Why us? ask the police

Notice how swiftly they make scapegoats out of the police (two now sentenced for life) when a civilian is killed (Malasebe) yet those that killed Rabaka and Verebasaga (the soldiers) have still not been charged but were to be sent off on overseas tour of duty.

Message to the cops, “you are expendable!!!”


25 Responses to “Why us? ask the police”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    All those who have murdered , should be sentenced . those who haven’t been caught yet , haven’t gotten away with murder , as it will haunt them forever , especially in their old age .

  2. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Yes, I agree that the Police are ‘expendable’, but can you please clarify for me your saying the Military Officers responsible for the murders of Sakiusa Rabaka and Nimilote Verebasaga have not been charged and are currently serving overseas appointments?

    It is my understanding, that all Military Officers including a lone Police Officer have already been charged with their murders and all were unloaded in Nadi International Airport, after UN intervention?

  3. Save the Sheep Says:

    The term ‘expendable’ implies that the Police in Fiji actually have a position or serve some kind of steady purpose.


    I think you all mean ‘Irrelevant’.

    The RFMF works with total impunity and that is the problem. They can and will do whatever they like whenever they like. Their bloggers imply this constantly when they join this Forum. The Police in Fiji have no place. We have seen that in every coup. They are nothing.

    The RFMF have a back log of treason dating back to 1987, For this, even the President must be held accountable.

    But by whom? The Police???? Ha Ha Ha Ha… I dont think so because……

  4. Jone Says:

    Apologies for going off topic. As a Fijian at heart whose been in the US for some years now I watch all that is happening from a physical distance but actually much much closer in the emotional and pschyological sense. I am making this post because I wanted to express my deepest admiration and gratitude for Solivakasama’s tireless blogging and also to all the pro democracy people who fire up every time there is a new topic. You will never know how heartened it makes me, ever since the coup by that impossible meglamaniac frank bainimarama I have felt so depressed on behalf of my countryand what all my family and friends, many going back to childhood must be going through.

    I spend at least a couple of hour on the net every day reading up on whats happened at home, often longer and it seems to me that the fake government Fiji has had foisted on it is starting to dissappear up itself as it becomes more entrenched in trying to justify itself and silence its critics.

    It’s “deportations” of the two newspaper publishers is a dispicable act of sheer cowardice and complete denial of reality. Nowhere have I ever seen what looks like intentional bias in the Fiji Times or the Sun or the Daily Post. They just report it as best and as honestly as they can. the simple fact is that the media in Fiji can’t report on mud pies and pretent its a creme cake!

    I also think humour is a great weapon in situations like this and I check Fiji silenced every day to catch their magnificant cartoons. Another good one is Fiji Democracy Now and their “welcome to not the news” spot which is difficult to find beause it’s buried in the “lounge” for visitors. For those who havent seen it This is their link for the most recent “not the news” it had me in stitches and who ever compiled it has some real insider knowledge:
    Again, congratulations all you bloggers for keeping the flame of freedom bruning so brightly!

  5. Pusiloa Says:

    This is from Fiji Live.
    Wtf? is going on here. From Dubai to Singapore and now to Viena…..luveni sona levu…..

    A-G off to Vienna conference
    07 MAY 2008

    Fiji’s interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has left for Vienna, Austria, to attend a conference for signatories to the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

    Sayed-Khaiyum told Fijilive this morning that the trip is UN-sponsored and funded.

    He said his trip opens up the potential of getting assistance for the anti-corruption unit in Fiji.

    Sayed-Khaiyum said the conference is being attended by all State parties to the UN Convention Against Corruption.

    “This trip is very important,” he said.

    “FICAC will benefit from my going to this trip also.”

    Sayed-Khaiyum said the Government under Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama recently rectified the UN Convention Against Corruption.

    The Conference will among other things discuss how the UN can assist and maintain the respective State implementation modalities.

    He said the conference would be an opportunity to showcase the Government’s initiatives and to seek technical and possibly financial assistance for FICAC.

    Sayed-Khaiyum is expected back next week.


  6. Tim Says:

    Pusiloa: They’re all trying to get as many trips in and grease up as many people while they can. That is what is boils down to. They’re “socially networking” and building contacts. It’s more to do with trying to establish themselves an escape route when the shit eventually hits the proverbial. Watch them all scatter and blame each other when that happens

  7. natewaprince Says:

    Avenai: I saka,i saka,yadra,sa siga na vanua.Kerekere saka mo lako i vale de va qaqara mai o karua.

    Vore: Ho ho shit,au sa qai tadra sara tiko ga.

    Avenai: Man saka,iko tatawai taka tiko na yacai Khaiyum.Kemudrau baci on mai Dubai,eh?

    Vore: Seti seti caita,kua mada na jealous tiko.O cei e vinakata tu na tamata slack ya.

    Avenai: Vinaka me dina saka. O,dua tale na ka saka,au rogoca ni sa yaco mai na bogi o mejia Leweni mai Jaina saka.

    Vore:Ah ?,a cava tale e mai cakava na tamata fakanas qori? .Sa bera mada ga ni yabaki dua nona lako.

    Avenai: E cemuri koya mai o Ah Koy.Era complain taki koya o ira mai na Beijing zoo.

    Vore: Sobo,sobo,a cava e cakava?

    Avenai: Era tukuna ni vei yakavi o koya e dau sasaga kaba tiko i lomani bai ni maqe.

    Vore: O so,tamata garogaro.Maleka sara,vinaka caka me a lako o kanala Driti.

    Avenai: Dua tale na ka saka,o koya e kauta tu mai e dua na maqe yalewa.

    Vore: Sa dina,qiri mada vua me mai raici au ni yakavi nikua.

    Avenai: Sa donu saka.

  8. Tim Says:

    These are the people that are investigating “corruption” on a mantle of the idea of principle rather than a practice of it. Frank for example probably truely believes he’s got your greater good at heart on the basis of a conversation with some wally while jetting out of Fiji. Shaista bases hers on some corrupted conviction she holds that she is ridding the world of ills – she just doesn’t hold as solidly as any other might when they might have to put their money where their mouth is and suffer a little inconvenience for her cause. i-Arse is still in denial.
    How many Military people have I known over the years that have entcountered “Frank” who tolerate him but regard him as fundamentally “dishonourable” – I’ve lost count. I’d rank Shaista and iI-arse as just being basically pathetic. Even Shaista’s own sister has an opinion that is telling. She’s a mad bitch.
    Let ’em all con you at your peril. They all rank amongst the Peter Fosters of this world – its just that Foster got caught. Shaista and iI-arse are still battling to maintain some sort of credibility. Long term – they’re pushing sh*t uphill

  9. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    i-Arse cant handle the heat at home – takes off to Vienna. I hope someone gives him a hard time and tells him to get his house in order first…

  10. LUVfiji Says:

    Thank you NP for bringing humour to this site. They say laughter is a good antidote to stresssss !

    AND.. thanks SV!! I luv the colour and design added to the format. Does this mean we are moving closer to achieving the goals of this blogsite? Id luv to hear a ‘yes’ to that !

    Lets blog on…

  11. Frida Says:

    Why don’t we try and get countries who are signatories to the document and ask them to teach the illegal ag some basic lessons on corruption and remind him even though he is a lawyer, that people are innocent until proven guilty. One cannot go around claiming corruption without any evidence.

    Vinaka SV for the colours and additions.

  12. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    @SV. You are right to highlight the inconsistency between justice in the Malasebe case and the military-backed regime’s total disinterest in justice or human rights in the cases of Rabaka and Verebasaga.

    Unfortunately/ we believe justice won’t be done until such time as Fiji returns to democracy, and that prospect appears increasingly bleak by the day.

    In the meantime, we have to live with a continuing incidence of human rights abuses and lawless behaviour by an increasingly desperate regime.

    It’s a regime that targets people it doesn’t like. In the case, for example, of
    New Zealand ambassador Michael Green, who was thrown out of the country last year, all the evidence suggests that the basis of that nasty little act lay in the personal animosity of the dictator, Bainimarama.

    There’s certainly been no credible evidence to suggest otherwise, nor has the regime managed to demonstrate even the remotest connection between its preventing Green from going about his duties and upholding Fiji’s national interest. In fact, acts such as Green’s expulsion, and other stunts since then, can be shown to have severely damaged Fiji’s interests.

    The gross and illegal violation of the rights of newspaper publishers Russell
    Hunter and Evan Hannah was also driven by deep personal animosity at the highest levels within the regime, despite being hastily dressed up to look like something else.

    The question is, who is going to be targeted next? We don’t know the answer to that, but we can be certain that whatever happens and no matter how low the regime’s thugs have to stoop to make it happen, the perpetrators will in all likelihood never be punished.

    Like the killers of Rabaka and Verebasaga, the perpetrators will enjoy an
    immunity bestowed by a regime that has no hang-ups about sanctioning
    criminal behaviour to meet its objectives, whether political or just plain

  13. Keep The Faith Says:

    What’s the latest with Francis Kean? Anybody heard?

    If not then why haven’t we heard?

  14. Adi Kaila Says:

    KTF he’s meant to be in Korovou Gaol – last heard he was actually teaching the inmates there – teach na vayalo? I can’t imagine what he could contribute to other inmates except maybe how to avert his eyes from the Yacht Club over the road where he killed the Whippy guy or looking up to his next home up the hill. Raikivi tu la okoya.

    The illegal coupsters are going about dismantling everything that Fiji has taken years to build up and using up whatever is left in the Nations coffers as fast as possible for their own pleasure – wrecking

    -The Fijian Culture
    -Human Rights and Priviledges
    -Fijis reputation as a wonderful place to invest
    -The other industries Fiji has worked so hard to establish without relying on sugar – eg Tourism & exports like water for a start
    -The populations ability to be self reliant – eg far too many mortgage sales now
    -The Nations economy that was finally making an upward move very fast but has declined abysmally since 5.12.06
    -The whole Nations progress in just about everything

    There’s absolutely no sense at all in what the illegal coupsters are saying they will achieve because there has not been one iota of change for the better since 5.12.06. In fact everything has gone way beyond the opposite. There is no way the illegal coupsters can hope to bring this Nation back to any form of normality economically, because there is not a single one of them who has any fiscal finesse – how ridiculous is it that Fiji is now importing sugar from india of all places – now who’s bright idea was that?

    Like a huge wrecking ball the illegal coupsters are hell bent on destroying Fiji

  15. tosotiko Says:

    To the post that says that all the military personnel involved have been charged and offloaded…where have you been? Offloaded, yes because the overseas agents intervened in the nick of time or they would have happily sneaked off feigning innocence. Charged, NO.

  16. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Tosotiko, exactly my point. They were offloaded after UN intervention after they had cleared Immigration despite a Court Order obtained by the DPP.

    FYI, they have been charged and are all on bail. I am not fighting against you as we are on the same side, but my point is to ensure we are talking facts when blogging and not be guilty of the same inconsistency and lies we charge against the illegal IG.

    Anybody else what to shed light on this issue?

  17. IslandBoy Says:

    @ Tosotiko & Jese Waqaleka – Sorry to butt in, the court cases of the families of off- duty CRW soldiers dragged from home and killed during the mutiny, when Frank won gold for the downhill 100 metres, have yet to see a court date.

    I firmly believe it will be the same for Rabaka’s killers – a case of justice delayed and ultimately denied.

  18. Tasiriki Says:

    lol..lol.lol..lol..lol..lol@Islandboy!!!!!! ………Tamani break record rauu!!!!…jizzz.. ave u guys seen d downhill@Nabuaaa…..everytym I walk past dah downhill…it alwayz bring me a smile…moreoftennn outrageousss laughterrr to think dat the HIGH & MIGHTYY actuallyyy CRAWLED, TRIPPEDD…….AND RANNNNNN..MORE LIKE HELPLESSLYYY FAILINGGG ABOUT @ D BUSHHH……..lol..lol..lol..lol….

  19. benhur Says:

    Is it true that Chodo has finally been replaced? Could be a political move to make the IG looks good to the people? Who you’re kiddin man? Middle finger to all of you as well as Bai!!!!

  20. solivakasama Says:

    Jese Waqalekaleka read the post very carefully, I wrote

    “but were to be sent off on overseas tour of duty”.

    I may have been short cutting in my writing but I meant what I wrote, they were meant to be sent off, but as we all now were off loaded at the last minute.

    Make sense???

  21. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ sv, yes it does make sense and point taken, can we now focus on the common enemy?


  22. Jose Says:


  23. LUVfiji Says:


    What do you mean by Chodo’s been replaced? By who for what? Please enlighten me! That sounds like the best news I ever ‘heard’ on SV!

  24. tosotiko Says:

    I am back now after my last post on this thread. OK JW I get what you are driving at. Point taken. I too would like to extend to the IR the courtesy and standards they do not accord us. And thank them for the measure they have taken in removing tax on essential food items and increasing the threshold of income which is taxable.

    Seriously I think they are reading these blogs with posts that challenged them to do something about the situation.

  25. Frida Says:

    Tosostiko – Just want to share here a comment by a woman who is earning less than $8,000.00 was asking – how is that going to make a differece to me as a sinle mother. The chamge in the tax threshold is one thing and the cost of things in the shop is another.

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