We won’t shut up

Today’s Fijitimes Editorial:

The detention of The Fiji Times’ publisher, Evan Hannah, last night shows what callous disregard the interim regime has for the rights of the people of this country.

Under the cover of darkness, four uniformed police officers backed up by an unknown number of security forces personnel went to Mr Hannah’s home and detained him.

Their justification appeared to be an order signed by the Permanent Secretary for Defence, Malakai Tadulala.

The reason the minister has given for detaining Mr Hannah with the intention of deporting him is that the Australian citizen has breached the conditions of his work permit.

For more than two months, the interim Government – in particular its Attorney-General – has intimidated and threatened this newspaper.

We have refused to bow to the oppression to which the newspaper, its management and staff have been submitted.

In our effort to ensure that the public is informed at all times of the events in this country, we have continued to publish the truth.

To maintain balance in our reports, we have ensured that everyone has had the chance to make their views known through our newspaper.

This has been and will always be our stand. No amount of intimidation will deter us from the path which we have chosen. That path is one which ensures all our people, irrespective of race, religion or creed, are governed by principles which guarantee transparent and elected government.

It is a path which ensures that we all have a say in how this nation is governed. And it is a path which allows the rule of law and order under the Constitution.

Despite this, past governments – the Alliance, Labour, the Soqosoqo ni Vakavulewa ni Taukei, the Labour Coalition and the Soqosoqo Duavata Ni Lewenivanua – have attempted to bully us into submission. We did not succumb to their threats and we will not give in to the cowardly and unwarranted attack on us and media freedom last night.

The attempt to remove Hannah shows to what lengths the regime will go in order to stifle opinions critical of its actions and policies.

It is ironic that Hannah has been detained two days ahead of World Media Freedom Day and only hours after the interim Prime Minister vowed to defend the rights of the press.

Our right to press freedom is inextricably linked to the right of the people to freedom of expression. We will continue to publish the views of the people – critical or complimentary of state policies.

That is our role.

Although the interim Government appears unable or unwilling to guarantee our freedom, our staff will continue to carry out their duties without fear or favour.

If the regime thinks it can shut us up by threats and intimidation, it is sadly mistaken.

And from the Fiji Sun Editorial:

The night time abduction of Fiji Times publisher Evan Hannah marks yet another sorry milestone on the Interim Government’s road to disgrace.
There will be the usual excuses and attempts to justify this crime but the whole of Fiji will know the real reason behind Mr Hannah’s treatment while the main instigator is conveniently out of the country.
Well, it relieves Mahendra Chaudhry of the trouble of pursuing his defamation case against the Times – which he never had any intention of doing anyway being without anything remotely resembling a case.
It is quite likely that the newspaper’s lawyers will obtain a court injunction preventing Mr Hannah’s deportation this morning.
It is equally likely that the Interim Government will ignore it as it did in the case of the publisher of this newspaper who was deported in February.
These, remember, are the same people who bleat piously about the independence of the courts.
The regional and international reaction will with very few exceptions be one of fury. As New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark observed when Russell Hunter was abducted and deported, how can Fiji have an election without a free media?
And now that the two expatriate publishers of the nation’s major dailies are out of the way – or so the Interim Government thinks – who among the local editorial staff will raise their voices against government control of the media knowing that their punishment will certainly not be deportation?
For make no mistake, these deportations are the precursors to stringent and punitive media controls as recommended in the disgraceful and dishonest Anthony Report on Fiji’s media.
This will give the Interim Government what it has long craved: total control over what the people of Fiji are permitted to know and even discuss publicly.
It will give the regime the power to act in secret.
It will remove the people’s right to know what is being done in their name – apart, of course, from the official line.
What has not been considered, it seems, is the burgeoning of Soviet Russia-style samizdat or underground publications that will follow any such move. They will offer the only independent source of news and comment.
Of necessity these will be anonymous and unreliable but in the absence of a free media they will be believed.
The internet makes it easy.
With this latest despicable act, the military-backed Interim Government has not for the first time shot itself in the foot.

Still in doubt then read this from fijivillage:

 A survey by an independent organization shows that the public in Fiji want a free and independent media.

As we mark International Media Freedom Day on Saturday, Fiji Media Council Chairman Daryl Tarte said this year they decided to do things differently and hired an independent organization to conduct a survey with the result mentioned above that the people of Fiji want a free and independent media.


58 Responses to “We won’t shut up”

  1. natewaprince Says:

    Phone continuosly rings in the Pig and Arseholes room at the Royal Dubai Hilton.

    Arse: Uh,uh,uh ,uhhhhh….,areh boss,slowly yar.Let me get that phone.

    Pig: Wawa fuck,ahhhhhhhh…,OK,hurry up.But don’t move,keep it like that.

    Arse: Hello,yes,yes… good job boys…OK,I’ll tell him.

    Pig: What’s wrong baby??

    Arse: Good news boss,they’ve just put that bastard on the plane.And we had nothing to do with it.

    Pig: Hahaha,now lets see what Netani Rika has to say now.What else they say??

    Arse: Epeli said to remind you about that VP job.

    Pig: O shit, just tell him to do his job.Next time I’ll give Chaudary to be acting PM. Hey ,the blerry phone ringing again,answer it fast ,I’m onning again.

    Arse: Hello…yeah…yeah….Okaaaaaaaaaayyyyy..I’ll tellllllll hiimmmmmm.
    Areh boss,wait yaaaaarrrrrrrrr…..arrehhhhhhhhhhhhh bapaaaaaaaaaaa…

  2. Tebara Says:

    TO THE FJ TIMES / SUN JOURNOS – We are with you all the way. Your stand in publishing unbiased facts during this evil regimes reign is greatly appreciated. We thank you for your unwavering determination. When one fights for the right and freedom of those they serve not only do you put your life on the line it shows the general public that your interest is to serve us the citizen of Fiji. You are not swayed by intimidation through barrels of the gun neither lay down in bed with evil men/women who unshamedly gloat in high places through force.

    We will be forever grateful to your stand and ethics.

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    This stunt reeks of The Shyster….they probably did this as a warning against the “media freedom” campaign rolling out this week which of course is a direct assault on Dr Anthony’s pathetic report.

    Welcome to Hell Fiji.

    Strangely silent on the Immigration Director front – Naupoto….

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    With backs to the wall , now we will see the real Fijian spirit !
    With a common enemy , the Nation must unite , as all are potential targets otherwise .
    God Bless Fiji .

  5. Save the Sheep Says:

    This action only serves to illustrate how utterly insincere this Regime is about taking Fiji forward.

    They are more corrupt, more self serving, more incompetent than any other Government in the History of Fiji.

    And they certainly don’t like it when it is pointed out do they.

    Keep up the good work Journos, I actually like buying the papers again.

  6. ulumaji Says:

    Friday May 2, 04:50 PM
    PM condemns deportation of Fiji publisher

    The Prime Minister has condemned the latest attack on media freedom in Fiji.

    The Australian Publisher of the Fiji Times, Evan Hannah, was today deported from Fiji and placed on a flight to South Korea.

    Fiji’s national airline Air Pacific had refused to take him onboard one of its flights to Australia.

    Helen Clark says it does not look like a country moving back towards democracy. She says that can have a very chilling effect on freedom of expression and there cannot be open and free elections if the media is intimidated.

    Miss Clark says she will send “a strongly worded letter” to Fiji condemning the deportation. She says New Zealand will say to Fiji that its friends are ready to help when Fiji shows it is serious about moving towards free, fair and open elections.

  7. church mouse Says:

    Seems like the Interim COE (Commander of Everything) kept the seat warm in the Korean plane for Mr Hannah to go to Seoul and then home! So who calls the shots? Who plays dice with people’s lives? Who is there for the checks and balances of bad decisions?

  8. bisbetica Says:

    nada, nyet, nahi church mouse – there is NO check and balance.

    Ganilau gazettes the new Immigration law. Then the rfmf military council on which Ganilau sits designates the FT publisher a threat to national security. Then the rfmf inform the PS for Immigraiton and Defence, who then advises Ganilau, and presto, the publisher is EXPELLED from Fiji.

    But wait for it! Ganilau comes on tv tonight and says “I wasn’t told the specifics of WHY he’s a THREAT to national security, but I believe the security agency (rfmf) when it says it has ‘credible information’ and so I approved the deportation”.

    BOCI, LIAR, LAMULAMU rfmf and their fuckhead, shitheaded gogo bankrupt minister for defence and immigration can’t own up to his OWN decision!! but then this behaviour is typical of those who ‘koco i tutu’ and ‘dadatuvu’ coz they slink in corners and HISS in the shadows. An honorable rfmf? I DON’T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!

  9. Glawyer Says:

    Thumbs up to the hard working journo’s who threatened for speaking the truth. Too bad the illegal regime can’t hack it when they’re shown the truth. Keep up the good work, don’t let these illegal fools get in the way of the truth!

  10. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    This sad story will be on the front page of every News Limited paper around the world tomorrow. Great publicity for Fiji but unfortunately it is very, very negative publicity.

    Fiji tourist bureau can say goodbye to all the free advertising of Fiji in the Murdoch newspapers’ travel sections. Any mention of Fiji will supplement the travel advisories which highlight the dangers for tourists in Fiji.

    So now bananasinpyjamas’ primitive tourism sector in Fiji will go even further backwards.

  11. Testcom Says:

    The whole of Fiji, with or without the media, knows that this illegal regime is corrupt and hopeless. Fuck with the NCBBF

  12. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    How could an honest archbishop have anything to do with an illegal, morally corrupt, inept junta?

    It defies all comprehension!

  13. cujo Says:

    oi and look who’s speaking up now: woken from their tight slumber around voceqe’s balls are the f@rkers from the 5 member CCF peddling their mandate-less support for the farter charter.


    CCF condemns Hannah’s deportation

    Friday, May 02, 2008

    Update: 2:13PM The Citizens Constitutional Forum (CCF) condemns the deportation of Fiji Times publisher Evan Hannah as an unacceptable behaviour by the interim Government.

    The deportation is totally unacceptable. The government is making a mockery of our legal justice system,” CCF executive director Reverend Akuila Yabaki said.

    “We call on the interim Government to stop violating rights of people in such a manner.

    Everyone has a right to a fair trial.

    “All people have a right to maintain innocence until proven guilty in a court of law.

    “In the case of Mr Hannah, and in the recent past, Russell Hunter, they were not even given a chance to defend themselves in court.


  14. pena Says:

    What a sad day for media freedom in Fiji
    May 2, 2008

    Tomorrow is World Press Freedom Day and to receive information about the detention of Fiji Times Publisher Evan Hannah is sad and shocking, but also a stark reminder of the political reality within which Fiji’s media continues to operate.

    What should be the eve of a global commemoration, when we celebrate the contribution of all forms of media to development and the empowerment of communities, we are reminded that we live in the shadow of a power that chooses to control the way in which information and communication is developed and delivered.

    We live in a time when all people, but especially rural and remote communities, should be able to freely access a range of information, as well as feel safe and confident to share their viewpoints, in order to actively engage and participate in the the return to parliamentary democracy.

    Given the current campaign of the National Council for Building a Better, this action does not augur well to enhance the opportunity for a diverse range of viewpoints to be shared. It is not the basis from which we will hear from the ordinary people, who are suffering the most (in silence) who have the biggest stake in defining the road to sustainable peace.

    This is not freedom.
    This does not provide the political platform for peace and stability.
    Fiji’s current leaders need to be reminded once again “that you cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.”
    Sharon Bhagwan Rolls
    Coordinator: femLINKPACIFIC-Media Initiatives for Women

  15. FijiGirl Says:

    Well said, Sharon Baghwan Rolls.

    The story is being carried by ALL the major news agencies today (reuters, afp, ap, upi, et al), the global networks (newscorp, bbc, cnbc, cnn, france24, al jezeerah) and the internet (yahoonews, googlenews, star-report, etc).

    The Snake/Pig/A**e doces are doing their best to turn us into a tinpot dictatorship.

    They must be stopped.

    We must continue our non-violent protests, non-cooperation, and bring DOWN this regime.

    God bless Fiji

  16. niko Says:

    Press Release: YPCN condemns the detainment of Fiji Times Publisher

    The Young Peoples Concerned Network condemns the detention of Fiji Times Publisher Evan Hannah. Memebrs of the YPCN received news late last night that Mr. Hannah was detained by police and immigration officials, we were also made aware of Fiji Immigrations plans to deport Mr Hannah. Calls made to Immigration Officials and police reiterated information we had already received and we now make a call on the Interim Government to start displaying a HUMAN FACE and stop all this human right violations.

    Fiji has come a long way since December 5 2006, and we are suffering economically. Young people are desperately looking for jobs and parents are finding it hard to sustain their own families. Our Government should see the plight of the people and not take steps that pull us further into the tribulations we face. High profile deportations must stop, it is a crime against humanity – not only Mr Hannahs Deportation but also the disregard of the Interim Government of the negative consequences such unnecessary acts cause.I ask the Interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama and the Immigration Minister Epeli Ganilau, How does this deportation help Fiji?

    We also call upon the Fiji Human Rights Commission and the Fiji Red Cross to provide all humanitarian and Advocacy assistance immediately. This is a Human Right violation and contravenes our Freedoms to movements, to live without arbitrary arrests and the right to Life.

    Mr Hannah’s detention is a sad presentation of politics in Fiji. Where people who speak out against government are targeted. Fiji is struggling to move on but everyday the Interim Government drags us back with these acts. This is not normal politics but banana politics.


  17. yippeeee Says:

    Sa rawa beka ga me ratou deport mada e liu oratou na yavu caviraki na luvei boroni/mara? back to lakeba on the first boat please. The rest of us are happily co-existing. Lets start with that aspect of the problem eh! then we deal with the legalities later. The rest of the IG just send them to kiuva mada mera lai taga ura tu mada.


  18. mela Says:

    Thumbs up to those who continue to speak the truth to power.

    Take a bow: Ratu Joni, Mick Beddoes, Pramod Rae, FWRM, Sharon Rolls, YPCN, Richard Naidu, Ro Teimumu, Kinivuwai, Tui Namosi, Tupeni Baba, Laisenia Qarase, NFP, SDL, Angie Heffernan, PCPI and the many many letter writers brave enough to write to the papers everyday and point out the hypocrisy and inconsistency of the regime.

    Take a bow SV Team and Fiji Freedom Bloggers who provide a platform for the voicing of our views and opinions and who provide analysis and resources for the world to pickup (and not necessarily attribute back to the freedom bloggers).

    Heres to FREEDOM! [The freedom we guaranteed ourselves with the 1997 constitution which will be vindicated and RESTORED to the people)

    Heres to DEMOCRACY! (not TRUE democracy as defined by the rfmf and on display today and everyday with their blunders and hypocrisy)

    Heres to HUMAN RIGHTS! [not just the rights of the privileged few (temporarily ignored by SDL few) whom the rfmf has championed with this ill-conceived misadventure]

    Here’s to JUSTICE!

    God Bless Fiji!

  19. Innit Says:

    and here the brave (not) falla again:

    Order signed by Tadulala: Ganilau

    Friday, May 02, 2008

    Update: 4:16PM The removal of The Fiji Times publisher Evan Hannah this morning has already generated significant attention, both locally and abroad, says interim Defence Miniter Ratu Epeli Ganilau.

    Ratu Epeli said Mr Hannah was removed from Fiji based on Section 13(2) (g) of the Immigration Act, 2003, relating to Prohibited Immigrants.

    He said the removal order and the detention warrant were signed by the Permanent Secretary of Defence Malakai Tadulala yesterday with his approval and concurrence.

  20. gellie Says:

    An excellent article by Director of the Lowy Institute’s Melanesia Program on the Fiji Time’s publisher’s deportation:

    The Myer Foundation Melanesia Program at the Lowy Institute (lowyinstitute.org)

    What media freedom, Commodore?
    by Jenny Hayward-Jones, Director, Melanesia Program

    The deportation from Fiji today of Fiji Times publisher Evan Hannah is a very disturbing sign of interim leader Commodore Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama’s lack of commitment to democracy. Interim Defence and Immigration Minister Ratu Epeli Nailatikau reportedly said the deportation order was linked to concerns about Fiji Times articles and national security, but no evidence to support that claim has been forthcoming.

    Coming only two months after the deportation of Fiji Sun publisher Russell Hunter, this action hardly encourages confidence in the roadmap to elections in March 2009.

    Ironically, Bainimarama chose to issue a statement ahead of World Mediareedom Day on 3 May saying media freedom in Fiji was secure and constitutionally guaranteed. Bainimarama also repeated a familiar refrain that the media must recognise there were limitations to constitutional guarantees on media freedom and freedom of the press.

    A March report by Hawaii-based consultant Dr James Anthony, commissioned by the Fiji Human Rights Commission, was critical of the Fiji media, recommended that all foreign journalists be deported and that all media houses pay a levy to fund a Media Tribunal to oversee balanced and responsible reporting. The report was roundly condemned by the Fiji Media Council but has apparently found favour with the interim government.

    The High Court’s order prohibiting the deportation and Air Pacific’s refusal to take Hannah on board in recognition of this order (Hannah was deported on Korean Air) demonstrates that Bainimarama’s efforts to crack down on dissent have not yet been wholly successful. An independent and free media is critical to Fiji’s chances of restoring democracy. Fiji’s media is showing strong resolve in the face of overt threats. It deserves international support.

    The Pacific Islands Forum Foreign Affairs Ministers’ Meeting on Fiji in Auckland on 26 March specifically mentioned concern about threats to media freedom being inconsistent with the creation of an environment in which free and fair elections could be held. If Bainimarama didn’t fully comprehend the diplomatic language of that communiqué, Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith made it clearer yesterday.


    From lowyinterpreter.org

  21. Adi Kaila Says:

    Go Evan & tell the whole world about the interim regime & their complete incompetence, continuous corruption, human rights abuse, lack of transparency.

    How on earth did $50 no finances ganilau think that deporting another journalist would improve the igs standing? Jeez Louise, between Russell Hunter and Evan Hannah they can blow the lid on all of the ig coupsters & the evil behind the scenes scheming of his family, the maras, the lot from Naisogolaca & their momo chaudry prasad saheb.

    Wiith communication via email, mobile phones, telephones the ig is in for more backlash – HUUUUUUUUUUUUURAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!

  22. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    My version of media freedom – I may not agree with what you say but I will defend your right to say it.

    The IG’s version of media freedom – I don’t like what you say, I will deport you.

  23. Testcom Says:

    That drunkard homosexual defrocked sort of a priest Rev Yabaki is again screaming through his big arse – this time condemning the deportation – well, this is what you get, EVIL, for joining the NCBBF and criticizing the Fijians – piss offf, or get pissed, you pissing priest

  24. mela Says:

    Another great statement from Beddoes: “They make promises they don’t keep, they demand transparency but can’t practise it, they talk of freedom then go ahead and deny it,”

    Beddoes: Litany of broken promises
    Saturday, May 03, 2008
    Fiji Times

    THE term of the interim regime can be likened to a litany of broken promises, says ousted Opposition leader Mick Beddoes.

    He made the comment after Fiji Times publisher Evan Hannah was deported yesterday.

    “They make promises they don’t keep, they demand transparency but can’t practise it, they talk of freedom then go ahead and deny it,” he said.

    Mr Beddoes said the interim regime’s most recent escapade involving Mr Hannah was no longer a matter of misunderstanding but a deliberate move to control media freedom.

    “One could almost pass off the first deportation of Fiji Sun publisher Russell Hunter as a misunderstanding, but when the publisher of our longest serving and largest newspaper becomes the second victim of deportation, it no longer is a misunderstanding but rather a deliberate move to control media freedom in Fiji and to pick Media Freedom Week in which to do it,” he said.

  25. mela Says:

    And this the headline of the day: Interim regime is showing signs of demonic possession.

    Demonic, activist says

    Saturday, May 03, 2008

    The removal by the interim Government of The Fiji Times publisher Evan Hannah from Fiji has been described as demonic.

    The Young People Concerns Network calls on the interim Government to start displaying a human face and to stop all human rights violations.

    “The interim Government is demon possessed and is ready to forget about human rights and human dignity,” YPCN spokesman Peter Waqavonovono said.

    “They have told us all so many lies and have disregarded the rule of law, honestly they are showing signs of demonic possession.

    “Fiji has come a long way since December 5, 2006, and we are suffering economically. Young people are desperately looking for jobs and parents are finding it hard to sustain their own families.

    “Our Government should see the plight of the people and not take steps that pull us further into the tribulations we face.

    “High profile deportations must stop, it is a crime against humanity — not only Mr Hannah’s deportation but the disregard of the interim Government of the negative consequences such unnecessary acts cause.

    “I ask the interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama and the Immigration Minister Ratu Epeli Ganilau, how does this deportation help Fiji.” Mr Waqavonovono called on the Fiji Human Rights Commission and the Fiji Red Cross to provide all humanitarian and advocacy help immediately.

    “This is a human rights violation and contravenes our freedoms of movement,” he said.

    “Mr Hannah’s detainment is a sad presentation of politics in Fiji where people who speak out against government are targeted.

    “Fiji is struggling to move on but everyday the interim Government drags us back with these acts.

    “This is not normal politics but banana politics,” Mr Waqavonovono said.

  26. mela Says:

    Heres Evan Hannah in the Australian newspaper today speaking about the thugs who manhandled the Australian High Commissioner staffer at Nadi airport and how the thugs hid Hannah at the airport. This tinpot regime truly is “thugs are us” – “have gun, will coup” – “have guns, will terrorise” but it is really a bigger pond that the thugs are flailing around in.

    Fiji condemned for media crackdown
    Mark Dodd and Peter Alford | May 03, 2008
    The Australian Newspaper

    FIJI’S deportation of Australian newspaper publisher Evan Hannah was a “reprehensible attack on human rights and freedom of speech”, the Rudd Government said yesterday as it demanded an explanation.
    Relations between the two countries plunged to a new low last night when Foreign Minister Stephen Smith blasted Fiji’s military-backed regime for its treatment of Mr Hannah, the managing director of the Fiji Times which, like TheWeekend Australian, is owned by News Limited.
    Mr Hannah last night also accused Fijian police of manhandling an Australian consular official to prevent them from speaking at Fiji’s Nadi airport as he was put on a flight to South Korea.
    “It was dreadful what happened to the consul who came out to try to see me,” he said from Seoul international airport, where he was awaiting a flight to Australia. “He was physically manhandled; I believe he was shouting to me through the door, managed to get his head and shoulders in and was pulled back through the door.”
    Mr Smith earlier condemned the “illegal” Fiji interim government’s “unconscionable” treatment of an Australian citizen and its “outrageous” refusal to give Australian consular staff access to him.
    But he made no reference to the rough treatment of a consular official in the course of his duties, which could constitute an assault and a serious diplomatic incident between Australia and Fiji.
    Mr Hannah was arrested on Thursday night for alleged work permit breaches and forcibly removed from his home in the capital, Suva, in circumstances almost identical to the deportation two months earlier of Russell Hunter, the Australian chief executive of The Fiji Sun newspaper.
    Yesterday morning, the Fiji High Court ordered a stop to deportation proceedings but these were ignored.
    Mr Hannah was to arrive this morning in Sydney where he will wait to see whether the Fijian Government will continue to defy its own High Court, which has ordered he be produced to the court on Wednesday. But having been hustled on to a Korean Airlines plane yesterday in defiance of the court’s order staying deportation and a writ of habeas corpus, Mr Hannah said he did not expect to be allowed back next week.
    Yesterday afternoon, the court set proceedings aside for next Wednesday and asked Fiji’s Police Commissioner and senior defence officials to be present to explain why they had ignored a legalorder.
    News Limited chairman and chief executive John Hartigan said the deportation actions represented the latest attempt to intimidate the Fiji media.
    Mr Hunter said last night he feared for the future of freedom of the press in Fiji. He suspected the interim Government’s assault on the Fiji Times and the Fiji Sun would be the pretext for media-control legislation modelled on Singapore’s, one of the most repressive systems operated by a supposedly democratic country in the region.

  27. Jose Says:

    x Fiji Tourist Says:
    May 2, 2008 at 7:27 pm

    How could an honest archbishop have anything to do with an illegal, morally corrupt, inept junta?

    It defies all comprehension!

    How do you know he was honest in the first place? An honest man of God will never do it, come what may. But an apostate christianity will do it. They have drank of the wine of fornication. They are no longer able to discern truth from error. Then there are those who have been deliberately lying to and misleading the people. And again, there are those who stand behind pulpits and have no idea what they are talking.

  28. Jose Says:


  29. FijiGirl Says:

    I have a theory.

    Shortly after the coup, this regime was responsible for the murder of some civilians who were taken into custody.

    It was the first time that such a thing had happened in Fiji – our previous coups were mostly bloodless.

    The Chinese (who are probably advising Vore/Chodo/Ar*e) have a traditional saying – “Kill the chicken to frighten the monkey”. It means that you use excessive force in one area, to instill fear in others so that you can control them more easily than if you used reasonable force all along.

    Since those deaths and the beatings of high profile activists, the IR has been able to continue their despotic rule relatively unchallenged.

    I cannot help thinking that this deportation is more a means to an end than an end of itself. The IR thinks that, by getting rid of Sun publisher Hunter and FT publisher Hannah, the rest of the media will fall into line, and they will therefore not need to expend more manpower to control them.

    I think the staging of this, just before Media Day, is just more ‘chicken-killing’.

    Let’s call their bluff! Take a stand. Peaceful, non-violent protest, march towards free and fair elections. Humiliate these doces at the ballot box.

    Tabu soro

    God bless Fiji

  30. kaka Says:

    The Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) has deplored the action of the interim Fiji Government to deport Fiji Times publisher Evan Hannah on the eve of World Press Freedom Day.

    PINA president Joseph Ealedona said, “The deportation is a blatant attack on the freedom of the media in Fiji.”
    Hannah was taken from his home in Suva last night by immigration officials and put on a Korean Air flight today (Fri 02 May) despite a high court order for him to be presented in court this afternoon.

    The publisher was told that he had breached the condition of his work permit and taken from his home in front of his one-year old son and Fijian wife Dr Katarina Tuinamuana.

    “The arrest and deportation is clearly calculated to intimidate and silent voices critical of the interim government. This strikes at the heart of democracy and a free media,” said Ealedona.

    PINA calls on Fiji’s Interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama to stick to his promise of upholding media freedom.

    Commodore Bainimarama must allow journalists and media outlets to do their work without fear or fervor.

    The move by the Fiji Interim government comes in the wake of the deportation in February of another Australian and publisher of the Fiji Sun- Russell Hunter.

    The blatant disregard for the rule of law by the Fiji Interim government sends a very dangerous signal to its citizens and the international community.

    PINA believes Commodore Bainimarama has the power to turn things around from the current downward spiral for the betterment of all Fiji citizens.

  31. kaka Says:

    More good news for the military regime from al jazeera.

    Fiji deports newspaper publisher
    Fiji’s military government has deported the Australian publisher of the Fiji Times after declaring him a threat to national security.

    The move drew a sharp response from New Zealand’s prime minister, who called it an “effort by the Fiji interim government to muzzle the media and close down free speech”.

    “The expulsion will be viewed with significant regional and international concern,” Helen Clark said.

    Evan Hannah, the publisher of the Fiji Times owned by Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch, was escorted by a soldier on to a Korean Airline flight to Seoul on Friday.

    This was despite a court order that he attend an appeal hearing against the deportation order issued on Thursday, the newspaper said.

    Media crackdown

    The deportation is the latest move in a crackdown on the media in Fiji since military commander Frank Bainimarama seized power in a coup in late 2006.

    Fiji’s rulers have faced growing international criticism over the slow progress in returning the South Pacific island nation to democracy.

    Murdoch’s Australian publishing arm, News Ltd, also condemned Hannah’s deportation as the latest threat to press freedom in Fiji.

    Netani Rika, editor of the Fiji Times, said his newspaper had always been a watchdog on government policies regardless of who was in power and would not soften its stance despite the latest deportation.

    “We’ve been a strong critic of, I wouldn’t say government, but of government policies dating back more than 20 years,” he said.

    “I think, yes we are recognised … as the unofficial opposition in the country.”

    Rika said Fijian journalists have been harassed by the government for 18 months adding that the latest deportation was part of a campaign to silence media criticism.

    “Our people have been under constant threat and intimidation for the last 18 months. Mr Hannah is not the first journalist to be removed from his home,” Rika told Australian radio.

    “All I can think of right now, that it is an attempt to intimidate the media, yes,” he said.

    “For us at the Fiji Times, it just means that we now know that the government will not take dissenting views lightly, but it also means that we have an even more important role to play to ensure that the views of all people in this country are made known, including the views of the government.”

    The deportation comes after another Australian, Russell Hunter, publisher of the rival Fiji Sun newspaper, was deported in February for criticising Bainimarama’s government.

    ‘Sorry milestone’
    The Fiji Sun said in an editorial on Friday that “the night-time abduction of Fiji Times publisher Evan Hannah marks yet another sorry milestone on the interim government’s road to disgrace”.

    “Make no mistake, these deportations are the precursors to stringent and punitive media controls …,” it said.

    “This will give the interim government what it has long craved: total control over what the people of Fiji are permitted to know and even discuss publicly. It will give the regime the power to act in secret.”

    Bainimarama has promised to hold free and fair elections by early 2009, but Clark said the deportation was not conducive to creating the kind of environment needed for such polls.

    New Zealand’s acting high commissioner in Suva, Caroline McDonald, was seeking an explanation from the Fiji government

    But Clark said “no reasonable explanation was given for Mr Hunter’s expulsion earlier in the year, and we cannot see any basis for any reasonable explanation in the current case”.


  32. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    On one hand you have Immigration, the Police/Army playing hide and seek from the court order and the media.On the other you have MC refusing to realise the extent of the economic decline that the coup wrecked on Fiji – meanwhile they are chasing wet dreams in Dubai, China or India.

    Intrnl Relations take time to develop and unfortunately by alienating your closest neighbours you undo all the years of work that went into building the relationship in the first place – this doesnt lend you much credibility when trying to build new ones also.

    And you have the Interim PM and AG saying they dont know anything about the deportation… The least the IG or anyone could do is inform us what Evan Hannah did to deserve being declared a Prohibited Immigrant. If it was to publish the truth – then it is a very sad day indeed.

    So much for a cleaning up corruption. I dont hold much hope for elections and see a long dark road ahead…

  33. Bu-dhadha-u Says:

    What can be more frustrating?………….The downright blatant disregard of the law by those immigration people or the various ridiculous excuses being given by Ganilau?………I vote for Ganilaus’ excuses…….It really makes me wanna take a huge mallet and smash it on his empty head, the fucking prick……And yet he considers himself to be a chief………….Chief my backside!!!!! Liar, conman, Bankrupt, weak, boci, baku, teri coki………..

    I don’t know about Natewa Prince and the rest of the Cakaudrove people who frequent this blog but as for us from Taveuni especially down at the ucu ni potu, he really can take a jump from Mt Uluqalau to the steep crevices below and then take a walk in the wild wood.

    As of now, it is really beyond understanding of people who still think that the IG and the military are doing good for this counrty…I mean, how can you achieve good for the country when you are so bent on disregarding the rule of law left, right and centre………..Transparency and support for anti-corruption had just been thrown out of the window………And yet some citizens of this country still think that good will eventually come out from all this mess…………….Thinking about it is just frustrating in itself.

  34. ckasih Says:

    This is because English language not suitable anymore because the original bible is in Arabic.

    Get the full story here: http://ckasih.blogspot.com

  35. natewaprince Says:

    Bud-hau,qo gona na tamata e via tara na tutu ni Tui Cakau,blerry $50 namu bastard.

  36. Tasiriki Says:

    Ganilau’s explantation to the public!!!!……”He was a threat to national security” they gave the same explantation for Rusell Hunter……….



  37. LUVfiji Says:


    They’ve simply run out of excuses. They will sooooon crumble and fall !
    Welcome aboard, honey! Lets blog on…

  38. Bu-dhadha-u Says:


    Au ‘aya gona……’vei ‘eitou mai ucui Taveuni e ra. o a qo sa sega tu ga…….E lailai a ‘ona seva’ini ‘eitou mai na neitou seva’ini ‘oya……..

    De dou na via maroroi ‘eya o ’emudou mai Natewa?

  39. Tasiriki Says:

    Thanks@luvfiji…I LOVE FIJI TOOO!!!!……feel@home already!!!..lol..lol

    S.Rolls can not have put it any better………THIS IS NOT FREEDOM…..

    Citizens of Fiji………When are we gonna wake up & realise…WE ARE ALREADY UNDER DICTATORSHIP!!!!…..

    One blogger has already said … “Peaceful, non-violent protest, march towards free and fair elections. Humiliate these doces at the ballot box.”







  40. natewaprince Says:

    Bud,me dua ga e tiqava a tamata qori. ‘Uca me sa ‘omudou tui mai Taveuni e ra???????

  41. FijianPatriot Says:


    Rabo’i oya mada…….Sa rawa ga ni ‘eitou na mai va’vutu’a…..Me tiqavi!!!!!
    Ma sa qai achi…..

  42. Adi Kaila Says:

    VEILECAYAKI LEVU is going on ragone.

    The illegal self appointed ‘immigration minister’ the pretender to the throne of the Garden Islands $50 vucesalevu ganilau leads the biggest VEILECAYAKI regarding the issue of Mr Evan Hannahs deportation.
    Appeals! Reviews! – ‘mudou sa bou dua na spin va’lialia.

    The military will not comment referring all enquiries to their media cell.

    The Human Rights Commission will not comment referring all enquiries to the illegal a-gs office.

    The coupsters really don’t know what they’re doing – WE ALL KNOW THAT – the $50 pretender to the throne famously said about the deportation of Mr Russell Hunter – “This declaration follows a proper investigation by the relevant authorities, which clearly established that Mr Hunter was conducting himself in a manner prejudicial to the peace, defence, public safety, public order, security and stability of the sovereign state of the Fiji Islands.”

    So $50 pretender to the throne how do you validate you and your coupsters treasonous act conducting yourselves in a manner prejudicial to the peace, defence, public safety, public order, security and stability of the sovereign state of the Fiji Islands?

  43. Tasiriki Says:

    aiiiii………kemudou noqui tovatssss..dou bau lomana na $50 chief!!…lol..lol..lol.lol..lol.lol..Sa cau dua sara ga vei kemudou a ona’ kai e bau loloma!!!!…..lol.lol..lol..lol..lol….lol..lol..lol..lol..lol..lol..lol..lol…….

  44. woilei Says:


  45. bisbetica Says:

    Not that we needed confirmation but this is just the icing on the sorry spectacle that the rfmf dictatorship has made of itself: the shitster is probably out of the country junketing and such a blatant human rights violation is greeted with silence from the Human Rights Commission. SHAME SHAME SHAME !! As if silence is not enough, the HRC refer enquiries to the central government Ministry of information and Attorney General.

    Then today, we have the AG speaking on behalf of the HRC, just as he claims to speak on behalf of the judiciary.

    What idiocy!

    We already knew they’ve been working hand in glove at the center of the coup conspiracy with the Maras, Ganilaus, Nailatikaus (the Ma-Ga-Nas anyone??). Now they even stand in for each other. Not EVEN the APPEARANCE of independence.

    Then again, if the shitster were here, like for Russell Hunter the Sun publisher, the nut would ask what wrong Hannah the Times publisher had COMMITTED.


    A-G clears air
    Sunday, May 04, 2008
    INTERIM Attorney General has cleared the air on why the Fiji Human Rights Commission did not answer any queries on the deportation of The Fiji Times publisher.
    The Fiji Times sent questions to the Human Rights Commission on whether Publisher Evan Hannah’s rights were violated when he was deported despite a court order, but the commission’s spokesperson referred the newspaper to the A-G’s office.
    Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said the commission would not comment on something that was not in their jurisdiction. “What happened to Mr Hannah is a matter for the Government to answer,” he said.
    “That is why they have referred The Fiji Times to the A-G’s office to comment.” Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said Mr Hannah was deported because he breached his work permit and the interim Immigration Minister had to exercise his powers.

  46. molikana Says:

    Unfortunately, these Interim Government is using these Fijian high chiefs in order to create distrust and disrespect of the chiefly lienage by the Fijian people.Someone has got to assasinate these chiefs ASAP in order to normalized things? Budhau you do it man!

  47. karo Says:

    faya! tekivuna mai mokana! E leqa gona ni dou baci miscalculate dou yavu sotia boci!

    Kena leqa gona ni o sega ni kila na ka o via vosa kina! F@rk off lesu tale ki na rfmf media cell talei tora. Kua na via mai vakatubu ca eke.

    Era na qai lewai kece tekivu mai vei voceke, choro, naulukau, ganilua, maras, nawalowalo etc. O via kauti keda lesu tale ki na gauna ni veikanikani. Dou veikanikani madaga mai na keba! E cava, sa tou tekivu veivala vatakikemudou ga, dou gadreva me keimami yavala na lewenivanua me rawa ni dou bind kina na sotia lamulamu? Ni veicai ni yavu sotia veivutusona!

  48. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Bisbetica. Actually, this answer from the AGar*e is good news for us.

    IR-se says that “the commission would not comment on something that was not in their jurisdiction (because it is) … a matter for the government to answer”

    Now that this statement is out in the public domain, the next time Sh*tstir pipes in with her 2 rupee’s worth, cheer leading for the illegal regime on matters NOT directly relevant to FHRC, we can use this comment to make her SHUT UP.

    Yet another inconsistency of this IR which can turn to our benefit.

    Personally I would welcome a media blackout on FHRC. That would quickly teach Sh*tster a lesson about ‘the fourth estate’ and the meaning of TRUE power. But that is at the discretion of the media.

    God bless Fiji

  49. bisbetica Says:

    Yes FG, its good, its the icing (or rather one of the cherries) on the spectacle that the IG has made of itself with the deportation. They just keep tripping over themselves eh. Ganilau proudly makes a statement that FT can appeal, then in today’s front page, FT points out that umm actually, in the new Immigration law ganilau gazetted, there is NO appeal.

    Then theres the a*se kaiya*se acting like hes THE commissioner of the HRC when sh*tster is ‘not available’. When the HRC should be guarding its independence from central government, just as the judiciary should be guarding its independence, theres the a*se khaiya*se acting like they can all substitute for each other. Not only that, the decision as to whether something is within or without HRC jurisdiction is NOT decided by central government.

    Strange thing is, the sh*tser replied to Beddoes today (when shes held her silence the last 3 days of the deportation saga) sh*tster said both deportations are before the court, so she cannot institute an ‘independent investigation’ as Beddoes formally requested… more evidence of the ‘pick and choose’ mentality of these so-called independent institutions that continue to collude with each other and use the AGs Office, the HRC and the judiciary for their own political ends.

  50. bisbetica Says:

    strange the sh*tster’s refusal to institute an investigation eh. Didn’t stop her from issuing volume ii of her garbage in Jan and August 07 on the 2006 coup when court challenges had been filed in December (Jaganath Samy) and April (SDL/Qarase).

  51. gellie Says:

    Ousted Fiji Publisher To Headline Solomons Press Meet
    Sunday: May 04, 2008

    The Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI) 2008 World Press Freedom Day address is going to be given by the first newspaper publisher the Fiji regime expelled.

    Russell Hunter, of the Fiji Sun, is being flown in to feature during the celebrations and fundraising lunch MASI is organizing in Honiara this coming Saturday, May 10. And Solomon Islands Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua has accepted an invitation from MASI to give the keynote address.

    Hunter will also take part in a roundtable with local news media executives during his two-day visit from Australia.

    World Press Freedom Day is 3 May. But MASI has scheduled its main event for this coming Saturday, so some key people can be there and to climax a week of awareness activities.

    MASI’s efforts bringing in Hunter are being generously helped by UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

    UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Day theme this year is “Freedom of Expression, Access to Information and Empowerment of People.”

    MASI President John Lamani, managing director of Solomon Star Limited, said: “MASI is showing that media freedom is alive and well in Solomon Islands, unlike in some other countries in the region.

    “Dr. Sikua is strongly supporting this day. He is showing Solomon Islands is a true democracy. He is showing his government supports the right of all Solomon Islanders to freedom of expression and information.

    “Solomon Islands is a shining light in the region.

    “Last year MASI hosted and organized the big PINA (Pacific Islands News Association) convention. This year we have already had a major regional training program on development journalism here.

    “Now we are showing again that Solomon Islands has one of the most free news media in the Pacific Islands with this special World Press Freedom Day event.

    “We are very honored Dr. Sikua has agreed to give our keynote address. We look forward to this.

    “We know Mr. Hunter’s World Press Freedom Day address will be significant, not just for Solomon Islands but also for the region. We are supporting all our media colleagues in Fiji.”

    Lamani thanked the Prime Minister’s Office, the UNESCO Regional Adviser for Communication and Information, Abel Caine, and UNESCO National Commission for Solomon Islands for making this all possible.

    Lamani said the World Press Freedom Day event will also be used by MASI to fundraise for two follow up activities.

    One is the launching by MASI of a Honiara Press Club, something Dr. Sikua is also supporting.

    Honiara Press Club will be a forum MASI will use to promote professional fellowship and standards, Lamani said.

    Regular Honiara Press Club nights will be held. They will feature speakers on topical issues. Press Club nights will also be a place where newsmakers, news contacts and the news media can meet.

    The other MASI follow up activity will be programs to develop awareness of the role of news media in society.

    Hunter was forcibly expelled from Fiji by the military-backed interim government.

    It came after the Fiji Sun detailed tax questions surrounding Fiji’s interim finance minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, and revealed overseas bank accounts he has.

    Hunter is now running the Fiji Sun long distance from an office in Townsville, Australia using Information Communication Technology. He plans to return to Fiji when Fiji returns to democracy.

    On Friday the Fiji regime forcibly expelled a second Fiji newspaper publisher, Evan Hannah, of The Fiji Times.

    Both Hunter and Hannah are Australian citizens.

  52. FijiGirl Says:

    @ bisbetica. Thanks pointing out sh*tstir’s diatribe against Mick. Oh, the ironies keep on coming!

    What is the best avenue for decent citizens to formally complain about her to the UN Human Rights body?

    I realise that normally an official govt would have to lodge a complaint, but as we don’t have one, and the tinpot ain’t gonna kneecap its star pupil – is it possible for individuals or NGO’s to lodge a formal complaint with UNHRC? Vinaka.

    God bless Fiji

  53. Frida Says:

    Fiji Girl – you can complain about her to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and I would suggest that you get a few group together that is represetative of the people of Fiji and send copied of the letter to the Human Rights Commissioner of Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Sri Lanka and any other in the Asia pacific Region. You can also send a copy to Amnesty International. Another suggestions would be regional and international womens groups who can put the pressure on her to shape up or ship out of that position thus not giving women a bad name.

  54. Imroz Buksh Says:

    Cmon guys, why are u all wasting time on the deportation of two Australian citizens? Australia deports Fiji Citizens willy nilly,some for breaching their Visa conditions,why the uproar for these two foreigners who breached their visa conditions? The Australian Government and all its citizens coming to Fiji must respect this country and its regulations. The days whereby a whitemen is looked at as superior to others are over,that is democracy. Democratic systems of Government allow deportations, Australia allows this,NZ allows this,US allows this..it happens around the world. Lastly, When we go into a country as visitors or Visa holders, we respect the rules of that country and abide by what rules our hosts lays for us.If you were warned by the Host Government and keep creating the same problem than you are either: a. Stupid b.Ignorant c. Dickhead d.Listening to the wrong Advise.

    This deportation issue must now be laid to rest becos no one can turn back time or appeal the Minister’s Order, not even the Courts. I believe this is now Law. Good Day to you all!!!

  55. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Would certainly not want to take advice from someone who goes around calling people “dickheads”!
    Evan Hannah will be back at his Fiji Times desk in Suva sooner than you think.

  56. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The green goon at 10:03 is under the impression that the illegal junta follows laws; nonsense.

    How could a group of fools commit treason and then turn around and say that they follow laws. They are criminals!

    “There is no law in Fiji.” – Hunter, 2008

    You were told to type, ‘not even the Courts. I believe this is now Law.’


    Laws can only be made by parliament; not a bunch of idiots. president bernies regulations are not worth the paper they are written on as they are illegal.

    Isn’t it great to see the illegal, incompetent defense imposer admitting he was wrong about the appeal to the courts. Obviously he doesn’t know the regulation that he supposedly wrote and signed. What an embarrassment for these bunch of bumbling baboons.

  57. Adi Kaila Says:

    Look the full moon was last Sunday – gauna va qo ira dou toro na tamata dou lotu vakacucu. XXX brazilian

    One week later sa tubu mai na vuji sa milamila na nuni sa tubu talega na dra mai vavuna na yalo ca. Qori gona nai balebale ni nodra dou yalo valialia na tamata qo.

    Itchy levu tu vei ira – otherwise Kuts has let loose the Kutusebeneivore – he should too – qai macala sara na milamila.

    Baigani Daiquiri Anyone?

  58. FijiGirl Says:

    Vinaka Frida.

    I think these kind of complaints are more powerful coming from official bodies, like an NGO.

    Vinaka to YPCN for renewing the call for her resignation, and SDL also.

    Tabu soro

    God bless Fiji

    PS Imroz Buksh aka Rajendra Budhau – you’re still an idiot, still a wan*er. Give poor Mrs Palmer a rest!

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