Don’t hold it in Voreqe


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  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Frank’s just not this good looking !

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    Can anyone tell me how much money has been made from the peace keeping over the last 21 years and how much has been lost because of the 4 coups ?
    Would you happen to know any sites we can get the info. from as I’m debating the amounts with people in sydney .

  3. curious Says:

    Did you guys hear that col mohd aziz was today promoted to chief of staff and dep comdr of the rfmf?

  4. natewaprince Says:

    Here’s another thought for the day that he could learn something from.

    ” Take your thumb out of your cici and let the bad air out.Otherwise you’ll never get that female orang-utan Leweni brought back from China to like you”

  5. draunivia Says:

    draunimoli se draunivia meda qarauna tiko.
    no elections without charter, no GCC without provincial support, no australian mission (or anyone who objects) … no draunimoli accord without my wishes, my government, my chodo, my arse, my plans etc. etc.
    people’s verdict >>> NO DEAL >>> kc bakola, boi dada, cici levu Voreqe. fcuk off – nobody wants u. cici bona !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. draunisalato Says:

    ulukau voreqe. blerry cockroach. may there be a lifetime itch in your cici.

  7. Budhau Says:

    That thought of the day – very phunny. I guess there ain’t much happening in Fiji so – so some idiot decided to come up this “Thought of the day”.

    Why is FB bothering with the GCC crap – The GCC should nto have any constitutional role – we should find a better, more democratic way of electing the President and the Veep.

  8. aubatinuku-N Says:

    At the end of the day Voreqe Bainimarama is a Fijian and a Kai Tailevu, he will eventually have to live with being accountable for all the wrong he has committed against his people and country as a native Fijian.

    Na kudru ni vanua, na sau ni turaga – O na galu mai Sakaraia.
    God is very slow to anger and he will not turn his back on his people.

  9. natewaprince Says:

    Budhau you f****n cockeroach.You support the blerry bi-polar pig because you Indians think that you will gain perpetual political power.

    We are not some middle age Sth American race who will accept the shit from some immigrants. I hope you advise your relatives to join you abroad because when we’ve had enough,what happened in 2000 will look like some tiny tots b’day party.

    Nothing in this world can make us accept a piece of Indian political manifesto as law to govern us and our children after us,no pigs,no guns,no nothing.

    What do think they will do? Has he got enough bullets to kill all those opposing the charter? Does he have enough cells to lock all Fijians who do not accept the new GCC? Does he even have the will to take on the paramount chiefs of the goons he leads?

    You are dealing with a very proud race and the pig is so mentally unbalanced that he does not realise the danger he is putting his men and those supporting him through.And it is people like you safely abroad who are egging him on that will watch the aftermath on TV when the ”indegenous landowners” of Fiji say ”enough is enough”.

  10. natewaprince Says:

    Io ,sa yadra vinaka tau.

  11. EnufDictatorship Says:


    Sa gauna ni noda cola na noda kauveilatai meda QAI!!!!!!

    Yadra Turaga Tau NP..prince la o kemuni….ieeeeeeeeeeee!!! vacava ni o ni sa prince tiko vaqori mo ni sa tekivuna yani na tayabe ni yabaki!!!!??


  12. FijiGirl Says:

    MM – Go to this link

    Estimated income from peacekeeping US$300m over 30 years.

    Loss due to 4 coups? We’re still counting the losses from this latest bunch of doces.

    God bless Fiji

  13. natewaprince Says:

    WTF,listening to the radio right now.That clown Mr Bean is on the air and talking to the pig.That’s right Voreqe talking to Mr Bean in that same idiotic lingo.

    Man this guy is really sick,literally.He’s making a blerry fool of himself.Is this the kind of person who wants to lead our country??

    Now Mr Bean is singing in that stupid voice and the pig is saying in the back-ground,”Vinala Mr Bean,vinaka”.F*****n hell,how pathetic.

  14. Peace Pipe Says:

    We are dealing with an unstable mental case who has caused irrevocable damage in the country. Now he openly threatens everyone and declares that if there is no charter there wont be an election and no quorum no GCC meeting. Suddenly he has gone rabid. This must be the work of background puppeteers pulling his strings. He is showing his anger for his loss of face at the widespread decision of the Fijians to reject all his proposals on the GCC changes and NCBBF. Now that he has stood up to offend the people we must not back off but continue to apply the pressure which is working in view of his reactions. We should also ask our international friends to continue to increase the pressure as well on this mental pig. Many thanks to Angie Heffernan for her efforts in lobbying to the UN against the illegal actions of this illegal ig.

  15. Budhau Says:

    NP – you made some statements like “You are dealing with a very proud race”, and that you race will not take the crap from foreigners like some other races did.

    Listen your idiot – your race does not have a monopoly on these things – every race considers itself a proud people – the sooner you learn the better. Your race is not better and no worse than any other race around. Get that thru your thick head.

    As for your “indigenous landowners” of Fiji say ”enough is enough” – have you noticed that the landowners haven’t out in support of Qarase.

    BTW – I never supported the IG and your threat about some bloodbath go ahead and get that going and you will f**k up your country for a very long time – and guess what – initially you may be able to beat up on some Indians – like some of your coward cousins did in 2000 – but in the end it will be Fijians versus Fijians – just like in the good old days.

    Here is my advise to idiots like you – if you want a democracy – go fight for a democracy. That would mean accepting the Indians as equals. If you want to place your chiefs back in power – then screw you – let the thugs run the country like they have done in Burma.

    For a loud mouth like you, you didn’t have much to say, did you – that there are not enough bullets, and jail cells etc – for idiots like you they don’t need jail cells or bullets – all they have to do is make you run around that field in your underwear that would be sufficient to shut you up.

    You see when FB pulled the coup – he might have been scared of opposition. That is why he came up with the “clean-up campaign” line and all that. Since than he has realized that you buggers can’t do shi*t – and guess what, he doesn’t even talk about the clean up anymore. Later he went with the one-man-one-vote crap – that was for foreign consumption – do you think he really believes in that.

    So listen, you idiot – this ain’t about Indians. You wanna go kick –ass, don’t threaten those poor folks in Tailevu like the last time – you start off with the Epeli boys and his people – but why would you do that – they are your chiefs – right? – so make the Indians the scapegoats.

    And you guys are not different with your double talk – for foreigners you are all for democracy. Locally you want to kick the Indians ass.

    haven’t you learned – what goes around comes around – karma

  16. soro Says:

    Hear hear Peace Pipe – lets keep ladelling on the pressure … Voreqe’s gross stupidity from talking about making Australian Sovereign property a museum, to talking to Mr Bean , to threatening his own people – just because he is trying to save face – in the light of the whole of Fiji REJECTING him and his $100 troopers – is just utter crap !

    The foul air in his sour bowels must be travelling somewhere !
    Into his pea brain and out his mouth in one fatal journey ! &*^%$#@!*(.

    Down with Voreqe and his boot polishing lackeys!

    Bring back our Democracy !

  17. tosotiko Says:

    Good Budhau. What goes round comes around for you. You keep talking in circles as usual. Karma is a belief linked to reincarnation. You keep going aroung and round in circles and there is no way out. Everytime you talk (I mean write), you show that you are driven by intense hatred of the Fijian people so you heap every vile happening under your sun at our doorstep. But we want you to know that we love you and in Jesus you can find a way out of the meaningless whirlpool of your existence.

  18. Budhau Says:

    Yes, lets keep telling our international friends that this is all about democracy and freedom.

    Bring back Democracy – and then we deal with the Indians

  19. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Budhau, on your way out leave your penny on the fridge.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish!!

  20. Budhau Says:

    Tosotiko – you started off OK, though you made some incorrect assumptions and then you went off the deep end with that Jesus crap.

    I do not hate the Fijians people, I do not support the coups and the bad things that I talk about are bad things done by the chiefs to the people – that ain’t racist

    aubatinuku-N – I love you too.

  21. soro Says:

    Too late for Boida-dau – he showed his prejudices and biases earlier on. T

    oo late now to start backtracking – boy he must have very sour bowels too holding all that hatred inside him .. Buddhau do us all a favour mate and let it all out. … outside please .. not in this forum. LOL …. boi cici

  22. Budhau Says:

    Soro – isn’t that how it is – all Indians a racist.
    BTW – when you have evidence to back up a claim, that is not prejudice.

    The core theory here has always been that Fijians have been screwed by their own leaders, the chiefs and they have always made the Indians scapegoats.

    Nothing has changed.

  23. Jose Says:

    Indians are not equals. They are aliens with their alien gods living in OUR country. And bhudau is one of them. He seems to be changing his tune though. Your own words have condemned you bhudau.

  24. Jose Says:

    Bhudau, if you are looking for equality, look to India, haryana where maichodopussy is highly regarded there as their own. Indians are equal with Indians in India

  25. Mark Manning Says:

    some strong reactions coming out this morning !
    bula fiji , thanks fifjigirl , i have book marked that site . but i read somewhere that the loss was $2,500,000,000 per coup , is that $7,500,000,000 or $10,000,000,000 to date ? minus the $300,000,000 brought in by peace keeping and economy is behind $6,200,000,000 or $9,700,000,000 .
    No wonder there is so much poverty etc. in Fiji .

  26. Mark Manning Says:

    On other points , I’d like to offer my view , if I may !
    I’m unsure of why the GCC has a role in selecting the President and Vice President and perhaps the events that are unfolding now , have shown a floor in the system !
    I mean if Frank either disbands the GCC or has his man put into the Vice President’s position until he declares the President incompetent ( no disrespect intended to the President ) or unable to continue his duties due to age or ill health , then either way , Frank will have completely over thrown the Government and the Fijian Institutions !
    So perhaps the President and Vice President should not be elected by the GCC , but maybe the GCC’s role should only be Cultural not Political , as I’ve stated before .
    Can anyone enlighten me as to why the GCC is involved in what appears to me to be a Political appointment , when it is supposed to be apolitical ?
    From your article , Fiji-girl , it’s obvious that the Military is simply a good money spinner , in the past . It would appear that it has become now , a pariah !
    What was once a source of income where sugar was the only other income , it has now become a liability to the economy and Fiji’s internal security .
    From a godsend to a pariah !
    What a fall from Grace !
    But the problems don’t end there , the infiltration of Fijian society aren’t just from the Indo Fijians , I would suggest . But my guess is that the Indian Government and Chinese Government are positioning themselves globally for resources world wide .
    If Fijians can recognise where the threats to it’s sovereignty are coming from , then Fijian Society can shelter itself from those threats .
    The reality is , unless you guys protect yourselves , your society , no one else will . Frank thinks he’s the man , but he’s just a pawn in an International Conspiracy . My view !

  27. Taukei Says:

    natewaprince, SUPERB!

    “Budhau you f****n cockeroach.You support the blerry bi-polar pig because you Indians think that you will gain perpetual political power.

    We are not some middle age Sth American race who will accept the shit from some immigrants. I hope you advise your relatives to join you abroad because when we’ve had enough,what happened in 2000 will look like some tiny tots b’day party.

    Nothing in this world can make us accept a piece of Indian political manifesto as law to govern us and our children after us,no pigs,no guns,no nothing.

    What do think they will do? Has he got enough bullets to kill all those opposing the charter? Does he have enough cells to lock all Fijians who do not accept the new GCC? Does he even have the will to take on the paramount chiefs of the goons he leads?

    You are dealing with a very proud race and the pig is so mentally unbalanced that he does not realise the danger he is putting his men and those supporting him through.And it is people like you safely abroad who are egging him on that will watch the aftermath on TV when the ”indegenous landowners” of Fiji say ”enough is enough”.”


    “You are dealing with a very proud race”

    100% spot on!






    Fromm yurr beeluvud Pryme Meeneesta Common Fran BananaMarama

    Deear Peepul:

    Wee doo thees four benefeet off tha peepul.

    Yuu no appreeshiate whut wee doo.

    I veree sed bye thees.

    Chodree Saheeb end Khayuum Saheeb luv feejee peepul. Thay doo onlee good four feejee. not bed.

    Wee wunt too develup feejee – sell feejeean lend.

    Wee develup reelashans weeth eendea end chynaa – good four feejee.

    chodree saheeb veree good leeda four feejee. Hee take feejee upp.

    vote four chodree four pryme meeneesta and khayuum four depootee next ilecshan.

    yurr luving pryme meeneesta.


  29. Budhau Says:

    Yes – you idiots, Fijians are a very proud race – just like all other race and culture – they all consider themselves as proud people.

    When did you come across a culture that thinks of itself as some lowlife bastards.

    Colonization has had a more negative impact on some cultures than others. So the Maoris of today are shade or lighter – not because they were any less proud or any less brave – it is just that the British had decided to deal with Australia and NZ differently, then Fiji and other Island nations.

    If the British had decided to deal with Fiji in the same manner as NZ and Australia – I guess the Fijians would also be a shade or two lighter today.

    The white man decided to take Hawaii, NZ and Australia – and chose not to do the same with Fiji. That has nothing to do with the Fijians being a more proud race than the indigenous people of those other countries.

    Learn to accept that all mankind is equal – your race is no better or worse than the next guy’s.

  30. soro Says:

    Frankie goes to Ciciwood . LOL

  31. aubatinuku-N Says:

    FACT – Long before the United States included Hawaii in the Union, the Chinese were in there taking away land from the native Hawaiians in the form of IOUs.

    Beware the Chinese ie, Chinese involvement in Fiji.

  32. Mark Manning Says:

    No charter , no election !
    Well that’s a surprise , perhaps Frank can hire the Flight Attendant , arrested for shop lifting in Los Angeles as the next President ! Thick as thieves as the saying goes .
    So the Military is running the Government , according to Frank . Does that confirm that there is a dictatorship in Fiji or is more evidence required ?
    So where does that leave everyone now , are Fijians in a State of potential civil war with their own military ?
    How long before the Soldiers wake up to what everyone else already knew ? And will they arrest Frank , Chaudhry and others in the I.G.
    Did anyone notice the coincidence regarding the helicopter which blew up recently to the one which blew up on the eve of the 5th of December 2006 ? Both were from Island hoppers and one pilot , Australian , was killed in 2006 after flying the P.M. over military road blocks !Coincidence ? Don’t think so ! I’m figuring there is something on the horizon , maybe a Military crack down again .

  33. Mark Manning Says:

    Should Fiji become the 52nd. state of the United States of America ? Maybe that’s not such a bad idea !

  34. Mark Manning Says:

    I know that’s not really you , because I can actually understand what your saying . It’s not the case with the real Frank !


    Mark, that is a TERRIBLE idea – become a state and lose all the Fijian land!

    No go bro.

    I’d rather go with Australia and New Zealand.

    Cakobau did ask AMERICA FIRST when he fell in debt and needed a savior.

    America kindly AND LUCKILY declined the invitation –

    In any case, America too far away – FIJI HAS HISTORIC TIES WITH AUSTRALIA.

  36. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Oh now Mark, thats a real low blow!!

    Do it again!! 😉

  37. Taukei Says:

    Boci Budhau again showing his “wisdom”:

    “Colonization has had a more negative impact on some cultures than others. So the Maoris of today are shade or lighter – not because they were any less proud or any less brave – it is just that the British had decided to deal with Australia and NZ differently, then Fiji and other Island nations.”

    BociBudhau, it would sometimes be better to just shut that big mouth of yours.


    Read Fiji history, BOCI.

    Fijians (Taukei) have what they have today largely through the efforts of ONE MAN – RATU SUKUNA –

    otherwise, MOST OF FIJIAN LAND TODAY would be in the hands of non-Fijian landowners!

    CSR also owned prime real estate back then –

    Had it not been for Ratu Sukuna, Fijians today would have been largely landless – most of their land owned by non-Fijians, especially WASPs, Indians, Chinese, etc.

  38. Taukei Says:


    Ratu Sir Josefa Lalabalavu Vanaaliali Sukuna an eminent scholar,soldier and statesman.

    Ratu Sukuna’s distinguished career,humble lifestlye and his achievements was the cornerstone of the education of Indigenous Fijians and indeed the governance of this land.

    It is to Ratu Sukuna’s great and lasting credit that he established the Native land Trust Board that protects Fijian land from alienation through dubious dealings while opening it up for use through lease to other communities in Fiji.

    He was proud of his race and the Fijian people owe much to him.

    Sukuna represents the idealisation of high chiefs as figures of unassailable strength and dignity, representing and protecting Fijians, their land and culture in the modern world.

  39. Mark Manning Says:

    I suggested America taking on Fiji as another State , not seriously though , because it just doesn’t seem to be functioning at all and so many people there are suffering . And Frank , how come you speak perfect English all of a sudden ?

  40. LUVfiji Says:

    A rather impressive write-up on the “Father of Modern Fiji”.. the father of Fijian administration – – he wrote it and he broke it ? Just for the sake of argument. How was it that he, a chief of Bau, became Tui Lau ? Can we see that happening again today ? If not , why not ?

  41. Mareko Vuli Says:

    The hypocrisy and mockery that this blog runs is a whitewash trash cans of uneducated no guts pricks who would do nothinhg at nation buildings but speaks behind the veil of blogs like poison vermon that brings nothing to the country but to ruin. It would be better if all you people who are against the government to join the NCBBF and the Peoples charter to prove something rather then vermonous poison thats spits out this blog. This why Fiji Needs a leader like His Excellency the Honorable Prime Minister and Commander Frank Bainimarama to whip up truth within the nation that will get people walking rather then talking. Some people need the sasa broomstick behind there backs to get them working. We cannot afford to seat back and watch the nation go down the drain as the past goverment like SDL has lead it too. The military has brought this country from the brink of disaster for a once and all united Fiji living in peace and harmony.

    To the last person who tried to bring my past back at my old school Marist Brothers High. Please refrain from making such non-senses comments. We are living in 2008 not back in the 80s and 70s. I wonder if you passed your exams back in the days!!! It is also none of your business to make comments on my community work in Sydney. I don’t hold broken records like you and at least i am making an effort to encourage the interim regime to move the country forward. If you can reset your old mentalty and updated it to 2008 would be a great help to the nation at helm. Just rememeber ” do something for your country instead of your country doing something for you”. Au kerea sa rauta mada na vosa vakalialia, ni yalo matua mada me toso ko Viti, bula ka sautu..

  42. Mark Manning Says:

    One last point before I leave you all this morning , is the cancer rate in fiji related to the Atomic testing done by France at mururoa atoll between 1966 and 1996 ?
    Has there been a contamination of the seasfood chain ? Has anyone tested the fish around Fiji waters for radiation etc. Anyone independent of France .


    Helo Mark

    I tek inglis lessuns –

    saloly iimproov mai Inglis

  44. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Mareko Vuli – Vakaraitaka sara na nomu vuku e ke, Qai mai i Viti mai bula mada e ke, qima ya qai o vakasama taki iko vinaka ni bera ni o via mai vosalasu vi kimamu qo!!

    The following is from

    Thu 30 Nov 06 (04:19pm) It is quite sad indeed that Australia saw it fit to travel right back to New Caledonia to be able to airlift their injured soldiers back to Australia when all they had to do was ask the Fijians for help in the evacuation.
    The army’s gripe is with our PM and somehow, due to mishandling by Downer and Brendan Nelson, the ADF finds itself on a collision course with the Fiji military. We have had three coups; none had tourists being attacked. If the warships were there purely for Australian nationals being evacuated, then all they had to do was ask the army for a clear path; they do understand and would have assisted. The warships would have been offered berthing facilities with no requirement for helicopter airlifts. The Australian government has a lot to answer for in the needless death of two servicemen. The Fiji army were taking precautions to counter a regional force because we could sort things out ourselves; there was no breakdown of law and order. The military hierarchy got spooked by the charges of sedition and you don’t spook someone who has his back to the wall.

    @Mareko Vuli,
    Well Mareko Vuli, in your professional opinion you would also suggest now that ILLEGAL DESPOT VOREQE BAINIMARAMA should not be “SPOOKED” as obviously “HIS BACK IS TO THE WALL”.

    Bainimarama said “NO CHARTER, NO ELECTIONS”!!

  45. Taukei Says:

    By establishing the Native land Trust Board, Rau Sukuna effectively SECURED THE TAUKEI OWNERSHIP OF FIJI LANDS.

    Can you image what would have happened if the chiefs and the koros (villages) had the LIBERTY to do what they liked with their land – CHAOS!

    Imagine what would have happened if Ratu Sukuna had not created the Native land Trust Board –

    Individual chiefs and villages would have sold them off to wealthy landlords.

  46. Mark Manning Says:

    dictatorships don’t work and those within the dictatorship , aren’t held accountable to anyone . Where is the proof that Mr Qarase was ruining Fiji ? Where is the evidence of corruption ? Are you aware that Frank has a mental problem and is being used by Chaudhry and the others ?

  47. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ Mark Manning – Mark, it’s a Voreqe Bainimarama PARODY my friend, comic relief for the overly serious. 😉

  48. Mark Manning Says:

    thanks aubatinuku , i do realise that , just going along with the fun !

  49. LUVfiji Says:

    How was it that he, a chief of Bau, became Tui Lau ?

    E vola na ka baleti keda na kawa i Taukei.. qai kalawaca tale.

  50. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Vinaka for that piece LUVfiji, and theres more…………….

  51. LUVfiji Says:


  52. tosotiko Says:

    Na bula kei na sautu e rawa ga ke muri na nodra lewa na lewe levu, aya o keimami na digitaki iratou na SDL me ratou veiliutaki vei keda kece. O kemuni ka sega ni levu na kemuni wiliwili mo ni vakarorogo. Ke o ni namuna ni cala ia mo ni waraka na veidigidigi ka tarava, ni vakarautaki kemuni vakavinaka mo ni rawata e dua na wase levu ni yaloi keimami na lewe levu. O sa taura rawa Mareko Vuli? Se sa rui dredre vei iko na muria na sala dodonu ka malumu ka ko vinakata ga na sala kaukauwa ka voravora?

  53. Mareko Vuli Says:

    Mark Manning if you understand the fijian way of life, then you will understand fijian corruption. You cannot understand The Prime Ministers point of view with where he stands from on corruption. I recommend you go have a brain surgery and exchange it with one of the bloggers like NP to be able to understand the real fijian way of life behind the sweet smile.. We have a Prime Minister who will not bow to any pressure cause he believes in real freedom for the future prosperity and peace of the country. He is doing all he can for the benefit of the country and its people. It is a battle of understand and we believe his messege is finally taking its grip as we read in the paper today about his recent speech in Rewa. I wonder if Ro Temumu is so powerful yet she can’t even stop the men of truth to walk into her territory. Viva to the IG and Viva to Fiji

  54. Mareko Vuli Says:

    tosotiko, SDL is long gone.. Why dont you form your own party? Qarase can’t stand in the next election he is still under court orders on corruption chargers. Its too early for an election. We should give the Interium Government a fair go and a few years to piece up the mess that SDL n SVT commtted over the years.

  55. Mareko Vuli Says:

    Taukei, i don’t know why you have to bring up Mr Sukuna Lalabalavu to this blog. He hasn’t brought anything to fiji and died with nothing leaving nothing to his wife. He doesn’t have true humilty cause all he cared about was himself and his secret mason societies. Its his curse that has got past fijian goverment confused over the years. At least Frank is breaking that lauan masonic curse.” Viva Tailevu”

  56. soro Says:

    Mareko – come walk the talk man – kua na dabe tiko mai Redfern spouting your crap. Sounds like you need to let lose some foul air too – maybe that will help blow the cobwebs out of your eyes.

    As for referring to Voeqe as an academic ! Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Puhlease spare us.

  57. natewaprince Says:

    Mareko,au kerea mo vaqarai Budhau ena dua na vanua qori mai Aussie.Ni o sa sotavi koya,kauti koya ena dua vanua butobuto qai wadruca nona boci.

    Au kerea ga mo cakava va vinaka me lako laivi tani kece na kora.Ni sa savasava vinaka,drau qai va sota puga, hahahahahaha.

  58. Taukei Says:

    Mareko Vuli, its YOU who needs a brain surgery.

    I doubt that will fix the problem.

  59. Dauvavana Says:

    Mareko Dro e na Vuli overstay tiko mai Ositerelia qai kodro tiko mai vaka na koli ni kaidia.

    Sona Levu

    Sa lena levu

  60. Taukei Says:



    We have an IG supporter with us, by the name of Mareko Vuli. A truly “Frankophile”.

  61. Taukei Says:

    Fiji held to ransom: PCPI

    THE Pacific Centre for People’s Integrity says it is unfortunate the citizens of Fiji are held to ransom by a military dictatorship.

    PCPI executive director Angie Heffernan says interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama’s word cannot be trusted.

    Ms Heffernan says his outbursts were not new.

    “In fact it just shows his lack of political judgment and leadership skills,” she said.

    PCPI is calling on the EU, who is scheduled to visit, and other international partners of Fiji to take note of the threats by Commodore Bainimarama.

  62. Taukei Says:

    We knew this all along….there will be NO election next year, or year after…such little kids they are…


    THERE will be no elections next year if politicians do not support the proposed People’s Farter, says the interim Prime Minister.

    And he warned that the Great Council of Chiefs would not sit as scheduled next month if there was no quorum.

    Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama made it clear that the military would ensure the political party that wins the next election, scheduled for next year, upheld the principles and ideals in the charter.

    Speaking in Fijian after the opening of the Nadoi Wesley Mission Church, in Rewa, yesterday, Commodore Bainimarama said the formulation of the farter would go ahead, despite mounting opposition from most provinces in Fiji.

    He said the military, which is running the Government, would like to see everyone in Fiji give their full support to the proposed farter.

    He clarified that it was the military that initiated the formulation of the farter.

    Commodore Bainimarama said people and provinces complaining that he was leading an illegal regime would end up nowhere.

    He said if some people did not support the military and the interim regime, there would be no election.

    He said through the farter, coups would not happen because the military had stepped in to manage the country since December 2006 because of poor leadership.

    Commodore Bainimarama said there were speculation that the charter was an initiative of the Fiji Labour Party but it was not true.

    He reiterated to Nadoi villagers that the military would ensure everyone supported the farter.

    The military commander said they brought about the charter to weed out the political influence within the vanua and the Government.

    He said the Fijian people were blinded by what politicians said, yet the people remained poor and developments in villages were stagnant.

    He said the ordinary people had been misguided by chiefs, church leaders and politicians for a long time.

    Questions were raised by the villagers on the charter and the new-look GCC which most of the provinces have decided against.

    Nadoi Village is just metres from Lomanikoro, in Rewa, where the provincial council and the vanua of Rewa had decided not to support the proposed People’s Farter last month.

    Commodore Bainimarama said he had told ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase and Methodist Church president Reverend Laisiasa Ratabacaca of his plans for Fiji’s future on Monday.

  63. Taukei Says:


    Enough is Enough!

    Time to take these stinking FARTERS out for good…..

  64. Taukei Says:

    good point Mark!

    The Air Pathetic shoplifter busted in LA is probably a relative of BociMarama – in any case, she will be getting a “heroine’s” welcome when she lands in Fiji and probably a ministerial position –

    thieves do support their own kinds, after all!

  65. IslandBoy Says:

    @Mareko Vuli – Hard as it was trying to understand your tirade at Mark Manning due to your mangled English, it may surprise you to know that Mark demonstrates a lot more depth and understanding of Fiji than you do.

    You may be Fijian by birth but certainly not by spirit and understanding.

    Do not bark like a distant dog from the slums of Redfern where you live, if you have something to say about my Gone Marama Bale, come to Suva, come to her province and open your mouth.

    The Gone Marama Bale never at anytime banned anyone from Rewa, if she did and you knew anything about anything, which you so obvioulsy do not, you would know that the Suva Peninusla is encompassed in the Province of Rewa. Can you understand what that implies.

    The Rewa Provincial Council and her people rejected the NCBBF and the GCC reform process by reasoned logic and a detailed analysis of its component articles, in relation to its legality and ramifications for the development of all of the people of Fiji, not just Fijians. This analysis has been widely published.

    In addition the Province of Rewa also applied, by analysis the component articles of the United Nations Charter on the Rights of Indegenous Peoples and found many parts of the NCBBF that so clealry contravene this UN document. Not that I expect you to have read it, much less understand any of it.

    Finally let me teach you a little lesson in power. My Gone Marama Bale does not wield her power by the barrel of the gun, like Frank. Her power is ordained by God and administered by his Grace. It has been refined oover a long line of noble ancestry.

    She has been blessed with wisdom, foresight and most of all kindness because she is saved, the Lord God is her Saviour.

    With those of us registered in the VKB under her protection, she has earned her power a thousand times over by winning, the hearts, minds and willing hands of the people of her province.

    And this will last longer and have a greater impact than anything Frank will ever achieve.

    Frank can come and throw as many $39,000 donations to as many villages as he wants, sa dua ga na vosa, na io na io na sega na sega, yala kina.

    I really feel sorry for Frank and people like you. Frank should never play poker with people from Rewa. Humble villagers from Nadoi just suckered him for $39,000 to extend their church and he still does not have the support of the province.

    As soon as he and his delegation turned their backs, there was loud laughter in the village, the fool and his money were surely parted.

  66. merovingian Says:

    Makero Vuli,

    Where did you go school again?

    Coz you can’t spell for shit!!!

    Its no wonder you idolise Bainimarama, you two are exactly the same.

    Plus, you both have the same demented idea that Fiji needs saving by likes of people like you.

    You want to know an open secret?

    This coup was not about corruption.

    It was about:-

    (i) saving Bainimarama from prosection for treason, sedition and corruption (RFMF Regimental Fund); and

    (ii) providing employment to the unemployables.

    Bottom line is want a good job, you go to school and work for it like the rest of the world – instead of usurping it at the barrel of a gun.

    With your guns and bullets, you can take over the government and share out government jobs as “spoils of war”, but you forget one thing…

    …bullets do not equal brains.

    So no matter how much you try to justify the 2006 coup, everyone right-thinking individual in Fiji knows that the root of all our problems lies not with whether we accpet the Charter or the new look GCC…

    …it lies in the simple truth that interim administration is made up of a bunch of unqualified opportunistic idiots who refuse to acknowledge that they really don’t know how to run a government.

    Until people like you and the idiots you hero-worship acknowledge this SIMPLE TRUTH and hand power back to a civillian administration, we will continue to suffer economically, politically, socially and spiritually.

  67. IslandBoy Says:

    @Mareko Vuli – lesu tale mada lai vuli va qima. How old are you? Aren’t you embarassed by the pathetic level of your written English?

    Do you not read the daily papers and listen to the television there? Your mouth is too big for your small head.

    I’ll bet 2 cents you have a real fancy Aussie slang accent, kena ca ni segai ni qai vata na nomu qavota. Vovodea na nomu vakasama, qai kena ikuri na vakaloloma kei na lecaika ni nomu bula.

    Kua tale vakadua ni cavuta na yacadra na Gone Marama, kawa ca!!!

  68. IslandBoy Says:

    @Mareko Vuli – I just went over your above postings.

    If by Mr. Sukuna Lalabalavu, you are refering to the Turaga Talai Sa Bale, kawa ca o iko, do yourself a huge favor and slit your throat NOW.

    Its obvious your brain died some time ago, why don’t you catch up?

  69. Bhu-dhadha-u Says:

    Mareko Vuli…Luveni sona levu..caviraki tamamu……lauvutu……..cici levu……Tiko mai Australia qai via vosa tiko baleti keimami na tiko e Viti……O iko mada na cava……..Via vosa lako mai Viti……….Kua na cici levu tiko va qori lai vosavosa tiko mai valagi………Sona levu o iko kei tamamu…….Tamata sega ni kilai o iko………..Vakilakila na nomu i cici!!!!!!!!!!!!…….Vosavosa vakavuku tiko vei iko………Keimami sega ni via kila yani na ka o via valataka tiko mai……….Keimami na bika vanua tiko e tiko dina vei keimami na dodonu me keimami vosa e na neimami vanua…….Sega ni tamata dravadrava va qori sega ni rawata na bula e Viti dro sara i valagi……Taura ga nomu vosa sosomaka i nomu sona.

  70. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Great discussion here. Good to see that most of you are ignoring Budhau. Keep it up and he won’t get his monthly cheque from Frank.

    For the record, this is what we posted on Fiji Times today.

    The transparently simplistic ploy by Fiji’s military-backed regime to indefinitely cling to power by linking implementation of its unworkable, undemocratic and arguably illegal people’s charter process to the promised March 2009 elections is now out in the open.

    Why are we not surprised?

    As we have repeatedly pointed out in this and other forums, this was always the agenda of Fiji’s military-backed regime.

    That agenda was first revealed for all to see (but few chose to) in the forward estimates of Mahendra Chaudhry’s 2008 Fiji Budget, in which no provision is made for the cost of elections or the operation of the nation’s parliament until the year 2011, or beyond.

    But now that agenda is official.

    Fiji’s dictator, Bainimarama, made it so yesterday by publicly laying down an ultimatum: no charter, no election. We recall hearing that same slogan from his boss, Mahendra Chaudhry, a few short months ago.

    The bad news is that Fiji’s current social and economic nightmare, which began with Bainimarama’s coup on 5 December 2006, looks set to continue past the March 2009 election date so solemnly pledged by Bainimarama in Tonga last year.

    The good news is that, every day, the last vestiges of support for Bainimarama and his disastrous agenda continues to erode as more and more Fiji people realise that they have had more than enough of this latest practitioner of coup culture.

    And yesterday’s dictate from Voreqe Bainimarama which only deepens widespread suspicions that the actions of the regime’s leaders have more to do with advancing personal interests than with advancing the nation as a whole.

    It’s one thing as commander of Fiji’s military to bark out orders and expect them to be obeyed. But without enjoying the trust and confidence of the clear majority, no dictator can ever succeed by simply giving orders to an entire nation, especially if the stated wish of the people who make up that nation is for a return of parliamentary democracy – so that they can decide for themselves.

    After all, under Fiji’s Constitution, that is their clear and absolute right.

  71. tosotiko Says:

    No Mareko Vuli, you form your own party and fight for all the rubbish you are spewing forth here and get your crowd to continue to support Vore as PM. You said it and we knew all along the real intention was to keep Laisenia at bay BUT SDL will still rule with LQ as top advisor and maybe Adi Temumu as the PM. After all there are a hundred ways to skin a cat.

  72. kafir Says:

    Mavoa vakadua o Mareko Vuli.

    Sa rauta koya vinaka talega ya…vakilakila boidada tiko vua. Io, se boy gone ga o koya!

  73. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Mareko Vulu…I mean Vuli, I hope you got all that, we are holding the mirror up, take a REAL GOOD LOOK AT YOURSELF!!

    Do some DEEP soul searching and rethink your whole entire take on this, you just might be able to save face.

    E caka tiko va vivakalolomataki ni vuravura, yaloyalovinaka sara mo bu masulaka tu mada ga vua na Tamada Sa Tabogo me solia vi iko na vuku vata na yalomatua, me rai tale ga kina na matamu vakayalo.

    O noda Viti lomani e nona na Kalou, na Kalou da qarava e Kalou vuvu, e sigai ni na vakatara me liu e na Vanua ko Viti na matakau ceuceu se Kalou tani.

    God bless our few hundred Islands in the sun!!

  74. Adi Kaila Says:


  75. Mark Manning Says:

    Mareko my friend
    Frank is not the p.M. , he is the Commander of the RFMF and a dictator , nothing more nothing less . But no doubt , very soon , he will be George’s cell mate !

  76. anon Says:

    Mate vakadua o Mareko. yalovinaka sara lako mada lai vacurumi iko tu mada e na dua vanua ni vakavakacegu voleka.

  77. Turagabale Says:

    no matter what you people said, it will not change Frank’s move….let’s keep all your big mouth shut and what are you people suppose to do for the benefot of your individual family….

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