Reader Riposte: Fiji and the e-rebellion

Thought this might interest bloggers:

Tui writes in with this comment on our Fiji debate:

One inadvertent result of the Bainimarama coup which will be its undoing, is the creation of various blog sites set up by professional Fijians like Soli Vakasama, which in Fijian means ‘let’s discuss’ and at the moment currently enjoys the most popular status having received over 370,000 hits.

There are other blog sites such as Kutusebeneivore, Hearts and Minds, Hyde n ceek, Fiji Democracy Now, Discombobulated Bubu, Fiji Silenced and Sai Lelea, which are irrefutable signs of professional Fijians standing up to the illegal government and criticising them on issues and facts, which were non existent during the previous coups.

I support general elections to be held in 2009 and it seems inevitable the SDL will be re-elected with an even larger Fijian vote.

It also seems highly probable that the National Federation Party (NFP) will make great inroads into the Indian vote and the biggest loser with be the Fiji Labour Party (FLP), however I disagree with Sanjay Ramesh’s conclusion that it will lead to an ‘even more violent outcome’.

Electoral reform can be carried out during parliamentary debates, but I maintain that the only guarantee to total eradication of the coup culture in Fiji is to hold people accountable for their actions and allow the law to bring them to justice.


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  1. Fiji Silenced Says:

    (soli, I have searched for your E addy with no success & as i atttempt to share these thoughts with others, wanted to with this astute group as well. please do with as you wish.. vinaka)


    I am attempting to share these thoughts with others and see what you think. For sometime now I have been pondering a way in which we can speak out and be heard as we the people voice our rejection of this regime as well as our unity in our displeasure and disgust of this Junta’s destruction of our democracy and more importantly the spirit that makes Fiji who she is.

    There have been a couple things that have come to mind that I believe could make a statement, show our unity even in an environment where the Junta has quelled and silenced even the most peaceful of gatherings.

    As I throw these ideas out .. please consider them and share your opinions and possibly form a cohesive plan as we with one mind and one heart do something to show action and an outlet for our grieving hearts.

    A while back I came across a wonderful little video of a stunt pulled by “Improveverywhere”. In this instance they create a predetermined time and place where they quietly perform an instant freeze. It certainly draws attention and would not seem to break any of the regimes laws or give them an excuse to arrest, abuse or beat anyone.

    This video shows the passive impact it can have (best example):

    Here you will see the same principle being used as a political statement:

    Another Freeze example:

    Yet another:

    May I suggest we consider this public freeze. I see the benefits being that ANYONE can participate , any age, sex, race or religion. I do not see how it could conflict with anyones spiritual beliefs or limit anyone due to cost or physical abilities.

    It would seem that multiple locations could be used. Suva, Nadi, Lautoka, Ba & Sigatoka are all viable locations. I would limit it to a certain vicinity.. as within a predetermined zone, possibly a couple blocks uptown, one side or both sides of the street. We could choose a date & take a couple months to spread the word. Since most people do not have access to the internet we’d need to find alternative ways to spread the word.

    I am certain this is an activity that our young people would enjoy and could easily spread within the school system to families. Businesses that are in support of democracy could pass the word to customers. Due to the fact that this type of demonstration or activity does not appear to break any of God’s laws, word could be passed via churches.

    5 minutes of non movement. Or think of another number that could be significant. Select a day.. prefer a Sat when most people are available. We would need to find some trigger for when the freeze begins and ends. Cell phone alarms could be set for stop and start times or a trigger person to signal with a whistle or shouting a trigger word (“democracy” for example), etc. Make sure the media is aware, get subtle exposure possibly?

    I am also inserting a link for a video entitled “Cell Phone Symphony” in which a number of people used a predetermined time to call and cause a symphony of cell phone rings. A modification of this could be to set all alarms to go off together (sound the alarm!).. or the calls to be made simultaneously. We could have a designated day each month, the 2nd Saturday or 1st Monday at noon , etc. We could call it “Let Freedom Ring Day” or “Sound the Alarm Day”.

    Cell Phone Symphony:

    Another avenue for action could be to decide on colors or a symbol to display loyalties. For example.. Blue for pro Fiji/Democracy and Red (communist color) for Pro Dictatorship supporters. Let our dollars speak and begin to support those that support a legal government for the people. Blue F’s or D’s (Fiji or Democracy) could be displayed, or Red R’s tagged on those businesses and individuals who support the Regime. Colors can be more subtly displayed after the Junta catches on to the symbols being displayed.

    The financial impact via boycotts and preferred patronage could have more impact than any freeze. Communication and education are the start.

    We want to wake up as many frogs as we can.. time to hop outta the pot and become a plague to those who wish to fatten themselves on the resources of Fiji’s land and people.

    we can Freeze, Ring our alarms, boycott & color our world for solidarity and freedom. If we dont learn to flex our muscles, all we will have to look forward to is lethargy. Unity with a mutiny if these users and abusers have a rejection of our promised election.

    There is power in solidarity and in knowing that we are not alone. We can find ways to reach out and communicate with those that are not able to enjoy the internet outlet as we involve many who up until now have not known they can have a voice. We have to start somewhere…a consistent resistence… can we start here? Free Fiji!

    Look forward to your ideas, input & hopefully action,
    Fiji Silenced, but never silent

  2. natewaprince Says:

    What about Slack-arse Khaiyum rejecting the name of Supervisor of Elections put forward by the COC.Just another delaying tactic of these kulina mafia.

    It just shows that the pig is just a pawn in the greater scheme of things.

    Va welewele toka ga o koya,era play mapolo wavokiti koya toka o ira na dosi sona lelevu qo.

    It really emphasises the fact that he REALLY is as stupid as he looks.

  3. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @NP – E sa bu vakatuburarawa dina ni da sarava tiko na vivakalolomataki ratou sa talia tiko o ratou na lala dosi qo. Na cava beka e ra sa nanuma tiko na nitou naita me baleti naita Voreqe Bainimarama? I wonder!!

    Would the fact that his wife is a kailoma be a major contributing factor? Not that I have anything against kailoma people, I am just really wondering what is it thats driving Voreqe to disown himself from his people and country, apart from the obvious buyoffs.
    Or is naita Frank Bainimarama really this dumb? De vinaka me thorough background check taki tale mada o Mrs.Mary Bainimarama and here extended family. We might find more than we necessarily want to bargain for. Just a thought!
    What about Mahendra Chaudhary’s wife and her extended family? Don’t tell me they are totally innocent.

    Women are powerful influences in their own unique way, whether our male oriented society wants to acknowledge that or not, it really has no impact at all on the fact that behind every successful man there is a woman who………………………………………….and we can fill in the blanks as we see fit.

    I might be wrong but I don’t think I would be too far off!!

    Them bad apples trying to force the whole of Fiji to swallow their vile poisonous suicidal cocktail is not going well for them at all.

    God Bless us all!!

  4. Peace Pipe Says:

    NP, comes as no surprise but really disappointing what the hairy arse is doing. Futher “slippages” on the path towards 2009 elections. He seems very short sighted and cant’ see that at the end of all this he will face the music and condemnation like the rest of the culprits in the ig and its entourage.

    On another note the pig is making further disturbing comments about the current electoral system which he says in response to the CMAG statement, has to be changed before the elections. The electoral system he claimed was the cause of the problems in Fiji. What a laugh – the military and he are the main cause of all the problems we have been suffering all these years and not the election system. It is becoming clear now that they intend to enforce a new electoral system before 2009 to produce predetermined results in favour of the party of their choice and prevent LQ and SDL from returning to power cause this will be catastrophic for their conceited long term schemes and agendas. It shows th pig will go to all the way to breaking his promise to the international community and the standing law in Fiji the constitution. This is why he is adamant the charter has to be in place first before elections since it will determine how elections will be conducted. The question of the legality of the charter arises and what authority is there to circumvent the constitution with a roughshod set of regulations created by unelected persons and brought together by an illegal regime. We consider this ig illegal until proven otherwise and not the way they put it i.e. legal until proven otherwise. This is why all the internal community is demanding that we go to elections based on the current standing constitution because that is the right and legal way to go. Down with dictators.

  5. Taukei Says:

    “I support general elections to be held in 2009 and it seems inevitable the SDL will be re-elected with an even larger Fijian vote.”



    However, these IG morons do know one thing: that SDL will win, and they will do their best to prevent this from happening.

    How? That’s anyone’s guess.

    It seems like they can actually do anything they like – for the moment anyway. Can they ban SDL?

    Most likely we will not have elections next year, or year after…..

    Their excuse? Fiji is not ready for another election for the next 10 years!

  6. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    or the reason they are giving already – the charter must come first..

    meanwhile the charter is still up in the air – who knows what it will contain and how they will implement it. There is no support for the charter so the IG should drop it already and concentrate on ELECTIONS

  7. helen Says:

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  8. aubatinuku-N Says:

    No one in their right mind would want to be witing blogs for a living @ helen.

    Blogging for most people on this planet would come under interests or hobby……it is simply writing and dialogue.

  9. Frida Says:

    The charter issue is like the cart before the horse. They are expecting people to accept the concept of a charter without any indication of whatsoever it will contain. You are very right NBB and I believe that the people in the illegal regime are still sleeping while the rest of Fiji has gone to school and know what is right and wrong.

    This is the problem when you get given jobs without a sweat or living off daddy and mummy all your life. You do not know left from right.

  10. prettykid Says:

    i can’t wait till this new site is going to come out, it’s called it’s going to be pretty sick.

  11. Lau Lass Says:

    By the way, what has happened to the LQ vs FB court case… shouldn’t we be hearing a decision by now…. another delay tactic.. because the whole world knows that LQ will win the case !!!! & that will put an end to all their drama , so the 3 Stooges, Pathetic, Gay & Scrooge are sleeping on the case because their jobs & IG criminals colleagues jobs are on the line !!!

  12. LUVfiji Says:

    Thats an idea. Considering the 23 year old that created Facebook is now worth millions of dollars – nice bank account !

    Its Hillary for West Virginia!

  13. Tim Says:

    Don’t hold your breathe re Facebook. its participants are as UNWITTING sellouts as the information this junta might wish to gather.
    Frank is reliant on economic success stories. He’s forgotten his roots just as surely as Chodo and hangers-on have been corrupted by American Express Gold Cards. Its a shame Yippe I Aye Kaiyuum and fag hag haven’t grasped the concept that even in the global free market, people can see through their bullshit. They are, and have never been the the champions they profess to represent. They consider themselves elite, and based on some pathetic notion that an opportunity that has allowed them academic experience, their ideology is somehow more important than anyone else’s. Well fucknuckles, shame that will not come to pass. You’re in the minority.

  14. LUVfiji Says:

    Regardless… he still bagged the $$$$ which is my point !

  15. Tim Says:

    Should we hope for their ultimate sacrifice on the basis of their supposed “principle”. Shaista’s sister is correct (i.e the corrupt opportunist Judge of all things good and wholesome) – she’s a mad bitch. Mad enough to adopt a Yippe I aye as her pretty boy image, mad enough to be selective in her championship and obvious discrepancies in the fight for human rights, mad enough to support a thickshit with an ego problem, and mad enough to do so in a way that EVERYONE (if recent events are not enough) is able to see through just as surely as they can see the Emporor with No Clothes’ balls and his inadequate length.

  16. Tim Says:

    I’ll be putting money on Judge Nazi screeming to ‘mad bitch’ sis: Here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into Ollie! just like the Marx bothers.
    Time she considered her position cos when the sh*t hits the proverbial and even though blood is supposedly thicker, mad bitches don’t often understand things in a way that is not clouded by baubles of power and clouds of dak dust

  17. Tim Says:

    oh.. and a love affair that can never be

  18. Mark Manning Says:

    I totally agree with this statement .
    Let the legal process determine who is guilty of what and then , if found guilty , dish out the appropriate punishment .
    If there was ever going to be violence in Fiji , it would already have happened . Fijians just aren’t that barbaric and are too educated and civilised to resort to violence for violence sake .
    The killings of Fijians by Fijians , soldier against soldier , in 2000 , have remained open wounds on the Fijian society . Fijians know , there can never be a repeat of this .

  19. Budhau Says:

    Tui wrote, “…irrefutable signs of professional Fijians standing up to the illegal government and criticising them on issues and facts, which were non existent during the previous coups.”

    Couple of point Tui – them professional Fijians – majority of them – supported previous coups – that is why the famous line back then was “support the cause, not the means”.

    BTW – how come these same “professional Fijians” stood up to Fijians administrations who have been ripping off the common Fijians for the last 30 years. These “professional Fijians” are part of the problem – the Chiefs and the the Fijian elite have ganged up to screw up the common Fijians.

    The only reason many of them are against this coup is because it was the “wrong” who have pulled this coup. I am sure they would be singing a different tune if the FLP had won the last election and the some “nationalist type” had pulled a coup on the FLP government.

    So you Tui – “Standing up to the illegal government” line is a load of crap. The only reason most of you buggers are against this coup – because you were pushed off the gravy train.

    As for your line about the NFP making inroads – as a professional person – why don’t you support your conclusions with some concrete evidence or analysis – just because you say so – that don’t work.

  20. Corruption Fighter Says:

    @NobleBannerBlue and Frida: I agree totally with your respective points re.
    the charter. Speaking of which, does anyone know why we havent heard
    anything from the IG including from the talkative John (yap-yap) Samy himself about the IMG (the independent monitoring group)?? They seem to have come and gone. Could it be that they were just a front to give the charter process a cloak of respectability – or have the members of the IMG sudddenly developed a bad case of cold feet after getting up close and personal with the deadbeats on the NCBBF.

    It strikes me as particularly strange that we haven’t heard anything about the IMG drawcard, Geert Van Den Linden, who is afterall a former vice president (or is it senior vie e president??) with the Asian development bank. With all the flak he’s getting from London (Commonwealth) and with more and more provinces voting with their feet, you’d think Frank would have got Linden to strut his stuff for the cameras once again. Because when it comes to selling the charter and keep the Commonwealth dogs off his heels. Linden’s prestige is about the only card Frank has up his sleeve without pu;lling out the gun he always keeps up the other one. Or can Linden be safely assumed to be yet another name for the abandoned ship list?

  21. FijiGirl Says:

    How To Sabotage ChodoPra$ad.

    Hold meetings and get-togethers in your local community for indigenous and indo-Fijians. (Church gatherings, weddings, BBQ’s, grog bowl – anything!)
    Take pictures of people doing what we do – having a good tiime and getting along well together.
    Take digital pictures and send them to the FT and other media outlets, plus a comment that ‘Racial tensions are largely hyped by politicians intent on destroying peace and prosperity in Fiji’.

    Fact – almost all families in Fiji include at least one member who is of a different race.

    Face it, we all have someone in our family who is Indian or part-Indian, Fijian, part-Chinese or vulagi.

    Chodo stirs up racial tension because it serves him to do so. That is why his preferred lingua franca at meetings is Hindi – it alienates the taukei.

    Sabotage Chodo. Practice brotherly love. Make sure the media knows about it.

    God bless Fiji.

  22. IslandBoy Says:

    Does anybody have any information about the new political arty being formed?

  23. Lauan Girl Says:

    Yes since the illegal IG is determined to ban the SDL party and imprison anyone associated with it just to “prevent” them from participating in elections – AS IF they could – highly illegal any decision it makes – anyway I am forming a new party and I will call it the LSD party … all welcome to join.

    The first thing on my manifesto is to get rid of the army. I mean what are we defending our country against ?

    Tonga ? Nauru ? invading our shores with their canoes, breadfruit and maidens?

  24. Soul of Fiji Says:

    You said it again TUI,

    The trouble makers will always be trouble makers, those that never respect the rule of law will always break the law and these are the people who do not want an election.

    The law abiding citizens of Fiji wants an election so that some resemblence of law and order rules our lives…we will have the constitution to fall back on to give us fairness and justice when we are wronged.

    In this situation we don’t have any law…the IG will do anything they want and anyone against them has got no chance of justice, abused and even death is the most likely end.

    To those like Budhau you belong in St giles hosp or Naboro.

  25. Tracker Says:

    I seriously doubt that there will be elections in 2009. Our recent history has shown us that Frank’s words are never to be trusted!! There is no motivation for this govt to give back power to the people. We have to accept that there is no turning back for this govt, which means that people had better do something before they fully entrench their power over the people & that people are too scared to do anything & end up accepting the status quo.

    Someone suggested sometimes ago how we can contribute by not supporting businesses & people who are supporters of the regime. Most of the business people in the west had supported Frank when he tried to canvass their support before the coup, esp the gujees. We should stop buying goods from them. Look at alternatives. Don’t buy from Datec as Jim Ah Koy supports the govt. Start using honey instead of sugar for tea, coffee etc. Buy food from the market instead of supermarkets.

    Write letters to the editor supporting free speech. You don’t have to name names or be specific about details if you don’t want to. The international community and organisations are well informed (contrary to the Interim Govt’s assertions) about what’s happening in Fiji. They trawl throught the media coverage & see opinions & letters to the editors etc. That’s why its very difficult for Chaudhry to fool the international community.

    We do live in an imperfect and cynical world. That’s just how it is. The challenge is to make this world a better one for our children & their children. Talk to people about the situation and inform them of how things really are, especially those who are supportive of the regime.

    In any case, I have no doubt that this situation cannot continue for too long. Something has got to give sooner rather than later.

    Loloma bibi to all bloggers

    In solidarity


  26. Soul of Fiji Says:

    @Budhau…..your load of crap belongs to …or are in the same league as the lies from the IG.

    Have it ever occur to you that the Majority of the Fijians in the first 2 coups were silent then and now the Majority of the Indians are also silent and will not openly say anything because they support the coup…WRONG.

    The Silent means they know what has been done is WRONG and they are ashamed of what is happening now and what had happened in the previous two coups and they just want to return to our previous way of life where the constitution rules and it offers justice to all when they have been wronged.

    But again with your warped mind, you can’t see it anyway.

  27. Concerned Fijian Says:

    Resolution of Commonwealth Action Group on Fiji – May 12/2008

    Fiji Islands

    12. CMAG received an update from the Secretary-General on the Secretariat’s engagement with Fiji and developments in that country since it was last discussed by the Group on 29 September 2007.

    13. The Group reaffirmed its strong support for the regional process led by the Pacific Islands Forum. It reiterated that it was essential that elections be held by the deadline of March 2009 as agreed between the Pacific Islands Forum and the Interim Government, if not sooner, and all parties must be allowed to participate freely.

    14. CMAG expressed grave concern at slippages in election preparation. It noted the need to appoint an appropriate Supervisor of Elections immediately and called on the interim government to expedite preparations for the elections under the current constitutional arrangements. The Group urged Commonwealth members, the Pacific Islands Forum, the United Nations and the wider international community to ensure the Interim Government holds firm to the March 2009 deadline.

    15. The Group continued to be concerned at reports which indicated that the independence of the judiciary and freedom of the media were being seriously compromised, including the deportation of media personnel in contravention of court orders and evidence of the continued militarisation of key Fijian institutions. It also expressed concern at reports of continued human rights abuses.

    16. The Group re-affirmed the need to engage in an inclusive dialogue process with all Fijian people and parties including civil society. It expressed full support for the efforts of the Secretary-General’s representative Sir Paul Reeves to facilitate such a dialogue. It reiterated its firm belief that the constitutional future of Fiji should ultimately be determined through a representative, elected parliament.

    17. The Group called for significant progress to be made in Fiji towards meeting the deadline by the time of CMAG’s next meeting in September.

    19. CMAG requested the Secretary-General to remain engaged, to deploy his good offices as appropriate and continue to offer relevant technical assistance.

    20. The Group decided to retain Fiji on its Agenda.

    Next meeting

    21. CMAG agreed that it would next meet in New York on 27 September 2008.


  28. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Dear Fiji Silenced

    I just viewed the 1st as am running out the door

    You are brilliant my dear!

    Will watch more later then give feedback


  29. Budhau Says:

    Soul of Fiji – wrong dude – the majority of Fijians were not silent during the previous coups – the GCC, the Methodist Church and the rest – they all supported the coup or its “indigenous cause” – support the cause not the means.

    First – none of the previous coups had anything to do with the indigenous cause – it was a power grab – just like this one is.

    If we want the rule of law – then we all have to give up on the coup culture – you can’t object to this coup and be ready to support another coup in future. If Chaudary or another Indian wins an election – then allow him and his party for form the government.

    Fijigirl – that “brotherly love” idea – between Indians and Fijian – great idea but Qarase and the SDL would have nothing to do with that. You see, we have to continue with that “Indians are the real enemy” line – that they are out to grab our land, destroy our culture and heritage – that is the only way there will racial polarization – and that would give the SDL an overwhelming support of the Fijian voters.

    If the Indians and Fijians start to work together for overall good of the country – there goes the SDL – as long as there is the bogeyman – we can be rest assured that the likes of SDL will do great in elections.

  30. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Instead of being constructive which would be too much to expect, all Budhau does is “BITCH” at every single person.


  31. Tui Says:

    Budhau, being selective as usual with history. Your warped sense of reasoning on what other people did, is the reason this country will never progress from the muck we are stuck in right now. Because the majority of Fijians supported the last coups now its time for the Indian?
    We have learned from the past in case you forgot. We were lied to by Rabuka in 87′ and 2000. Choddo wants a piece of the action so he persuades the pig to carry out the latest nonsense for his own benefit. This coup is chodos coup and Fijians can see right through that.
    It’s time to move on budha stop going back to your selective memory to justify what the pig and chodo did. We are fully aware of what is unfolding before us and we know time is on our side. Sadly it’s not true for the illegals taking this country on its journey to nowhere. They and their future generation will pay for all the hurt and suffering they have caused to Fiji.
    Budhau if you believe there is a God, believe that everything happens in its’ time. God’s plan never fails. If a proud nation does not heed the cries of it’s people, it will be given what it’s due. What happened to Burma and China recently will happen to Fiji if we harden our hearts.
    Have you noticed ;lately the number of murders and violent crimes lately committed by Indians? Do the maths boy. The latest being Raymond Singh and the idiot who cut the Fijian girl into pieces in the west.
    Problem is you and the illegals think that your crap don’t stink!
    Be real for one minute in your life and quit behaving like a spoilt brat as you have nothing to prove.
    So you want a cleanup, then lets start from the Alliance Government. Let’s cleanup the mess with Labour, SVT, FAP, NFP. Lets’ clean up the mess with every body else in this country!
    The point is budhau, this “cleanup” will not only fall flat on it’s face, it will self-destruct.

  32. Jose Says:

    Fijian supremacy in Government. Fijian supremacy in all key areas. Aliens live peacefully here all welcome. No Indian alien in government. if they don’t like it they can take their little dollies and their little snakling gods to Haryana with Budhau and chodopussy leading the exodus. No problems.

  33. Vasiti Osborne Says:

    @fijisilenced just wanted you to know Katalina emailed us all last night. ONLY ABOUT 497 recipients on her mailing list; she asked us to log in here and read your post and view the different live-feeds you have provided Thank you for wrecking your brilliant mind. We are discussing and passing on the words.

    My suggestion is if someone have contacts with the Methodist Church to email the churches directly.

    Thanks again for the work and may god bless our Fiji.

  34. Litea Vuki Says:

    Vinaka fiji silenced.

    q In the market and on Saturday @ 12noon. Suva, Lautoka, Nadi, Sigatoka, Labasa.

    q How do we get the word out beside the church pulpits?

  35. LUVfiji Says:

    Drau sa yadra na marama!

    You’ve both arrived at Solivakasama… FijiSilenced is the other blogsite which SV has a link to. Welcome to this buturara, anyway!

  36. Orisi Qaranivalu Says:

    well no wonder thanks for that luvfiji when we google fijisilence, pages are displayed that does not list fijisilenced so where do we get you directly without having to come to solivakasama is what many of us brand new contributors are wanting to know. Supporting moves recommended by fijisilenced but why do we have to come here to get it ? I was emailed to log on and check out fs.

    Involve the youths. Is Pita Waqavonovono logging in?

  37. Budhau Says:

    Tui – I am not saying that that “because the majority of the Fijians supported the last coups now it is time for the Indians.” You idiots don’t get it – do you? This ain’t an Indian coup. This and all prior coups – were all Fijian coups – the Intra-Fijian power struggle.

    What I have said is that we have previously supported coups – the reason we are opposed to this coup is not because we all of sudden have seen the light and we now believe in democracy and all that. We are opposed to this coup is because it was pulled by people on the other side. If one of our brothers had pulled this coup – it would have been perfectly fine with us. Can’t you get this fricken concept through your thick head – that we believe in coups – as long as we can justify it. I am sure the other side can justify their coups also.

    Your statement that we have learned from the past – what a load of crap. If you had your boys leading the army and the FLP had won the last election – it would take them less than a month to pull a coup on Chaudary and the FLP – learning from the past – my ass.

    “Chodo” did not persuade FB to pull the coup – the coup was pulled by the military with the support of guys like the Epeli boys – What Chaudary did, and the opportunist that he is, he jumped on the coup bandwagon after the fact. You have no evidence to support your claim that Chaudary was involved with this coup in its planning stages. Now go find out who was behind the Rabuka coup and compare.

    Where in the above statements do you see “selective memory”? My memory if fine.

    ..and that remark about Rabuka and Speight did not tell the Fijians the truth – hey, Rabuka was our national hero – honorary chief, head of GCC ,elected PM, yada, yada..
    And that Speight dude, he would have been a free man, and maybe even a member of parliament if Qarase had his way.

    So don’t give me this crap about “now we have seen the light” – that is exactly my point – you haven’t seen the light – it is just that it is really convenient now to get on this democracy bandwagon because it serves your purpose.

    ..and yes, what is going on now is wrong – but we are in this doo-doo because of your GCC, your Methodist church and our peoples supporting the coups. This coup is wrong and so will the next one be – the one that your cousins will pull in the next five or so years.

    ..and Tui – no I do not believe in god – and even if I did – what is between me and my god would be something personal – unlike you fricken idiot pushing that god crap in here. And secondly, if I believed in god, I will respect your right to believe in whatever your choose as long as you don’t step on my right to believe in what I choose – unlike that Jose moron and others.

    Tui wrote, “What happened to Burma and China recently will happen to Fiji if we harden our hearts.” Is that a threat?
    What happened in those countries may happen to Fiji too – and people like you and the groups like the GCC, the Methodist church and the rest would be the ones to blame for this. Taking a nice country like Fiji and putting it in the gutter. Did they ever tell you guys that you should not shi*t in your own kitchen – the same goes for your country – don’t mess it up. Those Indians and the Fijian elite – they will move out – just like many have done – and you will have a violent Intra-Fijian conflict on you hands.

    ..and yes that is what this is an Intra-Fijian conflict – and folks like you are making the Indians as scapegoats.

    Tui wrote, “Have you noticed ;lately the number of murders and violent crimes lately committed by Indians? Do the maths boy. The latest being Raymond Singh and the idiot who cut the Fijian girl into pieces in the west.”

    Tui you idiot – why don’t you do the math – anytime a democratically elected government is overthrown by a military – the crime rate goes up. Ask someone who was around before 1987 – they did not have burglar bars in Fiji.
    Since you have brought the race and crime issues – why don’t you do the math – and look at the young Fijian population in prison. BTW – you know why our young Fijians end up in prison – it is the failed policies of the Fijian administrations – don’t blame the Indian for that.

    Tui – those sensational news stories – they usually don’t jive with what crime statistics tell us – you must have learned that at about the eighth grade level. BTW – what has the crime rate in the Indian community gotta to do with anything.

    As far as “whose crap does not stink” – you see, you guys can pull a coup and it is for the indigenous cause – when the others pull a coup it is illegal – now you tell me who thinks that his crap does not stink.

    Tui wrote, “So you want a cleanup, then lets start from the Alliance Government. Let’s cleanup the mess with Labour, SVT, FAP, NFP. Lets’ clean up the mess with every body else in this country!”

    First of all Tui, the FLP wasn’t in power long enough to screw up big time – so what, the guy remodeled his house built some bure in Sorokuba, hired his son as secretary or was having tea with some female journalist – what part of that would you like to clean up – now compare that with Qarase 25 million ag scam, or the several hundered million dollar bank collapse and we can go back all the way to Militone Leweniqila’s 120 million CDF fund set up for Fijian farmers – or the land at segaga set aside for Fijians that were transferred to ministers wives and relatives.

    The clean has to start now – throw out those buggers that have been screwing you guys up for generations. You went from Alliance to SVT to SDL – it is time to move on to the next – get honest leaders who will benefit all the people of Fiji – affirmative actions for Fijian who really need help – not a bunch of thieves that steal in the name of the Fijians.

    Figure out what the problem is – and it ain’t Chaudary and the Indians – and then address those problems.

  38. natewaprince Says:

    Butthole,you’re full of bullcrap.

  39. Budhau Says:

    Butthole are usually full of crap – now all we have to figure out is who is the butthole here.

  40. FijiGirl Says:

    Budhau – here is a fact that even you cannot deny.

    Every indigenous person in Fiji has a relation, be it sibling, first cousin, second cousin, third cousin, cousin-in-law, who is part-IndoFijian.

    So don’t give me this crap about Fijians v Indians / Us v Them.

    These are lies that Chodokant fabricates to keep the IndoFijians in fear, and he uses that fear to rule them, like the tyrannical c**t that he is. FF.

    God bless Fiji.

  41. Budhau Says:

    Hey FijiGirl – we all are cousins – the furthest one being about the 5oth cousin.
    That is why I have always been saying that this is about us – we a re all us, Fiji is OUR country – be it indigenous or Indo-Fijian.

    The fear factor – it ain’t Indian – they have been screwed by the Fijians administration long enough – the fear is being planted in the minds of the Fijians – that the Indians are after their land, they want to destroy their culture and heritage – and it ain’t Chaudary who is planting these fears.

    For Qarase and the like – such fears are good – that is how he expects to get the overwhelming Fijian support.

    So you tell me who is using this fear – Qarase and the like or Chaudary. What are the Indians afraid of – that they will not renew their leases – they don’t – those leases have not been renewed for years. Are the Indians afraid that no Indian would be allowed to be the President, or that the paramountcy of the Fijians are guranteed by the constitution or that the Fijians will always have a majority in both the houses – what is the fear that that Chaudary is planting in the minds of the Indian.

    Now compare that with the fears in the minds of the Fijians that qarase – and even some idiots in here are planting in the minds of the Fijians.

    You see – this fear game has always worked with the Fijians – as long as the the Indian is the enemy – they will keep voting those thieving Fijian politicians as their leaders.

    I like that cousin part – n ow lest all realize that we all are cousins – and that Fiji ia as much my country as it is yours – and you and others wont; be asking me to move to Haryana.

  42. LUVfiji Says:

    We’re all at … and let the world know!

  43. LUVfiji Says:

    @OQ – sorry dont know if Peter Waqavonovono is blogging here. Our real identities are not revealed at this site for our safety and for that of our families. We just LUV our military 🙂

  44. Taukei Says:

    well said Fijigirl!

    Chodo is using the old strategy DIVIDE-AND-CONQUER & US-VERSUS–THEM to split and lord over Fiji.

  45. Jose Says:

    Fiji is for Fijian indigenous. The rest are all aliens. Budhau you ain’t no cousin. Forget that and dream on. Fijians is US this does not include YOUSE.

  46. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    @fijisilenced am working on it. Is there a way I can get in touch with you ?
    I’ve got a date in mind — a few months from now and the venue is perfect! if those on the ground are willing but I wish to run it by you without the traffic. How do I find you? I can leave you my phone number here (if it is an international call, make the call, it is worth it, I promise) Thank you for the work.

    Standing by

  47. Jose Says:

    Bhudau and chodopussy must go to haryana.

  48. Litea Vuki Says:


    We are on board.

    I viewed those on youtube as well and I think it is an idea that will pass with flying colours.

  49. Budhau Says:

    Jose – I have been to Haryana – actually the drive from Delhi to Agra goes into Haryana – that was how I got there.

    What you should be more worried about is guys like me coming back – very phunny!!.

    Just like that John Sami dude..why, you will ship him to Haryana too – his name sounds Madrasi – and what if that first name “John”, maybe his religious beliefs are the same as yours – now that will get you going in circles for a while.

    BTW – how do you reconcile your racist beliefs with the fact that there are Christian Indians. (I get it – those Indians are OK right)

  50. FijiGirl Says:

    Budhau –

    Given who you REALLY are,
    and the function you are required complete,
    the fact that you are denying the points of my argument,
    actually proves that I am on the right track.

    Otherwise, your master would tell you not to worry about it.

    And, btw, you’re still an idiot.

    God bless Fiji

  51. Jose Says:

    Wrong Bhudau, John Sami does not belong even as a christian. All aliens welcome to live peacefully among natives. You should have stayed at haryana

  52. Vasiti Osborne Says:

    @ Fiji Silenced.

    The National Stadium is one option.

    Games of Rugby coming up soon.

    Teachers around the country, if you are reading this, and can view the demonstrations by simply clicking on the sites provided here by Fiji Silenced, then take it from there.

  53. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Aaahh!!! You got to it 1st. Yes indeed. Fiji Silenced ; this is what many of us had in mind. Look into the Deans Trophy Match coming up in August. There are quarter finals and semi finals leading up to the Deans. Each and every game can be a venue. Gate Keepers can be engaged to hand out flags — wave flags — total silence followed by flag waving for 2 full minutes and at intervals throughout the game. On the field, Players can as well “freeze to free Fiji ” at their most opportune time (s). What mess we the adults have made for our kid’s future can be undone by our children peacefully. Teachers everywhere, take on this effective, costless, call for a return to democracy. The future belongs to our kids. It is not folly to ask our youth to make their stand known in these stadiums where they all come together to cheer on for their teams and at the same time ask them to cheer on for a return to normalcy in their country and their lives where the media is abound and will deliver their observance of these “freeze to free Fiji” by Fiji’s children.

  54. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Courage is leadership for without courage nothing drastically decent can materialise. If this idea is to take off it will be because some one courageous on the ground have picked up the message and decide to take charge.

  55. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Someone said that the military ought to do the hounourable thing and resign en masse (thanks MM)

    That is the most effective demonstration of all.

    Can they? Why haven’t they ? Will they?

    Do they have the courage ?

  56. Jose Says:

    They don’t and they won’t. They have the mistaken belief that the vore is their saviour. Chosen by God to save Fiji.Ask negativeworm. He can tell you that.

  57. Fiji Man Says:

    Hey people, get a life!! move on please its coming towards the end of 2009 and nothing will come your way so please join the bandwagon or zip up!!!

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