Illegal regime – a Supernova?

Within a year since the military take-over of our democratically elected government on December 5, 2006, the interim ministers have made numerous overseas trips, made amendments to Acts, gazetted changes to institutions like the GCC, set-up committees like the NCBBF and the FICAC, worked on drafting a charter, deported two expatriate media publishers, implemented pay-cuts, etc all in the name of “cleaning-up corruption” and “moving our country forward.”

Isn’t all these a bit too much, too fast?

Do you think even elected governments have the time and finances to swiftly implement changes they promised in their campaign manifesto so quickly? I don’t. Because, the reason is, doing too much, too fast can cause people to make mistakes ending in things not done properly or well-thought out. At the end, people become like a supernova, they flash and burn.

Take the Singapore civil service model that Rishi Ram is pushing, for example? Although a great concept FOR Singapore, it should not be implemented in all its entirety for Fiji, because it was well-thought out by the Singaporean government many years ago FOR Singapore. Since Singaporeans who are not absorbed into the civil service have other viable and highly regarded options in the private sector for them because they have the population, the resources, the BRAINS and a military that doesn’t interfere in their politics and the governing of their country (here we go again, No Military interference because they know what their real purpose is, and they LIVE IT!).

And the interim regime totally believe that because the civil service in Singapore is small, corruption does not exist there? Come on! we are on planet Earth not Mars, where the interim regime seem to think we exist in.

Take a breather Rishi, and really reflect on the path you are taking the civil service to.

And, to the illegal leaders, HUMBLE yourselves and CALM DOWN because we don’t want our beloved country to end up like a supernova. Poof! (as in flash, burn and disapppear!)

We still want to be the JEWEL of the Pacific. But, of course the way you guys are going at it, that image is slowly slipping out of our grip. Poof! again.



4 Responses to “Illegal regime – a Supernova?”

  1. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Here is what I mean by this regime being a Supernova! Because, we rational, like-minded people know exactly what will be the end of all these hurry-hurry strategy…flash! and burn!

    Elected government should make changes: Academic

    Monday, May 19, 2008

    Update: 4:49PM An academic says the creation of a forum to determine a new electoral system for Fiji might be a good way to move the country forward.

    The interim regime says the forum will discuss steps towards a reform of Fiji\’s electoral system and it plans to involve all major political parties and other organisations.

    Most politicians have given the support to the forum, but a number of non-government organisation oppose it.

    The President has asked the Commonwealth and the United Nations to also support it.

    Australian National University\’s Jon Fraenkel says it\’s important that the two international organisations support the forum.

    However, he adds it would be better if an elected government made the electoral amendments, reports Radio New Zealand.

  2. autale Says:

    levu ga vei iratou na IG na calacala

  3. FijiGirl Says:

    Chodothru$h is pushing the changes because his ultimate goal is to be President.

    He knows he has alot of groundwork to lay to make this happen –
    get rid of GCC,
    remove land ownership from native hands,
    scrap representational vote system
    allow non-citizens or dual-residents to vote,
    get rid of his partners in crime (who will know “too much”),
    mortgage Fiji’s future and natural resources to the hilt so that subsequent govts cannot extract the nation from India’s/China’s pocket,

    Chodo WANTS the Supernova. It’s all part of his plan.

    Stop the Snake.
    Tabu soro

    God bless Fiji

  4. natewaprince Says:

    Very true.We can only geuss that their motives are ulterior by the way they are forcing these changes through.

    As all changes are being put in place before the election deadline,then we can be excused for thinking that it is part of Chodo’s election campaign.

    Ia na ”supernova ”levu ga e tiko i na muaimuri nei Voreqe. Qo koya a waqa boko tiko gauna e dash kina mai na vei tavioka mai na keba.

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