Pusiloa, you asked for it


Pusiloa wanted the details of the Auditor Generals Report on the Butako Gang who pilefered the Regimental Fund of the Fiji Military Forces.

Well, we have uploaded the PDF copy here because you asked for it.

Have a happy weekened and a happy mothers day to all Mothers that blog on SV.

SV Team.

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  1. LUVfiji Says:

    OMG ! Just took a quick glance at the report. One that caught the eye was this particular payment made 2/2/05 – to the Paymaster for payment of visa for Col. Saumatua to Sydney – $1027.00… kemudou!

    How much does one pay for Schengen visa these days ? WTF ?

  2. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    Gosh i didnt know it was this bad.

    Explains alot – the state of the nation seems to be a reflection of the army’s storeroom… and they think they can run the nation !!

  3. Fiji Fighter Says:

    Hey people it’s two years now, stale news, bera vakalevu!!! so what now???

  4. Tebara Says:

    FF …Vutulaki se bau lailai na corruption ni gauna ya…..! Qai vacava li na gauna qo…! Luvu na matanitu ni dou nanuma ga sa nei Ta na ka kecega. Dou vivutu ga vakaukauwa. EVERY DOG HAS HIS DAY…!!

  5. SDL to Da Bone Says:

    Fiji Fighter, kevaka sa o koya ga qori na titobu ni ka o rawata mo defend taka kina na tamani cala levu vaka matanitu sa va tu qo, ia sa vakamacalataka saraga na mamatia ni nomu vakasama. Na cala e dodonu me tamusuki. O sa veiba lasu tu ga mai qori (I hope you still know the difference between the truth and falsehood) ka kevaka e se tatuki tiko na utomu ka o wilika rawa tiko na ka au vola tiko yani qoka, ia sa dodonu me vosa tiko vei iko na nomu porokaramu e install taka tu na Kalou levu o JIOVA e lomamu ka yacana vakavalagi na conscience. Sa sega gona kina ni dodonu mo veiveiba tu vakalialia. Kena lekaleka ga, mo dikevi iko tale mada. Kua ni o kauwaitaki Commander tale se o cei tale, raici iko ga ka vakatarogi iko lo toka ga; e sa donu tiko beka na ka au cakava tiko qo e nai ulubale ni rawa tiko kina na kequ madrai? (madrai sau levu dina – vuaviri taki tu kina e dua taucoko na matanitu ka buturaki sobu kina e dua taucoko na kawa tamata) Ke o cakava vakadodonu na veika o ya, ia sa dodonu me sa tini saraga eke na nomu volavola. Ia ke sega, ia sa vakatara tiko ga na Kalou mo ni sa yalo vatu tikoga me yacova ni na qai taviraki kemuni laivi e na nona gauna talei ga….Veisau boy/girl mo bula

  6. at least Says:

    Vacava ga oya e dua e dodonu me approvetaka ga e $5000 qo sa approvetaka sara e $93,000..Teleni sa yawa o iko Raboci..to say the least ..raica tale mada na overpayments..sa yawa ..kune votu na lala ni ulu vei ira nai lala boci qo..ha..ha..

  7. FijiGirl Says:

    OMG! I mean, okay, it’s nowhere near as bad as reports of US military’s financial f*ckups in Iraq, but there are some striking similarities.

    No wonder Vore was pissed at SDL Govt – this report graphically demonstrates how lax his management was about the most basic things. For a Navy man, his boat was anything but ship-shape. He must have hated having his inadequacies highlighted like that.

    Agree with you NBB. The utter lack of professionalism in the store room and financial management is reflected in the state of the country today.

    I pray for the day when our government, our country and our military, is once again something we can be proud of. Isa Viti, isa Viti, lesu tale, lesu ni se vo na gauna

    God bless Fiji

  8. hopefiji Says:

    SV ..The file is damaged and cannot be opened. Can anyone else open it??

  9. Linus Says:

    @hopefiji; This PDF file is good, maybe yr adobe reader needs updating or something

  10. Jose Says:

    @SDL to Da Bone, I like the way you explained the porokaramu ni nona conscience.

  11. hopefiji Says:

    linus can u plse email the file to me : hopefiji@gmail.com. Thanks

  12. LUVfiji Says:

    @hopefiji – here’s LUVfiji… pardon me!

    Even if linus emailed u the file you’d end up with exactly what SV has posted here. The solution is for you to download the Adobe Reader; version 8 is the most recent update, I think. Its free on the web. Or you may like to click on yr current version and it should allow you to convert to the update! Try that.

  13. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ hopefiji – I hope you managed to get the file opened, I did without any hitches and printed and filed it away like I do everything else.
    Good luck!

  14. Adi Kaila Says:

    you have to have adobe to open & print

  15. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Meanwhile! Eye bloody Arse Kai yumm is boo hooing away to the UN about the US denying him entry!

    Sorry bro! You are beating your head against the brickwall of TRUE DEMOCRACY!!

    Unfortunately for this poor soul, he is too full of himself to realize that this is just only the beginning.

  16. Adi Kaila Says:

    ff is blogging from Seoul – Korea the kyonggi-do Region. There aren’t too many Fijians there so this ff will be easy to id – go ragone.

  17. nativegal Says:

    Is Ulumaji part of Jekyll(Rt Kaila)&Hyde
    Pity thought he was it!! We really shd adopt policy that all Fijian males at 18 undergo military training(compulsory)so when manhood is reached transformation from cry babies and mommy pampered pooches is complete

  18. nativegal Says:

    ha ha ha LQ bit the hand(vanua) that pampered him
    and he suffered consequences not that he suffered physically..but the fall from grace….picking up pieces for GE that will not eventuate…
    It would be beyond comprehensiion if the voting public subjected their chiefs,land,qoliqoli to be manipulated by LQ evil team again

  19. Seseraurau Says:

    vinaka for this SV. Quite revealing.
    Do you have any 2005 or 6 AG report?

  20. Barafen Says:

    The resistance movement now needs to move from cyberspace to the streets. Everybody opposed to the takeover needs an outlet to show their objection.
    Everyone irrespective of age, race or political affiliation should be encouraged to Tag all government property with the letters FF (Free Fiji). This could be written in pen on letters to the government, tagged in spray paint on the doors of unattended government vehicles or on Government buildings. Villages that object to the regime could paint a ring of trees around the village with the logo.
    It would take very little for a few people to casually mention this form of objection and start a revolution.

  21. nativegal Says:

    $20 million agr scam Kunatuba made scapegoat by former PM and SDL team..
    (everydog has its day)20 yrs jail
    Qarase no knowledge of $300,000 farming implements in hold enroute to Rotuma-10 yrs
    (What an outrageous liar, judge is thinking )
    Hon Min Fijian Affairs in capacity as Chairman NLTB convinces GCC
    release $$$millions fund joint venture with Ballu Khan..transfer extinct mataqali owners leasemonies held in trust
    (Larceny by servant, unimaginable fraud)\
    Life sentence

  22. nativegal Says:

    I feel Launs and Rewans on this blog are insignificant ie
    Rewa-1% land mass
    Lau-isolated dispersed islands

  23. Bebenibogi Says:

    Missed heaps on here over the last week or so. Thanks SV for the updates.
    Continuing on from NG above – your comments make me ponder – perhaps, just perhaps the Fijians are so disunited, with provincial politics that no one sees the big picture where they are taken advantage of. Maybe it was never the Indians, maybe it was never the British, or anyone else for that matter, maybe it was just this silly squabbling amongst the itaukei. Perhaps the the oldies were always right when they said whenever one climbs higher up the ladder there is always one of your own kind trying to pull and cut you down, through envy, greed etc. all serving their own self interest. Wake up one and all before the cobwebs collect on “the legend of the itaukei – an extinct people who once inhabited the South Pacific Isles some 100 years Ago”. Maybe we should stop blaming someone from outside but look within, less this book be published in the future for the lost generation to read. For crying out loud are we all so blind that we can’t see.

  24. Bebenibogi Says:

    @ Fiji Girl/nativegal – are you bipolar or what? what happened to God Bless Fiji?

  25. Bebenibogi Says:

    @ FG – Oops sorry – wrong no.

  26. LUVfiji Says:


    please feel free to move out of cyber into the real world and get on with what you’d like to do about yr resistance of the iIG. What y’re proposing is nothing but vandalism. I wouldnt want to be roped into it, thanks. If thats y’re idea of freeing fiji, then go for it, honey. Sorry, but it seems like sheer stupidty, to say the least !

  27. Barafen Says:

    I agree with you that it is vandalism but it may bring to the IG attention the large number of people ready to take action against them

  28. LUVfiji Says:

    They are well aware that 99.99% of the Fiji population is against them. But they are so hell-bent towards their mission, whatever it is !

    PLEASE, for peace-sake, and for yr own sake, dont resort to vandalism! We will in good time find a way out of all this mess. Just stick around for a wee while longer. We will prevail !

  29. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Na kai vei mada o nativegal qoka?
    Rairai e kai loma, kawa nei Meri Bainimarama………..Big chip on both shoulders and soaked through BITTER TO THE MARROW!!

  30. LUVfiji Says:

    Marama naita… ‘qori na stresss na via vakasama taka. Lets just go with the flow !!

  31. nativegal Says:

    aubatinuku…remain composed man!!!things would be one sided if you didnt have me would be quite boring dont you think…
    By the way I am Fijian ..unrelated to all of the above,,,my own analysis ..
    am apolitical ..do not flow with popular tide
    You shd pose me questions ,,try my best to answer

  32. Mark Manning Says:

    Good on the USA for refusing a transit visa to that idiot Interim A.G.
    Let the games begin !

  33. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Is Fiji sending a team to the China Olympics??

  34. IslandBoy Says:

    @aubatinuku-N – We have two qualifiers so far, one male and one female, both track athletes.

    A couiple of weeks ago Vidya Lakhan of FASANOC said the Tibet protests etc. will not deter them.

    BTW Vidya the legal husband of Asha Lakhan, Chodo’s playmate when he was PM and they were busted by the tea lady. Remember that saga?

  35. soro Says:

    The Charge d affair of the Fiji Team takes the Fiji Olympic team out for a training run on the rugby grounds and first up he tells everyone to assume their normal position. So they all go and stand behind they goalposts and wait for the conversion.

    Oso … joking aside .. do we have the grunt ?

  36. LUVfiji Says:

    Yes Fiji is sending a team to Beijing… meanwhile, Beijing is sending back home an irrelevant, incompetent, ineffective piece of item !!

  37. nativegal Says:

    If given the opportunity would you take up public office again..Presume you axed CEO

  38. LUVfiji Says:

    Did you mean me honey?… If so, try again ! Never worked for fiji public service and never will !

  39. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Lol @ Beijing sending back home an irrelevant, incompetent, ineffective piece of item!!

    @LUVfiji – Thats what those Chinese QC’s would call a definite reject.
    Imagine that!! Did not even pass Chinese QC!!
    We’re not surprised though, Voreqe and his idiots are all too full of the wrong kind of pride and imbecilic.

  40. anon Says:

    @ LUV FIJI….who the dau uvu biukila guy??????….

  41. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Bebenibogi – No offence taken.

    God bless Fiji (oh, there it is!)) )

  42. LUVfiji Says:

    @aubatinuku-N. The iIG thought they could get away with it. They didnt realise they were putting trash into one of the most distinguished diplomatic circles.

    @anon. Yes one that used to blow hot air into the bugel, then he was music director. Thats the background they thought was ideal for Beijing’s diplomatic corp. E biu vata na nodrau mona kei Vore ena dua na pakete masese; e se galala ga na pakete masese. lol !

    Wete.. a new day has dawned. Today’s Mother’s Day. Enjoy it, ha!

  43. Jitoko Serau Says:

    Barafen you the man!
    100% in agreement buddy. You are a genius.
    We will support all forms of resitance and should be in peaceful means
    Just imagine all villagers who don’t have the luxury of owning PCs to do as you are suggesting my friend. I can see it vividly. They have participation in this revolution right there in their own backyard and which soldiers are going to these respective villages to round up entire villagers? TO TAKE THEM WERE exactly. LUVfj does not love fiji heck this fella wanna restrict resistance to the confines of this keyboard and he thinks he’s a genius. He’s a suspect in my view. Be weary of this fella.

  44. LUVfiji Says:

    Welcome to this blogsite Jitoko Serau. By all means, you can take yr resistance to whatever level you wish my friend. Go for it ! I wish you damn luck!

  45. LUVfiji Says:

    On second thoughts: You have the audacity to suggest exploiting villagers. Their mentality is way above yrs buddy!

    I dare you to touch my village. Gonei, o na tata sarala vaka toa!

  46. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    With all the evidence in the audit reports, the Public Accounts Committee Chair, Korovulavula said that they are not there to examine the military audit queries. They are examining the other reports though but not the military one.

    The mismanagement of funds and wastage in the military prove the long held knowledge that these are not administrators. They should be looked after by civilians because all they know are guns and violence.

    Yet we see them in high government circles trying to muscle their views into the civil service. I hope that they give back the government to the people before they damage it beyond repair!

  47. Mark Manning Says:

    The next Chinese Olympics , will be held in the Chinese Capital , Suva !

  48. Barafen Says:

    There is no suggestion of exploiting villagers but of giving every person the ability to personally protest

  49. LUVfiji Says:

    By all means then, go for it ! Drau ia yani ! There are like-minded people who will fall for yr idea. Good luck!

  50. Kirsten Says:

    Why are you in the mix if you ain’t with the swinging my friend.

  51. LUVfiji Says:

    Dou laki ia !

  52. Barafen Says:

    On this day all of us that are mothers should stop and realise that we need to strive for a much better future for our children.

    This requires a belief in ourselves and the future of our country.
    God Bless Fiji

  53. Ratu Bongo Says:

    Look at the identity of the suppliers and decrease in income. No wonder he coup was needed. Na boci ga na boci

  54. LUVfiji Says:

    Definitely. But resorting to vandalism is not a part of my belief. Yes, Id luv to see a free country again but, unfortunately, we dont share the same ideals.

    For the record , I head my village and that is where I am blogging from as we ‘speak’.

  55. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – Kemuni na Marama Qaqa

    Marama Naita
    Mata Kaka

    Happy Mothers’ Day Luv
    Tell the kids not to start lunch without me.

  56. LUVfiji Says:

    @IB – Sa kua la na kana ni ra vosa mai na turaga naita !

    I hope you enjoyed yr day just as much as I did.

  57. LUVfiji Says:

    What mix? Who’s swinging? Pardon me, but I speak only plain English.

  58. LUVfiji Says:

    .. mine! @IB

    Wete.. sa rauta mada na vosa. Kids are driving me crazzzzie!

  59. dauvavana Says:

    coconuts from Joe’s Farm at $6 a dozen. A tamani butako rau!!

  60. Tebara Says:

    Naita Daushootin – au sa na waraka la na delivery ni niu mai na nomu compound!

  61. dauvavana Says:

    dou bula kece na wekaqu, seqai lesu tu mai na wavoki vakadede kau kidacala niu wilika nai talanoa ni niu ratou volia tiko nai lala butabutako oqo e na keba.

    Na niu ni Tai e wara ni vutikai vinaka vaka na nomudou mai na Tebara. Kerei IB la me so mai na baravi mai Nasilai/Mataisuva.

  62. Adi Kaila Says:

    Hey Dauvanavana where’ve you been man? Still hiding from the clutches of destiny? I really can’t blame you.

    If they were kinder to us we could give them greatly discounted coconuts straight from our plantations. Bese sara!

  63. IslandBoy Says:

    @Dauvavana – Niu mai baravi sobi tu vaka na nomuni, se bogi tiko ni Sigatabu. Ni wawa vaka lada naita, kida na mataka qai caka na kaba.

    @Tebara – kere vivuke, vakarogo sere ni lotu welewelei tiko, au sa lau vana mai. Na qai ni vuli sere, matavitokani na yakavi ni Vakaraubuka se qai curu tu mai qo. Rairai sa vanataki qima taucoka na gasau ni dakai.

    Bu Tava – kerea mo vagunuvi Naita vakalevu na wai ni bu, me rawa ni kaba tale vakabukabu.

  64. Tebara Says:

    IB … Isa na wekaqu .. revurevu beka mai na vulisere ni matavitonoki ..aye matavitokani … bahahahaha. Ratou vusheka tiko na turaga naita. Ratou curu la mai, ratu mai vakataramasa. Sa mai offer taki tiko nodratou mic ni kacikacivaki na turaga naita e na nodatou buturara ..bahahahahahahaha!! Wainauuuuuu Mate nai lavoooo !!

  65. Free Fiji Says:

    Free Fiji in the form described by Barafen is ‘a winner’. That means that we have to be realistic and understand that vandalism can be a means to bring down dictatorship. Better than violence looting and deaths. Our screens can not be the only means. People thinking that we must adopt nothing more than speaking from the comforts of our keyboards are a bit naive. It is one way but N O T the only way

  66. natewaprince Says:

    Disciplined forces by name only,indisciplined in the day to day running of the camp.

    What else would you expect from a group of a**holes who’s only prerequisite to joining is a bit of knowledge of the game played with an oval ball. (yes,yes,I know the pigs got a lop-sided oval ball too,and yes,a bit of knowledge in that game does come in handy also.)

  67. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ Mark Manning – Mark, you’d better make sure you make it to our big bash when all this is over and a new dawn begins, you are a pain in the patootie sometimes with your perspective but I’d sure love to finally put the faces to the names and meet in person all you strong spirited freedom bloggers.

  68. IslandBoy Says:

    TO ALL SV BLOGGERS & aubatinuku-N, I suggest we forget about the cocktail party, SV should become a political party come election time.

    Why not? Other parties are born from like minds meeting in private, well we have been meeting in cyberspace.

    And there is no doubt we are passionate about the well being of our country. What say folks?????

  69. LUVfiji Says:

    DEAL ! I’ll go for the Tailevu Sth constituency 😉

  70. nativegal Says:

    What election?? wishful thinking for another chance to brainwash “gulliblle” fijians ..sa vuku mai na kai viti

  71. Frida Says:

    Nativegal – the election that we have been promised by the pig? We are not gullible – hos promise is what not only the nation is looking but also the region and the world.

  72. Lau Lass Says:

    Woh!!! thank u SV for the Audit Report, no wonder they wanted to clean up– massive corruption & theft in the RFMF–they want to blame evrybody else for their butako shit. No wonder they are siding with Chodoman, they are of the same kind!!! daylight robbers, they are just common thieves & criminals !!!!

  73. Lau Lass Says:

    Saumatua & Teleni – the 2 thieves & yet advising young cadets about morals & ethics — pathetic officers in uniforms & full of lies, lies ,lies & you will be caught one day !!!

  74. nativegal Says:

    Lau Lass, Take your PM go back where you came from’
    Ni mai vavuna na leqa

  75. natewaprince Says:

    nativedog,o bau vosa tu i vei,tamata ulukau. O va’muri vore tiko qori mo tini i vei.Dou na tini kece ga i Naboro.

  76. Jitoko Serau Says:

    The Military cell is here to confuse. The rest of you should know who they are. Keep the focus clear. Take to the streets in large numbers is ideal. Spray painting FF for free Fiji is another. The military supporters would like nothing of the sort. So beware.

  77. Jitoko Serau Says:

    Conduct meetings privately and proceed with your own plans of actions.

    I would much prefer this type of revolutionary actions than the burning down of the Hindu Temple in Lautoka this past weekend.

  78. Jitoko Serau Says:

    Spray painting FF for free Fiji does not hurt anyone. High Treason has and will continue since our coups will not stop until people get up and demand to be freed. Countries whose population have continued the laid back do nothing attitudes due to fear or because they think it will be done for them by someone other than themselves are still waiting 15 years and counting. The longer they waited the firmer their respective regime’s grip on them.

    Rise up Fiji and change your situations for no one else will do it for you.

  79. barafen Says:

    On scouting around the various blogs there seems to be a group of contributors that seem to be anti IG in retoric but are quick to deflect any suggestion of any action other than talk. I may be being neurotic but ………………..

  80. nativegal Says:


  81. LUVfiji Says:

    If SV bloggers were to take to the street, it wont be at your call, baba! Just stick around…

  82. Tebara Says:

    Does this yalewakaiveikau know the meaning of the term COWARD ??



    THE ADJECTIVE OF THE WORD ( if u know what that means ..!… IS CO’WARD – having tail between his legs ..! Look no further right in your campo … Leweni qamuta na buina …!! Aiyarseeee THE BIG ASS .. qamuqamu vakasukari mai Merika … !!

  83. nativegal Says:

    Tebara sourpuss, put your money where your mouth is
    Its been almost 2 yrs of uprising talk …melt ga na term coward in your

  84. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Our uprising is “GLOBAL” and we are taking to the streets of the world.


    PUT OUR MONEY WHERE OUR MOUTH IS INDEED! We have absolutely no problem with that!

  85. Tebara Says:

    Oeee Nativegal .. U VUSIDUKA ..! I damn well put my money where my mouth is.

    FYI …those guns that you polished day and nite at the camp know too well who I am. I am one of the many citizens on your pathetic lists. I am not afraid to voice my opinion..through newspaper columns, forums and other measures.

    Neither do I need bodyguards to ferry me around .. A SIGN OF A COWARD ..!

  86. nativegal Says:

    Let your protest become visible….wave placards, peaceful marches to President ……unless you are the same lot of coward instigators behind 1987/2000 coups with grassroot masses in the frontline.

    Waiting for lolly handouts in backkground

  87. Tebara Says:

    .. Dou placard ga yani na masi dakai … lave lave tiko vei kemudou ! Ohh and speaking of President ..NativeBu … Word is there is a new helper in Govt house. A maid specifically tasked to bath the president and attend to his ADL needs. O kemuni beka o ni sa masia tiko na soresore nei Tai?

  88. LUVfiji Says:

    By the time we’re ready to take to the street, you will be amongst our frontliners handing out those lollies. You would have just been transformed. Stick around this site dear girl. Bind mai!

    Isa kemudou na marama.. esa sega qo na cakacaka ?? Io, me da sa tei solivakasama tiko mada ga!

  89. Tebara Says:

    @Luvfiji .. O koya na lave dakai i liu … me vavarau tu na cabolo… tabana ga ni counter fire attack …bahahahahhahahahahahahaha!!

  90. LUVfiji Says:

    Tebara.. you are not funny !!!!! LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL !! the loudest !!!

  91. nativegal Says:

    Ka ca ni segai nomu tamata…..iko beka tamata ni sovasova ni benu
    wishing mo bau vatamata tu…I dont blame you..
    Question is not when but do you have the guts..you are all drifters rawa ga na vosa under anonymity..

  92. aubatinuku-N Says:

    O cei e bu vatamata taka tu o ko na qitawa qoka?

    Drau laiva vua @ LvFj & Tebara.

  93. Dauvavana Says:

    Nativegal coward is when you won’t put your guns down for a fist fight.

    I remembered when they suspected me as one of those circulating that document instigated by Qarikau of NLTB for all chiefs to sign during the 2000 crisis and they stopped my car on a road checkpoint at Coloisuva. When I protested why they wanted me out of my car the exact word of the soldier point a gun at me was “O via roqo nomu wawa”

    what a coward with a gun. if he was a real man, then he should put his gun down as we say in na koro “fair go”

    as the saying goes “any fool can pull a trigger” sa dri yani.

  94. Tebara Says:

    Ruru NativeBu … Sa tiko donu tiko vei kemuni na i tutu ni ligani cakacaka vei Tai. Kua tale ni levu mai nomu vamacala. Dredre ga me masi vinaka o Tai.

    Kua ni via leqataka mai neimami vaka tamata se warai. Baleta keimami sega ni vakarawani ka vei ira na macawa …NOMU NEWS BU …!! (On tiko nomu radar sa tagi mai Tai me sa lai natu na kena vamukeni .. Qai yani )

  95. LUVfiji Says:

    Dauvavana – interesting experience!

    Sa tu dina ga vei ira na kena i vosavosa. Thats the very encounter I do not wish to go through. For those that are calling to protest on the street. Its not about being cowardice.. it is just about accepting the reality of the situation we’re in. Thanks for sharing that one.

    Thats the training for their bread and butter. What a lousy earning!

  96. Tebara Says:

    @ Naita Daushooting … Our fight is not in vain. E na qai oti mai Sakaraia.

    When they do end ..we will have the last laugh!

  97. Tui Says:

    @island boy. Baraca, I’ve been suggesting that all along since the days of WFC. In time we should get together and take this further. We must try to form another party that will once and for all get rid of the f#$%*^g RFMF! We have seen over the years how they have become the monster feeding on it’s own people. The monster keeps growing every year and it is getting worse. Cut off the head of the snake and lets start a fresh. Lets follow the example of the Dominican Republic. We don’t this idiots in their fancy uniforms. Bleary thieves mafia con-men murderers is all they are! Their good name was tarnished in 87′ and they have not changed. Qo e so na murimuri ni sotia vakateratera vavoki qai ululala!
    I say lets make that our number one priority for our party manifesto! GET RID OF THE ARMY PERIOD!!!

  98. IslandBoy Says:

    @Tui – I was in Europe on a short assignment and when I heard of the death of Savenaca Siwatibau my heart sank.

    Always used to hope when he was finished with his international and regional roles that he would lead Fiji. I would have walked miles on broken glass for Siwa, he was my Fijian hero and I wished I was like him.

    What I am looking for is men and women of all races in Fiji, like Siwa or the brother and sister team of Wadan and Padma who really lovet this countyry and have made their names and earned their reputation by hard work, unfailing integrity and brillian execution.

  99. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Indeed Tui! Get rid of the ARMY is Fiji’s solution

    Rid the ARMY by whatever means necessary

    Not 15 years from now


    N O W

  100. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    @Barafen and Jitoko

    Great observations

    I concur

    And thank you for keeping the focus clear

    ‘Tis great to talk I agree because I have done so longer than 17 months
    but a time will have to come when ACTION is the order of the day

    That the idea of taking to the streets remains alive and well is healthy!

    I noticed some on the ground decided to take to the streets in their own way — torching of the Hindu Temple and a private residence in Lautoka. I feel sorry for targets and there is no telling where the line will be drawn and that is dangerous because there are so many farmers who can be victimised. I would much rather the IG becomes the focus of vandalism as Barafen suggests.

    All the same, I wish those guys targeted Mahendra Chaudhry’s properties instead or Bainimarama’s relatives and all the Ministers of this IG. Heck even throw in Nawalowalo for good measure. Burn his house. And keep it strictly IG members first and foremost. Then toss in their supporters slowly one by one over time.

  101. Dauvavana Says:


    Jo Nawalowalo has no house e rent waviki tu ga e suva ka nona cakacaka ga na nanuma @ Union Club

  102. Mark Manning Says:

    thanks for the invite , i’l see you at Fiji day in Sydney in October , then maybe Fiji in 2009 if all goes well with the elections .
    as for my comments , thank the Lord for free speech !

  103. Budhau Says:

    Some talk in here about getting of the RFMF – great idea. But I thought our history and culture is all about warrior folks – and the military is the symbol of our greatness.

    Most of you folks do not see a problem with the military per se – the problem is that the “evil one” has got the military convinced somehow – so the problem is not the military – it is the “evil one” and his people – you know those guys have the real enemy all along – right?

    So lets talk about how we will correct the problem with the military by making sure that we replace FB with one of our own guys – so that this never happens again.

  104. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Hmmm interesting …

    .. will ponder and get back to you Budhau

  105. natewaprince Says:

    Dauvavana,va cava me kama na Union Club.Au va’ bauta ni na tagi sara ga o $2 namu,hahahahahahaha no other way to choke taxi fare,hahaha.

  106. Litea Vuki Says:

    Kama nona vale ni rent
    No one will be willing to rent to him after that

  107. LUVfiji Says:

    Ia me sa kama ga yani o koya ! LOL !!

  108. Jose Says:

    Our history and culture is pure Fijian uniqueness, no alien culture stain. Military is the symbol of alien invasion. Un -Fijian. Kick it out no replacement needed or desired. “Evil one” lead exodus to haryana where ever that is. No worries.

  109. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:


    Wrong. I have a real big problem with an institution that has been the common denominator of 4 coups. 2000 Coup ought not have happened. Today Rabuka apologises for instigating Fiji’s 1st. But fell short outlining strategies to downsize, disarm, to total disbandment of this institution.

    Many like me are not SDL affiliates and were too young to know what coups were when Rabuka’s hit the country.

    We have since aged and come to our own on matters political, religious, education, etc. and we reject this coup just as we did 2000’s.

    A way To move the country forward would be to denounce all coups and “a punishment by electric chair, hanging, or beheading” for all coup makers starting now by including/incorporating this new punishment into the NCBBF’s Charter that is now widely introduced.

    This rule should now apply to Bainimarama, Speight and Rabuka. Since Rabuka failed to strategize a total disarmament of the military he ought have offered his head on the chopping block for compensation and along with him his own personal challenge to THE ncbb to make it law and that Bainimarama will be joining him on death row.

    That should have been made today. We no longer want to just hear a bunch of words. Time for action now. And these two people who are still here walking around on the grounds we tread should be looking into their own brave deaths as punishment befitting their crime.

  110. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    That would be the only way I can see this institution, the military survive.

    Death to the coup intigators — beginning with the players up at Delainabua.

  111. Budhau Says:

    That idiot Jose was trying to explain that the military is some foreign institution – hey dude, go look at our warrior past.

    Some of our best and brightest joined the army. Now, you guys are trying to get rid of the military – don’t you guys see the pictures in the newspapers where high school kids, mostly Fijians, and marching with fake guns – them wannabe soldiers in some cadet programme.

    So this military culture is part of us.

    Then there are guys like Tui Savu who now claim that the Fijians Professionals or the Methodist Church has seen the light – that military coups are bad.

    The GCC, the Methodist Church and the majority Fijians were supportive of the past coups. Therefore, coup in itself is not a problem for the Fijians – the problem is that this coup was pulled by the “wrong” people.
    A coup would have been perfectly fine if a FLP government was elected the last time around and one of our boys had pulled a coup in the name of the indigenous cause.

    If we get rid of the military, and put in place a racially balanced, professional police force, who will then do the coup for us when the wrong people – specially the non-Fijian types get into power.

    As for punishing the perpetrators – look what they gave Rabuka – made him a honorary chiefs and head of the GCC. As for Speight, he is in jail because the dude got wrong legal advice – and he would have stuck to his original agreement regarding the amnesty – he would be a free man today. If Qarase had his way, Speight would be a free man.

    If Qarase wasn’t giving away the free pass to those coup perpetrators – maybe FB would not have been that pissed off.

    So this coup thing – we brought it upon ourselves – BTW that argument that you were not around in 1987 – that does not hold water – Fijians supported those coups – if you are Fijian, it is very likely that you and the rest of these guys in here would have been in the same group.
    You see how they are all saying that now that the coup was a bad idea – 20/20 hindsight – thats all fine – but do they really mean it.
    The reason they are all complaining is because they are on the receiving end of this coup.

    BTW – I am all for getting rid of the military – it is the Chiefs and the Fijian people who would be opposed to this.

  112. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Forget about my chiefs and what they feel about it since they are co conspirators of this coup. Very sad thing indeed. Like they learnt anything coming off being victims of 2000 coup. The reason I turned against the 200 coup and this coup for that matter is precisely because I was victim; along with my chiefs. Trouble is, I learnt and they did not. Neither did Mahen and nor did you.


  113. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Too bad for you sorry miserable guys.

    The lesson was taken by me and many more like minded.

    You, my chiefs, the FLP’s Mahendra, Jokapeci Koroi, and the lot refused to take the lesson so you, who were victimised along with me, chose to remain bitter and did them back

    Have you gained anything from your revenge? No I doubt it.

  114. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    And as for the children parading around holding fake guns ?

    Don’t you worry about them. Soon the MOE will know to divert funds into training them to hold the selekava and wheelbarrows, pitch-forks and spades and till that land and fish their waters using economical means. They are landowners and ought not waste time holding up guns and parading around in those funny looking uniforms. They should instead be taking lessons on making a living from utilising their land. Those are more useful for the Fijian boys and girls and not the training geared towards the military.

    Fiji does not need a military that has so devastatingly become her top liability.

  115. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Apply the death penalty to all coup makers

    Starting now — rake in Rabuka, joined by Bainimarama, line them alongside Speight. Electric chair, or hanging.

    That will leave behind a peaceful Fiji once and for all and we can truly move forward as a country; doing the hard work like R

  116. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    ichard Naidu says; following the constitution and applying the laws to make the changes we require. That is the lessons we ought all have learnt after out 1st coups. It did not happen and 4 coups later still some refuse to rid the military.

    Well they have to go. That is all that there is to it. Villagers visited by the NCBBF have expressed the desire to disband the military and I noticed that the NCBBF Representative refusing to entertain that idea. Your assumption that the chiefs and the Fijians refuse to do away with the military is incorrect.

    Truth be told

    The only chiefs who are upholding the existence of the military are my chiefs, along with those married to them, Nailatikau and Ganilau. But they fall under the minority; even you know that.

  117. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Budhau, don’t generalise all Fijian as supporting the coups because you don’t know me, nor did you know what I stood for during the coups and the same applies to many countless other Fijians as well.

    To generalise and say that ‘if you are a Fijian, it is very likely you and the rest of the guys in here would have been in the same group’ displays your stupidity because you insult the memory of the late Dr. Bavadra, Dr. TuPeni Baba and the rest of the Fijians in the FLP in 1987, that they ‘most likely’ would have supported the Rabuka coup.

    As for your agreeing with many bloggers on this site to get rid of the Military, how can you verify your thoughtless comment, that Fijians and the Chief will object to the Military’s removal?

    Can you substantiate your claim otherwise cut out the wise crap!

  118. Jose Says:

    I am all for getting rid of budhau and chodopuss and all dolly and snakes worshipping aliens out of my country. All other aliens christians welcome. dollys and snakes if you want to stay live in peace or shape out. No cry. Too easy.

  119. Vasiti Osborne Says:

    @Budhau it’s a good thing that you don’t just throw in the towel. How else are we to know the other side’s stand.

  120. Litea Vuki Says:

    You beat me to it V! Good morning.

    Bad idea to generalise there Budhau

  121. Orisi Qaranivalu Says:

    Very funny Budhau finally shut up on this one

  122. Budhau Says:

    Jese – the Fijian community in general supported the previous coups – the GCC supported the coup, the methodist Church supported the coups – and then they were those “support the cause and not the means” type.

    Of course there were Fijians that who were in the FLP and others who were opposed to the coups – but a a people the Fijians were supportive of the coups.

    Vasiti – I am not the “other side”

    How can I justify that the chiefs and Fijians in general would be opposed to the idiea of getting rid of the military?

    The Fijians are a proud “warrior” race – the military pride runs very deep, we were so proud when we sent our boys to the Malayan campaign – when those Indian buggers refused to go.
    The best and the brightest among the Fijains – guys from QVS, RKS,, Marist – they all join the Military – the Epeli boys are a good example – why, because we are so proud of our military as an institution.
    Then there was Sefanaia Sukanaivalu.

    So the problem is not the Military – we love the military. The problem is that the wrong people have taken over the military – we have to correct that – as the saying goes “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water”, that is what the feeling is in Fiji – why would you want to get rid of the military when it is not the military that is the problem – it is FB.

    Now- what do you say to that above – you think the Fijians are idiots, that they will get rid of some institution that has been such great part of our heritage – just because FB screw things up (BTW – We don’t anything against the military for what Rabuka did).

    Conclusion – of course there were Fijians back then who opposed to the coup – but a people the Fijians supported the 1987 coup – those that were opposed to it were an exception to that rule.

    Now – every Fijian I meet was opposed to the 87 coup – yeah right!

    Oh, and I do agree that we should get rid of the Military – and the sons of Chiefs – they should go to real colleges and get real jobs just like the rest of them.

  123. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:



    The Military must go, Gotta go, sure they have served their purpose – 4 coups in all

    Now it is time to cut that umbilical cord and say good bye

    That is what growth is about; we learn from the mistakes of our past and take the necessary steps to make corrections

    Otherwise we are likened to a rapist who rapes us and then we in turn go out and rape others who then go on and rape more and whose victims then proceed to rape still more and those raped now go on and rape more still and on and on and on it goes. Never ever learning anything new. Never ever willing to do some hard work by resisting the urge to rape and thus curtailing the cycle of rapes and coups for that matter.

    Get rid of the military unless Fiji wants still to face more coups into the future.

  124. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Budhau, you generalise too much.

    You said the Methodist Church supported the 1987 coup. Just shows your selective amnesia because if you knew so much, you should have known that Methodist President Rev. Josateki Koroi publicly condemned the coup before he was ousted by Rev. Manasa Lasaro and his cronies.

    There were other Methodist Ministers who condemned the the coup, but were in the minority and pushed into the background.

    You controt historical facts as well.

    The Fijians didn’t send off the Military to Malaysia, but the British Colonial Government. Also they did not go because of their pride in the Military Institution, but rather because of their loyalty to the kaci ni vanua of influential Chiefs like Ratu Sukuna.

    Again, if you knew so much, you would have realised the mass recruitment of Fijians, who had to be curtailed was not due their pride in the Military Institution, but rather their loyalty to the Chiefs and vanua and that is why Fijian hero’s like Sefanaia Sukanaivalu VC fought and died with pride.

    As for your claiming the best and brightest from MBHS, QVS & RKS joined the Army is simply ludicrous and to use both Epeli’s as proof of your assertion is laughable.

    You should have used more credible persons to substantiate your baseless claims because both Epeli’s have disproved your claim.

    I don’t know what school you attended or when because for those of us who know this period, we know for sure that the best and brightest didn’t join the army, but became professionals in their own respective fields, which they still hold today.

    You don’t seem to have gotten the drift of the bloggers on this site, that they truly believe the Military should be removed. Period! They are not saying it has to be removed because of bad Commanders, but rather the institution has failed Fiji and has outlived its usefulness.

    At least you agree on this point, but please blog accurately and more responsibly in the future.

  125. Taukei Says:

    You don’t seem to have gotten the drift of the bloggers on this site, that they truly believe the Military should be removed. Period! They are not saying it has to be removed because of bad Commanders, but rather the institution has failed Fiji and has outlived its usefulness.

    SPOT ON, Jese Waqalekaleka!


    GO GO GO


  126. Taukei Says:

    Fijians have a RIGHT to rule their nation, just as INDIANS have a RIGHT to rule theirs.

  127. SDL to Da Bone Says:

    I wouldn’t remove the military because the problem we would end up with, of military trained young men, would pose much bigger social problems for us. I would recommend a reduction of the RFMF to pre-1987 levels and a re-indoctrination programme that instilled in all soldiers the gospel of democratic ideals. I was in the RFMF pre-1987 and we certainly were not given that kind of training. There was this unspoken and unwritten understanding that the RFMF belonged to the Chiefs (e nodra mataivalu na Turaga qo) and therefore when Rabuka did what he did in 1987, most of us eventually supported him out of a mistaken belief that we were doing the ‘right’ thing. During childhood days, I used to listen to my elders voice quiet support for some of Butadroka’s sentiments whilst trying to balance it with a respect for high Fijian chiefs such as Ratu Mara, Ratu Edward Cakobau, Ratu George Cakobau and Ratu Penaia, and I suppose that sank deep into my psyche and became part of my own outlook regarding Fiji politics. The euphoria, adulation and adoration of the Fijian crowds in 1987 for us soldiers was mesmerising. Later on however, as I developed my own worldview, I realised with much shame, how wrong we all were in 1987. I would say with conviction, that the majority of Fijians supported the coup of 1987 and some Fijians who opposed it might actually have had reasons other than that of being defenders of the pillars of democracy. One of those reasons might have been, that of tribalism that oftentimes has been the bane of Fijian society. The kind of sentiments being mouthed by people such as Nativegal reflects exactly this kind of warped attitude where the people of Lau & Rewa are singled out for their bullying and myopic attention. My question to this Nativegal then would be; where does that leave people like me, who come from Tailevu North? Other Fijians opposed to the 1987 coup at the time, might have developed a dislike of the Mara legacy because of the ever present rumours of corruption by KKT himself just as now we hear about PM Laisenia Qarase. There was no evidence of any corrupt practice being carried out by any of the two gentlemen by the way. Rare was the Fijian at the time who actually stood against the 1987 coup out of a pricked conscience but there indeed were some and I would now consider such people, to be my personal heros. When Ratu Epeli Ganilau became the Commander RFMF, he actually was instrumental in eradicating the Rabuka legacies in the RFMF. He failed however to totally purge the RFMF of one prominent and threatening vestige of the Rabuka leadership. This was the CRW. Despite being warned by Brigadier Thorpe to do so, Ratu Epeli and Frank Bainimarama both failed to disband the unit or at least put in place checks and balances that would have given them warning signals well before any mischief took place. Their failure resulted in the Coup of 2000. I believe that a professional and smaller, leaner RFMF has a role to play in the future of Fiji, but it must be properly regulated and controlled in the manner of all military forces in other well established democracies. Indoctrination of proper democratic ideals must be part of training of all future soldiers. They must be made to understand that the people are the true masters of statehood and that the Constitution embodies their collective will. As one correspondent said above, let us not throw out the baby with the bathwater. I do not expect that we will have agreement on this point. Let us make it clear to all Fiji’s citizens that we will never again tolerate a coup in Fiji, in whatever form that it takes. The death penalty must be re-introduced only for this crime. I believe, that we are all well and truly fed up of coups and that this will be the last one. I absolutely abhor the act of the 5 Dec Coup, especially since I was one of those affected by it in a drastic fashion, but we have to be realistic and put on our thinking caps before making any rash moves. Disbanding the RFMF will do no-one any good. Where do we send the disbanded soldiers for instance. I believe, that we are in the middle of our formative years as a truly democratic state. This is just an aberration that will be corrected through all our efforts We will secure control of our beloved Fiji and our army. True democracy will return. We will see the prosecution of the clowns in the IG and good times will return. Now that we now what a fragile flower democracy is, we will have to take very good care of it and protect it with our lives, our reputations, our honour. Sa dri yani.

  128. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Vinaka @ SDL to the bone – I enjoyed reading your above post, it reminds me of a meke/song that my grandmother and the Soqosoqo Vaka Marama of Rewa used to sing right after the 87 coup “Rabuka, o iko dina na tagane”. These ladies use to bring down the house singing this song with such gusto. I bring this up as an example of what you mentioned above about our pre 87 military’s role and our allegiance to our vanua and Chiefs.

    Nevertheless this is indeed a sad sad situation we have nowadays and I agree with you and countless others “good times will return” and there is no other way but UP from this point.

  129. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    @SDL tdb thank you for that. I am only partially convinced. What would be ideal is to close down the institution; sending the military boys to the farms around the country. An ex military personnel by the name of Savua if memory serves made such a proposal to this regime before he was tossed on his ears by Bainimarama. So there is no shortage of opportunities. Overseas military camps also will take them on. Savua suggested they get paid for farming, rebuilding schools, bridges, wharfs, jetty, airstrips and so on. Brand new intake at its re opening with 1st batch right out of high school. With Australia and New Zealand superiors only. New recruits who are school leavers will be molded into that vision you described. And they will ascend the ranks into leadership positions in the military over time. Just like the days of old when the Britons oversee the running of the military forces. Amounting to about 3 – 5 years of shut down and then 5 to 10 more years into Aussie/Kiwi leadership before we see Fijian hands at the helm. This leaves Fiji with a coup less guaranteed peaceful existence of 15 years in total. Not bad.

    A reputation have been set by the military and the price they reap is a lack of trust from the people of Fiji as you rightly put it. The institution has to earn back respect and they will await their calling by the people they serve. For now, we the people wish to bid them farewell from holding our guns and instead take up the people’s machete, pitch fork, wheelbarrow, and tend to the farms, among other real work men do in their bid to rebuilding a country.

  130. Litea Vuki Says:

    Nice exchange here.
    The 15 years will see Fiji transition into three elections results without disturbance? Hey whatever works is what I always say. Fiji will not suffer because of a zero military but definitely have with one. Close them out for the interim and people can breath while contemplating peacefully what to do with their reinstatement if at all.

  131. Budhau Says:

    On my statement that the Methodist Church supported all previous coups – you pointed out that the Church president Koroi publicly condemned the coup – and Koroi was promptly ousted by Rev Manasa Lasaro.

    That re-enforces my argument – that is – the moment someone within the Church said something against the ’87 coup – he was replaced. That goes to show that the church would have nothing to do with folks who were critical of the coup – and majority in the Church supported that position.

    Jese went on to criticize me for making generalization on what the Fijian position was – as he pointed out some Fijians opposed to the coup.

    When it is convenient for the Fijians – they point out that their system of leadership is through their chiefs. So when the Provincial Council or the GCC has a position – that generally is the position of the Fijian people.
    For example – they are now insisting that the Fijian position on the Charter is what the GCC or the Provincial Council position is.
    So when it is convenient – the Fijian leadership goes that route.
    When the last constitution was put in place – the Provincial Council and the GCC endorsed the changes. However, later there were Fijians who claimed that since they did not have a say in changes made to the constitution, that they should not be expected to support the constitution.

    I think when the GCC, The Provincial Councils, The Methodist Church supported the coup – it is reasonable to conclude that the Fijian community – as a people had similar views to that of the organizations mentioned above. Of course there would have been some individual Fijians who would not have agreed with these organizations or their chiefs.

    You can’t have it both ways – otherwise, why should we take the views expressed by the Provincial Councils on the charter – as that of the Fijian people.

    Jese, it is true that the Fijians did not send the military to Malaysia, the British did – however, it was the Fijians who sent their boys to Malaysia – didn’t they – that was my point – that the Fijian chiefs, and the vanua proudly supported a military campaign.

    As for the present Fiji Military – it is 98 percent indigenous and the Fijian people and the chiefs see the military as the ultimate guarantee of indigenous control.

    The Fijians were proud to serve in the Malayan campaign – actually, many of them still bring up the fact that the Indians were being unpatriotic when they refused to go. The military pride of the Fijian leadership, the chiefs,is what got the Fijians to go to war.

    Our biggest heroes are people like Sefanaia Sukanaivalu – a war hero.
    ..and you are trying to tell me that we don’t have a military culture.

    As for our Military traditions – and why it is such a part of life – Jese said something about the “best and the brightest” not necessarily being part of the military.
    Well let me list some names which will ring a bell.
    Sir Lala Sukuna, Sefanaia Sukanaivalu, Edward Cakobau, George Cakobau, Penaia Ganiulau, Brigadier General Epeli Ganilau, Brigadier General Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, and the list goes on – even Balerokadroka is a son of a former senator and chief from Naitasiri, and a Marist old boy.

    The above list – is definitely an “A list” of Fijians – sort of “who is Who” list. Even in the pre-colonial era – warriors were always looked up to in our culture.

    Therefore, military – be it a tribal army in the pre-colonial days, or the British Army during the colonial era or our current Military – this is part of our culture. Fijians – whether they are peacekeepers abroad, mercenaries in Iraq or members of the British armed forces – we look up to our soldiers.

    Based on the above – I am of the opinion that the Fijians would not get rid of the military. The reason being that it is not the military that is the problem – the problem is this coup that was done by the wrong people. As I said before – no matter what they are saying now – the majority Fijians supported the previous coups – thus we do not have any problems with the previous coups.

    The military is seen as the ultimate guarantee of indigenous control – that is how the Fijian population has been brainwashed – so how can they let the military go.

    As for you and I – we know that with the increase in Fijian population and the decline in the Indian population – Indians are not a threat. It is the Fijian leadership that uses the military for their own power grab – it has nothing to do with Indigenous control.

  132. SDL to Da Bone Says:

    Hmmm, interesting take that Budhau has on this. Budhau’s explanation seems a tad too simplistic in my opinion. The world is much more complicated than how he or she portrays it. Budhau presents the normal run of the mill Indian conspiracy theory regarding Fijian aspirations. There is some truth to his complex web of theorising but there are major fundamental flaws which Budhau ought to correct if his worldview is to reflect the reality on the ground. I believe, that we Fijians had decided to go legal on all things because we had finally seen the light of day following the 2000 coup when our Paramount Chiefs were jailed for their part in it. In 1987, it would not be inaccurate to assert that the majority of Fijians supported the Rabuka coup due to the worldviews that we were raised on. Several years down the line however, a large swathe of the Fijian people quickly disassociated themselves from the blatantly, racist attitudes on which they were raised as children. Now, on the same token, I wonder what kind of attitudes our Indo-Fijian brethren were raised on in their homes regarding race relations. I have seen with my own eyes how Fijian labourers are treated with derision and contempt by Indian contractors; how much more experienced Fijian workers are paid less than the least experienced Indian labourer. The instances where I have seen this happen are too many and varied to suggest that this attitude is confined to a limited section of the Indian community only. I would accept that the Indo-Fijian community has been living a hurtful and tortured existence in the country of their birth, Fiji since the coups of 1987 and that their attitudes are shaped in some respect by this sad experience. To suggest however that the RFMF continues to be used by our Fijian chiefs for their own ends is stretching it a bit much. The 2000 coup split the Fijian community right in the middle. The majority of Fijian urbanites, myself included, and very much in the RFMF, had unlearned the attitudes of our upbringing whereby the Indian was likened to the bogeyman and we had adopted a more embracing and accepting worldview. The rural Fijian however, was more conservative in his views and had not yet reached the point of realisation that many urban Fijians had reached. This was not to say that all rural Fijians were unanimous in their support of the George Speight coup. There is something dark and obnoxious about evil that repels even the ignorant. I met many village folk who had lighthearted ways of describing their disapproval of the 2000 coup and the foul carryings on in the sacred grounds of the Parliamentary complex, as evil and wrong as it was. These lighthearted jibes would be followed up by some philosophical observations that amounted to the grand conclusion that anything evil would by its very character, disintegrate under its own weight. And this coming from your ordinary, unlearned, indigenous Fijian. Of course, I could be accused of over generalisation as well, but the instances, in my experience once again were too widespread across the spectrum of rural Fijian sentiment to suggest that they were confined to one narrow subsection of the rural Fijian populace. I was in the RFMF at the time and traveling widely across Fiji and the results of my queries could possibly have been skewed by the fact that I was in the army but I am convinced that they had seen the results of anarchy and were convinced that anything (yeah, even Frank Bainimarama’s idea of utopia that he is trying to force down our throats) was better than that. Along came Laisenia Qarase who convinced us that we Fijians could get everything that we wanted using legal means. There was no need for coups or armed uprisings to get what we wanted. This in my opinion was the real threat to Mahendra Chaudary. Finally a Fijian leader who more than matched him in political manouverings (nothing wrong with that), who stood head and shoulders above him in the understanding of economics and finance, who was clean as a whistle in his personal affairs and who had ably and successfully led the Multi-party Cabinet (including Labour Party members). Chaudary probably thought that he was in danger of becoming irrelevant. Can’t have that, can we? The rest is history. To suggest that only Fijian chiefs are using the RFMF for their power grabs is a half truth. Many Indo-Fijians and yep some Fijian chiefs and the majority of the FLP have shown that they are up to the challenge as well.

  133. Budhau Says:

    SDL To Da Bone – let us look at your “sophisticated/complicated” view of what the situation is on the ground – as opposed to my simplistic views.

    First – How was my opinion the “normal run of the mill Indian conspiracy theory”.
    Indians have very little to with the Military or the military coups – and many probably wish that Chaudary should have sat on the sidelines on this one. All the coups were about Intra-Fijian conflict – sometimes with the Indians being made the scapegoat.

    So mine was a “conspiracy theory and your theory is that the Fijians have “finally seen the light of day following the 2000 coup when our Paramount Chiefs were jailed for their part in it.”

    Those paramount chiefs got their ass in jail – because Bainimarama insisted that they be prosecuted and he was opposed to them being released – though Qarase got away with letting many of them off. Those guys ended up in jail because they did not do the amnesty agreement right – so the lesson in this is not that we should not pull another coup – the lesson was that they should do the amnesty agreement right – just like Rabuka did – get better lawyers.

    So your sophisticated worldview – that the Fijians have seen the light – and we no longer have a coup culture.

    SDL wrote, “In 1987, it would not be inaccurate to assert that the majority of Fijians supported the Rabuka coup due to the worldviews that we were raised on.”

    Listen guy – the worldview that you were raised on is no different than that of others in your country – Fijian or not. Trying to explain that the Fijians has some different worldview is an insult to them.
    Usually when a people support a coup – the belief is not whether coups are right or wrong – the belief is that coups are OK is they are justified.

    Unlike others in here – at least you had the testicular fortitude to admit that the majority of the Fijians supported Rabuka – they have been jumping on my ass for days for making that same generalizations.

    So you claim that Fijians were raised on “blatantly, racist attitudes” – why are you trying to insult Fijians and how they raise their children. I think there is certain amount of racist attitudes in all communities.

    However, race had little to do with any of the coups – your know it, I know it and the Fijian people know it to. In 1987 – the chiefs sent in Rabuka to pull the coup because they had just been voted out. They had to have some excuse that they can give for the coup – and the explanation was that the Indians were behind Bavadra – no one bought that – just like no one is buying the line the IG is giving us as to why they pulled this coup.

    As for racist beliefs – both the Indian and Fijians communities have racist beliefs – what our goal should be is to get rid of institutionalized racism that Qarase and the boys were putting in place – especially since the 87 coup.
    If someone wants to be racist – don’t marry your daughter to someone of the other race – however, one can not stop a person of a race other than Fijian from becoming the PM.

    As for racial discrimination in employment – well, make some laws about discrimination in the work place and nail the employer’s ass if there is racial discrimination.

    You talk about the Indians and the Fijians attitudes – you see, the well to do, professional, educated Indians – they have already moved on – well most of them. The Indian remaining – they are mostly indifferent towards what’s going on – their line “ ab Ka kariho” (what can we do) – On the other hand – politicians like Qarase and the rest know that for them to get that “overwhelming” Fijian support – there has to be racial polarization – so what do they do? – convince the Fijians that this was an Indian coup and the Indians are after our land and they want to destroy our heritage and culture. You get the Fijians to buy that – and they vote SDL and have an intense dislike for the Indians – and that in turn makes the Indians dislike the Fijians – and the merry-go-around goes on.
    On the other hand – with the size of the Indian population, for Indian leaders to get into power or have the balance of power, they must work coalition with a Fijian party – be it a minority Fijians party – like the New Alliance. So it is not in the interest of party like the FLP to preach racial hatred. Indian are behind the FLP – the question would be whether Chaudary would be the leader of FLP come next election.

    SDL wrote, “To suggest however that the RFMF continues to be used by our Fijian chiefs for their own ends is stretching it a bit much. The 2000 coup split the Fijian community right in the middle.”

    Well, lets look at the coups (at the risk of over simplifying)

    Here is my “simplistic” world view – in 1987, Rabuka was the front man for chiefs who had been defeated in the previous election – They used Rabuka and the military to do their dirty work – what part of this don’t you get – or that I am stretching. Rabuka himself has named names.

    Now lets look at the 2000 – Speight was sent in by the “other” chiefly family – because they probably felt the Mara clan had been riding the gravy train for too long and it was their turn now.
    So we would have had Seniloli as the president, One of the Cakobau girls as the PM, maybe Baledrokadroka or Tarakinikini as the military head –

    So the first coup was done by one set of chiefs, the 2000 coup was by another.

    Now –look at this coup – the New Alliance was just defeated in the election – the Mara clan had no chance of getting back into power – so guess who is in power now. Who do we have running the IG and the military – it ain’t Chaudary – Mara’s son and two son-in- laws.

    As for Chaudary – the man is an opportunist – this is probably his last hurrah – and he jumped on the coup bandwagon after the fact – I do not see any evidence to suggest that Chaudary was a coup conspirator before the coup. Looking back on it – I think Chaudary’s involvement has done more harm to the Indians.

    Your theory about Urban Fijian being more accepting of the Indian as opposed to the rural Fijians – wrong.
    Fijians and Indians who have lived together – like those in the West – they seem to have a better understanding of each other and have better relations. Those urban Fijians who have just moved to the urban areas with little experience with the Indians – they were the ones beating up the Indian in Tailevu in 2000. Those Urban Fijians such as workers/trade union types – they usually realize that their interest lies with other workers – so race is irrelevant.

    I stand by my statement that the Fiji military is 98 percent indigenous so it is easy for the chiefs to sell the idea to the Fijian population that the military as the ultimate guarantee of indigenous control. Once the Fijians people buy into this – the military is here to stay – and the chiefs will continue to use the military for the own power struggle. The fight in Fiji is amongst the Fijians.

  134. Vasiti Osborne Says:

    And now that you are both done reminiscing over the past

    Let’s get back to the issue at hand which is where the solution to our problems lies .

    Shut down the military as suggested by many. There are a variety of ways to accomplish the task. A favourite as earlier suggested is to take a clean break for 5 years. Then re open upon the people’s choice to bring them back. This act, in and of itself is their 1st lesson that we, the people, shut them down and now, we the people are calling them back perhaps it has something to do with the fact that they take their orders from us, the people and not the other way around as they have been so misled to believe. Expatriates at the helm is another excellent move. Then the nail on the coffin is all recruits fresh out of high school. And these will be the only Fijian faces in this new look Fiji Military Forces. That includes the Navy.

    Someone talks about the concern of where the military boys will end up. Well, the answer lies in their taking to farming and rebuilding the country. Holding guns ready for war is not the way real men tackle the grave task of nation building.

  135. SDL to Da Bone Says:

    Budhau, regarding your first statement regarding the non-involvement of Indians in the 2006 coup I have the following to relate. You decide. I have a military officer friend who I served with and of high enough rank to be able to stand in the same exclusive group at a cocktail party at the US Ambassador’s residence sometimes in 2005 I believe, as Mahendra Chaudary and Frank Bainimarama where Chaudary exhorted Bainimarama to just carry out the coup and he and the FLP and other friends would worry about trying to repair the situation. I have no reason to disbelieve the guy because he had no cause to lie to me. He said that at the time, Chaudary made the plea in an ironic jesting and jousting sort of way. He couldn’t believe his ears and Bainimarama just replied that the time was not yet right. Obviously the rest is history. Now, following that fateful evening, prior to the 5 Dec coup, more meetings were reported by the Special Branch (Fiji Police) between Bainimarama & Chaudary, Bainimarama & Nazhat Shameem, Bainimarama & Shaista Shameem, Chaudary & the Shameem sisters. The meeting continued well into 2006 up to the day of the coup. Now am I mistaken in saying that Chaudary and the Shameem sisters and Aiyaz-Saiyad Khaiyum are all Indians. Have they suddenly become others on the arrivals immigration form? Am I mistaken still in saying that the Fiji Labour Party is the party of choice for most Indo-Fijians. Am I mistaken in saying that the majority of Indians seem to have a twinkle in their eyes and a shining glint to their toothy smiles now and a spring to their step that was absent pre-5 Dec 06? Budhau, you just have to accept the glaring truth that Indians have learnt the tricks of the trade as well and this is their coup. Without these Indo-Fijian coup catalysts, I have no doubt that Bainimarama would not have had the guts to carry out the coup. He surely had to weigh the pros and cons of carrying out a coup and Chaudary and company supplied him with all the pros bits. He was given the idiotic notion that we Fijians would all just roll over and accept what he shoved down our throats. That like Rabuka, all would be well in a few years and that the world would have no choice but to work with the regime. How wrong they were, weren’t they? The post 9/11 world is a vastly different world from that of 1987. If you are Indian, Budhau, then this is your coup. It was done in your name and it belongs to you no matter how much you try to deny it. Those who have benefited from it should enjoy the fruits of it while they can. When the tide returns, we will give them fair trials that they refused to give others, we will treat them with respect and dignity that they do not deserve. And the tide will come in!

    Now to your generalisations and simplified reasonings regarding Fijian Chiefs and the RFMF. You accuse me of insulting my own people yet without any effort you carry on insulting us Fijians and our Chiefs to the marrow. I explained that some of the social attitudes and beliefs of the Fijian people are and were racist in nature and that many of us had decided to actively unlearn those negative values that were passed down to us. I wonder if the same is happening in the Indo-Fijian context. If it is, then good, but if not, then the Indian elders have their work cut out for them.

    I agree with your conclusion that the Mara siblings are deeply involved in the 5th Dec coup. Adi Ateca and Adi Koila according to another friend of mine and senior RFMF officer of Field rank, came to Bainimarama one day in late 2005 to tearfully beg him at his office not to forget the shame that was caused their late father, the former President, Ratu Sir KKT Mara, by the nationalistic hordes and to remove the SDL government which they alleged was siding with them. Bainimarama was having second thoughts about the whole proposal. Bucket loads of tears were cried that day and everything fell into place.

    Every member of this foul company had bones to pick with Laisenia Qarase for the threat that he posed to them. For Bainimarama it was because he was about be prosecuted on Treason charges, for Chaudary, it was because of the combined causes of old hurts due to the previous coups and the aforementioned perception that he was fast becoming irrelevant in Fiji’s political landscape, for the Mara and Ganilau siblings it was vengeance for some form of injury caused to their pride by the SDL Government. For the Shameem sisters, Khaiyum, and Pathik, it was the perceived racist nature of LQ and SDL as well as the slight against Nazhat Shameem for not backing her up for the UN job. A good number of Indo-Fijian members of the FLP such as Vayeshnoi and others would have been in the know or would have supported a coup against the SDL government anyway. Jokapeci Koroi’s pre-5 Dec comments are legendary. Now, if the above named Indo-Fijian gang members are not of the Indian persuasion then what are they? Ethiopian?

    In short, Indians have learnt the tricks of the trade and said, well if you can’t beat ’em then join ’em.

    Now, I have spoken to you, Budhau of what I have personally experienced in my travels across the breadth of the country, speaking to Fijian communities and from my own experience as a Fijian. The reason I am criticising many of your statements is that you continue to espouse many of the epithets and pronouncements that cause Fijians to despise Indian attitudes and by extension persons, in the first place.

    I speak from first hand account experiences, but you speak in banal generalities about matters that are sacrosanct in Fijian. You speak of urban Fijians as if you are the only existing authority on the subject. I speak as an urban Fijian and after having spoken to so many urban Fijians as well.

    To your last line I respond, yes, some selfish Chiefs with the able guidance and cooperation of many Indians have decided to push us Fijians into a corner. And OUR fight is with THEM!!!!

  136. LUVfiji Says:

    SDL to DaBone… this is an excellent post. Vinaka vakalevu!

    @SV – could you please put this one out for all to read. IT IS A MUST READ!

  137. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    We fight what is wrong.

    That the current co conspirators happen to be my chiefs isn’t enough for me as a subject to excuse them — as is commonly practiced in Fijian communities.

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