Damned GCC Meeting and its consequences

There has been much speculation over the much-anticipated GCC Meeting to nominate a Vice President.


Nawalowalo, the head of the Task Force sent out to the 14 Provinces has stated that as long as they obtain the 2/3 or 32 out of the 52 delegates, they have a quorum to convene the GCC.


So far, Tailevu, Rewa, Cakaudrove, Naitasiri, Namosi, Lomaiviti, Ra and Nadroga have rejected both the People’s Charter and the newly constituted GCC and will refrain from sending its delegates to the GCC.


Ba, on the other hand chooses to abstain and awaits the outcome of Ratu Ovini Bokini’s & Ors court challenge, but will not send its delegates as well.


9 Provinces will refrain sending its 27 delegates to the GCC (the majority traditionally owners of native lands throughout Fiji) under the 2008 GCC Regulation; a quorum of 34 delegates is required before the GCC Meeting can legally proceed.


Therefore the proposed GCC Meeting for June is already damned because it lacks the necessary legal quorum and further rejections from other Provinces only substantiates what many Fijians have been claiming all along, which the IG has been rejecting, that the majority of the Fijians reject the IG and all what it stands for.


It is intriguing when you muse that if another Province was to either reject or abstain from sending its 3 delegates to the GCC Meeting, then it brings up the total of 30 delegates or more than 2/3 of the total 42 delegates from the 14 Provinces even including Rotuma’s delegates will not be present, which is undisputed evidence of where the Fijian peoples’ true loyalty and sympathies lie.


Bainimarama and the IG are aware they are the scourges of Fijian society despite what they claim to the contrary and this is evidenced in the fact, they cannot freely travel in Fiji without bodyguards.


Why then continue with the charade that they have the right to rule Fiji, bringing about great misery, poverty, unemployment, injustice, nepotism, threaten the media, unilaterally make decisions without regard to the rule and law as seen in the unlawful deportation and perversion of the course of justice in Evan Hannah and Russell Hunter’s case amongst others and their wasteful expenditure of hard earned tax-payer funds in numerous questionable overseas trips and white elephant NCBBF?


Why prolong the inevitable? The coup in December 2006 was illegal and there is simply no justification at all despite all the legal jargon and claims.


Even if the illegally appointed Gates, Pathick and Byrnes rules in favour of the IG and against Qarase, their decision will never withstand proper scrutiny and will never be accepted by the majority of Fijians and other Fiji law abiding citizens and may trigger massive unrest in Fiji.


The majority of Fijians and all law abiding citizens everywhere eagerly await the demise of the IG and anticipate the time when they and their shadowy advisors are brought to justice.


I foresee courts reconvened in large auditoriums, such as the Tradewinds Convention Centre, to accommodate the large interest both domestically and internationally observing due process of law at work in holding people accountable for their actions and bringing them to justice.


It is the due process of the law, holding people accountable for their actions and bringing them to justice and not the self-claimed white elephant People’s Charter, which will guarantee the permanent eradication of the coup culture in Fiji.


Tui Savu.


Townsville. QLD.


47 Responses to “Damned GCC Meeting and its consequences”

  1. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Fully concur and I rest my case.

  2. Tebara Says:

    Great article TS. Always enjoyed reading your piece. Vinaka

  3. FijiGirl Says:

    Vinaka Tui.

    In answer to your question “Why prolong the inevitable?”, I think the answer is much darker and more cynical than many are willing to contemplate.

    This regime looks to other illegal regimes, like Burma’s Junta, and Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, Musharraf’s continued stranglehold on Pakistan, and Israel’s continued rule in the Occupied Territories.

    They see that these regimes continue, albeit illegally, immorally and without the mandate of the people, and they think “I can do that! And look! The consequences don’t seem so onerous, as long as I remain the top dog!”

    They are doing it because they believe they can get away with it.

    So what can reasonable people do about it? Do we continue to ‘up the ante’, take an eye for an eye until the whole world is blind? Or do we take the stance of Gandhi and Mandela and do what is right, instead of what is easiest? Do we copy Churchill and the founding fathers of the USA and fight for our cause?

    According to my sources, the regime plans to make EN the VP, send our President on sick leave, and while he is away, declare him incompetent (having used and abused him for years – disgusting way to treat a frail elderly man and a High Chief) and then EN will be President. End of chapter.

    This is why they insisted on holding elections as late as March 09. To get these structures in place, all Chodo’s puppets, and then they will continue to bleed our beloved country, keep the best for themselves and feed the people with tidbits.

    Is this the future that Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara and Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau envisaged for our nation? I think not. These great men would never have permitted such atrocities to happen in Fiji, to the people of Fiji (taukei or otherwise).

    The illegal regime must be stopped. Tabu soro.

    God bless Fiji

  4. Barafen Says:

    I believe the crunch time for our nation will arrive before the proposed election date. At some point a decision will be made as to how far the IG intends to go. Unless there is some visible signs of opposition the blind ****s! that are currently in control will believe they can continue to destroy our children’s future to satisfy their needs for power and control.

    I agree with FijiGirl

    The illegal regieme must be stopprd.

    God Bless Fiji


  5. Linus Says:

    The latest from the Pig-Sty as per Fiji Times on-line

    Consider roles, provincial councils told

    Tuesday, May 13, 2008
    Update: 10:20AM Provincial councils should consider their positions as statutory authorities and their roles as the guardians of good governance and wellbeing of Fijians, says Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

    Commodore Bainimarama, the interim Prime Minister and interim Minister for Indigenous Affairs, made the remarks in response to statements made by some councils about the interim Government’s policies and, in particular, initiatives in the drawing up of the Charter for Building a Better Fiji.
    He stressed that provincial councils, like other statutory bodies, were required by law to implement the interim Government’s policies and programs.
    “As such provincial councils are required to receive Government’s proposals about these changes and to refer them to Fijians in the provinces for their consideration and decisions,” he said.
    The views of the people obtained through this consultative process will help develop a picture on the state of the nation which will then be used to develop the Charter.

    Resign, provincial council members told

    Tuesday, May 13, 2008
    Update: 10:25AM Opposing changes to the Great Council of Chiefs means the provincial councils are denying the flow of information and the rights of Fijians, says interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.
    The resolutions of the Provincial Councils that deny the people this choice to participate in the process are against the spirit of the Constitution, he said.
    Commodore Bainimarama said if members of provincial councils feel strongly about these matters and do not wish to see them implemented or discussed by the Council, they should resign their appointments as Provincial Councillors.
    This applies particularly to those members of the Councils who are appointed by the Fijian Affairs minister.
    Commodore Bainimarama said provincial officials and civil servants attending Council meetings as advisers should also ensure they provide professional advice in accordance with the Fijian Affairs Act and Regulations and the Public Service Act and Regulations that govern their conduct as public officers.
    They should be impartial and be independent of political influence and advice, he warned.

  6. Ablaze Says:

    Sorry Linus but those 2 great men, Mara & Gaunilau backed Rabuka in Fiji’s First Coup.

    Today its like: Father like children. Greedy, selfish, egotistical people.

  7. Linus Says:

    @ ablaze. Yes, U R right. I just posted these to show VB’s next Dicktatorial move trying to eliminate the Fiji Chiefly system from power. by bypassing them. He really does lack common sense, that man!!

  8. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    Athough the nine provinces who rejected the new GCC Regs will not submit their nominations for GCC membership, this Regime will appoint other chiefs who support the GCC changes and still make the quorum.

    This military regime will do anything illegal to get their plans through. These characteristices are the hallmark of military dictators and Frank Bhaini is no exception!

  9. natewaprince Says:

    The pig realises that the provinces don’t give a damn about his charter.His warning about the role of the councils is just a last ditched attempt to get them in line.

    It will be interesting to see what ”chiefs” will accept roles in the new look illegal GCC. The $2 namu will be kicked out on his big fat ass come the Kadavu Prov, Council meeting but is most likely to be one of those appointed.

    The qavokavoka va kalia chairman from Bua is another.Qai va’cava o kemudou na wekaqu Tovata mai Lau? Dou bau vosa mada.Dou caqeta talega na nomudou chairman.

    Sa va’madua sara ga e so na turaga lalai era sa beca tiko na nodra lewa na noda Turaga Bale.

  10. lauan boy Says:

    the Lau Provincial Council meeting will be held on May 28-30 in Suva.

    roumors are mara boy will replace the sau mai mualevu as chair. the village and tikina meetings have finished…the reps must tell mara boy in his face the wishes of the people they represent…..we want elections asap under the current laws and military to return to barracks & hand governance back to the ppl.

  11. nativegal Says:


  12. Save the Sheep Says:

    Yes interesting times indeed but I for one while very happy to see some of our Chiefs finally stepping up and leading, I am unsure it is enough.

    The Chiefs are now under siege big time and need to step up not only for their own survival but for the future of this Country.

    I for one though have become sufficiently cynical to suggest that the Chiefs will not stand up in the face of the inevitable as Bhiani uses his Ministerial powers to appoint his personal GCC and override popular opinion.

    The IG is quite desperate now and have made it clear that they have absolutely no interest in entertaining opinion contrary to their own.

    I have sat in a couple of ‘so-called’ consultation processes and watched with amusement as the IG backed facilitators guide the forum to their pre determined outcome despite a general discomfort with it. The process as described by Bubu in her Boiling Frog parody was on display and certainly underpins the standard strategy being employed.

    It is time to kick the Frog in the butt before it boils to death…. Right now that Frog is the Senior Chiefs of Fiji…..

  13. Lauan Girl Says:

    Agree Lauan Boy – there will be a revolution within the Lau group if Mara boy decides to bulldoze his view over his people. Our chiefs are supposed to listen to the will of the people.

    Only when they are humble enough to do this can they be considered “chiefly” in the eyes of their people.

    Bring back Democracy and the will of the people.

    Bring back our democratically elected voices with its warts and all , it is far better than the absolute rubbish these illegal goons are wishing to transpose on Fijians

    God bless the people of Fiji and god bless the will of its good citizens.

  14. aubatinuku-N Says:

    RE: http://www.fijilive.com Wed May 14th, 08

    Rewa Chief challenges NCBBF to debate.

  15. Lauan Girl Says:

    Save the Sheep – isnt it interesting to see who our real leaders are ? I have appreicated seeing them come out one by one- they are taking the lead in their quiet but wise and humble ways.

    I take my hat off to Ro Teimumu and to Ratu Joni . The Tui Cakau is making wise noises, and even Ro Filipe is maturing well. Ratu Awesome Bokini fits in there too….. I apologise if I have left anyone out but feel free to add to the list.

    I am disappointed in Rotuma and the lone chief from Gau (amazing how people can be bought !)

  16. LUVfiji Says:

    @Lauan Girl. Dont worry about Rotuma. They are irrelevant. They’ll will only count when numbers are needed!

  17. Lau Lass Says:

    Konrote, the rep from Rotuma, an ex army, so it’s not surprising, it’s the army thing !!! e ra sa boi dada tu !!!!!! they are worse than the criminals in Naboro !!!!

  18. Save the Sheep Says:

    Agreed Lauan Girl.

  19. Frida Says:

    I am looking forward to the Kadavu Provinicial Council meeting outcome and I am hoping that the leaders of Kadavu will hear the voice of its people unlike the turaga naita from Gau.

  20. Belijo Says:

    To all Tau Launs out there

    Lets all pray and hope that God gives His spiritual wisdom to the Laun leaders and that come may 28-30 the decision will be God’s and it will be a free Fiji. As much as I hate saying this, pray for the Lada Chief in the Army that God places the desires of the Holy Spirit in him. God Bless Fiji.

  21. Lauan Girl Says:

    Prayer Meeting tonight peeps – gather your families around, friends and neighbours and pray to our Lord God for the poor souls of people like boy Mara, Nawaliweli, and all those co called chiefs that will be doing their best to force their opinions on us in the coming few days.

    Pray that the Holy Spirit strike light into their dark souls.

    And pray for our country and peace.

  22. Budhau Says:

    Lauan girl – thanks for the reminder – I will praying to Kali – about them lighting up them dark souls.

    …and them Rotuman – being irrelevant…yeah right, who gives a crap about them Rotumans…and they were talking about some Kai Tonga running for the Vunivalu post….. all these god damn foreigners.

  23. FijiGirl Says:

    Budhau – You’re still an idiot.

    Idiot x Moron = Budhau. Quod erat demonstrandum.

    God bless Fiji

  24. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Budhau changed shifts with nativegal, Jone Veikoso is on vacation in Dubai with Destiny.

  25. FijiGirl Says:

    Budhau’s maintained ‘radio silence’ for a suspiciously long time. A period of time, in fact, which coincides almost exactly with the period Chodokant was in India. Add on a few days where Budhau caught up with his usual ‘biznez’ and viola, he’s back to us, cyber-w**king, attention-seeking and trying to make up for his parents not giving him enough positive tlc. Budhau, if you were an American teenage girl, you’d be a pole dancer right now.

  26. Glawyer Says:

    Good to see the chiefs standing up for the wishes of their people. Lest we forget the government that was voted in by the people was removed by these illegal morons and now they want the people to support their idiotic changes. These changes seem to only one aim and that is to fragment and divide the fijian people and I for one am glad that the provinces are banding together on this and rejecting this fool and his GCC changes. Its time we made our voices heard, we’ve had enough of listening to Baini, Khaiyum, Chodo, Shamimi, Nawalowalo and their likes. Time for them to shut up mada, blurry fools!!

  27. IslandBoy Says:

    Ro Teimumu Kepa was her steadfast self and publicly said Frank does not know what he is talking about. The GMB is one leader who has never stood down and has been vocal from day 1 of the coup. Three cheers for my brave lady from the delta, SV. REWA AU CIBI TU!!!!

    Remember her interview on the day of the coup? when she said on TV, I’m going on a staff picnic, if they want me, I’ll be in Deuba, come and get me. A couple of days later she had a go at the little Laun boy by challenging him to come and arrest her.

    However I must say I was a little disconcerted by Ratu Joni’s speech in Wellington advocating amnesty for army officers involved in the coup. Never thought he of all people would resort to the ethics of curcumsatnce.

    That was the quote on TV and unless it was taken well out of context, I for one am unable to reconcile this quote with his avowed position of not more than a week ago as expressed to the FTA AGM.

    So what up with that SV?

  28. IslandBoy Says:

    Meanwhile back at the ranch next to the funny farm, the horror of a fuckwit Nawalowalo proclaims Kadavu’s suppoprt for the IR on fijilive.

    Can hardly wait for next Thursday to see him roasted by his own people.

    An aunt from Kadavu asked me to get some booze and invite Alex Naisoro over on the morning of the Kadavu Provincial Council meeting at the Jubilee hall in Toorak next week, then kichim him to Josateke, levu na ceke.

  29. yatuyatu Says:

    voceke’s mum from sawaieke – so takala i gau just muria nona iyatu… can’t speak for the rest of the Gau people. Doesn’t matter, the MAJORITY of Lomaiviti have REJECTED both the charter farter and fake gcc.

    re Rotuma – Col paul manueli is behind that. Understand too rotumans are minorities. They are always dependent on whichever government of the day – notice how the Rotuma rep is ALWAYS on the government side of Parliament – in 1999 they formed part of choro’s cabinet, 2001 – part of SDL/CAMV coalition.

  30. LUVfiji Says:

    Now we hear three more military officers are to take their ‘leave’ from as soon as next Monday. According to the media cell there’s nothing sinister about it ! OK thats fine…

    The Mara boy is set to take the chair of the Lau Provincial Council? Is that legal — considering he is regarded a public officer. Well I guess they can do as they please. Has older brother left for his diplomatic posting ? Sa kau i Merika na ka ‘qo kemudou. Me vaka ga sa kanaki oti eke… na cici balavu ‘qo.

  31. LUVfiji Says:

    @IB – it’d best to read the entire text of Ratu Joni’s speech in Wellington. The report only highlighted that portion which really is misleading. We dont even know who his audience was!

    Amnesty to the military officers involved? Mmmm.. Well, I guess forgiveness is divine.

  32. Bebenibogi Says:

    There will be no “legal” GCC meeting he! he! he! Numbers are against them. What will they come up with next? God is great!
    No meeting! No meeting! Ouch! That’s the way aha aha, I like it aha aha.
    Made my day. Keep it up SV and freedom bloggers.
    Enjoy it while you can IGers, Naboro awaits you. Oh man – just wanna do the moonwalk and a headspin on this floor. Fiji must never cry again. Never. Vinaka SV.
    God Bless Fiji (as Fiji girl says – your prayers are being heard lewa, hope he hears mine too, in fact all of ours). Luvfiji too. Roger ova and outa here.

  33. natewaprince Says:

    What Rt Joni suggested was probably the lesser of two evils, ie,promise them amnesty in exchange for immediate elections with no strings attached.(no NCBBF, no charter etc)

    If we were to go to elections with slack-arse Khaiyums thesis in place,well, qai kila ga o God.

    And then we can always get back at them when a new govt. is in place.

    But that’s just a geuss,worth nothing,like a fart in a hurricane.

  34. aubatinuku-N Says:

    At the end of the day it’s very obvious that Aiaz Khaiyum AK-47 is one of those Indians whose attitude towards Fijians is “Lazy, dumb Fijians”. He reckoned he could just haul off and implement his stupid thesis with no hitches whatsoever because of the CLICHE he grew up with.

    Did’nt this guy grow up in Nadroga?

  35. Budhau Says:

    Glawyer wrote, “Good to see the chiefs standing up for the wishes of their people. Lest we forget the government that was voted in by the people was removed by these illegal morons and now they want the people to support their idiotic changes.”

    Them chiefs of the GCC – were they standing up to the wishes of the people when they endorsed all the previous coups against democratically elected government – what about those “illegal morons” and their idiotic changes – remember when Rabuka tried to get that constitution – wasn’t that a “idiotic change” – BTW – the role of the GCC was also put into a post coup constitution – I think that should be removed form the new constitution.

    aubatinuku – on them “lazy, dumb Fijian” comment – come on hone, you can deal with your insecurity problems.

    Fijigirl – on that “radio silence’ – because of Chaudary’s trip – or could be that that at this time in your part of the world that law school have final exams – and that American girls is doing something other than that pole dancing.

    Natewaprince’s suggestion – that we give them amnesty for now and then once we win the elections, we can always go back on our word and nail their ass – good suggestion – isn’t there a saying about them Bauan chiefs always speak with a forked tongue.

    As for the “legal” GCC meeting – why bother – just get rid of the GCC role in electing the President and the VP – an put in place a more democratic system of electing the president and Veep. BTW – they should not be allowed to nominate senators also.

  36. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Baci cameme tiko o raluve ni viraisi!

  37. LUVfiji Says:

    Io dina NP. Something like the Muanikau Accord of 2000 ?

  38. Barafen Says:

    Amnesty ?
    Banana and Crew would be worried that it might become the George Speight version

  39. IslandBoy Says:

    @Natewa Prince & LUVfiji – remember very early in the piece before this round of talks being proposed by the illegal regime to be conducted under the auspices of the UN and the Commonwealth.

    Qarase and the SDL made a public statement saying they would consider amnesty but it was too close a call, if they were to come to the table and talk. Frank then told them in no uncertain terms to quit while they were ahead and that he was not going to talk to them at all.

    Do you think (a) LQ & SDL mentioned the possibility of amnesty a little prematurely, and

    (b) Frank still thinks that all his pieces are in place and that he will never need it, given that he and his will govern Fiji ad infinitum?

  40. Jose Says:

    Bhudau, your repetitive use of the word”them” makes you sound like someone who has just learned of a new word for the first time.Very un Australian. Very very alien like.

  41. natewaprince Says:

    IB,the pig is up shit creek without a paddle.He thought that this coup was like a card game,that we could re-deal the cards if things went wrong.

    Now that he has come this far and see’s no light at the end of his rectum,in desperation,he will grasp at anything to save his skinny ass.

  42. Peace Pipe Says:

    Amnesty is the passport that allows further coups in the future. As the pig’s junta starts crumbling amidst the pressures and failures this regime is facing he will just have to sucuumb and give way to the wishes of the people. So we must not open any option for surrender. He had his chance earlier on but did not take it and therefore has caused immense and irreparable damages that he has to pay for it. The end is nigh and we all can see it. Its good our frogs are being aware of the dangers they were in the increasingly hot water and are getting themselves out into safety.

  43. Budhau Says:

    Peace Pipe – if you don’t leave an “option for surrender”, you should then expect the IG and the military to go down fighting.

    Here we all have to look at what is the best alternative if we do not give FB and his gang amnesty. For them, the best alternative is a lifetime at Naboro, for the rest of us it will mean that the IG will remain in power for a very long time.

    Therefore, unless we can bring down this regime – we do not have to negotiate, if we cannot bring down this regime, we can’t expect them to march to the barracks and then on to Naboro.

    Jose – the use of the word “them” and other simple words – thats for dumbass like you and them other idiots – and who said anything about me being in Australia.

  44. Jose Says:

    It’s for an idiot who has just learnt a new word and start using it like an idiot. It’s there for the pickings of the idiot new migrant.

  45. Jose Says:

    Budhau is an aqe piche. Was for the ig and army now anti. Monkeys swing to and fro that’s their lives. Friends like these who need enemies. Cheap shit.

  46. Budhau Says:

    No Jose, age Piche – that is when you support one coup and complaint about the other – go ask about that to your church leadership, or your good buddy Tui Savu would explain that now we have seen the light and have changed out attitude towards all coups.

  47. Jose Says:

    Never have supported the coup, not much for the army. didn’t even know who all these so called politicians and leaders are or were. never cared too much for so called church leaders except those who have the prophesies and the commandments. These are my cup of tea. My kind of people whose company i seek. What they know is what i seek.

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