Now Rajendra gets billing in FICAC follies

The sniping and name-calling between Rajendra Chaudhry, lawyer son of
CHODOPU$$, and FICAC, illegitimate son of Bainimarama’s coup, has provided some welcome light relief.

Frankly, we needed something to take our minds off the increasing gloom
enveloping Fiji as the economy maintains its nosedive and doubt grows about the likelihood of elections happening in 2009.

But despite its farcical nature, the FICAC/Chaudhry mud fight has a special legal significance for the interim government and for all Fiji people.

The case arose because FICAC alleges Rajendra obstructed the course of justice in relation to one of the lawyer’s clients, the Fiji Sports Council.

Coincidentally, it was Rajendra’s father, interim finance minister, Mahendra
Chaudhry, aka CHODOPU$$, who made such a fuss last year over alleged
mismanagement by the Fiji Sports Council of some $93-million of government money given to the Council back in 2003 for the South Pacific Games.

When Voreqe Bainimarama staged his coup on 5 December 2006 he justified his actions by saying he needed to clean up corruption. The creation of FICAC followed in short order after he seized power.

Since then, FICAC has had the Fiji Sports Council in its sights, but to date has produced no damning evidence. Now it has charged Rajendra Chaudhry by exercising its police powers.

We cannot forget these powers were granted to it by an “interim government” that was never elected and which has been guilty of a whole catalogue of “mismanagement” of its own, not to mention a long list of highly questionable activities, such as illegal deportation of media types it doesn’t like.

In a nutshell, like a number of cases currently before the courts in Fiji, the
determination of Rajendra Chaudhry’s case could well lie in the area of

That is, is FICAC in fact legally established under the constitution and therefore does it have the powers to lay charges in the first place?

This question is all the more intriguing when one takes into account the fact
that under the military-backed regime’s arrangements FICAC does not report to any interim minister. FICAC reports only to the president.

This in itself demonstrates that, from the outset, the regime knew it was on a shaky ground, constitutionally speaking. Making FICAC responsible to the
President was no doubt seen as a means to impart legitimacy to FICAC by dint of association, as it were.

Therein lies significance of the FICAC case against the son of CHODOPU$$.

Think about it for a moment. Were Rajendra Chaudhry to base his defence on the grounds of FICAC’s legal status vis-a-vis Fiji’s constitution, and were he to be successful, what would this mean for his father’s job as minister and, indeed, for the entire illegal military-backed regime currently holding the reins of power?

It’s supremely ironic how this legal storm in a teacup could not only find a son pitted, ultimately, against his father, but how it throws into stark relief the reckless stupidity of the 5 December 2006 coup and all that has followed.

For example, to date FICAC has been spectacularly unsuccessful in finding, let alone proving, any corruption. FICAC is starting to look like a bad joke, not to mention a big waste of time and money.

And its failure to deliver provides further evidence that the clean-up corruption justification of the coup was simply a smokescreen put up by Bainimarama to enable him to implement a far more personal agenda.

Just imagine how much better off, socially and economically, all the people of Fiji would be today if Commodore Bainimarama had not gone to such drastic and dangerous extremes in order to extinguish a lengthy police investigation into his activities in the wake of the coup in 2000.

Fiji Democracy Now

83 Responses to “Now Rajendra gets billing in FICAC follies”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Only in Fiji !

  2. Justman Says:

    We should not be over the moon – it is all tamasha or taralala – it will be nothing but storm in a teacup – just like the tealady saga in 1999 – once FICAC, the illegal regime and the military have realised the serious legal implications on the issue of constitutionality, it will queitly drop the case, saying Chodo junior has apologised, in the presence of Unholy Mataca, and FICAC has now got all the documents. Chodo junior should not have been up there in the first place – his father has a gripe against his msitress Asha Lakhan’s ex in the Sports Council and that is why he had been pursuing the matter – relax folks – it is really a storm in a tea cup but you saw chodo junior on Fiji TV – he could barely speak – he thought he was above the law

  3. Adi Kaila Says:

    Too right Justman.

    Like everything else they attempt, swoooooooooooooooooooooooosh.

    We’ve all been posting here, WFC & RFC that this coup is all about certain people trying to settle scores. It’s personal & vengeful. Rather childish when you think about how low they have stooped. But then they were always low, so how much lower can they go?

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    Nothing childish about murder , theft , abduction , torture and bearing false witness !
    And the danger remains that Frankie and his buddies could still try and abrogate the Constitution , isn’t that what Rabuka advised him to do last year ?

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    Happy birthday Fiji .

  6. Batman Says:

    Interesting Justman,
    Adi Kaila – Spot On! That’s what this has been all about at our expense, can’t beleive they hold the whole Nation to ransom.

    Sorry slight digression folks in good faith (from Fiji Live)

    The US says Fiji’s interim Government and the National Council for Building a Better Fiji lack the key ingredients to change the country’s political system.

    In a statement today, the US Department of State said if the people of Fiji wanted change, then decisions should be made “transparently, inclusively, and legally”.

    “The interim Government and the National Council for Building a Better Fiji (NCBBF) lack such transparency, inclusiveness, and legality,” it said.

    The statement was made in response to the Council’s communiqué on April 15, which called for changes to Fiji’s electoral system.

    This has been backed by the interim Government.

    It said the electoral system enshrined in Fiji’s Constitution was reached through transparent, exhaustive consultations among all political groups in Fiji and received unanimous endorsement by the Fiji Parliament in 1997.

    “The US continues to urge the return of rule of law with a legally elected government. Such a government, legitimised by the people’s votes, can best consider important issues like possible changes to the electoral system.”


    MESSAGE >>>>>>>> LOUD AND CLEAR >>>>> COMPREHENDO Coup Apologists!!!!!!!!

    Never Bite the Hands that feed you, and sleep with the enemy.


  7. hopefiji Says:

    too true mark…..this is all illusion and diversion. Chaudo has repaetedly tried to get his man in FNP, but cannot cos of taito’s connection via the military with his wife. All his interferences in state bodies it to further his personal vendettas and his huge agenda.

    I agree that it is all storm in a tea cup and will blow over. It demonstrates also that there is discontent and disaray in their camp..the right up does not know what the left arm is up too.

    Elections will not happen. Does not take arocket scientist to figure that one out. Their intention is give an illusion of having elections. The constitition will be either abrogated (they have one in their pockets) or else they will have the president rubber yet again another unlawful outcomes of aforum that has no legal and ethical basis to allow them to force their electoral changes on the people.

    THE US and other govts know this, and are hoping that this will not happen, why do you think the US out going Ambassador has been so specfic on this issue.

    All their waiting for it the outcome of Qarase’s case as a trigger. They alreday know what the decision will be because they have their judges in their pockets. See Pathik;s antics so far.

    This will give them the excuss to act. The writings are on the wall…Qarase and the people can not win the case…to do so would also declare the appointments of the judges who are currently dishing out justice unlawful…as they are 90% appointed by the regime. Their decisions are nulitties – ie void and invalid because they are unlawfully appointed and have no constitutionaljursidiction to sit on the bench.This is why in the broader interest of “justice” Qarase, Heffernan and fatiyaki have no chance against to get justice under these people.

    So the only option really left for them is to abrogate the constition. It is not IF , it When.

  8. Peace Pipe Says:

    The mentality of this pip squeak the jr snake sucks. I think this moron’s IQ is very low and cannot be classified as intelligent. He’s made too many blunders already and is as arrogant as his snake daddy. He kind of reminds me bubba iarse – too young, immature and incapable of carry the duties of the positions they are in.

    The US state department’s statement is commendable and we thank them for this timely reminder to the criminals running the show. The show, no, in fact it is a circus, is heating up indeed with all the clowns telling us all different sorts of things. We have “bad eye” saying the charter will not replace the constitution. Then kamlesh ‘areyaar’ saying the election system must be changed. We also have the chairman of the election commission saying it would not be possible to hold elections as stated due to trivial excuses like hurricanes, school not on break, voter education etc. We have the snake saying we must fix the “fundamental flaws” (pray what this really means. I think it means if it is in his favor then it is fixed) before elections. Then the pig keeps telling everyone the elections will still be held as promised. So the next few months will be interesting to see if they can come up with something new or will it still be the same old worn out routine.

  9. labasa Says:

    Sorry this is off topic folks, just wanted to commend the two brave ladies on tv last night – Go Sharon and Go Tara! military stooges calling in got their asses handed to em on a platter! Evidence that the pre-coup brainwashing up at the camp demonising the 1997 Constitution DOESNT WORK on the general public – evidence the obstinate rejection of the charter awareness drivel by villages and communities all over Fiji.

    I reckon we could do a sapo power campaign as the Burmese activists did for Burma! Stick pictures of vore, choro, ganilua, naulukau, yarse, on your sapo, take a picture and send to intelligentsiya to post??

    The Panties for Peace campaign was launched by a group of women peace activists from a Burmese peace activist group called – Lanna Action for Burma which is based in Thailand. Since we initiated the panties for peace campaign for Burma, women’s panties (as well as male underwear) have been mailed out by activists to Burma’s foreign missions in Australia, Singapore, and European countries.

    Our act of delivering our underwear to the Burmese foreign missions across the globe is of immense importance and symbolic in protest of Myanmar junta’s violent crackdown of monks-led rallies in Yangon last month, and to oust the generals ruling the country from power.

    Lanna Action for Burma organized the action dubbed “Panties for Peace” and we have been sending and delivering the panties this week and will be doing so over the next few days, weeks and months. One of the main reasons for which we are encouraging people to send out their panties to Burma’s foreign missions is because the generals ruling Myanmar are superstitious and they believe that touching panties or the traditional women’s outfit sarong will eliminate their powers.

    This campaign is a chance for you as a woman to take away the power of the military junta by sending your knickers to Burmese embassies which is a culturally insulting gesture of protest against the brutal crackdown there which received worldwide condemnation for violently suppressing the pro-democracy protest on September 26th & 27th, 2007 resulting in a number of deaths. The junta also ordered the arrests of protest leaders, including Buddhist monks.

    Please click here to view the list of Burmese foreign missions worldwide and you can post, deliver or fling your panties at your closest Burmese Embassy in your local area any day from today. Send early, send often! This is your chance to use your Panty Power to take away the power from the Burmese military government and support the people of Burma.

  10. anon Says:

    On the other hand Rajendra chaudhary, his father & co. are carefully crafting Chaudhary jr’s entry into public life. They are making a high profile of him in the public through the media. He is involved in controversies appearng to defend the rights of the downtrodden & disadvantaged in this times where no one seems to have the courage to stand aganst injustice, FICAC, iIG, etc. He may appear to be making many blunders but Chaudhary jr is just entering the stage now. The name will stick like a good brand to his community when his father exits.Its their game plan.

  11. natewaprince Says:

    Chodo: What you mean ‘incompetent commision’ ,sala chutia. Ah,what you mean by that??

    Jnr: Areh? They tried to bully us,what else was I gonna say?

    Chodo: Bully tumarr ghan sala.You’re saying the commision is incompetent and illegal,that means I am incompetent and illegal too.

    Jnr:You said that ,not me.

    Chodo: Bastard,as long as you’re living in my house,you respect me .I’ve just got my boy Frank around my little finger and now you start questioning my policies. Very soon he’ll get wise and kick us out.

    Jnr: Sorry papa.But you just bought a house for his daughter,he can’t do that to us.

    Chodo: I know,but that blerry fisherman from Kiuva is so thick in the head.I could give him all of the $2 million and he’d still kick us out.

    Jnr: OK papa, I’ll apologise to FICAC and say that I was wrong.

    Chodo: Acha right, I’m going to see Asha at Pender Court.We’ve almost finished the last draft of my biography, (ahem).

  12. church mouse Says:

    Not on the topic but why, Dubai?
    Check out a holiday house or retirement village?
    from Fiji news today:
    PM off on State visit to Dubai
    18 APR 2008

    Fiji’s Interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama is expected to leave for Dubai later this morning.

    Sources close to Prime Minister’s Office told Fijilive that Bainimarama has been invited by the authorities there.

    Bainimarama is heading a delegation which includes interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

    They are expected to look at investment and business opportunities in the Gulf state.

    The Permanent Secretary in the PM’s Office, Parmesh Chand, is expected to issue a statement on the visit later today.

  13. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Maybe Fiji will buy one of those still available man-made islands.
    Certain death to the Fiji economy!

    I bet this trip is taxpayer funded or did Mahendra Chaudhary decide to treat his pals to a vacation in sunny Dubai complete with belly-dancers & goodness knows whatever else.

    I have a very funny feeling this is another stab in the dark!

  14. Adi Kaila Says:

    They are all looking for a country to live in exile.

    Once there they’ll all realise there’s no place like home – Dubai is ok to visit, but I can tell you now it would be hell to live there.

    All the wealth and glitz doesn’t conceal the all pervading aroma of camel dung.

  15. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @Adi K, doesn’t it make you wonder what nature of business they will be attending to?
    They have to be filthy rich to live in Dubai, maybe they are going to be flight attendants!

    Funky ka dina na i qaiqai qo!!

  16. John Veikoso Says:

    They’re going to get billion dollar investments not $100 dollar investors from Aust and NZ who heavily invest in Vanua Levu in particular Natewa Bay, food for thought losers!!!!

  17. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Dream on major loser John Veikoso!
    Iko mo sa lai Al-Qaeda ga!
    But then again maybe not, they don’t want lazy people like the likes of you.
    You in particular have nothing to show for!
    O kemuni beka na turaga ni vei?
    Vei na nomuni koro?
    It denotes your mentality!


  18. anon Says:

    Aubatinuku au kila e kana karasi tiko beka o John Veikoso baleta e vaka e tadra tiko na nona i vosavosa.

  19. Lone Ranger Says:


    A source close to the iG have informed me that the reason for the trip to Dubai is to encourage investment, create jobs in Fiji and look for sustainable investment partners…. i smell a rat here!

  20. raude Says:

    O IARSE LAI VAQARA E DUA NA WATINA. O VOCEKE LAI OLIDEI. Sa vuka vakavica o luvvie i Dubai, e warai na! rawa ga qo na duty free, na per diem kei na airmiles. Lako tu o amadiya iarse, era sevaki mai arapea na amadia! na sega ni dua na sede e kauta lesu mai o la qo!

    Eight Year Old Girl Asks for Divorce

    An eight-year-old girl decided last week to go the ‘West Court to prosecute her father, who forced her to marry a 30-year-old man.

    Nojoud Muhammed Nasser arrived at court by herself on Wednesday, April 2, looking for a judge to handle her case against her father, Muhammed Nasser, who forced her two months ago to marry Faez Ali Thamer, a man 22 years her senior.

    The child also asked for a divorce, accusing her husband of sexual and domestic abuse.

    According to Yemeni law, Nojoud cannot prosecute, as she is underage. However, court judge Muhammed Al-Qathi heard her complaint and subsequently ordered the arrests of both her father and husband.

    “My father beat me and told me that I must marry this man, and if I did not, I would be raped and no law and no sheikh in this country would help me. I refused but I couldn’t stop the marriage,” Nojoud Nasser told the Yemen Times.

    “I asked and begged my mother, father, and aunt to help me to get divorced. They answered, ‘We can do nothing. If you want you can go to court by yourself.’ So this is what I have done,” she said.

    Nasser said that she was exposed to sexual abuse and domestic violence by her husband.

    “He used to do bad things to me, and I had no idea as to what a marriage is. I would run from one room to another in order to escape, but in the end he would catch me and beat me and then continued to do what he wanted. I cried so much but no one listened to me. One day I ran away from him and came to the court and talked to them.”

    “Whenever I wanted to play in the yard he beat me and asked me to go to the bedroom with him. This lasted for two months,” added Nasser.

    “He was too tough with me, and whenever I asked him for mercy, he beat me and slapped me and then used me. I just want to have a respectful life and divorce him.”

    Nasser’s uncle, who does not want to reveal his name, is following the case now as her guardian.

    According to her uncle, after Muhammed Nasser, the girl’s father, lost his job as a garbage truck driver in Hajjah, he became a beggar, and soon after suffered from mental problems.

    Thamer is in jail now.

    “Yes I was intimate with her, but I have done nothing wrong, as she is my wife and I have the right and no one can stop me,” he said. “But if the judge or other people insist that I divorce her, I will do it, it’s OK.”

    So far, no accusations have been made against her father, who was later released due to health problems, or Nasser’s husband, who will remain in jail for further investigation.

    “So far there is no case and no charges, as Nojoud arrived by herself to court asking just for a divorce,” said Shatha Ali Nasser, a lawyer in the Supreme Court who is following Nojoud Nasser’s story.

    Shatha Ali Nasser confirmed that item number 15 in Yemeni civil law reads that “no girl or boy can get married before the age of 15.”

    However, this item was amended in 1998 so parents could make a contract of marriage between their children even if they are under the age of 15.

    But the husband cannot be intimate with her until she is ready or mature,” said Nasser. “This law is highly dangerous because it brings an end to a young girl’s happiness and future fruitful life. Nojoud did not get married, but she was raped by a 30-year old man.”

    Nasser confirmed that Nojoud Nasser’s case is not the first of its kind in Yemen, but it is the first time that a girl went to court by herself to ask for a divorce.

    “We are not planning to return Nojoud to her family. Who knows? Maybe after a few years the same thing will happen to her again,” said Shatha Ali Nasser. “We are planning to put her in Dar Al-Rahama [an non-governmental organization that works with children], where she can have a better life and education. We do not want her family to pay her expenses, as they are poor.”

  21. Lone Ranger Says:


    A source close to the iG have informed me that the reason for the trip to Dubai is to encourage investment, create jobs in Fiji and look for sustainable investment partners…. i smell a rat here!

  22. Tim Says:

    @LR. Lol. 🙂 It means Frank is getting desperate and is putting Fiji up for sale in the hope some Sheik will come by and flick a few crumbs in exchange for an exotic little island retreat.
    It means Frank is hoping for a likely sheltered port when the storm hits – his place of exile.
    I guess he prefers man made islands than the real thing

  23. matapule Says:

    Theres a huge global tourism conference in dubai. And we sending our best ever diplomat, voceke, to sell Fiji as a tourist destination.

    At the same time, heretic oiarse will repel anyone voceke is hoping to attract because ahmadias are hated universally by both sunni and shiite muslims… yeah, i can see the much touted billions of dollars of dubai investment coming to Fiji (NOT!) with this team.

    as someone said, its about CONFIDENCE, CERTAINTY, PREDICTABILITY, FOLLOWING THE RULES, RULE OF LAW to REASSURE investors that their investments will be SAFE.

    Ummm… and the IG just announced that they’re going to AMEND the constitutional electoral rules WITHOUT a PARLIAMENT… yeah, thats following the rules.

    and who’s going to dubai? the two biggest idiots who’ve tried to impose their DELUSION on the nation, yeah I can see that FLOATING in dubai (NOT!).

  24. sekaia Says:

    Frank will do his usual SPITTING and oiarse will translate from SPIT into arabic?

  25. Lone Ranger Says:

    Lets see which of you will be first to sell out if there were big bucks flying around… most would be crushed in the stampede to take some money from Dubai… lets just see how loyal you are when money starts to flow into the country.. money talks my friends…

  26. Tebara Says:

    If that spaced out female Ganilau cant handle selling Fiji to the Arab as Tourism Minister how do they expect the Piggy with no knowledge of tourism in Fiji to sell us to those who walk on streets of gold. Sa kua mada na vaqara vodo free tiko na lai sarasara. Dabe madaga vadua na soresore mai Delaibua fix taki mada na leqa dou vacakava. Sa rauti kemudou ga na lai masi dakai i Lepanoni kei Saineai. Laivi ira na vuku me ra vasota vakasama na va torocake taki ni vanua.

    JV … there are private investors investing in lands all over Fiji dont mistake that for foreign government. Kua so na via discuss taka na issues sega ni yaco kina nomu mona ni raika kei na vuli. RAuti iko ga na polish taki maimuri mai Nakeba … LOL !! Sivia na 000,0 signs nomu qavokavoka. Me valutuki mada na niu bota i qavotamu mo kua ni vuki tatadra tiko!

  27. John Veikoso Says:

    Tebara please!!! you have your own brothers and sisters, relatives up at QEB so dont be too harsh on them remeber they’re a 101% fijian institution so they represent you, your family, your village, your province that matters if you’re fijian like me. Lone ranger you said it all, more investment so people like batilutu, natewa princess, matapule from lau, sekaia etc can get a job. As for the two lesbo’s and homo interviewer on TV 1 last night, first of all they’re all indians, so please take your fight back there and Tibet is in China, get your 2cent brains right before you come on TV, better still stick your backsides in the kitchen or bedroom where it belongs!!

  28. IslandBoy Says:

    Lone Ranger – Have you been to DXB. Its wonderful for about 2 minutes and then the reality that absolutely everything including a bottle of coke has to be imported sinks in. Its like living in Disneyland.

    Why do you think they offer attractive contract salaries, even for aircrews. Everything is short term and as soon as the novelty wears off, like Adi Kaila says, you get a heavy whiff of dung. Palaces o glass and steel right next to piles of never ending sand.

    The whole city is artifical and at the end of the day will be unsustainable.

    There is no dispute that they have a ginormous excess of funds and do not know what to do with it.

    What we shoud be asking is how can the broke arse IG entourage be looking to live there with their measly $2 mil. In that placve everyone is near billionaire status and all other contract wokers, no matter what contract or level or work is just camel dust as far as the hosts are concerned.

    So where else did the IG get its money from and just how much have they got to be trying on DXB on level terms.

  29. Destiny Says:

    I hear that in Dubai they have an indoor ski field with REAL snow.. wow.. wouldn’t it be great to have one of those in fiji… My point is, lets not speculate, lets deal in the FACTS, lets be open to change and finding new investment partners, lets put fiji first instead of taking the ‘narrow minded approach’ you people are so negative… open up to better things

  30. NOT OK Says:

    The problem with this approach is that this government is illegal. Anything coming out of it cannot be legal.Whether or not he gets what he went for, this government is run by terrorists who bribed army officials and took over an elected government. Besides what incentives would FB offer the people of Dubai so they can invest their $billions and feel that their $billion investments is safe in Fiji..lest something happens. None..government is unstable, even up to now..its still anybody’s game..(a coup or counter coup can happen) cabn they repatriate profits, Fiji just dont have the kind of investment regime that other countries offer and be able to make a high ROI all the time into the future. These iIG idiots just dont get it..CHodo doesnt know any shit about running an economy, he only knows how to rob & steal from it. iIarse has no coroporate experience to offer these astute $billionaires in Dubai its no show.This is not the way to do it. They are just a bunch of vodoo terrorists with childish naivity. Only difference is they are thugs who have yet to go to prison.

  31. John Veikoso Says:

    Not ok, obviuosly your brain is not ok!!! what legality you talking about 2 cent brain, Govt is moving, economy is rolling, you’re getting paid??? everything is functioning here in Fiji except your brain. So wake up and be realistic my boy/girl and join the journey or you’ll miss out.

  32. Melody Says:

    TO JOHN VEIKOSO: U need to get yr head out of yr own arse, the only thing rolling and moving is yr tongue up Chaudarys cici. Keep yr Qauri comments to to yrself u wanker. Luveni Soresore duka.

  33. Sky Pilot Says:

    JV I really dont know what planet you are living on but if you really believe what you are saying you are at best, seriously deluded. Peple are not getting paid dear John unless you are of course in the Military or one of their stooges.

    Unemployment is at an all time high and people are hurting and while it is easy to say ‘let them grow food’ let me remind you of how well that went down during the French Revolution.

    As for our brothers and sisters at Camp. Yes I have seen them. They have been the victims of a systematic process of brain wishing that would make even Hitler Happy. It makes me very sad to see what has happened to them.

    But if what you believe makes you happy then so be it..

  34. aubatinuku-N Says:

    The only reason why Bainimarama went to Dubai with his entourage is because nobody else is willing to stoop that low.
    He is going to sell out to the Gazillionaires!
    Sell himself.
    Sell his province.
    Sell Fiji.
    Sell us all for the loose change they’re going to give him and Aiyaz Khaiyum & Mahendra Chaudhary will go laughing all the way to the bank.

  35. Tim Says:

    JV might be one of those who obsesses over the legitimacy of state and how and whoever had the right to come up with the concept of law – plus all that other shit that gave the Imperialists the legitimacy they claim as of right.
    It’s obviously something the Shaista and her right-hand wank man occupy themselves with over a joint or two. After all, it provides them with not a bad living.
    For a start, it’d be those same people that gave sis the right to pass judgement (though even by the standards she and the likes of Scutt purport to hold dear), they’re in a very suspect void – just as well sis likes the pistol aye?
    Second, over generations, the legitimacy of state and nation, and the rules, rights and obligations that have emerged because a majority of those within the geography of the “nation state” we call Fiji have accepted it and are dedicated to it – to the point that they are willing to VOTE for it. Some might even be prepared to be beaten up for it.
    By the way – has anyone noticed Shaista’s desperate bid to become recognised as “respectable” lately.
    The ditching of the bleach and learning a bit of latin does not make for credibility.
    Or as grandma used to say: “Ya can’t make a silk purse out of a sour’s ear”.

  36. Tim Says:

    Or to put it another way (despite her recent outbursts about all that blogger ilk and their vulgarity), da shit ain’t gonna change Shaista.
    Nor is the I-Arse’s – its the same shit with an occasional change in stink.
    Same goes for this junta and its supporters. Illegitimate turds the lot of them.
    But……….what will we see? There’ll be holier than thou Yakabis and Matacas and Kevs ALL claiming virginal like purity and claiming a right to “leadership”.
    When all this crap is over, I hope Fiji has the good sense to recognise their history, their legacy and their holier than thou bullshit and deceit.

  37. hopefiji Says:

    Sobosobo….just read Bia’s comments on Fiji village..what utter rubbish…the guy really believes the rubbish that kaiyum and Chodo feeds him ..”the President’s mandate”. How abaout the President go on radio ….lets go easy on him and allow him self be interviewed on the Fijian program explaining his “mandate”!!. With all due respect to that office, he is a sad man, ratu or otherwise to allow himself to be used this way. These goons hide behind the Presidentr, knowning full well thyat Fijians would react viciously if is HE the President is criticised/challenged publicly..see what happened to ShamimaAli and Richard. Its about time Fijians had the guts to put aware their “political vanua correctness and adddress this farce with the President…..their good President is the reason why the fijian institutions are being raped by the IG and Chodo hiding brehind the President mandate with the fulll force of the military behind them. In most ways I can understand the fustrations of people like Mark Manninng who see Fijians as their own worst enemies.

  38. NOT OK Says:

    JV – I wont join you because the time is coming when you all going to jail. Your so called revolution is revolution of the boci. You will all go directly to jail & will “not pass go”. Your name is all over the place in this blog with no clear agenda. You want to talk about “brains” an asset which is obvious from all your postings that you have none. Its obvious to us all that your comments, like those of that male bull “yadru” Budhau, are spouted from your anus. So stop talking shit, as you reveal more of yourself and where you come from.

  39. budhau nani Says:

    rau sa bai bakisa mai ‘o rau na tamata viavia vuku, rau tamata ulukau, no qare ‘o tamadrau ruarua.

    ‘o destiny ya yalewa mata va cici ni beka ya ‘o ellen whippy gstring roka ca, ALIAS Danny Glover in Drag.

    ‘o jone veikoso na kai buretu, gauna qo e vaka tikotiko mai Auckland, wekana qori na vuaka ‘o voreqe. Complete nutso.

    rau na tamata dau punpun levu, na ka gona qori rau sa cawiri tukina.

    Think about it bloggers,

    ellen whippy, jone veikoso, voreqe bainimarama – all have similar personalities, loose morals, rapacious, dau butabutako, dau gunu vakalialia, dau viavia turaga,dau viavia Kilai Levu = LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Adi Kaila Says:

    Hi aubatinuku-N – how’s the wine & curry going? Love that menu IB has set out!

    This is the trouble with voreqe and his ig, kila ga na ‘nouveau riche’ they think that with the few thousands of $$$$ they have (stolen of course) they are millionaires, gonei that few thousand dollars won’t even get them a weeks accommodation in Dubai.

    Sa ignorant dina! he thinks now that he’s bought a few houses for his kids (that’s another story of stolen funds) looted the regimental funds & the Nations coffers he can compete with the Arabs – He’s never had so much money in his lousy life so he thinks he can move in & make deals with the big boys.

    Hah! They’ll chew him up & spit him out for those pesky camels to shit on.
    That money he & the ig ‘have’ is a bloody piss in the wind for the Arabs.

    So what is he going to do? Sell Kiuva & Buretu to them?

    No Brain No Shame

  41. IslandBoy Says:

    Adi Kaila – come join us please. I was listeing to Dr. Phil (for all his faults) and one line he had for no hopers reminds me vividly of Chodo Jr.

    He said in his Texas old boy twang, ” that dog really really don’t hunt, just a silly bitch with a lot of bark.”

    BTW when you were writing song lyrics of Psalm 23 a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to commend a hymn to you, Veivanua Kecekece. The words and the music are so appropriate at this time.

  42. IslandBoy Says:

    Apart from this little performance by the Chodo drama princess, one story that grabbed my interest in the papers is the Chairman of the Electoral Commission refuting the changes to the electoral regulations proposed by the NCCBF as unlawful. Can someone please tell me who is directing this comedy of errors?

    Yesterday it was Ligairi at Foreign Affairs making a fool of himself to his main clientelle, the entire diplomatic corp..

    Today its Parmesh faxing the media instructions not to cover the new Chinese bridge because the Qaranivalu, chiefs and people of Naitasiri had invited Qarase and the IG did not want LQ starring on the evening news.

  43. SAPODUKAS Says:

    SV – Bai’s SAPOTAS (NZ!FIJI?)
    Budau – Chodo’s SAPOTAS (AUST!FIJI?)
    In common? Both SAPOTAS
    Analysis? Signs of disagreement between the two camps and respective SAPOTAS!

  44. SAPODUKAS Says:

    Typo correction – that’s JV (John) not SV above. Apologies.

  45. hopefiji Says:

    people how about the latest in Fiji Sun, new supervisor of elections was barred from practise in NZ =becos of bad transaction..and Rishi Ram say there were not aware of it..or is it they tried to hide it….!! Obvioulsy this NZ lwyer has integrity and credibility problems. Another lackey of the IG …given the sentiments coming from Rishi and the Chair of the Electoral Commision, we are definately going to have a staked elections, if it does happen!. Anyway all their appointments are constitutionally null and void, so any outcomes of the next elections will be challenged by the courts. Fisrt job of any govt, and the writings are on the wall that SDL will come back – whether one changes the voting system or not…to clear put that bunch of crooks in the judiciary…disbarr them for practice in Fiji for a long time!!

  46. kaiveicoco Says:

    The whole saga is like a circus now esp the issue involving Rajendra Chaudhary

  47. LUVfiji Says:

    Oh ykkkk… keep yr toaster and vw; camel breath !

  48. kaiveicoco Says:

    au batinuku,
    One suggestion to Frank would be to sell Fiji to the state of Haryana in India.He doesn’t have to work hard there.The two Chaudharys can be his marketing manager.

  49. John Veikoso Says:

    Welcome to the club budhau nani, Melody, sky pilot, Tim, Kaiveicoco, hey!! we all belong to the same blogging family so lets all give a clap to our selves because whatever you suckers throw at me points right back at you guys and gals but one difference I’m on the winning side or drivers seat you may say but you people??????? you’re all losers because whatever you say on this site dont matter so suck eggs people, pote….pote, aubatilutu…oops nuku levu na uca sa luvu nomu vanua baleta na levu ni nomudou waca na kai rewa…ops sorry naita…pote

  50. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Va vosa tiko na dosi yaqona sivia o Jone Veikoso!
    Sorry mada ni de ni vore o kanaka tiko!
    You love us kai Rewa too much don’t you, you seem to like to address us all the time.
    What an honor, thank you so much for all the compliments.
    Tamata veilecayaki, sigai ni macala na ka o vi tukunayaki tiko!!

    I would rather be renegade than have a nutjob like you be in the driver seat for me!!
    What a horrific idea!

  51. aubatinuku-N Says:


    Lol @ Jone Veikoso saying “Lets all give clap to ourselves”!! hahahaah!! Bro, clap is rampant in QEB??


  52. John Veikoso Moceboko dauveitono Says:

    John Veikoso…o cei iratou na Illegal Government qo e tonoka tiko nomu soresore????..o aiarse? sa rauta mo via clap yourself tiko.

    O ratou na tolu na sona e ratou lako qori i Dubai e lai vakayagataka na $2m e solia lesu o RBF.

  53. anon Says:

    JV – who are calling a looser, luveni LOOSER LOONEY levu o iko. It won’t be long when the likes of you will line up the court house and hiding your ugly faces from the Fiji TV cameras!! Your are destined to doom, ulukau!!!

  54. ninaica Says:

    The tune that the IG arses are cranking this week, as usual, has one out of tune player – the chairman of the electoral constituency boundaries commission suresh chandra changing his mind while not appearing to, says they had nothing to do with the proposal for scrapping communal seats from the electoral commission chairman sahu khan. Its a problem suresh when you want to maintain your ‘INDEPENDENCE’ isnt it! If not for CBC Chairman Chandra, an onlooker MIGHT think that all these INDEPENDENT BODIES like the NCBBF, IG, Electoral Commission, Constituency Boundaries Commission, had come to an AGREEMENT (independently of course) that Fiji’s CONSTITUTION should be AMENDED (illegally without a sitting PARLIAMENT). and which of these ‘independent’ bodies is from “the people”??? why none of them are from the people or come about through the ELECTION process because all the previous Electoral Commissioners, Constituency Boundaries Commissioners and ELECTED PARLIAMENT, were all FIRED by his arseholeness voceqe!!

    Thing is suresh, you should learn that you are only “INDEPENDENT” by toeing the party (ie RFMF DICTATORSHIP) line – like his niece shyster, sahu khan has learnt the lesson well by repeating the line “the people want it” and how the ph@rk do you know what the people want sahu kahn? who the fuck elected you???


    The Constituency Boundaries Commission (CBC) says it will work within the law and cannot be involved in reforms to the electoral process.

    It says it’s quite apparent that Fiji has tolerated ethnically-based discriminatory provisions in the Constitution since its independence.

    Clarifying the recent controversy surrounding comments after the National Council for Building a Better Fiji meeting this week, CBC chairman Suresh Chandra said the commission gave update of the work carried out and the difficulties it experienced relating to the ethnic breakdown.

    “The CBC is continuing its work under the current legislative framework and it is totally independent from the reform process,” he said.

    “It cannot and will not be involved in the reform of the electoral process.

    “The CBC does not have its own view of the current constitution but it is quite apparent that Fiji has tolerated ethnically based discriminatory provisions in the constitution since its independence and that is the fact of life here.

    “These discriminatory racial provisions are legally in direct violations of the Article 2 & 7 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The general population ought to be aware of this,” he said.

    Chandra said the CBC could not do anything about these violating provisions and that it was the people and the reformists to sort out an acceptable arrangement complying with the UDHR.

    “CBC is aware and conscious of those violating provisions but it has a task to complete under the Constitution and the Electoral Act which is going to be completed in terms of the current law.

    “The CBC has not been influenced by anybody in any way of its work and its strategy under the current law.

    “I further reiterate that the reform process of the Electoral System is completely out of the bounds of the CBC. It cannot participate in the reform process at all and it is in that sense CBC is independent and is doing its work without any fear and favour.”

    Chandra said the CBC had its own meeting on Thursday where the Census Commissioner and the Fiji Land Information System were invited to make arrangements for the release of all relevant data regarding maps, voter population etc.

    “The CBC has been assured to receive in confidence all the relevant information the 2 agencies have. It is now working on the number of voter population in respect of each current boundaries,” he said.

    Chandra said the CBC carried out its work as required by the current law and upon completion, would inform the Electoral Commissioner, all stakeholders and the voting population.

  55. dazza Says:

    dredre mada.

    According to reports in Moscow, Vladimir Putin is poised to jettison his wife Lyudmila Putina (her surname is now believed to be a contraction of “Putina-divorce-settlement- dacha-in-Sochi- under-heavy-guard- and-left-to-rot-ovichskaya”) in order to marry a certain Alina Kabaeva.

    Ms Kabaeva – and this is just too good to be true – is a 25-year-old rhythmic gymnast, so fire off your own gags at will. All I’m prepared to say, at least until I’ve located the family Geiger counter, is that not since Catherine the Great’s horse last dangled from its Imperial Palace winch can the partner of a Russian leader have been expected to carry the amorous burden to such a degree.

  56. talevoni Says:


  57. John Veikoso Says:

    Dazza you bring a breath of fresh into this site apart from those losers like Batilutu, moce boko dauveitono who has grown aliking to my name (cheers and thanks for that mate!) bro remeber qori na yaca ni tagane ni vala mai Bau!!! Anon grow up, you begining to sound like a 2 yr old child with a 2 cent brain, so for this Sunday people, pray for the IG and FB so they include your sorry family, mataqali and villages in this fast going development, dont worry delta boys they’ll dredge your river so you dont get stuff from your septic tanks backflowing into your houses which causes a overflow of shit oops rubbish from Filipe Tuisawau and Batinuku’s mouth

  58. aubatinuku-N Says:

    God Bless you too Jone Veikoso!! 🙂

  59. John Veikoso Says:

    Aubatinuku, naita brother vaka o sa ruru mai, rogo vinaka beka na vunau nikua, kabi mai, sa qai nai lakolako oqo, God bless you too kainoqo.

  60. natewaprince Says:

    Hahaha, JV you baku.

  61. anon Says:

    JV – you take a swipe at everyones that does not agree with your stupid ideas, everythng you spew on this site is nothing but garbage and a load of bullshit, Even a 2 yr old child knows right from wrong, o iko e sega you’re so delusioned and blinded and if you think that we should agree with all that you say……….keep on dreaming !!!

  62. Jose Says:

    Jone Veikoso.
    Au kerea mo wilika mada na prophecy ni vola nei Taniela kei na Vakatakila ena i Vola Tabu. Me vaka iko kaya nai lakolako qo ena lako ga. Io sa dina nai lakolako qo sa na lako ga. Ia mo kila tiko that the Lord Jesus Christ reigns. At the end of the day, we will all bow before Him. Na vanua qo o Viti na i solisoli ni Kalou vei keda na kai Viti. Na kaiviti dina e ra tamata lotu va Karisito. Mera dei ka dina tiko ena nona vanua. How they live in their land and what or what not they do with their land is theirs to decide. Where is your loyalty to your own land and people? Dou sa kumuni ira era qaravi kalou tani me ra sa mai vakatulewa vei keimami na tamata ni Kalou dina when God instructed don’t let anyone who is not a brother rule over you. Dou sa veilakoyaki vei vanua tani dou sa lai kauta mai na nodra vakavuvuli keina nodra i tovo na vei kawa tamata dau qaravi kalou tani keina kalou matakau. Dou sa via mai forcetaka vei keimami na tamata ni Kalou dina na vei ka oqori. Sa dua na ka levu dou sa cakava. Dou sa sega ni rerevaka na Kalou? Na bula qo, e dua ga nai valu. Good and evil. And all will be accountable to God. For your own sake, think of your family and the consequences to them of what you are doing, you need to review your stand and turn away from it.

  63. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Jone Veikoso, o iko kila tiko ni Sigatabu e dai se sigai? Ruru qori na cagi gonei!
    Thank you for the well wishes but we don’t share the same views still!
    At least we both aknowledge that there is a God and I give you credit for that!

  64. John Veikoso Says:

    Jose bow before Anon mada, kua mada na via vunau baku wavivi, Jose follow this path my brother got nothing to do with the good lord, help your self first before asking for Gods help in other words clean your AH first!! Anon well seems like my dream is reality while yours is as they say dream on my brother, Aubatinuku, I see that I’m managing to convert you my brother, bless you my child, follow this journey and you will live long, God bless you. Have a good day everyone and hopeful;ly it will be good work for us all.

  65. Jose Says:

    Jone Veikoso lai vakacucu tu mada ga vei bainimarama kei meri rau sara qito tiko ya mai rara

  66. Jose Says:

    Jone Veikoso
    Everything is to do with the Lord because the earth is the Lords and everything and everyone who dwell in it belong to Him.
    You see, the good Lord gives me more then I need. What I have and where I am people like you will never have in your life time. My own house, my car and everything I buy to beauty and make my home comfy, and I travel, all earned by my hard honest work, trusting in God. You need a Voreqe to hijack a country and you wait to have a hand out from him to feed your wife and children. You need a chodo pussy to lie and steal millions of dollars so that the handouts can be given to you to provide for your wife and children . So what are you doing right now? You are waiting for the big pay day, aren’t you? Poor bums like you, that’s all you will ever do. WAIT, with arms outstreched, WAIT, maybe chodopussy could get you a stall where you can sit and WAIT…… with the rest of them beggars that line the streets of Suva, WAIT……………WAIT………..WAIT

  67. Melody Says:

    To John Veikoso:

    You are nothing but a Sorry excuse for a Human Being and a Fijian Male at that. Let the wrath of God take vengence on you and yr family. AMEN!!

  68. nativegal Says:

    You the man! Forgive them for they know not what they say!!
    All u loonies only cowards spew their venom within blogs…

  69. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Jone Veikoso should go to Nasali landing when all the dinicavu boys are there and do his “cursing at the Rewans there”.
    Tovolea mada ya bro!!
    Qai mada i Nasali landing or even better qai vei ira na kai Tokatoka, lai kitaka kina na mataqali vosavosa o cakava tiko e ke.

    Then come back on this site and talk to us about grassroots in Rewa!


  70. aubatinuku-N Says:


    Another misguided soul!

    “only cowards spew their venom within blogs”


    I have news for you, you swim with sharks, you’re bound to get bit!

    What planet do you live on again? This is a dog eat dog world, no place for pussies!!

  71. Jazz Says:

    Jone Veikoso…kua ni vakaraitaka vei keimami na lolovi ra ni veisusu rau rau susugi iko mai kina na nomu qase. Vei ka kece eda cakava, vosa eda tukuna kei na i tovo eda bula kina e reflect taka na vei susu mai vale. Ke o kai Tailevu dina o na sega ni vosa vakacacataki ketou na wekamudou mai Rewa then again warai ni macala na vanua a drodro mai kina na wai ni sucu which contributes a lot. Keitou na qai masulaki iko tiko mai Rewa me mavo totolo nomu mavoa naita…..!!!

  72. Ma'afu Says:

    @ aubatinuku-N, not only do they get bit by the sharks, but that’s what also happens when you lie down with dogs, you get fleas. lol John Veicocky only has gonads online, other than that he hides behind his mother. lol

  73. aubatinuku-N Says:

    I just received a tip off from santa’s helpers that Bernie Bainimarama’s profile is now blocked but only too late because those GUN Shots, excuse the pun have been saved for posterity.

    We might be able to view them again soon via Yat Sen Sec Sch website is what I hear because they will be emailed to the appropriate authorities at the sch.

    Out of the mouth of babes!

  74. bob Says:


    Lying Commander, Lying Officers, Lying soldiers – you’ll all get yours. The land has eyes and all in glorious technicolour tv today, more lies, the foundation of the TRUE DEMOCRACY via dictatorship being IMPOSED on the people of Fiji!

    First Police spokesman says Kinivuwai to be investigated before he is cleared for travel. Then hes called into CID, interrogated and then Police announce that the stop order did not come from the commissioner. Then qa-va-niu Immigration director says Kinivuwai’s name DID come from Teleni and this was early in 2007. BUT KINIVUWAI TRAVELLED TO CHINA AND SYDNEY IN MAY 2007 ??? Whos telling the truth???

    The facts are: Kinivuwai checked in, went through Immigration to the departure lounge; just before boarding, he was removed and not allowed to depart fiji. IF his name was on the watchlist, he couldn’t have cleared immigration.

    So this sounds like another diversionary tactic to make news while voceke is away. Damn the consequences of SDL suing the IG!

    What a bunch of geniuses! typical example of power crazy soldiers run amok!

  75. bob Says:

    Also today, the Immigration Department revealed there was no directive issued from the Police Commissioner.

    Director, Viliame Naupoto has confirmed to One National News Kinivuwai’s name had been on the prohibited list since early 2007.

    He has also denied that his officers acted on un-authenticated letters.

    “We don’t act on hand-written on hand written notes” that’s the assurance from the Immigration Department.

    Viliame Naupoto has confirmed to One National News, Kinivuwai is part of a watch list created only months after the take-over in 2006.

    The Director adds Esala Teleni’s name appears in the Immigration Database only because he was seconded to the Home Affairs Ministry at the time of the watch list.

    Naupoto says Kinivuwai should take the matter up with the relevant authorities.

    Kinivuwai told One National News he traveled to China and Canberra in May, last year.

  76. Tui Says:

    Isa sa baci kodro tu na kila manumanusoni o Jone Veikoso. Sa mai kaila sara tiko ni dua na tamata qaqa mai Bau. Taman, ke o kai Tailevu dina, o na dau vakamarqeti iratou na kedatou drega na turaga, marama naita. Nomu vosavosa o sa vakadianata to kina na vosa nei Jazz, oya na lolovira ni vei susu ko tauyavu mai kina.
    Au sa kanaka kece vei iko, qarauna na nomu vosa kei na nomu i tovo. Kakua ni o yamekemeke tiko me vaka na tamata sa yali tu na yalona.
    Bau tovolea me bau dina na ka o cauraka tiko mai. Na veika kece o kaya tiko e sa macala tu vaka siga levu ni lasu. Na lasu ena toso ki na butako, ka na tini sara i na laba! Raica na nomu kaloa o vore, e vaka me vakaraitaka vinaka o vore na i vosavosa ya.
    Io sa dina sara, eda tamata valavala ca kece. E na basika ga na leqa nida sa tekivu veidusi. “Ye without sin cast the first stone.”
    Vosota JV and company, before you accuse Qarase and others of corruption, make sure you have a clean slate first. Otherwise this nonsense you call a “cleanup” is only going to bring untold misery and suffering to our people.
    If it works don’t try to fix it for Pete’s sake!

  77. anon Says:

    Ohhh so her bebo is blocked, too late! So the whole famili must be checking out this site. I remember someone mentioned about Mrs Bai ni dau yacaraki yarayara in Raiwai, and sister Bernie snr was what? raped by her drunk brother. Someone also mentioned on this site earlier in the days that what? Bai’s two older dotas were kaba yarayara in Uni? vaqara service once they down a few glasses of wine!! The younger of the two started at a very young age what? Yes, every second word in their household is f#$* esp from Mrs Bai, ask all the extended families and friends. Sa rauta, we don’t expect no respect from Bai.

  78. aubatinuku-N Says:

  79. Jose Says:

    Indeginous Fijians need to rise up and take control of our country. We need a clean up campaign of our own government and our own land to rid this government of every alien so that we control what is our God given right looking to God alone as our guide living by God’s Law and throw out human rights which was made to make null and void the law of God. All you preachers, men and women of God rise up and do what you are annointed and called to do in your own land for God and His people. The aliens can go back to where they come from if they don’t like it here. We don’t need to be like the rest of the world we just need to be what God wants us to be and how he wants us to live. Rise up people, rise up. All you preachers rise up and gather up all your flocks. rally together in masses and pray. The Victory is ours the battle is the Lord’s” 11 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land”. This is His promise. I’s Aye and Amen. This is a war between good and evil, the abominations are rampant in our country. We need God to intervene.

  80. freefijian Says:

  81. Dra ni kai viti Says:

    Jone Veikoso, Jone Veikoso, Drau au sa kerekere vei iko mo muduka na vosa vakalialia o cakava tiko ena blog.Au na gone ni Buretu, sega ni gone ni bau.Kakua ni tukuna tiko na yaca ni buretu and saying bau in the process. iko sa vakamadua taki keimami kece.Baleta ke o qai yani i nakoro o na moku.Kakua talega ni viavia turaga tiko, baleta e kilai tiko ena vanua o buretu na turaga dina o ratou na VOSIKATA family, warai ni o iko.

    maroroi keda ka rokova na veiwekani vakavanua kei ratatou na turaga naita

  82. Observer Says:

    Jone Veikoso. Galu.


  83. Wailei Says:

    JV kua ni vosa taka na ka o sega ni kila beleti Vanua Levu… Tiko lo na gusumu…. Warula’i. E sega ni kunei vei iko na vei vakarokoroko taki vaka vanua…

    In this blog as i have observed, No one I mean NO one has ever done that… We’d talk about individuals /IG but never have we talked about Provinces/vanua.

    O sa qai lako ga mai, O mai solia tu na tovo vaka veidabui kei na qaciqacia ena nomu vosa.

    Many have come through to give their views whether they be pro or anti coup. But never like what you have done.

    Au kerea mo muria na vakai sala nei “dra Kei Viti n Observer”


    Kai : Vanua Levu
    Vasu : Tailevu

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