Route Ahead: A Way out of the Swamps for Fiji

May 3, 2008


By Michael Field

Fiji’s Military Government is on the verge of an ignominious defeat.

Voreqe Bainimarama’s ammunition is running out and he has no reserves. The nation’s souls are weary and anxious about what happens next.

Defeat will be disaster; poverty and despair will follow.

In the anarchistic mess, there will be many seeking revenge; bloodshed and race will dominate the nation for a decade or more.

The country needs a way out. The “People’s Charter” is nothing more than a military fatwa propped up by self-interested souls who see gain for themselves – paid on the inflated invoices they submit.

The way out now is for those who have led the coup to act decently, act in the wider interest, and step aside. To do that they need, in exchange, a promise of immunity.

This concept – immunity – is crucial.

The key players know they have committed crimes ranging from treason to uttering false oaths; others before them are serving jail time for doing exactly what they have done. Fear of this fate has paralysed them and they are now committed to a do-or-die approach,dragging Fiji down with them.

This is the Route Ahead: unlike the backers of the People’s Charter, I offer it at no charge. No extravagant consultancy fees, no endless all expense paid conferences.


Route Ahead


The interim government resigns immediately.


President Josefa Iloilo orders the 2006 elected Parliament to be convened to pass an immunity act to be later incorporated in a modified constitution.


Constitutional immunity for Iloilo, Voreqe Bainimarama, Mahendhra Chaudhry, Aziz Said-Kyumn and the “ministers” of the illegally sworn in interim government.


Iloilo dissolves Parliament upon the completion of that action and then appoints an interim executive leadership appointed made up of the president, the re-appointed vice president, the head of the Great Council of Chiefs and the head of the public service. The 2006 elected prime minister, former leader of the opposition Mick Beddoes and 2006 elected finance minister also serve. It must hold its meetings in public and decisions made on a simple majority vote with President holding casting vote.


Military pension and retirement for Bainimarama, in return for his agreement to leave Suva.


Sitiveni Rabuka make a statement of regret to the nation for establishing the coup culture and a direct, personal apology to Chaudhry


Chaudhry, in return for immunity, retires on an MP’s pension.


Leading Republic of Fiji Military Force figures who played a role in the December 5, 2006, coup – notably colonels Aziz, Driti and Taleni be dismissed from the service, without court martial. They can have a standard RFMF/FNPF pension.


Disband the charter group


Resignations of self-appointed Acting Chief Justice and fellow senior judges involved in the January 2007 conspiracy to remove the legal Chief Justice. Immunity from prosecution in exchange for pensions.


Restoration of Ratu Joni Mandrawewi as vice president.


A limited state of emergency; police to lead.


RFMF confined to barracks


Pacific Forum asked for urgent, limited, unarmed police assistance. Australian and New Zealand unarmed military invited to provide urgent technical assistance to ensure essential services continue to operate in the interim; no role in policing or governance.


Limited general elections as soon as practicable; MPs elected on a first pass the post basis in existing electorates for one term only of two years. They will be charged primarily with preparing the country for a new constitution and electoral system.


A Truth and Reconciliation Commission convened by the President. Leading members of the Christian, Hindu and Muslim faiths be invited to contribute a member. It will be chaired by an eminent international figure selected by consensus. It will have full powers of subpoena and be staffed with legal advisers

                     – To report on all corruption since independence; in exchange for full and frank testimony, and reconciliation and restitution, witnesses will be granted immunity.

                   – The Commission will seek accounts of racial harmony and disharmony, with the aim to end the whispering culture that scars Fiji race relations.

                   – The role, purpose, politics and economics of the RFMF examined, with frank discussion on whether they are continue, given their prominent role in all Fiji coups.

                    – Examine the role of the Fiji Human Rights Commission in the 2006 coup.


A legal commission into the constitution, along with an associated commission into modified electoral systems, voting methods and boundaries. It will explore the creation of a constitutionally mandated multicultural presidency.


An internationally convened legal review of the judiciary and their role in the 2006 coup.


A UN supervised national referendum on an agreed electoral system; 60 percent approval required.


General elections under the new rules.


Reconstitute the GCC and the Senate to appoint a new president and vice president.


Mount peace and restoration missions to Pacific neighbours.


A national conference on land and race, to be followed by national Christian, Hindu and Muslim acts of reconciliation.


43 Responses to “Route Ahead: A Way out of the Swamps for Fiji”

  1. FijiGirl Says:

    Forgive me for the vanity or re-posting my earlier response to this well-reasoned treatise by Michael Field.

    His words are too important to be ignored.
    Michael Field is an extremely wise man. But I think he’s wrong about the immunity. Members of the illegal regime deserve exile, in perpetuity. Subsequent coup leaders must face a mandatory death sentence.

    Free and fair elections must be held under the CURRENT constitution. New elections rules may be proposed and debated in parliament by a democratically elected parliament. Allowing new election rules BEFORE the elections means giving future coup leaders a carrot rather than a stick.

    Negotiation is important in ‘moving forward’ and, God knows, Fiji needs to move forward from this. But if you cannot ‘walk away’ from the negotiation, you cannot negotiate. You have no power.

    I would say that the conditions of a) immunity and b) new elections rules (preceding elections) are deal-breakers for those of us wanting to stop the coup culture.

    Field’s other points are valid, wise and deserve consideration.

    Tabu soro

    God bless Fiji

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    Sounds to me like Michael Field may be in the employ of the regime !
    Imprisonment of each of the coup leaders is what is needed , not immunity .
    Get real for God’s sake or are we going down the never ending path of forgiveness again ?
    None of you has the right to forgive these people , given what they’ve done or allowed to be done to some within your community .
    Immunity never , life in prison is the only answer , and they all knew the risk before doing this coup , Frank and his mates were warned by fellow Officers .

  3. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    There is no rational way of dealing with a madman.

    bananasinpyjamas says he wants to talk with the media and then he threatens them.

    from the ABC tonight

    “Fiji’s military commander and interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama has told senior media executives that the Fiji Times publisher, Evan Hannah, will not be the last expatriate deported.

    Commodore Bainimarama invited the Fiji Media Council and senior Fiji media executives to a meeting in his office in the wake of last Friday’s deportation of Mr Hannah.

    Both sides agree there was a robust exchange of views in the hour-long meeting.

    According to one participant, Fiji’s interim Prime Minister told the media bosses he was not at liberty to explain why Mr Hannah was deported but said other expatriates were likely to follow.

    The media executives complained about intimidation of their staff and they have won an undertaking from the Commodore that he will meet with them monthly to try to sort out problems between his Government and the country’s mainstream media.”

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    Frank knows that he’s running out of money and that he is doomed if an Elected Government is re- instated .
    He has no choice but to avoid an election , unless he elects to leave Fiji forever . And that would have to be to a country which won’t deport him back to Fiji once he’s found guilty of treason . And there’s not many of those countries left .
    Has anyone found it odd that people are asking for the very thing which Frank denied others and for which he himself stated he did the coup ?
    Amnesty and immunity !

  5. Indian Says:

    Bainimarama and company are criminals, traitors and murderers. They must be taken to task for this.
    Mahen Chaudhry must be driven from public office, investigated, and incarcerated. More than any other single human being he has been responsible for the perpetuation of racial strife in Fiji.
    The army must be disbanded.
    Fields solution sounds good but it will not work in the Fiji context.
    He does make some good points. Some external supervision is needed until the army is disbanded.
    Accountability and transparency are what is needed. Let the trials begin.
    His solution will result in the same thing happening all over again with Mahen, Ganilau, and a different group of power and money hungry gun toting despots a few months or years from now.
    If Fiji has to hit bottom before this junta is brought down, so be it. It will be a lesson for the next group of idiots and for the People of Fiji who should never have tolerated a dominant military in the first place. That should have gone out in 1860 in Fiji as it did in Germany and Japan in 1945.
    As for promises made to the media from Voreqe, what else do you expect from the forked tongue? The important thing about Voreqe and Chaudhry is that promises mean nothing. They are just a way of biding time or creating self delusion until the next violation.
    If by some unfortunate mistake immunity were to be offered to this current regime of bozo’s, it should also apply to George Speight and anyone convicted under the previous coup or mutiny.

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    well said Indian

  7. FijianPatriot Says:

    As if, Mr. Michael Field. As if!!!…….I just want to remind everybody on what Mr. Waqavonovono said sometimes last week…….”demonic” was the word he used. I don’t know whether he had some inner knowledge of the going ons. But I have my own suspicions and they don’t look pretty to me.

    Mr. Waqavonovono touched some nerves when he said what he said but not that serious……….We are just part of a bigger plan. When you can understand that than you will know that they will not take you seriously. I do agree with PitaWaqavonovono. There is definitely something demonic going on. Open your eyes everybody and smell the coffee. Smell Kinoya Sewerage Treatment Plant rather….

  8. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Agree with you AGAIN FijiGirl….

    NO TO IMMUNITY!!!!!!! Reallyyyyyyyy……you do the crime, you face the music and do the time. Simple!

    There shouldn\’t be any compromises about it. They didn\’t make any compromises with the people when they decided to bully us with their guns and take-over a democratically elected gov (yes, the multi-party could have done better BUT it takes TIME to do better things).


  9. natewaprince Says:

    The pigs may wangle some sort of immunity from all this mess but they won’t get any immunity or pity from the people for the rest of their lives.

    They are marked for life,and so are all the oppotunists and leeches who have hitched their wagon to this illegal regime.

    The two that will be marked the most are the two big arsed sons-in law of the late Tui Nayau. Rau sa va’madua dina o rau na turaga cebo levu qo.E mai va’yagataki rau o ira na kaidia magaitinadra qo me butuki sobu o keda na i Taukei kei ira na noda Turaga.

  10. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    The immunity should never be granted on these people. Immunity is the very factor that encourages these army commanders to takeover legally elected governments by force. If they are given the death sentence then there will be no future coups. Period!

  11. LUVfiji Says:

    Erau via buturaki keda sobu na kawa i Taukei me rawa kina ni rau cadra cake mai me rau gone turaga bale vakabibi o kai Somosomo.

  12. natewaprince Says:

    Me dua ga e caiti ka qori.O rau tale ga qo e rau komada va’cegu ruarua.E dua e via liutaki Tovata,kena ka rua e via liutaki Kubuna.

    Ni oti na leqa qo,me rau biu ruarua i Nukulau me qai macala o cei e na vei liutaki.Ka ga me caka me rau 69 me fair,sa va’i vei LUVfiji????

  13. panties for peace Says:

    100% agreed, Maqa a Leqa!

    “The immunity should never be granted on these people. Immunity is the very factor that encourages these army commanders to takeover legally elected governments by force. If they are given the death sentence then there will be no future coups. Period!”


  14. Fijianpatriot Says:

    Oilei na via veiliutaki. Me tawa mada na taga da qai rawa ni liutaka e dua na vanua. Koya sa bloody no money, bankrupt, cici levu va qo, sa ratou na kauti rau ruarua ga yani o ratou mai Lau me lai nodratou turaga. Baleta ni rau kaukauwa ruarua no o rau na radini.

    O cei me na qai bese ni rau mata malumu no o rau na marama lalai. ‘Eitou dau ‘ania a marama lalai. ‘Eitou sega ga ni dau ‘ania a turaga sona levu.

  15. tosotiko Says:

    No immunity please. Michael Field doing an about turn?

  16. LUVfiji Says:

    Ia.. ko ni sa kaya dina mai NP !

    Isa; erau na qai va beka evei o i rau na raluve ni Natuicake? Me na qai laki nodrau toka o Makuluva?? Yaga e kea na shades nei LeenaP 🙂 E dau katoa e kea na kabatia! Oilei na bula!

  17. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    A rather enlightening expose of the madness that is within bananasinpyjamas can be found in this article from News Ltd papers in Australia.

    Please note the references to Zimbabwe.

    media told to toe the line

    Janet Fife-Yeomans

    May 06, 2008 12:00am

    FIJI’S leader Frank Bainimarama threatened to shut down the country’s media yesterday in a table-thumping tirade as he ramped up the attack on the country’s free press.

    The military ruler, who last week defied High Court orders to deport Fiji Times managing editor Evan Hannah, called together media chiefs to warn them they could not continue to be “unfair, critical and unbalanced” against the Government.

    The Fiji Times is owned by News Limited, publisher of The Courier-Mail.

    The personal intervention of the head of the interim government was “deeply troubling for all Australians living in or intending to visit Fiji”, said the director of News Limited’s editorial operations, Campbell Reid.

    Mr Reid said News Limited was in discussions with the office of Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Stephen Smith to examine options for diplomatic solutions to the crisis as well as security arrangements to safeguard the welfare of the company’s 175 employees at the Fiji Times.

    Mr Hannah – who has lived in Fiji for five years and is married to a Fijian citizen – was forced on to a Korean Airlines flight from Fiji on Friday, despite a writ of habeas corpus being issued by the Fiji High Court.

    He remains managing director and publisher of the Fiji Times and is now running the business from News Limited’s offices in Sydney.

    Commodore Bainimarama called together representatives of all Fiji’s mainstream media including television, radio and the Fiji Times yesterday.

    The meeting, which began in a jovial mood, deteriorated when Commodore Bainimarama was asked what Mr Hannah had done to be classed a “national security threat” and deported.

    Commodore Bainimarama, banging the table, said Mr Hannah would never be allowed back. He then evoked the Zimbabwean regime with its excessive control of the media saying in a thinly-veiled threat that Fiji “did not want to go down that path”.

    A defiant Fiji Times editor Netani Rika, said after the meeting that the paper would continue to report as normal.

    “We are going to continue to report as we have been. We are going to want to give everyone a chance to speak,” said Mr Rika.

    “There’s little we can do to make them (the Fijian Government) happy.”

    News Limited tomorrow returns to the High Court in Fiji, where the Government remains subject to the writ of habeas corpus issued by the court last week to keep Mr Hannah in the country and “produce” him at court.

    Mr Reid said this was a significant challenge for both the Government and the High Court and would test whether the rule of law was being followed in Fiji.

    “The interim government of Fiji having already dispensed with parliamentary democracy and the freedom of the press now clearly intends to ignore the rule of law, thereby erasing the last hope that Fiji could avoid becoming a military dictatorship once again,” said Mr Reid.

  18. Tim Says:

    As I’ve said in another post, giving immunity doesn’t rid Fiji of the coup culture, and I proposed a possible alternative such as a well monitored exile. I can’t speak for Michael Field but I doubt there is any about turn – I’d say the man has every reason not to be a fan of Frank.
    Its more a question of making a speedy return to some representative form of government as quickly as possible so that the country doesn’t completely tear itself apart. And that’s a form of government that will evolve rather than come to a screaching halt through episodic coups.
    The thing Mugabe, Frank, Chodo and other cowards fear most is being held to account so they see their only option as keeping things going for as long as possible – note how they see one set of rules for themselves, and another for everyone else too.
    Yes a solution would be to execute the lot of them ‘as some sort of example’ – we coud take the example of the Chinese who are happy to execute public officials at the drop of a hat for ‘wrongdoing’.
    I think where MF is coming from is simple pragmatism so that things don’t degenerate further and further.
    As was predicted from the start – the supposed solidarity between the iIG and the Military is falling apart and Frank will be getting increasingly paranoic. I guess it depends on how hawkish people feel like being. What they deserve and what is more likely to get rid of them out of people’s lives might be two different things.
    It was also realised from the start that a dysfunctional Military leader who is all over the place mentally aided by a bunch of opportunists was always going to be a dangerous proposition. The pathetic little man is becoming increasingly dangerous – he is backing himself into a corner and becoming more and more concerned about self-survival than he is about Fijians, Pacific neighbours and anybody else.
    So far the ‘smart sanctions’ were akin to trying to ‘starve ’em out’, and they havn’t really been reviewed as promised. Well if that is the case, then they need to be a damn sight smarter. One could even institute blockades and embargos as was done during the missiles of October -as MF notes, they’re running out of the ammo used as their intimidate for example.
    It’s bloody obvious that none of the iIG and Military “initiatives” have moved Fiji forward – just created a whole lot of buzz phrases, excuses and spin speak and boosted a few egos further while allowing a self-appointed elite to line their pockets.
    Why should that be allowed to go on for longer while Fijians sink deeper and deeper into poverty, crime and anything else they need to sustain a daily life?
    Do what is necessary to get rid of them – ALL of them – retribution can come later. Give ’em exile in American Samoa, Chennai, Dubai or bloody Naenae or Redfern. They’ll be all watching their backs for the rest of their lives until they’ll called to account anyway. Or maybe just shoot em – but who’s going to do that – realistically?

  19. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Bloggers pat yourselves on the back for a job well done!

    You are getting under the skin of bananasinpyjamas in a big way.

    Isn’t it great to read in FijiSun that bananasinpyjamas thinks it unfair to compare chaudhry’s junta with magabe in Zimbabwe.

    The poor pathetic fool is paranoid because nobody loves him.

    Oh dear! How sad! Too bad! Never mind!

  20. Save the Sheep Says:

    Agree with the general drift here.

    Frank and his Merry Men and women are thieves and infidels and should be punished.

    Otherwise we just reinforce the ‘One rule for us and a different rule for the rest’ premise.

    If we pardon these guys then we must pardon Speight and Co. If not then all of these guys must be held to account for leading this beautiful Country to the path of ruination.

    And as for the call to ‘Help Move the Nation Forward”? Well Frank, show us that you mean what you say by Stepping side……

    You are just the worst Leader by any definition that I have ever come across.

  21. iceman Says:

    Never grant immunity to these people. If I may add, The President should resign peacefully. He too should not be granted immunity. Never give any pension to Frank and his cronies just like what they did to LQ…

  22. Imroz Buksh Says:

    I wold rather prefer this:

    a. Abrogate the Constitution;
    b. Return all the Crown lands to their Native Landowners;
    c. Reverse all shady decisions made by the Director of Lands in recent years;
    d. Replace Parliament with NCBBF;
    e. Replace Senate with BLV;
    f. Consolidate and strengthen Local Government Authorities;
    g. Eradicate Party Politics once and for all;
    h. Replace the Constitution with People’s Charter;
    i. Develop a National Labour Force for International markets;
    j. Immunity for the RFMF.

    That would be better. Michael Fields Options are not going to see the light of day,it will remain as such,just another lousy Australian trying to meddle in our internal affairs.

  23. solivakasama Says:


    Michael Field is a Kiwi!

  24. tosotiko Says:

    Forgive and love him…this Imroz…he cannot even tell that Michael Fields is a Kiwi despite all that has been written in Fiji about him.

    So he cannot possibly know everything he is suggesting above…just parroting his masters.

  25. Imroz Buksh Says:

    Australian originally

  26. kill chodo Says:

    imroz, drau veivutusona kei michael field.

  27. chipmonks Says:

    I am sick and tired of seeing this man Voreqe forever threating anybody he likes.. Voreqe if you are reading this, I just want to tell you.. “you are a coward and a pig”.

  28. Tasiriki Says:

    I think Michael Fields got some relevant points…HOWEVER THE IMMUNITY clause has got to go!!! PERIOD……

    No amount of reasoning I beleive is going to sink in WELL with the Public… …To even suggest the Immunity for Frank and the OFFICIALS is totally unacceptable…..

    It will rather than END all coupss…open up FLOODGATES for coups…..Providing Legality for Illegality!!!!!!!!…….



    Sooo immunityyy for all of themmm




  29. Mark Manning Says:

    I have another scenario . Make me King of the Fiji Islands , I’l elect the next Vice President in hand with the GCC . The present President will be retired , no disrespect to him , then the Vice President will become President . I will send the Military back to barracks and order the arrest of the Commander and all those involved in this coup . I will bring back Andrew Hughes to run the Police Force , reinstate the tactical response group and build a new prison complex . The old complex will house the Commander and his buddies . I will commence production of the Volkswagen and toasters , four slices and two , give everyone in Fiji a free toaster and Volkswagen . Of course we’ll have no roads nor electricity , but hey , it’s a start ! I’l have to have children so they can take over my thrown when I move on . And we won’t have elections , just reinstate the elected Parliament minus the treasonous traitors . What do you think ?
    Failing that idea , sell Fiji to the highest bidder !

  30. kang4roo Says:


    (The Themes Is Very-very Beautiful & Also Able To Place Adsense)


  31. IslandBoy Says:

    @Mark Manning – Fiji is where we and our families will live for generations to come, just as our ancestors have lived for thousands of years. The problems we face daily, are a great cause of distress and strife for many of our households, struggling to make ends meet

    Thus I want you to now your latest post is deeply offensive to me. Your flippant attitude and the offhand way you describe us, being sold to the highest bidder is not at all appreciated.

    Do not make light of our situation, some of our kinsemen have lost their lives. If you have no useful contribution to make here, then find another place to trip arsehole.

  32. Mark Manning Says:

    thank you island boy , my comments are meant to get a reaction , but in reality , they are not really meant to offend in any way . I am deeply concerned as to what is going on and has gone on in Fiji . I said islands for sale , not the people .

  33. bisbetica Says:

    @Mark Manning
    A saying that applies to frank’s dictatorship also applies to you: “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

    No matter that you think you do not offend, fact is, YOU HAVE OFFENDED!

    If you thought twice before hitting the comment button, you may realise this.

  34. bisbetica Says:

    Some relevant questions from the current issue of Islands business here about what the Forum is actually able to do given Fiji is not complying with its promises.

    If the Forum actually have no teeth except for Oz and Nz, the slow squeeze of ‘smart sanctions’ have actually given the dictatorship TIME for their charter farter shenanigans, while shoring up their rule by muting critics and now trying to intimidate the Fiji media into toeing the rfmf line. It has also given them opportunity to dance with china, india, singapore and other alternative donors. So rather than being like a slowly tightening noose around the rfmf dictatorship’s neck, the sanctions sometimes seem like they’ve been slipped off by china/india etc.

    There is NO move by the rfmf dictatorship towards either preparing for elections (just lots of delays and further delays) or towards seeking a compromise as would be necessary for any kind of deal out of this quagmire (towards some of the options outlined by Field above).

    So what other LEVERS do we the people have if we cannot rely on the Forum or the international community to hasten the resolution of this crisis?

  35. Mark Manning Says:

    The associations with China and India won’t last . It’s like building a house on sand .

  36. IslandBoy Says:

    @Bisbetica – in terms of sheer volume, yes I agree that Oz & NZ do have clout but our island neighbours could also grow teeth if we are isolated in terms of the MSG and our participation in the regional trade agreements. (acknowledge the dilemna with WTO and our comparative disadvantages as Small Island States)

    They could also further damage Fiji and take away our natural advantage as a geographic flight hub if they start to lure away the regional organisations, UN family, ADB, EU etc. as well as the NGOs.

    It looks like we are going to have to depend on Pacific goodwill rather than our previous reputation as a centre of professionalism and comparative advanced development, since our entire infrastructure is going down the tubes, kicthen sink and all.

  37. nativegal Says:

    Pls get on your knees and pray …for Fiji is about to undergo its tribulation
    yes God will deal with this nation which has a calling to become a light to the natiion…Amid the growing darkness coveriing the famiine,natural catastrophes…
    The divine one is waiting for us to humble ourselves so He alone will rise up the highways and fill up the valleys..
    There is no manmade solution!!!!Wether we agree or otherwise all things that have trannsppired incl VB leadership was allowed by the archiitect himself
    God bless Fiji

  38. LUVfiji Says:

    YES @nativegal.

    We have consistently been on our knees since 5/12/2006 and we carry with us the Faith to persevere for our Nation. Allow me to share with you these few lines by Oswald Chambers:

    Quote. Perseverance means more than endurance – more than simply holding on until the end. A saint’s life is in the hands of God like a bow and arrow in the hands of an archer. God is aiming at something the saint cannot see, but our Lord continues to stretch and strain, and every once in a while the saint says, “I cant take anymore”. Yet God pays no attention. He goes on stretching until His purpose is in sight, and then He lets the arrow fly. Entrust yourselves to God’s hands…

    Proclaim as Job did, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.” Unquote

    Indeed, my friend… God bless Fiji !

  39. Jose Says:

    @nativegal – my sister, I say Amen to that. United in prayers. The devil, the evil that is behind all this, hates that. I say again, this war is about good and evil. Has been since the great controversy in Heaven.

  40. Kirikiri Says:

    native gal:
    Dont pray for too long…MC and FB & might take away every thing whilst your eyes are closed.

  41. Jose Says:

    Lako lai vakacucu tu mada i matadrau o mc kei vb. Nomuni trademark na dau vakacucu kina lulu.

  42. Tebara Says:

    @ IB … I totally agree with your views on Mark Mannings post. This freakin idiot (MM) has continuosly over time blatantly offended Fijian citizens with his pathetic ideology and thoughts of how we should go about actions for a better tommorrow.

    MM .. As I have said before …Take ya fat white trashy azz off ya PC and get a life… Do something productive for your country. Dont milk money off your taxpayers by sitting your pathetic beehive infront of your PC voicing your opinion. Get out there… Get a job… find a woman (your size, your age to mother your kids giving a rest to poor Mrs Palmer). Your thoughts are needed and warranted in your territory/state/country not here in Fiji.

    Take a good hard look at picture of Cassandra entry… I bet your site is more pathetic than that. Yes… you would want to invoke anger response to your blog as it will only fuel more hours of farking around infront of your PC … GET A LIFE DUDE … !! FIND A WOMAN OR GO BANG A COW … !

  43. Tebara Says:

    On that note …Its Friday … Have a great weekend all ..Travel gently and stay safe…!

    Happy Hour is full swing now ..1 more hour to go … !!

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