To those of you suggesting Solivakasama T Shirts

We ask for your patience as we work out technicalities on webb address as plans are well underway for this.

We’ll keep you updated.

SV Team


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  1. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Vinaka valevu fo this update.

  2. natewaprince Says:

    SV,me dua vei au na XL.

  3. LUVfiji Says:

    Thanks SV. Thats great y’re considering it !

  4. BulaBula Says:

    Oh yes! One for me please!

  5. Frida Says:

    Lets make sure size is available for all – young and old, big and small, short and tall. SV – as soon as this is in place let us know where we can get them for our family. Looking forward and thank you for hearing our voise.

  6. natewaprince Says:

    I asked a question earlier on .Does anyone know anything about Batibasaga of Kurisiga’s inquiry team??

  7. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Sign me up SV! Vinaka.

  8. nativegal Says:

    Batibasaga will commence with veitarogivanua in gods time which is very near
    Pray hard that we will all live to witness a dawn of a new era..

    God bless you and Fiji…

  9. Adi Kaila Says:

    Once we get the ok from SV – I would suggest the design be posted here so those overseas can copy & print them onto TShirts – all you need to do is for every person to print 2 TShirts – give them away to be worn in public places by the Taukeis of that country – EG in Japan give them to 2 Japanese friends who may be going to Beijing or something that attracts worldwide attention to wear – that’s a way of getting the message across – I would love to do mass production but I would not allow anyone to wear those TShirts in Fiji it would be very irresponsible of me.

    I don’t care what anyone may think of me but I do not believe in any sort of violence. So I’m sorry you brave ones here in Fiji I will not give any TShirts to you because of my Non Violence stance. Feel free to copy if & when but it’s too dangerous in Fiji with the mindset of the illegal coupsters. E sega sara nodra vakasama – exact opposite to what we are fighting for on this site SOLIVAKASAMA.

  10. Tebara Says:

    Yiiipeeeeeee !! Keep us posted SV .. ! You have our email addys those that reply to your post …! I will definately have a few for self and distribution.

  11. Fiji Fighter Says:

    Ha! ha! kua mada na via va teratera tiko!! ni yavu qauri!!! tovolea mo dara na t.shirt qori drau na qai lai kune mai nai benubenu mai lami ni sa sosomaki tu ena rua ga na nomu sala ni kakana e yagomu!!!! curu yani se vanua e lako mai kina i tuba na kakana. Dare you my friends to wear it, come on this week, lets see if you’re brave as your mouths, kua mada na viavialevu tiko, Natewa Princess, Batinuku, bring it on, wear it and we shall meet in Sukuna Park, Mon week, come on people, im itching and aching to see ya all in your mickey mouse t.shirts, come on!!! its like a dream come true for me to finally meet the wanna be brave hearts!!! please, please, bring it on….

  12. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Frufru fighter aka jone veikoso…noqu i oco ni bokola!


    S U K U N A
    P A R K ??

    De du sa kabawaqa tale tiko ga mai rfmf?? itchy kajina qori gonei!

  13. FijiGirl Says:

    I’ll send them to my cousins living overseas in US, Europe, Asia and Oz/NZ.

    They will wear the shirts with pride to protest the next time IG goons go to kerekere at UN / EU meetings, or to demonstrate outside the Fiji embassy the next time Chodo tries to delay elections.

    I also like the idea of the black arm band (MM’s suggestion?) in Fiji.

    The IR goons can’t stop us all, if we say it’s for a funeral we have been / are going to.

    And if they try to outlaw them, it will show, once again, how completely pathetic the regime is.

    God bless Fiji

  14. FijiGirl Says:

    I saw this demonstration the last time I was in London. Shows that free speech has value, no matter where you live.

    By Henry Porter
    Thursday, 29 June 2006

    In the shadow of Winston Churchill’s statue opposite the House of Commons, a rather odd ritual has developed on Sunday afternoons. A small group of people – mostly young and dressed outlandishly – hold a tea party on the grass of Parliament Square. A woman looking very much like Mary Poppins passes plates of frosted cakes and cookies, while other members of the party flourish blank placards or, as they did on the afternoon I was there, attempt a game of cricket.

    Sometimes the police move in and arrest the picnickers, but on this occasion the officers stood at a distance, presumably consulting on the question of whether this was a demonstration or a non-demonstration. It is all rather silly and yet in Blair’s Britain there is a kind of nobility in the amateurishness and persistence of the gesture. This collection of oddballs, looking for all the world as if they had stepped out of the Michelangelo Antonioni film Blow-Up, are challenging a new law which says that no one may demonstrate within a kilometre, or a little more than half a mile, of Parliament Square if they have not first acquired written permission from the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. This effectively places the entire centre of British government, Whitehall and Trafalgar Square, off-limits to the protesters and marchers who have traditionally brought their grievances to those in power without ever having to ask a policeman’s permission.

    The non-demo demo, or tea party, is a legalistic response to the law. If anything is written on the placards, or if someone makes a speech, then he or she is immediately deemed to be in breach of the law and is arrested. The device doesn’t always work. After drinking tea in the square, a man named Mark Barrett was recently convicted of demonstrating. Two other protesters, Milan Rai and Maya Evans, were charged after reading out the names of dead Iraqi civilians at the Cenotaph, Britain’s national war memorial, in Whitehall, a few hundred yards away.

    On that dank spring afternoon I looked up at Churchill and reflected that he almost certainly would have approved of these people insisting on their right to demonstrate in front of his beloved Parliament. “If you will not fight for the right,” he once growled, “when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not so costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no chance of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

    Full article is at

    Churchill’s words stand true for us today.

    God bless Fiji

  15. Jose Says:

    People, fiji fighter does not represent the ig he only speaks for himself. Qori dua ga vei ira na kalavo cikinovu vateratera tu vakarogorogocataka, vakamaduataka tu na mataivalu because it suits his mentality. Ke ra kilai koya so vei ira na yalododonu ra se vo tiko ena mataivalu era na vavutia na kalavo qauri qori.

  16. IslandBoy Says:

    @Fiji Fighter – You sound stupid and really pathetic, how old are you?

    Have you picked up all the rubbish you were told early this morning, better do that then go and check that SCC has emptied the garbage. Today is Saturday, garbage collection day.

    When you bring the garbage can in, make sure you hose the inside and close the lid tightly so the dogs don’t carry it away.

    Wash your hands properly and come in, set the table for lunch before your parents come back from the market.

    No Village 6 this afternoon, go and get your haircut ready for school next week, short back and sides, don’t try and mullet or your father is going to tasipori your empty head. This term try not to come last.

    SV is going to tell your mother you’ve been on the net swearing at people and looking at porn sites then your father will give you the hiding of your life, you little juvenile delinquent. Maleka, memu sici!!!

    Fiji Fighter your bum, little boci!!!

  17. nativegal Says:

    The men in green have proven themselves unlike the “men” blogging here
    upholding justice and segai sara kabakoro mai na Aussies wishing to control pacific rim …VB is no pushover!!!
    You guys stop blogging like poofters..tagane mada tei so na tavioka….
    1. Masu vakalevu
    2.Wili volatabu
    3.Tawa na taqe wai
    4.Tawa na cina benisini
    5. Voli vakalevu na kakana…rations

    Dou Moce valekaleka

    Adi Kaila, …tch tch masquerading as a woman..!!!our miltary would never do that..they are real men…

  18. Adi Kaila Says:

    confusion reigns supreme on the dark side.

  19. nativegal Says:

    ratu dau culacula kaila,Have a blessed weekend

  20. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Na cava ga mai caka e ke nativegally??
    Ke kimu sa tagane poofter taucoko, qai vaka cava tu o iko?

    Hehehe!! 😉 Don’t be too assuming girly! NEVER BE TOO QUICK TO ASSUME!!

    You don’t even know if you are 100% safe with the people you mingle with everday!

  21. ulumaji Says:


    What have the ‘men in green’ proven for themselves, ey??

    Peace keeping duities? That is for them to prove to the whole wide world…it is a UN portfolio come to think of it.

    Here at home??? What have they proven??

    Here at home, your heroes ‘in green’ have become murderers and rapists and thieves. Thats what they have become.

    They have nurdered their own bothers in arms (CRW) and worse still unknown citizens without any provocation.

    They have helped rape the consitution of Fiji by the imposition of their will through the barrel of a gun.

    They have stolen our freedom for speech and fairness through the militarisation of the civil service.

    What have your heroes ‘ in green’ proven native gal?? Id love to hear your views.

    But rite now, above is what the ‘men in greens’ have proven to each and every individual in Fiji.

    Its what happens at HOME that matters ‘nativegal’ (if youre really a native).

    Me kua so na via la mata vinaka tiko vei ira na tani, ni vale mada ga e kabuwacara tiko.

  22. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ Adi Kaila – Adi K. Sigai ni kila o la qo ni drau biu vata e sigai sala na kena.
    Zero, zilch, nada!!

  23. Jose Says:

    nativegirl/man/poofter/worm, you will do well to practice what you preach. Better still, vakauqeti ira na tawa sukulu ra vakaosooso tu qori na keba mera lako ki na koro mera lai teitei. Ka ni cava na vakalialiai ira tu na tauri dakai ena kedra sauca lalai ra raqataka tu qori. O tovaka tiko na cala o qai via vosa tiko mai ena volatabu Iko na tamata yalowai. Upholding justice and security cava o kaya tiko mai? We had a rightful legal system before the coup and a credible police force. There was also no security threat to our nation. Na vosavosa saraga ni tamata ulukau tiko vei iko. Lesu tale i nomu koro, kitaka vakagugumatua na i vakavuvuli qo:
    1. Masu vakalevu
    2.Wili volatabu
    3.Tawa na taqe wai
    4.Tawa na cina benisini
    5. Voli vakalevu na kakana…rations

  24. nativegal Says:

    Is Ulumaji part of Jekyll(Rt Kaila)&Hyde
    Pity thought he was it!! We really shd adopt policy that all Fijian males at 18 undergo military training(compulsory)so when manhood is reached transformation from cry babies and mommy pampered pooches is complete

  25. nativegal Says:

    Jose bula,
    Better prepared with all necessities de qai laba mai na cagi we do not want repeat of Burma …no water,power,food and strewn unclaimed bodies

    God Bless

  26. Jose Says:

    nativegirl/man/worm you are absolutely useless. Taura ga na tevoro o qarava tiko qori sosomaka nomu qara ni cici.

  27. nativegal Says:

    Jose uro,your ttemper…….you are blind and deaf….do not listen to other bloggers..its like blind leading the blind…

  28. ulumaji Says:

    Dont digress nativegal,

    In your view it seems the role of RFMF is that ‘all Fijian males at 18 undergo military training(compulsory)so when manhood is reached transformation from cry babies and mommy pampered pooches is complete’

    Is that it??

    Free advice, gally, try putting those green goons in the village so that they ‘sweat’ for food to put on the table to feed their children, to put their children through school. Then you will see ‘REAL MEN’, muscular and fit. Not the pitiful ‘waca’ looking excuses of green goons on the street.

  29. FijiGirl Says:

    Nativegetable raises an interesting point.

    Face it, we all have relatives who are in the military (and if you say “Not me”, you need to spend more time with your family…).

    I’m told that, early on, the FMF (as they were then known) found they had to break a soldier’s ties to his vanua because he was constantly obeying allegiance to his Ratu over loyalty to his officers.

    I for one am constantly telling my cousins in the military & navy – your bosses treat you like you have no brains. They expect you to do what they say, no matter what. But you have a good brain. Use it. You see they are destroying our beloved country. Don’t be afraid to listen to your heart, your brain. Resign, retire, don’t give your loyalty to the undeserving.

    God bless Fiji

  30. nativegal Says:

    yeah yeah yeah

  31. Jose Says:

    Fiji Girl, that was lovely. Breath of fresh air.

  32. nativegal Says:

    I feel Launs and Rewans on this blog are insignificant ie
    Rewa-1% land mass
    Lau-isolated dispersed islands

  33. aubatinuku-N Says:

    I will be in DC then New York this June and certain schemes are cooking!! 😉

  34. nativegal Says:

    your name on black list chk first before depart de qai pote e nadi

  35. aubatinuku-N Says:

    When Mary Bainimarama was shaking the hand of the Prince of Wales, did she realize that everyone else was wondering if her hot pink dress over the white sulu-i-ra was created from remnants of the same hot pink carpet the Prince of Wales was walking on.

    His Royal Highness could’ve mistaken her for a hot pink carpet continuation, my goodness gracious me!!

  36. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Threatful opinions is the stuff small people are made of!!

    FREEDOM lovers are LARGER than LIFE!!

  37. nativegal Says:

    Thought you were cut above others here…you are really a gay club denigrating women…your war is with VB not the missus…
    If the wifey reputation and your mistresses were dragged through here???
    You wouldnt closure of this blog………….

  38. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Guilty by asscociation!
    Mary Bainimarama needs to also do a better job teaching the fruit of her loins A LOT about INTEGRITY and DECORUM!!

    Those fireams shots in Yat Sen Sec Sch of Bernie Bainimarama and her little toy soldier buddies are out there in very wide public circulation and the school is not proud of it at all!! Not to mention she calls herself Bernie Bitches!! This is not to even mention the rest of the lowdown thats cooking!! 😉

    Model first lady and brood indeed!! Mai ya so!!

  39. nativegal Says:

    Batilutu…you sound like snake spewing venom and on I confirm that u are not real kaiviti…
    this site must be designed for gays and perverts……

    You ask yourself have you done a good job with your kids…
    you are not the one who abandoned wifey abd kids and married mistress recently at Centenary Church????/

  40. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Bad apples especially, don’t fall very far from the tree!!

  41. aubatinuku-N Says:

    US refuses entry to Fiji A-G
    09 MAY 2008

    Fiji’s interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum was not allowed entry into the US on his way to a UN conference in Vienna, Austria.

    And the AG’s spokeswoman Brenda Ragi says Sayed-Khaiyum today lodged a complaint to the UN Secretary General following the US Embassy’s refusal to grant a transit visa to attend the conference.

    In a statement, the AG said he “accepts that whilst the US, like any other country, has the right to refuse entry or deport non-citizens, member States of the UN cannot and should not be stopped from fully exercising their right to participate in UN matters.

    “After all, all States in the UN are equal sovereigns.”

    The US Embassy in Suva imposed visa sanctions on members of the interim Government and the military following the 2006 overthrow of the Qarase Government.

    The embassy explains that the”post-coup US visa sanctions remain in place, including on Ministers of the interim Government”.

    It adds that the US does not comment on individual visa cases.

    Sayed-Khaiyum left the country two days ago to attend the conference for signatories to the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

    He said his trip opens up the potential of getting assistance for the anti-corruption unit in Fiji.

    He said the Government under interim Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama recently rectified the UN Convention.




  42. nativegal Says:


    Deposed PM Laisenia Qarase facing charges of abuse of office,larceny by servant,fraud was apprehended and taken to an unknown location possibly for interrogation.
    Foreign embassies alerted of possible repercussions from Qarase symppathisers as military declare state of emergency and impose curfews…

  43. Soul of Fiji Says:

    We see a pattern of attack comming from the pro-coup bloggers.

    Before it was you idiot, you fool, etc…etc…

    Recently it has been gay, comming from FF now nativegal with gay, pervert, professional call girl etc..etc…

    This lot have not learn anything yet, must be running in the group.

    Their leaders after the coup was accusing everyone and anyone against them as corrupt, bad governance, racists, etc.. etc..

    All this accusations has come back to bite them on their backside, since then they have revealed themselves as corrupt, tax evaders, racist, murders, above the law, etc….

    Now they are accusing bloggers here as gays, perverts, prostitutes etc…please clear the log off your eyes and see for yourselves the rubbish that you are with.

  44. LUVfiji Says:

    Au sa teri kila va’evei ! PM Laisenia Qarase and Leba were in the West this evening to watch the performance of the visiting Soweto Gospel Choir. Ie.. na cava soti na lasu.

  45. nativegal Says:

    Touche!!! Mera sa lako mada i nodra koro i Lau

  46. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Soul of Fiji – A1 analysis of the pro-IG bloggers!

    They do seem to enjoy psychological projection.

    Wikipedia says “In psychology, psychological projection (or projection bias) is a defense mechanism in which one attributes one’s own unacceptable or unwanted thoughts or/and emotions to others. Projection reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted subconscious impulses/desires without letting the conscious mind recognize them. The theory was developed by Sigmund Freud and further refined by his daughter Anna Freud, and for this reason, it is sometimes referred to as “Freudian Projection”

    So from this we know that Budhau IS an idiot, nativegetable is a latent homosexual (will she be able to admit it to herself? Stay tuned … ) and FF has some serious issues with reality. 🙂

    And really, every time Chodopu$$ opens his mouth about the media, you can have loads of fun substituting “I” and “the media” for each other, and see what Chodo REALLY thinks, but can’t admit to himself.

    Have fun!

    God bless Fiji

  47. Bula Tale Says:

    nativegal – bula tale tagane (yalewa!), you are a disgrace to the Lesbian Society.

  48. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ nativegal, I have a few questions for you.

    I, for one believe that Qarase like any other citizen of Fiji is answerable to the laws of Fiji and if he has ‘committed any crime, then he should do the time.’

    However, my concern is the way the FICAC is ‘tunneled visioned’ in its investigations into his affairs during his tenure as PM. There is no complaint against Qarase, which has been made public to invite the FICAC to investigate, so it must be presumed that FICAC is using its discretionary powers to instigate these investigations.

    @ nativegal, do you agree with me or not? Please explain?

    If FICAC is using its discretionary powers to investigate, why confine it only to Qarase and not extend it to other living former PM’s like Chaudary, Moemoedonu and Rabuka as well?

    @ nativegal, applying the same standard to him, do you agree Chaudary should be investigated as well? Please explain?

    Chaudary was exposed by Victor Lal for tax evasion and this eventually led to the illegal removals of Russell Hunter and Evan Hannah.

    @ nativegal, applying the same standard to him, do you agree Chaudary should be investigated as well? Please explain?

    Illegal AG Khaiyum quickly appointed an Inquiry Team, which included as its Chairman a former Principle of a Law Firm, he worked for in Australia together with a very narrow TOR to return the predetermined findings.

    @ nativegal, applying the same standard to him, do you agree Chaudary should be investigated as well? Please explain?

    This Inquiry Team created a world record in being the quickest to conclude an Inquiry and hand in its written Report within the space of less than 2 weeks.

    By the time the Report was made public, the Chairman and another expatriate Member had already left the country and only disgraced Taufa Vakatale remained to face a barrage of questions and claimed that everything was done in accordance with the TOR. Something does not seem correct and I smell a rat.

    @ nativegal, applying the same standard to him, do you agree Chaudary should be investigated as well? Please explain?

    As they say, the ‘proof is in the eating’, so if Chaudary truly believed the Inquiry had cleared him of any tax evasion, why hasn’t he pursued his ‘$1b Defamation Claim’ against the FT?

    Do you know why nativegal?

    Simple, he didn’t because he knows fully well that his claim was all hot air and with no substance. He knows full well, that if it went before a competent court, the Report would be thrown out or worse, the Inquiry Members questioned in open court, which would be highly embarrassing to say the least.

    @ nativegal, applying the same standard to him, do you agree Chaudary should be investigated as well? Please explain?

    Then what about the saga of Chaudary appointing his own son, Rajendra Chaudary as his Private Secretary soon after being sworn as PM? Does this not reek of nepotism and abuse of power?

    @ nativegal, applying the same standard to him, do you agree Chaudary should be investigated as well? Please explain?

    When then PSC Chairman Sakiasi Waqanivavalagi was questioned, he replied that Rajendra Chaudary was appointed through the normal selection process, when everyone at PSC knew full well that Mahendra Chaudary bamboozled him way in and forced Waqanivavalagi to appoint his son!

    This is the same Chairman that used to be so vocal against Rabuka and the SVT especially when it came to PSC appointments, yet when Mahendra Chaudary got elected into power, one of his 1st appointments was Rajendra Chaudary and Waqanivavalagi was already subdued by Chaudary.

    @ nativegal, applying the same standard to him, do you agree Chaudary should be investigated as well? Please explain?

    Take Moemoedonu, he was cleared of Rape whilst he was Roko Tui Ba and was represented in court but illegal CJ Tony Gates. There has been much speculation on his corrupt dealings as well.

    @ nativegal, applying the same standard to him, do you agree Moemoedonu should be investigated as well? Please explain?

    Then you come to Rabuka. There were rumours when he was in power, that Jim Ah Koy funded or facilitated funding enabling him to purchase properties.

    @ nativegal, applying the same standard to him, do you agree Rabuka should be investigated as well? Please explain?

    Also the SVT giving $20m loan to FHL, which later was changed to a grant.

    @ nativegal, applying the same standard to him, do you agree Rabuka should be investigated as well? Please explain?

    As I had started my letter nativegal, I totally agree that if Qarase has ‘committed the crime, then he should do the time’, but to solely focus on him and not other former PM’s and others is clearly political, so its objects are no longer just and honourable.

    Finally nativegal, why narrow the investigations only to former PM’s, why not extend to all former MP’s and former Commanders as well? How about the RFMF Regimental Funds?

    Why not investigate abuse of office of Ganilau whilst Commander, when he sent Military Officers in Military Renault trucks to work on this private farm in Seaqaqa.

    The truck overturned resulting in a few deaths. I believe compensation was paid from Regimental Trust, which correctly should have been Ganilau’s sole responsibility because these deaths were not work related, but attending to his personal whims.

    There are rumours of people coming to Ganilau whilst Commander bringing in monies in brown paper bags.

    My point nativegal, is that if FICAC is to have credibility, then it should apply one standard to all and not only to a select few, because once you go down that slippery road, you lose credibility and respectability.

    @ nativegal, applying the same standard, do you agree with me? Please explain?

  49. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Oohh!! Ciba vakadua o nativegal!!

    Ya nomu news, ignorant nativegal!!

    Maca nomu weli!

  50. LUVfiji Says:

    Yes a-N, what a brilliant letter. Maybe SV should put it up as a thread for all to read !

    @nativegal.. text mai !

  51. aubatinuku-N Says:

    If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do well matters very much.
    — Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis (1929-1994), wife of the 35th president of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

  52. nativegal Says:

    Sorry tech mtce on this blog took quite a while and number of my articles removed be fair guys… the truth hurts???
    I find the cases incomparable…of course FICAC have assessed:

    1. Chaudary presumed $mm in personal accounts are personal donations
    intention designed for between MC and so called beneficiaries.

    2.TM case clrd by courts.

    3. Qarase criminal acts whilst in positions of trust /deliberately mislead Fijian people and chiefs siphoning millions from Fijian Trust Fund for Ballu Khan SDL associates, convert $20 m loan into grant, insider trading at FHL
    (as Chairman of NLTB formalise recommendations to Cabiinet, as PM approve ),dereserve prime land eg Natadola without landowner consent..

    And from one who is not a landowner!!!He carefully schemes to commit henious crimes against the Fijian Race and chiefs and church leaders blindly support this LAUAN BANDIT

  53. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Nativegetable. Rapisi! You have some serious issues with the truth… What basis do your accusations have actual fact? None. Your ‘proof’ is mere speculation from a source with questionable motives and an axe to grind. You and your faction are being manipulated by Chodopu$$ but you cannot see it because your eyes are blinded by greed and envy and covetousness. But the people are not blind. Neither are we afraid.
    Tabu soro.
    God bless Fiji

  54. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ nativegal, as I have said before if Qarase is ‘guilty of the crime, then he is to do the time’, but my question which yo have evaded is why only limit the investigations to him alone and not extend the same standard to other former PM’s?

    You have not provided a satisfactory explanation to my question.

    Moemoedonu was cleared by the court for the rape charge whilst Chairman of the Yasana ko Ba, which is what I said. The investigations I meant was for the short period of his tenure as PM, like advising Iloilo to dissolve Parliament? Possible abuse of office?

    @ nativegal, do you agree that using the same standards, Moemoedonu too should be investigated? Please explain?

    As for Chaudary, apart from the kangaroo court which cleared his name, how about nepotism in the appointment of Rajendra Chaudary as his own Private Secretary or renovating of his own home with state funds?

    @ nativegal, do you agree that using the same standards, Chaudary too should be investigated? Please explain.

    FYI, as for Qarase ‘not being a landowner’, you disclose your utter lack of knowledge of native affairs and the significance of being a registered member of the VKB.

    As a registered member in the VKB, you are a landowner. Qarase being a registered member of the VKB is a landowner in Mavana, so understand first what you think before revealing your ignorance.

  55. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ nativegal, your blaming Qarase for the $20m being converted from a loan to a grant was made by Rabuka when he was PM and not Qarase.

    You will read this in my mentioning why Rabuka too should be investigated.

    FYI, Qarase was Managing Director for FDB and Sitiveni Wailelakeba was CEO for FHL. Qarase had nothing to do with FHL on operational matters.

    Please get your facts right please before opening your mouth, so we can have some intelligent and constructive blogging on this site.

  56. nativegal Says:

    Not mere speculation or figments of imagination.Details could be obtained from Ficac office
    Of course all misdeeds shd be investigated but in order of severity why Qarases cases prioritised.
    Its a fact landowners from which NLTB derives 99.9 % revenue on main islands so really in terms of land issue decisions(not to mention impropriety)
    Qarase is quite insignificant

  57. Adi Kaila Says:

    JW – Well Done – Keep Up the momentum!

    E sega sara ni kila o magai nomu tarotaro vua ni vabauta la okoya nona lasu – even the most ignorant person in Fiji can see the absolute lies written by this insignificant piec of shit.

    Intelligent questions like yours JW are not understood by the dark side – they are like the nativegetable incapable of discerning right from wrong – the basics of intellingence. Nor can they articulate facts, even when placed in from of them. Like their blind mullett leader voreqe they keep trying with their vox et praeterea nihil – e vodi vei keda na tamata vuli, tamata vuku, tamata susu mai va dodonu – bullshit is bullshit no matter how it is presented.

    As I told Aubatinuku-N earlier – o la qori na nativegetable (Well done FijiGirl – I yelped at that one!) dua beka na weka nei meri era kai kanak. Noone with Fijian blood would make a fatuous comment about the Lauans and Rewans as nativegetable did. Ca gona na via kila na vosa vavalagi qai curu oso so it sticks to cliched verbiage.

    Mai kila sara mai vei ni sega ni Landowner o Prime Minister Mr Laisenia Qarase? The Real Prime Minister is from Mavana in Vanuabalavu, Lau – of course he is a land owner he has a beautiful home built there. Mr Qarase also owns his own home in Moti Street in Suva. Segai nativegetable na tamata lawakica qori na bokola o voreqe vataki iko dou luveni no ghare!

    Aubatinuku-N, FijiGirl, LuvFiji, Jose, Jese Waqalekaleka – this nativegetable is a typical coup sympathiser – NO IDEA – they’ll wake up in the morning and find out it’s Burma all over – by then most of us would have left, qai macala mada se vakani ira na illegal coupsters. Kua ni mai levu tiko nomu via kilakilaka – we the intelligent ones have our own contingency plans in place & homes overseas.

  58. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ nativegal investigations in ‘order of severity why Qarase’s case prioritised’ you know full well does not stand, so please cut the crap.

    Victor Lal’s expose and Taniela Tabu’s reporting Mahendra Chaudary’s tax evasion with the Police and dropping off a copy with Col. Langman at FICAC, somehow went missing and this was all last year before this investigations into Qarase! What priortising are you referring to?

    As I said before, please get your facts straight before opening your mouth, otherwise find another blog site because we want constructive criticism based on facts and figures and not lame arguments such as ‘details could be obtained from FICAC Office.’

    If details are there, then make them public so it can be publicly scrutinized, otherwise it will be like Metuisela Mua’s invalid search warrant in his complaint against Makrava in an assault case, which he tried to convince the court he could not disclose because for National Security reasons.

    @ nativegal, if you cannot ‘talk the talk’ then forget about the ‘walk the walk.’

  59. nativegal Says:

    Adi K,
    Did I ruffle your feathers you usually are calm we do not have luxury of time to engage in lengthy verbiose anyways intellengence does not necessarily come with wisdom…
    Qarase me kila political position does not uplift that of when GMB crawled on knees to greet LQ..its a first..her subjects fuming
    E..o cei na kaisi bokala qo me qasi o GMB..thats what politics does..
    The door is open might be already talking from comfort of your home in NZ..
    Bless you

  60. dauvavana Says:

    Answer the question and stick to the subject nativegal. Do not try and divert the subject

  61. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ nativegal, I await your answers.

  62. dauvavana Says:

    native gal will only speak on my microphone 😉

    Waisere!!! au se lai gunu yaqona mada

  63. Tebara Says:

    that might be a solution Daushootin … She might learn some valuable truth from holding on to that microphone … bahahahahahahaha!!

  64. nativegal Says:

    Details too torid for public in particular landowners against crimes committed/
    Backlash fears LQ and accomplice lives may be in danger…

    You sit in comfort of your homes ..why dont you offer your support to LQ publicly..he needs it

  65. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    More and more each day, Fiji is moved by the moronic jaundiced junta to be similar to Zimbabwe and Burma.

    Notice how much calmer things are in Pakistan and Thailand since their green goons have given power back to the people.

    Burma doesn’t want international agencies coming in as they are afraid of foreigners seeing the dreadful state of the country after 20 years of military misrule.

    Fiji does not want foreigners coming in as they would see the stacking of the judiciary and the human rights abuses.

  66. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ nativegal, remember if FICAC wants to charge Qarase with abuse of office regarding some NLTB Board Resolutions, then it must have come out from the Kurusiga Report.

    Again, it shows your lack of understanding of Board Resolutions. Qarase was Chairman due to his position as Minister for Fijian Affairs at the time, but if he is going to be charged, then all other Board Members including Iloilo too would be implicated because he is the ex officio President of the NLTB.

    This is because Board Minutes are circulated to Board Members some 1-2 weeks before the actual Board Meeting and if a Board Member could not attend for whatever reason, then they could register their vote on a particular proposal in the Agenda.

    So if Iloilo or any other Board Member couldn’t attend the Board Meeting and didn’t lodge their objection to this particular proposal which Qarase is being investigated on, then Iloilo together with the other Board Members who did not attend are imputed to have approved the same.

    For those who attended the Board Meeting and did not object are taken to have approved the same and the Minutes will clearly show this.

    So, nativegal, using the same standard applied on Qarase, do you agree that all Board Members including Iloilo should be investigated and charged as well if Qarase is charged? If not, why not?

  67. Tebara Says:

    Nativegal AKA DESTINY – Be specific with your answers. Dont give us jibberish crap! If you are still vague, I suggest you try suckin on Kayum or Piggys balls to get more clearer picture on what the hell they are really implying !!

  68. Tebara Says:

    Yippeeee GO JW .. Ask it like it is! Me macala mada nodratou vamacala na i lala musukoso nodra venikau !!

  69. Adi Kaila Says:


    We’ve given the kanak something to dwell on – you couldn’t ruffle any feathers on this site nativegetable, even my dogs wouldn’t give you the time of day with the shallowness you’ve revealed to us.

    We sit in comfort in our homes and so do The Prime Minister Mr Laisenia Qarase and his family – because we are honest and humble people – we have no need to lie or live a lie – that’s why we are comfortable and that’s why we oppose the illegal coupsters – but we don’t expect you to understand that at all – your goobledegook is very revealing – a true nativegetable & gaga to boot.

    You’ve written you own karma!

    Oh man this is just too good to be true we have a real ‘try hard’ in nativegetable – guraka sara vavinaka nomu vakasama nativegetable. Vakaukau sara me cegu na yalomu duka.


  70. nativegal Says:

    In his capacity as Chairman and Min of Fijian Affairs responsibilty\
    is to advise against adoption of policies that would be to detrimental to or seen as to diminish fijians of their rights/leasemonies/opportunities..

    However with dishonourable intentions he used processes to cover his back..
    collaborate with K Bakani/Keni D unstandable ni ra tamata sega nodra prime land nodra vanua for development

    Sa da waraka la me kau i veilewai o la qo..You all welcome at public gallery

    Dou moce

  71. Adi Kaila Says:

    sa lai moce na yalo – lesu mai mashed potato da mai vei talanoa mada –

    Now isn’t that just plain dumb – the gaga nativegetable blaming all and sundry for the demise of Natadola – If the illegal coupsters had a brain between them all and not pulled off this coup and not blamed Keni and his staff for trumped up allegations that project would’ve been completed last year and the shareholders would’ve been about to receive their shares and Fiji would be attracting more investors. That is the way business works.

    Like everything else the illegal coupsters touch – pure unadulterated shit is left.

    And for those of you who feel you don’t receive your ‘proper’ lease money that’s between you and your Turaga to work out, and if you feel your Turaga is holding back then take legal action – it’s that simple – please don’t go blaming The Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase or anyone else for all your ills.

    If we are going to allow morons to bring down a legally elected Government whenever the PM is a commoner and not from Viti Levu then we may as well stay the way we are. We have to allow whoever is legally elected to be allowed to finish his job. If we don’t like what that elected government is doing then wait for the next elections and vote in whoever you think will do a better job for Fiji. That’s democracy.

    This Kai Viti makawa way of thinking and behaving has to stop and the best way is for those of us who are better equipped in mind and time to convey this to others as articulately as possible.

  72. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Nativegal, sorry for missing you earlier post.

    Your explanation imputing Qarase’s duty to advise the NLTB on policies that would be detrimental to Fijian interests is the responsibility of the CEO of NLTB KB, who is also an ex officio member like Iloilo.

    I have sat on Boards and am very familiar with its workings. The CEO is expected to update the Board on proposals and each Board Member is expected to have done their individual homework, checked out sources, etc before the Board Meeting and then ask questions before a vote is taken.

    A competent Chairman, facilitates discussions and does not dominate it. If Qarase colluded with KV and KB as you allege, then he is answerable for his actions, but these are still serious allegations and nothing may come out of it.

    You are correct to say, that we await the court case, but in order to get there Nativegal, Qarase first needs to be charged, which has not yet eventuated.

    Remember nativegal, what I said before, if Qarase is going to be charged, then other Board Members and Iloilo too will follow suit.

  73. nativegal Says:

    Adi K,
    I wouldnt expect you to understand sitting in your ivory tower
    So you are same as LQ landless VKB entry


  74. nativegal Says:

    Sorry JW, thanks for your clarifications..
    Presumably theres more to this case than meets the eye.

    Intentions and who benefits from decisions made may have to be determined
    to ascertain those to be cojointly charged

  75. Adi Kaila Says:

    Oh and another thing nativegetable don’t presume that because our father bought a family home overseas back in 1987 to safeguard our family that it is in NZ or that I live there – beautiful country – good place to be educated – not so good for real estate and too cold most of the time.

    My Fijian blood needs sunshine – Fiji is my home but if things carry on like this I may have to reconsider. I for one pay big fat taxes and do a bit for the under priviledged that I never broadcast because it’s demeaning. I don’t want any thanks for that as my brothers and I were bought up to help those who need help whether it’s with donations, free advise or helping them repair their homes. That’s why we are comfortable in our skins, there’s nothing wrong with being honest and living and working honestly.

    My beloved brothers live overseas and are very successful, they mind their own business and are proud that I am holding the fort (so to say) here because they know I am the only one with the temperament to do so. I am not rich in cash here but I have more than enough and more than most to live comfortably & run a business from my home that is based overseas – Yes – what a surprise!

  76. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ nativegal, you didn’t get my explanation about Qarase not landless by virtue of his VKB registration.

    Apart from this traditional entitlement as a landowner from Mavana, he has accumulated wealth through sheer hard work and wise investments, so he is not landless in the commercial sense as well, so why the continue with the false statement of ‘LQ landless VKB entry.’

    FYI nativegal, I am not SDL or a Qarase supporter, but I stand for truth and will not tolerate insinuations against someone who has stood the test of time during his time as MG of FDB and at no time has the word ‘corruption’ every been mentioned about him, but rather hard and honest work.

    How many can claim the same from the illegal government?

    You tell me nativegal?

    Please elaborate?

  77. nativegal Says:

    Adi K
    Goodnite and have a blessed week

  78. Adi Kaila Says:

    sa baci yadra mai na yalo

    not so sure about you nativegetable, I don’t have to prove myself to you or anyone else – ke’u tuva kawa yani vei iko – o ciba gonei – kua ni tukuna mai na ka o sega ni wili kina. Eda dui kila ga na Vanua da lako mai kina kei na nodai tutu.

    Kemami qo na landowners i Viti kei ……………I don’t put all my eggs in the same basket – uh huh? You don’t seem to understand to conception of landownership in Fiji so why make up lies.

    Ivory Tower or lean-to – Your irrational jealousy is one to behold. Glad to make your life miserable as if it wasn’t already.

    My dogs wouldn’t lift their back leg on you. Your karma is your own – Misery be thy name – nativegetable gaga be thy destiny.

  79. nativegal Says:

    I also stand for truth …but following issues were very disturbing:
    1.FHL shares for 14 provinces – sold to individuals LQ incl
    2.Lands dereserved for development- owner consent endorsed by Board member -KD
    3.Conversion $20 m loan to grant done in LQ time
    to name a few cases…reflects one who does not have interests of fijians at heart and could rightly be termed such

  80. Adi Kaila Says:

    I am blessed!

    unlike you nativegetable gaga, you have a lot of genuflecting to do and a whole lot more humble pie to swallow if you have any saliva left in your poisonous mouth.

  81. nativegal Says:

    Adi Kaila e vaka na marama ni Bau… full of themselves
    Na vere va bau gona e yaco kina na usurping…..

    Moce saka

  82. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Nativegal, the issues you bring up are old and hopefully these will answer them once and for all.

    If acquisitions were approved by the FHL Board, of which the the deceased Lyle Cupit was Chairman and individuals like Qarase acquired shares, then there is nothing wrong as it was lawful.

    Many other individuals acquired shares as well and if my mind serves me correctly including some involved in the illegal government and their advisors too like Filipe Bole & Isikeli Mataitoga acquired shares as well.

    As for lands deserved for development, this was done during the Alliance Government, SVT Government, so it was not something ‘out of the blue.’

    There is provision in the Native Lands Act and Native Lands Trust Act, so again, there is nothing prima facie unlawful about this Board Resolution, unless you can show proof to the contrary? Do you have any?

    As I had said before Nativegal, the conversion of the $20 loaned to FHL and converted to a grant was done during the Rabuka’s Prime Ministership and not Qarase because I was heavily involved SVT. Do you have any proof to the contrary? If not, then why keep blaming Qarase, when I am telling you the facts?

  83. LUVfiji Says:

    to be continued…

  84. mundin Says:

    Why the obsession with the $20m? Is the illegal rfmf regime desperate for money and looking for some way to lift the veil of corporate legal personality of FHL???????? HA HA HA HA HA HA!! Sa na rawa ga ni nationalise, dou qai vulica na cicivaki rb patel !!

    Is the rfmf (and their master’s) palate over-dry with bitterness because FHL is a success??? dou gunu wai mada… o right! you still haven’t, with one wave of your guns fixed up the water system… boo fucken hoo! cry me a riiiiiivvvvverrrrrrrrrrr

    Everything voceke/chods touches and try to fix is staying broken, haven’t finished fixing one thing before rushing on to the next project. Now the master breakers (not fixers) are trying to tinker with the public service. Qai vaya!!!!!!!!



  85. nativegal Says:


    Acquisition done within legal ambits but is insider trading ethical ,Siti W
    ,LQ shares. As CEO FDB collaborate with so called elite to reduce
    provincial shares to pittance.
    Did LQ declare this to GCC when he was advisor….

  86. nativegal Says:


    Who took the clan’s money?

    Monday, May 12, 2008

    + Enlarge this image

    THE controversy surrounding the depleted $3.4million in extinct mataqali funds has escalated with allegations that the Native Land Trust Board had used the money without proper authorisation.

    The Kurusiga Report, compiled by a team commissioned to probe Fijian institutions, had initiated investigations into the whereabouts of the money after it highlighted that the Fijian Affairs Board was asking about the status of Schedule A and B funds which is income derived from land that belong to extinct mataqali or unclaimed land.

    Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption spokeswoman Maraia Vavaitamana said NLTB board members present at the meeting that decided to transfer the money to Vanua Development Corporation Limited (VDCL) — the commercial arm of the NLTB — would be questioned.

    At a press conference in February this year, interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama had announced that indigenous Fijians had lost up to $12million (of which $3.5 million were extinct mataqali funds) through fanciful schemes in the VDCL “which flowed into Ballu Khan’s Pacific Connex”.

    The Schedule A and B funds were transferred from the Lands Department to the NLTB under Act No 12 of 2002.

    Held in trust by the NLTB, the law requires the funds be reverted to the FAB after the NLTB deducts 15 per cent in administration costs.

    Under section 19 A of the Act, the FAB is to use the funds exclusively for the benefit of native Fijians in a manner and for purposes approved by the minister on the advice of the Great Council of Chiefs.

    Schedule A and B land are those owned by extinct mataqali or unclaimed land.

    In recognition of this legal requirement, the NLTB announced on October 23, 2003 that the extinct mataqali funds would be forwarded to the FAB.

    However, as late as 2006, the minutes of a board paper noted that the board should submit a request to FAB as “the FAB’s equity share in VDCL” had not been done.

    Questions sent to the NLTB remain unanswered.

    Executive officer Nimilote Naivalumaira said: “Management is not in a position to respond given the nature of the queries and the need not to jeopardise inquiries made internally or to prejudge issues.”

    The NLTB started discussing the idea of setting up a commercial arm in 2003 and had sought legal opinion on the investing of funds it held in trust.

    Two prominent legal firms advised that the board could not lend to itself, money it had in trust.

    So on March 25, 2004 Cabinet gave then Prime Minister and Fijian Affairs Minister Laisenia Qarase approval to gazette the Native Land (Trust Fund Investment) Regulations 2004 which gave the board power to invest and lend money it held in trust.

    This enabling legislation did not come into effect until May 14, 2004.

    However, documents sighted by The Fiji Times reveal that three months earlier, in February of 2004, former NLTB general manager Kalivati Bakani had written to financial institutions requesting that the ownership of funds and shares held under extinct mataqali funds be transferred to VDCL.

    This correspondence to the banks was made two months before Cabinet announced that it had endorsed the setting up of VDCL.

    The Cabinet press release of April 21, 2004 also announced the release of $1million to to VDCL which would manage the investment of landowners in the NLTB trust fund “that was usually between $9million and $12million”.

    When asked about the sequence of events, Mr Qarase said he was not aware of the details and therefore could not comment.

    Mr Bakani did not want to comment when asked why he had written to the banks before the investment act was gazetted.

    He also would not say whether FAB approval was sought before the money was moved to VDCL.

    Former FAB chief executive Adi Litia Qionibaravi referred all queries to FAB officials who were unavailable for comment.

    Businessman Keni Dakuidreketi, a former board member and chairman of VDCL, said the matter was once raised by a minister in the deposed government.

    “What I said is that it was not my decision,” said Mr Dakuidreketi.

    “It was a board decision.

    “It is vivid in my mind that the board made the decision.

    “The money is clearly recorded as a loan,” he said.

    Another board member who did not wish to be named said the lack of accountability and innuendo about abuse by the FAB may have been one of the underlying reasons the board decided to keep the money.

    He said the board did not have to wait for Cabinet approval and legal notices because they were “just formalities since the board had already made a decision”.
    End of story

    This confirms same set of players placed in strategic positions as Board members, Advisors collaborate to fill own coffers at the expense of the Fijian people

  87. Adi Kaila Says:

    shorri modri – different canoe

  88. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ nativegal, what ‘insider trading’ are you referring to? Do you understand what ‘insider trading’ is? Any Board Resolution made public cannot constitute ‘insider trading’!

    BTW, in Asia, ‘insider trading’ is not considered illegal because this way shares do not get too artificially inflated as the market is ‘informed’ of its real value.

    As for the leaked reports from FICAC, let’s await its outcome and remember, if Qarase is charged, that is only the beginning of the legal process and not the end.

    As for your jumping to the conclusion that there has been a conspiracy, I counsel you to wait until the full facts have been disclosed. What we are getting is small bits and pieces and not the whole picture and it is quite possible, certain information could be falsified as well.

    So let’s not count our chicken yet.

  89. nativegal Says:

    Insider trading in other nations seen 20 yr sentences on culprit ans accomplices

  90. nativegal Says:

    Adi K,
    Arent you relieved truth is out

  91. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ nativegal, be specific. Which nations are you referring to and what law?

  92. Tebara Says:

    2 TRUE JW … sound like a true military bhoot … Na ka e ra rogoca ratou mai tukuna. That my friend JW is the greatest hurdle in this ghandu Illegal Camp. Hearsay is rife. For they are not well versed in searching for the truth and backing up their pathetic statement with hard core evidence.

    Isa o Viti … sa maumau ni da mai liutaki tu vei ira na kokonati !

  93. Tebara Says:


  94. Tebara Says:

    INSIDER TRADING IS WHEN GANILUAS drunken and disorderly dota is given financial backing to network her RAMARAMA design in boutiques around Fiji. Hmmmm ! given the fact that 6 months ago her children were being fed by neighbours and electricity being paid for by taxpayers coffers thru her DICKHEAD DADDY AND GUNBULL MUMMIES connection … Yaaaaaa!!

  95. nativegal Says:

    The details of insider trading u know need for quizzes and personal attacks on innocent kids…how low do you go and you call yourselves intelligent!!!

  96. Tebara Says:

    Yalewaniveikau … Who are you referring to as innocent kids … PLEASE ENLIGHTEN US ..! Check your facts before you go tagging those hangeron so called kiddies …!

  97. nativegal Says:

    I dont go poking my nose into others private family affairs
    nor would you wish others to probe your “perfect world”

  98. Tebara Says:


    GET IT RIGHT WOMAN… !! FOR ONCE LOOK INTO THE MIRROR AND ASK YOURSELF IS IT WORTH IT BACKING THE ABUSERS … and rationale thinking citizens would see clearly. Do take the scales off your eyes be strong and stand up for what you deemed honourable. And let me tell you, this illegal juntas are far from it.

  99. Tebara Says:

    Ohhh but then again … if your are so deeply entwined into sucking up to those Coup Coup Clan there is no need for a tit for tat ayeeee …!!

    Therefore … I rest my case .. U GO FIGURE.

  100. Adi Kaila Says:

    The truth is something you have no concept of nativegetable – what on earth gives you the idea (?) that any of us on this site are involved with the FAB or whatever you’re trying so hard to blame The Prime Minister Mr Laisenia Qarase for?

    As was told to you earlier we are comfortable in our skins because we were bought up to be honest upstanding citizens, that is the reason this site was setup to reveal the truth and not to dwell on hearsay or the coconut wireless that seems to be your mode of communication, those coconuts of yours seem to be full of vara.

    First of all you haven’t answered Jeses question because you know damn well that he’s right.

    Tebara has told you a few home truths and you don’t like that either, you have a huge problem ignoramus. The whole of Fiji knows very well those ganilaus haven’t a bloody bean to their name – levu ga na dinau wavoki – Sins of the father have been well and truly visited on $50 and his family and he keeps making it worse for all of them.

    Please don’t go demonising women from Bau as they have nothing to do with your inability to grasp the truth or your hateful jealousy – I happen to be related to a certain Mataqali from there and I will defend the innocent ones. If Ratu Epeli Nailatikau wants to be part of the ig that is his problem and he will have to face the fact that any respect he had from the people is finished.

    I have no time for anyone involved in this illegal coup whether I am related to them or not. No matter which way you look at it a lie is just that a lie and cannot be disguised.

  101. nativegal Says:

    Adi K, sour grapes and jealous old bubu!!
    You know all titbits so must be close to family..if not jealously for what reason do you closely follow activities in that household..
    Have some pride..tekivu i Jerusalemi….

  102. Adi Kaila Says:

    wow I’m really getting on your nerves – Hell that ‘s a good thing – jealousy E VODI VEI AU – what on earth would I be jealous of – who would even be jealous of a bunch of losers whose behaviour is on show for everyone to witness – nativegetable you’ve been under that dank rock for far too long.

    Bubu se goneyalewa, you can call me whatever you want it doesn’t alter the fact that you’re completely out of touch & have lost the plot – POTE!!!

    Keep sucking on that lemon.

  103. nativegal Says:

    Then do the christian thing you Fijians are reknown for…kevaka ra losers point out right path for them to will fell burden fall off your shoulders…
    Da vulica mada na vosa vadodonu…no pretentious socialising and niceties…
    If I knew them as well as you do, I would do that

  104. natewaprince Says:

    Oso popi,kijim !!!!!!!!!

  105. FijiGirl Says:

    Getting back to the original point, I remember about 20 years ago in Australia there were some very popular tee-shirts which looked like they were Chinese writing on a large red circle ala the Japanese flag.

    On closer inspection, you could see that the ‘chinese writing’ was in fact the words “F*ck off” written in chinese-style letters. The idea was that cops and people likely to be offended wouldn’t notice it, and so an offensive message could be displayed in public without repercussion.

    Perhaps the Soli Vakasama teeshirts could have a variation logo on a similar theme. You could make the letters look like Japanese, Korean or Chinese script so that soldiers & cops wouldn’t pick up on it right away, thus allowing the wearer to display with (relative) impunity.

    Barafen’s idea for “FF” could also work this way in teeshirts. Make it look like a chinese character, put it against a yin-yang background or something. Wearers who are collared by the authorities for their shirt can always say “Sa! Na ka e dua na fakuela”, or “It was a present from my relative” or “I thought it was Chinese writing”.

    Hope this helps.

    God bless Fiji

  106. aubatinuku-N Says:

    At the end of the 2 weeks long Youth Leadership Council Conference that my daughter will be attending in June, they will spend a few days in NYC. This is after spending more than a week in Washington D.C, no parents involved, so our daughter travels alone, just like more than 300 selected peers of hers from all over the world.

    Apart from the daylong private tour of the UN they also have the option to request a press release to distribute to local newspapers and radio and television stations at their discretion. Scholars are urged to attach a photograph and a listing of school activities and extra curricular world issue interests to include with the release.

    If SV editors agree our daughter is highly considering including as a part of her UN presentation and to add to her press release info. She will also be taking along a gift to give her peers at the end of the trip and we have some ideas, suggestions are welcome and will be considered.

    Along with her fellow scholars from all over the world she will also be presenting about her nationality, family upbringing, social and political interests and concerns, in our daughter’s case, the political situation in Fiji and the plight of the Indigenous Fijians will be the highlight of her presentation.

    Green light to print t.shirts and baseball caps and sweatshirts is now being requested from aubatinuku-N, kerekere SV!!

  107. aubatinuku-N Says:

  108. Tebara Says:

    aubatinuku – You ought to be commended on your daughters achievements thus far. She is a product of her loving home environment… all credits to her parents.

    We will keep a look out for her in the near future.

    Ohhh yes … with a forum as such. It will be an awesome tool for spreading our cause. Youths of today coupled with its gadgets go along way in voicing their concerns to the Powers That Be..!! and to know that she is in that elite group of prospective movers and shakers of our tomorrow. We will be honoured should she take on our cause of freedom to the corridoors of the UN.

  109. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Much appreciated @ Kainoqu Tebara – Still patiently awaiting green light from SV on the printing to be done.
    I am planning to print and ship to KEY people globally as gifts along with tokens of appreciation for certain involvements in the past. Word is spreading as we speak.

  110. solivakasama Says:

    aubatinuku go ahead

    SV co-editor

  111. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ aubatinuku-N, au kerekere, me qai dua talega vei au.

  112. Barafen Says:

    Whatever logo is used on the Teeshirts should be able to be able to be reproduced easly in other mediums (Signs, tags, etc) so we can later develop it as a known symbol of opposition to the IG

  113. Tebara Says:

    Great idea Barafen. aubatinuku and the SV team should exchange ideas on email and let us know of the outcome.

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