Remember This??? From our archive


As translated from this hand writen letter in hindi scriptsscanhindi.jpg

“Did Mr Chaudhry mislead the nation, the Government of India, the people of Haryana, and the citizens of Fiji when he categorically denied ever receiving any money from Haryana?

Why didn’t he disclose that he had received $2million from one Harbhajan Lal, who had been a part of a committee which channelled the money into his private Sydney bank account?”

Still in doubt then read the evidence above and people please print and PHOTOCOPY PHOTOCOPY PHOTOCOPY PHOTOCOPY PHOTOCOPY PHOTOCOPY PHOTOCOPY and distribute to anyone and everyone until all the villager and the squatters and the cane farmers have a copy as evidence of the working of this crook. So the 850,000 Fiji Islanders can all have a copy and wherever M P Chaudary goes in Fiji we can confront him waive this letter in his face and ask him the $2 million question,

Where did the money come from and what was it’s intended purpose??? Why did he not declare the interest earned from it in his tax return????

Oh and I almost forgot, why no investigation Bai???? do you want us to scan and upload the whole content of his tax file on this blog so the world can see what you have been denying about your illegal and Butabutako Finance Minister???? THAT HE IS A TAX FRAUD!!!

 Well we’ve republished it as a sweetner as there is more coming tomorrow. Watch this space!!!


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  1. Micky the Might Says:


    same old stuff doing the rounds. come on guys you can do better than this. we have been here before and nothing has come of it, if you have more then put it on the site to discuss.

  2. koko Says:

    tee hee hee!!!

    Vinaka SV Team!!!!


    Kerekere dou scan taka mai na tax file qori nei chorochoro, dou PDF taka qai upload taka eke me keimami PHOTOCOPY taka kece, ka DISTRIBUTE DISTRIBUTE DISSEMINATE DISSEMINATE VERY VERY WIDELY !!!! blarry chorochoro!!!

    Baci vakalasulasu o choro choro chorodowery nikua me 4m na tonne na suka e qaqi…. sa ratou vakayagataka tale ena dua na vanua na EU na ilavo $300m me a soli vei Viti me kani suka.

    sa bera!

    draki qo ecanolo ga! tavioka ga!

  3. tUmA Says:

    @ Micky

    it aint over yet. The people of Fiji WILL have their SAY. Just because 3 chumps sat over 2 days and cleared FIRCA and RBF of any wrongoing, doesn’t mean all the QUESTIONS about CHODO will go away.

    Lets have it all SV, whip out yor scanner and PUBLISH PUBLISH PUBLISH!

  4. pusiloa Says:

    Thank u SV. Keep them pressured. Very soon someone will crack…..

  5. edai ga Says:

    Just a few of the many questions to be asked is:

    – WHO is this HARBAJAN LAL?
    – Does he even exist?
    – Did FIRCA actually speak to him?
    – Was the $2m from Harbajan saheb ALONE?
    – Or was the $2m from an organisation in Haryana?
    – If so, which organisation?
    – If so, why no letterhead?
    – Harbajan or his organisation can give away $2m, but can’t afford a computer to type his letter?
    – Was it even sent from India?
    – Where the envelope with the stamp – one would think, such a letter explaining the gift of $2m, choro would keep the envelope? (too much to expect?? 😉
    – Wheres the letter Chodo wrote to harbajan saheb to request the explanation (as if he didn’t already know??)
    – How come harbajan or his organisation was able to transfer these funds through the Indian Consulate in Sydney?
    – What is the Indian Government position?
    – If there is no organisation, and no Harbajan santa claus saheb, did the money come from the Indian government, or the Haryana government? do Indian/Haryana taxpayers know $2m of their funds was given away in this way?
    – If the money came from the Indian Government, the question is WHY, and that during the time it was sent, Chodo was the Leader of the Opposition in Fiji’s parliament?
    – Why has Chodo consistently lied about not receiving any funds at all from India?
    – If the funds were used by the FLP, did the FLP Management Board know about?
    – If the funds were used by FLP, can Jokapeci-Cassava-patch-dolly EXPLAIN to the people HOW those funds were used (as Nasinu Mayor, FLP Treasurer, NCBBF member rajen TOLD the public earlier they used the funds at Valelawa refugee camp). Is there any obligation on FLP to present AUDITED annual reports to the Elections Office? to make those audited reports PUBLIC??


  6. Tamil Tiger Says:

    Bula from London
    Have patience fellow bloggers.
    Tamil Tiger has kept all records and correspondence on uncle mahens trip to Haryana. Tamil tiger is willing to release this information to uncle Bune and roko lui.

  7. Berenado Vuniboci Says:

    sa madua o Dr Maurice Coughlan sa resign…….hahahahaha

  8. Adjective Says:

    Good Tamil Tiger: Keep it coming. What do you know about uncle Bune & Roko Ului that is of interest???

  9. Budhau Says:

    boriiiinnnnnggggggggg…. looks like solivakasama is becoming another RFC website which is repeating its articles because the authors have no new rubbish to publish…

  10. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    We await your article tomorrow with relish.
    Keep up the great work.

    10 / 10 to Fiji Tv, FijiTimes for pointing out the inadequacies of the committee that appointed and then unappointed the defrocked election commissioner.

    This only goes to prove that chaudhry’s military junta can only attract the support of those who dwell at the bottom of the barrel.

  11. vatukaca Says:



  12. XYZ Says:

    Keep them coming..Justice has not been done to these people yet. Let the people understand the shits on these terrorists who are playing around with the people’s desrtiny as if they were angels. Keep it coming.More…More…

  13. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The photographs of bananasinpyjamas’ daughter pointing a rifle at someone’s head is a shocking expose of the criminality that is rampant through Fiji at present.

    These photographs must be made public to the people of Fiji so that they can see the careless disregard for discipline that is evading life in Fiji.

    For certain this school has a cadet unit and the students train with weapons, but it it is incomprehensible that a commanding officer of a cadet unit would allow weapons to be used in such an irresponsible way.

    In Australia, such an action would result in the sacking of the officer in charge and the expulsion of the cadet.

    But I guess in Fiji, they will both be given medals for helping the junta.

  14. aubatinuku-N Says:

    It’s obvious that having cadet units in schools all over Fiji is taking on a whole new meaning and absolutely to the advantage of oppressive regimes.

  15. justman Says:

    Tamil Tiger
    Find Victor lal’s address and sent it to him – the issue is not Bune or lui etc – its Mahen and what he did with the money

  16. Budhau Says:

    aubatinuku-N – them cadet units in schools – thats the problem – Idiots marching around like wannabe soldiers. This is the type of culture that has got us to where we are.

    Talkin about raising cash – so many of you guys have sent any money to Qarase or for the cause. Come on guys, cut back on the booze and send some money for the cause. I will be posting a bank account number in here soon.

    Victor Lal is over educated for his intelligence – got some stuff mailed to him and now he thinks he is into investigative journalism. BTW, how come the folks at FIRCA decided to mail the suff to Victor – why not some reputable journalist back at home – because this was some Chaudary basher – Lal and the rest, they don’t care about the coup – some of those buggers are all for it. It is Chaudary they are after – and you guys know, Chaudary has a coating of Teflon – nothing sticks to the man.

  17. tosotiko Says:

    Trues up. Nothing sticks to him cause he is slimy as an eel.
    But ‘Ena qai yati mai na colo’.

  18. Oxygen Says:

    On V Lal: Doenst matter. Taking Chodo and iIG from broad a front as possible and allying with those opposed to the current iIG in one form or another is important now. We can have a broad alliance of people opposed to the coup for one reason or another but not with those reliving their pain of losing their ill gotten gains of 1987.Right Budhau??

    Coup culture: what has got us where we are are greedy people like yourself who will not have enough of anything and would like to own everything including the country & all its oxygen…who illegally used their positions to acquire things they would never have, given their talents or the lack of it; & bolted overseas when they got sniffed out.

  19. FijiGirl Says:

    Hey here’s another classic about Chodo.

    His people claim that he is the Kshatriyas, which is the caste of ‘kings and warriors’.

    So not only is he a convicted manslaughterer, a proven despot, a tea-lady-f*cker, a megalomaniac, a liar, a tax cheat, boring, a micro-managing nit-picker, a coup-backer, and a psychopath, he is also ONE BIG WANT-TO-BE!

    Via via levu sa-ra-ga, man. How can the progeny of cane-cutting indentured labourers be Kshatriyas from the Warrior caste? Please!

    Bring on the elections! Get rid of this loony tune and his delusions of grandure! (perhaps that should that read ‘illusions of grandma’?)

    God bless Fiji

  20. qioniviti Says:

    any updates on the house in Rewa Street which Baigani bought for his daughter.

  21. Lau Lass Says:

    Vinaka, SV, keep it coming !! We are not finished with the Choroman & not satisfied with the bullshit investigating team. can someone please just put a bullet thru this choroman’s head !!

  22. concerned Says:

    Hei Budhau and others – I believe this Victor Lal chap has been writing, commenting, exposing and investigating all sorts of topics for the last 30 years in the Fiji papers. He had raised the Haryana money issue in 2005 in his column when he was writing for the Daily Post, and it seems only natural that he finally laid his hands of choros tax file – it doesnt matter how he got it – if it had been in another country, say in the US, he would have won the Pultizer Prize for great investigative work in disclosing choros millions – also it seems he was the best person to deliver the story – you saw what happened to Hunter – what fate would have befallen on a local journo if he and not Victor Lal had broken the story about Choros millions

  23. kaiveicoco Says:

    one letter write from Lautoka said in one of the dailies the story needs to be told and retold.there we go

  24. Jose Says:

    Now, now Budhau, that’s not the way to talk about intelligent people who are in the light. Victor Lal. You see, the difference between you and him is simple. Victor knows right from wrong. You see the difference between light and darkness? Just because something is legal, it does not make it right. That’s why it’s very important for you to read the Holy Bible so that you too can walk in the light.

  25. Groggymaster Says:

    Chaudry in this mornings Fiji Times wants to reduce the cost of harvesting and transportation for cane farmers. Whatever is left of his $2m will go a long way to rehabilitating the cane rail transportation system.

  26. natewaprince Says:

    Butthole you boci,if you’re bored ,go somewhere else.

    This case isn’t over.We have to keep bringing it up so that the illegal regime knows that the people are not satisfied with the outcome of the investigations,and we will not forget about it.

  27. natewaprince Says:

    Two of Tevita Malasebe’s killers jailed for life,one for two years for accesory to murder and the rest aquitted for lack of evidence.

  28. Budhau Says:

    Natewaprince – do you think the regime in Fiji gives a rats ass about what you folks think on this blogsite.

    As for those sentences to life – do you think the regime should pull a “Qarase” on these two and get them out of jail – just like those SDL folks got out for their crimes.

  29. Tebara Says:

    Butthole … U demented nitwit … !! Wot do u call those gun holding nubskulls that visit this site to try to intimidate its bloggers.

    I have an idea for you … track them down and see by taking your skinny arse up to the barrack and try sitting on the barrel of their guns thus silencing you for good!

  30. Trots Says:

    You have alot of hatred for Qarase and everything Fijian. Why dont you go back to motherland & stop trying to pretend you belong here.

  31. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Trots – don’t worry, butthole is an Aussie.

    Probably one of the thousands who used up govt scholarships and then scooted across the water first chance he got.

    He just bloggs here because he has no other life.

    God bless Fiji

  32. anon Says:


    Boi dada tale na dakai qori !!!!!!!!!!!!! Mate vakadua o budhau.

  33. misschaudry Says:

    MAHEND CHORODRY -is a thief,lier, a bastard,he is skum, he is a huge pile of ‘tatti”-that means SHIT in hindi.

  34. misschaudry Says:

    I wanna chew CHEWDRY him up and shit him out in a hot dose of the ‘runs”

  35. misschaudry Says:

    THAT GOES FOR BUDHAU TOO and MYARSE.Let me chew u up and spit u out to the pigs to eat

  36. anna Says:

    The sentencing is so unfair. FRansis Kean gets a few months and these guys get life???? Where is the balance?? Or is it rules for some and favors for others?
    Misschaudry, hear hear, here is some chilli to add.

  37. Jose Says:

    Indeginous Fijians need to rise up and take control of our country. We need a clean up campaign of our own government and our own land to rid this government of every alien so that we control what is our God given right looking to God alone as our guide living by God’s Law and throw out human rights which was made to make null and void the law of God. All you preachers, men and women of God rise up and do what you are annointed and called to do in your own land for God and His people. The aliens can go back to where they come from if they don’t like it here. We don’t need to be like the rest of the world we just need to be what God wants us to be and how he wants us to live. Rise up people, rise up. All you preachers rise up and gather up all your flocks. rally together in masses and pray. The Victory is ours the battle is the Lord’s” 11 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land”. This is His promise. I’s Aye and Amen. This is a war between good and evil, the abominations are rampant in our country. We need God to intervene.

  38. Adi Kaila Says:

    Bula FijiGirl

    from haryana to kshatriya more like ka shitty yeah?

    please chaudry prasad saheb don’t try to rise above your station. you’re so rootless you have to make up your lineage – start with the streets of Calcutta then check cane field.

    This reinventing of their gloomy, no class, no account backgrounds is pathetic.
    voreqe has annointed himself Ratu – Ratu mai vei? Then goes about trying his damnedest to dismantle the Fijian Heirarchal system.
    chaudry prasad saheb from some apsara world? Only in bollywood chaudry prasad saheb.
    Their inferiority complex is out there and shining brightly at their need for self actualization.

    voreqe bainimarama and chaudry prasad are very very weak men – in all aspects of the meaning just as their ministry of mindless ones are.

    As for you budhau alias satish karan from the America Fiji Golf Club – YOU ACTUALLY GIVE A SHIT ABOUT WHAT WE BLOGGERS WRITE HERE- A REALLY BIG FAT TATTI JUST LIKE YOURSELF – that’s why you’re here constantly trying to justify your STUPIDITY. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Now stupid budhau satish karan if the FBI or the Watchdogs for anti terrorism didn’t know who you were they do now and will have you and your buddies in the golf club & wherever monitored so yo’ll better pay yo taxes or end up like Wes Snipes facing 3 years in gaol – orange suits you really and that penis growing from your forehead (DICKHEAD) will make you very popular in there, after all you’re multi skilled aren’t you braggadocio?

    Say la vie say the ol’ folks, it goes to show you never can tell!

  39. FijiGirl Says:

    Bula Adi Kaila

    Pls can members of the media or bloggers working at Justice Ministry check up on Chodo-Prasad’s birth certificate, to verify?

    If it IS the case that the family name is NOT Chaudhry, I’m sure SV would delight in publishing a scan of his birth certificate.

    Interesting to note Budhau’s real name too. Too bad about his beach house. It really is toast now, since we can get the address from Register of Titles… lol

    God bless Fiji

  40. Budhau Says:

    You idiots – what Has Chaudary’s name or caste and the like gotta do with anything – what about your christian crap about people being equal etc – that went out of the window.

    Now, if you want to attack Chaudary, or anyone else for that matter, why don’t you find some relevant issues to attack him on ( and there are many) – besides that he is some low caste Hindu bastard – BTW, majority of the Fiji Indo’s are of lower castes – go figure that – if they were any higher up in the hierarchy back in India, why would they sign up for the girmit – ask the FijiCid girl in here.

    Oops, about my beach house, I better increase my insurance coverage on it – I hear there are some Fijian valuers that will give me a high appraisal for my property – so I can make out like a bandit if they do burn down my beach house in Fiji – thinking just like an Indian, Right? – you go FijiGirl, find some cousins of yours to do the job.

    As for my real name – I better get some lessons – at least that way I can tell the difference between a driver and putter – and when they talk about hybrids – they ain’t talking about cars – and I thought they were talking about tea time – having Chai.

    Adi Kaila – so what happened to your Christian beliefs – talking about low caste folks and all that – may be you were a low caste Hindu in your past life, re-incarnated as a Fijian lowlifer this time.

    Hey Kaila, you idiot – what is the difference between you and those goons who were trying to ID those anti-IG bloggers – you all the same.

    Jose is still doing his Christian crap – quoting from the Bible.

    And Anna, you idiot – that Kean dude, he pleaded guilty to manslaughter, these goon were convicted of murder – and why you complaining honey – let them rot in jail – it is only 10 years or maybe FB should pull a “Qarase” on this one and let them out of jail.

    MissChaudary wants to chew my arse – I got none left – they chewed it all up in here long time ago.

    FijiGirl – on that Fiji government scholarship, that I skipped paying back – how long is the statute of limitation, before they can no longer collect the money from me – that way I can plan a trip back to Fiji when the statute of limitation has run out.

    Trots – yes I am pissed of at Qarase, and every other Fijian administration prior to Qarase – you should be too. I have nothing against Fijians, unlike most of you buggers, I am not a prejudiced person.

    FijiGilr say I am in Australia, Adi Kaila places me somewhere in the US – you idiots – why does it matter who I am or where I am.

    Tebara – is afraid to take on the Ig because they might kick her arse – Hey, go read about some other freedom Fighters who had taken on regimes that were much more brutal than these guys.

    Well, I think that just about covers everything in this thread – gotta go work on my golf now – it looks like it is going to be a nice day here in Denarau.

    Peace and all that crap

    Karan Arjun

  41. FijiGirl Says:

    Ooh – did we touch a raw nerve there, Budhau-BeachHouse-Rajendra?
    Play with fire and you will get burned.
    Parade your stupidity on this blog for all to see and you will get jeered at.
    No-one is forcing you to post here, so if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the BeachHouse, be’atch. Flame On!
    God bless Fiji

  42. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Just reading through posts in all the topics so far I notice that Budhau’s favourite word is indeed “IDIOT”.

    Budhau should do both, grow up and smarten up! Too late to “ship out”, he’s done that already too!!

  43. Budhau Says:

    aubainuku-N – I refuse to grow up, I am “toys r Us” Kid.

    As for smarten up – I will think about that – I got enough smarts for idiots like you and the rest on this site. As for “shipping out”, you should be more worried about “shipping in” crowd – the John Sami types.

    FijiGirl – go ahead burn down the house – thinking about things like that says a lot about you – is it just you or is it something cultural – I usually take the high road – never threaten violence.

    BTW – there ain’t no heat in this forum – and when you burn down that house, if it is a cold night in Fiji, I will be there to warm my hands.
    Who said anything about me being burned – I am kinda enjoying it. Go ahead, go burn down some poor bugger’s house – that is no different than the IG goons roughing up some poor guy who they thought was behind the March – mistaken ID is no problem – since you both will be sending a message.

  44. Adi Kaila Says:

    budhau – no qare – you pay rent you fool – way too much rent to live so unhappily in a country where you’re a victim, looked down on every day, you’re sneered at there in California that’s why you’re so bitter & twisted & come onto this site to make yourself feel big – in your arse only little man.

    Yes the heat is from those haemorrhoids swinging like a bunch of grapes from your slack sphincter muscles. That’s the only activity going on with you as the void between your ears is so obvious with your inane writings here.

    IF THIS SITE WAS NOT SUCCESSFUL YOU WOULD NOT BE HERE – EVERYONE READS THIS SITE – Yep all you ig apologists and sympathisers log on & read & get all excited and the intelligent ones have come out of the dark because we explain issues very articulately. The proof is in the fact that we have revealed poseci bune & big bernie ganilaus ineptness chaudry prasad sahebs creative accounting practises, the gross treasonous acts of the flakey shameems and the queen in waiting khaiyum etc etc which has got not only voreqe & his coupsters knickers in a complete knot but your skanky ones as well.

    you satish karan arjun with the pathetic little nuni growing from your forehead (dickhead) blogging from overseas, don’t have any real knowledge of politics or the traditions of this Nation Fiji, you think you do the same way you think you’re clever (NOT!). Keep up the momento because it is clear to people who log in from overseas the calibre of the people who are involved in the ig, it’s apologist and supporters is one of weakness of the mind, weakness in leadership, weakness in knowledge of basic economics and politics, gross inaccuracy about all and sundry as can be read & seen by the namby pamby name calling you & the likes of you do. Then when one of us replies to correct you, you twist it like your warped mind – this is also revealed in the dailies & tv when any of the ig coupsters are asked to elaborate on a subject or one of their ‘policies’ oops early onset alzheimers.

    One thing you don’t have is roots. Those of us who are fighting in cyberspace to try to save our Nation have our roots firmly planted here. We’ve travelled and lived overseas and some of us were educated overseas, we all have family who live overseas but Fiji is our home and because we live here we are fighting for what is best for the Nation. This is why this site exists, we come here to exchange ideas, expose the misdeeds of the ig and are trying to resolve this fiasco in a civilised way. Noone in their right mind would put their lives or their families lives at risk by speaking out in public – that’s the way it is now – NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH – this is our forum because WE WANT TO REGAIN AND RETAIN OUR HUMAN RIGHTS.

    We don’t live like scared rats in some crummy highrise breathing in smog & poisoning our lives with ‘modern life’ and we want to keep it that way. Live the way you want oh rootless one because you don’t have a real home or history but don’t try to impose that on us who live here in Fiji – coup or no coup. We want anyone who comes to Fiji to feel free and relaxed and absorb the wonderful ambience that’s unique to our Islands.

  45. Budhau Says:

    Ooo…Adi Kaila – really pissed off.
    So honey, all those folks that have migrated “live like scared rats in some crummy highrise breathing in smog & poisoning thier lives with ‘modern life’.

    Have you seen the recent numbers on Fijian migration recently – and BTW, there are many in here who are on your side living abroad.

    So cut out the silliness about folks living abroad.

    Go read your post above – this is exactly the kinda discussion that the SV can do without – at least that FijiGirl and Aubatinuku – seem to have some brains – and they don’t use foul language – “dick growing out of my head”, yeah right!

    Ms Kaila – you seem to be a real foul mouthed lowlifer – I don’t think I should continue to refer to you as “adi”

  46. freefijian Says:

  47. IslandBoy Says:

    @Adi Kaila – in addition to the points you made, one thing I DO NOT get about the pro IG bloggers is:

    1. They must have realised by now that they are not convincing anyone, at least not here on SV,


  48. Adi Kaila Says:

    truth hurts eh budhau satish karan arjun – KING HIT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA right onto that pathetic nuni growing from the void on your forehead – what fun!

    We’re talking about YOU living in some crummy highrise paying exorbitant rent and pretending to own property in the USA – in your dreams lil man!
    Just remember you live in the USA where your vitriolic writings here against the anti coupsters and the legally elected SDL government will be used against you – if you didn’t know that then you do now – you already look like a terrorist and they won’t need any more ammo to convict you on the slightest misdemeanor there – bring it on & your eventual demise. Compromising yourself & other kaidias there was a really smart (NOT!)move on your part, now you’ll all be under scrutiny. Maybe you didn’t know that the person who is the Police Advisor to the UN was threatened by voreqe. Do you think he & his team would not monitor the ig more closely because of this? They scrutinise everything written about the ig & would gleefully forward it to the relevant governments.

    YOU are the third class citizen there not the other Fijians minding their own business. YOU are the one raising the race issue. Don’t go thinking you’re better than the Fijians who live in the USA because you don’t compare – The Fijians who live in the USA have History & all have homes here in Fiji – they are not genetic throwbacks like you budhau satish karan arjun whatever – YOU no qare no history – go back to the murky depths where you belong.


  49. IslandBoy Says:

    @Adi Kaila – in addition to the points you made, one thing I DO NOT get about the pro IG bloggers is:

    1. They must have realised by now that they are not convincing anyone, at least not here on SV, so why not save their energy and resources?

    2. If they wanted to further their cause, they would stop posting here as it only serves to alienate people even more and sets them even more firmly against the IG.

    3. Do you think they have absolutely no clue they are ther own worst enemy. Nothing they say makes sense.

    4. For example if we, anti IG bloggers, are powerless and ineffectual against the IG, why bother with the rebuttals.

    5. If we are all idiots here on SV, who in their right mind would walk into a room full of retards and start an argument? That would only make you the biggest idiot in the room.

    6. If what FijiGirl says about Choro is not true, leave it alone, truth has never needed defending as it will speak for itself. If FijiGirl is making it all up (very much doubt it) its not going to change Choro’s father or Choro’s father’s name. REELAAAXXX!!!

    7. Even if they honestly think we are having an extremely negative impact on the publicly stated positions of the IG, by subjecting all their position statements to scrutiny, when they present shallow and illogical reponses they only serve to further damage their position.

    8. When neutral readers read their responses they can easily discerne the logic behind our facts and their rants, so they’re continously shooting themselves in the foot.

    9. If all the missiles and ammo you’re firing are missing by a very wide mark, wouldn’t you stop firing and try to re-calibrate.

    Honestly and truly I don’t understand why they repeatedly beat their bleeding injured heads against the stone wall of SV. Why don’t they quit while they’re behind.

  50. IslandBoy Says:

    @Adi Kaila – well OK 9 things I don’t get. Rant over – sorry!

  51. Budhau Says:

    Kaila – couple of points of clarification – I am not a Pro IG supporter, I am with you guys as far as taking out the IG. Our differences are as to who we should replace the IG with.

    Oh and Kaila – I see that you stopped using that foul language – BTW, your remark about the dickhead – dick growing out of my forehead – thats not what they are talking about – that refers to a certain part of the male person’s anatomy.

    Since I am not a Pro IG blogger – I don’t think Island boy was referring to me but just in case…. for logic behind the facts and our rants – my criticism of what Tui Savu posts has nothing to do with the IG or being pro or anti IG. The “rant” was questioning his ability to reason and trying to pass himself off as some “solicitor”. As for missiles missing the mark – just in today’s example – Kaila has cut back on foul language – no more dickhead and sarkha etc – that was a direct strike – and as I said, I am here to jerk your leashes this ain’t about being anti or Pro IG.

    Some of you assume that other neutral folks read this site – yeah right!

    That FijiGirl remarks on Choro – this ain’t about Choro – didn’t you get it – it is about FijiGirl, claiming to be a Chiristian and talking about castes etc.

    As for you idiots and why I bother – I just enjoy kicking ass – sort of like WWF – throw you on the ropes followed by a one two punch – BTW if the IslandBoy things the others are idiots why did he decide to engage with them.

    Whether you guys are powerful or powerless against IG – as I said before IG has nothing to do with my posts – I just question the critical thinking ability of some of you bugger – including this Islandguy who came up with the list.

    As for “furthering the cause” – I don’t have a cause in this matter. I hope they get a democratically elected government in Fiji and Chaudary, FB Qarase would all end up in Naboro.

    As for trying to convince anyone here at SV – what was I trying to convince anyone of – beside pointing out that some were idiots -of course I would never convince Kaila that she is not as smart as the Fijigirl.

    So good luck guys – if think posting messages in here is somehow going to bring the IG to its knees – good luck, I guess believing that you are doing something would probably make you all feel good – otherwise, some of you will really feel impotent. As for me I don’t think this site makes a difference, either way. it is good in a way that it lets some of you buggers vent your anger in here – anger against the IG, the Indians etc – and that is good beause if there wasn’t any pressure release valves like this – some of you might have doing think things that may have been silly but more damaging.

  52. Adi Kaila Says:

    I would say go & jerk yourself but there’s nothing to jerk is there lil man budhau satish karan arjun whatever & as IB so succinctly stated why bother even trying so hard to convince us – you’re an angry lil man. Good Oh it’s an indication 3e are succeeding.

    As for Tui Savu – he’s REAL MAN – more penis envy for you budhau satish karan arjun whatever of the toys r us mentality living in a crummy high rise in California. His qualifications and intelligence bother you so much because you cannot fathom the fact that what he has written on this forum is correct. MORE PENIS ENVY. Gosh we can hear the gnashing of your teeth from here – grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh!

    My my you’re a pathetic lil man aren’t you budhau satish karan arjun whatever? Victim of the USA.

    We have succeeded in exposing the ig coupsters and will keep doing so, it’s working very well indeed because they have nowhere to turn to.

    This site makes a big difference for you budhau satish karan arjun whatever that’s why you’re here all the time. Your irrational rants and raves is a substitute for the void between your ears & legs you poor weak lil man. You should be keeping a close eye on your lil roshni who has a hunkering for the REAL AMERICAN DUDES who have real penises not baiganis in their trousers, instead of copying and pasting here – she’ll soon make her escape with one of those dudes who can butterfly you with a flick – phuuuuuuuut! I can see the headlines now

    “Midget found on Vierra Canyon Road Salinas”

    A midget believed to be ‘indo Fijian’ was found unconscious behind the MacDonalds restaurant. Police are puzzled as his ID indicates he is budhau satish karan whatever being a Male, but no gender was able to be established when his trousers had to be removed but it was found to be a purple vegetable the Aubergine had sqashed in the front of his trousers.

    Police had initially thought the person had been shot, but when he awoke in hospital he said he had fainted. Police are still puzzled as the fall should not have squashed the aubergine vegetable so completely and that the midget had been discovered lying on his back.

    When his family were interviewed they were aghast at the information about the aubergine but said that the victim was always in a state of unconciousness but was still able to go about his daily life. Police are still looking for the victims wife who cannot be found.

  53. aubatinuku-N Says:

    I am finding the midget story very shocking :O


    So did they sell or eat the vegetable?

  54. IslandBoy Says:

    @Adi Kaila, well it didn’t work in English, donc nous permettre d’essayer en français. Ce gars est un idiot absolu dans n’importe quelle langue!

    Let’s see if the Rewan dialect works?
    Vavei noqu ito, na cava o kanaka? – aubatinuku-N

  55. IslandBoy Says:

    @Adi Kaila – I personally know of at least 50 people who do not post but read SV right here in Suva. Some work for banks, two of the big six accounting firms, UNDP, Forum, a couple from the big law firms and a whole slew of civil servants who have to wait to get home to access SV.

  56. Jose Says:

    Bhudau has no cause in our matters as she is rootless and insignificant to Fiji and also where ever she is. Fiji is our country. Whatever happens here affects us alone who have roots here. Rootless people are nothing but floaters. They don’t belong anywhere. If they do land somewhere, they don’t fit in so their inferiority complex keeps referring them back to where they once were because of their familiarity with it. So she turns out to be the big loser.

  57. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Island Boy
    You raise good points about the pro-iig bloggers.

    I think some of them, in particular one whose name starts with b and ends with u and likes the word ‘idiot’, spend so much time on this blog because they have no life outside of it, pitiful, pathetic little souls that they are.

    A clinical psychiatrist might say that it is because their parents didn’t give them enough attention when they were little, so they learned to crave negative attention because it is as good as ‘some’ attention.

    Some pro-iig bloggers from the Junta, try to distract us from the discussion at hand, especially when we get too close to the truth, like what evils Chodo-Prasad is up to (I don’t know what his real da*n name is, and I don’t care, but if it irritates MPCP, that’s a GOOD thing) or how the Junta is trying to rig / delay the promised elections.

    Thanks for a valuable discussion.

    God bless Fiji

  58. Adi Kaila Says:

    Aubatinuku –

    Gosh I had to laugh at your question – My Dear they had to cook it up somehow because the price of food has skyrocketed, so they scraped up as much as they could & only saute it because it was already squashed beyond recognition. Kila ga na mamaqi levu dou tu vei ira na mataqali ya – dua sara na kena roti, va masima va lailai, dua na bilo wai rasa mamau tu.

  59. aubatinuku-N Says:


    I couldn’t help but ask because considering all involved parties at the scene and the hard hit economy in fiji, I had this vision of everyone there salivating at the mouth and sucking every last bit off the dirty ground.

    I guess I was wondering which would be better, eat the dumb thing on the spot or sell it to make profit? Then again I thought, no! Sa kena masima la na nodratou wabunobuno.

    Gourmet accident! Oops!

  60. Adi Kaila Says:

    God You’re funny Aubatinuku-N- we need a good laugh – Gourmet Accident dina.

    And you’re all right on with the pro ig lot! IB I have emailed the address for this site to so many people overseas and they love it. They especially love the way we the anti coupsters retaliate.

    Keep up the good work! A good laugh is as good as a holiday!

  61. IslandBoy Says:

    @FijiGirl, Adi Kaila & aubatinuku-N – I used to be curious about who they are and what drives them, where they are from (i.e., province and village) if Fijian etc.

    But their stuff is so boring and predictable, now I’m only curious about their age. How old do you ladies think these guys are? The stuff they write reads like it was written by a recalcitrant nine year old boci.

  62. FijiGirl Says:

    To be honest, IslandBoy, I’ve stopped reading their stuff. Like you say, it’s boring, predictable and the targeted insults seem targeted only at bumping the discussion off track. They ask questions of us but never answer any in return. Budhau tried to accuse me of thinking Indians look funny and it was very pleasing to tell him that many of my neices and nephews are Indian and part-Indian. I’d love to have seen that wipe the smile of his face, the racist bigot. Budhau writes like an embittered old man, probably impotent, definitely not married or in any established relationship, except with ‘Aunty Lima’. He’s definitely short but I don’t want to say he’s a midget because I have a very good friend who is a midget and she’d be horrified if he’s one of her ‘brotherhood’.

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