Jese v Native Gal….the bout so far!!!

  • Jese Waqalekaleka Says:
    May 11, 2008 at 1:42 pm   edit

    @ nativegal, I have a few questions for you:

  • I, for one believe that Qarase like any other citizen of Fiji is answerable to the laws of Fiji and if he has ‘committed any crime, then he should do the time.’However, my concern is the way the FICAC is ‘tunneled visioned’ in its investigations into his affairs during his tenure as PM. There is no complaint against Qarase, which has been made public to invite the FICAC to investigate, so it must be presumed that FICAC is using its discretionary powers to instigate these investigations.

    @ nativegal, do you agree with me or not? Please explain?

    If FICAC is using its discretionary powers to investigate, why confine it only to Qarase and not extend it to other living former PM’s like Chaudary, Moemoedonu and Rabuka as well?

    @ nativegal, applying the same standard to him, do you agree Chaudary should be investigated as well? Please explain?

    Chaudary was exposed by Victor Lal for tax evasion and this eventually led to the illegal removals of Russell Hunter and Evan Hannah.

    @ nativegal, applying the same standard to him, do you agree Chaudary should be investigated as well? Please explain?

    Illegal AG Khaiyum quickly appointed an Inquiry Team, which included as its Chairman a former Principle of a Law Firm, he worked for in Australia together with a very narrow TOR to return the predetermined findings.

    @ nativegal, applying the same standard to him, do you agree Chaudary should be investigated as well? Please explain?

    This Inquiry Team created a world record in being the quickest to conclude an Inquiry and hand in its written Report within the space of less than 2 weeks.

    By the time the Report was made public, the Chairman and another expatriate Member had already left the country and only disgraced Taufa Vakatale remained to face a barrage of questions and claimed that everything was done in accordance with the TOR. Something does not seem correct and I smell a rat.

    @ nativegal, applying the same standard to him, do you agree Chaudary should be investigated as well? Please explain?

    As they say, the ‘proof is in the eating’, so if Chaudary truly believed the Inquiry had cleared him of any tax evasion, why hasn’t he pursued his ‘$1b Defamation Claim’ against the FT?

    Do you know why nativegal?

    Simple, he didn’t because he knows fully well that his claim was all hot air and with no substance. He knows full well, that if it went before a competent court, the Report would be thrown out or worse, the Inquiry Members questioned in open court, which would be highly embarrassing to say the least.

    @ nativegal, applying the same standard to him, do you agree Chaudary should be investigated as well? Please explain?

    Then what about the saga of Chaudary appointing his own son, Rajendra Chaudary as his Private Secretary soon after being sworn as PM? Does this not reek of nepotism and abuse of power?

    @ nativegal, applying the same standard to him, do you agree Chaudary should be investigated as well? Please explain?

    When then PSC Chairman Sakiasi Waqanivavalagi was questioned, he replied that Rajendra Chaudary was appointed through the normal selection process, when everyone at PSC knew full well that Mahendra Chaudary bamboozled him way in and forced Waqanivavalagi to appoint his son!

    This is the same Chairman that used to be so vocal against Rabuka and the SVT especially when it came to PSC appointments, yet when Mahendra Chaudary got elected into power, one of his 1st appointments was Rajendra Chaudary and Waqanivavalagi was already subdued by Chaudary.

    @ nativegal, applying the same standard to him, do you agree Chaudary should be investigated as well? Please explain?

    Take Moemoedonu, he was cleared of Rape whilst he was Roko Tui Ba and was represented in court but illegal CJ Tony Gates. There has been much speculation on his corrupt dealings as well.

    @ nativegal, applying the same standard to him, do you agree Moemoedonu should be investigated as well? Please explain?

    Then you come to Rabuka. There were rumours when he was in power, that Jim Ah Koy funded or facilitated funding enabling him to purchase properties.

    @ nativegal, applying the same standard to him, do you agree Rabuka should be investigated as well? Please explain?

    Also the SVT giving $20m loan to FHL, which later was changed to a grant.

    @ nativegal, applying the same standard to him, do you agree Rabuka should be investigated as well? Please explain?

    As I had started my letter nativegal, I totally agree that if Qarase has ‘committed the crime, then he should do the time’, but to solely focus on him and not other former PM’s and others is clearly political, so its objects are no longer just and honourable.

    Finally nativegal, why narrow the investigations only to former PM’s, why not extend to all former MP’s and former Commanders as well? How about the RFMF Regimental Funds?

    Why not investigate abuse of office of Ganilau whilst Commander, when he sent Military Officers in Military Renault trucks to work on this private farm in Seaqaqa.

    The truck overturned resulting in a few deaths. I believe compensation was paid from Regimental Trust, which correctly should have been Ganilau’s sole responsibility because these deaths were not work related, but attending to his personal whims.

    There are rumours of people coming to Ganilau whilst Commander bringing in monies in brown paper bags.

    My point nativegal, is that if FICAC is to have credibility, then it should apply one standard to all and not only to a select few, because once you go down that slippery road, you lose credibility and respectability.

    @ nativegal, applying the same standard, do you agree with me? Please explain?

  • This was the sorry response from nativegal:

  • nativegal Says:
    May 11, 2008 at 8:55 pm   editSorry tech mtce on this blog took quite a while and number of my articles removed be fair guys… the truth hurts???
    I find the cases incomparable…of course FICAC have assessed:1. Chaudary presumed $mm in personal accounts are personal donations
    intention designed for between MC and so called beneficiaries.

    2.TM case clrd by courts.

    3. Qarase criminal acts whilst in positions of trust /deliberately mislead Fijian people and chiefs siphoning millions from Fijian Trust Fund for Ballu Khan SDL associates, convert $20 m loan into grant, insider trading at FHL
    (as Chairman of NLTB formalise recommendations to Cabiinet, as PM approve ),dereserve prime land eg Natadola without landowner consent..

    And from one who is not a landowner!!!He carefully schemes to commit henious crimes against the Fijian Race and chiefs and church leaders blindly support this LAUAN BANDIT

  • and the come back from Jese:

  • FijiGirl Says:
    May 11, 2008 at 9:31 pm   edit@ Nativegetable. Rapisi! You have some serious issues with the truth… What basis do your accusations have actual fact? None. Your ‘proof’ is mere speculation from a source with questionable motives and an axe to grind. You and your faction are being manipulated by Chodopu$$ but you cannot see it because your eyes are blinded by greed and envy and covetousness. But the people are not blind. Neither are we afraid.
    Tabu soro.
    God bless Fiji
  • Jese Waqalekaleka Says:
    May 11, 2008 at 9:34 pm   edit@ nativegal, as I have said before if Qarase is ‘guilty of the crime, then he is to do the time’, but my question which yo have evaded is why only limit the investigations to him alone and not extend the same standard to other former PM’s?You have not provided a satisfactory explanation to my question.

    Moemoedonu was cleared by the court for the rape charge whilst Chairman of the Yasana ko Ba, which is what I said. The investigations I meant was for the short period of his tenure as PM, like advising Iloilo to dissolve Parliament? Possible abuse of office?

    @ nativegal, do you agree that using the same standards, Moemoedonu too should be investigated? Please explain?

    As for Chaudary, apart from the kangaroo court which cleared his name, how about nepotism in the appointment of Rajendra Chaudary as his own Private Secretary or renovating of his own home with state funds?

    @ nativegal, do you agree that using the same standards, Chaudary too should be investigated? Please explain.

    FYI, as for Qarase ‘not being a landowner’, you disclose your utter lack of knowledge of native affairs and the significance of being a registered member of the VKB.

    As a registered member in the VKB, you are a landowner. Qarase being a registered member of the VKB is a landowner in Mavana, so understand first what you think before revealing your ignorance.

  • by the way, Nativegal is also a bullshit artist. As we have mentioned so many times, we do not delete any comments so save the bullshit about we deleting your responses and answer the questions factually. Not with wild claims as your skin will turn yellow and we will be able to figure you out in public for too much pissing against the wind 🙂


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    1. nativegal Says:

      Star ga o nativegal..I could paste deleted articles but I must have hit some home truths and am not in bid to embarrass you futher

    2. Tebara Says:

      @ Nativegal ..LOL … reality check mada BU …home truth ga vei iko na no truth …U BLERRY GUNBULL

    3. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

      @ nativegal, then please shut up if you cannot verify your claims.

    4. Tebara Says:

      @JW …Seriously nativegal is trying hard on comeback lines … ALAS ..shes not all there to deliver logical and verifying truthful statement. We have to forgive her for being a tote in this Illegal campers corner … !!

    5. IslandBoy Says:

      @Jese Waqalekaleka – When I first came on this website I was absolutely infuriated by some of the responses posted by supporters of the Illegal Regime (IR).

      Not sure if you came on board in time to read about Seremaia Tuiteci, it was entittled, Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel, referring to the kind of people recruited and otherwise employed by the IR.

      Also you may have just returned to Fiji after extended international service or studies, whatever the case you will have realised by now that starting with Frank, MPC, AS-K and the whole cast of characters, intelligence and integrity are not common traits found amongst those serving the IR.

      I’m not pissing in your pocket mate, but its very obvious that you are speaking from an intellectual and rational perspective of at least post post-graduate qualifications. You will very quickly discern there are a few on SV with perhaps close or similar demographic charateristics.

      However those that defend the IR are perhaps of a different ilk, and discussing issues with them, asking them to account for their statements or defend their positions would be like arguing with a demented goat.

      I’m not telling you what to do or how to treat the posts by these people, but from my experience I read, contribute and pass on information and points of view from like minds to mitigate as much as possible against the effects of the IR on me and mine, but never engage the imbeciles.

      Apart from that I just keep it light, my one joy being to trade quips with my naitas, but you will obvioulsy do what you think is appropriate. It’s just that it seemed like such a waste of your obvious intellect and modern historical perspective.

    6. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

      maqa leqa Tebara.

      Talo mada.

    7. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

      @ Island Boy, maqa a leqa.

      It is my pleasure because this way, truth gets disseminated amongst all, friend or foe.

      As Napoleon said, when comparing the strength of the gun and the mind, he said the mind in the end will supercede the gun.

      I will respond accordingly and thanks for the thought.


    8. IslandBoy Says:

      @Tebara – Bula vinaka na wekaqu, I’m pissing myself here, sa dede da qai wilika tale na GUNBULL. Rauti koya vinaka. Vakasaraga meu raici no school tiko, waisaka lei, mai vutu waca na ketequ na levu ni noqu dredre.

      Me caka vakacava ni yavo koso na joke, qai mai dua yani na kena ALAS!

    9. Tebara Says:

      JW ..waraka tamana sa lose yani qo …me datou digress mada. Kemu dredre o sa na qaravi kina Tau. Nomuni vakamacala e vuki jidre kina o Bubu kalavo … LOL !!

    10. Tebara Says:

      @IB … Me dau siwiti tu la na gusudatou ni datou vakamacala. Me toso tu la kina na screen iyeeee !! O naita daushootin sa soli microphone la vei Bu sa tatau sara me lai gunuyaqoni. Warai na veikacivi … Iaaaa lakolako balavu datou lakova tiko. E na qai mai tarogi …LOL!

    11. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

      @ Tebara, talo mai.

    12. at least Says:

      here may be some addtional truths to your posts..when Momoedonu was Emabassador in Japan..When his wife left Japan for Fiji on Air Pacific Flight..The same flight was carrying his Indian girlfriend from Fiji to Japan..Vacava tu ya vei sivi ga e na mata ni katuba o Mrs kei Indian Girlfriend..And For Eveli when he was Commander his Son Ratu Tui Da used to be picked and dropped by Military Vehicles during any Sch Holiday..vacava tu ya de lori nei ta..Kaila..Nomudou news qori..Ok sa Moce tale mada qo …lol

    13. Tebara Says:

      @JW, ni sa cawiri yani na bilo, dou dabe tiko va vinaka. Ratou dau tokalulu tiko na bubu mai Delainabua. De lakolako ratou sikalutu wale dou na qai tomiki koso na Turaga Tauvu mo dou lai body search taki totolo. Tou loka katuba tiko … bahahahahahahahaha!!

    14. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

      @ Tebara,

      au sega ni lega taki ira na sotia baleta na dina ena sega ni tabonaki rawa.

      Talo mai, talo vaka sinai.

    15. Concerned Fijian Says:

      Vinaka Jese, thank you for your wonderful contributions. Keep it up.
      Just a thot on your reference to the soldiers!! – Oira na sotia nei Voreqe not of the State anymore…What a shame!!..Sa evei na kuila dodonu me ra raica cake tiko ena veigauna??.Vakaloloma noda Mataivalu.Sa mai Mataivalu nei Voreqe duadua tu ga qo kei nona Boso o Chaudhry.. That is the reality we have to face up with now…
      For you Nativegal, your arguments are not worth the papers they are written on.. The only truth that is coming out is how very narrow and shallow you truly are. You can never run away from the truth..
      Dou talo tiko Ragone!!..Sa qai matata ga mai ni veivakasavasavataki cakava o Voreqe sa i koya ga ma kena vakavuderi mai ki cake na nodrau duka ni veiliutaki kei Chaudhry!!. Koya ga ya Nativegal na dina sa basika tu qo…

    16. Tebara Says:

      JW … sa talo tiko yani vakasinai .. dou lave tiko… datou siga la eke..! Waraki tiko me ratou qai mai tulega nodratou qita na i ‘Taukei ni Volasiga Serau” sa oti toka na 12 .. varau na taralala vakaivua. Dou tinia vinaka nomudou suluvakatoga na Turaga Tauvu…!

    17. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

      @ Tebara,

      me vaka na matasere mai Kavala na ‘Mi Rawa’. Nai i suluvakatoga sa vesu vinaka tu oqo, me ia ga na taralala, ia me coba tikoaga na underwear nei tua!!

      Qi cola!

    18. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

      @ CF, sorry for not getting back to you earlier. You are correct in that the soldiers are no longer a disciplined force of the RFMF, but the mercenaries of Bainimarama.

      The soldiers are supposed to swear allegiance to Iloilo as Commander in Chief as enshrined in the Constitution. When Qarase’s Government through its then Home Affairs Minister Jonetani Cokanasiga, (who is now part of the illegal government) asked for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into allegations of insubordination and inciting mutiny by Bainimarama to remove the Qarase Government if his 2nd term as Commander was not approved.

      Several senior Military Officers (Vatu, GK) alleged that Bainimarama had threatened that if Qarase did not renew his tenure as Commander, then he would coup the government, but Iloilo after procrastinating on the urgent issue, made the decision after being invited to the Delainabua, that no Royal Commission of Inquiry will be necessary.

      Furthermore, when SDL won again in 2006, Minister Josefa Vosanibola through Cabinet recommended to Iloilo to terminate Bainimarama which is the procedure under the Constitution because the Government of the day cannot sack the Commander, but can only recommend his termination to the CIC, who is Iloilo.

      You will remember just before the coup while Bainimarama was still in overseas, Iloilo had ordered that Bainimarama stand aside and Col. Meli Saubulinayau act as Commander, until investigations against Bainimarama was completed on allegations of inciting mutiny, etc.

      Col. Driti, Teleni and their cronies disobeyed a direct order from CIC Iloilo and later on that same day, corheced Iloilo to revoke his previous Order and reinstate Bainimarama as Commander.

      It was at this point, that the Military no longer was a disciplined force and a respectable institution, but had placed its loyalty to the person of Bainimarama, which is the making of a Dictatorship and fulfilling a Fijian term ‘mataivalu nei ta.’

    19. LUVfiji Says:

      wow.. what a night ! Eda sa matalau na wiliwili. Vinaka JW, and to Tebara for the added flavour ! AdiK.. shes coming at you too!

      to be continued ?

    20. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

      @ LUVfiji,

      I am available and hope it will continue. I would very much like Nativegal and any other to dispute what I write, but to substantiated with facts.

      Otherwise, as they say, I rest my case.

    21. LUVfiji Says:

      @JW – wait for her to return plse. Shes gone to get some backup.


    22. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

      @ LUVfiji,

      as I ‘ve said:

      ‘I am available and hope they will return.’


    23. Concerned Fijian Says:

      Vinaka Jese…well informed and well presented..
      Our Boys at Delainabua have no option but to accept the unfortunate fact that they remain Voreqe’s Army until someone from within their very own rank decided to do the right thing similar to Col Seruvakula’s action during the 2000 coup to uphold the Rule of Law and lift the flag fighting for all that they stand for – protection of State and its respectable institutions..
      We too don’t have a choice, by in totally disregarding the Rule of Law and bending all to fulfill some personal; agendas of their superiors. By virtue of their own action, we must continue to refer to them as Voreqe’s Army. Thats truly what they are under the current circumstances.
      Na Mataivalu nei Voreqe. E vaka ga vei au ni vinaka cake vaka dua na udolu sara na Mataivalu tu vaka wawa nei Ratu Tavui mai Kadavu ena i ka rua ni valu levu !!!..
      Sa dri yani..Talo mai, talo mai, sa bogi levu me keitou qai….

    24. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

      @ cheers CF.

    25. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

      Everyone, I rest my case.

    26. Tebara Says:

      Dont rest it dude … Keep it flying … cici balavu qo …!

    27. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

      @ Tebera,

      na vuna niu se waraki tokoga na mequ bilo ni yagona!

    28. Tebara Says:

      JW … Iyeeeeeee sa meke taki yani va vica i matamu …sivia tikoga mai nomu vakamacala .. LOL !!

    29. natewaprince Says:

      Io,dou sa yadra vinaka na gunu yaqona tiko qori.Sa gauna beka qo me toka na ti.

    30. aubatinuku-N Says:

      All the way!! @ Jese

      Not only did nativegal big duh run out of comebacks, she never has good comebacks to begin with let alone address point by point every single nail you HAMMERED HOME.

      Me vaka ga u sa kanaka qima, “maca nona weli”!!

      Ratou dranu, dradraluka, sigai na kedratou, not even a silly leg to stand on!

      @ NP – Mai guni ti i yasana qo kabani, buta tu qo na Bani lolo ca na tiko vata!

    31. Always 4 Fiji Says:

      @ nativegirl: The conversion of the $20m loan to grant was approved through the normal government decision making process including Parliament. The decision was to assist indigenous Fijians in business and participate in the economic development of Fiji.

      If you want to pinpoint Prime Minister Qarase on the $20m loan, why not do same with the $250m loan by Government to cane farmers that Chaudhary converted to grant during his term as Prime Minister? Why have you conveniently ingnored that act of Chaudhary which effectively laid precedence in converting government loans to grant to assit certain sectors of the community?

    32. nativegal Says:

      Who took the clan’s money?

      Monday, May 12, 2008

      + Enlarge this image

      THE controversy surrounding the depleted $3.4million in extinct mataqali funds has escalated with allegations that the Native Land Trust Board had used the money without proper authorisation.

      The Kurusiga Report, compiled by a team commissioned to probe Fijian institutions, had initiated investigations into the whereabouts of the money after it highlighted that the Fijian Affairs Board was asking about the status of Schedule A and B funds which is income derived from land that belong to extinct mataqali or unclaimed land.

      Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption spokeswoman Maraia Vavaitamana said NLTB board members present at the meeting that decided to transfer the money to Vanua Development Corporation Limited (VDCL) — the commercial arm of the NLTB — would be questioned.

      At a press conference in February this year, interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama had announced that indigenous Fijians had lost up to $12million (of which $3.5 million were extinct mataqali funds) through fanciful schemes in the VDCL “which flowed into Ballu Khan’s Pacific Connex”.

      The Schedule A and B funds were transferred from the Lands Department to the NLTB under Act No 12 of 2002.

      Held in trust by the NLTB, the law requires the funds be reverted to the FAB after the NLTB deducts 15 per cent in administration costs.

      Under section 19 A of the Act, the FAB is to use the funds exclusively for the benefit of native Fijians in a manner and for purposes approved by the minister on the advice of the Great Council of Chiefs.

      Schedule A and B land are those owned by extinct mataqali or unclaimed land.

      In recognition of this legal requirement, the NLTB announced on October 23, 2003 that the extinct mataqali funds would be forwarded to the FAB.

      However, as late as 2006, the minutes of a board paper noted that the board should submit a request to FAB as “the FAB’s equity share in VDCL” had not been done.

      Questions sent to the NLTB remain unanswered.

      Executive officer Nimilote Naivalumaira said: “Management is not in a position to respond given the nature of the queries and the need not to jeopardise inquiries made internally or to prejudge issues.”

      The NLTB started discussing the idea of setting up a commercial arm in 2003 and had sought legal opinion on the investing of funds it held in trust.

      Two prominent legal firms advised that the board could not lend to itself, money it had in trust.

      So on March 25, 2004 Cabinet gave then Prime Minister and Fijian Affairs Minister Laisenia Qarase approval to gazette the Native Land (Trust Fund Investment) Regulations 2004 which gave the board power to invest and lend money it held in trust.

      This enabling legislation did not come into effect until May 14, 2004.

      However, documents sighted by The Fiji Times reveal that three months earlier, in February of 2004, former NLTB general manager Kalivati Bakani had written to financial institutions requesting that the ownership of funds and shares held under extinct mataqali funds be transferred to VDCL.

      This correspondence to the banks was made two months before Cabinet announced that it had endorsed the setting up of VDCL.

      The Cabinet press release of April 21, 2004 also announced the release of $1million to to VDCL which would manage the investment of landowners in the NLTB trust fund “that was usually between $9million and $12million”.

      When asked about the sequence of events, Mr Qarase said he was not aware of the details and therefore could not comment.

      Mr Bakani did not want to comment when asked why he had written to the banks before the investment act was gazetted.

      He also would not say whether FAB approval was sought before the money was moved to VDCL.

      Former FAB chief executive Adi Litia Qionibaravi referred all queries to FAB officials who were unavailable for comment.

      Businessman Keni Dakuidreketi, a former board member and chairman of VDCL, said the matter was once raised by a minister in the deposed government.

      “What I said is that it was not my decision,” said Mr Dakuidreketi.

      “It was a board decision.

      “It is vivid in my mind that the board made the decision.

      “The money is clearly recorded as a loan,” he said.

      Another board member who did not wish to be named said the lack of accountability and innuendo about abuse by the FAB may have been one of the underlying reasons the board decided to keep the money.

      He said the board did not have to wait for Cabinet approval and legal notices because they were “just formalities since the board had already made a decision”.
      End of story

      This confirms same set of players placed in strategic positions as Board members, Advisors collaborate to fill own coffers at the expense of the Fijian people

    33. nativegal Says:

      Ka kece e vunitaki e sa na cegai me laurai….

    34. nativegal Says:

      To all you deposed CEOS, MP’s, Ambassadors,

      You are hurt and confused and in need of comfort.
      Humble yourselves and accept that such processes strengthen character
      to expel pride, trust in perishable things..
      You may be used for hiigher purposes…..

    35. nativegal Says:

      who knows???

    36. Dauvavana Says:

      nativegal, I am still cleaning my microphone with disinfectant after your spill.

      It was so bloody poisonous…………….. 😉

    37. LUVfiji Says:

      Bula @Dauvavana.

      Na mic qori me kau i Mokani me laki toni ena wainiramusu ‘ya.

    38. Taukei Says:

      We have no choice now, people – MASS UPRISING NOW.

      Get rid of these clowns, now!

      * Prosecute them and shoot them – esp. the 3 EVIls- Bananas, Chods, and Teleni.

      * Reinstate Qarase and hold elections after he completed the remainder of his term.


    39. Taukei Says:

      We have no choice now, people – MASS UPRISING NOW.


      Get rid of these clowns, now!

      * Prosecute them and shoot them – esp. the 3 EVILS- Bananas, Chods, and Teleni.

      * Reinstate Qarase and hold elections after he completes the remainder of his term.


      They’ll DESTROY US if we fail to destroy them – immediately.

    40. nativegal Says:

      The choice is yours ….but Qarase would never make a comeback

      Sa devu!!

    41. Budhau Says:

      Jese, you idiot – what has Chaudary gotta to do with the LQ investigation? Coming up with your silly ass questions like “applying the same standard to him, do you agree Chaudary should be investigated as well?”
      Investigated for what?
      Jese wrote, “Chaudary was exposed by Victor Lal for tax evasion and this eventually led to the illegal removals of Russell Hunter and Evan Hannah.”
      No Jese…. Lal exposed the fact that Chaudary had some money in his personal account in Australia. The tax authorities in Fiji were already aware of the money – and Chaudary’s accountants were already working with the tax man as to what was owed.
      What Lal did was to make public some confidential information that was submitted by Chaudary to the FIRCA.
      You may disagree with the way the two Newspaper men were deported – there ain’t nothing illegal about it.
      Jese, and you other idiots out there – separate the issues and then deal with them. This one is about Qarase – if the guy did something illegal, then they should nail his ass.

      How come you guys are always willing to look the other way – every time the Fijian leadership screws the Fijian people – and start focusing on the “enemy” – be it the Indians or Chaudary.

    42. Dauvavana Says:

      Budhau the focus is on why Chodo converted $250 million of govt loan to cane growers into a government grant

    43. nativegal Says:

      Budha ,
      Thats what I fail to Fijian leaders and professionals
      silently encourage that innocence of Fijian people be taken advantage of.
      Within legal confines, they conduct unethical practices.They say it is legal
      but ask yourselves is it right??

      The likes of Qarase shd never hold mantle of Fijian leadership again..

      1.As PM – hold people to ransom because of vote buying tactics
      – buy out chiefs/control GCC/control Vanua
      – donate to Meth chuurch/control talatala/control brethren
      2.As Min Fijian Affairs/Chairman NLTB- abuse authority /misappropriate trust funds

      He is the Devil Incarnate himself!!!
      He shd humble himself /repent and admit he committed those hideous crimes against the Fijian people

    44. natewaprince Says:

      Budhau and your servant girl,if by some miracle the pigs find a way to prevent LQ from the next elections,then so be it.

      But the outcome of the elections is a foregone conclusion.A Fijian dominated party will win and all illegal policies put in place by this regime will be thrown out.

      The provincial councils have spoken.Now ,more than ever,the Fijians are more united than at any time in history.And now more than ever,we are determined to see that our destiny remain in our hands and not in the hands of others.

      Dou cakava na ka dou via cakava,sa macala oti tu na i tinitini ni toso qo.

    45. Peace Pipe Says:

      Spot on NP. The Fijian are not as gullible or fools as the pig and snake seem to think they are. The people know that what is brewing up by these evil gangsters and have rejected the smokescreen put up by them to achieve their evil objectives. Now we will see who gets the last laugh.

    46. Taukei Says:

      100% agreed, natewaprince!

      “The outcome of the elections is a foregone conclusion.A Fijian dominated party will win”

      As for nativegal, who the hell are you pussycat to say: “Qarase would never make a comeback”

      Qarase wants to come back and he will come back.

      That is also a foregone conclusion!

    47. Taukei Says:


      Dudes, don’t you realize that the majority of Fijians want Qarase back!

      If they have elections tomorrow, Qarase would win fair and square.

    48. Taukei Says:


      Qarase wants to come back and the people want him back.

      There is nothing else to add to this.




      The people have had enough of constant military involvement [TWO LONG DECADES!] in their lives and in the political affairs of Fiji.

      Time to get rid of them….forever and ever.


    49. Puf-Military Says:

      Guys enough of responding to these sewer rats – buda and nappygal.
      Their feeble arguments have been sufficiently ripped to shreds (thanks Jese, Tebara, NP et al)and sent out to pasture.

      I leave you some quotes from Schopenhauer : “for though you reached the age of Methuselah, you would never have done setting him right upon all the absurd things that he believes”

      “If you feel irritated by the absurd remarks of two people whose conversation you happen to overhear, you should imagine that you are listening to the dialogue of two fools in a comedy”

      In regards to the clowns Budda and Nappygal pontificating “The man who comes into the worl with the notion that he is really going to instruct it in matter of the highest importance, may thanks his stars if he escapes with a whole skin.”

      I already have my pen ready to vote LQ and SDL to take this country back on track. Feel sorry for those two fools, my opinion remains unchanged 🙂

    50. nativegal Says:


      Deposed PM Laisenia Qarase facing charges of abuse of office,grand larceny by servant,fraud was apprehended and taken to an unknown location possibly for interrogation.
      Foreign embassies alerted of possible repercussions from Qarase symppathisers as military declare state of emergency and impose curfews…

    51. nativegal Says:

      Psst dou vaqarai koya …get out of this dreamworld into reality

    52. Jose Says:

      THE HYPOCRISY OF THE WHOLE CHARACTER OF THE DEVIL HIMSELF, and his little people, hijacking a whole nation, holding guns to their heads, murders, etc,….etc,…etc,….. etc…………..

      nativegal Says:
      May 12, 2008 at 1:59 pm

      “Within legal confines, they conduct unethical practices.They say it is legal
      but ask yourselves is it right??”

    53. nativegal Says:

      CHECKMATE- DEC 2006

      GAME OVER – MAY 2008


    54. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

      @ nativegal, remember the judicial process that even if Qarase is charged, it does not necessarily mean that he is guilty of the offence. That will be determined later on when FICAC tries to prove it case, which was supposedly uncovered by the Kurusiga Team. The merits of the Kurisiga Report will be tested in open court and that should be something to behold.

      What I find alarming is
      that eventhough FICAC is still questioning Qarase with the possibility of no charges being laid, the selective leaking of confidential information to the media is totally unfair and highly prejudicial.

      As I have previously stated, if Qarase ‘did the crime, then he must do the time’, but it must be conducted properly and fairly. No one is able the law and remember what I said about his fellow Board members including Iloilo, that they too should be implicated, if he is charged.

      @ Budhau, don’t mistake the tree in front of you for the forest.


    55. Taukei Says:

      nativegal, grow some pubes and tits.


      Get over it –


    56. Tebara Says:

      Wailei Taukei … Sa overgrown tale na vulua nei Bu ..koya sa laurai mai kina na surusua ni bula !! Na titis li qai salulu saraaaaaaa !! ratou veitavi la e loma ni vakamoko … !

    57. Taukei Says:

      nativegal, grow some pubes and a pair of tits.


      Get over it –



      Think objectively. And learn to face reality.

    58. Adi Kaila Says:

      Oi lei Tebara – sa bou dua na siga lasa nikua, na dredre oi lei – keep it up.

      De invade taka na vulua ya na kutusebeneivore sara milamila vakaca kina.

      itchy and scratchy o budhau kei nativegetable.

    59. Adi Kaila Says:


    60. nativegal Says:

      Lets all try to be civil…you all like uncultured people, vaka disappear mai na intellegence with gross comments….

      E Budhau meet u at coffee shop 10 mins

    61. NadroKid Says:

      To Nativegal!

      Please note that we who blog in here and are opposed to the IG and its actions are not “all deposed CEOS, MP’s, Ambassadors” as you suggested in your post a bit further up. For the umpteenth time not even all of us are SDL supporters. Some of us are just simple people trying to put bread on our family tables. People who have never thought that coups and the resulting lawlessness that they breed are the best way to do things. People who are concerned about the betterment of Fiji and its’ institutions like the army…yes the army.
      As you said, maybe this coup is a testing time for those who lost their high paying jobs (CEOs and MPs and Ambassadors)…and as you said…and it might be good for them in the long run and in the spiritual sense. I can also see how this latest coup can be a lesson to those who were behind the first couple of coups. They are now feeling what the people on the receiving end of the last coups felt. It is not a good thing. COUPS ARE BAD!
      Since coups are bad for everyone, and since people who were supporting the last coups have learned some hard lessons through this one, do not be surprised when that time comes for you who carried out or supported this coup to receive your lesson. As someone has quoted in here before…e na yati mai na colo. Your pride and arrogance will bring you down. E si tasi devu…na tosotoso okwe na tosotoso balavu! My plea is that you open your eyes and see the inherent evil in some of the things you are doing and thinking and CHANGE! Enough of lawlessness! Enough of apprehending and taking to unknown places for interogation! Enough of lies! Enough of bullying civilians! More LOVE! More PEACE!

    62. Tebara Says:

      @ Nativegetation _ Tolo yani Bu … qai yani vei Budhau mo drau se lai pluck taki vulua rawa tiko sebera na roll coll mai baba .. Kua tale ni levu mai nomu vakamacala … On ga mai nomu twiser kauta yani na bulimu vei butthole ..!

    63. EnufDictatorship Says:

      Isa! sad really reading about BuDHA and NG\’s sentiments.

      Really, you two…the bottom line…we all make mistakes BUT the wisest way to go by, that is for us wise people, is the rule of LAW..that is, take it to court after you have been CHARGED! (the real COURT kind NOT the poodle-kind that is currently going on with some VB sapotas in the coop!!!)

      So, with all that info from NG means nothing, nada, if LQ and whoever have not been charged by the right authorities and taken to court for a fair trial.

      What we the WISE and REAL people are saying…

      WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF COUPS AND EGOMANIACS!!!!!!!! If you want to throw accusations like VB was doing before Dec 5, 2006, then take the charges to the court!

      Don\’t blerry flex those useless muscles and dead braincells at us bcos YOU HAVE GUNS!!!! Tamata lamu2!!!!!

      Down with egomaniac and VB\’s rouges!!!!

      The real military personnel with brains have left the Fiji military and joined other well-to-do orgs like the UN! Only the dead-brains are now left with VB! Oilei valoloma tale eh? really, God have pity on them!

      Ok..toso mada na job!

    64. nativegal Says:

      Taukei will drool when he meets HRH..

      Cola vina, sa du sara we need love and peace

      Budhau, waiting at coffee shop

    65. Adi Kaila Says:

      Hey Tebara what a pair – budhau and nativegetable

      they can compare their wobbly bits – budhau can show nativegetable his bunch of grapes (haemorrhoids) swinging from his loose sphincter and nativegetable can show him her salulu titis – cosy sara na short black (?)and cappucino – no sugar please she’s a sour puss.

      Dou tubu na dra nei budhau ni au tukuna yani nona sicini – heat up okoya – maleka sara na dredre.

      Taukei will lua when he sees you nativegetable.

    66. Adi Kaila Says:

      Hey NP – if that wasn’t the truth you wrote I don’t know what is – Jolly Good!

      Keep up the momentum JW, Tebara, Taukei, EnufDictatorship, NadroKid (good to have you back on line) Jose, Island Boy,Aubatinuku-N, LuvFiji, FijiGirl and all of you that contribute tirelessly here with the truth – I see a lot of people bringing up what we reveal on this site in the print media – or in their interviews – how about that eh?

      Baigani Daiquiri Anyone?

    67. nativegal Says:

      Bubu kaila, you must be salulu perfect pair with Jose /aubatinuku
      However still look firm on TV courthouse scene despite age..
      What goes around comes around

    68. Tebara Says:

      Yalewaniveikau …salulu is the term of reference to your lopsided ass ..BU ..

      Baigani daiquri for NativeBu and her pimping buddy Butthole ..! My shout ..

    69. LUVfiji Says:

      Ill have one, AdiK. Never tasted that one… must be yummmy!

    70. Adi Kaila Says:

      Meanwhile back at the bure – nativegetable was going insane trying to figure out who the intelligent bloggers were – waicala beka na coffee, se sarui vakasisila tale na grapes.

      first they were gay – hey ignoramus the pink dollar actually contributes a lot to the economy – as these wonderful people don’t have children they have loads of dosh and support their families from overseas or here – yes paying for their neices/nephews or brothers and sisters education and always looking after their parents welfare

      then they were not of their own gender – warai sa veilecayaki na
      vakasama nei la qo – de vaka titis salulu okoya qai coba tale tiko i yadrena nai baci – kila ga na dickhead

      then they were all blind and deaf – oh poor bloggers

      they they were all old – wow we’re a bunch of old farts – pppthhhhaaaaaart

      or involved with FAB or FDB or BoiCiCi – where’ve been everywhere man

      then we’re TV stars – well was it on Gossip Girl or CNN

      Mosi sara vei nativegetable ni sa tukuni ni salulu nona titis – so what nativegetable get over it – just toss them over your shoulders and you have a wobbly scarf for your turkey neck. You want to come here and start name calling well get used to the replies honey chile

      Mai via soli advise tiko, you can’t string a complete sentence without trying to insult someone & telling the most fabulous lies – VODI LEI – man your fantasy world is only fit for you and your uncle voreqe – YOU SLEEP WITH THE PIG YOU GET UP WITH THE SMELL – achar!

    71. nativegal Says:

      Adi K, One could tell ..beneath the icy exterior a pretty lonely spinster

    72. natewaprince Says:

      Hahahahaha, io,dou ta’ina ra goneyalewa.

    73. Jose Says:

      @ nativegal
      O sa lai tini tale na spinster after nomu allegations. Tamata lasulasu vakataki tamamu o ravoreqe

    74. LUVfiji Says:

      A spinster by choice, perhaps ? Draki ‘qo vosa na wallet !

    75. aubatinuku-N Says:

      Isa! Kemudou na wekaqu, e sa vakaloloma dina na draki ni bula kei na tovo ni vakasama nei nativegal.

      O nativegal e convoy taki tiko mai nakeba, o ya na vuna e 24/7 tiko kina sigai na moce o la na marama vakaloloma qo!

      Levu tiko la na vibeitaki vakailasu, na vakamacala vakavuku kei na overreaction, NO SUBSTANCE!!

      Du laiva me viko tu yani ka tawamudu o la qo!!

    76. aubatinuku-N Says:

      What nativegal and her ignorant lot at rfmf should realize is that this is not about LQ comming back, this is about DEMOCRACY and listening to the voice of the people. I am not SDL or any party supporter in Fiji, I am independent and all I do is help people.

      There is nothing like the “POWER of the PEOPLE”, our forefathers did not allow themselves to be enslaved (indentured labour system) by the British, what in the world makes VOREQE BAINIMARAMA and MAHENDRA CHAUDHARY think that the people of Fiji will allow the enslavement and/or the annihilation of my minority Fijian Ethnic Race off the face of this planet.

      I have already mentioned this and I am again because this is WHAT DRIVES THIS MADMAN MAHENDRA CHAUDHARY AND HIS PUPPET NAITA VOREQE BAINIMARAMA.

      Naita Voreqe! Yalovinaka nite, ke se bu vo toka e dua na mala ni yalovakaturaga vi kemuni, au sa kerea saka tiko mo ni vakasamataka vinaka na KAWA KEI VITI ni mataka. O la na dosi qo o MC e sigai ni lomani kemuni se nomuni koro, se o ira na nomuni qase e ra sa liu yani ka ra biuta tu mai na nodra vivakabauti ni na Kalougata ka sautu tiko ko Viti e na vigauna qima!!

      Yalovinaka Naita! Sa noqu masu me na togana ki yalomuni na Tamada Sa Cecere sara na vuku kei na yalomatua sa mai vua na Kalou, me na yaco tiko ga na lewa ni Kalou e na noda vanua lomani qo ko Viti.


    77. anon Says:

      Mai rawataki vinaka a noqu dredre, JW qarauni iko jiko vei iratou a i lala tauvu qori,ko luvfiji, ko aubatinuku, ko daushoot ia ko tebara, bacani koya toka mai vakamalua qai dua tale a tiripu ni Tai Kabara me lako cake me sa vodo yani kina.

      Ia ko nativegal rauti koya ga a waini ni macake.

    78. Barafen Says:

      If the quality of the blogs is an indication of the level of our concern for our people in these difficult times then the recent comments show all that we are in the gutter.
      I believe there is a concentrated effort by certain contributors to degrade the quality of the posts possibly as part of an orchestrated campaign to undermine the effect and value of the blogs.
      We need to ignore personal attacks and concentrate on disseminating information and constructive discussion.

      God Bless Fiji

    79. Bhu-dhadha-u Says:

      Dua na ulukau vinaka tiko vei NativeQala. Da sa bau qoroqoro e na lala ni nona qavoka kei na vovodea ni nona veiba. Qai kuria yani na mona malumalumu.

      Na levu ga ni nona via veiba kei na kilai mai ni sega ni dua na ka e tiko e nona mona. Sa bau ulupepa ca saraga qai mai mona vadu yani.

      Nanuma beka o koya ni qo na vanua ni mai veibataki kina e so na ravisi e kauta voli mai. Keimami sa sega so sara ni lialia vakataki koya me keimami vakabauta na ka e tukuna voli.

      Qai lai tukuna sara yani vua e dua e mona malumalumu vakataki koya. Sa rauta ga me rau veitalanoa tiko kei Bu…dhau baleta ni tautauvata nodrau mentality. E rau mona lala ruarua.

    80. aubatinuku-N Says:

      @ Barafen – Since you seem to sound like “THE” self appointed QC on this blog then why don’t you give me a diagnosis of the condition of my perspective!

      Just for the fun of it! Unless I am misunderstanding you completely in which case please correct me if I am wrong!

    81. Tebara Says:


      Me da tiko vakacegu tiko .. kemudou na tauvu . Sa rui yawa nomudou vanua me vodowaqa taki. Dou qalo ga mai.

      Big hugs to AK,Luvfj, aubatinuku and all the ladies out there speaking up for the freedom and democracy…!!


    82. newsfiji Says:

      Wailei, sa sivia saraga na pepa nei nativegal kei nona tikoqe…

    83. Tui Says:

      Bula SV family. Wananavu na veitalanoa, mai rawa na dredre! Io, so mada na gauna meda veiwali tu. Maleka ga ni rau veisiko iko mai o nativegal kei na nona maqe o Bubu budau. Io mevaka keitou dau kaya, “dou rutilakina ragone!”
      Sa malo Tebara, Luffiji, NP and Co. Vakabibi ga vei Adi K. Kua ni cegu na kaila tau!

    84. Adi Kaila Says:

      Oi lei na keteni dredre ragone – my new title is bubu spinster – that’s the power we have over nativegetable – sega ni rawata okoya na dina – can’t face the truth and deprived of the ability to accept the truth and logic.

      Vakaloloma nona bula, on one hand referring to the bible and the Almighty and in the next breath criticing us – oi lei nativegetable keimami na dou talanoa taka na bula dodonu eke keimami na luveni Kalou – we follow the path of righteousness. O iko na tamata dou via righteous qai ca gona na nomui vakarau nai vakarau ni tamata loma ca – you are full of hate and the hatred you feel for a certain female who is high profile can be seen by your incorrect judgement that I am that particular person – wrong number – please dial again.

      Lako mada lai darama nomu incontinence pants me kua so na mimica, na meteresi me lai sigani sa kuvu mai na kuvu ni tamata bona.

    85. Tebara Says:

      (Tebara – Hands a glass of champaigne to Adi Kaila ) . Lets drink to happiness… Cheers galfren. Bogi balavu nikua … Tou sa varau on yani qo na niteshift … LOL !!

      Biuti Yaleniveikau me kedru tu mada, rau voraki na tavucaki mai na siga e dai kei Butthole mai Nakeba. Sa rau kuvui oti, rau sa dre tutuvi tiko…!

    86. LUVfiji Says:

      Vinaka na bula Tui… sa dede ko ni yali tu mai vale!

    87. LUVfiji Says:

      Isa.. qai kudukudua tiko na bogi ! Let sleeping dogs lie?

    88. Tebara Says:

      Na koli moce no ya … waca la qoi sana cumucumu mai yasani vale ni sa tekivu me milamila na sevaro ..!

    89. Budhau Says:

      Jese came up with that innocent until proven guilty crap – that the man has just been charged.

      Hey Jese – there is another justice – the vanua justice – and in that court, they know that Fijian leaders have been screwing the people for a long time.

      ..and those other idiots – who were talking about the SDL victory….just one problem… so what are you guys and the SDL going to do about the military – the day after the elections.

      Barafen – on the personal attacks – I agree, there seem to be a lot of these dumbass, idiots in here – thinking up new names for Chaudary and his son (btw, that wasn’t some personal attack – was it)

    90. Budhau Says:

      Aubatinuku-n wrote, “..this is about DEMOCRACY and listening to the voice of the people.”

      No honey, this ain’t about democracy – you see, in a democracy – you must recognize that all the citizens are equal – when you talk about the “voice of the people” – I guess you mean the voice of the Fijian people.. right?

      Looking back at our recent history – military coups were fine, as long as those coups were pulled by one of our guys…this time it is the other side who pulled the coup… that is why we are so pissed off about it. How does democracy become part of this equation.

      So cut out the crap about democracy…at least until you can accept that any Fiji citizen can become the President of the country.

    91. aubatinuku-N Says:

      Du vakalutuka na bilo nei la na dosi qo, e se gunu kara tiko qai levu tale tiko nona vininoyaki!!

    92. Tebara Says:

      Teri yaga me valutuki vi koya na bilo taciqu. 🙂 Rauti koya ga me dabeca na bomu ni valu mai Maleya nei Tutu Sakaraia …. !

    93. aubatinuku-N Says:

      O ko qo me rau a se sota vata i tukaqu o Tavola, me vakamatailalaitaki! I miss the old man, one of a kind second to none loyalty & trust at it’s best.

    94. natewaprince Says:

      Da vosa va’ viti,ena qai galu kina na dosi qori.

    95. aubatinuku-N Says:

      Tautauvata nodaru nanuma @ NP.

    96. Jose Says:

      No voice of alien people. Bhudau and aliens with little mr dollies and little mrs dollies and litle snaklings mass exodus to haryana. no worries lots a little gutters to live and moo moo cows to eat and milk. much healthy living there. Lots of brotherly mother cow loves. welcome to DADA.

    97. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

      @ Bhudau, since you know so much, do you know what is the fundamental criteria for being eligible to stand for President in the US? The land of the free and home of the brave? The champion of democracy?

    98. Jose Says:

      Go to google, cut and paste, UALA………

    99. groggy Says:

      Bhuday and Native girl all this things happening is not about right or wrong its all about power hungry and covering their arses when things return to normal.

      You must remember that policies drawn up is not only the thought of one person who has a dream one day and the next he draws up a policy. Its not like the no competent AG drawing up that clause not to challenge the Ministers decision. Are they so scared to answer in a court of law.

      Qarase did things accoring to what has been prescribed in our constitution. No amount of finger pointing will make things right. Qarase did things through parliament so relax because when the new Government comes in all things that are not done as per the Constitution will be thrown out.

      Defending Choodoo is a laughable matter. As earlier posted by me his dreams to return the sugar industry to its golden era can only be done one way. It can only be done by taking over all unused native land (no not the ones that have been returned to the landowners) that have never been utilised as these are very fertile and would yield bumper crops. That is a fact and he has been trying for years to do this. All this Land use commision is a smoke screen.

      You ask any landowner what happened when they tried planting on the returned land the common answer is sa mate na qele the land is dead not good for planting.

      Let me tell you this try and shake the Fijian or itaukei foundation and you will receive something you never dreamt off. We are very patient people, we are caring people, you can come in to our house and sleep, eat and drink just don’t tell us how to run our house.

      You indians number in billions while us itaukei only number close to a million. You represent less than half of our population and earn majority of the wealth of the country enjoy it but let us run our country.

    100. Jose Says:

      Time to take the wealth back. Send them on their way to haryana. Too easy. No worries.

    101. Budhau Says:

      Yes Jese, to run for the President of the US you have to be a natural born citizen of the US – therefore, if I had migrated to the US from Fiji, my son or daughter would be eligible to run for president – you have a problem with that – or that one has to be older than 35.

      Groggy – I agree that all coups were about power grab – there are idiots in here who seriously believe that Rabuka or Speight’s coups were about the indigenous cause – they probably read their horoscopes in the newspapers also.

      …statement, “the land is dead, not good for planting – come on guy – If the land was dead, why was that idiot Indian farmer trying to renew his lease – so the experienced Indian cane farmer did not know that the land he was farming on was “dead” and the Fijian landowner, who probably had never farmed in his life, besides the teitei, knew that the land was “dead” – where do you idiots get this from. BTW – the stated of the land – that can be independently verified – beside what excuse some landowner has.

      Groggy – the reason Fijians are poor is not because of the Indians – it is the Fijian chiefs and the elite who have been robbing these Fijians poor all this time – including Qarase… all those scam that we have had – from the 25 million ag scam to those that go back to Militone Leweniqila’s days – all those millions that was scammed was earmarked for the Fijian people.

      As for “we are very caring people, patient etc” cut out the crap – there are good and bad people in all races – yours is no better or worse than the next race.

      So get one thing in your thick head – the problem of the Fijian people, and they do have some huge issues, are created by the thieving Fijian leadership.

      As for your “you Indian” remark – the day you realize that this is not about “us’ and “them” – we are all in this together – and we have to deal with this as “our” problem.

    102. groggy Says:

      Budhau read my statement about the dreams of reviving the sugar industry. Even using all the land that was expired will not get bumper crop. My cousin were some of the unfortunate landowner to take back their land and later relaised that the land was dead. It seems like you have never worked on a cane farm before you may want to ask them the difference in crop sizes now compared to before.

      You can only get optimum crop from a piece of land for a limited time not all the time. No matter the amount of chemicals you throw on the soil will help the crops to be of the same quantum as before.

      Hey we have never cried for money or wanted money so get your thinking cap right. We the fijians are happy with what we got. Its you who continously say that we should be the richest people with all the land that we have. Is it us Fijians who drive this sentiments across or it you indians you continuously echo it out.

      It just goes to show that you know nothing about a Fijian persons wealth. Our wealth is not the money we have its our relatives and our resources. Who said that you indians didn’t get to where you were without paying the Fijian Leadership under the table. If you think these people were thieves that what do you call those businessmen who paid thousand and hundreds of thousands to help their business to thrive.

      As soon as an initiative is done to help Fijians you jump up and down. And for your narrow minded knowledge a lot of Fijians have prospered through this initiative. The numbers you talk about are minimal and thats what you will always harp about.

      The Aboriginals were helped in many different ways did they care no they just wanted to enjoy their traditional life styles and be acknowledge that they are the indigenous of their land.

      We fijians will continuously fight for that and no vulagi will ever take that away from us just like how the indians fought to take over their country from the British. A non indian will never be the Prime MInister of India and thats a fact because Sonya Gandhi was feriously refused by your people because she was Italian.

      So don’t mock us look at yourself in the mirror and realise that this is our country the taukei.

    103. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

      @ Budhau, you miss my point. I don’t have a problem with being naturally born in the US, but I was only trying to show you that democracy is not only speaking with ‘one voice’ but much more complicated than that.

      Fijians did have bad leaders and may continue to have some bad leaders in the future and I don’t rule out that possibility, but it is only natural for Fijians to want to rule their own destiny!

      We can try to ignore the race issue, but as long we are humans on this earth, race is something integral in us and so long as we recognise and appreciate this, the quicker we can move forward and to try and assimilate and ignore this fact is wishful thinking and will lead to catrostophic results.

      Look at India and Pakistan, they were born from 1 womb, but couldn’t live together leading to Independence. They still have boarder fights to this day over Kashmir. That will not change so long as this world exists.

      Look at the Jews and the Arabs in Palestine. They kill each other over the disputed territories in the Middle East!

      The situation in Fiji is different from anywhere else because the Indian race makes up over 40% of the population and is a natural threat to Fijians, so trying to ignore the race issue is so naive.

      In NZ, they could appoint an Fiji born Indian as GG because the Indian population amounts to less than 2% of the total population and is not a threat, whereas in Fiji appointing an Indian as President is more difficult for many people to accept because of the different connotations it carries.

      In Fiji, there was been the degrading of Fijian Institutions, like the GCC, FHL, NLTB, etc. all in the name of equality and fair playing field. That is honourable Budhau, but tell me do you think it is fair, that in areas such as business, sugar can industry where the Indians have the monopoly, this stranglehold should have been subject to investigation as well and opened up for equality and level playing field? If not, why not?

      People when visiting Fiji comment and say how developed Suva and Nadi is compared to other Pacific Island Nations. It saddens me because little do they know, the development they see are 100% owned by the Indians, non-Fijians and foreign investors.

      I have nothing against Indians, non-Fijians and foreign investors, because I believe in strong hard work and opening opportunities and training Fijians for business.

      Fijians should be trained to take over their own lands and farm them like they do in Queensland, which is mechanized. One man with a combine harvester and 1 man in the truck cutting over 20 acs.

      Only when Fijians feel ownership over business, sugar, etc will they be in a geniuenly position to extend a olive branch to all who reside in Fiji and make Fiji home.

    104. Adi Kaila Says:

      Groggy kei JW – drau caqelaka na luveni vuaka qori – sa baci sereki mai na ba kava – okoya dou viavia vuka qai tala koso nona vakasama.

      Butterfly taki koya mada.

    105. nativegal Says:

      28- 30 th your D Day eh??

    106. Bhu-dhadha-u Says:

      Oilei……..Sa baci basika mai o NativeQala. Au kerea mo tiko (mo lakoooooooooo….). Ulukau…….Levu la na vosa……..Sa o ni veitokoni ga na tawa (na lala)…….Gusu levu……Qavoka va i tavuteke………….Tara ga nomu vakamacala qai sosomaka…………Ulu pepa………Mona malumalumu……….

    107. FijiGirl Says:

      Well said, Groggy & JW!

      God bless Fiji

    108. nativegal Says:

      God protect them !!

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