Teleni’s kafuffle

Teleni’s comments over Peceli Kinivuwai’s wrongful prevention to travel to Australia shows his gross ineptitude and utter failure to comprehend the seriousness of the breach.

Fijilive quotes him as saying ‘I told him that I will check the matter first’ and ‘Kinivuwai should check with me today. He will have to get back to me today not me getting back to him.’

Teleni is also quoted as saying that Kinivuwai should have first checked with the Ministry of Home Affairs before approaching him directly, despite the fact, the forged letter purports to have been signed by him.

Teleni is correct in pointing out the proper administrative channels to follow during normal business, but the breach was ‘extraordinary’ and time was of the essence.

The fact Teleni was purportedly the author of the said letter, would have been reason enough for any competent Police Commissioner to act swiftly.

Teleni should have acted swiftly, denied authorship, rejected its authenticity, informed Immigration to allow Kinivuwai to depart Fiji, then launch a full scale investigation into this very serious breach.

Yet, Teleni tells Kinivuwai, he’ll look into it and then for Kinivuwai to contact him later to find out what he’s uncovered.

This is sheer ignorance. Kinivuwai knows very well trying to contact Teleni later on in the day, would be impossible, if he does not want to be contacted.

What is the purpose for the talks when the purpose of Kinivuwai departure no longer matters?

Teleni’s investigation would have taken its normal course, but Kinivuwai, the victim has been left stranded.

Teleni should have acted more professionally, apologised for any misunderstanding and give an undertaking that he’ll utilise the full resources within the Police Force to uncover this conspiracy.

However, the impression one gets from Teleni’s comments is his indifferent to the seriousness of the security breach, which naturally raises suspicion of his involvement, knowledge or acquiescence of the forged letter.

I had written last year that Teleni was not suited for this position, when he was chosen over then Acting Police Commissioner Romanu Tikotikoca and this kafuffle further validates my claim.

Another note of concern, which some may find trivial, is that Teleni seems to have forgotten the fact; there is no longer a Ministry for Home Affairs.

When Cabinet was reshuffled, Minister Ganilau became the 1st Minister for the newly renamed Ministry of Defence, National Security and Immigration taking over the former Ministry for Home Affairs.

Teleni’s continual kafuffles is a serious breach of national security and is a matter of grave concern.

I am reminded of the Roman poet, Juvenal’s famous quote ‘quis custodiet ipsos custodies’ which is so true of Fiji’s situation today.

Tui Savu.

Townsville QLD.


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  1. FijiGirl Says:

    Is Teleni’s left hand grateful that it doesn’t know what his right hand is doing (probably on a regular basis)?

    God bless Fiji

  2. Adi Kaila Says:

    Too Right Tui Savu.

    Who will watch the watchers indeed?

  3. Tim Says:

    Anyone remember the Monty Python series? The theme tune epitomises this dischordant bandmaster. At least when I think Teleni, I can’t help be reminded of a Brass Section that is comical. It reminds me of the RFMF ‘brass section’ aka Military Council. How appropriate that the tune ends with a big fart!

  4. Seseraurau Says:

    O Teleni qori keirau veiyacani – SESERAURAU!!

  5. pusiloa Says:

    “tele” in some Vanualevuan dilect means arse….makes me think what else can you expect from it, but sh@#$…..

  6. Instruggle Says:

    Was this published in the local papers – Tui’s letter

  7. Bebenibogi - Night Watchman Says:

    @ Tui – We’re watching, but most importantly the Supreme One, the Creator is watching. Everything will have to be accounted for on judgement day. It’s in our lifescript. Lest We Forget.

  8. Budhau Says:

    bebenibogi – so how will you guys account for the other coups on judgment day, lest you forget.

    ..and does “Tele” means arse in one of your dialect – you guys have some real fascination with people’s names – Chaudary is a Prasad – and the rest of them. I thought people usually give up on such childish stuff around age 9.

    Come on guys – Teleni was giving Kinivuwai the run around – who said anything about these guys being competent.

  9. FijiGirl Says:


    So if Teleni’s right hand is called ‘tele’, then his left hand must be ‘Aunty Lima’

  10. bewa Says:

    is this a sign of things to come. maybe this is the IG’s PLAN D – to become billy goats gruffs herders (and no jokes about the goats in labasa!).

    check it out – the Acting Interim PM even put up PICTURES of his grandaddy goats!

    Nailatikau announces Fiji will soon have a new breed of goat.
    The Acting Prime Minister, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau said the Boer Goat is one of a kind in the goat kingdom and they have been selected for Fiji because of its maximum meat production, high fertility and good mothering qualities.

    He said Boer goats are originally from South Africa and considered by many to have the finest and tastiest meat in the world.

    He said the importation of 60 Boer Goats from Australia by Palmlea Farms of Tabia, Labasa would in cross breeding with local goats and it would be worthwhile for farmers in Fiji to get involved in the initiative.

    Ratu Epeli said the Interim government had gone into a partnership with Palmlea farms in the Boer goat breeding program and hopes to distribute the new breed to farmers in the near future.

  11. bewa Says:

    Is this a sign of things to come. maybe this is the IG’s PLAN D – to become billy goats gruffs herders (and no jokes about the goats in labasa!).

    check it out – the Acting Interim PM even put up PICTURES of his grandaddy goats!


    Nailatikau announces Fiji will soon have a new breed of goat.
    The Acting Prime Minister, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau said the Boer Goat is one of a kind in the goat kingdom and they have been selected for Fiji because of its maximum meat production, high fertility and good mothering qualities.

    He said Boer goats are originally from South Africa and considered by many to have the finest and tastiest meat in the world.

    He said the importation of 60 Boer Goats from Australia by Palmlea Farms of Tabia, Labasa would in cross breeding with local goats and it would be worthwhile for farmers in Fiji to get involved in the initiative.

    Ratu Epeli said the Interim government had gone into a partnership with Palmlea farms in the Boer goat breeding program and hopes to distribute the new breed to farmers in the near future


  12. natewaprince Says:

    The Pig and the Arse share a room at the Royal Dubai Hilton.

    Pig: Caita caita,what the f**k are you gang trying to do to me now?

    Arse: What’s wrong boss?

    Pig: Wrong your ring.That falla you hire is a blerry drunkard,he’s worse than Nawalowalo.And he’s a liar too,just like Chaudary.

    Arse: Areh boss,at least we can pay him with beer like Nawalowalo.Chaudary said it’s OK with him.

    Pig: You and Chaudary faya OK? You fallas the reason why I have this heart problem.

    Arse: Calm down boss,do you want me to do anything for you before we go to our meeting.

    Pig: Oi,OK, do you know how to do the Gulang Fu de-stressing exercise my batman Avenai does on me?

    Arse: No boss,but it can’t be that hard.Just tell me what I have to do.

    Pig: It’s easy,just bring my gel from the bathroom and draw the curtain.

    Arse: Acha.

  13. IslandBoy Says:

    What I don’t understand from Naupoto’s response and Teleni’s non response is the IG’s security forces’ reason for putting Kinivuwai on the watch list in the first place.

    Yes he has been a vocal representative of the SDL, and has been a public voice in questioning many of the IG’s policies and strategies, it’s his job!

    He was appointed through an advertised recruitment process and pays taxes on his salary. He has the right and the freedom of speech and political expression.

    They have detained and questioned him more times than I can count, so why put him on the watch list.

    How can the IG claim transparency and accountability yet maintain a secret watchlist containing the names of citizens who have not been charged with any crimes by the Police and the courts.

    I am not an SDL supporter but these are the reasons for my outrage about the way Kinivuwai was treated and the reasons why many commoner nobody Fiji citizens like me have lost all faith in the IG.

  14. IslandBoy Says:

    Speaking of airports and departures, related digression please?

    Any travel related or ailrine website search will show the most direct and economical route (aid donor lingo) to Madrid for Bahut Chor’s meeting would be Nadi, Los Angeles, Madrid return.

    Given he might not be allowed to transit LAX by the Yanks, then Nadi to Madrid via Incheon on Korean Airlines.

    Whatever the routes, none requires a Mumbai or Delhi stopover. Unless he has to go and formaly approve whatever exist strategy arrangements FB set up earlier this year.

  15. TJ Says:

    @ IB

    chods probably flying thru korea to India where fijilive says he is approaching the Indian govt for a loan

    Chods last words before flying out was “plant flour gardens and prepare for the food shortage” before he nicked off on his 10 day junket. Yet another exit plan anyone?


    The food crisis begins to bite

    Rioting in Haiti. Rationing in America. Queues in Egypt. Protests in Afghanistan. As the price of food continues to soar, the impact is being felt by people around the globe. By Jerome Taylor

    Print Email Search
    Go Web
    Bookmark & Share
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    What are these?

    Change font size: A | A | AFriday, 25 April 2008


    The roaring economy and an ever expanding middle class have had a particularly profound effect on food prices, particularly rice and wheat. Because of industrialisation, rice planting fell from 33 million hectares in 1983 to 29 million by 2006 and China now imports more than ever, placing a major strain on international supplies. Despite freezing prices, rampant inflation means the cost of food has risen by 21 per cent this year.


    In a land where supposedly the rich are thin and the poor are overweight, one of the largest cash and carry stores, Sam’s Club, announced this week it would limit customers to take home a maximum of four bags of rice. The move came a day after Costco Wholesale Corp, the biggest US warehouse-club operator, limited bulk rice purchases in some stores and warned that customers had begun stockpiling certain goods.


    Even during times of relative stability, North Korea has shown itself to be inept at feeding its population. During the 1990s a famine caused by poor harvests killed an estimated two to three million people. On Wednesday the World Food Programme warned that the country could again be plunged into famine because of the spiralling cost of rice and there was an estimated shortfall of 1.6 million tons of rice and wheat.


    Up to 50 million Egyptians rely on subsidised bread and this year Cairo has estimated it will cost $2.5bn. But with the price of wheat rocketing in the past year there are fears the country has plunged into a “bread crisis”. Queues are now double the length they were a year ago. Inflation hit 12.1 per cent in February with prices for dairy goods up 20 per cent and cooking oils 40 per cent


    Latin American countries were some of the first nations to voice their concern at rising wheat prices, particularly after thousands of people in Mexico took to the streets at the beginning of 2007 to take part in the so-called “Tortilla Protests”. This week the presidents of Bolivia, Nicaragua and Cuba’s vice-president flew to Caracas to announce a joint $100m scheme to combat the impact of rising food prices on the region’s poor.


    On Wednesday Brazil became the latest major rice producer to temporarily suspend exports because of soaring costs and domestic shortages. In recent weeks Latin American countries and African nations have asked for up to 500,000 tons of rice from Brazil which will now not be delivered. Brazil’s agricultural ministry has said it has to ensure that the country has at least enough rice reserves to last the next six to eight months.


    Some of the worst instability resulting from high food prices has been felt in West Africa. One person was killed and dozens were injured last month as riots tore through Ivory Coast after the prices of meat and wheat increased by 50 per cent within a week. Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo was forced to cut taxes to halt the disorder. Violent protests have also broken out in Cameroon, Burkina Faso and Senegal.


    There have been street protests about the soaring cost of food in a country almost entirely reliant on imports of wheat. Already utterly impoverished, the plight of Afghans has worsened because Pakistan has cut its regular flour supply. The government has sought to assure citizens that there is sufficient food and has set aside $50m for additional imports. The price of wheat has risen by around 60 per cent in the last year.


    The price of rice in the world’s largest exporter rose to $1,000 a ton yesterday and experts warned that it will continue to rise. This is because of the massive demand from the Philippines which is struggling to secure supplies after India and several other producers halted exports. The government has said it can meet the export requests. Indonesia has said it is withholding purchases for a year because prices are so high.


    Hundreds of thousands of poor Africans in Uganda and Sudan are to lose out on a vital source of food after one of the world’s largest humanitarian organisations said it was cutting aid to 1.5m people. Dave Toycen, president of World Vision Canada, blamed soaring costs and countries failing to live up to aid commitments for the fact that the number of people the charity can help will fall by almost a quarter.


    The country as added to the problems facing many countries in the region by halting its export of rice, except for its premium basmati product. This has left countries normally reliant on Indian exports, such as the Philippines, searching for alternative supplies. India has more than half of the world’s hungriest people and its priority is to safeguard domestic supply. But it too has watched as the cost of food has soared, not just rice but cooking oil, pulses and even vegetables. India has this year forecast a record grain harvest but experts warned farm productivity will have to rise much faster if the nation is to feed its 1.1bn people and avoid a food security crisis. Around two-thirds of India’s population are dependent on agriculture for their livelihoods but agriculture is growing much more slowly than the overall economy.


    The poorest country in the Western hemisphere has seen a three to four-fold increase in the number of so-called boat people trying to leave because of food shortages. Already gripped by wretched poverty, the food crisis triggered riots that led to the death of six people. Haiti’s wretched food security situation is a result of “liberalisation measures” forced on the country after former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide was returned to power.


    The government has been desperately trying to secure alternative sources of rice to counteract the decision of a number of nations to halt rice exports. The country’s National Food Authority, which handles rice imports for the government, has now said it plans to increase imports 42 per cent to 2.7m tons this year. This could cost $1.3bn if it does not increase the price of the subsidised rice it is selling to people. But the Philippines is responsible for producing 85 per cent of its own food and international experts believe the country will handle this crisis. The government has also been encouraging consumers and even fast food restaurants to be more frugal and be careful not to waste food. The government is confident it will be able to source sufficient supplies from Vietnam and Thailand.


    Less vulnerable to food price fluctuations than emerging nations, but food prices across Europe have nonetheless increased. In Britain wholesale prices of food have increased by 7.4 per cent over the past 12 months, roughly three times the headline rate of inflation. According to the government’s own statistics grocery bills have gone up by an average of £750 over the same period, the equivalent of a 12 per cent rise.

  16. Jose Says:

    Indeginous Fijians need to rise up and take control of our country. We need a clean up campaign of our own government and our own land to rid this government of every alien so that we control what is our God given right looking to God alone as our guide living by God’s Law and throw out human rights which was made to make null and void the law of God. All you preachers, men and women of God rise up and do what you are annointed and called to do in your own land for God and His people. The aliens can go back to where they come from if they don’t like it here. We don’t need to be like the rest of the world we just need to be what God wants us to be and how he wants us to live. Rise up people, rise up. All you preachers rise up and gather up all your flocks. rally together in masses and pray. The Victory is ours the battle is the Lord’s” 11 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land”. This is His promise. I’s Aye and Amen. This is a war between good and evil, the abominations are rampant in our country. We need God to intervene.

  17. Jese T Says:

    @JT Thanks you for that very interesting story.

    The biggest crisis facing this country is rising inflation. What surprises me, is that every day there is a article in the newspapers talking about the bad state of our economy, these stories are written by a variety of economic advisor’s and are all saying the same thing, that we are heading for economic disaster.

    What we really need to focus on is a solution to the problems. What measures are the government taking to alleviate the rising price of basic food items? When are we, as a nation going to take this situation seriously. If we dont all focus on this Fiji’s name might just be added to the list above.

    We need some answers on how this country is going to recover.

  18. nakausabaria Says:

    @ Jese T

    Fiji Govt will post a surplus in first quarter – so govt spending is down by 48% from budgeted estimates – it didn’t spend $148m that it expected to spend and tax and revenue collection is up. The quote from chaudhry is people should review their consumption habits – what does this mean? make onion soup? The headline that the state will cushion the effect of rising prices is misleading because no measures have been announced, only the advice to consumers to review their consumption habits.


    State out to cushion effects of rising prices
    25 APR 2008
    The interim Government says its short-term plan is to cushion the effects of rising fuel and food prices on consumers, particularly the poor, without undermining the gains achieved so far.

    It says rising prices are mainly driven by higher global demand and growth, particularly in China, India and the rest of Asia.

    In a statement, the Government has asked consumers to review their consumption behaviour and make necessary adjustments to weather this period of high prices.

    The statement comes as the interim Government stated it expects to post a healthy surplus in the first quarter of 2008.

    At the end of the first quarter of 2008, total tax collections were 2.8 per cent higher than that recorded for the same period in 2007.

    This is attributed to stronger collections from all major tax components, including income tax, VAT, Hotel Turnover Tax and custom taxes.

    Other general revenue collected by Government includes fees, fines, charges, dividends from investments, reimbursement and recoveries, grant in aid and other revenue and surpluses.

    As of end of February 2008, total other general revenue collections surpassed the level budgeted for the period by around $9.0 million.

    Up to end of February, total Government spending was below budgeted levels by around 48.0 per cent or $142 million.

    Whilst spending is expected to pick up in the next three quarters of the year, the Ministry of Finance will closely monitor this trend through its new Financial Management Information System and will continue to take appropriate measures to ensure that capital projects are implemented smoothly and that delivery of Government services continue unhindered.

    A net deficit of 2 per cent of GDP was targeted in the revised 2007 Budget.

    However, at the end of 2007, the Government managed to achieve a provisional underlying (excluding asset sales revenue) net deficit of $68.8 million or 1.2 percent of GDP.

    This is an improvement from 2006 which recorded an underlying net deficit of $185.2 million or 3.4 per cent of GDP.

    The lower deficit achieved in 2007 is largely attributed both to total under spending in Government and more than expected buoyant collections in government revenue.

    Government’s total debt reached a high level of 52.2 per cent of GDP in 2006, largely owing to successive high deficit policy during the first half of this decade.

    Debt has been provisionally registered at a level of 49.1 per cent of GDP by end of 2007.

  19. Peace Pipe Says:

    Pramod Rae just made a comment on radio on how these illegal ministers are wasting taxpayers money globe trotting all over the world at each and every opportunity whilst the children can’t even make to school due to dire poverty. Is this not a crime that they waste valuable money and deny the needy their basic necessity. Anyway what have they achieved on all these trips. Sweet f@#$ all. Enjoying themselves while they can. I thought the travel bans would restrict these travels but no they seem to be travelling more than any other governments have ever done before. The snake too is off to mother India to spreadm more lies and gather more support for his devious objectives.


    sissy lesbian transvestite baini-MARAMA was “accusing” Lai Qarase of taking his wife Leba on overseas trips…..

    what a hypocrite! sissy lesbian transvestite baini-MARAMA just took his own wife with him on a very expensive overseas trip – the country meanwhile can just GO TO HELL!

  21. BebeniBogi Says:

    @ Budhau – all will be held accountable, no one will escape judgement day, including all coups, me for my shortcomings, and even you living comfortably in California while your own people suffer at home.

  22. Corruption Fighter Says:

    SV and fellow bloggers: a digression. John Cameron’s article on the state of
    Fiji’s judiciary is well worth a read.

    (or go to “The Australian” newspaper of 25 April 2008. Article is “Fiji’s judges should be challenged”)

  23. Mark Manning Says:

    Bula Tui
    only in Fiji !
    As they say , some people are promoted to their level of incompetence !

  24. Adi Kaila Says:

    Lawyer casts doubt on Fiji judiciary
    25 APR 2008

    An opinion column by an Australia-based lawyer has cast doubt on the independence and impartiality of Fiji’s judiciary.

    Dr John Cameron, who was declared a prohibited immigrant by Fiji’s interim government, said the appointment of the acting chief justice was a crucial development bearing on the independence and impartiality of the judiciary and the maintenance of the rule of law.

    In the opinion column in The Australian newspaper, Dr Cameron says that under acting Chief Justice Anthony Gates’ chairmanship, the Judicial Service Commission proceeded to make a number of appointments that are at best controversial, including two judges who are arguably disqualified under the constitution by being well over the retirement age.

    Both recently sat with the acting chief justice to hear the challenge of the deposed prime minister to the removal of his administration.

    Dr Cameron said in England, a 2003 ruling of the Court of Appeal provides some guidance about the status of judges who mistakenly sit, without authorisation, in the wrong division of a court.

    But, he asked, what is the position of a judge appointed after the 2006 military coup in Fiji, which notoriously rendered compliance with the constitutionally mandated appointment procedure impossible?

    Under the provisions of Fiji’s Constitution, judges of the Supreme Court, justices of the Court of Appeal and High Court judges are appointed by the president on the recommendation of the Judicial Service Commission.

    That appointment should be made after consultation by the commission with the minister of justice and the relevant sector standing committee of the House of Representatives.

    Dr Cameron said as a consequence of the actions of the coup leaders in Fiji, none of these was in a position to carry out his, her, or its constitutional functions.

    The Judicial Service Commission comprises the chief justice, the chairman of the Public Service Commission, and the president of the Fiji Law Society.

    “The appointment of the acting chief justice followed a meeting of the Judicial Service Commission chaired by a close friend and judicial member of one of the 2000 groups, members of which were apparently embittered by the appointment of members of the opposing faction as chief justice and resident justice of appeal,” Dr Cameron wrote.

    “They apparently saw these promotions as a reward for what they regarded as
    “unconstitutional and unbecoming judicial conduct at the time of the 2000 coups.
    “Present at that meeting of the Judicial Service Commission was the replacement chairman of the Public Service Commission.

    “This person’s own appointment had been made on the recommendation of the military without constitutionally required consultation with the minister and the appropriate sector standing committee of the House or Representatives.

    “The third participant was the then president of the Law Society, who approved the appointment, leading to outrage among members of the society and its council, as a consequence of which it was resolved that the society would boycott future meetings of the commission.

    “No president of the Fiji Law Society has attended a meeting of the commission since early 2007.

    “All subsequent recommendations to the president have accordingly been made without the concurrence of the only member of the commission constitutionally empowered to make them.”

    Dr Cameron said the impossibility of consultation with the other persons and bodies required under the Constitution, following their removal by the December 2006 coup was a notorious fact.

    “The expatriate members of the Fiji Court of Appeal, all respected and eminent former judges from Australia and New Zealand, resigned after the acting chief justice designated post-coup appointees to conduct a sitting of the court in the middle of 2007, without consulting the constitutionally appointed justices of appeal,” he wrote.

    “This brings us back to the initial question: When is a judge not a judge? And why does it matter?

    “It matters for a number of reasons, not least of which is the right of a party to a civil dispute under the constitution “to have the matter determined by a court of law, or, if appropriate, by an independent and impartial tribunal”, and of a person charged with an offence to “a fair trial before a court of law”.”

    Dr Cameron is a barrister of more than 30 years experience in New Zealand, Fiji, and Australia.

    He was representing the Fiji Law Society in proceedings challenging judicial appointments since January 2006 and also represented Pacific Centre for Public Integrity executive director Angie Heffernan before being declared a prohibited immigrant.

  25. Adi Kaila Says:

    Bula Vinaka Bewa

    jo nawalowalo will make an excellent goat herder and the big nanny goat jo cabbage can be in charge of the cross breeding.

    Two joes are better than one, herders are not required to think and the other jo is such a cross old cabbage she’s ideal for the breeding program.

    I wonder if they’ve thought out:

    Defining the production and marketing system, along with management strategies and environment are key factors that warrant consideration:
    the feed resources and environmental conditions of the operation?
    How will the calf crop be marketed (at weaning?, backgrounded?, retained ownership? sell females?) What are the labor and management resources available?

    Rather like the next big thing voreqe the brain dead was touting – ETHANOL. Well that’s his patch.

    We seem to be doing their homework for them here about the viability of their latest schemes that end up nowhere. As soon as we reveal how preposterous their latest plans are they shelve them asap.

    They read this site bloggers – so tell them the truth about what you think about them and the whole ig blunder that keeps on keeping on.

  26. IslandBoy Says:

    Bula Vinaka Adi Kaila – And on that note, a well deserved toast to the province of Namosi. Outright rejection of NCBBF and GCC teams with additional edict not to enter any of their villages. Pote!!!

    As much as the chiefs and people of Ba province revere and respect the President as the Turaga Tui Vuda, as indeed do many of us from Burebasaga, Ba witholds its approval and awaits the outcome of the cases before court, both Qarase and the GCC challenge.

    Nawalowalo was expecting a slam dunk so he could claim support from Fiji’s biggest province. DID NOT HAPPEN – VERY SHORRY FULORI.

    One might think as winner of the arsehole of the year award, this useless waste of space (Nawalowalo) would have at the very least devised a strategy to reel in the home province of H.E. the President, but no.

    Meanwhile good old somebody Jo-cabbage Koroi, Choro’s lap dog, continues to reject the call by other political reps for a pow wow.

    How many more negative indicators do they need before some bright spark in the IG realises it might be a good idea to just abandon the whole silly charade and take us back to a genuine election a.s.a.p.


  27. Bebenibogi Says:

    @ Mark, Adi Kaila, Island Boy – 4th that.


    @ Budhau – she got you with a hole in one. What, still sleeping? “wakey wakey – hands of snakey!!!!!!!!!”

  28. Jose Says:

    This is our country, our land. And we are God’s people. There is only one war in this world and that is between Good and evil. Evil and abominations are rampant in our land. Aliens in govt now and previous making decisions for God’s people contrary to Godly principles. Resist the devil and it will flee. Our people everywhere should rally together in masses, repent, fast and pray and and seek God’s face for intervention and guidance. God hears the prayers of His people and what He says He will do, it is sure. Our church leaders need to rise up now and lead mass rallys in fasting and prayers seeking God’s intervention.

  29. aubatinuku-N Says:

    What is going on here?
    Where did everyone go?
    There has been no activity for several hours now!!

  30. JLo Says:

    @ Aubatiniku-N

    They are probably supporting their family and children taking part in the Coke Games.

    Great watching the cokes at the stadium.

    Congratulations to Suva Grammar and Adi Cakobau! Commiserations to QVS, Marist, RKS, Natabua – schools from the outer islands did great, esp Adi Maopa from Vanua Balavu, Ratu Finau from Lakeba, Vunisea from Kadavu, Vaturova from Vanua Levu, DAV from Ba and all those from the rural areas.



    The name Fiji is a Tongan corruption of the indigenous name “Viti.”

    The two largest islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, together account for 87% of Fiji’s 18,272 square km of land (Hawai’i has 16,641 sq km of land).

    Once notorious as the “Cannibal Isles,” Fiji is now the colorful crossroads of South Pacific travel. Of the 322 islands that make up the Fiji Group, over 100 are inhabited by a rich mixture of vibrant, exuberant Melanesians, East Indians, Polynesians, Micronesians, Chinese, and Europeans, each with a cuisine and culture of their own. Here Melanesia mixes with Polynesia, ancient India with the Pacific, and tradition with the modern world in a unique blend.

    Dateline: Fiji
    1500 BC
    Polynesians reach Fiji
    500 BC
    Melanesians reach Fiji
    Abel Tasman sights Taveuni
    Bligh and crew paddle past Yasawas
    sandalwood discovered on Vanua Levu
    Methodist missionaries arrive at Lakeba
    first visit by hostile American gunboats
    Chief Cakobau accepts Christianity
    founding of the town of Levuka
    Britain refuses to annex Fiji
    American warship threatens to shell Levuka
    Fiji becomes a British colony


    Fiji and Hawai’i Compared —

    Racial Supremacy By Law in Fiji Resembles What Hawaiian Sovereignty Activists Are Seeking

  33. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Vinaka JLo for the “Whats up”, I can appreciate that.

    Great reading PFP, certainly food for thought!

  34. Budhau Says:

    Hey Panties-in-a-Knot, – if racial supremacy was guaranteed by law in Fiji, and that is what the Hawaiian activists are seeking – so what hell was the problem before – when those buggers tried to pull all them coups.
    Now – there ain’t gonna be no racial supremacy – and why should there be.
    …and whats with this googling stuff and putting it in here.

  35. Obstra Says:

    Budhau: the cause of coups in Fiji is because pof the inferiority cpomplex of Indians who want to grasp at anything in this country to firm up an identity. Thats why. They will have to go back to India .

  36. Budhau Says:

    Obstra – so who is gonna make them go back – you posting messages in this forum. You fricken idiot.

    This coup, and all other coups, were not about the Indians – and neither were they about indigenous rights.

    These coups are about a bunch of Fijians chiefs trying to grab power – go find out who was behind Rabuka, or Speight and Bainimarama.

    It is very convenient to blame it on them Indians.

  37. Bu-dhadha-u Says:

    It was because of the Indians we are having the coups you fricken idiot yourself. Indians are despised in every country in the world where they decide to call home. Well, I wonder why??????????????? Sometimes I think Idi Amin really did good in Uganda. This unwanted species really think they are the centre of the universe. If you don’t agree with them, automatically you are a racist. If you don’t believe me, just watch their movies. It gives you an idea. Indians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. freefijian Says:

  39. IslandBoy Says:

    Question Please. For Tui Savu, Jead d’Ark, Adi Kaila and anyone else who may have the information.

    Sorry, but I am directing this issue at you guys because you seem to now a lot about the legal fraternity in Fiji.

    In John Cameron’s article about the legality of judges in Fiji put in place by the IG, (today’s peper) could you please put names to the people he is referring to in the article?

    For example if Stuart Hugget was the Chairman of the PSC who was roughed up, who was the President of the Law Society – Devenesh?

    Who are the judges and lawyers in the two camps? What position do the different camps take? What is the basis of the cliques they have formed?

    I realise this is a bit of an ask, but it would really help people like me understand the article better and also put a face to the gallery of rogues.

    Vinaka Vakalevu and really looking forward to your response.

  40. Jose Says:

    Fiji belongs to Fijians. The government must be Fijians. Fijian racial supremacy is the agenda. Not one world order agenda that is being pushed. All Idegenous Fijians everywhere Rise Up and take control of our government and our land and rid our government of all aliens. The aliens to live peacefully among us. If the aliens don’t like it they can go back to where they come from and demand their human rights in their own land.

  41. Jose Says:

    Idi Amin did good alright. The nation is now a christian nation dedicated to the Lord.

  42. Destiny Says:

    The stupidity has risen to a new level. Now you want Fiji to follow in the same footsteps as Idi Amin??????? . Do you actually know what you are saying? Jose wants human rights thrown out, as well as the iG and rid the country of Aliens!!!! So what happens to all the Fijians who are in the IG? Or hadn’t you though about that? But more importantly let me give you a refresher on Idi Amin..

    Idi Amin Dada, whose brutality and disregard for the rule of law led to hundreds of thousands of deaths and plunged the country into chaos and poverty.

    Amin became the first black African leader to renounce ties with the Jewish state of Israel and side instead with Islamic nations in the Middle East. Subsequently, Amin made a number of anti-Semitic declarations, including praising German dictator Adolf Hitler for killing Jewish people during World War II.


    Amin’s rule had many lasting negative consequences for Uganda: It led to low regard for human life and personal security, widespread corruption, and the disruption of economic production and distribution.

    So Jose, stop preaching and start educating yourself and think before you open your mouth.

  43. Jose Says:

    Put them all in Nukulau Island, with Destiny their drag queen, and rid our government of all aliens.No more aliens in our government.

  44. Jose Says:

    Destiny, Listen to your self. The same pattern is in fiji right now.

  45. Jose Says:

    Destiny, educate yourself in seing more then just your big fat nose nose. There’s a lot more happenning behind the scene then you know. Read the prophercies in the Holy Bible so that you’ll know what your relatives are soliciting to the nation.

  46. Jose Says:

    Destiny and Budhau will never know what the humans rights will actually do to the human race since they don’t know their Holy Bible. They won’t know why human rights started in the first place when God had given us His Laws to live by and the Laws by which we will all be judged. They will never know the whole reason for the existence of human rights. You have any idea of the origin of human rights and their intentions are in the future if its not already restrictive now? Why should I tell you? Educate yourselves or continue to be ignorant talking about things you know nothing about when you both really are pitiful.

  47. anon Says:

    Everybody back to the topic.

    Telelevu was a trained boat captain, not a career policeman.

    No wonder the incompetence.

    Please resign and go back to where you can serve the country best.

  48. OBTZs Says:

    Jose vinaka! Only problem with Amin was that the rich jews and the elite westen powers controlled the press and they controlled what was fed to the gullible public about him…hence the very negative image of Amin….like what Destiny is regurtitating. If only people knew what is behind the human rights movement, the call for equal rights in the west and how a small group of people control what we hear and believe through the media and how certain small group is out using human rights and minority rights to dominate the majority and exterminate christianity….well like you said… destinty do your research and be useful for once…

  49. IslandBoy Says:

    Heard Teleni speaking in Fijian on Viti FM news at 8.00 this morning while driving to work. He was referring to the appointment of Ponipate Lesavua to their internal investigation unit.

    He must have inserted at least 5 or 6 English words. So his Fijian is worse than his English. He sounded like some fake accent con man Fijian trying to pretend he doesn’t know the appropriate Fijian words to use.

    Or he is a very lazy thinker and thinks in two languages at a very low level all the time.

  50. IslandBoy Says:

    When SV posted the thread about Seremaia Tuiteci, the title of the post was scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    This Ponipate Lesavua has so much dirt on him, its not funny. None of the CID guys will work with him or for him and they have made a big blunder because this guy was drummed out of the Police Force when professional standards were still decent.

    If media is reading this, investigate his naked run at the point of a gun through Lautoka during the first coup.

    Then there is the Australian woman who was conned out of several thousand dollars for a fake investment on the coral coast.

    I suppose anyone decent would not want to work with this lot so theyhave to scrape the bottom of the barell to staff the fake posts they created for themselves and their cronies.

  51. Obstra Says:

    Budhau:The common factor in all these coups is the Indians, whether you like it or not. Power struggle in any country and people always exist. The common factor is above as Ive said. The FLP,Chaudhary’s ideas & presence from 1987 irrespective of which side of the coup is one such example…

  52. natewaprince Says:

    Let me put it simply as I’ve done in the past.Let the Indians live here as long as they like,and let them make their millions.But the political leadership of this country must remain in the hands of the Fijians.

    This does not mean a Fijian PM in an Indian dominated party.But a Fijian PM in a Fijian dominated party and a Fijian dominated government,full stop.

  53. Jose Says:

    OBTZ, I watched a document several years ago when Uganda was dedicated to the Lord and the whole country celebrated. It is indeed a christian nation now. What the devil meant for evil the Lord changed it for the good.

  54. Jose Says:

    OBTZ, my brother just want to correct you on one issue you mentioned. They are no longer a small group. They are all the leaders of the world. They get rid of all leaders who don’t tow the line, like J. F. Kennedy, a good example. As it says in Revelation. “And the whole world wandered after the beast”
    This beast is the champion of human rights. I’m sure you know who he is, and that second beast in the US talking like the first beast telling the world to follow the teachings of the first beast. Glad to share that with you.

  55. Jose Says:

    Natewa Prince, not good enough. No aliens at all in government. Weed them all out. No more aliens.

  56. aubatinuku-N Says:

    SBS contact sheet.

    Tel: +61 2 9430 3227
    Toll free: 1800 500 727
    Fax: +61 2 9430 3865

    Sydney – Documentary and Drama
    14 Herbert St Artarmon, NSW 2064
    Locked Bag 028, Crows Nest NSW 1585 Australia

    Melbourne – Drama
    Level 2, Alfred Deakin Building, Federation Square
    Cnr Swanston & Flinders Streets MELBOURNE VICTORIA 3000 Australia.
    PO Box 294, South Melbourne VIC 3205 Australia.

    SBS Independent
    Ned Lander – Consultant
    Danielle McCarthy – Assistant

    Carole Skian – Commissioning Editor
    Brett Sleigh – Script Associate.

    Documentary & Factual Entertainment.
    Angelique Gellert – Documentary & Factual Entertainment Coordinator.
    Rebecca Williams – Documentary & Factual Entertainment Coordinator.


    Ok folks! This is the best I can do, I tried to copy the link onto here but for some reason it doesn’t allow me to.

    Vinaka again to Mark Manning!

  57. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ IslandBoy, mind if I assist?

    Davenesh was the President of the Fiji Law Society when Justice Gates was appointed. Members of the Fiji Law Society took him to task over this and it is not surprising that he never sought a renewal of his term as President because he probably knew of its outcome.

    As for the camps within the Judiciary, CJ Fatiaki and Justice Michael Scott were both senior Judges to Justices Gates and Shameem. The latter always accused the former for having a hand in recommending together with former CJ Tuivaga the dissolution of Parliament when the Chaudary Government was being held hostage in Parliament by Speight.

    This is despite the fact Sir Timoci has vehemently denied this and solely claimed he alone was responsible for the advice and is proud of it because he believes this was the only pragmatic solution available during those extraordinary times. I personally believe time will vindicate Sir Timoci’s bold action.

    There is definitely a lot of jealously between Justice Gates and Shameem over CJ Fatiaki and Justice Scott. CJ Fatiaki given his age would have been CJ of Fiji until he retires leaving Justice Shameem with almost no hope of ever becoming the first Indian woman CJ and even then, it would not really amount to much because she would be close to retirement herself and there is no guarantee the Government of the day would recommend her for the position anyway.

    Justice Gates through his own vindictiveness and short-sightedness was her willing comrade in crime to file bogus complaints against CJ Fatiaki and take up the CJ position only for a short time and eventually make way for Justice Shameem, but it has not worked to plan and will be their undoing.

    Another spanner in the works is the appointing of Justice Mataitoga to the Court of Appeal, even though he’s had no experience in the High Court Bench.

    Justice Mataitoga is very much like Justice Shameem in that they only have time for themselves and none other and they both have their own individuals ambitions on becoming CJ themselves, which will never happen when Fiji returns to democracy and the rule of law.

    Food for thought:

    The State has applied to the High Court for a stay on CJ Fatiaki’s legal action taken against the President and the IG on the grounds it is similar to that of deposed PM Qarase and should await the Court’s decision in the Qarase case before proceeding with the Fatiaki case!

    The IG has always claimed its action is legally correct and proceeded in the manner in which they are running Fiji.

    Why do they have to await the Qarase decision if they truly believe their actions are lawful and Qarase’s action will come to nought?

    My thinking is that they are trying to buy time because they don’t want other ‘independent judges’ from hearing the case and reaching a contrary decision to that of Justice Gates, Byrnes and Pathick in the Qarase case.

    One could interpret the State’s seeking a stay as an admission that their convictions of the coup being lawful maybe questionable, hence their wanting to await the Qarase decision first?

    Or it could be interpreted, that it fears having 3 coup sympathisers already tied up in the Qarase case, the risk of having an ‘independent judge’ hear the Fatiaki case maybe their undoing.

    Justice Shameem would not be able to sit on the Bench because she together with Gates and several other Judges other Judges are Defendants meaning they are disqualified from sitting, therefore raising the strong possibility of ‘independent judges’ hearing the Fatiaki case.

    Not to mention the cost of hiring overseas QC’s.

    There should be organised support to have the Fatiaki case proceed on its own without having to await the Qarase verdict.

    I hope IslandBoy I have been of some assistance and maybe those you asked can clarify, amend or add anything to what I’ve already said.

  58. IslandBoy Says:

    @Jese Waqalekaleka – thank you very much for the considered response.

    It is not my place as I am not one of the host Editors, but a warm welcome aboard nevertheless.

    By your response you have accomplished two very important points:

    1. Clarified what Dr. Camerion was inferring but could not name names in a public newspaper article, vinaka vakalevu and

    2. Very clearly demontsrated to the pro Illegal Regime (IR) supporters on SV the calibre and clarity of thought by those who use their brains and their hearts to weigh for themselves the actions of the IR.

    On this board you may want to keep your seat belt lightly fastened and have your barf bag ready, sometimes we experience a little turbulence when the props hit the crap spewed by mentally certifiable IR craft.

    When you are ready, please let us know what province you come from, as we Burebasaga folk here are always having to protect our virginity from our Naitas mata kakas. Could sure do with some reinforcements.

    @aubatinuku-N – vavei tale na noda speed boat vou, siviti sa tiko kina qai gagata na kena muailiu.

  59. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Malo bula IslandBoy.

    Don’t worry about reinforcements from this end.

  60. Dauvavana Says:

    erau beka niu lai jinicavu yani ni nomudou waqa siviti ni Rewa 🙂

    A ka ie!!!

  61. IslandBoy Says:

    @Jese W – sa raica tiko Tau na totolo ni 100 horsepower tiko mai Tai(levu).

    @Daushoot – jinicavu qori e long se short shaft? Nodaru uciwai e vovodea, segai ni titobu, rabailevu me vaka nai tavi ena dela ni wai siliva.

    Tau – watch out for this sharp shooter, he travels with a very dangeorus sniper by the name of LUVfiji. She will shoot your heart out and leave it bleeding on the floor as she sashays out on her red high heels.

  62. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Osobo LUVfiji, e sa kanaka tale tiko o IB ni o kemuni dina ga o Jessica Rabbit, smoking gun and all. 🙂

    @ Naita Daushoot – I nite, e sa via kanaka tiko yani o IB ni o kitou e Rewa e kitou sa gadreva saka tiko na nomuni STEALTH HOVERCRAFT, state of the art equipped with under the radar capabilities.

  63. IslandBoy Says:

    @aubatinuku-N – I remember watching in helpless fascination at Jessica Rabbit’s heaving chest, used to think Barbie had come to life.

  64. LUVfiji Says:

    Uieee… eratou sa baci tu qo na noqu Naita. Dou uro levu kece!!

    @Jese W. Thanks for yr contributions so far; its been great reading. Welcome to the fold. Kakua la sisi vei iratou na ka vakarerevaki ‘qori; IB in particular.

    Su voro!!

  65. Tebara Says:

    Welcome to SV bloggin my tau JW. Enjoyed readin your entry.

    Nite Daushootin rauti iko ga mo kara malua tu na bavelo me keitou qai vakasarava na suai gelegele ni tolomu … !

  66. anon Says:

    Au sa bau via vodo talega ena nomudou i jinicavu meu bau vakila talega kina na kui vakaciri loloma ni nomudou uciwai ka rawa meu na sarava talega na suaigelegele malu tu ni tolo i daushoot.

    E sa rui kaukauwa na ua mai vei keitou mai na i cabecabe ni siga.

    Tebara au sa na ciba dina vei kemudou mai na tebara.

  67. Dauvavana Says:

    Niata IB, nai jinicavu qo oko la na ka makawa dau vakayagataki tu e liu. Nai jinicavu qase na seagull, totolo tale na kara. 🙂

    Teri vaka na nomudou i jinicavu na naita e na nodatou ucuiwai levu sa da sarava la ni ra lako vaqo ka lako vaqo na vasagavulu na osovawa Evinrude, Johnson, Yamaha. Na cava tale meu kaya

  68. Dauvavana Says:

    au raica ni se levu jiko ga na noqu typo!!!

    Dou vosoti au na Turaga kei na Marama.

    Ni ratou sa dau basika mai na noqu Naita e dau mai tavaladelade sivia na utoqu ka mai calacala yani na noqu taba taiva.

    Sa dri yani!!!

  69. IslandBoy Says:

    @Tebara – Bula vinaka noqu ito. Na suai gelegele cava o kanaka tiko, sui ni rewai ratou dau lagataka mai Drekena tiko vi naita Daushootin.

    Na nodatou gone yalewa meke sasawailei vua sa ratou vakasa qima taucoko ena vale ni bula mai Wainibokasi. Volai lesu mai na lab report ni maca vakadua na medratou wai. Gunuva maca dai ko na qaqa.

    Qai vakadewa taka vi aubatinuku-N me lai sikovi ratou ni a talai ratou vi Daushootin. Au sa kanaka qima me datou qarauna vinaka na turaga momoqaqa qivoqivora ni dela ni wai siliva.

    Idini vou era cici tu na gauna qo, levu ga na kena rorogo, totolo, kasa rawarawa. Na idina makawa na seagull e qai lo tu ga, vakamalua, karia sara tiko la na boto ni sauloa, qai kena i kuri na ikara e dumuka tiko.

    Raica mada, sa tu tale qo na noqu vibiu bula, mai LUV, qai mai noqu Lewa, segai ni dua a vukaci iko. Ni sa baci mai vakavuna na noqu tadra vakasiga. Daydream tiko vi kemuni.

  70. IslandBoy Says:

    @anon – nanuma vinaka tiko my Tau, kevaka o no sa mai serauna na nitou Tebara, ni qai ga mai Rewa mo ni mai semata na viwekani vakaturaga makawa. Kevaka o ni gole i Tai, o ni sa na mavoa.

  71. Dauvavana Says:

    Naita IB au sa macawa dua to oqo e Mokani vei ratou na dau soli wainiramusi e na kaukuawa ni nodratou sasawailei na nomudou goneyalewa matanimeke.

    Oilelei e sa wadrega na nomudou ba via mai ramusu sara la na suitu ni sabutu LOL 😉

  72. LUVfiji Says:

    Esa gusu matata na IB qo – au diva me daru na sota dina ena dua na gauna. Ko ni sa turaga naita kajina! Me dua la vei kemuni na wainiramusu mai Mokani e kanaka tiko qori o neitou Shooter. Me daru na sota dina. One day Mafatu!

  73. IslandBoy Says:

    @Dauvavana – wai qima ga e losei mai Kubuna kitou na makutu na gunuva, mo ni qai kanaka ga mai na kena tabu.

    @LUVfiji – sa vola qima o naita Dauvavana, ” O cei e cata na maleka.”

    Kerekere kemudrau na noqu nite – visau mada nai ulutaga – vavei tale na nona vosataki Nawalowalo o Tupeni Baba ena TV.

    O la na bakuwavivi, sa vosataka qima na nitou GMB ena fijilive, segai ga ni kila. Qo li ni rau sa qai to vata i Adi Finau, cecebuya sara tiko la na nodrau drotini. Dua mada ga yamoca na yakana, me kuria na kena tewaka.

  74. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – An old Connie Francis song I heard on Radio Fiji recently made me think of you.

    Send me the pillow that you dream on
    So darling I can dream on it too

  75. Tebara Says:

    @ Tau Anon .. dou ova la mai na Tebara sa rui dredre na ovaca yani nomu wasawasa. Maleka la ni tou mai vitomani no na vakalele e na vasagavulu na hosopawa ..bahahahahahaha

    @Nite Daushootin … Wai ni ramusu teri rauji iko. Me kitou qai vusoya la vei iko na Wai ni UWA … KAILAAAAAAA!!

  76. anon Says:

    Tebara my tau, sa tokitoki sara ga yani kua. Na nomu i tautau ni vosa walega, e ramusu sara kina vakadua na noqu suitu.

    Ia sa kua ga ni dua vei au na wai ni ua.


  77. aubatinuku-N Says:

    O kedatou na i lala qoka, ke tu sa na lai kabakoro i QEB, e ra sa na mate na dredre. Ke sigai, e ra na vidrovaki!

    The naitas of the TROJAN BAVELO, me qai kena mata ni meke ga na nitou sasawailei ni REWA.


    Sa dri yani IB, o Barbie e rau na qai bola na meke vata i Jessica Rabbit LUVfiji.

  78. Tebara Says:

    Tau Anon .. Kua tale ni o vakasosolo mo tokitoki mai. Tayabe la mai. Nomu sote kei na daqari kitou na qai cula me olo i tolomu. Tiko talega vi kitou na i yamo ni ramusu ni suitu.

    Aubatinuku – vaciriloloma nidatou sa na lai reunion i Delainabua… KAILAAA!!

  79. anon Says:

    Ki veikemudou noqu tauvu, macawa kalougata dina ni rawa niu mai raqati kemudou toka kina na noqu tauvu.

    Tau Tebara qarauna ga de dou cula tale na toloqu ia au kerea ga me sa qai laki yamoci madaga o tau Aubatinuku.

    Loloma yani vei kemudou taucoko, totoka tu na draki ena yasa ni vuravura oqo.

  80. LUVfiji Says:

    Kemudou na noqu Naita – au kerekere me datou sa laki veisiko mada i Delainabua. Ni bera ni dua na noda tayabe me da gole yani me ra laki tarogi sara mada se na cava e sa lomadra dina tiko.

    Dou tu mai na noqu Naita… me datou laki ia!

    Sa lesu li mai ena ica na tamata qo o Vore? Uaii.. esa maumau wale na qai cakava tu ‘ya o lao Meri; na neirau shopping ena baci tini ga i Value City!

  81. IslandBoy Says:

    Vi kemudou na noqu naita – e levu e sara kanaka tiko me da tayabe, da saga mada ga me ra out taucoko mai na wekada era tiko ena mataivalu.
    Me vaqarai na nodra job se me ra qai i vanua tani mera lai cakacaka kina. sa kua o Delainabua.

    Na delana mudre ya sa rai mai benuca, sa qima na kena lagilagi kei na kena i rogorogo.

    Re: Value City – lmao – she looks like she does dress kind of cheap, somehow not the kind of image suitable for a first lady of the state. Dau no class na kena i rairai.

  82. kosaniyaqona Says:

    IB: Good idea..that’s very practical & effective…

  83. LUVfiji Says:

    Turaga naita IB. E dua me qai tani mai Nakeba ni Mataivalu! Me qai tani ga na ka ca eda cegu kece. Me sa vakau ga yani me laki siwa i nodratou ni drau gonedau.

  84. tukai vusaradave Says:

    The IG and their followers are monitored daily from global pacific security defences agencies, so the politics in this small island nation is very shallow and will essecalete beyond control

  85. goat makawa Says:

    Vakalelewa ga sa tini tale ena veiqarovi…
    dou vei tauri..

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