John Sami and the NCCBF Saga

The recent revelation of salaries paid to John Samy and other Consultants, which both Bainimarama and Mataca sought to conceal from the public, has been met with overwhelming condemnation.

Many are outraged at the seemingly huge salaries, which in reality is not when considering the international market for the kind of work they are carrying out in Fiji.

However, it is the fact John Samy together with Bainimarama and Mataca sought to conceal it from public scrutiny, calling in question his salary and involvement in NCBBF.

Especially when you consider Minister Nailatikau’s statement last month, that the vision for rebuilding Fiji that underpins the overarching objective is guided by 6 key principles, one of which is ‘transparent and accountable government.’

John Samy justifies his salary due to the personal sacrifice he’s put in over the past 10 months.

I recall before the formation of the NCBBF, Minister Nailatikau and the interim regime claiming sole authorship of the Charter, until John Samy contradicted them from New Zealand and claimed he together with another were its rightful authors.

I would like to ask John Samy the following:

When were you invited or instructed to prepare drafting the Charter and by whom?

Did you personally know any of the other Consultants prior to them joining the NCBBF Secretariat?

If so, did you invite, or recommend they join the NCCBF Secretariat?

When and what capacity did you first make their acquaintance?

Did you disclose this potential ‘conflict of interest’ to the IG?

I stand to be corrected, but remain skeptical until proven to the contrary, that John Samy was invited or instructed before the December 2006 coup.

My skepticism is based on the above facts, that the interim regime first claimed sole authorship of the Charter, until contradicted by John Samy and his subsequent actions thereafter.

I invite John Samy to answer my questions and reserve my right to respond.

I remind John Samy that my questions are in accordance with one of the 6 key principles mentioned by Minister Nailatikau, namely towards ‘a just and fair society.’

Tui Savu.
Townsville QLD.

32 Responses to “John Sami and the NCCBF Saga”

  1. Striker Says:

    The fact that John Sa Mi is being paid $12,000+ is criminal. Consider the fact that the NCBBF is illegal – the President has no powers to appoint such a body in the Constitution. And while we are still awaiting the Qarase case on the constitutionality of the coup. All in all, looks as if some people will mi in their pants from the fallout of the coup, least of all John Sa Mi!

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    even if you did ask these questions , do you expect an honest answer ?

  3. natewaprince Says:

    Avenai: I saka,sa tiko qo o kavetani Veikoso.

    Vore: Kauta mai na tamata bokola qori,i vei o maqe?

    Avenai: O maqe sa wawa tiko i vale ni po saka.

    Veikoso: I saka noqu turaga,na talanoa ya e lasu.Tabaki tiko na TV ni sa beitaki kedatou va levu na kaidia ya ni datou cakava vua na cakacaka va’sisila ya saka.

    Vore: Kua na lasu,tamata boci.Kauti maqe mai Nai.

    Avenai: Edina o koya saka.Sa rogo tiko ni rau a dau on tu vata kei kovula Budhau.O Budhau sa bese taki koya na kaidia ya.

    Vore: Oi,sa dina. OK,fuck off mada.Lai cakava e dua na job yaga.Dou tovolea mo dou vesuki iratou na blog tiko e na solivakasama. Lakolako e na kila kece o Viti na ka au cakava tiko.

    Veikoso: Isa ,vinaka saka va levu.Me nomu tiko ga na kalougata.Me levu tiko mada ga na nomu money saka.

    Vore: Lako ga sona levu,de au na kauti maqe mai.

    Avenai: I saka,va cava o maqe.Sa rogo tiko na nona godrogodro i vale ni po.

    Vore:Sereki koya mai.Vakarau o iko.

    Avenai: Wailei saka.Sa baci maleka o au.

  4. Taukei Says:

    And for you to J Sami kiss my

  5. John Veikoso Says:

    Well Tui Savu, seems like John Sami has more brains than you hence his salary so for you! work harder and maybe Australia will recognise you with a job like that in the Solomons, but then you have to be a foreigner, part solomon so you dont qualify. Natewa Prince ‘ss’ well sister, trust you to bring that type of story again, sa macala ga ni lau samu tiko na maimuri qori, dont need to remind us!!! na ka vavulica vei iko o Vakalalabure senior, na veivutusona, oilei mosi vei au…

  6. Bebenibogi Says:

    @ Striker – John Sa Mi – hehe……….
    @ NP – mavoa tale o Maqe kei Avenai – hehe……..
    @ Taukei – Sa yawa o kemuni – duka…..hehe ………tonoka!
    Is the new poll chief a friend/acquantance of the consultants already in Fiji eg. FIRCA/RBF/NCBBF lot? Just a thought!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dau ni lawas – reaserch mada nona background. Dr or no Dr.
    Bole must be fed up(signs of the times) … fire taki Chodo Jnr. IG making up for lost ground? It’s rather all quiet on the Western Front – strategy changed. Loud mouths closed. Lull before the storm. Island Storm se Desert Storm – will be a STORM.
    Se yali tu o SV? Sa flat beka tu na nona Mobile.
    Vinaka Freedom Bloggers – Support the sisters n the vigils.

  7. BebeniBogi Says:

    @ JV – Gosh we mustv’e been blloging simultaneously – but you got in first – I knew it … knew it … you would be excited when you saw Taukei’s message. You’ve ben missing until something excited you … hehehe…

  8. BebeniBogi Says:

    @ JV – Gosh we mustv’e been blloging simultaneously – but you got in first – I knew it … knew it … you would be excited when you saw Taukei’s message. You’ve ben missing until something excited you … hehehe…

  9. BebeniBogi Says:

    SV sorry that was meant to be JV in my first post above. But good to see shims back.

  10. aubatinuku-N Says:

    How true @ BebeNBogi.
    JV – Always needs a visual to get the point!!

  11. BebeniBogi Says:

    @ JV Tui Savu’s an accomplished gentleman. In case you don’t know how much lawyers may make in private practice – John Sami’s salary would amount to less then the taxes Tui would pay. You do the maths – block head. What about your taga lala, what’s your claim to fame, sorry shame? Frickin free-rider, opportunist whore.

  12. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Now Rajendra gets billing in FICAC follies

    The sniping and name-calling between Rajendra Chaudhry, lawyer son of
    CHODOPU$$, and FICAC, illegitimate son of Bainimarama’s coup, has provided some welcome light relief.

    Frankly, we needed something to take our minds off the increasing gloom
    enveloping Fiji as the economy maintains its nosedive and doubt grows about the likelihood of elections happening in 2009.

    But despite its farcical nature, the FICAC/Chaudhry mud fight has a special legal significance for the interim government and for all Fiji people.

    The case arose because FICAC alleges Rajendra obstructed the course of justice in relation to one of the lawyer’s clients, the Fiji Sports Council.

    Coincidentally, it was Rajendra’s father, interim finance minister, Mahendra
    Chaudhry, aka CHODOPU$$, who made such a fuss last year over alleged
    mismanagement by the Fiji Sports Council of some $93-million of government money given to the Council back in 2003 for the South Pacific Games.

    When Voreqe Bainimarama staged his coup on 5 December 2006 he justified his actions by saying he needed to clean up corruption. The creation of FICAC followed in short order after he seized power.

    Since then, FICAC has had the Fiji Sports Council in its sights, but to date has produced no damning evidence. Now it has charged Rajendra Chaudhry by exercising its police powers.

    We cannot forget these powers were granted to it by an “interim government” that was never elected and which has been guilty of a whole catalogue of “mismanagement” of its own, not to mention a long list of highly questionable activities, such as illegal deportation of media types it doesn’t like.

    In a nutshell, like a number of cases currently before the courts in Fiji, the
    determination of Rajendra Chaudhry’s case could well lie in the area of

    That is, is FICAC in fact legally established under the constitution and therefore does it have the powers to lay charges in the first place?

    This question is all the more intriguing when one takes into account the fact
    that under the military-backed regime’s arrangements FICAC does not report to any interim minister. FICAC reports only to the president.

    This in itself demonstrates that, from the outset, the regime knew it was on a shaky ground, constitutionally speaking. Making FICAC responsible to the
    President was no doubt seen as a means to impart legitimacy to FICAC by dint of association, as it were.

    Therein lies significance of the FICAC case against the son of CHODOPU$$.

    Think about it for a moment. Were Rajendra Chaudhry to base his defence on the grounds of FICAC’s legal status vis-a-vis Fiji’s constitution, and were he to be successful, what would this mean for his father’s job as minister and, indeed, for the entire illegal military-backed regime currently holding the reins of power?

    It’s supremely ironic how this legal storm in a teacup could not only find a son pitted, ultimately, against his father, but how it throws into stark relief the reckless stupidity of the 5 December 2006 coup and all that has followed.

    For example, to date FICAC has been spectacularly unsuccessful in finding, let alone proving, any corruption. FICAC is starting to look like a bad joke, not to mention a big waste of time and money.

    And its failure to deliver provides further evidence that the clean-up corruption justification of the coup was simply a smokescreen put up by Bainimarama to enable him to implement a far more personal agenda.

    Just imagine how much better off, socially and economically, all the people of Fiji would be today if Commodore Bainimarama had not gone to such drastic and dangerous extremes in order to extinguish a lengthy police investigation into his activities in the wake of the coup in 2000.

    Fiji Democracy Now

  13. dauvavana Says:

    FDN maybe Ratu Mara’s prophesy about Rabuka is about to repeat itself here with the iIG. Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.

    For a start, Chodo Juniors appointment to the Board of the Fiji Sports Council is also illegal!

  14. anon Says:

    Everything after 2006 5 dec is illegal. NCBBF & Voreqe & president’s action is illegal. Even if Gates says it is not so.
    Believe, the cracks in iIG are showing. Most probably Chodo on oneside & Voreqe & CO on the other. recent developments makes us believe this. Then the case of what happen to Chodo Jr. Then see what happens today @ Navuso on TV one??? Minister shaking hands with LQ??? Deeper currents would suggest something is afoot. Chodo is isolated….developments in the near future will prove me wrong or otherwise.

  15. LUVfiji Says:

    Vinaka vakalevu NP… that was my laugh for the day – just what the doctor ordered !!

  16. budhaus nani Says:

    aare aare Solivakasama, budhau my dota son very bad to you, I give you story now why.

    budhau too much nuni kato nuni kato, aare aare. I say,

    ‘he budhau you too much sarkha, you brain no good, you nuni no grow big like baigani re’.

    Solivakasama budhau never hear me budhau nani, I wek hard, kudari kudari every day for my family to go school. All pass, All have good wek, now have good famali, only budhau, aare aare bapre! But budhau make carving he say is eagle, many many size. I say budhau no people in Fiji pakli like you to buy this carving, not look like eagle re, can’t eat carving.

    No indian gel in Fiji want marry budhau, my dota and he hussbun write every day to all gels india, Siri Lanka, Amerikah, Canada, Malaya, all weld for good Indian gel, good school, good wek. After 10 years aare budhau near qase re, one Indian gel from Canada come marry budhau, good gel, big nurse boss from hostipal Canada, talk Amerika very good, number one gel this one. Black Indian gel but good gel marry budhau.

    Aare Solivakasama wedding night budhau wife, name Muni Kato she chase budhau from he room, Muni Kato say to budhau

    ‘You f#%*n ass hole, don’t you put that thing in me, I’m a nurse damn you & I’ve cut too many friggin’ dildos from emergency patients jeans that I know one in the dark, you bloody indian guys from Fiji are bloody flakes’ aare aare she make too much noise and throw all budhau carving break window and wall and Muni kato break all budhau fingers with big eagle, all budhau fingers smash re.

    I tell Muni Kato budhau wife, aare why you fight beta, you good gel, you wedding night, happy happy night.

    Muni Kato say

    ‘It’s ok nani, I know I’m no bollywood chick, but I am a good worker. I’ll stay married to this MOFO becuz I’m not exactly pretty but that’s all it’s gonna be. My accent & attitude will get me a few guys to have a bitta fun with here, cuz goin back to Canada will be too shameful. I might even sell those dildos to the army, that should keep in saris and Jim Beam for a while.’

    I budhau nani not unnerstan what this talk Ingleesh very fast but I happy Muni Kato stay with budhau and Muni Kato give budhau lap dance, no sorry laptop. budhau say

    ‘f*$%n bajaru, I can’t use this piece of shit’

    Muni Kato she luf luf luf, and say ‘yea man you better get used to it cuz that’s all ya gettin’, I luf luf luf too, all famali happy budhau marry smart gel.

    Now you know Solivakasama, budhau finger all smash, budhau copy paste copy paste all day on lapdog, sorry laptop.

  17. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Budhau ke nani would make pretty good stand up comedian.

  18. woilei Says:

    budhaus nani WOILEI – KAILA !!!! :):):):):):)
    Bahut tik namaste for my laugh today

  19. John Veikoso Says:

    Bebenibogi se kutu ni bogi, budhau’s nani, you a have problem with your sexuality of race??? neither here nor there, anyway guys and gals agree with your comments on Rajend Chaudry, fucken stupid person. But the guy is married to a girl from Lau, whats with you lauan people marrying Ballu, Rajen, Rewan people let them in, lauans marry them.

  20. Always 4 Fiji Says:

    Please ignore John Veikoso as he is exposing and making a fool of himself.

  21. budhau nani Says:

    aare jone kaikoso, you say me bad, aare aare you too much punpun you say same same you say no good aare aare same same pakli same farukh bhaini aare bhapre.

  22. Bebenibogi Says:

    John Veikoso – read your last post – then you will know who has a problem.
    Think about it? Contradictions all in one paragaraph. Blockhead, freerider.

  23. John Veikoso Says:

    Budhau nani, you cant be male than wanna be female again, look at your name!!! speaks for yourself you nutwit, dick tight up your rear end dont know whether yo wanna be Budhau or Nani??? Bebenibogi, please use another name, qori na yaca ni yalewa dau volitaki koya e Sukuna Park, vosoti au de o kawa beka ga no dua vei ira…..vosota….bebe…

  24. BebeniBogi Says:

    Back to the issues distractors. As I mentioned earlier in this post. Question everything? Vinaka daunilawas for the research. From Fiji Live today.

    Constitutional Offices Commission Chairman Rishi Ram says he has no knowledge of reports that Fiji’s newly-appointed Supervisor of Elections Dr Maurice Coughlan was disbarred from practising law in NZ for misconduct.

    Ram told Fijilive that he would have to verify the facts with Dr Coughlan before drawing any conclusion on the matter.

    His reaction comes after reports surfaced that Dr Coughlan was disbarred from practising law in 1985 in relation to a personal commercial transaction. He was readmitted to the NZ bar in 2002.

    “I will have to talk to him first. We have yet to verify all the facts from him,” Ram said.

    “If the matter is serious then we will have to look at other candidates for the job.”

    Ram said if this happened then it would take more time to appoint someone new.

    “It was already hard finding one,” he told Fijilive.

    The COC meets on Monday to discuss the matter.

    “I will put the matter in the meeting on Monday and see how we progress from there,” he said.

  25. anon Says:

    stupid f@rk rishi with his wanna be mullet — thats wat u get voceqe and rfmf for fishing in shallow waters, you get stupid mullets like Rishi. Something called due diligence ya wankers! thanks to the other two nuts on the constitutional offices comm – gavin odriscoll should all do their homework. now we get a not-so-honorable elections supervisor. can we the public be told how much is this coughlegms SALARY offer is???

    so like, ten years not practicing law, coughlegm stayed in the legal wilderness and did his MBA/PHD. by any chance, was he the shysters LAW lecturer???

    RISHI – coughlegm already said on tv that he was DISBARRED in 1992, then was accepted back to practice law in 2003 – a gap of 11 years. one does not spend 11 years in the wilderness for NOTHING.

    blarry crooks rfmf, IG, voceqe, rishi, buncha stupid mullets!!!

  26. John Veikoso Says:

    Anon, stop complaining, if you think you’re good enough than apply for the damn job, no wonder Fiji cant progress because of negetive minded people like you.

  27. natewaprince Says:

    JV baku,lako mada la’i lotu ulukau.

  28. Jose Says:

    Jone Veikoso, Read and read again Anon’s post on Coughlegm until you can learn something from it ie. Anon has a point. It’s very clear. And the general public need to know what they are getting for their money’s worth. Has Fiji become so cheap we can only afford to buy rejects? Give credit where credit is due.

    When you undestand the point in Anon’s post, read and read again your own post in response. How do you think it comes across to the readers of this blogs? True to the colour of the IG, typical.

  29. Jose Says:

    Jone Veikoso,
    Even a fool is considered smart until he opens his mouth.

  30. aubatinuku-N Says:

    I second that Jose!!
    This JV is a blithering fool!!

  31. ecanolo Says:

    Methodist to stand by the truth
    Fiji Sun
    4/21/2008 9:11:57 AM

    In your opinion column of April 14, Peni Moore, a member of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji (NCBBF) raised the issue of public interest concerning deliberations by the Methodist Church Think Tank towards national reconciliation outside but parallel to the charter process. In doing so, Ms Moore had made errors of facts, generalisations, assumptions and innuendos which had misinformed the public and misrepresent the position of the church.
    The non-participation of the Methodist Church in NCBBF was in accordance with the many reasons given in the submission of the church to the interim Prime Minister in June 2007, and not “bullying under the barrel of the gun” or due to undue pressure on the president of the church as alleged by Ms Moore.
    The church and a lot of our people have learnt from the 1987 coup. Contrary to Ms Moore’s assertions, in 2000, the church had lent its support to Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and the military after it was approached personally by Commodore Bainimarama. The church had played a mediating role to resolve the 2000 hostage crisis and had been quoted out of context because of its reconciliation efforts.
    In its reconciliation efforts, the Methodist Church had unwaveringly stood for restorative justice. It had accordingly supported the Reconciliation and Unity Bill after its introduction in 2005 which would have resulted in the setting up of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The church still holds this would have helped and will help in resolving the conflicts and repair the harm in our community arising from past coups through mediation, restitution and agreement and the selective granting of immunity to deserving cases. Unfortunately, there was widespread opposition to this Bill especially against its amnesty provision. It is on record that military commander Bainimarama had stated that he favoured the rule of law meaning that coup perpetrators should be subject to retributive justice. He stated that reconciliation would be possible only after justice had been served. In May 2005, Commodore Bainimarama spoke out against the Reconciliation Bill saying the military would oppose the legislation, which he saw merely a means to grant amnesty to coup supporters in government.
    In his address to the Great Council of Chiefs in July 2005, he said that the legislation would strip the military of its ability to carry out its responsibilities while accusing the government of harboring persons involved in coup-related crimes in 2000. “Who’s promoting the Bill?
    These are people in Government who participated in the 2000 coup. Some have been convicted, others are facing trial, there are still others left whom the long arm of the law should get at.” On the proposed amnesty, he had asked.
    “Why should only a few people be freed and not others when we are all serving under the same law?
    “Similarly, NBBF co-chair Archbishop Petero Mataca was another critic of the bill who said he did not support the concept of amnesty for persons convicted of political crimes. He said that he viewed the overthrow of a democratically elected government as a serious crime, and “the coup cycle” would continue unless those involved faced the consequences of their crimes.
    It is common knowledge that civil societies which could have involved Ms Moore, and some political parties have carried out a yellow ribbon campaign against the reconciliation bill resulting in its shelving.
    Given the firm views of Commodore Bainimarama and Archbishop Mataca against the amnesty provisions of the Reconciliation and Unity Bill and their call for retributive justice against coup perpetrators, it is an indictment on both that Commodore Bainimarama had, against his stand for the rule of law, carried out a coup in December 2006, and that Archbishop Mataca, against his expressed view of ending the coup cycle, is now co-chair of the NCBBF working hand in glove with coup leader Bainimarama and his coup henchmen ,and others like Ms Moore, in the NCBBF, a council appointed by the President outside of the prescribed presidential powers in the Constitution and therefore clearly illegal. Instead of ascribing false and assumed reasons of political affiliation, Ms Moore would have learnt that this was one of the many reasons the church had decided not to be part of the charter team.
    I fully agree with some of the altruistic goals advanced for the charter. However, the lives of Christians should be distinctive in working to establish a peace that is just and lawful. While we are expected to be active in resolving conflicts, and to support strategies to move our country forward, reconciliation and peacemaking does not mean passivity, support for cronyism, acquiescing to injustice and being an active party to legitimise the coup perpetrators and their supporters.
    In view of the cycle of coups which have brought poverty, hardship and have fractured the social fabric of our nation, we view it an affront to democracy and the rule of law to lend support to a coup culture based on doubtful claims to “clean-up” and rid corruption from our nation by volunteering our services for the NCBBF.
    Some of us hold that in view of the immense political, economic, and social costs to the nation, it would be inappropriate to continue to attempt to legitimise the coup culture by involving ourselves in joint partnership with the coup perpetrators and their supporters in the NCBBF. There are more effective ways and means of conflict resolution without the need to give in to coercion by the coup makers and their supporters, sacrifice the rule of law and our constitution or encourage future coups and instability.
    Unlike the fixed positions for retributive justice favored by Archbishop Mataca, I believe there is wide support of the stance of the Methodist Church that given the current circumstances, reconciliation without forgiveness is impossible. While it is important that those who break the law should be held fully accountable for their actions, there are instances which justify the selective granting of amnesty in deserving cases, for example, soldiers who were merely following orders, who volunteer information and who have expressed their genuine repentance. We believe that the proper vehicle for this is through a truth, forgiveness and reconciliation commission to be established legally, with transparent amnesty procedures after the general elections.
    Finally, Ms Moore knows only too well that she has no mandate from the people. We respect her right to her opinion and her choice to serve in the NCBBF. Likewise, she should respect our freedom to choose to follow the rule of law and remain out of what we believe is an illegal council.

    * Taito Tulo is the ex-Tuirara of Saioni and a member of the Methodist Thank Tank. Views expressed in the article is his and not of the Fiji Sun.

  32. Jose Says:

    O Jone Veikoso na luveni qala mai kadavu orau na kai veicoco kei jo nawalowalo

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