Chodo – Same Sh*t, Different Year

Flicking through “More Letters From Fiji 1990 – 1994 : First years under a post-coup Constitution” by Sir Len Usher, I was struck by Chodo’s total hypocrisy in his role with today’s post-coup illegal regime. 
Usher’s letters sketch Chodo’s movements and machinations at the time.  A most interesting pattern emerges. 
Chodo preferred weapon of choice is strikes and boycotts.  In the course of events covered by Usher’s second book of letters, Chodo calls for no less than eight strikes or boycotts in the sugar industry, Parliament and elections. 
His second favourite weapon at this time was to use international pressure to force the Government of Fiji to do his bidding.  In the four years from 1990 – 1994, Usher notes Chodo’s travels to India, Europe (twice) and USA.  He even tried to use his contacts with Australian Trade Unions to enforce a general ban on all trade with Fiji, a request which was declined. 
Usher observes Chodo’s sentiment that having a just constitution was more important than economic advantages like the preferential price paid by the EEC for Fiji Sugar, after his return from Europe trying to persuade them to withdraw their trade concessions from Fiji.  In other words, he would rather cripple the Sugar industry (of which he is supposedly the steward) and the economy.  You have to be an extremely spiteful person to take this kind of stance to such a degree.  In today’s world, such sentiments are commonly found among terrorists rather than men of State. 
Mark Twain wrote “to a man with a hammer, every problem is a nail.”  Chodo’s favourite hammer was to hold a strike / boycott.  His second favourite hammer was to use international pressure, or to appeal to overseas bodies to do his fighting for him.  He does not know how to solve problems, except by creating bigger ones.  The 2006 coup seems to be the biggest problem he can create in order to ‘solve’ his other problem of the Rabuka-Reddy Constitution. 
So what happened?  Why has Chodo gone from being the strike/boycott guy, and the ‘get my buddies overseas to beat you up guy’ to being the coup-de-tat guy?
At some point, he has obviously realised that foreign governments and unions do not ‘cross the line’ on issues of sovereignty.  Similarly, he has realised that while regimes that do some wrong things are brought into line, regimes that do truly awful things tend to get away with it. 
Somehow, he has found a financier in India.  He found a willing puppet in Vore.  He found sympathetic ears in with the Mara-Ganilau ‘dynasty’. 
At some point, Chodo decided to cross the line.  In so doing, he went from being an agitator to a despot, a revolutionary to a terrorist, a politician to a dictator. 
What can stop him?  Wouldn’t it be ironic if Chodo were brought down by his three favourite tactics – Boycott, Strike and International Pressure.   
It’s a different year.  But he’s still the same sh*t. 
Relevant entries from Usher’s book can be read in full at
God bless Fiji


24 Responses to “Chodo – Same Sh*t, Different Year”

  1. natewaprince Says:

    This slithering son of a slimey snake is a user.If it benefits his motives,he’ll use it,or do it,or bribe it,or corrupt it,or steal it,or hump it,or even bend down to it.

  2. Striker Says:

    Chodo’s political legacy is precisely that; boycotts, strikes, international pressure and of course the ill-gotten millions due to his constituents for coup and cyclone relief.On his way down, he now wishes to take the nation’s economy, the military and ship of state down with him.

  3. Adi Kaila Says:

    He’s a friggin’ BULLY – like all bullies he’ll meet his match oneday – NA VANUA.

  4. Budhau Says:

    Come on you idiots – what else do you expect from a trade unionist – strike right. So Chaudary, as a trade unionist he effectively used strikes for the benefit of workers of all races – what is so wrong with that.

    During the 1987 and the 2000 coup – he tried to get international pressure for the return of democracy – exactly the same tactics that we are currently using.

    As for boycotts – they don’t seem to work.

    This time he felt that he could better serve his country by working with the IG rather than being on the sideline – that is no different from Ratu Mara working with Rabuka because his “house was on fire”

    So what exactly is the problem here?

    as for the ill gotten million – you wanna compare that to the millions that some of out other administrations have plundered.

    FijiGirl – so now you have a column in here, what exactly are to trying to prove. Regardless of whose side you are on – at least try to get your reasoning and critical thinking process straight.

  5. Adi Kaila Says:

    dou raica tiko – sa manati koya na dau ni vatavevelo na tatiki ni vula – tubu tiko nona dra – ena dua ga e kacabote nona qavokavoka lala – ae tukuna ‘o NP ni sinai tu kina na kora.

    Mai via lewai FG? Puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!

    Matailelevu mai dui dui ni vakasama – Na vuku nei FG kei nona vakasama dodonu.

    Ca gona na dau masiqiliqili – tu la na budhau tu na matanida

  6. soro Says:

    Adi K – LOL !! I love this quote and I think you will too :

    “Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.”

    So rest assured we can see you remain true to yourself, as we do too, whilst some others that shall be ignored simply only have the “it’s all about me” syndrome – no true inner convictions or self.

    Blog on peeps. The truth shall set us all free.

  7. FijiGirl Says:

    (Moron x Idiot) + Internet Connection = Budhau proves his stupidity. QED.
    God bless Fiji

  8. Dauvavana Says:

    Butt hole Nunidhau your IDIOT, sometimes it’s better to remain silent then to open ones mouth and prove to everyone that you are an IDIOT

  9. Tebara Says:

    Nite .. vaka o ni rough mai yakava nikua 🙂

  10. Budhau Says:

    FijiGirl – now a columnist for SV. That idiot Taukei get is Taukei declaration published by SV. Natewaprince is on the board of directors of SV.

    If this is what you guys have to offer – I really hope God does bless you all.

    Dauvavana – that “open you mouth and prove that you are an idiot” – you just did – you probably have sayings like that hanging in you living room – right?

    FijiGirl – that Moron x Idiot thingie – I think you have overused it. BTW – when you try to make a statement on someones intelligence and you do not know how to use these words – that actually says a lot about your intellect.

    Should I call you a moron or a imbecile or an idiot – and what does that do in a forum such as this – Oh, I get it, I am supposed to feel bad because you did some name calling – just like I think Chaudary is really pissed off that you now refer to him as Chodo.

  11. Tebara Says:

    And why do you continuosly showface Budhau?

    Which dick are you licking continuosly in bribery for your blogs !

  12. soro Says:

    Tebara .. that bad smell always wants to linger on the places he’s not wanted … wah – no shame – just like his/her hero Choro

  13. Budhau Says:

    Tebara – I don’t lick, I am a Bill Clinton kinda guy – BTW my Christian beliefs do not allow me to use swear words – so God Bless you and have nice day.

  14. Budhau Says:

    Soro – you idiot, those fart jokes – one usually gives up on that in about 6th grade. You no school idiot.

  15. soro Says:

    OMG the full moon idiots are still around … with their bad smells … neeeeuw .

    Check this out peeps for Full Moon Fever :

  16. Dauvavana Says:

    Somebody open the windows to get the curry fart out ’cause I am choking

  17. Dauvavana Says:

    Naita tebara, na rough ni lusi mai Lodoni kei na sega ni moce da lai job se fire jiko qo 🙂

  18. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Tebara – Budhau floats here because his father Chodo needs someone to distract the bloggers when we get too close to the truth. Best thing is just to IGNORE him. He is too stupid to concern us.

    Meanwhile – how can we use Chodo’s favourite weapons against him?

    International Pressure

    The new ambassador for UK is presenting his credentials to the Queen next month. Any Fijians in Europe (army wives, students, gap year people) – will you be able to get to London to stage a protest against the illegal regime?

    Can pro-democracy advocates arrange a series of go-slow strikes against the regime? Especially important are public servants.

    Can we all ‘have a sicky’ on the same day? As long as you remember to turn up to your local health clinic for a sick note, they can’t make any accusations stick that you are striking or assembling illegally. Good non-specific symptoms to quote to the Doc on duty are- changing temperature, chills, headache, sore joints, queasy, nauseous, listlessness followed by bursts of energy, constant anxiety. How about the first and last Moday of each month?

    Keep writing to embassies and delegations in Suva supporting their sanctions against the illegal regime, and asking them to increase pressure to stick to the promised elections timetable.

    Any ideas for boycotts?
    Tabu soro
    God bless Fiji

  19. Adi Kaila Says:

    FijiGirl – After reading your great article I remembered this one by Graham Davies – interesting….It really is good to go back and revisit these stories and read those books by Len Usher because they make more sense now….

    This old fart is a prolific with his comments in the Fiji Times.

  20. Adi Kaila Says:

    Vinaka FijiGirl for that great article, Sometimes it’s good to revisit past stories as they begin to make some sense about the insidiousness that is happening to this Nation today.

    This old fart used to be prolific with his comments upholding the coupsters treasonous behaviour.

  21. Adi Kaila Says:

    Vinaka FijiGirl for that great article, Sometimes it’s good to revisit past stories as they begin to make some sense about the insidiousness that is happening to this Nation today.

    This old fart used to be prolific with his comments upholding the coupsters treasonous behaviour.

    Sorry SV it’s rather long but read on as it goes well with FGs article.


    Wrong man for wrong job
    Graham Davis
    Tuesday, March 04, 2008

    A police riot squad moves in to break up a procession of strikers at the corner of Princes and Margaret Streets. James Anthony was one of the key figures behind the oil workers strike in 1959
    There’s a new joke doing the rounds about the man at the centre of the storm over his report on the state of the Fiji media.

    “You know, Shaista’s right, James Anthony is balanced”, the gag goes. “He’s got a chip on both shoulders!”

    As they say, many a true word spoken in jest.

    Because anyone who reads the report James Anthony has done for the Fiji Human Rights Commission can see the chips on both shoulders glaring from far too many pages for comfort.

    One is an obsession with race, notably his evident distaste for the “white man” who he blames for many of the Fiji media’s shortcomings.

    The other is his perverse desire to throttle whatever independence the nation’s media still has and give the present interim government even more control over the information ordinary people get from their radio, television and newspapers.

    How odd that a man who presumably defends the principle of academic freedom should be so opposed to media freedom.

    And how scandalous that such a document should emerge from the one public body specifically charged with the defence of the rights of all Fiji citizens.

    For its passivity in the face of repeated human rights abuses, many people already regard the Fiji Human Rights Commission as an oxymoronic, Orwellian joke.

    Now it’s compounded the offence by officially endorsing a report that reeks of racism and would, if implemented by the regime, see journalists charged with sedition for defending the public’s right to know.

    For that endorsement a day after the shameful deportation, in defiance of a court order, of Fiji Sun publisher Russell Hunter, the Commission’s director, Shaista Shameem, deserves the strongest condemnation. She claimed the two events were purely coincidental.

    But the fact remains that Dr Shameem showed an appalling lack of judgement when she appointed James Anthony to conduct his inquiry in the first place.

    Never mind his glaring lack of media experience, which would have disqualified him from conducting such a sensitive exercise anywhere else.

    Even a cursory review of Anthony’s career should have sounded alarm bells about his appropriateness for the task.

    This is a man with a long history of injudicious behaviour and even more injudicious pronouncements, as those who’ve witnessed his colourful invective on Fiji Times blogs can easily attest.

    As a youthful trade union activist, he was a prime instigator, with Apisai Tora, of an oil workers strike that boiled over into riots in Suva in December, 1959.

    The anger was directed at Europeans, with passing cars stoned and businesses like Burns Philp, Morris Hedstrom’s and Carpenters attacked and looted.

    Those riots were the most violent incidents in Suva’s history until the anti Indian violence and street rioting that accompanied the coups of 1987 and 2000.

    In 1987, when the deposed Prime Minister Timoci Bavadra held a news conference in Washington, it was reportedly hijacked by James Anthony.

    To the embarrassment of Dr Bavadra, Anthony made an extraordinary claim that the American Central Intelligence Agency was behind the 1987 coup.

    He even claimed that Americans were with Sitiveni Rabuka when he stormed the parliamentary chamber, a huge surprise to Rabuka himself let alone the many others present on that fateful May day.

    He also claimed the Taukei Movement had been given $US 200,000 by an official in the US embassy in Suva, Bill Paupe, for its campaign of agitation against the Bavadra Government.

    Anthony’s old comrade, Apisai Tora, described this as an “outrageous lie” but it didn’t stop James Anthony from branding the respected Paupe a “barefoot Ollie North” after the bagman in the Iran contra scandal of the 1980s.

    It emerged later that Anthony was biting the hand he’d once hoped would feed him.

    The late Sir Len Usher, in his book Letters from Fiji, details how Bill Paupe had turned down Anthony’s application for an American Development Aid grant.

    Now, surely if you’re going to do an official report into the media financed by the long suffering taxpayer, a history of getting the facts right yourself ought to be the minimum requirement.

    Isn’t this one of the repeated failings of local journalists the good doctor rails against in his report?

    Unfortunately, practicing what he preaches doesn’t seem to be James Anthony’s strongest point.

    But his real crime is far more serious and goes to the heart of his suitability for conducting a supposedly “independent” inquiry of any kind in Fiji.

    This is his blatant obsession with race.

    It’s an issue that’s always just below the surface in Fiji but one that Dr Anthony and Shameem have jointly summoned from the murky depths, cloaked in the respectability their positions give them.

    Make no mistake.

    Whatever the many other failings of this report, the un-attributed claims and allegations, its basic ignorance or misunderstanding of normal media practice, its James Anthony’s racial bias that’s most notable and disturbing.

    The existing Media Council is a “white man’s club”, eight or nine “white men” control Fiji’s media, distort media coverage to suit their business and political agendas and thwart the ambitions of local journalists.

    The Fiji media, Anthony concludes, is no place for white men and their work permits should be cancelled.

    Anthony is particularly harsh on the Media Council’s chairman, Daryl Tarte, whose lifetime of service to the industry and the country is trashed.

    But as well as his pejorative references to the “white man”, Anthony vents his disdain for anyone or anything associated with foreign business interests.

    Never mind the interdependence of the global economy and the fact that foreign investment is vital to Fiji’s success.

    No, for James Anthony, white men are invariably exploiters who essentially belong elsewhere and should be tolerated in the Pacific only under the most stringent conditions.

    Surely a strange view for a non-indigenous Pacific islander to hold.

    The anti-capitalist part of the tirade can be expected from someone with a lifetime of trade union activism behind him and the cosy sinecure of academia to help him pay his bills.

    But where did James Anthony learn to hate the white man so much?

    With his background as a part Indo- Fijian, you might think he’d be more understanding of a minority position.

    But Anthony seems to share a strong anti European streak with many leftist, trade union aligned Indo-Fijians currently enjoying the indulgence of the interim government.

    Understandably, some of this can be traced back to the independence struggle against the British in India, the spirit of which took root in those agitating for Fiji independence in the 1950s and 60s.

    One of these, of course, was James Anthony.

    Yet having got what he wanted, he continues, nearly 40 years on, to blame the country’s problems on neo-colonialism and the white man.

    We’ve all seen the furore that erupts when Fijian nationalist extremists say Indo-Fijians really belong back in India.

    Yet in a monumental case of double standards, Fiji Europeans are seemingly regarded as fair game.

    Suddenly, many Fiji Europeans are feeling uncomfortable, even threatened.

    In his formal response to the Anthony report, William Parkinson, the head of Communications Fiji Limited, summed up a general view when he accused James Anthony of displaying “naked, racist hatred”.

    “As a member of a minority community in Fiji, I am very concerned at the manner in which the European community has been referred to in this report and the way in which senior members of our community have been maligned in a racist and vicious manner. I find it incredible that the FHRC would put their name to a document that exhibits this racist tone particularly at a time when the FHRC and the interim government is vigorously promoting multiculturalism and an end to racial division in public life”.

    Driving such sentiment is an uncomfortable suspicion.

    In 21st century Fiji, is it now to be a case of Fiji for the Taukei, the Indians, the Chinese, the Kailoma, the Rotumans, the Banabans and the Kaisolomoni, but not the Kaivalagi? That’s the implication, at least, of the Human Rights Commission’s official endorsement of such a racially charged document.

    James Anthony’s attitudes are all the more puzzling considering his own European background.

    He’s a direct descendent of one of the pillars of British colonial rule, the lawyer, Legislative Councillor and former mayor of Suva, Sir Henry Scott.

    Anthony owes his lineage to a “liaison” between Sir Henry Scott and James Anthony’s grandmother, an Indian domestic staff member named Minnie employed in the rambling Scott mansion at Flagstaff.

    The product of that relationship, while yet to be confirmed by DNA testing, was Anthony’s mother, Angelina.

    So as things stand, Sir Henry Scott was James Anthony’s grandfather, making him also closely related to all the other Scotts who’ve been prominent in Fiji’s national life.

    They include Sir Henry’s equally famous son, Sir Maurice Scott, plus the next generation, the murdered Fiji Red Cross director John Scott and his bother, Owen, the New Zealand resident author who’s recorded the family’s colourful history in his book Deep Beyond the Reef.

    The pity is that whatever bugs him, he should never have been given an official platform by Shaista Shameem to vent his prejudices when so much is at stake for Fiji.

    And the tragedy is that his flawed recommendations should now be before a military government more eager than ever to shoot the messenger rather than address its own shortcomings.

    Yes, the Fiji media could unquestionably be improved and local journalists be given better training.

    But forget about the tevoro unmasked with great fanfare in the Anthony Report, the ” white men” who allegedly control what we all see and read in Fiji.

    The real threat to freedom of information comes from the ideas of James Anthony contained in his report and endorsed by Shaista Shameem.

    – Graham Davis is a Fiji born journalist who’s a principal in the Australian company Grubstreet Media.

  22. natewaprince Says:

    Thanks AK,I’d totally forgotten about this piece of turd and his stupid report.So it seems the bi-polar pig is implementing it with the expulsion of the two Aussie publishers.

    We understand Anthony’s hatred for the white man,his grandma was a mistress for the great white Raj.

    But why is there so much hatred being shown by the pig towards the Fijian people???????? Could his grandmama have been an Indian too ??


  23. Ueby_Nogami Says:

    It is really so, but some aspects are missed or disputable. I’ve looking for this information for a long time! What more can I find about it?

  24. FijiGirl Says:

    @ NP – The piglet is being completely manipulated by Chodothru$h.

    If a wedge can be driven between them, the country will have a better chance of surviving this fiasco with some semblance of democracy when the dust settles.

    I still think a good bet is to appeal to the soldiers, get them to leave the military for the sake of their people.
    Their leaders might be crazy, but that doesn’t make them all crazy.

    @ AK – James Anthony has problems, deep seated problems, that probably go back way further than his grandmother.
    And yet, Chodo finds a way to use this to his advantage.
    Truly a master manipulator and utter sh**.

    God bless Fiji

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