We have to bring this photo back for the weekend.

Because this altered version, correctly portrays the real situation in Fiji right now.

Β “E saqai matata tiko ga ma na dui matanimeke e da sarava tiko qo” (as per quote from LQ).

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  1. Mareko Vuli Says:

    You people are a disgrace to fiji and the community at the level of mockery that you turn yourself into. The respect for the nation is long gone and this page sounds like an empty drum. How can you put a picture of our beloved president and the nations leaders at helm with such a joke. Are you all on drugs or wot? This is why people dont like Chiefs anymore because you are leading the way to bring them down themselves. Frank was trying to build them up through the charter and they all rejected it which was shame because it was the chief that rejected it not the people. I have no time for such chief such Mis Temumu, this is why she needs to get married to get a senses of real life. By the way Sukuna is not a fijian but a tongan and i dont know what so special about him.. Well to those boys who went to MBHS we are the ones who hold the truth and diginty and you are the ones that ran to the cinemas instead of schools. No wonder you make nasty comments and mockery of our beloved leaders. You only sowing what you reaping over the years. I am not suprised by this and level of arrogancy that will thrown towards this leaders by the end of this weekend. Blessings upon Our Beloved President and Prime Minister.. p.s it is sad you still not getting the points on moving the country forward through our PM’s vision..

  2. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Mareko vuli, you really should read and re read all your posts because you are so outdated, out of touch with reality and YOU bring shame to all the OBs of MBHS.

    I sure hope that you will continue writing to FT and blogging on SV long after we have put Voreqe Bainimarama and Mahendra Chaudhary behind bars where they rightfully belong.

    I also hope you read Adi Kaila’s recent post on SOME people living overseas whose attitude towards the situation in Fiji and people in fiji is one of snotty arrogance and ignorance.

    Voreqe Bainimarama is an uneducated despot and not a “Beloved leader” as you claim.

  3. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Mareko Vuli-yala-koso,

    Guess what mate? Voreqe\’s and your displays in these postings, clearly indicate the LEVEL of education you both received at MBHS. I bet some ex-MBHS made it well BUT YOU TWO, you are the remnants of the VULI-YALA-KOSOs, I guess.

    So, what high level education have you and Voreqe achieved after leaving MBHS to warrant him and you telling us what to do for our prosperity and freedom?

    Cos if we have to go by Voreqe\’s \”achievements\” so far, we can deduce that he has some issues with himself (lack of confidence, paranoia and lack of grey-matter?) and authority (was he bullied and maybe not loved at some point?)…hmmmmm

    OK bloggers, I\’m sure IB will say this….IGNORE MV!!!! Don\’t waste your energy on him and the likes of the ones in his fellowship..Bu(ta)dh(r)au, etc etc

    TGIF!!!!!!!!!! Go democracy!

    Down with dictatorship!!!!!!

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    You could compare Frank with Hitler , without the tanks to back it up !
    The reason for the coup , seems to have been twofold .
    1/ to reinstate Chaudhry , who has never accepted Mr. Qarase’s Government as legal.
    2/the Commander’s avoidance of questioning by Police over his possible knowledge of or involvement in , the murder of the 5 C.R.W. soldiers in 2000 .
    Mareko ,
    can you blame people for being disrespectful , when their livelihoods have been destroyed ?
    My hope is that the President is not and was not involved in this coup but is just being used by Frank until they have their own man in place .
    At times of despair , comedy is a healthy relief , the option , is a repeat of 2000 !
    Be grateful that option has been set aside , at least for now !

  5. Groggymaster Says:

    How appropriate – the clowns entertaining their true master.

  6. Trackerbusman Says:

    For Godss sake – the coup happened because Frank was on the verge of being arrested and charged with murder over the CWR soldiers – the military raided the police headquarters first, to destroy the murder file – Mahend provided him dosh to carry out the coup – stolen from I suspect Cyclone Ami funds

  7. Kai Veikau Says:

    The President and Voreqe deserved it from what they did against the law and the people of Fiji. You should photocopy the pics and take it to them and say ..”Sirs, this is what you have become of your actions in taking the Nation to where we are today..all ruins and a total sense of hopelesness.. They should see it from what others are looking at them…
    Mareko, tamata valoloma toka vei au oiko..Qiqo toka vakalevu qai veilecayaki nomu vakanananu…

  8. Mareko Vuli Says:

    KaiVeikau and others, let me ask you a question!!! Where is the love mate? Where is the loloma? Where is the vei vosoti? Where is the ve rokorokovi? You all sounds like you have lost your grassroots and have turned yourself into a western greek mentalty at the way you view things… The events of 2006 is done and cannot be rewinded. You could have choosen to go on the streets and protested about the takeover but you choose to do all the talking around the tanoa bowls without even trying to bring in your cultural justice. Now you have decided to express your concerns behind the veil of blogs. Where were you all when Frank was warning the SDL government. Now you want your freedom buts it abit too late. The only freedom is to stop talking get out of your hiding place and join the charter team and reconcile. Together we can all built a better Fiji for all to live in peace and harmony. We are in 2008 and cannot go back to 2006. Just do your chirstian duty, by forgiving your enemies and moving on, then you will be free from all this confusion. We have the courts to channel in all our frustration with the government of the day. Just be wise people n don’t condomise everything using blogs to cover yourself in. Be real then you will be free indeed. Blessings to Fiji

  9. Jon jon Says:

    Mareko Vuli, why don’t you lead the way with your repentance?
    We don’t need people to preach truth to us.
    You sound depressing with your writings!!!
    Get a life and get lost..
    Go to Petero for your sins….maybe he will pour that evil water on you!!!

  10. Jon jon Says:

    Can someone please dig up Mareko’s past and post it on thy blog?

  11. Tim Says:

    Mareko – You really should be asking Frank and Chodo “Where is the love”? instead of sounding like the cracked record you accuse others of. They love Fiji and anyone that contributes so much they abuse them, are complicit in their murders, attempt to stifle their right to opinion and free speech, shit on their vote and their will, manipulate the institutions that traditionally represent their interests, completely do over their economy and their ability to earn a living – indeed – where is their love?
    Like A-N says – I sure as hell hope you’ll be expressing the same “principled” opinion you seem to have when the junta is layed to rest – except we all know otherwise – you’ll be busy pretending that you never really supported them.
    There are other venues to preach and spout your dogma and blind faith – give us all a break and use them cos you’re just pushing sh*t uphill

  12. Taukei Says:

    Mark Manning Says: “You could compare Frank with Hitler , without the tanks to back it up !”

    Please add MONGREL LENIN.

    You could compare Frank with Lenin:


    Given that World War I did occur and that the Czar’s government was drastically weakened, it seems reasonable that there would have been major changes in Russia. However, without Jewish involvement, the changes in Russia would have resulted in a constitutional monarchy, a representative republic, or even a nationalist military junta that enjoyed broad popular support among the Great Russian majority instead of a dictatorship dominated by ethnic outsiders, especially Jews and ‘jewified non-Jews,’ to use Lindemann’s (1997) term.

    Conservatives throughout Europe and the United States believed that Jews were responsible for Communism and the Bolshevik Revolution (Bendersky 2000; Mayer 1988; Nolte 1965; Szajkowski 1974). The Jewish role in leftist political movements was a common source of anti-Jewish attitudes, not only among the National Socialists in Germany, but among a great many non-Jewish intellectuals and political figures. Indeed, in the years following World War I, British, French, and U.S. political leaders, including Woodrow Wilson, David Lloyd George, Winston Churchill and Lord Balfour, believed in Jewish responsibility, and such attitudes were common in the military and diplomatic establishments in these countries (e.g., Szajkowski 1974, 166ff; see also above and Ch. 3). For example, writing in 1920, Winston Churchill typified the perception that Jews were behind what he termed a ‘world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization.’ The role of Jews in the Bolshevik Revolution ‘is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others.’ Churchill noted the predominance of Jews among Bolshevik leaders (Trotsky, Zinoviev, Litvinoff, Krassin, Radek) and among those responsible for ‘the system of [state] terrorism.’ Churchill also noted that Jews were prominent in revolutionary movements in Hungary, in Germany, and in the United States. The identification of Jews with revolutionary radicalism became a major concern of the military and political leaders throughout Western Europe and the United States (Bendersky 2000; Szajkowski 1974). Moreover, as noted above, the deep involvement of Jews in Bolshevism was privately acknowledged within Jewish activist organizations. Lucien Wolf, a fixture in the Anglo-Jewish establishment, noted that, ‘I know the political history of the Jews in Europe and the part played by Jews in Bolshevism much too well not to realise the danger that we run in pretending that they always did hold aloof from revolution. There would have been no progress in Europe without revolution and I have often written and lectured — and I shall do so again — in praise of the Jews who have helped the good work’ (in Szajkowski 1974, 172).

    In Germany, the identification of Jews and Bolshevism was common in the middle classes and was a critical part of the National Socialist view of the world. For middle-class Germans, ‘the experience of the Bolshevik revolution in Germany was so immediate, so close to home, and so disquieting, and statistics seemed to prove the overwhelming participation of Jewish ringleaders so irrefutably,’ that even many liberals believed in Jewish responsibility (Nolte 1965, 331). Hitler was also well aware of the predominance of Jews in the short-lived revolutions in Hungary and in the German province of Bavaria in 1919. He had experienced the Jewish involvement in the Bavarian revolution personally, and this may well have been a decisive moment in the development of his anti-Jewish ideas (Lindemann 2000, 90).

    Jewish involvement in the horrors of Communism was therefore an important ingredient in Hitler’s desire to destroy the USSR and in the anti-Jewish actions of the German National Socialist government. Ernst Nolte and several other historians have argued that the Jewish role in the Bolshevik Revolution was an important cause of the Holocaust. Hitler and the National Socialists certainly believed that Jews were critical to the success of the Bolshevik Revolution. They compared the Soviet Union to a man with a Slavic body and a Jewish-Bolshevik brain (Nolte 1965, 357-358). They attributed the mass murders of Communism — ‘the most radical form of Jewish genocide ever known’ — to the Jewish-Bolshevik brain (Nolte 1965, 393). The National Socialists were well aware that the Soviet government committed mass murder against its enemies and believed that it was intent on promoting a world revolution in which many more millions of people would be murdered.

  13. Taukei Says:

    Mareko Vuli, you’ve LOST THE PLOT, like your buddy Frankie.

    Do some soul-searching and then come back, dude.

  14. Adi Kaila Says:

    Taukei o ka qori blog tiko mai merika – veilecayaki tu mada nonai vakasama – everyone knows that Ro Teimumu is a grandmother, a real Fijian Princess and the lineage to prove it. Who is the Sukuna he is referring to? the park in Suva?

    Macala gona na sega ni kilai ira noda Turaga.

    Kua ni sauma nona veilecayaki – okoya mada ga e vuli vakavo – levula na via mai red fire tiko – rau grey fire kei voreqe – sarui matalelevu na dunce syndrome.


    Fromm yourr beeluvad Priam Meeneesta Frank Bainirama

    Deear Peepuls:

    Dis iz yourr beeluvad Cheef Meeneesta Frank. I veree sed bye yourr beehayveeya. Pleez reeconseeda yourr veeyou. I luv yuu peepuls butt youu peepuls not luv mee beck!

    Pleeze sapport Charta, Good four yuu. Pleeze sapport Chodree Saheb. Hee veree good four feejee.

    I wunt onlee bestt four feejee. Too sel feejeean lend end deevelup feejee. immport eendean and aseean layba. Good four feejee.

    Mai Inglis salolee imparoov. Pleez excuus mai Inglis.

    Wee hev good veesan four feejee. Pleeze vot four arse. Qarase no good four feejee. Wee onlee good four feejee. Vot four chodree and khayu. Veree goot leedars. I go four naw. Will rite toomorro. Hav too mek luv to Chodree.

    Yurr luving priam meeneesta

    Commodory Fran Bairam

  16. Tuks Says:

    To answer your question…Where is your Love Mate???.. The answer—- between your thighs..tiko na maliwa ni sagamu…

  17. Adi Kaila Says:

    OMG – the look of pure lust on chaudry prasad sahebs face – he’s creaming in his pants.

    It’s not only other peoples money that makes the old thief sexcited.

  18. Concerned Fijian Says:

    Thank you for highlighting the truth through the above pictures. That is Reality in Fiji’s current political leadership =like it or not. People like Mareko Vuli will just have to bite the bullet and learn to accept the current reality. The truth will be revealed one day – one way or the other. It is time that Mareko Vuli and his/her likes accept the fact that it it Mahendra Chaudhry himself who is the mastermind of the 2006 Coup and it is to him that the President Iloilo and Voreqe owed their allegiance to. The above pictures says it all. Both Voreqe and President Iloilo are like Dancers playing and dancing to Chaudhry’s Music… Sa qai rairai levu ga mai nodrau vakalolomataki rau tu.

  19. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    For the first time ever, I would like to mention a green goon by name.

    I am shaking as I do this but I will try.

    Here goes!


    Thank you!

    You have succeeded in uniting all the pro democracy forces into seeing the humour and truth in the cartoon above.

    Well done.

    You may now leave your computer and go back on guard duty in bananasinpyjamas’ bedroom.


    SPOT ON, Adi Kaila!

    chaudry prasad saheb – precisely.

  21. Mareko Vuli Says:

    Adi Kaila, Mis Temumu is not only a grandmother but she still dating the young guy from Rabuka GYM in Laucala bay. He is one of the personal trainner at the GYM.. I won’t mention the name but the lady from Rewa knows more then wot you know. And the Sukuna i meant was that wanabe ratu part tongan who is the cause of all major problem to fijian government today. I hope Frank removes his statues around Suva and replaces it with his. At least he is moving the country forward.. Oh so you know i am in the States? hmm very interesting!!! Glad i could be anywhere in the world. Well Adi Kaila share the love and forgive Frank. Taukei too much lotu lasulasu from you. You walk wot you preach, rather then talk on wot you preach.. Too much talatala but steal the soli and lasai tuba. Its a wonder you waisting your time writing nothing better then end times prophesy on this blog then productive discussion..

  22. LUVfiji Says:

    @Solivakasama.. kerekere me sa mudu mada na medley ‘qo, rau sa oca vinaka na meke o i rau na veicara ‘qori. Lakolako, na yadra mai na nodrau vakasama qai baci dua tale na ka e kacivaki mai vei keda.

  23. anon Says:

    Mareko tonoka ga a nomu sona qai mai vakarogoca tu yani.

    Musuka, musuka, sa katakata tiko na kuro ni ti.

  24. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Heres a silly question: Is Mareko Vuli male or female?? This person bitches a lot like Budhau. Is Mareko a woman scorned or another opportunistic bokala-i-tamana like Voreqe?

  25. Tebara Says:

    Now thats a more perfect illustration. Vinaka SV team. A picture paints a thousand word. Chodo is gloating in his trump hands amongst all the chaos. I wonder what the Piggy have got to say if he sees this latest update of the Mata ni Meke.

  26. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    Thanks SV! The illustration made my day! The picture is enlightening because it potrays what is actually happening much to the ignorance of the two dancers. E rau sauci tiko mai vua na tamata butabutako levu taudua ka rau sega tu ni vakila. Sa dua na i yaloyalo vakaloloma!

  27. avorosa Says:

    The fickleness of people on this blog baffles us, however rumour has it that HRH Teimumu was also pashing HRH Naiqama whilst in cabinet…
    maybe occassionally now….Sa rauta me caka na clean upp…no morals..

    SDL stands for Soqosoqo ni Dai kei na Lust…

    Silent majority of Fijians are behind Frank all the way.. Did you witness Nadoi village function yesterday opened by P.M a classic example of subtle dissatisfaction with HRH leadership..
    She flew the coop to LQ side appointed as SDL patron….

  28. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Fickleness is picking up on rumors alive! πŸ˜‰

    As I have already said, Voreqe should not underestimate the kai Burenivalu (Nadoi) because there is kai Rewa then there is kai Rewa kadina.

    Assume on Avorosa!

  29. Dauvavana Says:

    ratou sa baci cakacaka vaka mataka na media cell mai na keba. Vacava me lai vica mada na buke tavioka to do something productive ni yavu no skills unemployable outside the military.

    As for Ro Teimumu and Ratu Naiqama, who cares!! If its two conscenting adult then fire sara. Ke cala se valavala ca qai waraka ga na saumi taro vei Pita mai Matamata Levu ni sa yaco ne veikacivi.

    You military should clean up the veiyaqavi mai na keba. When there is a rotational tour of duty, even before the plane has left Nadi the ones at home are already tryng thier chances on the wives left nehind.

    Hell I’ve picked up a couple of army wives from night clubs around Suva in my time. As my naitas always say, “ocei a cata na maleka” πŸ˜‰

  30. aubatinuku-N Says:

    My point exactly @ turaga naita Daushootin, we’re all grown ups here and apart from “o cei e cata na maleka” I would assume that we’re all strong enough to take a few hard knocks in our stride aye!

    Such is life!!

    Misleading a whole entire country is a totally different thing though.

  31. Josh Says:

    Agree with you Mareko but in one thing. Leave the Ratu Sukuna Statue as it is in Suva [he deserved it for what he has done for our Fijian people] but we make a special one showing Voreqe holding Chaudhry’s hands and put it up at the beachfront in Nukulau Island. Me lai waraki au toka mai kina nodrau na yaco yani kina…By the way rogoca ni ra sa march in tale na 3FIR ena keba mai Delainabua. Is anything cooking or just routine procedures?

  32. Dauvavana Says:

    Notices was sent out this week to all Reserves to report to camp. Ratou sa rere vakalevu given the provincial rejections in the last few weeks and the only reaction they could think is a bit of sabre rattling. How shallow!

  33. IslandBoy Says:

    @Dauvavana – Nomuni ” time ” na turaga naita momoqaqa ena sega ni oti rawa!!!!

    Sa rauta na viba, siga vakarau edai, da vati mada meda marau.

    @aubatinuku-N, kerekere qai mada vi morisi lai kau mai e lima na taga ice, I have a couple of boxes of Fiji gold, 1 box of Molson and 1 box of Carlton Export. Bring eskes please, its taking up too much space in my fridge.

    Bbq all fired up kids, chiken pieces in marsala, chilli garlic lamb sausages and walu steak with chives grilling on sesame seed oil.

    Kerei rau o Luv kei Tebara me so mai na salad, sa rauta na tavuteke babakau. Adi K, kere garlic bread kemuni.

    Nite – Daushootin, rua na qita, dua na ukalele sa rauti kedatou, kanaka vi Jese W me conaki vinaka na ruku ni vunikau, levu tu qori na moli taiti, ice water from the fridge and a little brown sugar, set haraga, qai dua kena dra ni soqe, wananice. Black Rose Waidebala sa cabolo tu qo, tune mai ragone.

    Ni sa tadu ga mai na Ravouvou mai Natewa da hula qima yani vua.



  34. LUVfiji Says:


    Na ruku ni vunikau i vei e da laki sota kina ? Sa vakarau tu qo na ka qima. Ni o sa qai mai, me dumu rawa tu yani na taunamu… siga balavu na siga e dai.

  35. Dauvavana Says:

    @ LUVFiji nodratou rukunivunikau na Naita e dua ga. Okoya la na vuni niu kala ratou dau seretaka tiko an matasere ni vanua o Navokai mai Toga Naqavoka………………….sa kau yani oqo na noqu kava ni visikete lala meu lai qiria e na matasere qori. Dou vosota ke via taja vakalailai na kenai rogorogo me vaka la ni sa tiko kece oqori nai yaya ni qiriqiri sa qai vo la o ko qo.

  36. TOM Says:

    MAREKO VULI – lau samu nomui cici!

  37. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ IB – Ni kanaka ga mai na vanua me kau yani kina na vi ka qima e sa vakarau tu qo………and then some/:)
    E sa vakatiriweli dina na i rogorogo ni BBQ qo, kalou ca na mate!

    Anything else before I head out?

  38. LUVfiji Says:

    @ a-N. Qai bau gole la i GH me laki kerei mai na i sulu ni meke. Tou vakayagataka la edai me qai vakasukai tale yani vua. πŸ˜€

  39. kaiveicoco Says:

    SV, it would have been better if the picture of Mahen had him dressed in the KOI-DAH costumes,his tongue out and jumping over hot charcoals !!
    To Mareko Vuli, talking about veivosoti and love etc,etc perhaps things could have worked out better had Frank cast the first stone.Reconciliation in my opinion is best when the offended party in this case Frank and the army could have thought that way but then I was told that from the military’s point of view they have limits of what they can accept because of men’s attitude to push the law to its very edge.In essence we are creating and rewriting our own history and we have a lot of dialogues to do.

  40. Adi Kaila Says:

    Garlic Bread coming right up – one whole baking dish full and a large bowl of Cucumber,chilli, onion and coriander salad – Maleka dina na soqo.

    Good on GMB for having a Life – more than I can say for that imbecile mareko – na cava tale e backtrack tale kina. Ro Teimumu is now a widow and can have as many lovers as she wants. Where’s the problem in that? Jealous beka ni domona na Marama na gym trainer. YooooHooooo! big leqa mareko – kisi lusi tiko vei iko!

  41. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Osobo LUVfiji, I vei tale qori? I Ganilau House? Bhahahaha!!!! πŸ™‚
    Au na bai qai tacaqe yarayara ga yani e na vukumuni marama nite!
    Na gauna mada ga qo e sa rairai vinaka sala vei au na gaunisala i Bau, sigai na kana kuvu, sigai na lomaloma ca!

    Ke sa vakarautaka tu mai na BBQ o noqu i to dredre IB, da qai ya vica tale yani na ka lalai qo…………..Mo du sa qai mai nitou i tekiteki ga o kemudou qima na nitou naita dredre.

  42. LUVfiji Says:

    Wailei, na i saluwaki ni bula !

  43. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Ke ka sa kua la na kana, tu sa lai vi vakaraitaki i saluwaki ni bula la yani………………au i ye!!

  44. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Man, sa levu saraga na ka vakamadua e yaco tiko. In one short week.

    First the shoplifting Air Pacific flight attendant in Los Angeles and now the latest I just saw on FT online:


    Update: 11:51AM A MOTHER of two who received a huge amount of cannabis posted to her from South Africa has been jailed for three years at Limerick Circuit Court in Ireland.

    Alanieta Leitabu, 30, of The Gables, Ballysimon pleaded guilty to possession of the drugs for sale or supply on June 25, 2007.

    Garda David McGrath, of the divisional drugs unit, said the drugs, which were worth 120,000 ($F282,319.30), were contained in a package addressed to a “Gene Black” and he said Ms Leitabu, who is originally from Fiji, had signed that name when she accepted the package from an undercover detective.

    “It was a controlled delivery as the package was originally seized by customs officials when it entered this jurisdiction,” he said.

    “The package contained 12 bars of cannabis, which were each wrapped in birthday paper to give the impression they were a birthday present.”

    Michael Collins BL, for Ms Leitabu, said his client was a “quite, shy,” person who had been used as a facilitator by other “more sinister” individuals.

    “She was only going to be in possession of the drugs for a short time,” he said.

    Garda McGrath agreed that Ms Leitabu had co-operated with gardai and he said another man who was also arrested in connection with the seizure was not prosecuted due to “insufficient evidence.”

    In imposing sentence Judge Moran said it was “a very difficult case” but he said Ms Leitabu had played an integral role in the importation of the drugs.

    He imposed a three-year-jail sentence on the defendant and he said it would be “unjust” to impose the mandatory minimum sentence of ten years, which is prescribed in law.

  45. Budhau Says:

    The Mata ni Meke – Chodo, The Pig and Ratu MaiDildo – very phunny.

    Keep up the fight for freedom – good job.


    you’re a boci, budhau. get circucmcised


    you’re a boci, budhau, LIKE ME AND CHODREE SAHEB. Let’s all three get circucmcised together!

  48. Tebara Says:

    Dou bula mai. Au sa oca na lai wawa tu kei na noqu container salad (Au sa biuta toka na tuperware salad vei ratou na sa set up taki BBQ tiko).. Vaqaqara meu raici kemudou dou qai yali. Totoka na soqo kei na vakatagi e Suva. Ratou vuni beka na turaga naita ni u via taralala qai ratu leca…!! Vakayagataki vinaka mai na vakatagi mai veiratou na sulu tavatava mai Nasova. Sa toso sara qo kina na vakaciri salusalu bula ..Siga ni soqo e dai..!!

  49. IslandBoy Says:

    @Tebara – please bring the picture of Taufa Vakatale from fijilive now and add to the above. Au sa lai kacivi kemudrau tiko yani, drau duri volekati Vuniwai, rai ga mai o rai sara. Totoka vakaoti o Lolohea!!!

  50. Jose Says:

    No problems bhudau,frank and maichodopussy. I’ll provide the chiesel.

  51. natewaprince Says:

    As Chodo the puppeteer pulls the strings,he is shouting ”Dance you bastards,dance.I’m f*****n paying you to dance,so dance”

    Meanwhile,Chodo’s toyboy Mareko Vuli is kneeling in front of him providing the vocals on the snake’s mic.

  52. natewaprince Says:

    Island Boy,me qai noqu i tavi na mata sere mai nakoro. Neitou yaya ni qiriqiri e 2 na qita,dua na ukulele qai kena base e due na Hasquavarna chainsaw.

    Ni caka na qiriqiri mai nakoro,era danisi tale ga o ratou mai na yasani toba kadua.Ya mada ga ni vuki va tobocu tu na amplifier kei na speaker.

    Na beka mada ga e sega ni vuka rawa ‘ni bogi ni sa haywire nodra radar.Era qasi sara ga e delani qele me ra va boica na kedra.

    Dau tukuni mai nakora, ”ma sa ‘ati”.

  53. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Bhahahaha!!!!! Wailei Ragone!!! Isa NP, always good to read ur posts. Au bai rerevaka tale na chainsaw qori gonei, io kadina kadina, me dua ga vei rua eh…….Texas hold em se Texas Massacare!!

    “Ma sa ati”!! Kajina!!

  54. Dauvavana Says:


    na chainsaw qori me qai kau ka lai vakarau tu mai koronivia ni rau sa usa yani na meke tiko qo ni sa lutu nodrau soresore e na levu ni musuka

  55. natewaprince Says:

    Shooter,qori na venakati sara ga na diamond tipped concrete cutter.Ke sega ,ena qai rawata beka ga na acetylene gas torch.

  56. benhur Says:


  57. Tebara Says:

    Wooohooooo ratou sa descriptive mai na torture chamber….!! Husqvarna tiko vei iko !

  58. Jose Says:

    benhur, au sa tukuna oti, o tua via vakatoka na sista.

  59. Peace Pipe Says:

    The pig heaps praises on Chodopu$$, during his vesumona to the people of Nadoi, for doing a good job on the government finances by collecting huge revenue. Yeah right what about the huge losses in everything else tourism, sugar, gold, reduced or zero aid and so on amounting to billions. It seems the pig is strongly intertwined with the snake and they are interdepedent on each other. However whilst the pig has praised the snake I have not heard the snake making any complimentary remark about the pig yet. It just shows who is stupid and who is cunning and sly.

  60. Budhau Says:

    Peace Pipe – the reason tourism is down is because of the coup – what FB was saying was the under the circumstances, MC is doing a good job.

    As for sugar – the production which was declining under Qarase with the lease problems, MC is now trying to make that situation better. Also with the EU subsidy no longer there – the industy was already up sh*t creek – MC is doing a good job under the circumstances.
    The aid reduction – we would have been really screwed if India and China would have stepped in to replace some of that aid – MC had a lot to do with it.

    The reason FB is praising MC is because the perception of MC in the Fijian community is not good – therefore, FB is doing all he can so the Fijians may look at MC differently. Now, the Indians, majority of then seem to have a positive opionion of FB thus MC does not have to go around singing FB praises.

    Don’t get me wrong – I am not here to defend MC or FB – I was just point out that your above argument about FB and MC is flawed. What you pointed out does not show who is stupid and who is cunning – what is shows is your lack of ability to reason.

  61. soro Says:

    Nadoi people accepted $39000 from the Usurper of the country.

    When one invites someone to open the church, there is the expectation that the “opener” will arrive with a substantial donation.

    So there was a plan here right from the beginning from the persons from Nadoi who spearheaded this invitation.

    It shows no ounce of moral fibre from the Nadoi Church leaders.

    These people did not look at HOW and WHY the “Means to the end” was more important than the end.

    This scenario can be likened to the extreme examples of the SAVE THE CHILDREN organisation having THE NATIONAL PAEDOPHILE ASSOCIATION as one of their major national programme sponsors.

    Perhaps the Nadoi people dont realise what is ethical or moral.

    Did they want their church funds so much they forgot in whose NAME they were building the church for ? Were they SO BLINDED by their greed for money that they ignored their Chief and their provincial stand against the iIG to bend over so?

    I echo her ladyship Ro Teimumu’s comment when she said she feels sorry for them.

    Please pray for the Nadoi Methodists as they need God’s wisdom

  62. Jose Says:

    mahendra chaudary is deceitful and cunning and sly, just like the serpents he worships. And that includes all like minded worshippers and believers. They are all the same. Just listen to them talk, all sliding, slithering and twisting. Worst of all slimy. You see all of this in bhudau. They are like the images of their snake gods. They are demonic.

  63. avorosa Says:

    What I gathered is the $30k plus was amount spent on the church extension and refurb opened by Frank.(not cash donation)
    Ro Kepa shd be pleased her people have been assisted..for her 5 yr term she did little in terms of development…now they requested and will be assisted on renovations to Rewa District School..
    It would do much good to HRH if her subjects are acknowleged and engage in such talanoa sessions …it leads to healthy relationship and loyal subjects…

    Chiefly leadership besides dishing out orders also includes mentoring,
    listening to their opinions/advise, providing advise and being accessible

  64. Striker Says:

    The picture demeans the creative prowess required of those taking part in Fijian mekes. Puppets on strings would be much more relevant; chodo pulling the strings and the two puppets responding spontaneous and without a thought and a care in the world.

  65. soro Says:

    Vinaka Avorosa – I stand corrected.

    You are correct about Chiefly accessibility. And I continue to hope that our current crisis brings us all closer to our chiefs.

    However it still astounds me how much we do not understand OR perhaps do not wish to understand the relationship between the means and the ends esp where it has to do with “donations” and funding for projects.

    It was the same a few years ago when our Christian Youth Group was offered sponsorship by the local liquor outlet for our inter-denominational Sports events. Some were ready to take it boots and all, and some of us argued against. Finally after discussion and prayer, the group decided against it for the obvious reasons.

    However my point is that the group should not have hesitated in refusing the offer given our stand on the abuse of alcohol and our stand on tobacco smoking.

  66. TOM Says:

    avorosa…sona levu, cici kabasu, luveniyani…

  67. kasanita Says:

    What was that for??

  68. soro Says:

    Its full moon woilei o Tom Bainibarny

  69. avorosa Says:

    It needs to start with us establishing dialogue with chiefs so issues of vanua interest are brought out into the open and discussed..

    If vanua remains suppressed then steam is let off in unlikely scenarios

  70. soro Says:

    Totally totally agree Avorosa, and sometimes it takes the people to make that initiative.

    Its like a marriage – give and take in both directions to nurture trust and communication. I know Chiefs that are great givers and sometimes they are taken advantage of , and I also know chiefs that are great takers, and I loathe their selfishness and high handedness.

    I do sincerely hope that this crisis can bring us all together and help us bond better for our future generations and future directions esp as we head into the middle of the 21st century.

  71. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Nite Daushootin vata i noqu kabani NP – Drau vakasasataki Avorosa mada, qo e dua na i murimuri ni kai Rewa.

  72. Dauvavana Says:

    Naita aubatinuku, vacava kei sa kunei Avo, meu sa shoot sara???

    Leqa ga noqu gun se yali tu, sa vakayagataki madaga na mic, ia me baci vuki mada o confuse avo me kasanita πŸ™‚

    Waraki IB me back dua na comment mai bahahahahaha

  73. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Nita Daushoot …… Osobo!! πŸ™‚ Au kanaka ga ni reserve taki tiko na nomuni mic vei nodatou kuka o Budhau. πŸ˜‰

    E se bera tiko mai o rau na qaqa o IB vata i NP.

  74. natewaprince Says:

    Vosata Tau,au a masumasu tu ena gauna ya.

  75. IslandBoy Says:

    @Dauvavana – nomuni mic na ka rerevaki. Kanaka ga vakalailai vi au o Destiny ni basoga i rua na gusuna, rau qai vi doloyaki tu vaka na gata.

    Thus you can either shoot or entertain two at the same time in any direction you choose.

    The first time I ever worked on air, I wondered where the term multi-directional mic came from. Au sa qai kila tu edai ni vu ga mai ena Deladela ni Waisiliva.

    (Sorry my nite, could not dissapoint you, just had to fire back. Draki qo ena koro turaga, tutuvi tuga vakayayamo, duri ga mai me dua na bilo draunimoli)

  76. Turagabale Says:

    Vakaloloma na nomudou i vosavosa na veiwekani…sega ni vosavosa ni taukei dina kei Viti….kerei kemudou ga me vakayagataki na vosa dina ka da kilai kina na i taukei…sa vakaloloma na kena sa tukuni na veitiki ni yago tabu eso….Isa sa na vakacava tu o Viti ena draki ni bula sa vaka tu oqo…dou kalougata na veiwekani….

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