More evidence of big time choro by the Snake

A bank account that was set up in the wake of the devastating Cyclone Ami in 2003 by the National Farmers Union under the leadership of its general secretary, the leader of the Fiji Labour Party, and current interim Finance Minister Mahendra Pal Chaudhry, reveals that thousands of dollars was still not distributed to the intended cyclone victims as late as last year, and nearly five years after the fund was set up to help them.
A purported copy of the bank details sent to me anonymously read as follows: Account Number: CA 155728, National Farmers Union – Cyclone Ami Relief Fund, P O Box 2162, Govt Bldgs, Suva. The account number CA 155728 matches with the same bank account number that was circulated around the world following Cyclone Ami.
We were told to send our donations to the following person: Secretary, Mr Mahendra P Chaudhry, National Farmers Union. Account: Cyclone Relief Fund. Account No: 155728. Bank: Bank of Baroda, Suva, Fiji Islands.
Surprisingly, as late as 2006, the former FLP parliamentarian for Macuata East/Cakaudrove Indian Communal, Vijay Chand, claimed in Parliament that people in his constituency in Macuata still had not received hurricane relief rations after Cyclone Ami. He said people were still awaiting materials for hurricane relief houses, which had been promised to them but not delivered. Mr Chand did not state who promised them – the Government, the NFU, or other non-governmental organisations?
Several individuals and organisations had emerged during and immediately after Cyclone Ami to launch an international money-raising campaign for the victims, especially on behalf of the Indo-Fijian cyclone victims.
Three organisations, the International Congress of Fiji Indians (ICFI), the Mahendra Pal Chaudhry-led National Farmers Union (NFU), and GOPIO, the US-based Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin, were the most prominent in the collection of funds.
The ICFI launched a campaign in Sydney, spearheaded by Dr Karam Singh, president of the Australian branch, and Dr Umanand Prasad. In New York, the legendry Indian Bollywood actor Dev Anand kicked-started the GOPIO Cyclone Ami Relief Fund, calling on donors to send their tax-deductible contribution to one Dr Sushila Gidwani of New York.
GOPIO estimated that there had been over $50 million in damage along with deaths and destruction. Fiji golfing hero Vijay Singh had extended his support in the GOPIO efforts to raise funds. GOPIO had designated president-elect Inder Singh to be the coordinator for Fiji Cyclone Relief Fund. It organised a fund-raiser in New York in the presence of Dev Anand, a life member of GOPIO.
Launching the New York appeal GOPIO, of which I was a founding member in the 1980s, assured us that “GOPIO will take advice from former Fiji Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry who has been actively involved in the relief and rehabilitation efforts in the affected areas” on the distribution of food and funds”. The NFU, in a report posted on the website, called upon us to respond generously, pointing out that most of the victims were Indo-Fijian cane farmers. Since the cane farmers were already on the receiving end of the Laisenia Qarase government’s racist land eviction policy, the website claimed, they could not be expected to rely upon the Fijian state for any assistance or sympathy.
Any assistance that we could provide would, therefore, be really appreciated, we were told. A senior member of the FLP has claimed that when Cyclone Ami struck, Mr Chaudhry was abroad. It fell on this particular parliamentarian to contact the FLP office in Suva. A female member of the FLP office staff provided him, curiously, with the NFU instead of the FLP account number listed above and the designated bank.
And it was to this bank account that many of us from around the world wholeheartedly responded, in the hope that the money would reach the victims. I had first raised the whereabouts of the Cyclone Ami funds in August 2006, and had sent Mr Chaudhry a list of questions, to which he is yet to reply.
The ICFI sent to me a detailed account of how much they had collected and distributed to the Cyclone Ami victims. The Congress had provided $300 cash each to ninety-four families to rebuild their homes and provided food parcels to 250 families immediately after the cyclone, it said.
Six members of the Governing Council of ICFI visited Fiji at their own expense and provided assistance. It must be stressed that ICFI’s contribution was independent of Mr Chaudhry and his NFU. GOPIO also confirmed sending its contributions to account number CA 155728.
A perusal of the bank statements relating to CA 155728 anonymously sent to me reveal that a total of $258,287 was deposited into the above account, and $237,196 withdrawn. The question that can be asked of Mr Chaudhry and the NFP, on behalf of the Cyclone Ami victims, is as follows: what was done with $237,196?
In 2003, there was also a deposit of $17,160, and a simultaneous withdrawal of $5,383. Again, if the money was intended for the Cyclone Ami victims why, it could be questioned, the whole sum was not distributed to them? Why was $12,000 not given out to the cyclone victims?
Similarly, for 2003 and 2004, there was a combined deposit of $85,860 and withdrawal of $60,880. Where did this sum end up, it could be asked? If one were to exclude the $5,383 withdrawn in 2003, where did $55,000 end up in 2004 from the account?
Also, has the Cyclone Ami account ever been audited or presented to a general meeting of the NFU? There seems to be no list of beneficiaries who benefited from the collections ever published to any NFU general meeting.
The widely variant sums withdrawn, according to the bank statements, suggest the absence of any method or criteria for distribution to Cyclone Ami victims, if any, at all. The statements also disclose foreign transactions. There are other large cash deposits and withdrawals, raising questions whether some of the sums had been used for other unrelated purposes.
The obvious question is with the Cyclone Ami victims largely rehabilitated shortly after 2003 why was this account no CA 155728 not wound up? Why is the money still sitting in the bank? What was the money coming in and the payments being made for three to four years after Cyclone Ami in 2003? The large and regular withdrawals from mid-2005 to mid 2006 seem to coincide during the 2006 general election? What were the monies used for during this period?
According to reliable bank sources, Mr Chaudhry is allegedly the sole signatory to the Cyclone Ami funds.


26 Responses to “More evidence of big time choro by the Snake”

  1. merovingian Says:

    Tobo tu o Van Damme!

  2. Wailei! Says:

    WOW! The Son of a *&^)(! Blerrry thief. This guy takes advantage of any situation through the sufferings of others. Butako! Butako! Kulina, Baku!

    Why are the Indo-Fijians still believe this sweet talking snake, who can’t even help his own brother!

  3. Tim Says:

    But…its a good negotiating point for any kind of “amnesty”.
    In exchange for not being prosecuted for treason, coupsters are held responsible for all expenditure from Decemeber 6, and are not exempt from prosecution for embezzlement, complicity in murders, assaults or any other criminal activity.

  4. tabubisoro Says:

    This story has truth – for it was written by Victor Lal, who also exposed the sankes $2million in Australian bank account

  5. IslandBoy Says:

    @Tim – Point taken but the cyclone ami funds like the funds collected for Girmit centre refugees were amassed well before the coup.

    What I would like to know is, if the report that cleared him of any wrong doing in the Haryana $2 million scam could be used, the same argument I mean, to clear him of any and all wrong doing?

    Don’t know where you’re based Tim, but on Fiji TV news this evening, his son Rajen spewed a lot of hatred against the iAG and said he wasn’t performing, asked him to stop gallivanting around the world and do his job etc? This is in relation to his Sports Council FICAC obtsruction case.

    If this was just a smokescreen, it was quite convincing, if it wasn’t a smokescreen, there is a definitely a new falling out amongst thieves.

  6. tabbebbooo Says:


    We need to find out if he hoarded the cyclone money and not gave it to the victims – what Victor seems to be suggesting was that the snake used parts of it as a slush fund for election in 2006 – also Chodo junior is angling himself to takeover the father#s seat – so is political posturing and I also hear Shaista and A-G have never seen eye to eye – so Junior could be used to bash this frog in the boiling water

  7. IslandBoy Says:

    @Tabbebbooo – I forgot the name Fiji Girl called junior, but was very apt!

    How come Shaista and AG don’t gell, I was under the impression they got on like a house on fire, this is very interesting. This is the kind of interesting info I enjoy getting here.

    By the way an excellent source and I mean excellent, was telling us at lunch about his sexual procliviites and what he considers haram or not. It really was not nice, very salacious, but I’m a cheap date and I just killed myself laughing. Our lunch ended well after 3pm.

  8. chillipepper Says:

    I have no read Juniors outburst on Fiji TV…It seems to be all stage-managed – to pre-empt FICAC from investiagting his father’s stealing of the Cyclone Ami funds to fight the 2006 general election – anyway, why did Junior join the sports council in the first instance? He should in fact be charged with being accessory to the $2million – daddy bought him his Sydney house, funded his law degree and the two than used that house to play with the secret two million dollars – when when FICAC is biting his arse, he is farting with anger -who is this magistrate lady – we should check her out – if we are to believe Judge Connors she might not be legally fit to rule on the case,as she has done

    Constitution is supreme: Chaudhry
    23 May 2008 01:51:17

    Lawyer and the son of the interim Finance Minister – Rajendra Chaudry has today said the Fiji constitution is supreme to the FICAC promulgation.

    This is after he was discharged by the Suva Magistrates Court on a charge brought on by FICAC.

    Magistrate Anjila Wati in her ruling today said there was no case made out against both Losalini Waqausa and Rajendra Chaudhry …

    The two were charged last month for obstructing a FICAC officer in the course of her duty.

    Magistrate Wati said that a refusal by Waqausa to answer questions does not amount to obsruction, neither does advising another person not to answer..

    She elaborated that Chaudhry had a lawful excuse to provide legal advice to Waqausa..

    Chaudhry says todays court ruling has asserted the supremacy of the constitution over the FICAC promulgation..

    The Suva lawyer says he will initiate defamation proceedings next week against FICAC.

    FICAC says they respect the ruling adding it wont have an impact on their current and future investigations.

    The organisation says it will continue to enforce it’s promulgation and won’t hestitate to take anybody who is genuinely deemed to be an obstruction to investigations.

  9. Adi Kaila Says:

    This is a good time for the Australian Government to sieze any assets and monies the chaudry prasad sahebs have there.

    There’s no way that sorry piece of shit will amount to anything in Fiji – his pathetic dada has very effectively destroyed any chances he may have had.

  10. Tracker Says:

    There should be more calls from the public for an investigation on the cyclone Ami funds, the intensity of which should compel Frank to order an investigation. As for whether Rajend Chaudhry’s outburst was stagemanaged, I don’t think so. Aiyaz has never liked the Chaudhry clan and the coup brought them together and this forced them to embrace each other. Aiyaz came from a strong NFP family and always had moderate political beliefs and therefore often spoke publicly and privately against Chaudhry’s methods, beliefs & politics. I think there will soon be a falling out between some people in the IG. Even before the reshuffle last year, there was already a rift between some members of cabinet which had to be resolved with the reshuffle. Also, whilst Frank is being manipulated by Chaudhry etc, those who have worked closely with him know that he can dump Chaudhry if he wants to. Soldiers have always known him to be strong headed and nationalistic. His stand since 2003-6 about getting rid of race politics surprised many in the RFMF. However, they know that the underlying issue for him was Immunity from the events of 2000, which Qarase did not want to give them through legislation. He was more pissed off when the RTU Bill was done which could consequently see Speight & his gang freed but not him & his soldiers!! Mark my words, the military will turn against Chaudhry!!!

    Peace & Love

  11. Adi Kaila Says:

    You’re quite right Tracker

    the shamimi family – there are 4 of them all very well educated but have no social skills – due to being locked up like kolis by their father – now they have been let loose – well what can I say but they think every other indian in Fiji is beneath them – true! khaiyums included.

    khaiyum like his dada think that they are superior to the chaudry prasad sahebs – true!

    the chaudry prasad sahebs think because they have all ‘that’ money stashed away that they’re superior to all of the above and the rest of the world. HAH!

    Laivi iratou – give them enough rope – qo sa mai va’raitaki vei keda nodra
    veiqati levu. When the going gets tough the weak turn on each other.

  12. Tracker Says:

    Adi Kaila – I certainly agree with you on all of the above. Apart from their own personality disorders & animosity against each other, I have no doubts that sooner or later the situation in Fiji will reach a level that they will go after each other. The situation is not going well for them & Frank right now!

    I heard from those close to him that Frank drank all night until morning when he found out in April last year that the Chiefs had rejected Nailatikau’s nomination for VP. He was on the phone with his people at the meeting & as soon as they told him that the nomination was rejected by the chiefs, he went & started drinking heavily.

    He is affected by all this & the recent rejection of the Charter by a majority of provinces will certainly have that effect. The proud, arrogant exterior is to hide the void & internal suffering that he faces. His own family members are very aware that he has changed so much into a haunted, dark & brooding man. I ask all of you to pray for him to. Jesus said forgive & also to pray for those that persecute you – I say we do the same for Frank & his IG. Nai valu oqo e sega ni noda, e nona na Kalou bula!!!

  13. chillipepper Says:

    Agreed except the last one – we need to punish and not pray for him – ask snake to apply some of his snake oil on his brooding face – all the Bainimaramas also joined and benefitted – the coups are a big job industry and money spineer and that it keeping them up there….what has happebed to Bune – jobless?

  14. Mark Manning Says:

    let me guess ?
    Payments went to the Commander of the rfmf , and others in the I.G.

  15. LUVfiji Says:

    Great posts here: AdiK, Tracker and Chillipepper… thanks, guys !

    INDEED: ‘ Na i valu oqo e sega ni noda; e nona na Kalou bula ‘
    Amen to that. Chillipepper, remember the Lord said, ” Vengence is Mine “. Lets leave it to Him; and let them face His wrath.

    Bless you all!

  16. chillipepper Says:

    OK, Luveeeeeeee but we will die if the Lord takes too long to exact vengeance on him

  17. LUVfiji Says:

    Chill.. Chillipepper!

    The Lord’s hand is at work already. Why do you think the provinces are rejecting the regime’s plan by the numbers? The God we serve is slow to anger..

    You will live to see Him cast his wrath on VB. Waraka, namaka..

  18. FijiGirl Says:

    @ IslandBoy – I believe the term was ‘his revolting son’. Or perhaps it was ‘that rancid son of his’. Either salutation will suffice.

    The great thing about reportage like this is that it fans the flames of discontent between Chodo and his erstwhile followers. As long as the IndoFijian voters see Chodo for what he REALLY is, a divisive, spiteful, self-interested lowlife who will consistently promote his own interests over theirs, Chodo’s power base will fall away. Just like it did when NFP won the majority of IndoFijian voters in the late mid-late 90s.

    Let Chodo be annihilated at the ballot box. By his own people, and by the people of Fiji. That is the best way to defeat him, finally, once and for all, forever and ever amen. (And THEN we get to prosecute him for his other crimes hee hee hee hee.)

    God bless Fiji

  19. deepsaugage Says:

    I am sure our Indo-Fijian brothers and sisters are quietly digesting all of Chodos money scams – but we folks must remember that besides a few brave outspoken ones against him like Victor Lal and Pramod Rae and a few others, a vast majority are terrified to publicly speak out, for they fear he will send his goondas – the boys in green, Frankies boot boys to terrorize them – it is the snake who is now dealying the elections because he knows neither him or his FLP will win any general election – also, it is quite likely that no sooner he puts up his name as a candidate, Victor might finally reveal how the Chodo actually spent the two million dollars – the man, like his bhaini (sister) marama (woman) dictator is waking up in the night with fright, sweating and his evil deeds are now catching up with him – he is rotting from inside – either he will be forced to commit suicide or end up in prison – I am sure an SDL govt will oblige and send him to Australia to stand trial on currency and fraud charges – re the $2million, and that is why he will never now agree to any general election

  20. IslandBoy Says:

    @Tracker – you sure nailed it. Frank is too much of a Fijian, hail fellow well met to easily ignore what his relatives, friends and contemporaries think of him and his government, much as he likes to pretend otherwise.

    You are exactly right in that his counter reaction is a lot of bluster and vapid righteous indignation. But his pride also influences his reaction and outbursts.

    He was raised as a devout Christian indoctrinated from birth, so no way can he reconcile the path he walks now with this religious and cultural upbringing.

    You are right in that it must be causing him agonising internal conflicts. Even the most sane and stable of us would be extremely disturbed by his actions if we were in his shoes.

    His limited mental capacity must be limiting the emotional and intellectual options he can exercise to escape this situation and keep his pride intact.

    I agree with you and LUVfiji that earnest prayer and pleas for intercession will bring him and his evil empire down.

    @FijiGirl – it was ” rancid son ” when I saw him on TV I thought he’d lost it, he was so vitriolic.

  21. Tim Says:

    @IB: In answer to you question – New Zealand. Somewhat disappointed that the so called “smart sanctions” have not been reviewed, but also conscious of the following:
    1. New Zealand is going to elections soon. Realistic policy towards Fiji (and elsewhere in the Pacific) exists in the Labour, Green and Maori Parties – a National win here would be detrimental to Fiji and the Pacific (slash and burn of public servants in order to pay for “Tex cuts” – let alone for any social equity within NZ. I’m not sure that many NZ based anti-coup people have adequately considered the consequences – I know a few haven’t!
    2. Some of us are still aware that Australia and NZ dropped the ball back in 2004 (but then there are some ills within government departments here for which there seems to be little accountability – its just that we deal with them through elections rather than having some jumped up little munters staging coups .) Unfortunately since corporatisation of our public service (which appears to be what Frank and co want to do in Fiji), there is a lot of gatekeeping going on – government departments often work in spite of their CEO’s rather than as a result of them, and the good work that happens within the rank and file of many public servants is undone by one or two wayward F’wits – often appointes out of political correctness anyway. Some of the more dishonourable have come across Frank before now.
    3. Thank God for the Rudd win in Australia. It’s where the lobbying should be directed – and where the likes of Yippe-I-Aye and Chodo are more likely to succeed in going to ground when the sh*t hits the proverbial. They should be investigating the financial affairs of both.
    4. I’m not really a fan of amnesty for Frank – it’s just that it is the least worst option and if such a thing were ever to come to pass, it had better be conditional – implemented in a way that sends a message to coupsters that they don’t actually gain IN ANYWAY other than they don’t spend the rest of their lives banged up or shot. (Easier to shoot them I know). There can be no amnesty unless those in the Public Service, the Judiciary or any other so called independent entity will not benefit from their actions – that is: they will not gain from their egos and self interest at the expense of Fijians, they will make recompense (any amassed property and assets will be directed towards settlement, including those they’ve hidden by trying to direct them towards family and friends), and that amnesty simply means they escape a conviction for treason (and terrorism). Any amnesty cannot be at the expense of Justice for the families of those that have lost their lives.
    5. If Australia and NZ are actually serious about assisting Fiji back to democracy, they will review policies stop affecting “ordinary Fijians” – NZ will include Fijians not related to coup supporters in seasonal work schemes once again – indeed they’ll include them in non-seasonal work schemes; they’ll move to investigate the financial affairs of Fijians involved in this coup and institute appropriate penalties; they’ll review Permanent Residency status of those supporting VB and others and give PR to the refugees of Frank’s coup; and hopefully Australia will do something similar. Australia and NZ should, and are capable of pointing one or two things out to both China and India – both those countries’ medium to long term interests certainly don’t lay with any faith in self- interested, dishonourable, corrupt and mentally unstable personalities.
    6. I’m also conscious that no solution will ever be longlasting as long as one group sees the solution to their interests in shitting on any other. Frank, Chodo, Yippe, Purple Haze and others really only have the capacity to see things very short term, so lets hope they become irrelevant before too much longer – the signs seem good. They all seem the most capable at stuffing things up for themsleves without any assistance.

  22. IslandBoy Says:

    @Tim – personal question please. I have always been impressed by your balanced and considered posts.

    What about Fiji and her current situation makes you care so deeply about these islands? Did you live here at some point?

  23. Tim Says:

    Been there, had intimate contact during the 70s, this regime has “displaced” a certain relative active in Fiji’s public service – in fact one that had to “evacuate”, my kids best mates are Fijians living in NZ, and others of my family are in relationships with Fijians. Some might even describe me as a mongrel. Previously active in public service, things “indigenous”, and a long history with the other wing of the family involved in the military and all those things they eventually get involved in.
    And yea, I wondered about you too bro :p but whatever, I hope things are all going well for you

  24. IslandBoy Says:

    @Tim – my apologies for getting personal, but one of the great things about this site is that guys like you and I’m sure many other silent observers overseas provide a lifeline, giving us hope and encouragement that we are not alone.

    Vinaka Vakalevu!

  25. Striker Says:

    Choro Chodo, Fiji’s illegal Minister for Finance. That’s dracula guarding the bloodbank!

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