering around like a bad smell and making sure they still have unhindered right of access to our hard earned tax dollars.

The whole Mara Clan are booked to leave for Lakeba in a few hours on the MV Iloilovatu where Eveli Gusuvakaika Ganilua will be chief guest at the Ratu Mara College Cadet Pass Out Parade.

The Ministry of Information TV Crew have been ordered to get on board the ship and make sure they do a good job of filming the whole charade. One of the MOF TV crew told our source that they are confused as to whether this is an official Government Trip or a Private Family Trip. While it is kind of both but, as usual, it is fully funded from our national treasury. Yes people your PAYE deduction and the VAT you pay for your aspro clear. 😉

Oh and also Ului has ordered all Lauans from Lakeba in the Military are to go on the trip. They are going to try and stack the island and intimidate people before the Lauan Provincial Council.

Remember the Auditor General’s report of 2005 highlighting how our tax money were used by the Military to campaign for the New Alliance. Well people, that figure will be dwarfed by what these Mara sibblings and their screw are going to accumulate before Election 2009.

The New Alliance Campaign Program for Election 2009 has already begun at you expenses. Enjoy (NOT!).

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  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Vote Mark Manning , Presi for life and Commander of all things wonderful. Join the clu clux clan party , BYO . Free Volkswagen and toaster , don’t worry , we’ll build the roads later and provide electricity as we can ! Get on the gravy train while it lasts !

  2. Mareko Vuli Says:

    I don’t know why you have to pick on the Mara’s!!! They are the Royals of the Fijian Nation and therefore deserve the utmost respect. You must learn to respect our Nobles who have done so much for our Nation. They have every right to board MV iloilovatu as a reward for building Fiji since Independence and have every right to have soldiers on board!!! This is not a waste of tax payers money but a value of honor to the family’s long history in keep the country together!!!

  3. Dauvavana Says:

    Did somebody just fart in here?

  4. Dauvavana Says:

    With all due respect to Lauans, dua madaga na ua ni cava tubu koso e………………on the way to Lakeba

  5. Budhau Says:

    These clans, be it the Mara clan, the Cakobau clan, the Ganilau clan and all them other chiefly folks – they will only become history if we the people decide to do away with the chiefly system.

    So what did you expect, that the Mara clan will ride into the sunset and the Cakobau clan will then take over. Regardless of who takes over, it will be same old same old – the taxpayer will foot the bill.

    As for the tax payers money being used in the election campaign, it has always been the case – be it the New Alliance or the SDL or whoever.

  6. natewaprince Says:

    I suppose this trip will coincide with the Provincial Council meeting next week.With Macuata being the only province to openly support the charter and NCBBF,a rebuff by Lau would surely spell doom for this illegal regime.

    It would surely look bad if the two Evelis wives province rejected the regime.

    If Mareko Vuli would just stop singing on Chodo’s mic for a second and went along to help,it would certainly help their cause.

    Could the regime be about to get the biggest slap across their arrogant face come next week???


  7. anon Says:

    Dauvavana, me kua ni dua walega, me dua na drau saraga, ratou se yali rawa yani kina.

    De nei Ta.

    Mareko, Royals your balls.

  8. budchaser Says:

    Budhau just piss off you scum from this site

  9. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Fresh girmit
    Thursday, May 29, 2008

    + Enlarge this image

    People from India working at FSC Ba having their lunch
    THE interim Government has begun investigations into the work conditions of 25 Indian nationals following complaints they were trapped in work conditions verging on slavery and the practices of the girmit era.

    The Indian nationals are housed in a four-bedroom Fiji Sugar Corporation quarters in Ba, and work 12 hours a day, six days a week.

    The only cash they handle is a $10 allowance at the end of the week.

    They eat rice and dhal or vegetable for every meal except on Sunday.

    The group are part of a team from India who arrived in the country earlier this year to work on the installation of new equipment at the Lautoka, Labasa and Rarawai sugar mills.

    Labour acting permanent secretary Osea Cawaru said the workers would be subjected to local labour laws and their employers should abide by the law of the land.

    FSC acting chief executive officer Deo Sharan said he would respond today as he did not have all the details.

    Mr Cawaru said a joint visit with a health inspector from the Ba Town Council had been arranged for today.

    “We need to look at their contract to ensure that the practice during the girmit era has not been revived,” he said.

    “Our Ba official has conducted an interview with some of the workers and it seems these workers have no problems with their food and their pay.

    “They are paid monthly in rupees in India and $10 is their weekly pocket money while they are here,” he said.

    “These people are caught by Section 72 of the ER Promulgation 2007 dealing with hours of work. The Section allows only two band hours which are five days of nine hours daily or six days at eight 8 hours daily. Any hours in excess of the above is treated as overtime.”

    Former Labour parliamentarian and Senator Gaffar Ahmed instigated the investigation when he raised his concerns with the Labour and Immigration departments.

    He said he was appalled and shocked when first told of the plight of the workers who had to walk up to four kilometres a day to and from their home and the mill.

    “Government must look into the matter and stop the slavery. This is the beginning of another girmit,” he said.

    “The FSC should act on it. Those workers are not vocal because they don’t want to lose their jobs. They might be employees of the sub contractors but they are human beings. They should get decent meals and it must be verified whether they are really getting paid in India.”

    Koteswar Rao, who appeared to be the group supervisor, confirmed that one of the workers had opted to return to India.

    He said they expected to be here for a year and that their living conditions were better than what they had in India

    Very nice, so the boatload to Lakeba Isle of the Super Duper Highly Priviledged is loaded with tax dollars. What a waste!!
    People are being laid off work because of downsizing then will someone please explain to me why is it that we need to hire workers from INDIA to install new equipment in FSC Lautoka.

    Do we not have people here in Fiji who are qualified to do the work? And if thats not bad enough, whoever is responsible for the pay and housing for these people is treating them like a SARDAR. How Ironic!!

    I thought we had done away with the INDENTURED LABOUR SYSTEM, Mahendra Chaudhary is indeed showing his true colours. Take your charter and send it back to India where it ORIGINATED from!!

  10. Budhau Says:

    OK Budchaser – if you say so, I will piss right now.

    You even got that name – Budchaser. Talking about Bud and chasers – I usually have a whiskey and chase is down with Budlight.

    I am sorry if I made you look like an idiot.

  11. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Why apologize if the intention was deliberate?

  12. Budhau Says:

    aubatinuku-N – this probably has to do with some Indian contractor who is installing stuff at the mill – machinery manufactured in India. The Indians working are probably employees of the Indian contractor and not FSC.
    Usually in case like this,, if these workers have any complaints they are supposed to take it up with their employer and not FSC – and it is very likely that the Indian contractor is abusing its employees paying them Indian rates in rupees.

    This has nothing to do with Indian workers replacing Fiji workers or the charter.

    I think you corcern should be for those poor workers who are being abused – so what if their conditions are better than who it would have been in India. I think the government authorities in Fiji should make sure that get the prevailing minimum wage.

  13. natewaprince Says:

    Hhhmmmmmmm……..koko mada na cebo buddy,sa baci tekivu na ci.

  14. FijiGirl Says:

    When will the scions of the Mara-Ganilau dynasty remember the words of Ratu Sukuna – “The (Fijian) People and the Land are One. We (the chiefs) rule both. We own neither.”

    They have had the benefit of a privileged upbringing – why is that not enough for them?

    God bless Fiji

  15. Mark Manning Says:

    Same shit , different smell as they say , or is it same smell different shit ?

  16. Mark Manning Says:

    Mark my words

    These are the steps the Commander is implementing now , as he has stated on numerous occasions : –
    1/dismantle the GCC
    2/introduce the charter
    3/the provinces refuse to ratify or accept the charter as legitimate
    4/confuse the GCC and distract it , to the point where they are unable to function
    5/not functioning , the GCC is unable to convene and elect a Vice President , having already rejected the I.G.’s nomination for that position on legal and other grounds.
    6/delay the elections for March 2009 , using any excuse possible , depending what’s available art the time , the refusal of acceptance of the charter by the GCC being the best one at the moment .
    7/by delaying the elections , hope that the President becomes incapable of discharging his duties as President , either through illness or death
    8/maybe even poison the president to move things along , as we know murder is not beyond this treasonous Commander and his band of followers !
    9/disband the GCC
    10/Declare himself President for life (like Idi Amin did in Uganda )
    11/complete annihilation of the Fijian culture !
    12/open the borders to Chinese,Indians and slave labour
    13/decimate the Fijian economy while plundering the treasury coffers and splitting the spoils between himself, Chaudhry and the Mara,Ganilau and Cakobau clans .
    14/appoint Ului as supreme Commander of the RFMF
    15/appoint Driti anything , as the Malaysians don’t want him , just to give him something to do !
    16/The last and final act of this Commander , will hopefully be a massive heart attack rendering him incapable of even eating,walking or breathing , while dribbling uncontrollably down the side of his mouth .

  17. lauan boy Says:

    Ratu Mara earned the respect of the ppl….not only us lauans but the whole of fiji and the world whereever he travelled.

    these mara children can’t expect to ride on their late father’s fame/glory….dou veicai. lako i vaqara cakacaka sa oti na nomudou gauna….

    dou veicai….sega mai nei tamamu dou na matanitu me dou lewa… dua mada na cakacaka kei dua na vale….nai lavo e buno taki.

    dou veicai ga kei ira na sotia mai na keba….ni veivutusona.

  18. lauan boy Says:

    I am a lauan boy for real and to see the mara children to do this to the very lauans who cared for them when they were children is disgusting. what did we do to deserve this…times have changed and the chief will not feed my family, nor pay my bills….its now an independent person…..the mara children can go fuck themselves…

    respect has gone out the window….vakamadua takina na vanua oratou free-ride qo.

    a vakaloloma….

  19. Mark Manning Says:

    I will today , curse this Commander and those supporting his regime !
    Lord , I pray that this Commander and his followers and supporters , circome to untimely deaths , illnesses , extreme poverty and lifelong depression to the point of suicide . I pray that in the not to distant future , they all start to turn against each other , like Hitler’s subbordinates did in the last 3 years of the war , to the point whereby they are unable to trust each other and become insane with paranoia etc.
    I pray that all things physical and mental which will facilitate the destruction of the Commander , his family and all his followers and supporters , happens by the end of this year .
    I pray for these things to happen in the name of the Children of Fiji , amen . Be cursed , be gone with you !

  20. Mark Manning Says:

    For me to respect someone , that person has to earn my respect .
    Who , in this regime and who , in these clans , is a Freemason ?
    How are all these representative groups of this regime interconnected ? What is the common thread . There is no loyalty amongst thieves , they are not all related to each other , they are not all Indo Fijian , Chinese or Indigenous Fijian , they don’t all support the GCC , they are not all Military personnel , they are not all from Fiji’s elite clans , they are not all Chiefs .
    What connects and binds them to each other to the point where they will all commit treason against the State and its people ?
    Is it Freemasonry ?

  21. Budhau Says:

    Manning, you stupid cunt. The stupid Soviets (drunkard Russians) DESERVED what they got from the Nazis. The Soviets were hellbent on destroying Western civilization – luckily the Nazis stopped their advance into western Europe. Get your facts right “soldier”.

  22. Budhau Says:

    Manning, you stupid anti-German ass. Read this from American professor Kevin MacDonald and get it through your thick skull, soldier:

    “Even after the German invasion in 1941, IT WAS COMMON FOR MANY RUSSIANS TO HOPE FOR GERMAN VICTORY to rid the country of ‘Jews and Bolsheviks’ — until the brutality of the invaders became apparent (Werth 1999, 215).”

  23. Budhau Says:

    Manning, you stupid soldier. Read this and get it through your thick anti-German skull.

    Putin’s Father fought Bolshevism

    Victor Suvorov is a former Soviet military intelligence officer who had worked undercover in the west before defecting in the 1970’s to England and was sentenced, in absentia, to death. Since then he has become a prominent historian and has authored a number of important books challenging the official Russian histories and myths on World War 2.

    In gathering information for his latest book on Marshall Zhukov came across a number of photos in the London archives of the British army. The photos date back to 1944, during the suppression of the Warsaw Uprising. Three of the soldiers are wearing Russian Cossack uniforms. One is wearing a Nazi uniform.

    The uniformed Russians working with the German officer are members of General Vlasov’s army which during WW2 defected to the German side. The first lieutenant on the left may seem familiar. That is because he is Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, Vladimir Putin Sr. The father of current Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, like his son, worked for the NKVD, predecessor of the KGB and was sent to the front during WW2. The common use of the NKVD in battle was to man machine gun squads that would execute Red Army soldiers attempting to retreat. According to Suvorov, the documents located in the archives indicate that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was captured by the Germans and joined General Vlasov’s army of Nazi collaborators which fought for the German side.

    Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was then captured by the British, who eventually released the captured Vlasovite soldiers into Soviet custody. While soldiers who had served in the Vlasov army were generally imprisoned or executed, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was not an ordinary soldier but an NKVD officer and his grandfather worked as Stalin’s cook (a highly trusted position considering how paranoid Stalin was about being assassinated.) Instead Putin Senior continued working in the KGB, which had succeeded the NKVD.

    While Putin’s biographies generally describe him as the son of a foreman from a working class family, in fact his father was NKVD\KGB and his grandfather held a post reserved for politically trusted people. Growing up Putin benefited from the “silver spoon” of the KGB. As a student he obtained his own car in a rigged lottery (owning a car in Russia at that age was virtually unheard of except for the sons of very influential Communist party man) and was accepted into the prestigious law school at Leningrad University. He followed his father into the KGB and then followed him into service in Germany, rising through the ranks to the head of the KGB, held a variety of political posts and rose to rule over Russia.

    It isn’t too surprising that the head of the KGB wound up ruling Russia with a return of the iron fist. Nor that it would be the son of a KGB officer who would achieve this. But that it was the son of a Nazi collaborator is quite bitterly ironic.

  24. Budhau Says:


    “Even after the German invasion in 1941, IT WAS COMMON FOR MANY RUSSIANS TO HOPE FOR GERMAN VICTORY to rid the country of ‘Jews and Bolsheviks’ — until the brutality of the invaders became apparent (Werth 1999, 215).”

    Putin’s Father fought Bolshevism

    “In 2003, Polish media reported that KGB defector Victor Suvorov (Vladimir Rizun) found documents and pictures in London which show that the Russian president’s father served in the Nazi-collaborating army led by Russian general Vlasov. Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin was apparently captured by British forces, but not before he helped crush the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943.”

    “Ninety five percent of winning a war is to know your enemy” – Napoleon Bonaparte

  25. aubatinuku-N Says:

    By golly I amy concerned for the poor Indian workers being abused here in Fiji, how can people be so cruel, long gone are the Girmitya days….or so we thought.

    Still, why is it that we have to bring in workers from mother India and mainland China instead of employing our own?

    Mahendra Chaudhary is wasting time and money travelling to India so much on taxpayer dollars to his Haryana rellies and all he does is bring people from India to be abused here in Fiji. Not fair!!

  26. Mark Manning Says:

    what has this to do with the price of eggs ?
    your comparing apples with pears to make a point , but what point are you trying to make ?
    This regime in Fiji , supposedly took power from an elected Government because of corruption , but has so far , provided no proof of any corruption .
    Yet Frank has appointed himself and his followers into many positions of authority , despite the fact they’re not qualified and are mostly incompetent . The only honest and competent soldier in Fiji , is running the prisons !
    I’m not anti German , I am anti Nazi , anti Communist though . I am for free speech and Democracy !
    So , from reading your post here this morning , my love , I take it that you want to rid Fiji of the Maras , Ganilaus and Cakobaus ? As there are little to no Jews in Fiji .
    I think you had better sit down and rest my love , before you have a stroke !

  27. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Screw the BLOODY Germans right now!! We live in Fiji and people are suffering even more.

    It’s not enough that we’re suffering this ILLEGAL JUNTA has to bring into the country grassroots from India and China to not only take our jobs but suffer a worse fate so that Mahend and Voreqe can look good??

    Cut the NAZI crap already!!

  28. Mark Manning Says:

    thanks for the history lesson , you seem to be fixated on one facet of the 2nd World War , but I’m still unsure what that has to do with Fiji’s current situation or what point your trying to make .
    Perhaps you should take a deep breath , count from 1 to 10 backwards and relax , just relax your shoulders now , that’s right , take a deep breath and with each breath you will relax more and more .
    Now , in this state of relaxation , try and come into the 21st. century !
    Putin , maintains his hold on Russia through the new Russian President through his connections with the military and Russian Secret police . He has , it is alleged , authorised the murders of several reporters and various other opponents , even to the point of using Plutonium , in London , in a sovereign country . This man , Putin , will burn in hell with Frank and his followers .

  29. Mark Manning Says:

    rest my friend , allow budhau his rantings and know that while he talks of Germany , it shows his mindset and his confused state . The good thing is , his devilish rantings may bring him to the point of having a massive stroke ! And that would be no loss , so just chill my friend and think of something pleasant , like Frank having a massive stroke !

  30. Striker Says:

    Mara, Nailatikau, Ganilau…bunch of blood-sucking, free-riding unemployables! These are the pretenders to high chiefly positions who will even trample on hallowed Fijian institutions to achieve their selfish motives. They are the very people to be neutralised if Fiji is to rid itself of the coup culture!

  31. Budhau Says:

    Mark boy, it’s YOU dude who keeps on bringing up Nazis in yours posts…so quit and concentrate on the task at hand, bro!

  32. Budhau Says:

    Mark, no offense – I love your posts & think you’re highly intelligent…

    No love lost, bro!

  33. woilei Says:

    MM – LOL ! The pink budd (different from the smelly BLUE budd ) sounds like it will be bursting soon – actually sounds like the wanna-be-malaysian-ambarassing Driti in a tantrum ! Neeuw.

  34. Budhau Says:

    True – Ratu Mara’s children are supreme bocis- yet let’s look at the bigger picture – the totality – and not get too carried away by little insignificent pieces. And the big picture is – that this government is here for our good and benefit. You guys keep on complaining about Chaudhry’s “millions”, yet no one is questioning the many millions the thief and liar Qara$$$$$e has depo$ited in his $WI$$ BANK account!

    Do you idiots know that Qara$$$e ALWAYS took money (in ca$$$$h) from people whose homes he visited for dinner. You think John Samy is overpaid? Hear this one – Qara$$$$e appointed this dude as head of telecom and paid him wage$ way way above market wages in order to $hare (50-50) it with him! It cannot get any more corrup than this!

  35. Dauvavana Says:

    Bhudhau you have no evidence to back your claims against Qarase where all the evidence against Chod is now public document on the internet or do you want me to email it to you?

  36. Mark Manning Says:

    your right , no love lost and it’s only business.
    Let’s agree to disagree , but continue voicing each others opinions .
    The truth of all this , probably lies somewhere in between as we will never know and I doubt those involved in this coup even know the truth .
    The comparisons I’m making , are between Hitler and Frank’s actions and behaviour , I’m not against Germans at all .
    If you have hard evidence on Mr Qarase misappropriating funds etc. then please share it with us , otherwise it’s just hot air and we will continue to defend him in his absence .
    The fact that none has been presented , suggests Frank , Chaudhry and others in the Military Council and I.G. are lying !
    If they had evidence of corruption , why didn’t they go to the authorities rather than risk committing treason ?

  37. Budhau Says:

    Dauvavana, I have friends who’ve invited Qara$$$$e home for dinner – and they’ve told me that he wouldn’t go to people’s homes unless they gave him ca$h – at least $1000!!! Of course, there is absolutely no trace of this – it was all ca$h money.

    I will give more details regarding Qara$se’s appointments – especially the one increase of wages and then dividing it.

    *I support elections and a good and honest leader*.

    *I support the preservation of Fijian land and culture*.

    And, last but not least,

    I think *we should have a strong Fijian leader* like Ratu Mara.

    His children are a disgrace, as lauan boy so ably pointed out.

    Moreover, I think ALL coups are EVIL – the removal of Chaudhry was bad, as was the removal of Qarase.

    Let’s get rid of the Fiji Military and let’s all create a new Fiji!

  38. Budhau Says:

    I will give more details regarding Qara$se’s appointments – especially the one increase of wages and then dividing it.

    It should read: I will give more details regarding Qara$se’s appointments – especially the one regarding the increase of wages (way above market wages!!!) and then dividing it between the two.

  39. Budhau Says:

    I wrote: “Dauvavana, I have friends who’ve invited Qara$$$$e home for dinner – and they’ve told me that he wouldn’t go to people’s homes unless they gave him ca$h – at least $1000!!! Of course, there is absolutely no trace of this – it was all ca$h money.”


    This is how bad it had actually become.

    We NEED a strong Fijian leader like him!

  40. Dauvavana Says:

    Ratu Mara!!! You are so out of touch. Wonder where the materials came from to build his failed resort at Vanua Balavu. Ratu Mara used the Hurricane Relief like his own personal building materials warehouse.

    You have no evidence on Qarase but heaps on Chodo and Ratu Mara. You see all your heros are just crap.

    Wake up and smell the coffee

  41. soro Says:

    Come on then Pink Buda – whatcha waiting for – lets see this hard evidence about Qarase. If you have none, then do us all a favour and budd out. You are becoming the same nuisance that Taukei, Petero, Sitiveni etc were becoming.

  42. LUVfiji Says:

    @Budhau (in pink). The former pressie only received money from a group of Chinese immigrants ahead of their arrival into the country. Heard of Nora – the famous lady with a shop in Raojibhai Patel St, downtown Suva? She was their agent here. No sooner after he received the money while at Govt House the Chinese arrived in masses. It was a done deal with Immigration. Heard of Akapusi Qera, former director of Immigration. He was sidelined because he wouldnt

    This story is from the man who drove Nora to Govt House to deliver the money – one she trusted.

  43. Budhau Says:

    So you’re ANTI-RATU MARA.

  44. Budhau Says:

    You idiots – can you guys read:

    here – i’ll repeat –

    “Qara$se wouldn’t go to people’s homes unless they gave him ca$h – at least $1000!!! Of course, there is absolutely no trace of this – it was all ca$h money.”

    *****IT WA$$$$ ALL CA$$$$$$$$$H MONEY, DARLINGS*************


    Haven’t you stupid kids learned yet that ca$$$$$$$$h is NOT traceable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. LUVfiji Says:

    sa wacece na noqu post ya! 😉

    .. be a part of it. Why do they say that “politics is a dirty game” ?

  46. LUVfiji Says:

    Im no anti-Mara. In fact I LUUUUV them :-).. But, I sure am anti-corrupt practices !

  47. soro Says:

    Not good enough Pink BuDD – Names, we need names of people who claim this ridiculous claims against Qarase.

    Give us some names – then we’ll send the media to ask them a few questions.

    Even better – have you reported this to our very intellectual police chief for his complete inaction ? Or even more better – to the FICEKE ????

    I urge you to do so immedietly.

  48. NadroKid Says:

    Pink Budhau

    If all your friends/informants are telling the truth about Qarase, please give all their names and dates to FICAC or the police and lets get this to a court of law, otherwise they are just allegations like the 1001 allegations still doing the rounds. Qu kerekere me mutu vageregeretakinia na giri. Ivei so na djina na dodonu na savasava mutu vakwaya wavu?

  49. NadroKid Says:

    Pink Budhau

    If all your friends/informants are telling the truth about Qarase, please give all their names and dates to FICAC or the police and lets get this to a court of law, otherwise they are just allegations like the 1001 allegations still doing the rounds. Qu kerekere me mutu vageregeretakinia na giri. Ivei so na djina na dodonu na savasava mutu vakwaya koto?

  50. Budhau Says:

    not good enough, eh?

    well, you can continue living in your lala land…but I always speak the truth…and the truth does hurt….

    Some of you truly are SUPER-IDIOTS.

    Say if we do go ahead and notify FICAC that Qara$se was taking money from people he visited – as I told you morons before, this was all CA$H…

    Do you losers understand that CA$H IS NOT TRACEABLE.

    I’ll repeat it again for you fools: CA$$$$$$$$$$$$$H IS NOT TRACEABLE

  51. Budhau Says:

    When will you accept like a real man that Qarase was weak and incompetent and could not even control his own ministers. In the end, greed & power got to his head like they do to most leaders….he was power-intoxicated…he refused to listen to anyone and refused to sack the 2000 coup-makers infesting his government. He increased the wages (way way above the going market rate) of some of his appointees and made secret arrangements with them to share that wage-increase with them!!!!!! Qarase was not a politician, never was and never will be. He actually never had any ambitions to become one.

  52. Pusiloa Says:

    Bud-hole, Cash may be untraceable but why cant you get these people to speak up…may because theres none…..dream on sucker….

  53. Puf-Military Says:

    Guys just ignore this loser budhau.

    He obviously doesn’t have a life posting like he does 24-7. Or maybe he’s being paid to do so, in cash or in kind….

  54. Budhau Says:

    I cannot coerce them into doing what I think is best for them. They are not kids like you: they are grown-up men and can decide for themselves.

    You losers: have you thought what might happen (negatively) if they did decide to go to ficac. Ficac might charge them for bribery! Think 10x before hitting the keyboards next time.

    I know it’s a tough ask, but next time think with your ant brains and don’t let your fingers do all the talking and walking.

  55. newsfiji Says:

    budhau..i really feel sorry for you…you are so blinded by your self righteousness…


    Nadro Kid: agree with you totally. Sa sivia ga na vosa vei iratou qo…1st we heard of the so called “evidence” was just before Xmas 2006…Voreqe announced he was going to produce the evidence of the corrupt SDL….

    Next thing – the evidence they produce is some trumped up video of Naisoro talking to the biggest conman under the sun “PETER FOSTER”…wailei if that’s the bloody evidence they start with than let’s not bother at all with everything else they making up now…sa qai tu gona qo ivei o Peter Foster…

  56. newsfiji Says:

    Wailei and as for the Mara clan all free riding on the Iloilo Vatu to Lakeba…nothing new…

    Let’s just all hope that the event is not opened with $50…

    Wa…ha..ha…$50 tiko vei iko!! Ha..ha..ha..

  57. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    @SV and other bloggers: This is what we are posting on the Amnesty International report on Fiji in today’s Fiji Times. If anyone wants to view the original Amnesty document, you’ll find the link under “Think Piece” on the front page of the FDN website.

    Amnesty International’s 2008 report has been long awaited by Fiji’s democracy supporters and, as we expected, it has provided full, objective and concise corroboration of what we have been saying all along.

    It is all there – the killings, torture, heatings, harassment, compromising of the judiciary, denials of due process and complete disrespect for the rule of law.

    Even the appalling, cynical hypocrisy of the supposed defender of human rights in Fiji, Dr Shaista Shameem, gets a mention.

    The highly respected international body has catalogued, in chilling detail, the gross abuses to human rights and attacks on basic personal freedoms inflicted on the people of Fiji following Voreqe Bainimarama’s decision to resort to the power of the gun.

    The Amnesty report is a damning indictment of Bainimarama and, by
    association, of each and every man or woman who has supported the actions of Fiji’s dictator before, during and since the coup.

    We can only hope that Amnesty’s detailing of the injustice, cruelty and shame that Bainimarama’s selfish adventure has brought to our nation will finally cause a light to come on in the heads of those responsible.

    The dispassionate listing by Amnesty International of the Bainimarama
    regime’s activities lays open the stark, shocking truth of Fiji’s situation and is now part of Fiji’s history.

    If it cannot move the dictator and his regime to recognise the total futility of
    their experiment and the absolute pointlessness of continuing to shame and humiliate their nation, we honestly don’t know what would.

  58. Mark Manning Says:

    So the President admits this is his last year , who will take over as there is no VP ?
    Amnesty say that Fiji is worse off and doesn’t look after those it should !
    Ignorant Fijians in Vanuatu don’t understand what the Charter is , who will educate them , as they only read the papers or listen to tainted radio reports ?
    Who will tell them the truth directly , don’t they have Internet there And the Commander goes on another overseas trip , but still he knows nothing and learns nothing !

  59. Mark Manning Says:

    it seems we all agree with you . if there is evidence of corruption , then Qarase must be brought before the Courts , i believe you and us agree on this . but , like any conviction , it must be based on solid evidence in order for the judge or Jury to make a determination of guilt or not .
    As , like you and us , everyone is presumed innocent until proved guilty , and that’s our point , Qarase hasn’t been proved guilty !
    No one is saying your right or wrong with your accusations of guilt , we are saying , he is legally innocent until proved guilty and we challenge all his accusers to produce the proof of his guilt in order that he may be tried in a court of law !
    Now , you say your friends told you Qarase took $1,000 cash and probably didn’t declare it ! But is it possible , that you are a man of Authority , in a high position , possibly the military and that your friends have lied to you in order to get your support in this coup ?
    Is it possible that you have been used to their advantage , if this is so , are you courageous enough to come forward and admit your mistake ?
    Will you challenge your friends to tell the truth . What do they have to gain from your support ? What would have happened regarding the coup and them , had you not supported the coup . Were you used as an instrument of their desires !

  60. Mark Manning Says:

    By the way , I’m not that intelligent , just passionate about this situation in Fiji , as passionate as you seem to be but on the opposite end of the scales !

  61. budchaser Says:

    I thought budhau had agreedto piss off from the site but a dog that he is, he has come bag (soory kulis). The Mara-Ganilau famly clan are opportunists – Epeli Ganilau tried his luck in politics but got o per cent of votes, I think, in the last election. The other Epeli disappeared to australia from the army to allow rabuka to carry out the coup, came back, made some funny noises, and went to London with his family to be our high commissioner – comes back – gets speakership, and twice wanted power – if Speight had not told him to piss off, he was going to be PM after the 2000 coup (so much for democracy) and again wanted to be VP – so dont be fooled by these clan anymore – sorry Lauans, they dont represent you lot. Speak out against them. Even Mara sold his soul to remain in power – becoming PM after getting rid of Bavadra and later President, and the old Ganilau also did the same. They think Fiji belongs to them

  62. Ablaze Says:

    Maras, Gaunilaus, Nailatikaus vakasisila mob of wankers. No shame!

    Get rid of them and Fiji will move forward. Their fathers started it – Fiji’s downfall. Rabuka was the dumb ass that went all with all they could grab for themselves. It is what the children are doing today. I loathe them!

  63. Jose Says:

    Mark Manning. You are doing very well, keep talking. Mention “freemason” and he goes berserk and becomes an ancient text.

    I did not vote for Qarase. But I do know, that he is a good man. No amount of accusations or allegations against him can make me change my opinion of him. Mark, you have a pleasant evening.

  64. budchaser Says:

    I am wondering if Budhau is crippled (sorry crippled folks) sitting in front of his computer or a wannker claiming Aussie state benefits and blogging – for he seems not to be doing anything, or is he a goon in the military placed to make a dumb arse of himself

  65. anon Says:

    Oh well, guess what….got evidence that the Ganilau’s property was supposed to be on MORTGAGEE SALE due to non payment for past couple of years by their financier….but guess what…Daniel Whippy of Carpenters had written a supporting letter to confirm that they will be doing some kinda business with the Ganilaus in Taveuni ……some kinda warehouse to be built on their land which needs to be dereserved first which will help in paying off their loan. Just another gimmick to buy time

    Free ride on the iloilovatu, na vale e sega ni saumi rawa!!!

  66. FijiGirl Says:

    @budchaser – definitely a state-benefits-claiming wa**er.
    Probably also paid by Chodo’s illegal regime.
    Any bloggers in the NSW state govt who can check on this blogger? You’ve definitely got a case of benefits fraud, possibly enough for prison term sentence.

    You can tell Pink Budhau is not ‘a true believer’ in what he writes – nothing he claims has the ring of authenticity, and the insults are clearly aimed at provocation (faker) rather than stating a convincing argument (real deal).

    Interesting how the illegal regime can only find their defenders overseas.
    I guess there’s no-one left in Fiji who can be bothered to stand up for this indefensible Junta and has enough intelligence to work a computer.

    God bless Fiji

  67. FijiGirl Says:

    @ anon – have you got a copy of the letter? Can you get it to SV?


    God bless Fiji

  68. Peace Pipe Says:

    OMG what is this country coming to? First of all we have the likes of the royal family tripping and treating themselves to their fill by force at the expense of the taxpayers money our money. And was it for any good reason. No. Just to be guest of honour at a pass out parade of more potential future coupsters. They are training school kids to be soldiers right from an early age. Why not gear up the kids for a worthwhile profession that will make them more useful when they grow up and start a life of their own instead of lining up for recruitment at the army camp. Arm the kids with more useful and productive knowledge and skills to build the country instead of destroying it. Who are we fighting with right now since the real threat of WWII in 1940s. At this rate we could have two sets of armies to start fighting each other instead of twiddling their thumbs and performing other counterproductive activities at the various army barracks around the country. Military training in schools have proliferated and is counterproductive to the students and the nation. Look what it has caused the nation – 20+ years of regressions through continuous coups.

    Another motive of this excursion is to pressure the Bose ni Vanua into accepting the charter and GCC changes with their presence. This worked wonders in Rotuma when the pig was there and got the Rotumans approval hand delivered to the him for fear of antagonising him. Bunch of free riding wankers the whole bang lot in the ig including these wannabes.

  69. Budhau Says:

    Hello Qarasists: Let me clear this hurdle for you fools. First, it was Bainimarama who gave the ungrateful Qarase the opportunity to lead the nation after the 2000 coup. They had a clear understanding, and that included this: *NO coup makers and plotters in the government*.

    In the end, Qarase’s ultra ego & memory failed him and refused to listen to anyone, except himself! Hahaha….

    I have friends who were in his “think-tank” and they tell me that when they tried to dissuade him from passing the QOLIQOLI bill, Qarase would brand the Qoliqoli discussion ‘off limits’!

    The super-idiot Qarase is the sole cause of this coup. He should have thought of the nation first and met the conditions of Bainimarama, including sacking the coup perpetrators in his government and not passing ridiculous bills such as*reconciliation* and *qoliqoli*.

  70. soro Says:

    Well now – why is Baini-jet-setter going to Rome ?

  71. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Puzzling how both the Fiji Times and Fijilive missed this piece of current events. How times have changed. Strange that the first official occasion gracing our shores AFTER an extended dry spell if you will finds someone “e vakamau yani” as chief guest when our own Ravouvou is well. All the same it might have been useful if they loaded up that ship with flour, sugar, tea and kerosene to distribute to the villagers from their earnings being fat paycheck recipients of the day given the hardships faced by the people of Lakeba and Lau as a direct result of their coup. Sega Sara ni dua na ka vinaka me kune Mai na lalaki qo. Not for the people of Lakeba. This is a self serving trip. If it is not for this illegal good for nothing charter the thought of going home wouldn’t surface. Some things were of paramount importance that certain member could not avail her royal self at Lakeba where the entire district and Fiji congregated @ the occassion of our chiefly removal of mourning. Ia sa qai yabe tu yani na na gauna qo because she wants something. I hope the people of Lakeba and Lau hold firm on the side of the law and the constitution. Respect the rule of law should be paramount. Indeed we were wronged. That is in the past. And it does not serve us to excuse lawlessness because we were couped. We are supposed to be bigger and better. It should be beneath us to resort to taking revenge. This long dragged out coup, its charter, its bogus NCBBF, have brought nothing but misery. Lakeba and Lau would do well to hold firm and reject this charter. Tou sa muria Mada ga na lawa. Na dodonu kei na dina. That is our contribution to nation building in our lifetime. The only gifts worthy of pride and honour to leave behind for Fiji’s future generations. The legacy left behind by our late high chief. And those that came before him.

  72. Budhau Says:

    Mark, good points and 100% agreed.

    you say: “Now , you say your friends told you Qarase took $1,000 cash and probably didn’t declare it ! But is it possible , that you are a man of Authority , in a high position , possibly the military and that your friends have lied to you in order to get your support in this coup ?”

    I can assure you it was a FAMILY member – and it was not 1000, but a couple of thousand $!

  73. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Hear hear!! Spoken like a true Marama ni Tubou! Vinaka Kata for raising those points!
    With all due respect to o iratou na gone ni Valelevu, Na Turaga Tui Nayau sa Bale Ratu KKTM set the standard very high for his children and we have yet to see them somewhat come close to his mark.

  74. Budhau Says:

    The super-idiot QARASE is paying for his sins….

    ***For the wages of sin is death***

  75. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Budhau why don’t you just name the person/persons and be done with it!!

  76. wailei Says:

    Perleez.. What Royal Family? Since when did we have “THE FIJI THRONE” Where is their crown? The Mara’s and GA NI ULUKAU’s kids are free riders. All due respect to their fathers. The kids dont give a shit about you or me,, but only for themselves. They were born with a silver spoon. While the rest struggled. Royal to who? They dont own Fiji.. When you were sick, they were not there physically to help you. So who gives the fuck about them. They did not put a roof over my head. So, they can highly piss off, kua mada na kana buta tiko.. dou yavu vucesa!

    It is our business if you are using state money for your personal shiate! Lai tei dovu i seaqaqa me rawa na nomudou bula. Kua mada na kana buta… The money they are using (tax) is from the sweat of the common people.

  77. Tebara Says:

    Budhau your shaet stinks … !!

    Id really love to meet you face to face and once and for all shut that big gob of yours by pouring hot boiling water over you …!! KAMA NA SUWAINEEEEEEE!!

  78. Budhau Says:

    The super-idiot QARASE is paying for his sins. HE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER AND PUT FIJI’S INTEREST ABOVE HIS. It is all weakling Qarase’s fault…he is the sole cause of all this…he should be charged and hanged.

    ***For the wages of sin is death***

  79. Dauvavana Says:

    Da kakua ni kauwaitaki Bhudau e sa mai vagolea na veivosaki mai na i lakolako ki Lakeba okya ka veivosaki taki tiko qo.

  80. Tebara Says:

    Roger that Nite …!!

  81. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:


  82. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Kemudou na gone ni Lau raraba.

    If Lakeba folds because of traditional expectations I ask you to please stand united and carry the cross for them and the rest of us and deliver the verdict on the side of the law and upholding the constitution as we know it. Reject the charter.

  83. Jose Says:

    It is a trait of the freemason to trash what is good, right and holy. QARASE IS A GOOD MAN WHO RELIES HEAVILY ON ALMIGHTY GOD, THE CREATOR. What the piglet bhudau is squealing about Qarase is only to be expected of the luciferians. This is their trade. Trashing GOOD.

  84. LUVfiji Says:

    @ soro. I think its a UN/FAO meeting where discussion is expected to centre on the global rise in food prices. Jetsetter dina – in just a matter of months this man has been to all corners of the world. Wont it be surprising if he makes a stop at the Holy City ! Nothing but sheer abuse of funds. But what can you say? Me vaka ga na i qaiqai qo i Lau. Sa gole lala na iloilovatu me laki tawa mai na yaba totoka ni Lakeba.

    @anon. Interesting news!

  85. budchaser Says:

    I thought one of the reaons Bavadra was overthrown was because he was on the verge of ordering inquries into corruption duirng Maras alliance party regime – remember the Marela house etc and ganilau house etc – buidling them from stoeln fijian money and renting it out — Qarase was only put there because Bainimarama first choice Nailatikau was told to piss of by Speight – dont forget that bainimarama had signed the Muanikau accord to let speight go free – the fool should have handed in all the weapons and by now he would have been in governemnt also – look at the free trips this so-called saviour is making – before he had to ask for permission and account for expenses – now its shut up and dont ask questions – budhau is writing his speeches

  86. budchaser Says:

    Qarase is not paying for his sins – he is a victim of Chodos treachery – who ensured that the multi-party cabinet did not survive, and conspired with traitors to overthrow government

  87. Mark Manning Says:

    i know you may think we are all against you , or that at least most of us might be , but actually , i think it’s more that we are for Democracy . If Qarase is guilty of corrupt behaviour , then please present the proof so that he may be prosecuted by a just Court . Otherwise , they are only accusations and that is what makes the difference here . Accusations or proof !
    Is it possible or should i say , is it not possible that your relatives are either mistaken or have lied to you . Do you hold a position of authority ?

  88. Tracker Says:

    @FDN – Its great to see that the International Community is being informed about the human rights violations in our country!!

    Peace & Solidarity

  89. FijiGirl Says:

    @ PeacePipe. I think the deal in Rotuma was more to do with the fact that the head of the Rotuman Council is a former military man, Konrote, I think is his name?

    Wasn’t he supposed to be next in line to head the military? but it went to Vore for God-only-knows-why.

    The military leaders are tight with each other, know each others strengths, weaknesses, scandals and ‘where the bodies are buried’.

    You can bet there is more to the Rotuma situation than meets the eye.

    God bless Fiji

  90. Adi Kaila Says:

    No wonder the taroro has been a bit high lately – and I had thought it had to do with the weather.

    No I think our Kai from Rotuma were being accommodating and respectful when the coupsters went over for their propaganda and kumuni yau fest.

    BTW – that blogger calling himself budhau – is not the famous nuni kato. Why he thinks anyone is going to believe his fabulous bribe story is an indication of his lack of morals and ethics. Na rent mada me saumi rawa mai Oz.

  91. Soul of Fiji Says:

    BUDHAU as IG apologist is like the IG is saying what he is…..YOU SAY WHAT YOU ARE…..

    Right from the begining, the number of allegations left right and centre.

    … racist….
    … corrupt…..
    … idiot…..
    … tax evader…
    … transparency…
    etc, etc, etc.

    NOW WHERE IS THE IG NOW….all of the above.

  92. Soul of Fiji Says:

    There is so much hatred emanating from the IG boss Choro and his followers about Qarase. I wonder why ?

    One guesse, Qarase must have been very SMART and beat Chodo in a GAME THAT CHODO THINKS HE IS THE MAN…..UNTOUCHABLE….that is in politics…Qarase beats Chodo hands down with one hand tied behind his back.

  93. Tracker Says:

    I’ve always said that Bainimarama & his men will end up killing or injuring Chaudhry. Things are quickly falling apart.

  94. Adi Kaila Says:

    SOF – It’s because they know that Qarase would never ever do what they have done.

    Qarase is an Economist and Banker, he is an honest man and like most of us of sound mind like to give our detractors the benefit of the doubt. He wasn’t fooled by voreqe or chod he truly did not believe another human being could do what they set out and did because he’s a man of high ethics and morals.

    We all know that both voreqe and chod are murderers and thieves and they have proved it 1000% – now they have revealed how treasonous and very untrustworthy they and their fellow coupsters are.

    You’re quite correct in saying that The Prime Minister Mr Laisenia Qarase outsmarted them and they could not take it. The Prime Minister Mr Laisenia Qarase is an educated man – the huge difference in personalties and life and work ethics is so vast that they just could not compete with him. He was actually going to expose and reveal to the Nation all of the corruption that had been going on since 1970. Any one who is an expert with figures can see anomalies at a glance and know how to investigate it. Ask any regular bean counter. But The Prime Minister really is an expert in his field.

    I really hope he can do it one day soon.

  95. Tracker Says:

    Rajen Chaudhry’s moves to attack Aiyaz & to tease Bainimarama will quickly spell doom for him & his father. Just watching TV the other day & seeing Frank talking in Rewa made me realise that he is not all there (if you know what I mean).
    He is also someone who uses people for his own benefit. Chaudhry’s not the only one who plays that game. Once Frank is done with MPC, he will dispose of him.


  96. Tracker Says:

    AN implosion is imminent within the close govt circle.

  97. Budhau Says:

    Talking about getting rid of the chief – they just kicked out the King in Nepal – the King who was supposed to be a reincarnation of some Hindu god.

    Hey guys, if they can do it – so can you. The Chiefs are one the way out – it is just a matter of time. So some of you progressive types – you got the opportunity now – the equality of all Fijians, chiefs or commoners.

    As for Qarase – why exactly are you folks trying to hold onto him, move on with some fresh, honest leadership.

  98. Orisi Qaranivalu Says:

    Don’t get carried away. The chiefs will remain. It is the Charter that should be kicked out of Lau. I believe that Fijians are holding their breaths. All Lauans have to do is state clearly they uphold the rule of law – political affiliations and traditional alignment to chiefly loyalties aside and this current mess will evolve speedily through the next major stages. Whatever that will be needs unraveling and the sooner the better.

  99. anon Says:

    We Lauans are not fools, they can take their charter and shove up their .aaaaa…..rrrrr……

  100. Glawyer Says:

    Royal Family? Their fathers did a lot for Fiji but the kids and downwards all a bunch of freeloaders! All spoiled brats used to getting what they wanted and when they got rejected big time at the elections (anyone remember some orange party? something to do with mandarins maybe? no? yes…very forgettable) they decided to take over by force, unfortunately for the rest of the nation we are now burdened with these idiots who have no clue, and then they thought at least we’ll make ourselves look good by getting in Chodo to handle finances…alas big mistake….big talk and nothing to back it up. Now the economy is in tatters, the poor are getting poorer…and its so bad that even the rich are getting poorer…the only people still enjoying themselves are these freeloaders and their idiot leader Vore who are helping themselves to the coffers of the nation and traipsing around the world. Lau should do the right thing and reject these fools for they have brought nothing but shame to themselves and now they’re trying to bring shame to their province.

  101. newsfiji Says:

    Lauans pliz go in full force to the Provincial Council Meeting…reject the charter – it is illegal…their is already a charter in place called the CONSTITUTION…

    This idiot charter that’s supposed to be ready by October is just a waste of taxpayers money..

    As for the people going to Lau free of charge to attend some cadet training passout – wailei, the rest of Lau madaga no sugar, rice and salt tiko…

    Vinaka Vakalevu Courts!

  102. Belijo Says:

    Thanks Katalina great comment. To all Launs, na Turaga ena vakaturagataki ga kevaka e vaka-turaga mada ga na nona bula. But if it is clothed in arrogance, corruption and greed then sorry to say this younger generations of Launs will not respect the Turaga because you do not deserve their respect. Kivei kemunu a vei- turaga kei na marama ni yasana ko Lau me masulaki a vanua ka me ra veiliutaki ga na tamata, tabu saka yani ka lotu vakayalo ka vakaidina. Me kerei na Kalou me ra vakarusai na tamata se turaga se marama ka ra sega ni vakayacora vakadodonu tiko nai naki ni Kalou ena nodra bula ni veiqaravi ki na yasana. God Bless the Bose ni Yasana ko Lau and May God’s will be done.

  103. Tuks Says:

    Vinaka Belijo,
    We must also understand that Rt Mara and Rt Penaia’s children have all been brought up with Government monies and they are very much used to the lifestyles only the few enjoyed in our our lifetime. Take 50 years of the lifetime and multiply by the number of children gives us the total manyears of State Care given – paid and catered through our hard earned $$$$$$.. The trip to Lakeba will be very much seen as normal in their eyes as one blogger pointed out above. What is beginning to happen now with the current situation is that they have been deliberately put to test in burning furnace for us to see whether it will be the real gold and diamonds or all but fakes…. They do have to go through the mill and learn the hard way. I believe their is a reason why God is allowing these situation with respect to the these children and their children.,., God bless the people of Lau and Fiji!!

  104. Tracker Says:

    @Tuks. Couldn’t agree more. Well said. Well Said. God Bless our beloved country.

  105. Ablaze Says:

    Please stop praising Ratu Mara, he was paid to do a job. Pity Mrs Mara didn’t spend more time teaching the children morals.

    Mara should’ve have not accepted the position as interim PM after the Rabuka coup.

    I don’t believe Mara and Gaunilau weren’t behind Rabuka! Rabuka was too dumb to carry out the coup alone.

  106. Adi Kaila Says:

    This is a propaganda trip and big time kumuni yau – I think the inheritance is no more or has dwindled considerably.

    Time for them to get a proper job methinks and pay for their utilities like everyone else has to.

    Otherwise it’s the reliable old tabucagi for $50 and a tarpaulin to cover the swimming pool – or maybe they should breed qari or some exotic edible fish in the pool to pay the mortgage.

    This coup is the same scenario as the first one – very capable commoner Dr Bavadra wins the election legally to become Prime Minister of Fiji – third rate army officer Rabuka pulls a coup on behalf of the losing side Ratus Mara and Ganilau – this time it’s their offspring the younger generation behind the scenes trying ‘so hard’ to pretend they do not have anything to do with this coup – once again the Maras & Ganilaus – deja vu

  107. Tuks Says:

    No hard feelings..Think you miss our point above. Time itself will demonstrate [as you imply yourself ] the fruits of our own labour and the kinds of upbringing one passes on to their children. It is only through trials and tribulations that our real qualities can be exposed. That is basically [in my view] what is happening to Rt Mara and Rt Penaia’s children. As for the two High Chiefs, may their Souls rest in Peace.

  108. Tebara Says:

    U R SO RIGHT THERE ADI K … !! Its so sad for them (Mara, Naulukau & Ganilua clan) to think that the general Fijian populace would still carry them through like it did their forefathers. SORRY FULORI !!

  109. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ Ablaze – Please let the dead rest in Peace, e rau sa leca na i tubububu turaga, we are dealing with the now, lets take the higher road my friend!


  110. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    a-N thank you.

    Belijo vinaka for that one two punch summary and may I add — rightly APPLIES to all living chiefs as pointed out by a-N — the most prominent of whom is obviously Ratu Josefa Iloilo. It remains the people of Vuda’s to address.

    May I take this opportunity to remind us that Fiji witnessed Naitasiri’s and Cakaudrove’s high chief’s crossing the line and I maintain this rule equally applied — it w a s for their people to speak to.

  111. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    How did the parents of Ratu Josefa Iloilo teach and brought him up ? Is it the fruits of his upbringing we have been subjected to ?

    Were moral and ethics foreign flowers inside the Chaudhry’s household?

    Food for thought Ablaze.

  112. Adi Kaila Says:

    As if the villagers do not have enough to contend with – now they are presented with this huge oga.

  113. IslandBoy Says:

    @Adi Kaila – any pictures, coverage or coconut wireless news from the actual oga you could share with us? Sa malo!

  114. IslandBoy Says:

    @Adi Kaila – sorrycompletely forgot – watch for the next free ride, free-for-all to the coronation of HM in Tongatapu, a few weeks from now.

    Just heard from a good friend about the squabble for seats on the special (charter) flight, just to go and star around Nuku’alofa.

  115. Adi Kaila Says:

    IB –

    I’m still waiting for the coconut wireless to crank up – kila ga the gang from Tubou don’t mince words and when they start off in their dialect qai kamica sara.

    BTW do you remember when Tonga’s King Taufa’ahau Tupou IV died in 2006?

    Well the lips where almost touching the ground from childish peeve as the Mara clan were relegated to sit at the back of the temporary stands for the official contingent from Fiji during the funeral ceremony. The bitterness behind those sunglasses was something to behold as the body language spoke volumes.

    They can scramble for seats all they want – when it comes to protocol the Tongans have it down pat and the wannabes will soon find out how insignificant they are.

    I might just wander down to the makete to buy some fruit and vegetables today.

  116. Wailei! Says:

    The tongans should dump them at Pagaimotu Island. As if they’re related to the Royal Family. The only lineage is Rt.Epeli Nailatikau’s. The Mara’s nope. Heard from the tongans that Ma’afu was just a lowly chief. hahahaha….
    Rt.Epeli Nailatikau’s family was from Queen Salote’s Dad. who is Rt.Epeli’s Grandfada… Emeni..

  117. Lau Lass Says:

    Bu Da , of course LQ was not a crooked politician like your Chodo or Mara, they obtained their wealth from the poor people & from our taxes!!!

  118. Orisi Qaranivalu Says:

    Hear Hear! Katalina great re entries up there girl! June 4th looms a few hours from now. Fiji expects Lau will support the Charter however, should Lauans show the country they are a cut above the rest then very sorry to the IG. For without the Lauan’s pretense the Charter is most probably going to be pig dinner and I don’t mean Voreqe.

    We’ve talked a bit about resistance to this IG. I believe that 2 key people and incidents can actually offer as close to this as we are going to get. One is the Lau’s Provincial Meeting staged for June 4th with the outcome we want and hope will get. Two is the people of Vuda, reading through Katalina’s post above asking about Ratu Iloilo and his people. Am curious as to the reasons why the chiefly clan of Viseisei have not taken action here? Go and bring home their High Chief to retire comfortably.

    See, the problem again Odro ( hope I have your name right) appears here too. Everyone just wants to be comfortable. With as little inconvenience to come their way. I just wish upon hope Lau drops this charter like a hot potato. If they do that.. we will, turn our heads simultaneously towards the direction of Viseisei village VA CAVA O KEMUDOU? Na qai lakovi ni naica nomudou turaga.

  119. Belijo Says:

    Adi Kaila

    This is no new news. I bet the Lakeban rajahs will be squabbling for those seats. It’s a habit most common to the chiefly clan members. It’s also common knowledge that the squable to get there is not really to maintain the royal links but to bring home the goods or ‘loots’. Some have done so in the past and bring the loots that they themselves use for their corpse. My advice to the squabblers, beware of what you bring!

  120. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Io, ra dau kaya ga “Cagi ko Lakeba, dui vala kena”!!

  121. Adi Kaila Says:

    @ Wailei

    I beg to differ.

    The Maras are not descendants of Enele Maafu – they do not have a drop of blood from him – in fact their Tongan lineage can probably be traced to one of Maafus soldiers.

    Maafus family in Fiji still live in their ancestral home Onewai in Tubou where he is buried.

    The Maafu family in Fiji like most of us are scattered all over Fiji and the world and the head of this clan is the Queen of Togatapu HRH Halaevalu Mata’aho. Their family name in Tonga is Fielakepa. They may be nothing to you Wailei or to Fijians but to the Tongans they are as Royal as one can get. In fact history will reveal this clan are the true Royal Family of Tonga – ask any Tongan and they will tell you the same.

    I must stress that the Maras are not blood relatives or descendants of this ancient lineage although they did usurp a family name Elenoa Gataialupe to name their youngest daughter who is the Roko Lui’ twin.

    Here’s some interesting info to chew on – for Ratu Maras eightieth birthday it was this clan from Tonga who bought all the iyau and food over for the celebration in a ship – yes – and you know what – the Tongan side were extremely disappointed that their very own Kaiga were not invited to this celebration but it was too late to recall the food and the iyau.

    Ya nai tovo ni Kawa ni Turanga dina.

  122. Belijo Says:

    Adi Kaila thanks for this info. I wonder why the Mara’s have always given the false pretension that they were linked to the Tongan Royal. Looks to me Ratu Mara had always been invited because of his status as PM and President and probably because he was a very respectful leader. Then what do the ‘lada’ Maras aim to do. They are living on the past glory of their Old Man. They are NO MORE!!!!!!

  123. Vasiti Osborne Says:

    They have (had) a mother. Please find out how Adi Lala and Ro Teimumu are connected to Tonga. Might be useful to your pusuits.

  124. Wailei! Says:

    Thanks @ Di Kaila. Interesting…

  125. Vasiti Osborne Says:

    Fiji Times Online. Tuesday, June 03, 2008.

    Minister wants better standard.
    The increasing cost of living should not affect civil servants’ work, says interim Minister for Defence and Immigration Ratu Epeli Ganilau.

    He said this while addressing civil servants at Lakeba on May 29.

    He said civil servants should always try to maintain a high standard of public service. “I thank you all for your work so far,” he said. “It is during times like these that civil servants stand out in providing services to members of the public.”

    A 40-strong civil servant team of civil servants is accompanying Ratu Epeli on a six-day visit to Lakeba and Vanuabalavu.

    Ratu Epeli made these comments while being briefed on the problems and constraints faced by government officials in carrying out their duties.

    A team comprising of more than 40 officials from various Departments and Ministries is accompanying the Interim Minister on a six day visit to Lakeba and Vanuabalavu.


    Children of Lau would have done better to have receive instead a group of Indian business men & women and Indian farmers to talk about money management, running small businesses, how to secure a loan, their responsibilites to the lending institutions, farming the land for income, and all those useful lessons that the kids can actually apply to their lives whether or not they complete University level education.

    40 STRONG CIVIL SERVANTS?? Are they planning to move a Ministry to Lakeba and Vanuabalavu ?

  126. Belijo Says:

    I think the people of Lau already know what they are expected to achieve with reference to standards, why not go to ‘Jerusalemi’ (Own nuclear family) to advise them on this. They probably need it more than the Launs. Are you scared of the Nasomo people? Try that forum first.

  127. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Scanned through the mainstream media hoping to find a full report on the exact purpose of carting 40 civil servants to Lakeba and Vanuabalavu but no beep. Disappointing reporting by the Fiji Times. Provincial meeting also postponed to end of the month. There are a couple of originals posted above and I fully concur this was a waste of time and money only for the purpose of a pass out parade. Vasiti’s suggestion knocks me out of kilter really, and may I add it is the children of Lau particularly that stands the least chance at continuing Higher education in the mainland. I hoped for a report on how the Yasana will sell some of its stocks and secure a loan to purchase a ship… this is the area of great need. The Tuinatuki has limited cargo space that naturally reduces the ceiling of allowable cargo per island per trip. They need more, much more than the Tuinatuki is able. Not too long ago, the Fiji Times highlighted the problem when calls from Matuku and Moala who were running out of food and needing transportation of copra to Suva came to a head. They spoke out for the rest of the islanders who suffered in silence. When SV broke this story line I was fumed at first. Later on I thought that perhaps the grand trip to Lakeba and Vanuabalavu might just bring positive measures to address the shipping trouble for the group once and for all.

    They have been back now. And it looks like it was just for a good old gadegade trip. Just for fun aye. I hope I am wrong. There is still the Bose ni Yasana to take place in Suva, perhaps it will be then that this important subject will be dealt with. This is how Lau moves forward. Liquidate a bunch of Assets to take care of their people at grass roots level — the tools — Reliable Boat service and find them the Market. We should spend our time and energy with these things and not waste our lives making stupid coups and good for nothing illegal charters.

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