Ex military minister talks loud

May 5, 2008

By Michael Field

Anybody who has ever met 56-year-old Bernadette Lavenia Rounds Ganilau knows her talk as about as big as her dress style. Loud.

The manly woman who signed up as a cabinet minister with Voreqe Bainimarama – she was quite unable to win any job democratically – is now revealing the real plot behind the December 2006 coup.


Strangly she does it very loudly in Suva coffee shops. Where simply everybody gets to hear.

Her story is not so unusual; its just that she is saying it.

The aged soul pronounced, for all to hear, that Mahendra Chaudhry is actually the mastermind behind the 2006 coup.

She says the poor Commodore really knows very little, and was roped in by Chaudhry to mount the coup.

All this is hardly surprising; the smart money has been on it for a while.
Corruption however knows no bounds. One can recall that BLRG was Voreqe’s Tourism Minister – although she was banned from the relevant tourism markets, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

So she went to Dubai, paid for by the hard pressed Fijian tax payer.

Something happened, and she now virtually lives there, making money in some other fashion. Voreqe, on Chaudhry’s  say-so, fired her last year.

Bainimarama has recently been in Dubai; but BLRG says she refused to attend any function he was at. She even claims she called him a coward – to his face. 

If this is the level of discourse going on with people like her, Fiji is in even worse trouble


26 Responses to “Ex military minister talks loud”

  1. FijiGirl Says:

    Sorry – this article doesn’t sound or read like something written by Michael Field, as interesting as it is to hear Luvvy’s alleged gossip. If I am wrong, I apologise.

  2. solivakasama Says:

    well Fiji Girl try this link http://www.michaelfield.org/bernadette%20rg.htm

    If that’s not Michael Field then Mary is Frank when he’s disguised as a crossed dressed tranny 🙂

  3. Mark Manning Says:

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    God bless Fiji .


  4. soro Says:

    Luvvy has been upset by what she has seen and is saying so and good on her.

    Unfortunately she may not feel as free to say what she thinks via the media because of her links to the Ganilau family etc etc.

    So if she is overheard, perhaps its a good thing for the rest of us.

    And the truth is set free.

    God bless Fiji

  5. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    SV it certainly looks like it is on his web site.

    The loud mouth only confirms what we have known for a long time; bananasinpyjamas is chaudhry’s puppet.

    Now if there was only a hard hitting journalist in Fiji who could ask bananasinpyjamas some awkward questions. e.g.

    1. How much did chaudhry pay you to stage a coup d’etat against an elected govt?

    2. When did you realize that you are being used by chaudhry?

    3. Did you personally take part in the beatings and murders of Fijian citizens?

    4. Why did you take money from the regimental funds for your own use?

    5. Why did you arrange to send a death threat to the Australian High Commissioner?

    6. When did you realize that 95% of Fijians hate you for what you have done?


  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    By loud mouth [above], I meant the ex illegal trip junkie.

    Actually, after reading Field’s article, you wonder why chaudhry even bothered appointing anyone as illegal tourism mouthpiece as they certainly wouldn’t be allowed to visit the major countries in the South Pacific.

  7. Hackerman Says:

    You know or do you remember those hacked e-mails – by that swine Nikhil Sihgh and Diwarkar, the Chodos etc – the 2 February e-mails that were hacked between Russell Hunter and Victor Lal contained references to one Cabinet minister B – who, according to Fiji TV, was named – RH had told Victor that B had explosives which needs to be disclosed and had told Victor to contact B – well, Chodo and his gang couldnt figure out whether it was Bune or Bernadette – so they booted both of them out of the Cabinet

  8. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The death threats against the Australian High Commissioner has all the markings of bananasinpyjamas upon them.

    Firstly, who can remember the bomb threat at a hotel in Suva which stopped a conference of people who were discussing ways to move Fiji forward without the green goons. I can’t remember the junta’s blunder just prior to this.

    Secondly, who can remember the imaginary “PLOT” against banansinpyjamas and others and the nearly deathly bashing of Mr Khan. This came just after bad press publicity for chaudhry’s illegal junta.

    I get the impression that this jaundiced junta keep trying to deflect media attention away from their stupidity by creating stunts to try to get positive press reports.

    It is certain that bananasinpyjamas himself organized the taxi to deliver the fake death threats so that his illegal junta could get some positives from sending a few police cars around to the Australian commission as they would get lots of pictures of trying to help on TV.

    This is of course a week after the disastrous deportation of another journalist.

    Whoever is advising them about the media should be sacked; hang on! They are doing a great job for those who wish to see democracy returned and the Fijian culture restored to its once proud status.

  9. Soul of Fiji Says:

    The truth shall set us all free….
    RFC, WFC and now SV; we have been saying all along on this blog site that the mastermind is MC not VB.

    The supporting facts is as long as the lies emanating from the IG.

    1. Frank does not have the mental capacity to lead any government
    2. Everytime he opens his mouth …shit falls out
    3. Everytime he gives a press conference he speaks fluently but off the cuff he cannot put together 2 good english sentence.
    4. Franks says no one from the IG will stand for the next election, but MC says whoever performs well should stand for the next election.
    5. Before Russel Hunter was deported little chodo was already boasting about it.
    6. Frank says that the Military Council is leading the Government, but we all know MC gives the order to VB, VB to the military council and Military Council (piglets) to the people.

    Remember the revelation by a blogger on RFC that He was contacted and tried to be hired way back in 2000 after the GS coup to destabilise the then government by a group calling themselves “The European Parliament Thinktank”.

    This is the same thinktank that planned and masterminded this coup and paid the PIG and his piglets to carry out the job.

    7. The assault and resultant death of 2 civilians at the hands of the army have the same pattern of injuries metted out to the CRW soldiers, and it was allowed by VB and MC to frightened people not to go against this IG.

    8. The continued intimidation on Fiji’s Chiefs and people and senior Fijian civil servants orders comes directly from Chorochoro. etc.etc….

  10. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Does anybody see the similarities between chaudhry’s illegal junta and the military junta in Burma?

    Let me try to elaborate.

    Firstly, they both are there by means of guns.

    Secondly, they both have inflicted pain and misery on their people.

    Thirdly, they have both caused economic havoc with their economies.

    Fourthly, the so called ‘leaders’ have no idea about running a country and making it prosperous.

    Fifthly, the so called ‘leaders’ increase their luxuries while the people become poorer.

    Sixthly, the so called ‘leaders’ ignore warnings of natural disasters. I would imagine that they think that nothing can happen to the country because they are holding guns.

    Seventhly, the so called ‘leaders ‘ DO NOTHING to help the people immediately after a natural disaster such as a cyclone.

    Eighthly, the so called ‘leaders’ refuse to acknowledge that there is a natural disaster.

    Ninthly, the so called leaders procrastinate whilst the people suffer. Remember that is was up to 6 weeks after a cyclone before bananasinpyjamas managed to get some food to some outlying islands.

    Tenthly, the so called leaders resist foreign help as it would expose them to the fraud that they have committed against their people.

    The colonels in Burma, like bananasinpyjamas, are crapping themselves because they cannot help the people and the people will tell the helpers about the atrocities that have been committed against them by illegal juntas.

    The Fijian so called ‘ officer corps’ should hang their head in shame for taking Fiji down the same path as Burma and Zimbabwe.

  11. LUVfiji Says:

    I luv the article! The rotten apple speaks!

    I thought she had accepted the decision of her exclusion from Chodo’s iICabinet. Lo and behold.. it was bad for the heart. Just goes to show integrity was never there in the first place. She jumped in for her personal gain – nothing more, nothing less; and it definitely was not to serve a broken country. Hers is certainly not the type of character I would look up to. Damn, I hope she is out for good. Dubai can have her. Micky Beddoes take note, buddy!

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    I get the sense , from a distance , that Fiji society is becoming more communist day by day and no one is doing a thing about it .
    It’s very concerning as this has only been allowed to happen in 14 months .

  13. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    @MM we are trying

  14. hopefiji Says:

    Ex Fiji Tourist, I completely agree with you on the divesionary tactics by the militray IG and Chodo….whenever the heat gets turned on ..they create a diversion. Note ….the deportation of Hannah was around media publishing opinion pieces of the judiciary…everytime public pressure and scrutiny on the judiciary ..we have a situation engineered by the goons that national security is threatened .

    Read the AUSTRALIAN today..more articles on Fiji judiciary…see what other diversion these idiots are going to create to refocus people’s attention away from the mess that the jucdiciary is in….

    The death threat to the Aust High Comm is soo obvious…hoping that this preoccupies the media and public for the next week or so!! HELLO!!!!

  15. Peace Pipe Says:

    It just goes to confirm our conclusions on our analysis of the events since 12/5 that chodo the snake is the mastermind of the coup. Had the pig tried to carry it out himself he would failed miserably and instantly. So when the snake offered his vile and venomous services the opportunity to succeed was much greater and so bang came the coup and all its misery to the people of Fiji except for those who benefited. Another example of how incompetent the pig is is the barrage of sub intelligent statements pouring forth from his looney mouth is nauseating to hear. We know the cause of the coup is the pig’s desperate escape from justice and the snakes evil scheme of returning to power. So what is the solution. Can we apart from our traditional international friends who are pressuring the illegal ig for a return to democracy, do something to make an impact on fixing the mess we are in through no fault of ours. The steps taken by some chiefs lately to make submission to the UN is a good positive step in leading the way.

  16. FijiGirl Says:

    My apologies SV! You are right, it is there on his website. It’s definitely his work. I stand corrected. I apologise unreservedly (if only the IR would do the same…)

    God bless Fiji

  17. Peace Pipe Says:

    I say lets attack the illegal ig’s at their weaknesses ie their Achilles heels the farter charter and the economy. These are avenues we can do something about. Have a propaganda platform and inform the provinces not to accept the farter charter as it is illegal and detrimental to the Fijian race and is the trojan horse of the conceited few devious Indians like chodo and his cahoots. Already the large provinces Rewa, Tailevu, Namosi Cakaudrove and Naitasiri have rejected the charter and GCC changes. Let us save our money and not spend now on things we can defer buying till March 2009. This will create pressure to bear down on the ig finances and hopefully they will capitulate sooner than 2009.

  18. Pusiloa Says:

    SV, If I remember correctly RFC once published the names of all who owed big money to the RFMF regimental fund. Can we put that back on this site and just remind the piglets again. Considering the number of hits on this site lets get the information back here and name and shame the bastards…..oops sorry these people dont have shame any more……

  19. natewaprince Says:

    Sa mai pote toka yani o ”Big Butt Bernie”.If she wasn’t kicked out on her big fat ass,she’d still be there with the other leeches rubbing the bi-polar pigs soresore.

    ”Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.

    Just like Jone Vakamocea,this is just a case of sour grapes.Levu gona ni nona f**k around i Dubai,mai rawa sara e dua na nona job,blerry cebo levu.

  20. Mark Manning Says:

    you have my support .

  21. Adi Kaila Says:

    I’m with you there NP – lave is a bloody big opportunist. Remember it was the Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase who appointed her in 2000 to his cabinte as Interim Government.

    Totolo sara ko lave lai siosio sara taka na South Pacific Games – she still cringes when this is mentioned in her presence – it’s like “I don’t want to talk about – so what were we talking about”

    Then she goes right in to oppose the Prime Minister LQ when she accepted the position as an illegal coupster.

    One could tell her nose was put right out of joint when she was relieved of her Frequent Flyer job because she quickly had to let everyone know she had met so many people when she was in Bali and had been invited to work in Dubai and heaven knows where – Tonga wasn’t mentioned. Whereas Poseci Bune took his medicine and disappeared into the fog.

    Then where ever the illegal coupsters had some sort of pow wow after she was replaced she would appear (how shameful) pretending to be in the vicinity & photographed banging cheeks (on the face – voreqe would disappear if it was her other cheeks) with voreqe in different car parks like the Tradewinds after such a function.

    Get over it lave.

  22. Fiji Fighter Says:

    Did you people know that the current Australian Ambassador is a hard core gay!!!! his previous lover (male) was jealous cause he is now hooked up with another guy and played passe on that note. If you people dont believe me, visit the QVS club where you will meet the Aust Ambassador and on some nites you could be lucky aubatinuku, Natewa Princess!!!1 he likes wanna be toughies like you, kau tiko na condom kei na vaseline..oouch mosi vei au.

  23. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Oh me oh my!!

    S A
    K A N A K A
    M A D A
    N A
    S O T A
    S U K U N A
    P A R K
    A N D
    N O W
    P R O C L A I M
    Y O U R
    C O N F U S E D
    S E X U A L
    I D E N T I T Y

    Vosota bro, au sigai ni dau hangout i na QVS club!! You obviously!!
    Vaka mo vakilai iko vinaka tu nomu “OUCHINESS”!!!


    Hangout in Sukuna Park by day, chow in QEB and hangout in QVS club by night…………..on taxpayer money, sweat & blood.


  24. Jose Says:

    @ fiji fighter, cava iko lai cakava tiko na QVS club? Sa lailai vei iko na maimuri loaloa ra bini tu qori mai na QEB? Se iko via lai tovolea dua na cici piqi ni ko sa rogoca.
    O iko beka ga na nona jealous male lover. HA!!!!!

  25. FijiGirl Says:

    @ FF – Never mind the current Oz Ambassador, you bigot.

    What about Vore/Chodo’s legal eagle with a taste for the underage?

    God bless Fiji

  26. Jose Says:

    Hi name is Anthony Gates, Tony to his friends. Name and shame is the name of the game.

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