Dear Bloggers,
Can you please ask you contacts and find out the names and positions of Australian’s and NZ’s currently working for the illegal regime. These appointments must be after the coup.
For those working before the coup and their contracts had expired after the coup, but have since been renewed.
We need them because one of our regular writers will be writing an Article to the interpreter and they will consider printing it and he may also write in the local papers in Australia and also send off it of to the Australian PM, etc.

If you have names, and the positions they have taken up please post it in the comment areas of this request.


SV team.


41 Responses to “Help!”

  1. Dauvavana Says:

    Riaz Saiyad Khayum a NZ Permanent Resident now CEO of Fiji Broadcasting Corporation and brother of illegal Attorney General

  2. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    Christopher Pryde, Solicitor General

  3. Always 4 Fiji Says:

    John Samy and Francis Narayan are NZ citizens

  4. Barafen Says:

    Parmesh Chand has NZ PR

  5. natewaprince Says:

    Don’t forget the judges.

  6. hopefiji Says:

    Good idea, but can I suggest that the target be more strategic …how about going after all those Aust /Kiwis lawyers / and or judges who have accepted new appointments or extended exsiting appointments under the regime.

    The judiciary is the key link in brinnging down this unlawful regime. Once they find their safe haven no longer safe, the walls will start to crumble. These skanky lawyers are the ones propping up propping the regime, and their presnce on the bench and in the Minsitry of Justice is what has further compromised the judiciary.

    I dont want to spoil your fun in going after every tom, jane and harry Ozzie or kiwi working for the regime, but remember, they can always argue their right to choose their own employer…I can see aust and Nz courts if it ever comes to that, looking at the violations of these peoples rights and this is why there wilol be reclutance by the OZ and Kiwi administartion to intervene.

  7. Mark Manning Says:

    I see the Chinese are now exploring in Fiji for bauxite .
    The sell off has begun !

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    Why not write to the International Organisations who can do more than the Australian Government .

  9. Tracker Says:

    Angie Hefernan had written a letter of complain against Judge Scutt to the Victorian Ba Association or another association in Aust. THis was taken seriously by the respective Bar Associations. Letters of formal compaints about lawyers to their respective bar associations are taken seriously and their it becomes a formal process which is outlined in the rules of the profession/association. All lawyers should be identified and the names should be put on this blog & people can either write or email complaints etc.

    Just a thought

  10. Tim Says:

    @ Mark Manning: They’re looking for bargaining chips to throw at Comalco. They love a gamble

  11. Tim Says:

    You can see why the junta is pro the idea of dual citizenship. They can milk the system and do a runner. Those that are involved and have PR outside Fiji should have their status reviewed. Let’s then see what committment they have

  12. bilo Says:

    Its not surprising that Aussies and Kiwis are part of the IG gravy train. Fiji is in their backyard and there is much more in common with them than the chinese, koreans or japanese. Plus theres the language commonality. Aussies and Kiwis see the opportunities offered by the rfmf’s folly and and have quickly jumped on the gravy train.

    Lawyers and Judges are easy to spot and PCPI has fired off complaints to the respective professional associations where usually complaints will take some time, maybe a year, maybe more, to resolve. In the meantime, they will make hay while the sun shines.

    Government’s don’t usually have a role in the personal job preferences of their citizens. Only complaints to professional bodies for eg lawyers, accountants may hold water, IF they break codes of professional conduct. And that process takes time. But the fact that enough complaints are raised about them add to the questionable legality and integrity of the organisations (eg judiciary) and processes (charter farter) that they come to Fiji to take part in – enough negative publicity may even affect their REPUTATIONS (crucial to accountants, academics and lawyers etc).

    The other thing we can do is to compile information (that isn’t necessarily public) about the processes by which they are appointed into the service of the illegal government:
    – were the positions advertised?
    – was there a transparent recruitment process?
    – does the aussie or kiwi meet the minimum qualification requirements?
    – are they the best of the crop of applicants?
    – how are they facilitating the illegality of the regime?
    – or are they contributing to preparations for elections?
    – were they or their firm or associates or relatives involved in the planning of the coup? what are their connections into the regime?
    – is their salary pegged to their qualifications on the job market in their home or usual country of work or is it over inflated even for that location/country?
    – are they part of a group of desperadoes or clique or old boy/girl/family network jumping on the regime gravy train?
    – how effective have they been so far?

    Just putting together and updating this kind of listing is USEFUL – it can be evidence of bad governance/wastage of the rfmf and illegal goverment, a further drain on fiji’s resources.

    You then need to get it to a group or committee that can decide what to do with the information:
    – complain to a professional body
    – complain through the right channels to the government of that expatriate
    – other appropriate action
    – keep this for when a legal government is ELECTED, so that those who are complicit in such WASTAGE are taken to task, surcharged and punished accordingly.

    This listing should also include rfmf upstarts who are deployed into the government, but are not qualified or are dishonest and have bad track records like tuiteci. Often, because they are sitting in the wrong chair, like tuiteci, they will eject themselves, but its good to keep a running list.

  13. Jon jon Says:

    Mareko Vuli of liverpool Sydney a constant regime support who writes to the Fijitimes reguraly and have a business in Suva.. Also Mosese Tagiveitau of Sydney Australia who is a permnant resident and a radio propaganda for the regime in sydney every morning. He now runs a business in Suva thanks to his partners in the regime…

  14. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with SV that Australians and New Zealand be identified, so formal complaints can be made to their respective Governments.

    FYU, Australia has a law, which entitles it to extradite any Australian citizen in the world to be tried in Australia for any child sexual offence anywhere in the world.

    That is why Julian Moti was extradited from the Solomon Islands last year to face child sexual offence charges in Australia, for allegedly committing them in Vanuatu.

    US President George Bush has laid down US policy, which is if a nation supports or hosts terrorists, then those states will be viewed as terrorist states. Australia is a loyal supporter of the US.

    Making formal complaints to Australia and NZ will be good because the objective will be for these Governments to enact laws which prohibit their citizens from supporting, assisting, advising, etc any illegal regime anywhere in the world.

    This way it will prevent them from taking on easy jobs and assist illegal regimes like Bainimarama’s and help circumvent justice and cause innocent citizens to suffer.

    If these same citizens were doing the same in Australia or NZ, by assisting some illegal group to topple their lawful government, etc, they would be tried for treason. So why should they bear no responsibility and exploit illegal regimes like Fiji?

  15. natewaprince Says:

    Ratu Timoci Akoi from Kadavu has PR status somewhere.

  16. FijiGirl Says:

    Surely the Govts of Australia and NZ can revoke or suspend the PR status of Fiji citizens who wish to grace their shores? Especially members of the illegal regime?

    God bless Fiji

  17. Tim Says:

    JW and FG – couldn’t agree more. It is at least time to review and fine tune the sanctions. Why allow those with PR status to be actively engaged in propping up an illegal and despotic regime on one hand while at the same time banning people from seasonal work schemes?. And here’s me a supporter of dual citizenship (IN PRINCIPLE however, with some very tight requirements – and they wouldn’t include treason). At least dual citizenship properly implemented might provide an opportunity to charge people engaged in terrorist activity or treason.
    Sanctions that are inequitable are worse than useless – its time they were fine tuned and for those on PR that are supporting the regime, they can hardly mind after the deportations of media personnel without being totally hypocritical. OZ and NZ are trying to do the old carrot and stick thing but everytime Frank or the junta push the boundaries further, there is very little stick. That’s why they push the boundary further each time.
    There are one or two cases where suspending PR status would sure as hell bite! Unfortunately I can already hear howls of indignation from the worst offenders. I can’t see any moral difference between imposing travel bans on those involved in the junta or their immediate family and suspending PR status. I can see a moral difference between imposing travel bans on those involved and not allowing Fijians in on seasonal work schemes.
    Wake up OZ and NZ! The carrot is assistance in any way designed to return to democracy BY the March 2009 (or before) – an undertaking given by the junta without any ifs ands or buts. The stick are sanctions on those engaged in supporting despotic and anti-democratic activity and abuse of human rights.

  18. Frida Says:

    We should not forget the tax man and the lawyer that stayed at the Holiday Inn for three nights reviewe the illegal minister of finances’ tax evasion story. The International Bar Association should be copied letters regarding lawyers, Amnesty International, Transparency International and the Asia Pacific Human Rights Commission.

  19. bodyguard Says:

    don’t forget the shameem sisters (yes the judge whose husband is the CEO of Vodafone & the FHRC witch whose husband is a well-known drug addict) have PR in Aust & NZ. their children r there including savings etc yet they careless what damage they here in Fiji.

    like chodo …. they have $$ to fall-back on and care less what damage they do to Fiji & the economy.

    with high respect for Rt Joni’s suggestion to give amnesty to solve this crisis…I totally disgree SIR…why? why them? I would rather sit out the storm & see whose going to give in than give these crooks amnesty for the misery they caused Fiji & its ppl. amnesty for the soldiers – no way. the law may give them amnesty in written but it will not protect them from the wreath of the fijian ppl.

    we will never forget how we were treated in our land…we r treated like idiots who can’t decide for ourselves whats good for us or what we want. we have been tortured, emotionally, physically and threatened social & culturally by the military. we have endured it all in silence.

    our patience is running low, restraint is unavoidable….very soon.

    AMNESTY to the soldiers – NO WAY!! they must pay…and pay must they. They are no longer Fiji soldiers but armed mercenaries. where is their oath of allegiance…yet the economy & its ppl suffer. how can one build a better tomorrow when today the ppl suffer.

    ‘VITI NOQU VITI’ – meu mate mate ga vua.

  20. IslandBoy Says:

    @Jon Jon – apart from Vuli & Tagivetaua you mention, someone has also posted on another discussion here on SV that we should boycott the people and the companies supporting the illegal regime and its supporters.

    So while SV is compiling names, we should also start a campaign against those based in Suva.

    For example Dauvavana mention Riyaz. So while SV is writing letters against Riyaz, we should place Daniel Whippy as the Board Charman that appointed him and his employer Carpenters.

    The same with Korean Air for carrying Evan Hannah despite being informed by the Australiam High Commission staff etc.

    SV – can we also keep the list of murderes, coup supporters and those of the same ilk in a prominent plca ethat we can continually add to.

  21. Taukei Says:

    Faggot Judge Gates is English and an AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN.

  22. Taukei Says:

    Many in the Charter Committee are either Aust or NZ citizens/PRs.

    e.g., SAMI – third-rate thinker living overseas for past 20 years.

    Whilst in Fiji during the Alliance rule, he used to leak confidential Alliance information to the NFP and other Indian-dominated parties!

    He was anti-Mara and is is EXTREMELY SAD to see Mara’s children and sons-in-law working with this scumbag.

  23. hopefiji Says:

    If the professional bar assocaitions in aust/NZ gets more letters of complaints aginst these lawyers, they wil have to speed up the current investigtions lodged by PCPI. They will have no choice. Also plse people also write to the IBA, and the UN for them to send teams to Fiji. Dont forget the commonwealth law association. Just becos the interim regime has refused is no excuss for them not to continue to pressure. They can only pressure if pressure is put from Fiji on them.

  24. Taukei Says:

    chodo is responsible for bringing them all here –

  25. Taukei Says:

    Our historic links with Australia…………………………………….

    Hercules George Robert Robinson, 1st Baron Rosmead

    Governor of New South Wales

    The Governor of New South Wales, Sir Hercules Robinson, presided over the cession of Fiji to Britain in 1874 and acted as provisional Governor of Fiji until the arrival of Sir Arthur Gordon in June 1875. These despatches are concerned with the cession of the country and its administration from Sydney during the following months.

    Governor of New South Wales
    Governor of Fiji
    Governor of New Zealand

  26. Taukei Says:

    In 1869, Robinson was made Governor of Ceylon and K.C.M.G.. From 3 June 1872 to March 1879, he served as the Governor of New South Wales. During this time, Robinson was involved in the successful efforts to annex the Fiji Islands to the British Empire, and his services were rewarded in 1875 by promotion to G.C.M.G.. He temporarily served as Governor of Fiji from 10 October 1874 to June 1875, while concurrently Governor of New South Wales. In March 1879, Robinson was transferred to New Zealand, and in 1880, he succeeded Sir Henry Bartle Frere as High Commissioner for Southern Africa.

  27. Taukei Says:




    The amount of money that Australia pours into NEW GUINEA annually is simply astonishing – around $300 million!

    Fiji is much more advanced than Guinea –

    we could also receive the same or even more!

  28. Taukei Says:

    excellent thoughts, bodyguard! All of them will face the LAW.

  29. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Yes, those holding PR status in Australia and NZ should also be exposed, but I think SV is asking for Australian and NZ citizens currently employed by the illegal regime in Fiji.

    It is these people, who can be prosecuted by their own governments if respective laws are enacted in their home countries to prevent them assisting illegal regimes anywhere in the world.

  30. Frida Says:

    Radio Australia is reporting that there has been a second threat dleivered to the Australian High Commission.

  31. Mark Manning Says:

    yes Frida
    it’s just been discussed in the senate on abc tv in Sydney . The Government says the threats are real and has thanked the Fiji Police for their quick response , but asked for more security and permission for more Australian Federal Police to be deployed to Fiji to protect embassy staff . Also , Senator Faulkiner , a no nonsense man , has said that intimidation by the regime in Fiji , will not change the Australian Governments stand on the Political situation in Fiji .

  32. natewaprince Says:

    Thanks Aussie,keep the pressure on,don’t back down.

  33. Mark Manning Says:

    it is really up to Fijians , in Fiji , to do something about this regime . I hope weapons have been stored away for the big day and that the pathetic soldiers who have backed this regime , change their minds and support the elected government and the citizens of Fiji . Well placed armaments are the answer i fear !

  34. Mark Manning Says:

    Frank has made a big mistake , fucking with the Australians !

  35. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    no one will want to invest in Fiji now. If they are threatening the high commissioner, then no australian is safe.

  36. Budhau Says:

    There is little one can do about those who have PR and are working for the regime in Fiji.
    As for lawyers and judges who belong to professional organizations such as Bar associations – may be we can do something – however, complaints in the past have not produced any results.
    Here is my 2 cents worth – we send our boy Tui Savu, the solicitor or lawyer or whatever else he is signing off these days as – to the International Bar Association’s 2008 Annual Conference in Buenos Aires in October – him and the IBA folks can have this exchange of valuable knowledge our boy Tui seems to have.
    These people discuss stuff like judicial independence, extraterritorial jurisdiction, rule of law etc.
    So can SV set a fund drive where we can send our donations so we send someone to the IBA meet.

  37. Lau Lass Says:

    Aust has now suspended all visas to Aust., so another great loss to Air Pacific flights !!! Good on you Auussie !!!! keep the pressure on !!!!

  38. Frida Says:

    You are right on MM – if the Aussie embassy close all visa application for Fiji citizens, then I believe it will hit the common person out there. i hope that NZ does the same and the pressue is kept up on the illegal regime to ensure election in March 2009.

  39. damned Says:

    How about these names? Please continue the list SV.

    Michael Scott

    Charter Consultants
    M. Moriarty
    E. Attridge

    Richard Herr – Chair ( just resigned).
    Robin Nair – Aust Citizen?


    Anthony Gates
    John Byrne
    Davendra Pathik (may have PR)
    Nazhat Shameem – may have PR

    New Judges
    NSW Bar Association members -Dr Thomas Hickie, Randall Powell and Chandra Dutt
    Jocelyn Scutt, ,

    Gerard McCoy
    Christopher Pryde
    Adish Naidu (PR?)
    Shaista Shameem (PR?)

    IG PR
    Chaudhrys (Mahen and son)
    Rishi Ram (may have PR)

    Chaudhry Tax (But short-term)
    Bruce Cowley
    Rustle Postle.

    How about FTUC?
    Felix Anthony
    Rajeshwar Singh
    Daniel Urai
    ..maybe PR-holders.

  40. IslandBoy Says:

    The name of the judge that has just concluded the review of Fiji Magistrates escapes me.

  41. natewaprince Says:

    John Connors,IB.

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