Fiji pays for Chodopu$$’s gamble

Media reports of Chodopu$$’s hypocrisy in using taxpayer-funded “official”
travel to get together with his relatives in India is further evidence of
the man’s arrogance.  It also points to his consistently flawed judgment.

For example, when Chodopu$$ threw his lot in with the coup crowd he was
gambling on one thing: that he could get the economy back into shape
quickly. This was a serious miscalculation. Fiji’s economy is going

Chodopu$$ thought he could emulate Jo Kamikamica who joined the post 87
interim government as Finance Minister. Jo reformed the labour market,
with nothing but opposition from Chodpu$$. He moved away from industries
based on import substitution and created the garment industry, which has
been an important source of employment ever since. He started reforming
public enterprises. Overseas economists praised the management of Fiji’s
which helped to retrieve some of what was lost in 1987.

Had Jo Kamikamica become PM rather than Rabuka, who knows, maybe Fiji
could now have been more like Singapore rather than Zimbabwe. But who was
it that stopped Jo from being elected PM? The Chodopu$$ threw his weight
behind Rabuka, recognizing that it would be easier to stir up animosity
towards him. The ever reasonable and moderate Kamikamica represented a
real threat to the Chodopu$$ who has always traded on taking extreme

It is clear that Chodopu$$ told himself that he would be able to achieve
the same swift and effective restoration of Fiji’s economy. What he failed
to understand was that the shattering of confidence in Fiji caused by the
coups is cumulative. Every coup costs and each coup costs more. No matter
what he did, the job was always going to be harder than it was for Jo K in
87 or even Qarase in 2000.

Then to make matters worse, the ChoclopuSS recipe for economic restoration
in 2007 was fundamentally flawed. Trying to slash public expenditure by
cutting public sector positions and wages, at the same time as tourism was
suffering a reversal, sent the economy into a tail-spin from which it has
not yet recovered. Rebalancing of the economy will require time and it is
better managed in cooperation with unions and international donors.

The theory behind the rebalancing of the economy is that resources will
move from the public sector to the private sector, creating new jobs and
wealth. The reality is that a coup saps the confidence of the private
sector and the only movement in resources is out of the country. People
and their savings flee. This is what has happened since December 2006 and
it is confirmed by the crack down on offshore accounts and capital
movements – the search for gold under people’s beds.

Compounding all of these problems is the Chodopu$$ himself and his style.
He does not understand persuasion or compromise – he only understands
threats and bullying. As a consequence in a series of cases, Chodopu$$ has
harassed and bullied the tourism industry, Fiji Water and Westech, three
rays of light in Fiji’s endeavour to increase export income.

Fiji’s economy is now in a parlous state. As a Fiji Business article put
it: “those at the front-line of the bigger picture are worried sick.” The
economy is shrinking and inflation is running out of control. Stagflation
is every economist’s worst nightmare.

The crisis of confidence is exacerbated by the regime’s lack of
transparency. There is no reason to believe that we have been told the
truth about the economy, which makes citizens unhappy but it also
frightens away investors. In the short term, everybody secretly fears a
devaluation. Chodopu$$ knows what pain this would inflict on low income
families dependent on imported food staples such as flour and ghee. But
there is no indication he has closed his illegal off-shore account and
moved the money to Fiji. So we can guess what he thinks is the future of
the Fiji dollar.

The state of government finances cannot be anything but disastrous.
Getting rid of the VAT increase in the Qarase government’s budget for 2007
may have made Chodopu$$ feel omnipotent but it did not do anything for the
Government coffers. VAT is the single biggest source of taxation revenue.
The canceling of the increase, together with the severe downturn in the
economy must have knocked a big hole in revenue. It may well have more
than cancelled out the cuts in pay for civil servants. But how do we know?
Chodopu$$ is not going
to tell the truth.

Making matters worse, aid funds have dried up. Talk of Chinese soft loans
is probably little more than talk. The Chinese Government lends money to
pay for its services, not to fund the Fiji Government. And how soft is
soft? Soft loans have to be repaid. What currency are they denominated in?
One that is likely to appreciate against the doomed Fiji dollar.

Fiji’s economy is like an aeroplane in steep descent. Chodopu$$ has seized
the controls but fuel is running out and the controls are getting heavy
and unresponsive. He can blame Qarase all he likes but he is behind the
controls. Let’s hope the passengers can ease him out of the cockpit before
we all crash. But never forget, the last thing we can afford is a brawl in
the cockpit.



61 Responses to “Fiji pays for Chodopu$$’s gamble”

  1. Glawyer Says:

    Sivia ga na raqaraqa tu vei Chodo! Trying to make himself out to be some Financial wizard but now the whole of Fiji know’s he is just full of sh@t!! He doesn’t know crap about how to run a countries economy! The only positive thing this coup has shown is that this idiot is all talk and no action…only action we can see is him running off to India to try and get some financial support! Your day is coming you fool!

  2. Linus Says:

    I agree with Corruption Fighter in all he says above except his 1st premise.
    I DO NOT believe that Chodopu$$ from the beginning, had any intention of helping or improving Fiji’s economy. I think he was hell bent on its destruction from day One!!

  3. FijiGirl Says:

    A1 analysis, Corruption Fighter.

    Chodo-Pra$ad is now a juggernaut among megalomanics, driving inch-by-excruciating-inch toward destruction of his own creation.

    I agree with Linus, he is hellbent on destroying Fiji, by turning us into a territory of India.

    We will march against him, in the streets, through civil disobedience, non-cooperation and non-violent protest.

    We must annihilate him through the ballot box.

    We must write to the embassies in Suva to continue their sanctions of this corrupt, self-seeking Junta.

    As much as Chodo wishes to be the world’s newest Robert Mugabe, or Tan Shwe, or Hitler, God and the true sons and daughters of Fiji have found our strength and will defeat him.

    God bless Fiji

  4. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Remember back in November when the government changed in Australia, chaudhry the cheat was mouthing off about how his labor mates in Aust would welcome him and that travel bans would be lifted?

    6 months later and callous chodopu$$ has still not been invited to The Lodge; nor anytime in the future.

    This is going to be a test for Australia’s inexperienced foreign minister who was so critical of the previous minister in regards to Fiji.

    So far, all we have heard are hollow words.

    It is time that the Australian govt to DO SOMETHING to rid Fiji of the scourge that is chaudhry’s illegal junta.

  5. citizen Says:

    Will deporting the Fiji Times publisher put food on the table for those struggling with unemployment and abject poverty? Thats a question to be posed to chorochoro and bainimaqe.

    What economic benefit was their visit to dubai, korea and singapore the last 3 weeks?

    What did the deportation of Russel Hunter bring the people of Fiji. Did that increase investment and create jobs for Fiji’s poor?

    Today children watching tv asked: “will the government send me away if I do something wrong?”

    What lesson is this government teaching to our young people? that might is right? that it is right to steal someone away in the darkness, drive full speed on the suva roads to evade the fiji times car following, evade the fiji times lawyer at the airport and steal your victim through a secret door, put him on any plane that will collude with you? AND THIS IS JUSTICE?






    STOP SPINNING LIES THAT THIS WAS FOR MY OWN GOOD. JUST TELL THE TRUTH AND SAY “WE DON’T WANT THE PEOPLE OF FIJI TO KNOW WHATS REALLY GOING ON. WE DON’T WANT THE PEOPLE OF FIJI TO BE TOLD ABOUT OUR MISTAKES” tell the truth and say “we are so weak that we cannot afford a discussion about choro’s failed economic policies, or the results of those policies, or about our INCONSISTENCY with our charter farter, or about our LYING or about our arrogance”

    What will this achieve? Allow the rfmf to get out of its election promise? Allow the rfmf to break all its other promises to the people of Fiji? How many jobs will be lost as a result? How many more people will fall further into poverty? Will the RBF further revise down the economic growth forecast for 2008?

  6. Odro Says:

    These guys are courtng the Asian countries. THey are trying to wean Fiji away from depeneding on the Aust etc. Chodo & his GOPIO have engineered this collapse in the economy..when its unbearable, then they will bring in capital from the country of their choice as Fijis saviour…most probably India ..which will fund major projects and developments to spur economic development. That time, the people will be so desperate for their survival that they will embrace anything to survive. That’s whebn the local populace especially the Fijians will be so vulnerable, that their plans will be implemented…the “revolution” would then acrtually begin..because for the Fijian population the option of not to supporting the iIG would be too painful than to do otherwise…as has been mentioned during the early coup days.

  7. Rerevaka na Kalou ka doka na Tui Says:

    And it is Fiji that will pay for the illegal rfmf dictatorships attention-seeking. Yes folks, the December 2006 coup – the gift that keeps on giving.

    The attention deficit disorder of the illegal regime is being rewarded with the kind of attention Fiji does NOT need – we’re trying to get out of the economic hole that the coup put Fiji in and the idiots in the interim regime keep digging deeper at that hole.

    For economic progress and prosperity, stability and confidence are needed at the very least – confidence that the RULES will be FOLLOWED.

    But the illegal regime keeps BREAKING the rules. A stable economy really means, a BORING political scene. But no, we gotta have this kind of cheap-thrill, cheap-trick, cheap and nastiness VEILECEYAKI bottom of the barrell behaviour.

    The people of Fiji deserve better than an incompetent dictatorship that cannot manage the economy, cannot control itself or its psychotic, idiotic IMPULSES. Guys, not every bright idea is a GOOD IDEA.

    But theres no independent thinking or critical analysis going on is there? one colonel say jump and all jump over the edge of the mountain kind of stupidty!


    Heres the Australian government reaction

    Media release

    2 May 2008
    Deportation of Evan Hannah from Fiji

    The deportation of Evan Hannah, an Australian citizen and the publisher of The Fiji Times, from Fiji this morning is a reprehensible attack by the illegal Fiji Interim Government on human rights and freedom of speech.

    Mr Hannah was removed from his house in Suva last night, and taken to Nadi, where Fiji authorities endeavoured to put him onto an Air Pacific flight to Australia.

    Mr Hannah’s lawyers had promptly lodged an injunction against his deportation and, quite properly, Air Pacific refused to board him on its flight to Sydney, despite threats and intimidation from the Fiji regime.

    In an extraordinary step, the regime then put Mr Hannah on a flight to Korea.

    The Australian High Commission has made urgent representations at senior levels to the offices of the Fiji Prime Minister and Foreign Minister to express Australia’s outrage at the treatment of Mr Hannah, and to seek an explanation for his treatment.

    It is unconscionable that the Fiji authorities did not provide any notification to the Australian High Commission and have still not provided any explanation for Hannah’s summary detention and expulsion.

    Equally outrageous is the fact that the Fiji regime, despite repeated requests, did not allow appropriate consular access to Mr Hannah.

    Despite the best efforts of the Fijian officials to prevent it, an Australian High Commission officer was able to make very brief contact with Mr Hannah during his detention at the Nadi airport. Mr Hannah was able to reassure the officer that he was physically well.

    Mr Hannah will be met in Korea by the Deputy Head of Mission from the Australian Embassy in Seoul, who will provide consular assistance to him and help facilitate his return to Australia.

    The High Commission in Fiji will continue to provide support and assistance to Mr Hannah’s wife and family who remain in Fiji.

    Today’s events follow the summary deportation of Russell Hunter, CEO of The Fiji Sun, in late February.

    It is hard to avoid the conclusion that this is another blatant attack by the illegal Fiji Interim Government on freedom of speech.

    It says a lot that the Fiji regime has acted in this way on the eve of World Press Freedom Day.

    This is yet another reprehensible act in a disturbing pattern of behaviour since the coup of December 2006 which has resulted in the severe erosion of fundamental human rights, freedom of the press, and the rule of law in Fiji.


    A demoniac person thinks of himself as the Supreme God….

    BainiMARAMA thinks of himself as God…

    Chods thinks of himself as God…

    In fact, all the IG losers think of themselves as gods…


    These IG morons think themselves all in all, not caring for any authority or scripture….Since they do not believe in authority, they are very impudent.

    This is due to illusion caused by accumulating some wealth and false prestige.

    A demoniac person, being always against God’s supremacy, does not like to believe in the scriptures.

    He thinks that since no one can equal him in strength, power or wealth, he can act in any way and no one can stop him.

    If he has an enemy who might check the advancement of his sensual activities, he makes plans to cut him down by his own power.

    The demoniac are perpetually put into the wombs of demons, and thus they continue to be envious, the lowest of mankind.

    Such demoniac species of men are held to be always full of lust, always violent and hateful and always unclean.

  10. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    Bhaini Marama and Maiya Chodo should stop their globetroting and get the country ready for elections.

    They should accept that they cannot change the country overnight to their version of the ideal “holier than thou” country. Face reality and stop acting the fools and get on with the elections prep. You’ve already done the country irreparable damages of immense magnitude.

    The whole world is laughing at their idiotic and childish performances. Frank’s poor and struggling performance on Dubai TV was pathetic to say the least. Calling Fiji’s tourism “primitive” was the statement of the last 17 months. Did this bloke know what he was talking about?

    Get real the two of you!

  11. FijiGirl Says:

    Hey everybody – Chodo is ‘projecting’ again! In an earlier posting, we’d looked how Chodo-Prasad subconciously projects his self-image onto his world-image. Well, he’s at it again, and it shows he’s the same psychotic megalomaniac he always was, despite his recent trip to mother India.

    Following is the article from today’s Fiji Times online, but I’ve reversed the roles (Chodo v Media) in capitals. Enjoy…
    I, CHODOPU$$ AM not a law unto MYself, Chaudhry says
    Saturday, May 03, 2008

    I, CHODOPU$$ AM not a law unto MYself and should bear in mind MY freedom is not absolute or unfettered, the Fiji Labour Party said yesterday.

    Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry’s statement comes on the eve of Media Freedom Day.

    He said wise restraint on HIMSELF was not an assault on HIS freedom.

    “It is ensuring I, CHODOPU$$ play by the rules and AM held accountable and responsible in a fragile society still struggling to achieve national unity and progress,” he said.

    Mr Chaudhry, who is out of the country, said in a statement HE enjoyed enormous power which in turn placed rigorous responsibilities on HIMSELF for absolute fair, balanced and impartiality.

    “The public has every right to question and criticise ME without being accused of trampling on MY rights. In other words, I, CHODOPU$$ must play by the rules,” he said.

    In view of Media Freedom Day today, Mr Chaudhry said HE needed to ask HIMself if HE played by the rules in HIS ACTIONS. He said the FLP was of the view that HE failed to play by the rules.

    “Certain ILLEGAL REGIME organisations are now showing a distinct agenda in the way they ACT. The FLP is a victim of this bias and so is the MEDIA,” Mr Chaudhry said.

    He said there were concerns over the right of reply, the public’s right to information and the right of discretion. Mr Chaudhry said HIS code of ethics required prompt and prominent coverage under the right of the reply.

    “DEPORTING PUBLISHERS, DESTROYING THE RULE OF LAW or simply ignoring it is a blatant breach of MY ethics.

    “MY right of discretion is not absolute either,” Mr Chaudhry said.

    “When I CHODOPU$$ decide HOW I’M GOING TO DESTROY THIS COUNTRY, is the decision taken in adherence to the strict guidelines or is it based on the whims and personal likes and dislikes of ME?” he said.

    Why doesn’t Chodo have a permanent bed in St Giles?

    Tabu soro

    God bless Fiji

  12. curious Says:

    This is off topic but am wondering why Peter Foster would voluntarily come back to Fiji? And why would Australia voluntarily give him up? Will Foster come and testify about election fraud?

    Peter Foster may be extradited
    1 May 2008 01:54:42

    One National News is able to report tonight that work has begun to extradiate Peter Foster to Fiji.

    A law enforcement agency is now putting together papers to be forwarded to Australia soon.

    We have been told the proposal will include an exchange of prisoners.

    An Australian currently held in Fiji prisons will be exchanged for Foster.

    This fresh attempt follows Foster losing his appeal in Brisbane last month, where he had appealed against his four and a half year jail term for money-laundering.

    He fled Fiji for Vanuatu soon after the December 2006 takeover..

  13. Puf-Military Says:

    Good post. Fiji’s in a very gloomy situation, as everyone knows. The problem is we have cockheads in the cockpit.

    Let’s hope that Govt does not engage ANY loan from the Chinese. When the Chinese yuan is revised upwards (an inevitable outome, which is currently before the World Bank) any loan from them will soar in terms of repayment burden due to the relative upwards revaluation. Result: financial, economic and political slavery.

    MPC’s strategy? Flee to Haryana and enjoy the +$2million stashed abroad.

  14. Mark Manning Says:

    Frank maintains that the I G is running the show , not the military Council . Yet it was a Military Officer who ordered Korean Airlines boarding staff , to take Mr Hannah onboard the aircraft !
    This would imply that Fiji is under a dictatorship , nothing more , nothing less .
    If that’s the case , would it not in-turn suggest that Fiji is in a state of civil war ?
    And if that’s the case , then one could be expected to be legally entitled to defend one’s freedom accordingly .

  15. Mark Manning Says:

    Last year , someone stated on the have your say section of the Fiji Times , that the CRW soldiers murdered in 2000 , were killed because at that time , Fiji was in a state of war . Well , using that argument , one could justify a similar response now against the leaders of this regime .
    Of course , we all know Fiji wasn’t in a state of war in 2000 , but it may be now because of the murder of civilians , by Fijian military under the command of Frank.

  16. Peace Pipe Says:

    It is clear as daylight that the snake is out to destroy the Fijians in order to overtake the country. So he snakes his way to motherland India and solicits backing for his devious plans. The Indian plan for takeover is evident in the NCBBF farter charter whose membership comprises mostly Indians and mostly FLP people. The Fijians in NCBBF are there because they cannot see the real motive of the farter charter and because of the $100/day allowance. I mean we can see clearly what the snake is doing with the backing of a dumbhead Fijian pig as he steamrolls anti Fijian proposals. He is always harping about land leasing right from the past to this very day. I said this before and say it now this snake is the cause of all of Fiji’s problems and why the country never lived in harmony and never prospered. The sooner he goes the sooner the country will start progressing.

  17. Mark Manning Says:

    The love of money is the root of all evil .
    The question is , what will it take to bring this coup to an end ?
    Are there any capable within the Fijian community , to confront Frank and finish this coup ?
    What is stopping Fijians , knowing their culture is being destroyed , knowing their land is being stolen from them , from fighting for their rights ?
    If Frank has put you in a position where blood may have to be spilt , then so be it !
    But let that blood be Frank’s and his families 1st. then the rest of his supporting Officers . Then see who turns against Frank .
    It is up to the Fijian civilians to take the 1st. step , only then can soldiers loyal to the civilians , take action against their incompetent , violent Commander and his supporters .

  18. natewaprince Says:

    The sad thing is that this slow erosion and take-over of Fiji is being backed with force by Fijians themselves.

    Sa mataboko qai ulukau o Vore,qai vaka muri koya tale tu o ira na nona sotia macawa.

  19. Mark Manning Says:

    Oh well I suppose that means an Island will be available for me to put my Volkswagen Plant on , very soon .
    It’s a shame when your neighbours are seeling their souls to the Devil , hang on , was that him taking Mr Hannah from his residence the other night ? And not Dracula or the Klu Klux Klansman as I 1st. thought ?
    It will be interesting when this is over , to find out just who exactly , is behind this coup .
    Frank wouldn’t have the intelligence and his Colonels don’t even have the capacity to answer questions when asked .

  20. Tasiriki Says:

    @Mark Manning/May 3rd spot on about Dictatorship!

    Every action he and his dumb interim govt has taken & the latest show of power by deporting Mr Hannah just adds evidence of a dictatorship!!!

    This CITIZENS OF FIJI…..GIVES US THE UNIVERSAL MANDATE(unlike there FAKE Presidentail MANDATE they always refer to).. & OUR legal entitlement to defend our freedom!!!……….

  21. Mark Manning Says:

    key into google ,
    adolf hitler biography
    and let me know if you see a comparison or if history is repeating itself !

  22. Mark Manning Says:

    Does anyone know the childhood and schooldays of all those involved in this coup ?
    It would be interseting to know if this is the reason they all behave the way they do .

  23. hitler Says:

    key into google ,
    vladimir lenin biography
    and let me know if you see a comparison or if history is repeating itself !

  24. anon Says:

    Some options for a way out:

  25. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    anon thanks for that

  26. Mark Manning Says:

    I’m sorry but why should these murderous thugs be let off the hook ?
    It’s too late !

  27. bati Says:

    Dina o MM.



    We are willing to pay the price of our freedom with blood!

  28. Onioni Says:

    No thanks. We have passed that piont.These people were against reconciliation when Qarase was in Parliament. They must be held accountable for their actions . Best strategy now is like what muhammed ali did with Foremen in Zaire…let them puch themselves out.When they are spent, then we go in fo the kill.

  29. anon Says:

    I’m inclined to agree with you guys personally, just that I usually find Field’s contributions quite logical and well researched.l
    There does need to be some conciliatory steps but I don’t think they should include ripoff artists

  30. anon Says:

    There is a LOT more the “neighbours” should be doing – they’re in danger of dropping the ball (again).
    That Korean plane should have been turned around for example. “Smart sanctions” on Korean cars to be produced in Fiji might have altered a Korean stand on cosying up to this junta.

  31. bisbetica Says:

    Unfortunately there seems to be only 2 roads to get Fiji out of this mess:

    1. immunity and elections : is this the only middle road?

    2. anarchy and bloodshed : for the bloodthirsty (this is still on the cards)

    3. immunity, charter, elections maybe (IGs preference)

    4. the legal road: IG resignation, prosecutions, elections (most unlikely)

    Option 1 seems to be only middle road to avoid bloodshed and the rfmf/ig are banking on the general population dislike for blood and violence and this has held the people back SO FAR.

    Do we have any other choice? I pose again my question from earlier this week whether there are any peacemakers within the RFMF/IG

  32. anon Says:

    Well whatever is devised, there needs to be an extremely tight and enforcable mechanism that can ensure the likes involved in this junta a never able to stage a comeback. We don’t really need to worry about Iloilo, but the rest of them. There are some damn good points in Field’s “roadmap” however

  33. anon Says:

    @bisbetica. There’s a “1a” option:
    Tightly monitored exile and elections.

    If the neighbours are of a mind to impose “smart” sanctions, they could be a fair bit smarter.
    Denying Fijians access to seasonal work programmes is not very smart, but maybe this junta hasn’t cottoned on to the fact that sanctions could be a lot tighter than they are at present and more targeted.

  34. Mark Manning Says:

    Law on the run !
    Has anyone noticed that this regime’s ability to deal with issues , is reactionary , that laws are modified on the run and in reaction to events .
    The modifications made to suit the outcome in favour of the regime .
    Also , I’d like to know why the Media keep referring to those in the I.G. as Ministers etc. and Government when they are no more than Interim at best . To call them anything more , is like calling toilet paper , art paper !

  35. Mark Manning Says:

    And who is advising Frank and his cronnies on all matters legal ?

  36. bisbetica Says:

    anything other than jail is immunity anon.

    Its up to the neighbours what they impose. Glad to see they haven’t had a knee jerk reaction yet to this latest deportation which is looking more and more like a personal decision by Ganilau not necessarily with rfmf/frank/IG input. Looks like the next supervisor of elections may be from Singapore after one week there by Rishi Ram the PSC/Constitutional Commission chairman, frank and kaiyum.

    I agree with the denial of Fiji access to the seasonal work program though because giving the RFMF/IG another pressure valve is not going to work. The neighbours haven’t been able to stop the rfmf participating in Sinai/Iraq though. That continues to give soldiers, policemen and prison officers an incentive to stay in the army/police/prison service. I agree sanctions could be smarter starting with ENDING the peacekeeping opportunities for rfmf. Those who are especially ‘good’ get rewarded with lucrative peacekeeping/UN personnel protection duties.

  37. dazza Says:

    dredre mada

    The ever funny Namuamua Journal is back on air

  38. anon Says:

    Targeting and investigating financial transactions is another.
    Conditinal use of airspace is another.

    There are a heap of things. Australia at least have quite a few bargaining chips, NZ one or two.

    Its just a question of how long people want to wait for the iIG to self-destruct and how much more damage they are prepared to see go on.

    Giving the junta a viable face-saving way out is probably the most “pc” and conciliatory. Retribution can always come down the track if people still feel revengeful. I’m sure they’d be just as satisfied if they could again be empowered and know the junta and any vestiges of it had been neutered

  39. Mark Manning Says:

    some of your latter points are good , i think .
    Exile was an option i already proposed to Kevin Rudd a couple of months ago .
    I’m not keen on the idea of violence , but people have drawn their own line in the sand , live by the sword , die by the sword I’m afraid . They have chosen their own identity .
    Another option , is for the soldiers to withdraw their services , just don’t turn up for work !
    It’s been done in African countries , after-all , the orders given by Frank are illegal as he was sacked as Commander while he was in Iraq in late 2006 and the orders given by other Officers under his direction , are mostly illegal and so soldiers aren’t allowed to follow them at any time .
    I’m off to murder my neighbour now ,I hope I get immunity from prosecution !
    I’m concerned that anyone who offers immunity to these thuggs , is in fact involved with them .

  40. Mark Manning Says:

    Have chosen their own destiny , that should read , not identity !

  41. Mark Manning Says:

    The withdrawal of peace keeping troops and police is imperative now , it’s no longer an option .
    Couple with abolishing the Military in Fiji , at least for 10 to 20 years , if only to rid itself of all the criminal element within it’s ranks .

  42. bisbetica Says:

    point taken anon. I guess those options including sporting sanction options are on the table now for the neighbours given the latest haps.

    MM we can split hairs till the cows come home but its arguable that the 1991 elections would not have happened until the 1990 constitution promulgated by then President Ganilau granted immunity to Rabuka. Was that a cakaudrove conspiracy? who knows. We’ll never know till some truth telling happens about who was behind Rabuka. We all know though the main beneficiary of 1987 was election loser Mara who became interim pm because ‘the house was on fire’. Without the SVT/NFP exhaustive negotiations, we would not have the 1997 Constitution and we do have to acknowledge the peacemaking role of Rabuka and Reddy.

  43. anon Says:

    Sanctions apparently were going to be constantly reviewd depending on progress. So far I havn’t seen much change. Gentle prodding from with Fiji and externally doesn’t seem to be having an impact on the self-serving ego. The most extreme sanction would be quite easy. Flag certain identities with the “T” word, which is what they are.

  44. bisbetica Says:

    Well the IG have not honoured their commitment at Auckland to provide a detailed roadmap to elections in mid April. Instead they took off to Dubai, Korea and Singapore. Parmesh Chand said this was Kaium’s responsibility when asked.

    So thats one breach. But they’ll get out of it by submitting that this month after new Elections Supervisor is appointed, before the August Forum leaders meeting in Niue.

    So no carrots on offer (like seasonal work scheme) but no stick either if no reaction to the latest deportation and the delay in complying with the letter of the promise to the Auckland Forum Foreign Ministers meeting. Back to business as usual then.

  45. anon Says:

    *within Fiji. Scuse my dexterity as a typist

  46. Concerned Citizen Says:

    Could somebody tell me where to find the results for the survey asking people to text if they support the charter?

    There was a lot of hype about it, but nothing of the results.

  47. bisbetica Says:

    On reflection, probably the neighbours cannot do much more than keep a very close eye on whats happening in Fiji.

    Inexorably elections have to happen, the detailed roadmap will be submitted grudgingly as the IG grudgingly abides by their promises. When there is clear indication that elections will not happen, then the big stick will come out. I can see that may include Fiji rugby losing out on recent IRB shifts on pacific rugby and the resulting assistance that will come via sanzar and the super 14 franchise (maybe). But thats a long way off.

    But we can’t just wait on the neighbours can we.

  48. bisbetica Says:

    @ CC

    The results were published 3 weeks ago in the Times. The text poll ran during the weekend after the debate. See the times archives

    @ anon
    depending on whether frank found some new sugar daddies for the rfmf/ig in dubai/korea/singapore, they’ll have to sit down and do the roadmap soon. I would think they probably found a vein or two, but nothing huge like they need to say byebye to all the donors who have them over a barrel.

  49. woilei Says:

  50. dazza Says:

    From the Namuamua Journal.

    Australia and New Zealand Refuses To Help Fiji

    Says ‘We are no longer friends’

    The Government of Australia and New Zealand have refused to provide any help to the interim government of Fiji by telling the government officials here that the friendship is over.

    The Australian government in a brief press statement stated that they do not function in the ‘Pacific Way’ of forgiving and moving on. “How can the interim government of Fiji contemplate in their wildest dreams that its ok to make negative comments about our government and then ask for assistance. We have to wonder if this is some psychological game and if it is it’s a very stupid one,” the statement signed of by the Australian Foreign affairs Minister read.

    According to senior Australian diplomat who spoke on condition of anonymity said “Yeah they don’t even allow us into their homes and next thing you know is that they start asking for favors. I would recommend to them to go and read one of the Enid Blyton books to get the hang of friendship concept,”

    However New Zealand government cited a totally different reason for the breakup. “Friends do not humiliate each other. We just fail to see any rationale in beating us so badly in the Wellington Sevens. Friendship is more about letting your friend win rather then doing the opposite,” a statement released from the New Zealand Foreign Affairs read.

    In response to the Australasian governments statements, the RFMF called a press conference where Major Neumi Leweni said that the comments by the two governments is inciting. “If they do not want to help us, we will not help them in anyway.” The last statement left reporters at the scene somewhat baffled and many wondered what help was Fiji exactly offering to the Australian and New Zealand government.

    Meanwhile it was reported in the ‘Yeah Right!’ magazine that the inclusion of Deputy Commander of RFMF, Captain Esala Teleni would make the Fiji Independent Corruption Commission truly independent.
    In other news, after holding Ba to a nil all draw in the first leg of the Champion Versus Champion series, a number of Suva soccer team members have opted to retire from soccer by saying that there is nothing more left to achieve after this feat.

  51. EnufDictatorship Says:

    NO! TO IMMUNITY!!!!!!

    Reallllllyyyy!!!! WHY??? Rabuka got off cos of the immunity clause he put in to the constitution BUT the Speight gang didn\’t get it and paid for their actions (well most of them I guess)

    Why should these idiots be granted immunity?

    A time for everything…..A time to forgive, and A time not too!

    We forgave the first time, third time..NO!!!!!!!

    But the sidelined chiefs should really do something…..The Ladies in WHite of Cuba do it peacefully every SUnday, walking from their church along a boulevard in Havana to a park with only a flower to protest and demand the release of their democratic fighter husbands locked up in Cuban jails…REALLY CHIEFS SHOULD RISE N THE PEOPLE WILL FOLLOW….PEACEFULLY!!!!

    Global diary: Cuba
    The women who dare defy a dictator
    In Cuba, people have gone to prison for speaking out. Mariane Pearl travels there and finds that the country\’s boldest activists are women—and they make their point without saying a word.
    By Mariane Pearl

    The silent march of the Ladies in White
    On a bright Sunday morning in Havana, I watched as more than a dozen women dressed in white, each carrying a pink gladiolus, marched along Fifth Avenue, an elegant street lined with neatly trimmed shrubbery and mansions painted in faded pastels. It was a highly unusual occurrence in communist Cuba: a political protest, albeit a quiet one. There were no slogans to be heard, no signs to be read. The women said nothing, but their silence contained a significant cry for freedom.

    They are known as the Ladies in White—the wives, mothers, sisters and daughters of 75 political prisoners jailed in 2003 by Fidel Castro. The women were demanding the release of these men from prison. You could say they were staring down a dictator.

    I visited Cuba in June—on the second stop in my journey around the world for Glamour—just weeks before Castro fell ill and threw the future of his regime into doubt. The protest I witnessed offered a poignant snapshot of a Cuba closing in on a half-century of life under communist rule. Ever since Castro came to power in the fifties, Cubans had grown used to waiting for things—waiting in line to collect rationed food, waiting to be reunited with loved ones who fled an oppressive regime, waiting for the embargo imposed by the United States to end. Waiting for history to turn this seemingly endless page and move on. In that atmosphere, the Ladies in White represent the rarest of breeds—Cubans who found a way to say, publicly: enough waiting.

    The men they hoped to free were arrested for being peaceful activists for democracy and human rights, according to their relatives. Some were sentenced to up to 28 years. The government claimed the men were dissidents whose actions undermined the Cuban regime. For three years, the Ladies in White have marched on their behalf, almost every Sunday after mass at the church of Saint Rita, the Roman Catholic patron saint of lost causes. And they were still marching as of press time, despite the political uncertainty in the country. Their gatherings have come to embody the frustration of a people longing for freedom.

    It felt odd yet reassuring to be back in Cuba on this trip. I have family in Havana, and I have been visiting this island since I was a child. My mother was born in Cuba, and she left in 1965. It seemed that little had changed since then. People were warm and friendly, quick to have a drink, dance and share jokes as if there were no tomorrows to worry about, or simply no change in sight under Castro\’s rule.

    After watching the women march, I went to meet Laura Pollan, 54, a Lady in White who is a teacher of Spanish literature, at her home. On my way, I saw Dodges and Chryslers from the sixties, their paint sun-bleached to pale blue and dusty red, and passed billboards bearing slogans like \”The Nation or Death\” and \”Capitalists, You Don\’t Scare Us.\”

  52. FijiGirl Says:

    What do you think will be Chodopu$$’s next move?

    He’s already alienated our traditional allies.

    He’s already brought the economy to its knees.

    He’s already been to India to bulubulu and kerekere for the money he took with lies and deception.

    He’s already trying to destroy freedom of our media.

    What’s next? Will he allow the illegal drugs trade to flourish so that our young are enslaved before they have a chance to fail at development? Will he sell our present and financial future to China and India so that the next legally elected Govt is handcuffed in perpetuity? Will he have our best and brightest killed (like they do in China and India)?

    How low can this snake stoop?

  53. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    You are right on the money.

    It would be interesting to know how much money chodopu$$ received from the Indian govt to turn Fiji into ‘little india’.

    I don’t want to visit India; I want to go to Fiji and see Fijians and their traditional lifestyle.


  54. Mark Manning Says:

    Everyone should show their support by wearing an armband or ribbon , depends what your supporting as to which colour you should wear though !

  55. Adi Kaila Says:

    Hi FijiGirl

    I hope this coup coupness will be resolved asap & then we should make all these coupsters, starting from chaudry prasad saheb, voreqe, both shamimis, khaiyum, and the illegal ministers be stripped of all their holdings ie properties, assets, bank accounts, shares – everything that can make a $ (even that dented bombay pot & the dogs pyala) to pay back to the Nations coffers what they have used on themselves – after all they have held the Nation to ransom via Treason and are illegally using money that they were not entitled to.

    Payback time will come. Meanwhile here’s a thought, straight from the Bible, Psalm 37:1-2

    Don’t fret over or be envious of people who do evil. For like the grass withers in drought they will soon fade away.

  56. IslandBoy Says:


  57. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The stories I have read in the Fiji Times, Sun and TV1 have always been balanced and have told both sides of the story.

    It has always been hard for the reporters to put a positive spin on some of the nonsense that comes out of the losers in chaudhry’s illegal junta.

    Take yesterday’s nonsense; one fool says one thing about the illegal decree about deportation and another idiot, hairyarse, says the opposite. In Australia, the media would have a field day with these galahs. They are lucky that the Fiji Times merely reported on their common message; that they are both illegal and incompetent.

  58. newsfiji Says:

    Haleluyah…thank you Adi Kaila…

  59. Adi Kaila Says:

    Hi Ex FT

    You’re absolutely right – The Fiji Times has always reported logically and with a balanced view.

    Since the 5.12.06 coup though they have been much restrained because of the obvious intimidation by the illegal coupsters.

    This is Humans Right violation because the newspapers in Fiji are in place to report on the latest news of what is happening in the country and overseas in print to convey to the public – that is the role of newspapers all over the world.

    If the illegal coupsters don’t like what the newspapers print daily then they should stop their nonsense and hand the government back to the Prime Minister Mr Laisenia Qarase and the SDL party – it’s that simple.

    Did anyone hear or read of the Prime Minister Mr Qarase and any of his Ministers berate or threaten the newspapers when they were being criticised? I don’t think so. Like any sane person or Government they took the criticism (whether it was justified or not) on board & resolved to rectify whatever it was.

    Anyone who is in the public eye has to be reminded they are open to immense scrutiny whether they like it or not and have to learn to live with criticism whether it is justified or not, positive or negative – so illegal coupsters if you can’t stand the katakata get out of the vale ni kuro. Those maqes on their shoulders are making sure they feel the GUILT.

    Tukituki va koukoua sara ra maqe.

  60. Frida Says:

    Thank you SV for being there for many of us and berate this illegal administration non-stop because we all know that some of them are visiting this site.

    Withe the way thigs are penning out in Fiji, I believe that so,long as there is even a handful of women and men are out there true to thsie pledge of bringing democracy back, there can be only one end to the struggle – and that is victory. Sould force does not depend on numbers – it depends on the degree of firmness. So lets keep at it – until the cows(IR) go home.

  61. Narayan Says:

    First of all, Solivakasama deserves a big VINAKA for blogging so that people against our coup culture are keeping the pressure on the thugs that currently have got control over Fiji, secondly, I really found the analysis by Corruption Fighter to be spot on. Over and above all his other undesirable features, the “Chodopu$$” is as arrogant as anyone I have seen. Look at him pretending to be on a government mission but in reality abusing his office by travelling on the poor Fiji taxpayer to see some distant cousins in India, it’s all about him, he sure is what I call a ME-ME-ME person. You think he would at least not make press announcements to the Indian magazine and papers about it but he couldn’t give a toss who knows about it because he’s arrogant. He’s just been well and truly outed for tax fraud and has got two mill stashed in Sydney but he’s not embarrassd about it like a normal person and it all drips off him like off a duck’s back. Yes folks thats real arrogance and I think its a way of rubbing it in everyone else’s faces that he is king rat because thats the way he sees himself. As they say ‘arrogance always comes before a fall’ and I bet you anything you like no one is forgetting his arrogance and his illicit wealth anytime sooon!!

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