The floor is yours, Chaudhry: Tell us about the secret $2million

Due to popular demand we are bringing you this article from Saturday’s Fiji Sun. Yes, this was the one they quickly took off line on Saturday. Why, because?????  😉

Mahendra Pal Chaudhry is once again furiously riding on his favourite hobby horse – media bashing – accusing the media of arrogance, and of imposing its own views on the people of Fiji. He says that the media is, therefore, denying the people the right to information. Excuse me, to borrow the form of address “Chaudhry saheb” used by that mysterious Haryana “Indian Santa Claus” – one Harbhajan Lal – if it had not been for the media, and the Fiji Sun and its deported publisher Russell Hunter, the people of Fiji would not have been aware that you had been secretly hiding $2million in your Australian bank account for the last eight years from them, which you got from India after you were overthrown by George Speight’s 2000 coup.
If the “arrogant” Fiji Television had not given you prime time following my disclosure to the nation about your secret millions, you would not have belatedly informed the nation that the money was personally given to you for re-settlement in Australia. Moreover, since my disclosure, the media have given you ample opportunity to come out clean on the millions and yet you have patently chosen not to answer any questions. You cannot choose to roar like a lion when it suits you, and to retreat into Buddha like silence when faced with awkward but important questions the media and the nation demand from you – in this particular instance regarding the following questions.
Since I disclosed that you, as the FLP leader and interim Minister of Finance, had been secretly hiding $2million from us (or as the catch phrase goes in Fiji – “me and my family”) in your Australian bank account, I have been inundated with requests to ask you to explain to the nation, through the media, on what grounds were you entitled to the money from Haryana, even gifting $50,000 to your daughter? Who is the mysterious Harbhajan Lal who wrote to FIRCA on your behalf on 9 September 2004 claiming the money was raised for you?
In forwarding the unauthenticated letter, whose opening sentence sharply contradicted with the corresponding evidence tendered from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to FIRCA, did you or your delegated tax agents, make false representation to the tax authorities and were, therefore, in breach of the Income Tax Act?
The opening sentence of Harbhajan Lal’s letter to you reads as follows: “Dear Chaudhry saheb…I received your letter. You have asked for details of the funds…The total amounting to nearly AUD 15 lakhs was sent to you with the help of Government of India through its Consulate General in Sydney.
We sent AUD 503,000/ as first instalment in the year 2000. In 2001, AUD 486,890/ was sent and then in 2002 AUD 514,148 was sent.”
Although we do not know when or what you wrote to Harbhajan Lal about the state of the Haryana funds, there is incontrovertible evidence that you were acutely aware that you had received into your private Australian bank nearly $2million between 2000 and 2002. Are you willing to make public, through the media, that letter of yours that you allegedly wrote to Harbhajan Lal?
Why was $514,148.50 transferred into your account via the Indian Consulate-General in Sydney? There is no evidence whatsoever that Harbhajan Lal directly transferred $503,000 and $486,890, so who transferred these first two sums into your private bank account? Why did you want the money to be deposited into your Australian bank account and not into your Fiji bank account?
Did you and your FLP use the $2million, or a part of the sum, to fight the 2001 and 2006 general elections? Did you lie to Parliament on 2 December 2005 when you declared that you had not received a cent from Haryana? Did the Indian Government lie on your behalf when it declared that no money was given to you from India? Is the so-called “Haryana Letter” from Harbhajan Lal a forgery? If not, why not? Why didn’t you tell the people of Fiji in December 2005 that you, in fact, had been using the money since 2001?
When will you open up the 2003 Cyclone Ami relief funds for public inspection that were sent into your Bank of Baroda account in Fiji (Account No: 155728)? You may recall that it was on 10 August 2006 that I had asked you to disclose the amount collected worldwide. It had occurred to me to raise the matter publicly after I had read you demanding an immediate audit investigation into the funding for the 2003 South Pacific Games held in Suva, the same year that the Cyclone Ami had struck.“It is three years now since the Games were held, yet a financial report on the SPG accounts has still not been presented to Parliament by FASANOC and the Ministry of Sports,” you said.
In a statement you said your party had been informed that a sum of $18 million was spent on the Games, of which the Government made a substantial contribution of some $7 million. You said taxpayers had a right to know how this money was used and why an audited report of the finances had not been submitted. Similarly, on behalf of all of those who had generously responded to your appeal, I had demanded that you account for every cent collected and spent on the cyclone vicitms. Its nearly two years now, and yet the public have not seen any figures? When will we hear from you?
One recurring question thrown at me is how could anybody from Fiji just fly into a foreign country like India, and coolly and secretly walk away with not two dollars but two million dollars? Since you never settled in Australia, why didn’t you return the money to whoever gave it to you? Was the money intended for the Indo-Fijian community, as you had initially claimed after FIRCA had found out about the millions in 2004? Was it intended for the Indo-Fijian refugees at the Girmit Centre in Lautoka?
Well, “Chaudhry saheb”, you might want to explain to the nation why a Fiji citizen like you were entitled to secretly get the $2million into your Australian bank account? And why you and your family were only entitled to it when thousands upon thousands of peoples in Fiji suffered because of the events of 2000 upheaval, especially Indo-Fijians? How much was paid to the three-member tax team which controversially cleared you? Or do you want me to inform the people, via the Fiji media, on how much each of the three members were paid for three days of work in the preparation of that whitewash tax report?
Finally, should the likes of you be barred from contesting the next general election because by not disclosing the $2million to the voters of Fiji, you had breached the trust deposed in you as a national political leader, and potential prime minister in waiting, for if you had won the two consecutive general elections in 2001 and 2006, you would have taken charge of the ship of the state, irrespective of, as you claim now, the skewed electoral system ?
In fact, should any political leader who had been hiding millions from the Fiji taxpayers be barred from becoming the country’s Finance Minister, and line manager of FIRCA? Or even be disallowed to represent the voters in Fiji’s next Parliament? It is also worth pointing out that the unelected and unaccountable National Council for Building a Better Fiji is not the right forum for you to bash the media.
It seems there is a familiar pattern, bordering on gross obscenity, that whenever the media dares to question how and why vast amounts of taxpayers money is used or abused by a bunch of self-anointed people claiming to be working in the interest of the people (when the people had no say in the execution of the coup, the re-appointment of the President and other appointments and developments since 5 December 2006 coup), it is the media which is accused of lacking in ethics and code of conduct.
The media has every right, in the name of the people, to question you on your $2million, including the salary of NCBBF’s John Samy, and all others who have been hired from within Fiji or brought from abroad on hefty pay packets, to impose on the people of Fiji their vision of a non-racial Fiji, and in breach of the 1997 Constitution.
And the media has every right to ask you and all others like you to explain that what right have you to simply fly into a foreign country like India, touch roots with your ancestral homeland in Haryana, return home, but leave behind in Australia $2million sent from India into your Sydney bank account. While Haryana claimed you as one of its own, you also, on 18 May told an audience in New Delhi: “ I myself am a descendent of South India, although my father is from Haryana, my mother was Malyali, her parents immigrated to Fiji from the south of Kerala in the year 1912.”
One major problem in the elimination of racial politics in Fiji is that many Indo-Fijian leaders still look towards India despite their ancestors being in Fiji since 1879. It is time they were forced to decide where their loyalty rests. They cannot have it both ways.
And perhaps the Indian High Commissioner should explain to the people of Fiji why his country secretly gave you the $2million after the 2000 coup? For India seems to have suddenly become very keen about the welfare of Fiji and her people since the 2006 coup.
You told the NCBBF that Fiji was going through a very fragile stage in its national development and “cannot allow irresponsible, immature and politically biased media to create further divisiveness and instability”. Your comments were made in response to recent newspaper stories that you claim made allegations against you on certain matters and denied you the right to reply. You questioned whether it was responsible journalism that the two dailies and Fiji TV were practising and if the media was being held accountable to anyone.
You asked: “Does the newspaper have the right to publish what it pleases, and attack people at whim, without any regard to accuracy, truth, fairness and balance?” The answer is no if it is not truthful but as far as your Australian millions are concerned, the truth and questions peering out of the documentary evidence warrant persistent media queries and replies from you.
Maybe you, “Chaudhry saheb”, who are once again railing against the media, claiming that it is bias towards you by not publishing your letters etc, would put to pen where your mouth is, and answer the many questions raised above, and any other questions that might follow from me if you take up the challenge.
And the people of Fiji would love to read, through the media, your side of the story about the mysterious $2million from “Mother India”. The floor is yours, “Chaudhry saheb”.

The views expressed are those of Victor Lal and not that of the Fiji Sun.


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  1. comrade Says:

    By Victor Lal in Fiji SUN 23/4/2008 – Letters to Editor:

    In my recent article (FS 19/4) I had noted that interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry had asked for an accounting for the money spent by the Fiji Government on the 2003 South Pacific Games.
    The facts, as I understand, are as follows:
    – The government gave about $17.5m to the Fiji Sports Council for facilities for the 2003 SPG. These funds have been fully accounted for. The FSC accounts have been fully audited and signed off by the Auditor General up to December 31, 2005 (and perhaps 2006 as well). The accounts up to 2005 include the money spent by the government on facilities for the 2003 SPG.
    – The government gave about $1.6m to the 2003 SPG Organising Committee Ltd to organise the 2003 SPG. Again these funds have been fully accounted for. The 2003 SPGOC Ltd accounts have been fully audited by KPMG. The audit was completed in 2006. I also understand that the government funds were fully accounted for.
    The point of this letter is to state that the Fiji government funds for the 2003 SPG have been fully accounted for and publicly reported on.
    However, Mr Chaudhry and his National Farmers Union’s Cyclone Ami Funds in the Bank of Baroda still lie in the murky depths of non-accountability.

  2. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Oooh snaaaappp!!


    Victor Lal wsays: “…touch roots with your ancestral homeland in Haryana…”

    Chods is NOT from Haryana.

    Like ALL Fiji Indians less Gujaratis and Punjabis, he is a descendant of INDENTURED LABORERS brought (forcibly, of course) by the British.

    He is NOT from Haryana and he is NOT a Chaudhry!

    His father’s FIRST name was “Chaudhry, NOT his surname.

    His father’s surname was PRASAD.

    Like ALL Fiji Indians less Gujaratis and Punjabis, Chods in fact does NOT know where EXACTLY his ancestors lived in India – he is ROOTLESS!

    Like ALL Fiji Indians less Gujaratis and Punjabis, his ancestors were taken from the streets and shipped to Fiji!


    Chaudhry is a CASTE in India! — a landowning caste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chods of course is NOT one of them.

    He is a LIAR LIAR LIAR.

    Ask him also to provide proof that he is a “Chowdhury” and that he is from Haryana!

  5. LUVfiji Says:

    Digression please… its HILLARY for Pennsylvania!!

  6. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Not to worry!! It’s the republicans voting for her……..All propaganda!
    Then come Novemver………Smack it!! McCain!
    I’m rooting for Obama though!

  7. Tui Says:

    A lady as president, man that would be history. It’s good for Women’s Lib but I worry about her comments of “obliterating” Iran if she was in the Whitehouse. Wow, the US jumps from the pan into the fire! I’d rather MaCain wins as much as I detest the Republicans.

  8. aubatinuku-N Says:

    She wants desperately to bastardize the 24th amendment!

    Another Lewinsky double barrel rerun!

  9. Tebara Says:

    Obama for Victory … ! To Kenya with LOVE

  10. bodyguard Says:

    This must be the corruption the military are looking for but caught the wrong ppl…..the crooks are sleeping with them and they do not vene realise it….the bastards.

    dou rai mai na sotia….oqo gona na ‘clean-up’ boidada dou mai cakava….dou vei cai.

  11. Ma'afu Says:


    We’ve had Billary, I mean Hillary and Barack just doesn’t have enough experience under his belet (hahaha) to take on what’s awaiting the next U.S. President.

    But at least they’re having an election aye? As for poor Fiji, as long as there are monkey’s in power, we’ll remain a banana-republic.

    Sorry for the digression.

  12. Ma'afu Says:

    Oh I forgot, Mahen’s real last name is Baba, he’s great-grandfather was Ali Baba, the one with the 40 thieves lol.

  13. Jean d’Ark Says:

    Some very clear signs appearing now that will be difficult for Mahen to misread:

    1. Only ~ 100 people turn up for NFU AGM;

    2. Girmit Council members and execs vote by clear unprompted majority to reject Charter;

    3. Main topic of conversation among Indian Taxi drivers are fuel prices, cost of living, and Mahen’s $2mil stash in Oz;

    (Also, Indian mayors mostly back FLGA’s withdrawal from NCBBF.)

    These are all bell-weathers that show Mahen’s botching of the economy, the Sugar Industry and other matters are not without consequence.

  14. Budhau Says:

    The Idiots are at it again.
    Panties – As for Chaudary’s roots – the dude is from Haryana – them Indentured dudes, they were mostly from UP and Bihar states in India, but there were others from the nearby regions – and Chaudary has traced his relatives to Haryana, actually, I think it was his grandfather who went back from Fiji to India.
    So what’s is the beig deal about what state of India Chaudary if from, of what his last name is. And that “rootless” comment – hey Panties, in the archives in Suva, each indentured dudes paperwork say where the guys is from – it is just that the Indos in Fiji never bothered to go back and trace their roots.

    As for the copies of documents that Victor Lal has produced – they were all submitted by Chaudary to FIRCA and later copies of those documents were leaked to Vicotr Lal.

    As for that idiot who is for McCain, and hates the Republicans – dude, so who do you think McCain is gonna put on the Supreme Court, or his 100 year plan for Iraq. You minority types in the US should support either one of them Hillary or Obama against McCain.

    BTW – Frank B is a big fan of McCain – actually in December 2005, Frank got a free stay at one of them expensive Island resort where McCain was vacationing – so Frank could meet McCain.

    Hey Tui, on that “what if” questions about Iran – Hillary could have refused to answer (but then there is the issue of that 3.00 am phone call) – but the reality is that the US would take drastic action against Iran if they decided to nuke Israel. BTW – as for nuking folks, I think it is India and Pakistan who are more likely to go at each other with the nukes.

  15. Budhau Says:

    Hey Jean – NFU has always been Chaudary’s baby – them dudes will always be behind Chaudary like some of you are with Qarase – no matter what.

    The Girmit Council members – those NFP guys, they were never with Chaudary – that is why I was surprised when they accepted the invitation and sent in Dick Singh for his $100/day deal.

    The Main topic of conversation – No Jean, they don’t tak about the $2 million, just like the other side never talks about the $25 million or the $200 million. As for the fuel prices – yeah right blame it on Chaudary.

    Those Indian mayors – NFP folks, what did you expect.

    Jean what a load of crap – those point you brought up don’t prove nothing.

  16. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Budhau, did you know that some Indo Fijians did go back to India only to find that they did not get the reception they were expecting because they had lived a life in Fiji mixed with other castes. But this being only one of the many reasons to return to Fiji which they did do.
    I do feel sorry for them because no one should be subjected to such cruelty, signing a piece of paper only to arrive in Fiji and find that the Brits lied to them. Some were only just kids and the women were forced to live a very cruel life. For whatever it’s worth, from one human being to another, “I am very sorry that your ancestors went through what they did”. Lets not rock the boat in Fiji though please! We want to still live together in peace just as I am sure the Indians back in India will fight like crazy for their beloved country if another group of people were trying to take away from them their land, culture and heritage.

    Bottom line – Mahendra Chaudhary used his fellow Indo-Fijians for personal gain!!

  17. Puf-Military Says:

    Good work Solivakasama! Keep up the pressure on Snakey.

    Heard from a civil servant friend about the day F/Times revealed MPC to be the tax dodging iMinister. He was out in the west on one of his campaign tours and had sent a bodyguard (Indian guy – Donald) to buy the papers. His nanny brought back the papers including the F/Times with the damning story and lurid headlines naming Chaudhry. MPC immediately flew into a fiendish rage, swearing at Donald in hindi, threw the papers at him and asked him why he got the lousy papers. Lol. Na rarawa e tiko vei iko!!

    I can only imagine what his state of mind is like now. Dou samuraki koya…

  18. Jese T Says:

    I don’t get this! Isn’t this the same information that was in the papers a few weeks ago? are we waiting for some new information? or am i missing the point here?

  19. LUVfiji Says:

    Oh geez.. no support for Hillary?

    Tebara, I expected that from you!!

  20. Budhau Says:

    aubatinuku-N, the first generation from any migrant group have a desire to return to the old country – so the Indian indentured labourer probably had a desire to return – some that did, the economic situation was such back home, that they went abroad again.
    The second generation had not desire to go back to India, and most couldn’t afford. Now that the Indos have traveled abroad, and have the kind of income – many are traveling back to India – but still not many are trying to trace their roots. Caste etc have nothing to do with it.

    The same thing will happening to this generation of Indo-Fijians that have moved abroad. The Fiji born guy will have some attachment to Fiji – that will end with his generation. The next generation will belong to the country they are born in – NZ, Oz, US or Canada – with almost no ties to Fiji.

    So you guys will have to put up with the likes of John Sami or Dr Brij Lal and the rest – their children would not give a crap about Fiji.

    As for rocking the boat – I think all Fiji citizens should have equal rights in Fiji – none of that paramountcy of the Fijian race – and the commoner Fijians should have the same rights and privileges as the chiefs. So if some one is trying to get that – that ain’t rocking the boat.

    BTW – I am all for them Indos that have left Fiji – they should not involved in the Fiji politics.

    As for them Indians fighting like crazy if some otheres tried to take over – Indian is the second largest Muslim country in the world – the leader of the governing party is a Italian woman, The Prime Minister of India is a Sikh ( a minority).

    …and no one is trying to take the Fijians land, culture and heritage…that is the kind crap they feed to the common man to get this racial polarization – if good for the SDL.

    ..and Puf-military – you idiot, stop making up these stories, just like Jean who comes up with what the Taxi drivers are talking about.

  21. Tui Says:

    Budha you idiot, how many Indian organizations look after homeless Indians in Fiji. I can tell a few that are managed by Fijians and other races but none by Indians! So fuck off with your racist crap and your two cents about American politics. Because of gung-ho Big Stick Politics by the Republicans, the world is suffering. Idiots like you think your dumbass pig is a hero by cuddling up to MaCain. Who the fuck is that little shit form Fiji? Fact is I have been for Obama all along but it is a tough one mate. Listen to the interview man, the former first lady wants to nuke Iran for preempting a strike on Israel. WTF, the only people with nukes in the region is Israel!

  22. Budhau Says:

    Tui – you got it wrong, I am no fan of the Republicans, it is Frank B who is a fan of McCain. You see you idiot – I just stated a fact about FB and him meeting McCain.

    Go read what I wrote – and I will type slowly this time – as for you Obama and Hillary supporters – no matter who becomes the Democratic Party’s nominees – you all should support the Democratic candidate – regardless. There was some idiot in here who was for McCain.

    You go listen to the Hillary interview – the question was not about pre-empting strike – the question was what if Iran had already attacked Israel with a nuke (assuming that Iran would have nukes in future) – what would she do. Hillary had two choices – first would be to refuse to answer a hypothetical question. However, since she has been acting tough – with her 3.00 am phone call ads, she decided to talk tough on this one. It might have been better if she had suggested that they would do a surgical strike to do the required job.

    You being for Obama or supporting some football team – that ain’t shi*t – any one can say that. Totally irrelevant.

    As for Indian organization not looking after homeless – the more important issues it that Fijian governments of the past have been the cause of homelessness. Taking care of the homeless is not a race issue.

  23. aubatinuku-N Says:

    USA politics is waaaaay ahead of Fiji politics.

    Two whole entire universes apart, there just is no compare, elections in the US occur precisely when it should just like clockwork.


    Lets not kid ourselves by trying to draw a parallel with the United States.


  24. Mark Manning Says:

    Bula folks , I just thought I’d advise you of some serious stuff going on in Sydney this morning . At least , I think it’s serious !
    I happened to be watching our local community TV channel , called TVS on channel 33 , I think . I can’t recall whether it was the 630 am broadcast or the 7 am broadcast . But it was either Front up at 630 am or In focus at 7 am .
    The show was for the Indian community in Sydney and the statement being made by the couple was that , people in Fiji support the peoples charter and that the March 2009 election of a Democratically elected Government was no guarantee of no more coups . They also stated that elections were no guarantee of stability . The couple seem to be misrepresenting the true situation in Fiji to the point where it appeared to be propaganda for the Regime in Fiji . I am advising you of the contacts for the station and the organisation responsible for the broadcast .
    I suggest you check it out and ask the Australian Government and the TV station to respond or have a retraction made by the presenters . Also , I suggest that someone contact Fijians in Sydney to challenge the misrepresented views by this organisation , and to challenge the newspapers
    ( Rupert Murdoch ? ) to scrutinise the allegations made in this broadcast .

  25. FijiGirl Says:

    Well done, Prof Lal. Keep the flame burning hot under the Chodo, and let his own people cook him!

    My apologies for duplicating an earlier posting here, but I just love pointing out what a pretentious snob Chodo really is at heart:

    Hey here’s another classic about Chodo.

    His people claim that he is the Kshatriyas, which is the caste of ‘kings and warriors’.

    So not only is he a convicted manslaughterer, a proven despot, a tea-lady-f*cker, a megalomaniac, a liar, a tax cheat, boring, a micro-managing nit-picker, a coup-backer, and a psychopath, he is also ONE BIG WANT-TO-BE!

    Via via levu sa-ra-ga, man. How can the progeny of cane-cutting indentured labourers be Kshatriyas from the Warrior caste? Please!

    Bring on the elections! Get rid of this loony tune and his delusions of grandure! (perhaps that should that read ‘illusions of grandma’?)

    God bless Fiji

  26. correctie Says:

    Hei folks – cant u see budhau has once again managed to divert discussion on $2million by drawing you gugs to US politics – we must remain focused on the posting here, for someone out there might be willing to enlighten us more on his $2million – Budhau cant see anything – it is not that Mahen gave the papers to FIRCA, he was caught and forced to fake documents etc from India – and I think Victor Lal was asking him on what grounds he got the money – doses Choro still hoold duel citizensehp or what?

  27. Soul of Fiji Says:

    Budhau….it seems that your favourite word is “YOU IDIOT”…did you parents, your teachers and your workmates call you “you idiot” all the time.

    So to get your self esteem up you call anybody and everybody “you idiot” a reflection of yourself.

  28. Highlander Says:

    I have been a regular visitor to this wonderful blog site, and I can confirm that it is a valuable information bank.People may not realise that while blogging, they provide others with influencing information that translates into actions and results. I however have a few suggestions, that would add to the main objective of this blog site.
    Please solivakasama, seriously consider this suggestions as it would lift this blog site to another level of reliable information bank.


    The most important thing in media, is to reflect both sides of any story, to provide credibilty to the information. So it would be a start, to start by informing the bloogers on what this interim goverment has done on a positive note. One thing I see as a positive contribution of this goverment is the development of Infrastructure. Roads in the interior of naitasiri are currently being constructed by the DNR, thru this goverment. These people had been waiting for ages for access roads. A bridge is currently being build in Navuso, again by this goverment. People in the North are experiancing infrastructure development thru this goverment.

    Another issue that should be given priority in this blog, is the discussion of reality. Real issues that effect grass root people, like, lets discuss the issue regarding food prices, so that we can find out the causes of these issues and provide positive inputs that will help in decision making. Lets stop discussing about people and their shortfalls because it does not bring anything to nation building.

    If the final objective is a return to democracy, then the two sides in this blog should come as one thru critical analysis and constructive critizism.

    anything less than that is a load of gabbage under my priciples.


  29. Tim Says:

    @Bud: Let’s see McCain and Voreqe meet now. I’m sure Frank thinks he’s got a mate in McC. Trouble is McC won’t be seeing things the same way.
    Frank tries to be everyone’s whore. That’s what wannabe’s do. He’ll bend over for Hugo C if he thinks it’ll produce a result.
    Why the hell do you think he’s off being Voreqe, Queen of the Desert right now?

    Really, everyone knows he’d make a better job of being the friggin court jester. They all laugh like hell behind his back anyway. Diplomacy is the only thing that keeps them from laughing out loud

  30. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The world awaits chaudhry the cheat’s answers to Vivtor Lal’s questions.

    chaudhry would have to be the most incompetent, ineffective finance minister [illegal] that Fiji has ever had.

    He is a thief, moron and other nasty words.

  31. Crystal Says:

    Budhau-bocii and Destiny-peny are one and the same person

  32. Onioni Says:

    SV we are fine. Why dont you start your own newspaper then if that’s what you want propagate iIG non achievements. Bhudhau will make a good slow editor .

  33. Powergem Says:

    Now it makes sense. We may recall that FEA cut power supplies to Walu Bay area on Saturday – was there a directive to do so – because Fiji SUN’s printing press is there – maybe that hacker from Australia is still sniffing like a dog into Victor Lal’s e-mails and informed his crook master about the forthcoming article – this article is still not on SUN’s archive – Thanks Soli for letting the world know – I am sure one of these days more of his tax records will be posted for Budhau to see the truth for himself – As to Highlander’s suggestion, it is for the IG to publicize its achievements – not for Soli – in any case Choro should be asked to disclose how much the Chinese gave to him, for we saw him signing some documents – as to roads etc – the IG is trying to bribe those villagers who are SDL to the core

  34. IslandBoy Says:

    Jese T – all in good time, the point of this exercise is lest we forget.

    However if you have been reading Victor Lal’s letters there is still the matter of the Cyclone Ami funds, which he was supposed to be holding in trust. Yeah right!

    I am not a supporter of the SDL either, but MC is insidious, because he claims to be rectifying with great moral outrage and cheap speechifying exactly that of which he is guilty.

    If that is not enough here is another one for you. I had mentioned this previously and wanted to call Leo, the Editor at Fiji Sun to let him know.

    More than $2M was collected by the overseas relatives of the Muainaweni refugees while they were camping at the Girmit Centre in Lautoka. These funds were transferred to Dalpat Rathod who has clear and concise evidence when the funds were transmitted to bahut barka Chor.

    However when the donors found out the money they remitted had not reached their relatives, they sent a delegation from California to represent all donors, OZ, NZ, UK, Canada etc.

    After Dalpat produced and authenticated the transfer evidence, the delegation visited Choro. He arrogantly informed them the funds had all been used up for the Chandrika Preasad defence fund, but no evidence was produced.

    If as Puf Military related, the FT story caused Choro to go into an uncontrollable rage, that is great. That is the kind of effect we are having on IG supporters as well as those who are forced to work for government departments etc. because of economic necessity.

    You can discern from the flare of his nostrils and his pursed lips that he can barely control himself when asked questions by the media. Do you recall when he was caught out taking his G reg vehicle to a political meeting and smugly asked if they had proof. Then he flew into a rage when TV 1 showed him footage.

    You must remember that he is a megalomaniac and we are hitting his increasingly raw exposed nerves every single time.

    You must have also figured out by now he is really not very intelligent or even remotely capable. Like the very worst politician, he just talks.

    His mental frame of reference cannot reconcile how some nobody bloggers with cheap Taiwanese keyboards like us could be so disdainful of someone like him, a descendant of royal warrior ancestors in his warped imagination.

    He and his son display classic symptoms of folie de grandeur and we are doing the very thing that will tie his foreskin into a tight knot. (@Tim – this is the local parlance equivalent of your “getting your knickers in a twist.”) Imagine the frustration that will cause.

    So just a little bit more (tora tora) SV bloggers and his mind and blader will simultaneously explode, et voila, tres tres bien mes enfants!!!

  35. IslandBoy Says:

    @Highlander – NO we should not be representing the other side of the story because of three very clear reasons:

    1. This is guerilla media for the people, we are NOT tring to be balanced, we are expressing a contradictory point of view because the IG is illegal.
    Got that. Why do you think this site has reached the 300,000 hits mark.

    2. Even if we wanted to, they have done NOTHING positive, nada, nyiet, worthy of reporting. Every single day is a cluster fcuk or haven’t you been reading the balanced mainstream media. Even stuff they are supposed to do like cyclone relief rations, they stuff up.

    3. They already have a website that disseminates their propaganda for them, google Fiji Government, and if you want to read their rubbish, go there. Its a free country, the President just said so.

    However the number of hits SV enjoys compared to theirs will tell you what the people are reading and who they believe.


  36. To Foreign Correspondents Says:

    To the foreign departments that monitor this blog (Solivakasama).
    This story represents a perfect example of the integrity of the people who are in the current interim regime administering the Fiji Islands, and the dissent of the majority of the people of Fiji. Whilst it may be a private matter in certain circumstances, in this instance it is of public interest as you may see. The question is one of intergrity.
    Comments by pro coup bloggers such are a representation of the minority that have benefitted from the regime to try and justify their existence.
    The positive developments attributed to the current regime eg. infrastructure mentioned in one comment above in fact were negotiated by the deposed legal Government, but far outweigh the potential of what could have been achieved.
    None of the coups to date (since 1987) have achieved anything constructive for the country, but brought destruction to the Nation.
    The ordinary citizen continues to suffer.
    Only proper and fair elections under UN sanction would perhaps bring about a Government by the people. In reality on the ground reinstatement of the deposed Government is out of the question in reality.
    This blogsite will provide you with invaluable information which may not be available in the mainstream, as there is in existence a coveted operation by the coup perpertrators to suppress the news available to the people (as in all oppressed countries).
    Pressure needs to be maintained to ensure elections are held. Any changes by the interim administration irrrespective of how amicable they may appear should be taken at face value at present, and await a legally elected Government to decide. Smart sanctions need to be continued as to ensure they don’t affect the ordinary citizen.

  37. Monitor Says:

    Choro is arrogant becuase poor Rathod is dead – However, those close to that sleuth Victor Lal tell me that Rathod has passed onto to Victor a lot of the evidence – to make sure that Choro doesnt screw his reputation by pissing at his graveyard and claiming that Dalpthod stole all the money – so Budhau just shut up and let Victor Lal feed us slowly by slowly – I am sure as election approaches Victor Lal will go into full gear – to ensure never again CHORO is close to the people – no cut off electricity will stop us – Thanks Soli – what is happening to to Howell rd house deal?

  38. Instruggle Says:

    Island Boy – why dont you e-mail all the details and name of contacts to Victor – I saw his e-mail in the above article posted by soli:

  39. natewaprince Says:

    Highlander,the type of info you’re looking for can be found on another blog site called ”Loyal Soldier”.

    It is updated regularly by the pig’s medis cell and would love to have you as a regular contributor.

  40. natewaprince Says:

    Hey,o kemudrau na le rua i cake qori.Sa voleka na rua,au kerea me tou lai moce mada.Sota tale i ke ni matakalailai.

  41. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Timely read to remind us that FB and Chodo\’s time will come!

    Go democracy!!

    G\’morning to you & be blessed!

    2Kings 3:25 \”The stone walls remained until the
    slingers surrounded and attacked.\”

    In the Old Testament \”The Slingers\” were guys who went
    around blocking other people\’s wells by throwing
    stones and dirt into them, threatening their very
    survival. Speaking of these people the Bible says:
    \”They stopped up all the springs. Only Kir Hareseth
    was left….but men…with slings surrounded….and
    attacked it as well.\” (2Kings 3:25).
    Chances are that you know some slingers, or worse,
    you\’ve suffered at their hands. Mark them well because
    they are dangerous. You cannot mud-wrestle with a pig
    and not get dirty. The pig will always win – plus,
    he\’ll enjoy the fight.
    If you happen to be the member of the ancient and
    fraternal order of \”The Slingers\”, or if you\’re just a
    part-time member, God has a word He\’d like you to
    consider: \”If you stop making trouble for
    others…then your light will shine in the darkness
    (you\’ll begin to get attention from and have influence
    with the right people)…The Lord will always lead you
    (you\’ll suddenly begin to make the right moves. He
    will satisfy your needs in dry lands (He\’ll give you
    success in the most unlikely places and in spite of
    the obstacles) and give strength to your bones (cause
    you to live a long and healthy life)\”(Isaiah 58:9-11).
    Now there\’s a benefit package worth working for!
    So, don\’t be a \”Slinger\”. Guard your thoughts because
    they become your words. Guard your words because they
    become your actions. Guard your actions because they
    become your character. And guard your character. Why?
    Because it determines your destiny!

    IA KATIA!!!!

  42. aubatinuku-N Says:

    So all the education that Voreqe Bainimarama had is Marist Brothers High School??
    How pathetic is that!!

  43. FijiGirl Says:

    Vinaka SV, IslandBoy, I love these stories about Chodo losing his rag over being caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

    You know what else will make him REALLY lose it?

    Losing BIG TIME in the next election! which is why he is going to try every trick in his book to avoid them.

    People – write to the EU office in Suva, and other embassies (don’t bother with China and India though) – begging them to make this Junta stick to their promise of elections in March, and reminding them of the importance of tying aid, sugar money, and other ‘sweeteners’ to these elections and keeping them free and fair.

    These offices do respond to written appeals, and your letters / emails will help them to justify their resolve.

    People, don’t let Chodo feel that he can wriggle out of the elections, because he will try – desperately – to do just that.

    Just think of how much he will HATE having to hold those elections! Sweet justice… he knows he will pay at the ballot box.

    Perhaps we can start a movement to call him by his full name, ‘Mahendra Pal Chaudhry Prasad’ in all media reports – that’d make him squirm as well!

    God bless Fiji

    (Budhau – you’re not smart enough to understand what I just said, so don’t try to pretend you do)

  44. Jean d’Ark Says:

    Sorry Budhau,

    Of course NFU are Chaudhry’s “boys” – but the point is, there were only 100 of them, instead of the usual 500 or so. This is not the sort of absenteeism you see from people who are bursting with confidence and hope in their leader.

    Girmit Council may be NFP people, but that is not the point. The IG’s exclusive focus on Fijian villages for their Charter outreaches is not only racist, it also takes the Indian “vote” for granted as if these people can’t think for themselves. The withdrawal of the Girmit’s and the Muslims shows that this patronizing IG attitude is misplaced to say the least. It also doesn’t take into account Indian apathy over current developments, as borne out by the NFU absenteeism.

    It is a well-known fact that taxi drivers ARE talking about these things – all you have to do is catch a cab in Fiji to confirm it! The difference though is that nobody on the SDL side has so carefully cultivated and spun a public persona of “champion of the poor”. That façade has now been well and truly up-ended by the Valelawa/Cyclone Ami $2million stashed away in Oz, and his “get used to it” indifference to the poverty-exacerbating consequences of his mis-handling of inflation and the economy.

  45. Budhau Says:

    Yes Fiji Girl, I don’t understand what you have to say – and here is why. .

    1) Writing to the embassies in Fiji – how might that help? You idiot, you want a country to change its policies on Fiji you lobby the politicians – you write to the US Senators and Congressmen, help their fund raising etc – writing to the embassies – that is silly. The embassy folk can make the decision themselves, they know what the situation on the ground is – they are there. How can you writing to them help.
    2) Chaudary and the election – the man himself, he will win the Ba area votes – regardless. Even if you put dog up for election, the dog will win too. BTW, if Chaudary figures out that his party or his coalitions partners will not do good in the next election – that man will retire – so good luck with your sweet justice.
    3) Calling the man Prasad – that will make him squirm – why. I think Prasad is as good a Indian name as any. BTW – you idiots playing with other folks names – Bainimarama, Aiyaz, and the rest – that is childish – almost as silly as calling Chaudary Prasad – maybe if you had learnt to call Chaudary – Mr Prime Minister – all this would not have happened.

  46. Ravuravu Says:

    Budhau, Let me tell you a story.

    Since Indipendence, the NLTB Board has been advising the President of Fiji for the Reversion of Crown Schedule A & B and other Lands to Native Land Ownership. These Lands were Fijian Lands, and were taken for public use by Colonial Govt. via Land Acquisition Act.

    Rabuka’s SVT Govt. started a major campaign to revert the same, back to Fijian Ownership. Unfortunately it was not completed when SVT/NFP lost the 1999 Election.
    My chief, the Late President , Ratu Mara. then advised MP Chaudhary to satisfy tha people of Fiji with his very good FLP Manifesto, BUT NEVER TOUCH LAND issues.
    This was ignored by Chaudhary, and he replaced the NLTB Board’s Advice to the President and replaced it with his Cabinet’s Advice who were All Indian LOYALists.
    This was an attempt to stop Rabuka’s SVT plan of Revertion of Land back to Fijians.
    They wanted to convince the President to reserve such Land for Indians, like you.
    This was one of the reasons the Coup happened in 2000.
    And now they are enforcing Raiyarse”s THESIS on geeting rid of GCC and Fijian Administration as an easier way of grabbing Land..

  47. IslandBoy Says:

    @FijiGirl & Jean d’Ark – I completely agree with you. Not long ago Winston Peters made a very thinly veiled threat that the region could pull out its institutions if Fiji did not keep to its election promise of March 2009 as delivered by Frank to PIF in Tongatapu.

    That is a really good strategy, but instead of personal letters, a petition would probabaly be more effective, don’t you think?

    Imagine the nett loss to our economy if the likes of USP, PIFS, SPC, the UN family of organisations, ADB, EU etc relocated to Apia or elsewhere. There are also a plethora of regional NGOs who would have to relocate based on their principles.

    Other negative effects like people who can just afford to pay tuition and take classes on a part time basis not being able to continue because of the location of USP, even though DL classes are available.

    I agree with Jean, if anyone expends just the slightest effort to scan the local environment and talk to people, you will very clearly and quickly realise exactly what they of the IG.

    Just ask your colleagues, relatives and friends what percentage of people in Fiji they think support the IG and you will get your answer.

    FijiGirl – if you start calling MPCP by his real name it will really get under his skin because you are calling his bluff and telling him that you don’t buy what he thinks is his his carefully constructed public image.

    Remember his greatest weakness is his gigantic insecurity. Whereas the rest of us are proud of our roots, he can’t stand that his father used to drive a bus, thus the warrior prince legend.

    Like all other egomaniacs in history he is capable of only the full frontal view and spends all his resources shoring up that false facade. But by doing that, you are giving everyone a 360 degree view and exposing his ugly weaknesses.

    When you tell it like it really is, you simultaneously expose the big ego and the small prick.

    This is why its so easy to get him riled up when you come back at him with his previous quotes and views that contradict his current position.

    We must blog on because what we say in here filters very quickly in to Fiji mainstream life discussions and is being taken into consideration by many people who can influence public opinion.

  48. LUVfiji Says:

    Yes, I totally agree with you Budhau. Good and valid points!

    The Embassies have set policies given them by their Governments.

    Without interferring with the country’s sovereignty, they will continue to voice their concerns to the regime about returning Fiji to democratic rule ASAP simply because they pour in their $$$$$ through their huge aid programmes which we can il-afford to lose. Bottomline, we need their $$$$$ and we need it more than ever before… and the countries know it! To get it we simply have to return to the polls.

  49. IslandBoy Says:

    Sorry folks, small digression. Totally forgot, on Tue & Wed there was a UNDP gender briefing for Pacific island stakeholders at Holiday Inn.

    During the luncbreak we saw military air crew in dress uniforms from the Indian government airforce checking in.

    Is there an Indian govt VIP in Fiji on an official visit? Of the calibre that would rate a fully crewed long haul dedicated government jet aircraft.

    Almost makes me want to thank Frank for flying commercial.

    These guys were not dressed in flight fatigues/overalls like we often see Oz and NZ crews at Nadi when working operational mercy/relief flights. They looked like crew from the VIP fleet.

    Very curious to know who the VIP is and what is it doing in Suva?

    Who wants to bet the IG will soon be buying its own VIP private jet, for security reasons of course. Must be one of the items on the Dubai shopping list. Oil sheikh’s second hand used private jet going for just $10M, relatively cheap. Buy in Dubau – refit in Singapore and fly home in glory, bau cava tu.

  50. Syler Says:

    This doesnt tie – V.L getting his hands on the bank statement doesnt make sense. Why would M.C need to know how much he has anywhere when he can simply pickup the phone and make a few calls. Why go through all this trouble to get copies of the statements when he knows such things would easily be picked up by the media and brought out in public against him?

    Do not be fooled – Photoshop can do anything these days and people like V.L know only too well how to use it to their advantage.


    Boci-Budhau, don’t make silly comments again.

    My family knows Chods very well – and my father knew Chod’s father as well.

    HIS FIRST NAME WAS CHAUDHRY, NOT HIS SURNAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mahen Chods adopted his father’s first name as his surname!

    And as for the “roots” of the identured Indian laborers, it is a FACT that they don’t have any roots in India –

    they were taken from the streets and shipped. PERIOD!


    Budhau Says: “Hey Tui, on that “what if” questions about Iran – Hillary could have refused to answer (but then there is the issue of that 3.00 am phone call) – but the reality is that the US would take drastic action against Iran if they decided to nuke Israel. BTW – as for nuking folks, I think it is India and Pakistan who are more likely to go at each other with the nukes.”


  53. Linus Says:

    It seems Iarse has spat out his dummy again; got mad at Mr. Beddoes for asking the right questions as per article attached from Fijilive today;

    Interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has said the recent calls by Mick Beddoes for the acting Chief Justice to explain a judgment made seven years ago strongly suggests he has no understanding of the role of judiciary and Fiji’s legal system.

    Sayed-Khaiyum’s comments come after Beddoes called upon Justice Anthony Gates to explain why his judgment in 2001 does not apply to the interim administration today.

    “… Beddoes has no understanding of the role of the judiciary, the principle of the independence of the judiciary and the legal system of our country and indeed the common law jurisdictions,” he said.

    Sayed-Khaiyum said that the role of a judge is to decide the facts of the case and, after hearing submissions from legal counsel, he or she applies the law as it stands and pertains to the matter at hand.

    “That is the role of the matter for the judge,” he said.

    “If parties do not agree with the judgment they are at liberty to appeal the decision to a higher court.”

    Sayed-Khaiyum added that the matter (Qarase & others v Bainimarama & others) is subjudiced and the court is yet to deliver its ruling.

    “It is rather ironic that for a person who claims that he believes in the independence of the judiciary he is directly interfering in that process and system – indeed he is seeking to undermine and politicise it,” he said.

    For a former leader of the opposition and ostensibly an adherent to the rule of law, Mick Beddoes’ calls are clearly absurd bordering on the bizarre, Sayed-Khaiyum said in a statement. ENDS

    Surley one of the Pillars of Law as we use it in Fiji is “Legal Precdence” where a judgement handed down in the past is used to clarify current interrepretation!!


    Let’s stick to FIJI and not carried away by what’s happening in America – which has DEGENERATED beyond belief.

    Didn’t America initially approve of the 2006 coup!


    “Israel” is NOT a “friend” of America:

    Another American has been caught for providing classified American documents to Israel:

    Ben-Ami Kadish, currently 84 years old who “grew up in what was the British Mandate of Palestine and fought with the Haganah [the ‘Jewish paramilitary force’ that was a precursor to the IDF],” was arrested for providing classified materials on US defense, nuclear weapons, and other defense systems to the very same Israeli consulate employee (allegedly Yosef Yagur) to whom the unpardonable traitor Jonathon Pollard reported.

    Jonathon Pollard was an Israeli spy as bad or worse than Aldrich Ames, both of whose espionage resulted in myriad outings and assassinations of American government employees around the world. The Israeli government, and particularly members of the settler movement, regularly petition the United States to release Pollard. They claim he is a political prisoner and that he was merely working to benefit America’s close ally Israel because he thought the United States was not doing enough to protect its ally. Contrary to their bogus claims based on Pollard’s lies from his prison cell, investigation after investigation, committee after committee have found that Pollard was working for his personal self-interest and money and nothing else.

    Even working within the dubious argumentative frame that Pollard had only good intentions – which he did not, his actions directly resulted in the deaths of American citizens and put American security at risk. There can be no apologies for his treasonous actions given that he was sworn to defend American interests and to protect the information provided to him. Pollard’s intel fell into Soviet hands through the leaky and Soviet-infiltrated Israeli defense and intelligence establishment.

    Pollard did not care about the consequences of his actions. He merely wanted the cash provided to him. Unlike him, Kadish seems to have had an ideological reason for his treasonous behavior. He cared more about Israel than the country he was sworn to serve and protect. Both of these traitors knew full well what they were doing and should be punished to the full extent of the law for their unpardonable infractions.

  56. misschaudry Says:

    MAHEND CHORODRY -is a thief,lier, a bastard,he is skum, he is a huge pile of ‘tatti”-that means SHIT in hindi.

  57. Budhau Says:

    Hey Panties-in-a-knot,
    What has MC having the last name Chaudary or Prasad gotta to do with anything. You bugger have lived with them Indo for 100 plus years, never learned a thing about them – at least you should know your enemy.

    These Indos generally do not have a so called surname – Kumar, Chand, Lal etc are not surnames, they are middle names – and Prasad, in the Fiji context is also used as a middle name.

    As for the Indos roots – any one can go see the archives for the 60K Indos that came from India – all of them have a village and district stated on theri paperwork.

    BTW – as for the roots, we can start in Africa and track all the way to India – so all of us have our roots around the same place. Ask Jose and he will tell you that God created Fiji and the Fijians right there in Fiji.

    That “stupid” remark about Hillary’s statement – so what so stupid about that – you idiot, you probably have no idea what the discussion was all about. it was the US that was supposedly behind the 87 coup – you know the one – about the indigenous cause, when we all supported the cause and not the means.

    ..and what was that “Israel is not a friend” piece in here for?

    BTW – Chaudary, with no roots, no last name, no college education short guy with small dick, yada, yada, yada – for all that, the dude is really kicking some arse – specially those blue blooded ones, the kind with roots and lineage etc.

  58. Keep The Faith Says:

    Keep whooping “Chaud SAHEBs” ass Victor!!!

    With any luck he’ll collapse from the daily aneurysm’s its giving him (my bad but no REALLY).

  59. anna Says:

    Enemies are usually discarded and deleted.
    Budhau you idiot, who is going to take time out to get to know enemies.
    You’re really showing us how thick the dust is lining the inside of what was once your brain.
    Budhau, take all your tiny particles of dust with all their name tags, eg. iarse, chord, baigani,dree,cassava patch doll, masala blonde magabarbie, teletubie,(tubelight) etc etc etc and discard yourselves into the rubbish bin.Down the drainpipe would be better, oh for those that cant swim, just pop yourselves into pothole and get pwd to seal up with some tar.
    Fiji will be much nicer when the dust is gone!

  60. Instruggle Says:

    Shyler has not followed the choro saga – when Choro was caught out he said money for coolies but couldnt get trust deed – so wrote to one Harbhajan Lal and got that letter – it was submitted by Choros tax agents – one has to read whole story to know what is going on – where did Choro spend all the money is the question – No wonder Choro is still walking because people like Syler – that is what Choro is telling the coolie villagers – that the documents is all fake photocopies – Shyler – the stamp copy means its copy from tax office

  61. FijiGirl Says:

    Vinaka IslandBoy.

    The reason I suggest personal letters as opposed to a petition is for the simple reason that the petition, under this Junta, can get the signatories into alot of trouble.

    I do believe that Chodo is trying to copy Mugabe, and he would not draw the line at getting Vore’s soldiers to hassle signatories of a petition.

    I do think we have a chance if we hold a BIG march because, as others have written, the Junta cannot arrest 5,000 of us or even 50,000 of us at a ‘spontaneous’ rally or protest march.

    However, with a signed petition, Pig/Snake could retaliate ; they have proven that they ARE crazy enough to ignore conventional boundaries of civil conduct ; the signatories could be in REAL danger as long as this Junta remains in power.

    Personal letters, while not as effective or efficient as a publicised petition, can have a similar effect without endangering more innocent people of our beautiful land. (I include the common soldier in this category because the Pig/Snake order them about to do their dirty work against their own people.)

    We must make a stand against the Junta, but we must also use our God-given intelligence and survive to establish peace everlasting in Fiji.

    God bless Fiji

  62. Instruggle Says:

    Choro is now going to India – God help us – to get more loans etc

  63. FijiGirl Says:


    Is there any way we can get Chodo-Prasad to stay there?

  64. Adi Kaila Says:

    yeah off to solicit more funds for the poor farmers but to pay for voreqes next real estate purchase – aare have to keep voreqe happy or chods off the gravy train. Scratching each others backs.

    Let loose those kutusebeneivore Kuts – they need a really good itch to bring them back to reality – if that’s remotely possible.

  65. Jose Says:

    Indeginous Fijians need to rise up and take control of our country. We need a clean up campaign of our own government and our own land to rid this government of every alien so that we control what is our God given right looking to God alone as our guide living by God’s Law and throw out human rights which was made to make null and void the law of God. All you preachers, men and women of God rise up and do what you are annointed and called to do in your own land for God and His people. The aliens can go back to where they come from if they don’t like it here. We don’t need to be like the rest of the world we just need to be what God wants us to be and how he wants us to live. Rise up people, rise up. All you preachers rise up and gather up all your flocks. rally together in masses and pray. The Victory is ours the battle is the Lord’s” 11 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land”. This is His promise. I’s Aye and Amen. This is a war between good and evil, the abominations are rampant in our country. We need God to intervene.

  66. FijiGirl Says:

    Any bloggers working at Home Affairs or Justice Ministry, or members of the media :

    Can you look up Chodo-Prasad’s birth certificate and confirm Chodo’s family details, father’s name, etc?

    Any inconsistencies, pls just email the scan to SV, I’m sure they’ll find it interesting…

    God bless Fiji

  67. Budhau Says:

    OK FijiGirl – so they you find out that Chaudary’s ancestors came in the girmit with only one name – no last name – like most Girmitiya’s did – so what?

    Maybe that is why Chaudary is going to India – to discover his roots. BTW Adi, where did your ancestors come from – they did land some where on the Nadi coast right? – that makes you a fricken foreigner also.

    Come on guys – find something better to attack Chaudary – than his last name, or trip to India – check to see who went with Chaudary – did he take one of girlfriends to India – I think he has gone to bollywood – to work on a new movie deal about the Indians in Fiji.

  68. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Great idea about a new movie deal with BOLLYWOOD on INDIANS IN FIJI, heres a suggestion!
    Make sure to send the BRITS a copy so they can add it to their archived collection on the Indentured Labour System in Fiji. I am sure they would appreciate being given ALL THE CREDIT!

    Budhau, it would be something like what the Australian Aborigines and the Native Americans say “WE WERE HERE FIRST”!!

    We don’t have to “find something better to ATTACK CHAUDHARY” with, he does a pretty good job RIDICULING HIMSELF.


    You have an awesome weekend!

  69. FijiGirl Says:

    @ aubatinuku-N Budhau doesn’t realise that in calling everyone else an idiot he’s just ‘projecting’.
    An example of how stupid he is – he’s just posted on the internet that he wants his property burned so he can clean up on insurance – and he thinks that his insurers will fall for it.
    How dumb can one person be at 7am? Budhau must be a walking miracle because it defies the laws of physics that someone so utterly stupid hasn’t put himself in for the Darwin Awards.
    We live in hope.

  70. Budhau Says:

    You see aubatinuku-N – when they were there first, what did the other guys – tough luck – right? – so your argument, finders keepers, does not work.

    Seriously though – I think even the SV folks would be disappointed at the quality of discussion that goes on in this forum.

  71. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Quality of discussion?

    Oh! we wouldn’t know anything about that!!


  72. freefijian Says:

  73. Frida Says:

    Budhau – at least SV is doing a geat service to the people of Fiji whose voice is suppresed by this illegal administration. I believe that a lot of people would thank SV for allowing a forum where people can speak their mind and vent their frustrations with the way Fiji is being directed by the idiots like you in the administration.

    Freefijian – thank yu for the link and I am so ashamed to be connected to Yat Sen School.

  74. zeenat ul nisha Says:

    How many attempts are required to attack the man Chaudhary below the belt?

  75. Budhau Says:

    Frida..I agree that SV is doing a good job…at least they seem to be better than many other similar sites. (why don’t those other site just get in behind SV – or is there too much ego involved.)

    I give them credit for not banning folks like me – otherwise they would be no different than the military boys who were hunting the bloggers earlier on.

    As to how effective SV is, the jury is still out.

    BTW – NP is also OK …..but I will jump on his ass every time he makes a wrong move. The only real idiot in here is that Duanabanana fella.

  76. Dauvavana Says:

    Hey Ganddoodhau I touched down in Sydney yesterday. You still on with that $18 an hour blow job. How about you come and taste my banana???

    Where do we meet Redfern Park or Eveleigh Street (The Block).

    Perhaps Victoria park just across from Central Station.

    I give you bucksis and pay you $20 an hour. You can use the $2 for a coffee as its kinda freezing right now in Sydney.

    I can just imagine you guys involve in vice are coping at the moment. Standing out on the streets for hours at times.

  77. Budhau Says:

    Hey Duana – you legal in Australia. watch out they might deport you ass.
    I see that you sound very familiar with the street names and all that – so how did the googling go.

    I told you that you are probably the biggest dumbass on this whole blogsite, with this blowjob thingie.

    BTW – you wanna dirty in here, that is fine with me, because nome of my relatives come visit this site – on the other hand, your mum, your niece and many other decent maramas are regulars on this site.

    So listen you dumbass – the first lesson you learn as a kid is you do not shit in your kitchen. This SV site is you kitchen, not mine.

    BTW – some folks in here don’t think much of poofter – and they way you have been going, it sure looks like you are one.

  78. Dauvavana Says:

    bahahahah you’e the one who started off with your $18 an hour job. I am just baiting you so I can kick you arse when you show up you moron.

    But anyway, you’re not worth punching. Might end up with shit all over my hands.

    Got better things to do tonight. Sydney is awesome. Hey, Destiny if you reading, you still got that drink on offer.

    I am checking out Brown Sugar on Marble Bar at the Hilton tonight then its the Bledisloe Cup on Saturday. Go the Wallabies.

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