Frank’s regime is falling apart at the seams!

In the aftermath of its latest attempt to stand over and intimidate Fiji’s
media, the regime is again demonstrating its utter incompetence and its
total disregard for the law. As of today, Fiji’s military-backed regime
could well and truly be said to be in a state of disarray.

Even by its own standards of pathetic ineptness, the regime has exceeded
itself in its disdain for the rule of law and its total inability to
uphold the values that its so readily espouses.

When a regime such as Fiji’s military-backed and unelected “interim
government” resorts to the tactics of a totalitarian police state and
deports newspaper publishers on cooked-up charges it is out and out
intimidation of the media.

That Evan Hannah’s deportation should be preceded by public assurances by
the regime’s dictator that media freedom is guaranteed simply confirms that
the intimidators want to register their message in order to render the media

To make matters worse, another key player in the regime is now openly
stating that he is over-ruling the judicial process on the question of
Hannah appealing his deportation.

But, as usual, when ever it’s subjected to scrutiny, it’s the regime’s
overall gross incompetence that becomes a parallel issue. This time it’s
two ministers contradicting each other over whether the forced deportation
of Fiji Times publisher Evan Hannah in breach of a court order is, or is
not, open to appeal.

Interim Defence Minister Ratu Epeli Ganilau has declared it is. But interim
attorney-general Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has stuck his neck out and stated that
there’s no point producing Hannah in the High Court, as ordered by Justice
Filimoni Jitoko.

Who is right? Does Sayed-Khaiyum think he is above the law and that he can
direct the judiciary at will? What does Bainimarama, the dictator, think? Or
doesn’t that matter?

Is he, as so many are beginning to suspect, simply there to provide the guns
while doing what he’s told by interim finance minister Chaudhry and interim
attorney-general Sayed-Khaiyum?

As if Fiji’s people haven’t been put through enough already, this latest
exhibition of gross incompetence openly demonstrates the extent of the
abandonment of the rule of law in Fiji.

It’s as a clear an indication as anyone needs that there’s much worse to

Fiji Democracy Now


20 Responses to “Frank’s regime is falling apart at the seams!”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Well I could have told you that !

  2. hopefiji Says:

    welei people …it is clear…only baini law exist in Fiji , not the constitution. so enough talking,.,we cant wait for help from the international community nor the compromised courts. On to the streets and peaceful non-violent mass protests….if we cant get off our comfie assess and get them out who else will. Also, we the citizens of Fiji are really to blaim for letting these assholes hang on for soo long.

  3. LUVfiji Says:

    Well, we all heard it this evening.

    He has been recalled from his Beijing posting to join the Ministry of Information back home. There you are dear folks… we have NOT seen the last of him !!

  4. bisbetica Says:


    aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh …… Leweni here……..

    Notchi! baci lesu mai o baku leweni….. what a treat! (NOT!)

    Walega qo sa baci colonel o Lewenishi

    So much for qiliHO and aziz thinking they actually mattered in the scheme of things, here returns the junior bandmaster to upstage them yet again. … someone said its because leweni knows what bainimarama thinks even before baini knows it! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    More and more it is clear that like many actions of the regime, this deportation is a SPECTACULAR FAILURE, because rather than muting what they see as ‘negative’ or ‘overly critical’ reporting, they have exposed their INCOMPETENCE.

    Compounding the many wrong steps taken since Thursday when the deportation order invoked the wrong legal provision, they decided to hold a ‘heart to heart’ with editors and media managers yesterday, WHICH HAS WORSENED THE SITUATION with the bipolar pig THREATENING the media with further deportations and maybe shutting down certain media outlets if they do not ‘report the facts’.

    Now voceke thinks recalling his favorite spitter leweni the bugler, will improve his PR. At least qiliHO and aziz went to school. Only problem qiliHO, aziz and the military council thought they actually MAKE DECISIONS and MATTERED when they called for chorochoro to step aside.

    What do ya reckon bloggers, would leweni have learnt something from smog filled beijing and actually start THINKING and PROCESSING on his return or will he be the same offensive liar repeating choro and the arse’s instructions (ie broadcasting voceke’s ‘thoughts’)?? or maybe he should start planting the cassava for jim saheb’s ethanol factory?

  5. IslandBoy Says:

    Either way its a no win situation for the illegal regime. They had to send him back because he was stuffing up big time in Beijing, so this was a convenient excuse.

    But if they think Leweni can manage the media, very sorry Fulori, the most junior reporter in the most backward Suva newsroom can think circles around this joker.

    Talk about scraping the bottom pf the barrel. On top of his severe lack of intelligence he is very unpopular with a lot of the more professional and qualified army officers because of his short-cut undeserved promotions.

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    TV interview with major disaster

    aaaahhhhaaahh iii’d like to ssaaay that i’mmm glllad to be backk in Fijiii to aaahhhaaaa tell you the truth about thee wonderfullll thinks that bananasinpyjamas is doing.

    Like he has inflation at an all time high; even LQ couldn’t do that.

    Ummm, he has unemployment at its highest level ever; what an achievement.

    Attacks on tourists have doubled this year; aren’t we great.

    Umm, businesses are, aaahhhhaaah, closing down at the highest rate ever.

    Investors are now thinkink TWICE before they spend money in Fiji; what aaahhhaah an aahhha achievement.

    Unions are now lodging complaints at twice the normal rate; a positive for us.

    I can aaahhhhah only say [ closing of eyes to avoid cameras] that Fiji is moving rapidly in a downward cycle thanks to my hero, bananasinpyjamas.

    Off Camera

    What aahhhahah do you mean Mr chaudhry; oh I was supposed to say upward cycle.

    Sorry, but I thought that all the bull crap that I just said was taking Fiji backwards. What do you mean I’m off to Iceland. Where is That?

  7. bisbetica Says:

    ROTFLOL 😉 thanks EFT, good larf and good summary of the rfmf’s expert non-handling of the Fiji economy

    Just what the rfmf/IR needs, one more person who always gets it right (NOT!).

    Does behni think lewenichan’s bloodshot gimlet eyes will hypnotise the Fiji public watching tv news?? Or can they just hypnotise each other first!

    @ IB, grt info, na kila ka jiko vei iko! I wonder now what kind of work lewensky produced in peking? any good briefing paper or proposals? or was he liaising with the chinese flying circus? (aha! another option for the exile of the rfmf gravy train passengers on the IR cabinet and their hangers-on). Must say I’m looking forward to seeing an improvement in the press releases that will soon come out of MINFO with leweni at the helm! apparently the first thing leweni did at Agriculture was take a broom to the floor since he said it was ‘dirty’, so that was the cleanup that happened there when he was deputised to then agri minister shorty.

  8. lulu Says:

    Islands Business May 2008 issue
    But Bainimarama still on charter course
    By Dionisia Tabureguci

    As Fiji’s interim government tries to push through a contentious new formula of national progress in its proposed People’s Charter for Change, Peace and Progress, the country’s economic path through its thicket of difficulties has met with a new challenge:stagflation.

    “We are caught in what economists term as ‘stagflation’, where the Fiji economy has declined but inflation is rising,” said RBF governor Savenaca Narube in an official speech in February to open a new branch in Fiji of Papua New Guinea’s biggest bank: Bank South Pacific.

    “It is not a good place to be in.”

    While Narube expects the condition to be temporary, he admitted it was tricky to formulate policies in such an environment characterised by a stressed foreign exchange reserves as prices of food and oil continue to rise and domestic export output still below par.

    A review of the monetary policy package was necessary, he added, to “take into account this difficult balancing act”.

    RBF’s latest monthly data when this edition went to press was released in March and saw inflation at 7.6 percent in February, the highest since 1999, it said, and up from the 7.4 percent recorded for January.

    Local consumer advocates believe Fiji’s inflation figure, derived using a basket of goods and services closely linked to consumer spending, is far too low as its components have not been updated for over a decade. But even the February figure has had the RBF worried as the country exited last year with a yearly inflation average of just 4.3 percent and the foreseeable future is peppered with certainties that prices will continue to rise.

    Key cog: Like its Pacific neighbours, Fiji heavily relies on imports, a bulk of which is mineral fuels. Almost half of that is in the form of aviation turbine fuels used by its airline industry, a key cog in the tourism industry, which currently is the country’s economic mainstay.

    Fiji also imports most food products including high-end vegetables, dairy and meat for its tourism industry, as well as wheat and rice for its now largely flour and rice consuming population.

    Fiji is not a wheat grower and is not self-sufficient in rice and dairy products.

    In recent times, its poor have been reeling in a series of price hikes in these basic food items as well as in public transport, a direct result of global market forces.

    Impacts of a recent tropical cyclone have also added to the crunch and are likely to deflate earlier growth forecast of 2.2 percent.

    RBF’s February review also revealed a prevailing weak investment condition as investment credit and import of investment goods slowed, although this was contrasted by a 30 percent increase in the number of job advertisements.

    The central bank is unsure whether this was due to business optimism or emigration of skilled workers.

    But this stagflation is hitting a Fiji economy that has been struggling over the years to diversify its export base.

    For its part, the country’s ruling administration hasŃsince usurping power in December 2006 from an elected governmentŃbeen engaged in an intense drive to re-engineer a domestic economy that it sees is suffering less from external shocks and more from under-utilised and under-explored natural resources, neglected, it believes, through years of self-serving and divisive racial politics.

    Among the interim government’s relief prescription doses to keep the shaky economy on an even keel are an import substitution programme, the realignment of the national development bank to position financing back into resource-based sectors, and the setting up of a Committee on Better Utilisation of Land within the Native Land Trust Board, guardian of some 80 percent of Fiji’s land that belongs to the indigenous population and remains largely unused.

    These are happenings against a background of heavily polarised political sentiments over the legitimacy of the interim government’s existence and its self-mandated programmes, with calls being made daily to return the country to democratic rule in order to ease what has been perceived by some as greatly difficult economic times.

    The Bainimarama-led regime, however, has firmly resisted these calls and is currently pushing for the acceptance of a proposed People’s Charter for Change, Peace and Progress before it returns Fiji to the polls.

    Handled by a National Council for Building a Better Fiji, which Bainimarama co-chairs with the head of the Roman Catholic Church Archbishop Petero Mataca, the charter’s architecture will largely depend on a State of Nation and Economy (SNE) report to result from an independent review of the nation that will soon get underway.

    The interim government wants the charter and its list of commitments to complement the country’s constitution and guide the policy direction of future governments of Fiji.

    The intention, however, has been snubbed by some sections of the Fiji’s community who think this is a work that should be carried out by an elected government.

  9. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Hopeful Fiji I second the motion.

  10. natewaprince Says:

    Looks like the pig has been chomping at the bit on the sidelines.Now he is so pissed off that he has joined the fray and had a go at the media with his usual threats.

    Listen to me Franky my boy,if you think you’re man enough to close the media down,stop the f****n talk and do it. Stop the bullshit gung-ho macho attitude and put your money where your snout is.

    Netani Rika and Samisoni Kakivalu are not afraid of you.Every time you open your blerry big mouth ,you spew forth shit and the whole world laughs at you.

    Kua mada na va teratera tiko ni tiko vei iko na dakai.

    Without the guns ,you’re all just a bunch of arse-whacking wankers.

  11. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ natewaprince – Qori bro! Preach it to em! Good thing Voreqe Bainimarama does not have the BUCKAROOS like Rupert Murdoch or we would all be living in the Bainimarama Islands instead of the Fiji Islands.

    Too bad we have women like Adi Finau Tabakaucoro sucking up to him instead of doing the right thing by speaking against him and his illegal regime. I am very proud of my GMB/RTD and support her every step of the way.

    Voreqe and his band of thieves are going throught the phase every despot known to man has gone through, which is silence the news media. Who writes this guy’s speeches?

    I would also like to thank SV for providing this very popular portal enabling us to help our beloved Fiji in what little way we can, we speak for the countless, citizens of Fiji who otherwise do not have the opportunity and/or the means to.

    Thank you SV team and God Bless each and everyone of you and your families and friends.

    God Bless my Fiji.

  12. IslandBoy Says:

    @bisbetica – I had raised this issue previously when Chodo and the Chinese ambassador based in Suva signed the financing agreement governing the disbursement of the next tranche of funding (read poison pill) from China to Fiji.

    If you have friends in the Auditor General’s office raise with them this red flag. (pun intended).

    In which government account was the tranche held while awaiting disbursement by the illegal regime. If it was the Fiji Embassy in Beijing’s operating account, what happened to the interest earned by the millions of yuan in deposit before it was disbursed. Who are the signatories to that account?

    Then the funds were sent to Fiji and also held in a separate account, some of which was to be disbursed as small aid grant scheme which was administered by the hapless Tuiteci, remember him? What happened to the interest accrued while awaiting disbursement?

    Will Tuiteci replace Leweni in Beijing? But this is all just speculation, or is it?

  13. Frida Says:

    Interesting guess island Boy – Tuiteci replacing Lewensky. I remember about two months ago while at a hotel in nadi, Tuiteci came into the hotel lobby looking like he has lost something only to find out that he was checking the hotel as the illegal pm was on her way with wifey. At breakfast the next morning 4 bullies were sitting behind the couple – not sure if they were even offered breakfast because there was nothing on their table. My friend commented – what is the pig afraid of that he has to be guarded at the breakfast table? My response (you may have guessed right – his bloody own shadow!!

  14. Imroz Buksh Says:

    Frida can’t u contribute something useful or thought provoking. U sound like an old fart who cannot differentiate his front from his behind. Solivakasama I don’t where you are getting all these Topics from but my guess is that the Military Takeover in December must have really hurt you pretty bad. Unfortunately the Military will be in the forefront for a bit longer so might as well we all get cozy in our living rooms and enjoy a cuppa coffee!!! I’m not worried about whats happening,at the end of the day,I’ll still enjoy my cuppa coffee!!

  15. Tebara Says:

    @Frida – Kida tiko vei Vore. Me se gunuti tikoga rabocaki yani i daligana dua na dakai bitu. As for the security guard must be heart wrenching to sit there like idiots and continuosly witness the dictator wallow in his PRIDE and ARROGANCE of how well he is running the country. Economy says otherwise and citizens begs to differ. Prices of goods and services are on an astronomical upward spiral while paypacks are at an all time low as we witness these illegal mobs jetsets across continents on taxpayers coffers.

    @Imroz Baku – Since the illegal overthrow your superiors have not brought validated corruption cases successfully through the court of law. In hiring QCs ( who at any other time these illegal juntas wud be selling their azz to fund for) your kind blatantly dig into government funds without a blink and arrogantly serving your own interest. Must be a big shock and a headache for your Vore to repeatedly deal with citizens with higher intelligence than him or his ball washing subordinates. IT is time you recluse into your own dark bomb shelters in Delainabua continue with what you know best in polishing guns and leave the state of economy of the nation and its affairs to those that know how to run it through democratic means.

  16. benhur Says:

    Hey, Voreqes head is on my site, any time now and it would be like a blownup watermelon! Unfortunately, i may have to take out his 2 bodyguards at the same time.

  17. Fiji Fighter Says:

    so what they’re foreigners, viavialevu tiko, qori medrau sici, lako tani yani ki nomudrau vanua, kawa bokola!!!

  18. aubatinuku-N Says:

    F R A N K ‘S
    R E G I M E
    I S
    F A L L I N G
    A P A R T
    A T
    T H E
    S E A M S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. aubatinuku-N Says:

    V O R E Q E
    A N D
    H I S
    I D I O T S
    H A V E
    N E V E R
    B E E N
    S O
    P A N I C K E D!!

  20. Ascendo tuum Says:

    @ FF(J Veikoso) and Imroz Baku
    As we say in latin “Ascendo tuum”

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