Silences can tell you more than words

As someone who has closely watched the antics of Fiji’s bumbling regime over
the past 18 months or so I have learned a very important lesson: often
it’s not what the regime says that you should take note of. Instead, it’s
their silences on particular topics that indicate that there is something

This is because this regime has not only sought to create a climate of
fear and mistrust, but because deep down it knows it’s illegal and that
makes it also a victim of fear and distrust. Fear and distrust of being
shown to everyone once again for what it is.

Here’s a case in point: why has it been several weeks since we heard
anything from the regime and its minions, including from the talkative
John (yap-yap) Samy himself, about the IMG (the independent monitoring
group)? Like the proverbial ship in the night, they seem to have come and

Could it be that the IMG was just a front to give the charter process a
cloak of respectability? Or, as I suspect, has something gone badly wrong?
For example, have the members of the IMG suddenly developed a bad case of
cold feet after getting up close and personal with the deadbeats on the
NCBBF? Has the IMG simply dissolved like an ice cream exposed to the hot

What strikes me as particularly strange is that we haven’t heard anything
about the IMG drawcard, Dutchman Geert Van Den Linden, who is after all
something of a VIP, and certainly of sufficient stature to give the regime a
touch of class, even by association. Linden is a former senior vice
president of the Asian development bank.

You would think that with all the pressure he’s getting from everyone from
Winston Peters to the Commonwealth Ministers Action Group and with more
and more provinces voting with their feet, Bainimarama would have by now
got Linden to strut his stuff for the cameras once again.

I ask this for a simple reason that is obvious, at least to me; when it
comes to selling the charter and keeping the Commonwealth dogs off his
heels. Linden’s prestige could do a lot for Frank’s credibility when he
needs it the most. Someone of Linden’s stature is about the only card
Frank has up his sleeve without pulling out the gun he always keeps up the
other one.

Or does the silence tell us something else? Does it tell us that Frank can
no longer use Linden because Linden is no longer available to the regime?
Does the silence about Linden and the IMG tell us that yet another name
has been added to the abandoned ship list?

Another silence that is more telling than words is the silence of the
police in relation to the two death threats received by the Australian
James Batley. When the first threat was received on 8 May the police behaved
like something out of the TV series, the FBI. There were announcements and
statements that there would be a quick arrest.

Then everything fell silent. Significantly, the police maintained their
silence even after the media reported widely on the second threat on 15
May, one week after the first.

What does that silence tell us? Perhaps it’s telling us that that the
police have got nowhere in their investigations and are downright
embarrassed. Or
perhaps it’s telling us something far more sinister:

(a) that the police have a very good idea who is responsible

(b) but because the people the police believe are responsible just happen
to be who they are, no further action can be taken.

Welcome to Fiji under Frank and the Chodopu$$. Yes, we have heard lots of
words from those two (far too many of them empty and false in my opinion),
but it’s sometimes the silences that can tell you more about what is really



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  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Sorry , I have nothing to say !

  2. Pusiloa Says:

    Can we all have a moment of silence please!!!

  3. Save the Sheep Says:

    Silence is Golden, Golden.

    Only time will tell

  4. Tim Says:

    I reckon what you say (CF) is exactly as it is. Some in the Junta have severe regrets – leaping before they looked. After a year plus of this bugger’s muddle, they begin to realise that Frank’s poop isn’t worth the damage it is doing to their reputations (such as they are for even contemplating hitching their wagons). They begin to realise that Frank’s coup makes for some very limited future career options. Licking boots, lying, giving tacit approval to human rights abuses, murder, etc. etc. etc. – is not a good look – epecially since they so ego driven and ambitious. The disgrace even has a habit of rubbing off on their families.

  5. LUVfiji Says:

    It is sometimes best not to say anything in a difficult situation!

    @StS – the complete saying is: “speech is silver, silence is golden”

  6. Jon jon Says:

    Pundit, pray tell us the truth

    Friday, May 16, 2008

    Unusual … soldiers on the streets of the capital after the coup+ Enlarge this image

    Unusual … soldiers on the streets of the capital after the coup

    ON Thursday April 10, 2008, during the public debate on the People’s Charter organised by the Fiji Media Council, pro-charter and National Council for Building a Better Fiji member Kamlesh Arya vigorously defended the military.

    This is what he said:

    “First and foremost, the military has sons and daughters of Fiji who have taken the oath to protect Fiji from all adverse situations. It is not ignorant of the law. Their law is one of engagement after all else fails. They are compassionate to the needs of the people. They rise to the occasion when Fiji is faced with calamities and if the military was opportunist then its members would not lay their lives for the nation.

    “We need to search deeper than what is on the surface to find out what has been going on since 1987.”

    But what Arya, the president of Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji said while answering a question from the audience totally shifted the blame from the military to certain people in the country for using the armed forces to carry out the coups since 1987.

    When asked if coups or elections were more expensive to Fiji, Arya replied:

    “In my submission this evening (April 10), I said let us not blame the military for the coups. They were the henchmen I must say.

    “They were used to do somebody else’s dirty job. Now in 1987 the coup was hyped up as a Fijian issue, right, for the Fijians.

    “What did we get, what did the Fijian community get out of the 1987 coup nothing. In 1987 Fijians basically lost everything in terms of respect and dignity because somebody said he was fighting for the rights of the Fijians.

    “In 2000 it was an indigenous issue again. What did the Fijian community get nothing. They lost much more. They lost the total dignity of people being able to apply the rule of law. Other communities have continued to stick their necks, stand and contribute to the development of the country each time there is a coup.

    “So we have to do deeper soul-searching to find out why the military does, what it has done four times and I don’t blame them.

    “They are just there for manipulation by people who have vested interests.”

    There have been only two political parties in Fiji which have survived or experienced all four coups the National Federation Party, which was in a coalition government with the Fiji Labour Party in 1987, was removed from power by Sitiveni Rabuka in the first coup of May 14, 1987.

    While the Labour party has opposed the three previous coups and called for a speedy return to democracy, it has made a complete about-turn and defended the actions of the military since December 2006.

    It is therefore prudent to examine Labour’s position on the coups in view of Arya’s forceful defence of the army. In 2004, the Labour party and National Farmers Union launched Children of the Indus to mark the 125th anniversary of the arrival of indentured labourers to Fiji.

    The book’s cover had a picture of Chaudhry and his grand-daughter, taken after he and his colleague’s release from 56 days of captivity after the 2000 coup.

    The book, while describing the late Ratu Mara as a visionary and statesman had scathing remarks about his and the late Ratu Penaia Ganilau’s roles in the May 1987 coups.

    Page 144 of the book states: “It is clear there was an orchestrated conspiracy to restore power to the Eastern bloc (Lau/Cakaudrove). Rabuka was a favourite with Ratu Penaia who was his high chief. Certain events of that morning (May 14, 1987) arouse suspicion.

    Was Colonel Sanday deliberately lured to Government House to get him out of the way?

    Second, when Speaker Militoni Leweniqila rang Ratu Penaia to inform him of the military takeover, he did not appear surprised. Also when Rabuka shortly after the takeover went to Government House to report the deed, his first words were: “Well sir, I have done it.” Curiously enough, the Governor-General’s only response was: “I hope you know what you are doing.” Was Ratu Penaia in the know-how? It is a legitimate question.

    Page 145 & 146 of the book states: “And how much was Ratu Mara in the know about what was to happen? Mara has always denied knowledge about the coup, yet he told the late Robert Keith-Reid, of Islands Business that he received a phone call at the Fijian Hotel at 9am on May 14, 1987 to tell him about the coup. 9am one hour before the coup took place.

    Wasn’t it his duty to warn Prime Minister Dr Timoci Bavadra, some members of Government or the police of what was about to take place?”

    The above was forcefully explained to voters by Chaudhry during the 1992 election campaign who said that by entering Parliament under the 1990 Constitution would mean achieving the final chapter in the chiefs and the Alliance Party’s plan to permanently entrench power in the hands of Fijians. Therefore, if Arya is right, Rabuka and the army were manipulated and used as henchmen by Ratu Mara and Ratu Penaia to carry out the 1987 coups. Following the 3rd coup of May 19, 2000, Chaudhry wrote an article in the Parliamentarian, the journal of parliaments of the Commonwealth. He spoke about the army and police in Fiji.

    In the article, Chaudhry stated that the security forces posed the biggest threat to the stability of any democratically elected government in Fiji.

    His article was titled, The aftermath of a coup: Power grabs and destabilisation in Fiji’. He reminded fellow Commonwealth parliamentarians that he had been the victim of three coups in Fiji. Chaudhry said: “The events of the past two years in particular have shown that neither the police nor the army can be trusted to uphold the Constitution and maintain law and order. No elected government that is not of their choice will ever be safe in this country if this situation is allowed to go unchecked. Indeed, if this situation is allowed to continue, Fiji will simply become another Indonesia where the military has formed an oligarchy with allegedly corrupt politicians and business interests.” Chaudhry claimed the police force had been infiltrated by the army and could no longer be trusted to maintain law and order.

    Therefore, according to Arya’s theory, a unit of the army in 2000 was manipulated and used by corrupt politicians, unscrupulous businessmen and factional groups to topple Chaudhry’s government.

    But Arya, a Labour party MP for five years between 2001 and 2006 did not say who used the army as henchmen and manipulated them to execute the 2006 coup that removed from power Laisenia Qarase’s SDL-led government.

    To assist Arya in forming his conclusion, let me remind him of Labour party president Jokapeci Koroi’s remarks during Fiji TV’s indepth news on January 11, 2006.

    When asked by a reporter how did the Labour party view Bainimarama’s threat to topple government Koroi replied: “I think he should do it because we’re waiting, the Labour coalition government, we are waiting to complete what we started in 1999 and 2000. I know a lot of people will disagree with me.”

    Koroi, while claiming that Bainimarama was being intimidated by the government, said “I am not saying that I support it but you don’t know what kind of takeover he is going to do and I have a feeling it’s not going to be like the 2000 and 1987 coup, no.”

    While last minute talks brokered by then Vice-President Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi prevented the stand-off between Qarase and Bainimarama into escalating any further, the coup eventually happened 11 months later on December 5, 2006 after the army’s truth and justice campaign failed to prevent the re-election of Qarase and his SDL party to power after the May 2006 election.

    Arya is a pundit and a man of God.

    He should live up to his status and inform the nation who manipulated the army and used the soldiers as henchmen to carry out the fourth coup on December 5, 2006.

    Kamal Iyer is a former journalist and administrative officer of the National Federation Party.
    End of story

  7. natewaprince Says:

    If anyone was wondering who were the people behind this coup,then wonder no longer.

    They are the ones who stepped forward to accept positions in this illegal regime.From Maka-Chodo,Slack-arse Khaiyum,con-Sami,Mara in-laws and all the other leeches,parasite and oppotunists.

  8. Taukei Says:

    Fiji is a part of the USSR! — ruled by Vladimir BociMarama Lenin and Chodod-Prasad Trotsky

  9. Taukei Says:


    American Professor Kevin MacDonald:

    “The Soviet government…was a ‘state against its people’, mounting murderous campaigns of collective punishment against a great many ethnic groups…The Bolshevik revolution therefore had a pronounced ethnic angle: To a very great extent, Jews and other non-Russians ruled over the Russian people, with disastrous consequences for the Russians and other ethnic groups that were not able to become part of the power structure.”

  10. Taukei Says:

    As applicable to the current situation:

    The BociMarama-ChodoPrasad “government” is a ‘state against its people’, mounting murderous campaigns of collective punishment against a great many ethnic groups.

    The BociMarama-ChodoPrasad “revolution” has a pronounced ethnic angle:

    To a very great extent, Indians and other non-Fijians rule over the Fijian people, with disastrous consequences for the Fijians and other ethnic groups that are not able to become part of the power structure.

  11. Mrs Prince Says:

    Good analysis CF! I do believe that something is afoot, and just as you say, the police are rendered useless, as it is their counterparts in green that are behind such threats (the childish idiocracy reeks of it). Even more telling is the news tonight, that the interim govt will not let the AFP into the country to increase security for the Australian High Comm. I think that the Aussies should take drastic measures now and deport all relatives of the illegal ig back to the motherland…for if they cann’t protect their own on our own soil; then why should they harbour their’s on their land!!!!

  12. Tim Says:

    Exactly right Mrs Prince. These idea of carrot and stick by Aus and NZ would work IF there were stick. The junta knows there is assistance available when they actually start doing what they promised the Fijian population, and the international community.
    Sanctions haven’t been reviewed – simply an occasional change in warnings to tourists, and why wouldn’t there be?
    Bainimarama and I-Arse have shown that they think it perfectly acceptable to do as you suggest, and to do it via Korea.
    Talks and negotiations are all very well, but they have to be in good faith – there hasn’t been any of that from the junta – just threats and pushing the boundaries further and Frank playing his silly little games with anyone interested in making genuine attempts to resolve things.

  13. FijiGirl Says:

    Agree with you, CF. It’s just as important to see what is NOT said. See what China is NOT saying, below.

    US still cares about Fiji
    Friday, May 16, 2008
    THE United States embassy reiterated its call to the interim Government to honour its free and fair election pledge by the March 2009 deadline.

    The US Embassy in Suva said the election should not be tied to the proposed People’s Charter.

    “The United States does not believe the election timetable should be tied to the interim Government’s People’s Charter process,” the US Embassy Suva said.

    “The US continues to call on the interim Government to honour its pledge to ensure free and fair election no later than March 2009 and accept the outcome.

    “A delay in the election would raise concerns about the interim Government’s intentions.”

    Chinese Embassy spokesman Lihua Hu said they hoped Fiji would maintain stability and development.

    “I note the People’s Charter process being made in Fiji,” said Mr Hu.

    “I hope Fiji will maintain stability and development and I believe Fiji people have the wisdom and ability to move their country forward.”

    The Australian High Commission reserved its comments on the matter.

    Questions sent to the New Zealand and British high commissions remained unanswered.

    Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met with Tongan Prime Minister Dr Feleti Sevele on Wednesday.

    A statement from the US Embassy said part of discussions focused on the importance of the US-Tonga relations

    It said Ms Rice highlighted the value of its relations with Tonga and to that end, Dr Sevele expressed his appreciation for the relationship the two countries shared.

    It said Fiji’s situation was raised and Dr Sevele as head of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, said they expected Fiji to go to the polls by March 2009.

    China makes a ‘note’ of the Charter process. It does not endorse the process, because they know, as well as we know, that the Charter process is a hoax, an excuse for Chodo’s illegal regime to delay elections (so they can lay the groundwork for Chodo to eventually become President).

    Again, I quote Churchill – “If you will not fight for the right, when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not so costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no chance of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

    The illegal regime must be stopped. What would you do to stop them, if you were not afraid?

    Tabu soro.

    God bless Fiji

  14. Litea Vuki Says:

    The IG intention is clearly not to hold elections; reinforcing the need to protest peacefully as suggested by fijisilenced, barafen, and others.

  15. EnufDictatorship Says:

    As the saying also goes…


    The despicable/unprogressive actions by this illegal regime speaks louder than the silence or the mainly useless utterances, they berate us with.

    It\’s really frightening when one BELIEVES he is the saviour! Cos that line of thought is so imbedded amongst the dead braincells, that there is no thinking out of the box..or should I say, outside the numbskull!!!

    Time to stand up and be counted people..Chiefs and all!

  16. Budhau Says:

    Forget about the actions of the regime – WTF have you guys been doing as far as action is concerned – writing on this blogsite.

    The IG is doing what is expected of any military dictatorship – However, the next generation would probably have expected more from you folk.

    Time to stand up – yeah right. Stand up and run.

    FijiGirl asks, “What would you do to stop them, if you were not afraid?” – goes ask Mandela or Gandhi and MLK and that crowd.
    When the Indians did not stand up to the ’87 coup one could understand -they just packed up and left – but now, this is your country, you can’t just leave – and you won’t do anything because you are afraid.

    Come of Fiji Girl – so you can only burn down people’s homes right – you are not afraid to do that?

  17. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Budhau the skitzo gettin REAL worried now!! 😉

  18. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Aubatinuku-N – Ha ha ha. Flame On!

    God bless Fiji

  19. Budhau's mummy Says:

    Budhau…Budhau…!!! How many times I tell you not to start work without taking your medicine?! Take your pills, you blerry fakanas! Drau veicai kei tamamu!!!

  20. Linus Says:

    Hey guys!! Anyone else think that iG is trying to get Aust. to close their High Comm or maybe change the H. commissioner like they did to NZ???

  21. FijiGirl Says:

    Linus – Yes.

    Part of Chodo’s grand plan is to scale down Fiji’s ties to Australia, NZ and the US, which promote democracy and good governance.

    He wants Fiji to have closer ties to India, China, Russia and certain governments in the Middle East which turn a blind eye to democracy, human rights, transparency, fairness and … oh … elections.

    God bless Fiji

  22. Ablaze Says:

    The death threats are a set up by these lunatics. It has back fired because now Rudd Govt want Australian Federal Police to protect their own. Epeli Naiulukau, Fiji’s minister for Arrogance have refused Australian Federal Police entry into the country.

    The world is watching! It only becomes a foreign policy challenge for the Rudd Labour Govt to fix up the mess in the Pacific.

    Steve Lewis, Australian national political reporter says: “What should be the Pacific jewel – Fiji – remains a smouldering mess, governed by a military junta showing a few signs of giving up its unelected power.”

    I think if these lunatics have nothing to hide they would allow the Australian Federal Police into the country. No because they want to show Australia that Fiji under their rule is tough enough and they don’t need outside interference.

    They will take Foreign Aid though because the fact is Fiji is a tin pot nation with No Money Surviving On Outside Investments and what taxes the workforce pay.

  23. bisbetica Says:

    The death threats are yet another attempt to divert attention away from the LACK of progress on elections. Just a CHEAP TRICK, as this FAILED coup has been, right from the beginning.

    WE have to, as someone said earlier, understand the mentality of the cornered RATS on the sinking ship.

    Yet again, they strike out, rather than asking for a hand out of the hole they’ve dug for themselves, no, they keep DIGGING.

    Monumental stupidity. Every day, there is a new low.

    No, this is not a successful coup, and every day that goes by, as the economy worsens, as life gets harder, as opposition SOLIDIFIES, they get more DESPERATE and STUPID.

    Somehow, the strategic geniuses (NOT!) at the camp think that yet more escalation of the situation will make the population BACK DOWN. I don’t think so!! or garner them respect? I don’t think so!! or get them some time to BREATHE? I don’t think so!! everything is just FALLING APART!

    Observers like Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, Brij Lal and ousted PM Laisenia Qarase have offered them that hand out of the hold the rfmf have dug. But no, they think this can still be a successful coup. Isa, leqa gona na ta sukulu!

    I agree Linus, they are probably working up to expelling James Batley. They would like australia and nz and other friends of Fiji to play hardball.

    This cheap trick junta keeps pulling these stunts. Yes, the great strategic geniuses at the camp keep thinking that there’s a pattern in all the confusion. The pattern is: against the wall, deep in the hole, they keep springing cheap tricks: there is no consistency. once a trick does its job of grabbing a headline and distracting from (rising inflation, yet more opposition and boldness from the population, delaying tactics on the elections preparations, sending of a colonel and 2 liutenant colonels on leave, chodo tax evasion, questions on the judiciary etc etc) whatever bad headline, they spring a new one, and then later, they can recycle it. This pattern of cheap tricks and confusion is easily seen once you look back at the last 17 months. In short, its INCOMPETENCE after incompetence and failure after failure.

    – Not even ONE ficac prosecution YET. Once challenged, ficac withdraws charges. simple.
    – They reduce duty on tin tuna imports, but don’t consider the jobs at voko and pafco
    – They increse the tax threshold from $9k to $15k, but this won’t kick in till next year (and what about those earning below $9k, the poorest of the poor, should they eat their fingernails?)

    The incompetence is easy to spot and too many to name. Yet, the brand of stupidity and qava at the camp is so THICK, that they still can’t see the WRITING ON THE WALL.

    Now they want the aussies and kiwis to play hard ball, as if the IG has anything big in its arsenal. Like all the rfmf cheap tricks, it all BOOMERANGS, because they shoot themselves and shoot Fiji, in the foot. Its all cheap tricks trying to spite the aussies and kiwis, but in actual fact, they’re cutting off their own noses, shooting themselves in the foot. All this just harms Fiji more. Yet they think they can continue to damage Fiji, but that eventually, somehow, THEY WILL BUILD A BETTER FIJI?

    All this is to try to show strength, but really its all out of DESPERATION and WEAKNESS, the actions of cornered rats on a SINKING SHIP. give it up already dou yavu lialia, no school gunbull. Ko ga ya e laurai vei kemudou na yavu boci ena mataivalu! Sa sivia ga na qaciqacia, sa voleka mai na nomudou RUSA!

  24. pharo Says:

    The refusal of the illegal rfmf/flp/nap/desperados regime to allow aussie police in to provide extra security is probably aimed at annoying the aussies enough so that sanctions are reviewed/upped, giving the rfmf a reason to declare batley persona non grata, as they stupidly did with nz ambassador micheal green.

    yet more stupidity.

    yet another own goal.

    want the aussies and kiwis to keep investing and touristing in Fiji, until the direct flights from china are on track and they can come and rape our natural resources?

  25. Peace Pipe Says:

    The sudden disappearance or silence of the IMG was quite odd. I was wondering what may have caused this. Its either the team had indeed suddenly got cold feet after having hands on experience with the lunatics running the show and realised they lack credibility and majority support or they were asked to not to come back because their reports were not favorable to the ig. One item in their report was that the NCBBF lacked the support of the major organisations and needs to dealt with in order to give it credibility.

    It is somehow good that the ig remain silent too since whatever they utter is just incredible and absolute rubbish. For example why did the iFM deny Australias request to send their guards to protect their embassy. Its their right to do so under the circumstances. They are just aggravating matters for reasons best known to themselves and which I think are not wise. Not that wisdom is any trait they possess.

  26. bisbetica Says:

    Now they want another sideshow – the electoral forum. Which they think the Commonwealth and UN will FUND…hahahahaha

    Sivia ga na sideshow. Ratou gadrevi vakalevu mai bollywood

    But seriously, CF, the silence of the rfmf in NOT CONDEMNING the cowardly death threat and telling the people of Fiji that they have nothing to do with the threat, are actively looking for the COWARDS and will PUNISH them, IS DEAFENING

  27. pharo Says:

    The latest misinformation from the army is that Stephen Smith, the australian foreign minister made up the threat to try to discredit the illegal regime.

    As if the army and its illegal regime need any help making a fool of themselves.

    The australians are not into cheap tricks like this IR has been doing since day one.


  28. Tim Says:

    Time for the Pacforum, EU,US, AUS, NZ and Commonwealth to get together and refine sanctions instead of perpetually making “statements” that are leading us all nowhere.
    – Implement the same Permanent Resident sanctions that Frank has imposed on the Hannah and Hunter on the relatives of those involved in the Interim Government and Military – Frank has shown he finds this acceptable.
    – Investigate Banking transactions and accounts held in their jurisdictions of the likes of Chodo and others.
    That is actually quite a moderate response. If it isn’t clear by now that what the junta want is as many “talk fests” as possible, it never will be. They can talk for the next ten years and achieve nothing – they’ve acheived SFA to date which is in their own best interests, untill it all collapses in a pile of crap.
    Frank and co have to start showing signs of good faith in keeping to their committments. Still, it’s all keeping the diplomatic corps in jobs I spose.
    March 2009 was actually an extremely long time in which to do the necessary in order to move to elections. We’re talking about a population of less than a million, admitedly in remote locations but the time period undertaken is not that far off many normal electoral cycles elsewhere.
    The junta is not showing any signs of good faith.
    If they think the existing travel bans are harsh, they’re not. They could be a lot stiffer and include embargos on use of airspace, transit points, flagging those invovlved in staging coups as terrorists (as they have on others for a damn sight less), reviewing landing rights. That’s getting harsh!

  29. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Good afternoon fellow Fiji freedom bloggers. It’s great to see such a strong and interesting discussion going on here! Just to add our two bits worth, this is FDN’s analsysis on why Frank’s focusing on the Aussies, as posted today as a comment in the Fiji Times.

    The refusal by Fiji’s military-backed regime to allow Australian police officers to enter Fiji for the purpose of providing personal protection for Australia’s High Commission is a stupid and ill-considered decision that will not help anyone.

    It only confirms suspicions that the regime is putting up a smokescreen because it has something to hide.

    !t certainly bears all the hallmarks of the smokescreen tactics favoured by Fiji’s dictator, Bainimarama, who is under increasing domestic and international pressure to honour his pledge to hold elections in Fiji by March next year, now only 10 months away.

    But sadly for the nation as whole, it will dramatically diminish any remaining credibility Fiji might have enjoyed as a target for investment or as a safe and secure place to visit.

    Fiji relies heavily on tourism for its income and the combined effect of the death threats and the regime’s open animosity towards Australia will deal a severe blow to Fiji’s already beleaguered tourism industry.

    Until recently, about one third of all foreign tourists arriving in Fiji were from Australia.

    But, as ANU-based academic and Fiji scholar, Satish Chand warns, the death threats will have a “grave and serious adverse effect” on the Fiji-Australian relationship, including “discouraging” Australians from going there.

    As reported in today’s Sydney Morning Herald, there are growing suspicions that the Fiji military itself is behind the death threats.

    Many observers are not surprised at this latest development because they have seen it all before.

    They would recall, for example, that in the days immediately before the coup on 5 December 2006, the then Commissioner of the Fiji Police, Andrew Hughes, was subjected to threats from Bainimarama’s forces, sufficient to make him decide to flee the country with his family.

    It was no coincidence that, under Hughes/ the Fiji police had been investigating
    Bainimarama’s role in the murders of six CRW officers in November 2000.

    Indeed, some observers have cited the investigation and Bainimarama’s threats against Hughes and his disarming of the police force as strong evidence that Bainimarama’s perception of his vulnerability to the due processes of justice was his real reason for staging the coup. ,

    The smokescreen on that occasion was Bainimarama’s “cleanup corruption” campaign, and we all know how that has fared!

    So creating a diversion through orchestrating a diplomatic dust-up with a long-time friendly partner and ally like Australia would make a lot of sense to the military strategist in Bainimarama.

    He’s hoping it will give him another smokescreen.

    As before, he needs a convenient cloak to conceal his main game, which has now moved on to holding onto the power that he gained under cover of his earlier smokescreen.

  30. Tebara Says:

    Listening to Naulukaus comment on the death threats against the High Commissioner. One can be forgiven for wanting to blow up this nutcases’ head. The only threat and bullying tactics happening around Fiji since the Illegal takeover is steaming from those coconuts up in the barracks.

    In their own interest these illegal juntas should have allowed free access of the Aust Federal Police to its Ambassador. Opting to refuse such request clearly indicates to the outside communities that these Illegal Juntas have some serious stuff to hide.

    I wonder what other ‘opportunities’ Naulukau has got up his sapota to try and improve relations between Fiji and Australia. The only attractive scenario is to have all these cows paraded in one line like their subodinate toysoldiers ..and slowly but surely sprayed with bullets.

  31. LUVfiji Says:

    Vinaka FDN and Tebara.

    I think the iIG realises it can il-afford another diplomatic blunder (if I can call it that) after the expulsion of the NZ High Commissioner, Michael Green. For the regime to allow the Australian Federal Police in, would mean a failure on its commitment to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, where the host country, among other privileges, is expected to provide the best possible security for the safety of diplomatic representatives. Perhaps this is an opportune time for the regime to do some patching up with the diplomats. But if last evening’s news is anything to go by, it is quite clear members of the diplomatic corp were not convinced of the reassurance given them yesterday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of their safety.

    Na kena dina ga, me ratou sa tekivu yaqa tale mai na manua kei iratou na yamata vuni!

  32. Tebara Says:

    @ Luvfiji … I have recanted and now barracking for Hilary :0

    E na qai rairai vinaka dina me rau na qai rai tu na veikaruani ceke chichi kei na nodrau vore ni sa laini yani na toba ko Suva na manua ni vanua levu.

    We await with anticipation that outcome1

  33. Tim Says:

    Unfortunately LuvFiji – I don’t think the iIG realises that much. And that is the problem in repeatedly allowing them the space to perpetuate their crap – they now know the only response will be another “strongly worded statement”. It’s really quite pathetic. The iIG and Fiji’s neighbours and others are looking at things from a very short term view. Here we have NZ and Australia – who already dropped the ball once back in 2004 with the Pacific Plan and it’s great objectives, now getting all wimpish again!.
    I am personally one of the most pacifist, doveish people you could find. I’m even accused of being a bleeding heart whatever. Frankly though the response from Australia and New Zealand to the latest crap from Frank is completely inadequate. If Helen hasn’t learnt by now that some of her advisors have agendas of their own, she never will. I’m tempted to go off on a tangent about NZ politics but I imagine the latest polls can speak for themselves – suffice to say that all the good work her govt. has achieved over a decade is now in jeopardy because certin “fundamentals” to use ecopoly speak, have not been addressed. Bulllshit artists whether they be “nice people” and “well intentioned” are still bullshit artists.
    I’m tempted to suggest that the next dress for the Pacforum should be the Fijian flag as displayed on Discombobulatedbubu and others – except I’d have to charge rather enormous consultancy fees. No bloody wonder iI-Arse and Frank are pulling everyone’s tits.
    I’m afraid the good work of many (the majority) of Public Servants in Australia and NZ, and politicians – who rely on their integrity (simply because they are the gatekeepers) and advice they let through are all being let down. Kevin’s honeymoon will quickly come to an end, and it appears Helen may have given up in deference to a VASTLY inferior alternative.

  34. Jon jon Says:

    Chief’s choice queried

    Saturday, May 17, 2008

    A VILLAGE elder has called on a Gau chief to refrain from including all his subjects in the move to support the People’s Charter.

    A Turaga ni mataqali Taitusi Camaivuna, said one of the three chiefs of Gau spoke out publicly in support of the charter process.

    Mr Camaivuna said the Takalaigau, Ratu Marika Lewanavanua, would not have supported the charter if he was not related to interim Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama.

    Last week, Ratu Marika came out in support of the charter process at the Lomaiviti Provincial Council meeting.

    “The people are hurt that he’s misinforming everyone about our stand,” Mr Camaivuna said.
    End of story

  35. Woilei Says:


    FIJI LIVE : Charter monitoring group chairman resigns

    17 MAY 2008

    The Chairman of the Independent Monitoring Group for the People’s Charter process Geert Van der Linden has resigned.

    Fiji TV reports Van de Linden resigned due to personal reasons.

    The report says that the former chair may be heading for the Philippines.

    Van de Linden was appointed by the President Ratu Josefa Iloilo along with Rev Caroline Amy Chambers and Robin Nair.

    His replacement is expected to be appointed soon.

    Van der Linden is a Dutch National and was a Senior Vice President of the Asian Development Bank .

    In 1995-1997, he headed the ADB’s Office of Pacific Operations.

  36. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Folks!! Is it just me or are there more rapes happenning now than ever before in the history of Fiji. The reported ones at least.

    Moral decay worsenning.
    Situation desperate.
    What are the God damned illegal regime self appointed so called dumb a$$ LEADERS?? DOING?

    D E M O C R A C Y N O W !!

  37. LUVfiji Says:

    Thats great @Tebara! Vinaka Naita.. bind mai. Draki qo nei Hillary!

    @Tim – Thanks. But Im not sure if I could make anything out of yr post. Anyway, I hope y’re feeling better now! 🙂

  38. Kai Veikau Says:

    Jon, Jon,
    Takalai Gau’s current support of the Bulshit Charter and the illegal Government is becos of his blood ties to Voreqe. Since the 2000 coup he has been intimately supporting the Vore even against his own people”s choices of their SDL MPs in Parliament.
    He is a failure and a loner. So far, his only success in exploiting his chiefly position for personal agenda has been a total isolation from his people at the grass root level. Rau kalasi vaya ga kei Voreqe ena nona sasaga me vakalolomataki ira tiko na noda. Dua na siga rau na qai sota…

  39. Jon jon Says:

    Yep Kai Veikau, Taka lei Gau is the same as Tui Ba, Ratu Sairusi who will do anything to kiss the interium government’s foot, just cause Choro build his house from tax payers money.. Now Takalai Gau is in the same boat.. A nut without a brain just floating to where Frank and his cronies are flowing too which is hell…. I am from Lovu Gau and all the village districts in our area refuses to recongise the illegal charter and new illegal GCC team..Someone will be throwing stones at Taka lai Gau’s house hehe… Rau dra vata sa rauta mera da vata…Well know this Voreqe built everything Taka Lai Gau wanted in such a short time to try and win his suppport. However only Taka lai and his family are for the charter, the rest of his village does not want to be part of it.. idiot chief…

  40. Concerned Fijian Says:

    The silence are truly Golden because at least the 2006 coup makers are constrained in having others as scapegoats for their illegal actions. With the current silence, the total focus is upon Voreqe and especially his arrogant and snaky Chodo. Sa qai vakaraitaki rau tikoga mai na matata ni veika eda sa vakasarava tiko ni kua..Exposed! Exposed and Exposed!!!
    It is interesting that the next stage is now also being prepared. It will ultimately be a showdown of force between Voreqe against Chaudhry and a time to fight it out BETWEEN THEMSELVES !!!. The conclusion will all be clear by now. Voreqe will have no other option but to use his own gun [if he has the guts] against Chaudhry. Thats if he can outsmart Chodo with his game plan. Chodos people are already aware of this next phase and have already put in place an exit plan which will be very much to Voreqe’s disappointment..Watch it folks.That’s the way things are going now and the Silence is truly of great help to that effect ….

  41. The Fox Says:

    Come on Chaudhry, bet you can beat Baini Marama and his Guns..!!!..Your pens, Chaudhry, are mightier than his Guns!!!!..He knows that, Chodo, and you are the only person he truly is afraid of. Baini Marama knows fuly well that you know too much Chodo and you will be his next target as a means to win back the trust of his Fijian people….Come on Chodo, dont let him beat you!!!!

  42. Tim Says:

    @LuvFiji – just meant that the iIG seem to be making things up as they go along often. And it is time for a more coordinated approach from the international community – they’re floundering again. A diplomat gets expelled – strongly worded statements. A journalist gets turned around – strongly worded statements. Businessman gets badly beaten – strongly worded statements. The Sun publisher gets expelled – strongly worded statements. Fijitimes – strongly worded statements. You get the idea…….
    At the very least it is time to at least fine tune the “smart sanctions” which aren’t proving to be that smart. At the very least look a little more deeply into Chodo and co’s offshore assets. Look at the residency status of people actively supporting the junta.

  43. Mark Manning Says:

    key this into google for a retrospective look !
    fiji government warned of possible coup 2005

  44. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Jon-Jon..Bind mai Lomai! (excluding of course the TakalaiGau familia)

    And if that IMG Chairman has resigned for \”personal reasons\” sa da kila kece what that means. SOmething is AMISS really…and it is sad for us cos although WE ARE SEEING it, VB n goons either are looking the other way or just plain stupido to see it!

    And, ur sooooo correct CF, the silence speaks volumes!

  45. Vasiti Osborne Says:

    Totally agree with SV’s analysis.

    The iIG’s silence is always a suspect.

    Not only are they thick they are equally predicatable.

  46. Tui Says:

    NP, baraca, I heard that Kalaveti Batibasaga was on a wheelchair. Suffering from diabetes and one leg cut off! Will confirm on Monday bro. If this is true, I hope he apologizes to the Fijian people for the deceit of Bulikula. Started out as a cause of the landless and “kawaboko” mataqali but developed into his own self glorification.
    Repent my tau Kalaveti, while you still have time.

  47. Tim Says:

    Fiji-Australia relations have wider impact: Academic
    Sunday, May 18, 2008 FijiTimes

    Good to see Doctor Vijay Naidu attempting to point out the bleeding obvious to this junta publicly – it doesn’t seem to have occured to most of them. The question is though – what happens when after more than a year, they show no desire to do that but rather to pursue a pth of expolsions, clamp downs, threats, murders, self-interst, stubborness, etc. all while trying to constantly portray themselves as the victims.

  48. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    If they take the path outlined by Tim

    Then I suspect the International Communities will bann together and take care of # 1. Relocate headquarters to Samoa or PNG. I would not blame them at all. That is the step that makes the most sense for them and the world. The South Pacific Islands will move on this first and the support for the step will be come from the rest. Samoa is ideal for the the region and what is a few more miles to travel when it is for safety and stability. Unless we can do ourselves a favour and push our military out of existence to save our butts not only for the interim but for long term stability and regain the the trust of our neighbors and the world communities.

    Once the recommendations take hold the very next and most natural to follow will be to move USP.

    That is why the academic Naidu whom, if memory serves is actually a pro iIG suddenly changes tune. But funny how he tries so hard to convince himself saying things like “… ties are too strong can not evaporate overnight…” Va’ vie au e rere o Rasi. E cava don’t want to move to Samoa? or think that they will see you a liability and prefer expatriates from Canada, Aust, NZ to permanently displace your kind.

  49. Tim Says:

    KB: You’re correct – I think he might be trying to convince himself. Strong ties may certainly remain at a family level between countries (which seems to me a damn good reason why that should be reflected in government policy). Unfortunately we might see a change in government in NZ in the not too distant that is far less sympathetic towards the Pacific. That might be the time when I up sticks and return to Australia for a while.



    John BociBoy Samy says his only accepting payment for his services to meet his expenses and feed his family who reside in New Zealand

    Don’t we all? Don’t we all have expenses to meet and a family to feed.

    Samy Says Question on His Salary is Being Sensationalised
    10 Apr 2008 19:20:36

    John Samy says his only accepting payment for his services to meet his expenses and feed his family who reside in New Zealand.

    The Head of the Techincal Secretariat of the

    NCBBF says while his now being paid for his services, he has worked for ten months at no cost to the interim government.

    John Samy says the question of his income is being made to be a sensational issue by the media.

    Samy’s full work contract includes housing, a 24 hour security and a driver.

    His contract – we are told also allows him to take additional employment provided it doesn’t interfere with the work of the NCBBF.



    An unelected regime has no one to oppose it says coup leader
    Sunday, February 24, 2008

    Update: 3.20pm Interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said this government would not be moved because it was unelected.

    He said while there were moves by some politicians to destabilize the interim regime it would remain solid because they were not elected by the people.

    Instead he says the regime has the backing of the RFMF and they would remain unmoved.

    “My Cabinet would not be moved and that is my message to those trying to destabilize this regime because no one can oppose us as we were unelected,” he said.

    Commoodre Bainimarama says the interim government has the full backing of the army.


    The above two quotes –

    John BocoBoy Samy: “I have a family to feed” & “I have expenses to pay”


    BociBoyMarama: “no one can oppose us as we were unelected”

    just goes to show how STUPID these morons/scumbags really are.

  53. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    They were unelected and have remained in power for almost 2 years now and no one sees possibility for change will be the driving force behind the region’s decision to consider Samoa as the Pacific’s new Headquarters. Or even Papua New Guinea. Samoa Times HQ and reduce Fiji Times to a branch is another ideal situation for that company. Many more will follow. They don’t have to stick around Fiji; just up and move and leave Fiji bare with nothing but its army. After a little while there won’t be any more bullets left for those guns.

  54. Tim Says:

    KB: that might be the scenario unless the neighbours actually get off their chuffs and stop issuing “strongly worded statements”. They actually need to do just a little bit more. Thankfully after 2 years, there are some signs of doing just that. One diplomat gets the push, a second gets threatened, and there needs to be slightly more than “strongly worded statements” – at least a review of smart sanctions. That is all let alone what has happened to many mere mortals – murders, bashings, loss of very basic human rights – the list goes on. How pathetic in that environment it is for Yippe-I-Aye-Khaiyum to be bleating about the wrong done to him at the US border.

  55. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Yes, they do all that to save Fiji. Why save Fiji though is the question of the century since we in Fiji do not want to participate in saving ourselves. Just look around at the suggestions given here by Barafen and Fiji Silenced and the silence from the Fijian posters is deafening. That translates to a Fiji populace who are lazy and do not wish to be proactive in saving their arses. Don’t think for a minute the international communities aren’t taking that into account. A people who refuse to rise up to tyranny is a people comfortable at being oppressed FULL STOP

    Likened to being in an abusive relationship. The bully gets away with murder because the abused decided to stay on and tolerate the beatings. Fiji have had now 4 coups in total and this her longest yet the recipient’s (the oppressed) refuse to lift a finger, making the coup makers totally comfy in what they are doing. Ia sa rauta ga meda laumoku tiko va qo. Can you imagine if this were to occur here in the States, Canada, England heck even right there in Australia and NZ for that matter — People would have been in the streets in droves amidst all the guns and bombs ; death counts and injured tallied by now and the mess is done with and an amicable solution laid down on paper and applied a l r e a d y.

    The United Nations has zero jurisdiction in this neck of the woods. Khayum filing complaints with the UN is laughable by those at the UN receiving his complaints pity really, now the UN gets first hand knowledge he is still wet behind the ears.

  56. Tim Says:

    And hands up all those that think this guy will be believed:
    President laments Fiji economic and governance loss
    Sunday, May 18, 2008 FijiTimes
    Hands up those who think it is actually him that wrote his press release. I notice there is some remarkably similar language (grammar, intonation, vocabulary) used whenever anyone in the iIG, or the President, or the Militarymake press releases.
    But then KB – maybe it’s as you say – battered wife syndrome. It takes rock bottom before the battered wife says “stuff this” and all hell breaks lose. Pity any RFMF man when that happens – plastic surgeons could make a fortune. Frank will have to change his name to Bobbit.
    Far easier for those that actually have the means to actually do something constructive before they miss their “window of opportunity, going forward, to coin a phrase, so-to-speak”. Australia and New Zealand have not even come close to “nudging” this iIG in terms of the means at their disposal – and they know it.

  57. Tim Says:

    And that might be the reason for Frank’s visit’s to India do you think? As Michael Field has pointed out in the past – their seems to be some weird interest in India and body parts.

    I wonder if NZ Foreign Affairs have approached the young(ish) Hillary to become a diplomat in India – now that would be a good move

  58. Tim Says:

    While they’re at it they could put a Bogle in Canberra

  59. Peace Pipe Says:

    I guess OZ and NZ are waiting for a bigger trigger than the expulsion or death threats against their representatives then they make a more substantive reaction than what they are now employing.

    The problem is we have two of the biggest economies in the world China and India supporting this regime which is why they have survived thus far. China is known to have poured and promised hundreds of millions into Fiji and we are not so sure what India is offering secretly thru deals with Chodopu$$. I don’t India is offering any cash but doing some trade deals mostly in the sugar industry and private hospital. Typically Indian attribute not to offer cash directly ot ourightly.

    It is however ironic that they should even do this in view of huge poverty still rife in their own countries. India claims to champion democracy and yet turns a blind on the blatant rape of it in Fiji.

    China is in crisis with the Tibetan uprising and earthquake in Sichuan and yet they venture in pouring millions of dollars into pariah states who don’t deserve any form of assistance and is done without consideration of their own plight in China.

    There are still miilions living in poverty there who deserve the money more than illegal govts such as Fiji. I guess that it is their nature being in the same kettle to be just downright opportunists like our own illegal ig.

    All the right thinking people are abandoning the ig like a bad smell the latest being the head of IMG. These people realise the bogus that the ig are and have quit. Whilst it is heartening to see constant reminders and pressures from international communities except of course China and India we ought to apply pressure from within to really squeeze the ig’s asses so tight they would just give up in their vain game plan.

  60. Peace Pipe Says:

    What about the 2 evelis Ganilua and Naiulukau, didnt they sound really stupid and unconvincing with their remarks on the death threats and refusal to allow Austalia to bring in their own security details. So how are the Fiji police going to protect the embassy when their jurisdiction is outside the perimeters of the complex. The Australians would also want protection inside the complex as well knowing the gravity of the threats levellled at the the high commissioner.

    It just shows how involved the ig is in these threats that they refuse to let foreign police or else it would dig up the source of the threat which is the ig themselves. The overseas police have such superior forensic expertise that they will be able to determine the source of the threats easily. The ig realise this hence the refusal. Talk about coverup and poor governance.

  61. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Maybe the illegal junta is scared that the AFP might send Andrew Hughes to Fiji to see which of the loonies wrote the letters.

  62. IslandBoy Says:

    @Katalina Balawanilotu – the stupidity of your stance assuming that we refuse to help ourselves is stunning in its arrogance.

    A small example is when you presumed to lecture me to say and write keitou instead of my provincial dialect – kitou. At the time I let it slide.

    Since you have obvioulsy lost touch with the finer nuances of Fijian-ness, if there is such a word, let me remind you that when Fijians are silent on any one subject, wiser heads listen to the silence with their hearts.

    But you did not even have to do that. Various people on this site have told you in no uncertain terms they do not want to participate in activities that would endanger their relatives, yet you continue to bark from a distance and now make derogatory statements about our political will.

    You have no clue what we are doing and the effective strategies that we have and are implementing. We do not discuss it here because some of us do not assume nor have we ever stated that those who scan this site on behalf of the illegal regime are stupid.

    Take a leaf out of Frank’s book and learn today that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and in your case, making judgements from afar based on very little knowledge – is lethal.

    So unless you come home and walk the walk…. well you do the math!

  63. FijiGirl Says:

    @ PeacePipe. Great point about China & India’s ‘support’ of this regime.

    India seems to be avoiding any kind of traceable involvement. You can bet there’s alot going on behind the scenes, but they don’t seem willing to do anything ‘in daylight’.

    China has offered aid $$ which is more transparent (bauxite mining, soft loan, etc). But they won’t do anything outrightly suspicious with with the illegal regime now, BEFORE the Olympics, for fear of ‘losing face’ with international protests DURING the Olympics.

    No wonder Chodokant insisted the ‘elections’ took place as late as March 2009. Couldn’t afford for them to be held before the Olympics.

    International bloggers – would you consider protesting outside the Chinese embassy in your country during the Olympics? To draw the world’s attention to the illegality of VB/MC’s Junta?

    NGO’s – would you make statements in the run up to the Olympics, drawing parallels to China’s involvement in Fiji’s IR and their involvement in Darfur?
    God bless Fiji

  64. IslandBoy Says:

    @Tim – That was a no brainer. If you read the President’s letter requesting UN and CMAG assistance for the proposed political debate it sounds exactly like John Sami talking and I mean exactly.

    Here is another no brainer. If you read the content of the letters threatening the Oz High Comm, it sounds exactly like……..

    Watch Fiji TV news, apart from Fayne Taveta, who else makes frequent public statements and says arks instead of ask with a lot of noun/verb confusion.

  65. LUVfiji Says:

    Aaaaaaaah… good morning IB !!

    Some bloggers have lost their way in cyberspace… they dont even realise where they are.

  66. IslandBoy Says:

    Yadra, qai cokia na taunamu, sa qiri na matai ni lali.

  67. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    A Boy in tirade

    Simply put Truth hurts

    We will continue to push for physical resistance

    Count on it

  68. LUVfiji Says:

    By using yr real name on this blogsite you’ve just entered yrself into the Fiji Immigration watchlist. Count on it !

  69. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – Bula Nite – have decided never to respond to KB – the barking of a distant dog is too unimportant.

    However I will contact all my friends teaching in schools (Deans Trophy, Tandra Kahani etc) to watch out for their students so they are not placed in any danger by selfish manipulators from afar.

  70. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    I see. And that is the issue here ? How pathetic.

    My name has been on that watchlist from day 1 – long before this coup took place – the coup perpetrators unbekown to me at the time knew I was behind the moves to rally thousands on the ground to push Bainimarama back. They were on my email header so it was not a matter of them getting wind through the grapevines. Naturally, their silence was founded on the traditional expectation that I would change my stance as events (their truth) unravels with time.

    So my question to you is this : How else are they going to know my principles are not up for compromise ?

    That is far more important than some list held by the illegal immigration department.

  71. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    I agree, these are selfish manipulators attempting to displace Bainimarama. Not a good move. We don’t seriously want to see Bai leave camp. That will be a very sad day for all of us. Let’s just not do anything seriously now god forbid we might just succeed before the Charter is formulated to our liking and constitution re drawn and all that good stuff that brought us all to mounting this coup in the first place aye.

  72. The Fox Says:

    Hold your posts and dont give up. They are breaking. Voreqe”s decision to meet with Qarase just now is evident that they are crumbling from within. Maybe the Vore has just realised how foolish he was and always. He thinks that he can have his way easily with Chodo and his FLP coyots.. Very sorry, they are only succesful in further corrupting him and our most popular and used to be highly respected Fiji Military. Now the Vore have just given all of them to the Dogs….

  73. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    @ The Fox, thank you

    We have come too far and too much at stake to turn back now. I pray God please help us save our Fiji for our young and their children.

    You have a great day

  74. Belijo Says:

    This is really hilarious. The army issuing the death threat to the Australian ambassador and then the army creating a story of a taxi driver (who happens to be an army man himself) delivering the threat letter and the army making a hue and cry over the case. The police are called in and suddenly there is a hush over the case. The army didn’t for once think that the Australian Govt. would ask for their federal police protection of the ambassador. When the Aussie govt. asked for intervention of their police, eratou sa qai kida tu. I wonder if they thought outside the box or whether they can think outside the box. It’s like watching a thriller that had no thrills.

  75. Orisi Qaranivalu Says:

    Ka dina and where are all the big mouths like Mrs Prue Rose, Talei Burness, and Kabakoro from Idaho. Everyday I read the FT column that they frequent and so far not a beep on this new circus. Ra bau basika mada ga and admit they are shamed by their favourite clowns.

  76. Orisi Qaranivalu Says:

    Good for you Kata. Agree whole heartedly kids can and should have a say in how we, the adults, are handling their future.

  77. Soro Says:

    Talking about Prue – is it common knowledge that she used to write the speeches for Rt Iloilo at one stage ? I just presumed everyone knew that. And of course the other rumour is that she is Mrs Bai’s karua …. but thats by the by …… but then again …. if it is true, what is a man like that doing lecturing the country on ethics and principles. Bleary boci.

  78. Orosi Qaranivalu Says:

    @ Soro I am in gales of laughter. Thank you for that bit of info. karua nei Mary eh. I’ll remember that.

  79. Adi Kaila Says:

    vacava nona karua ya o destiny kei nazhat shameem – following rabuka who used to known as HEINZ 57 variety.

    Pork Chop Suey anyone?

  80. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Telling isn’t it ?

  81. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Soro. More gossip on Mrs Rouse. The Vuda set would speculate that her late husband returned to Fiji in the 80s because he was waiting out the statute of limitations for shady dealings in US territories. Apparently he used to be a Policeman somewhere in the Caribbean. Other rumours were that he was the illegitimate son of one of the Cakobau’s, although that could just as easily be idle bragging. Finally, one long-standing rumour is that Mrs Rouse is Anglo-Indian, which is why she is so pro-Chodo.
    I’m not saying these are true, I’m just passing on the gossip for the fun and amusement of the blogger community.
    God bless Fiji

  82. Litea Vuki Says:

    @ Katalina. Great response to the dual luvfj and IB. Am with you all the way.

    My 2 cents is we are learning as we go along and it maybe best to allow every view point expressed without resorting to personal attacks. That includes discussing demonstrations on the streets with any and all forms of physical resistance to this regime. That is our right. Neither are there rules and guidelines stipulated by the owner of this site on the use of real names and / or types of aliases. If one takes issue with it then maybe one needs to look in the mirror and deal with his/her private issue which is seperate from why we congregate here. The choice to skip a poster’s contribution is also always readily available and made even easier by the personal identifications attached. My reccomendation is USE IT.

  83. lewanavanua Says:

    This comment is directed to jon jon and Kai Veikau…i thought it best to leave this however i have only come across this blog today and read through the most disturbing and offensive language used against our paramount chief. Particularly you jon jon – how DARE YOU call our chief an idiot! Kevaka o kila na vanua iko lako mai kina o na totaka na noda turaga bale sega ni vosa vakacacataki vakaoqo ena matana levu – ko qai mai tukuna tiko ni ko kai lovu – LUVENI KARUI!!!!

    Whoever you are – choose your words carefully when you mention our chief na Turaga Bale Takalaigau – also realise that he is the only official installed chief in Gau – so respect that the next time you type, mention or even say his name as loosely as you have above. Kevaka ko raica sara vakavinaka na veika caka tiko ena nodatou yanuyanu ko na kila ni matanitu veiliutaki tiko ena gauna qo sa veivuke sara vakalevu me vakatoroicaketaki kina na bula ni lewenivanua. Sa tekivu caka na gaunisala me wavokiti Gau, sa vakavoui na valenibula e Qarani, sa makutu na teitei o ira na lewe ni vanua ni sa vakarawarawataki na sala na veivoli ena loma ni yanuyanu. E dua na sala ka mai vakaleqa voli na tabani teitei ena nodatou yanuyanu ka a mai sasagataki voli ena dua na gauna balavu sa sagai tiko me approvetaki ena loma ni budget vou me dua na wavu me tara e Gau. Koya na vuni kena gadrevi me tokoni kina nai lakolako vou oqo. Baleta na veiliutaki ni matanitu sa oti a sega tu ni cakava e dua na veivuke raraba kina yasana o lomaiviti – e dau lako tikoga kina rua ga na yanuyanu ka dau calati keimami na kena vo vakabibi kina yanuyanu o Gau!

  84. Dauvavana Says:

    Dau lialia LOL

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