Kudos to the Church Leaders

Kudos to the two Gentlemen leading our two largest Christian Churches for working patiently behind the scene to initiate dialogue between Bainimarama and Qarase. At last!

We believe that meeting face to face without any precondition is a major step forward from the dark days of the coup and credit must also be given to Qarase for his patience and not resorting to anything drastic to protect the People from the murderous arms of the Military. He could have called for mass demonstration, uprising, etc. but his stand was always to avoid major confrontation and bloodshed.

Our prayers and hope that goodwill, and common sense will prevail for the good of all and that these two gentlemen (VB and LQ) will understand that it’s not about them but about this beautiful island nation of ours and its resilient wonderful people.

SV Team.


11 Responses to “Kudos to the Church Leaders”

  1. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Yes, right there with you SV team on humbly thanking the two church leaders for their efforts and LQ for his principles and right attitude (patience).

    However, I still hope that Voreqe will show some HUMILITY in this process instead of trying to make himself look like our saviour, when he is not, case in point here..HIS CONCERNS FOR THE LAST FEW YEARS. WHo cares about your concerns VB? WHat about ours re. our freedom of choice and our rights?

    Interim PM Ready To Discuss National Issues
    Publish date/time: 20/05/2008 [16:53]

    The Interim Prime Minister said he is ready to talk to the Ousted PM Laisenia Qarase about national issues which he has been concerned about for a few years.

    Commodore Frank Bainimarama said dialogue is essential and as he has plans to have further discussions with Qarase in the near future, he hopes talks are held with an open mind to ensure that Fiji moves forward.

  2. IslandBoy Says:

    @SV Team – whatever you do, please do not close down this website prematurely! We have a long way to go yet and I for one would like to see both sides come clean and retire thereafter.

    Fiji needs new and unsullied leaders to take over from this mob.

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    Religion and Politics should not mix . The pope did the same thing in Italy leading up to and including World War 2 .
    Haven’t you guys heard of and don’t you understand the separation of powers . The state must remain separated from and not influenced by religious leaders and their followers . George W Bush is influenced by the Christian Organisations in America , and consequently , his Politics .
    Many countries , including Iraq , Afghanistan , Pakistan , Iran and Israel , are all influenced by Religious leaders . Many of them , just want to be powerful and recognised within their Communities .
    What shits me is , last week some of you were bagging the Religious leaders , now your singing their praises !
    Hypocrisy at it’s highest !
    How do you ever expect to resolve Political issues if you keep treating them as Religious issues ?
    Frank is only negotiating to save his own sorry arse .

  4. solivakasama Says:

    Island Boy.

    Ni Bula Vinaka Turaga Nite. Just reassuring you that this site is in for the long haul and will be there right up to and after the election.

    Soli Vakasama Party may be the next good thing to come out of this 😉

    What say you?

  5. natewaprince Says:

    Ka dina SV.O au me qai soli vei au na i tutu ni Minister of Sasamakai.With a big broom,it will be my job sweep out all those who have hitched their wagon on to the pig’s gravy train,from the top to the bottom.

    MM,what you say just proves that sometimes it is nigh on impossible to separate the two.

  6. EnufDictatorship Says:

    MM..c\’mon…of course, one has to separate the two but as a matter of fact, they BOTH influence each other, as most of the leaders are either affiliated to or part of a denomination (resulting in a religion) in some form or other.

    Yes, GO SV party! Go!

    Mai dua mada na veleti kari kemuni!

  7. tosotiko Says:

    Separation in terms of not one church running the government…that has always been the intention in the United States when that phrase was first coined. Remember they came out of the UK system which had a state church…the Anglican Church and consequently only adherents to the Anglican communion were highly favoured and the nonconformists were by and large discriminated against. So in the US of A all and sundry were to be given equal opportunity. At the time the populace was on the whole Christian…even those who were not churchgoers had a belief system originating from the Church.

    The people who elect the government here in Fiji will belong to one religion or another and it is this belief system that will dictate the way they do things in government. Remember your Ahmadiyyas??? You cannot have one person totally disassociating himself from his beliefs on Monday morning when he goes to work. If he is serious about his beliefs then he would not steal, cheat or lie in the course of his duty. Therein is the main problem in Fiji. We are not principled enough to take things seriously and that includes people in SDL, Labour, Fed, New Alliance, Generals etc, etc.

  8. Jose Says:

    Give to Cseasar what belongs to Cseasar and to God what belongs to God. Clearly here we see a separation of church and state. That Mataca has no business siding with those who had committed the wrong.He would have been better off staying privately and quietly in his sanctuary praying for right and truth to prevail.That’s what he should have stood for.There is so much I would like to say to his face none of them good. I don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Where ever or what ever he’s involved in, it can’t be good. I hope that LQ will stand true in that meeting and not sell out.

  9. tosotiko Says:

    I agree Jose, the Methodist especially should tread carefully on this. LQ too. The Methodist Church has in the past always appeased the govt. because of the belief that the govt. is the authority and we should just submit to its legislation. Consequently it had given up alot of its inheritance in this country (doing an Esau in the mistaken belief that it will serve the country well). It gave up its teacher training college (the first in the country) when the govt. proposed amalgamating with the govt. one. It gave up its technical training centre when it was absorbed into the Derrick Technical College. Now the other minority churches in Fiji have their own teacher training program. It has a dismal record in the upkeep of its schools. But if it wakes up now and its people stop swiping grog, it can stiill reclaim its position as a source of good and blessing to this country.

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    Enuf dictatorship
    Religion and Politics are like oil and water and they make strange bed fellows indeed !
    I’m concerned that some religious leaders use Political platforms to push their own agendas . It’s no different to Frank pushing his own agenda , as saviour of the Constitution !
    What a joke that is , he’s violated most of it to date .
    And now you guys want church leaders involved .
    Then why not have the Moslem leaders and Hindi leaders involved , I mean , where does it stop ?
    Politics is politics and Religion , Religion , never the twain should meet .
    And I don’t mean tchu tchu train .

  11. tosotiko Says:

    The truth about ‘never the twain shall meet’ applies to ‘East and East…West is West’.

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