Press Release from Filipe Tuisawau

Press Release

The latest release from the NCBBF that elections under the current system would be undemocratic clearly shows that the Charter is anti Fijian and totally does not recognise Fijians as the indigenous people of Fiji. This call is incitement and the
NCCBF should be investigated for incitement. I call on the Commisioner of Police to investigate them.

It totally contradicts the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indegenous Peoples where the Fijian people have a right to be represented in Parliament as a people through their Fijian Communal seats.

The NCBBF is proposing that the Fijian Communal seats be abolished. This call is not new and has been demanded by non Fijian leaders since 1970.
The Fijian chiefs and leaders have consistently opposed this call in order to protect their heritage and interests. Their stance have been legitimised and recognised internationally when the UN General Assembly ratified the UN Dec on Rights of Indig Peoples in Sept 2007.

The NCBBF call is also illegal as it would involve Constitutional Amendments and only Parliament can do that.
Further, the NCBBF are nobodys as far as we Fijians are concerned because they are not elected nor are they our Chiefs.

My warning to Kamlesh Arya and his NCBBF is don’t meddle with what does not belong to you ie the Fijian Communal seats. Those seats are the property of the Fijian people and their descendants and will never be surrendered.

Filipe Tuisawau

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  1. Glawyer Says:

    Great comments. I fully support what he is saying and only wish other chiefs would see what is really happening instead of jumping on the bandwagon and 30 years down the line the next generation will be struggling to undo the damage that has been done by these short sighted idiots!

  2. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    From FJ TV website:

    Excuses already coming in – NO ELECTIONS IN MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Electorol Commission’s ‘DIFFCULTIES’ for march 2009 polls
    16 Apr 2008 04:24:02

    Documents obtained by One National News reveals, the Electorol Commission has discussed what it says, are diffculties in holding elections by March 2009….

    In a presentation to the National Council for Building a Better Fiji yesterday, the Electorol Commission has for the first time admitted, there are problems associated with holding the elections in March next year..

    Whats contained in this presentation was given to NCBBF members yesterday by the Electrol Commission…

    A copy of the document obtained by One National News reveals concerns and recommendations of the Electrol Commission for the way forward to democractic elections.

    In the document the commission highlights problems with the March election date stating that it

    -” May limit electrol reform(and possible change of the electrol system.

    -Middle of hurricane season

    -Not school holiday period

    -Difficult timeline for Civic and Voter education

    The electrol commission stresses quote The desire for early elections must not overlook the fact that electrol reforms are necessary first, if Fiji is to make genuine political progress.Elections do not equate with democracy.”

    Adding that the Electrol System should be changed to be:

    a proportional representation system,

    1 person 1 vote (common roll),

    clear and easy for voters

    Some of the constitutional changes it has recommended are:

    possibility of lowering the voting age to 18, reviewing the desirablility of compulsory voting, tightening of the regulations as to who can stand for parliament, the division of seats into communal and open, changing the regulations about when MPs lose their seat.”

    The commission is also of the view that there be a change from the Alternative Voting system:

    ” To provide a truly representative government, help brigde the ethnic division within Fiji, facilitate the greater involvement of women and minorities in politics.

    It has concluded that the current electrol sysytem is undemocractic because it doesn’t

    ” enable government of the people, by the people, for the people,

    divide people along ethnic lines, is too complex and has confused voters and violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by not providing one vote to have one value.

    The recommendations will be presented to the President for consideration

  3. woilei Says:

    Helllooooo – havent we been predicting this for the last year ………. we havent been fooled by this gang – they DO NO INTEND TO HAVE ELECTIONS FOR THE NEXT 10 – 15 YEARS if they can help it – this is NO LONGER a rumour – we have heard it direct from the army hangers-on for the last year – don’t pretend to be surprised now peeps.

    All the bloggers have continually predicted this for the last year …

    Nothing new – they are LIARS thru and thru – nothing has changed since they seized power by the gun..

    There is only one block thing they are interested in – POWER & GLORY – EGO and MONEY .

  4. newsfiji Says:

    Filipe Tuisawau – a real man, a true leader, an honourable representative of the people..Congratulations! You are standing out in this mess we’re in! God Bless U and your family, God Bless Fiji.

  5. justman Says:

    On this one Filipe is slightly off the mark – whether elections are held by Fijian communal seats or on open seats, Fijians will still be in Parliament – the question will be – which Fijians?

  6. Soul of Fiji Says:

    And the electoral commission going to say what their boss has been wanting to say….i.e. add a bit more difficulties to support that March 2009 cannot be met.

    They have 2007, 2008 to prepare….they had boundaries rezoned, census done….and then what!!!?…ooppss…that still wont make the ig win….so keep pushing the NCCBF toilet charter to chart Fiji to the Kinoya sewer.

    The time frame is too short!!!!…BULLSHIT take your excuses and shove it.

  7. IslandBoy Says:

    Digression Please – Did anyone see the news tonight with PS Foreign Affairs Ross Ligairi totally at sea. Did not have a clue about the substantive questions put to him.




  8. Dragon Says:

    NCBBF & Co & IG should realise that whilst minorities may have rights, we the majority also have rights and they must be respected.

  9. Tim Says:

    What was the date of the documents obtained by One National News?
    What about that “roadmap” that was promised way back when?
    Why is a year (almost) insufficient time? Have not this “wonderful” iIG already said they’ve been on the case?
    Have not both Australia and NZ said they would assist (as have others). Voter education does not have to take a year – it wasn’t necessary elsewhere with larger populations.
    Time the Electoral Commission and others got off their chuffs and got on with it.
    What it does show is that this iIG is floundering, and loving it.
    Come out come out Shaista and iI-Arse!. Time for a little more bullshit to come to the rescue of the Electoral Commission

  10. yaqona levu Says:

  11. Hillman Says:

    Great comment.
    At least we have some credible people who have every right to comment on matters of national importance.

  12. John Veikoso Says:

    Justman good comments my man, Filipe Tuisawau, what descendents you talking about now??? you scared you wont be able to win a seat now from the little votes you get from your own mataqali??? You can fool some people some time but not all the time my boy??? as I’ve told you before, “sega ni mai buturara ni veitalanoa o ira dina na turaga na blog site, sa dina ga na vosa, sa o qai varaitaki iko dina ga ni o sega dina ga ni kawa turaga” The rest of you lot, buckle your seat belts and enjoy the long ride, we the common kaiviti are content with the present situation, dont want the so called chiefs like Naiqama, Teimum, wanna be chief Tuisawau back any more, rule on IG, RULE ON…..

  13. anon Says:

    J VEIKOSONA, tonoka ga a nomu naso.

  14. tosotiko Says:

    Ro Filipe. You are truly a chief for the people. The common Fijian people who are being trodden on. This is what these self seekers were after all along – disenfranchise the Fijian people. It is good to have these blogs to keep voicing our concerns. Blog on. Ena qai yati mai na colo.

  15. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Jone Veikoso, bera vakalevu baraca!

    That is why there are underdog renegade Rewans like me who will lay down their lives for our GMB and turaga ni Valelevu Ro Filipe so you can heap all the garbage you want BUDDY because it stops right here at the buffer zone.
    Unlike the likes of you and Eveli Mataitini we protect our own and know where our loyalty and allegiance lies.
    HOW? Because it has always been that way for generations and it is the glue that holds us together. Some people on the other hand will never be able to identify!!

  16. Peace Pipe Says:

    Well said Ro Filipe. I really feel that he has the Fijian interest in his heart and has the guts and intelligence to speak his mind against things he sees are not in order as is with everything the ig and ncbbf are doing. I wholeheartedly endorse all he has said and may I add that it is being created by a minority that will adversely impact the majority who have not joined and supported the ncbbf. With this knowlegde the ncbbf is unlikely to have a referendum as it would simply fall flat on its face fairly and squarely rejected. They will just used the almighty power of the almighty senile Jo mirror to put a signature to it and promulgate it. What a farce. Just look at the dirty tactic they are using today by appointing people to the council without their prior knowledge. What a conniving scheming bunch of people we have in the ig. We need another cleanup very urgently to remove all these clowns who playing with our lives recklessly.

  17. yaqona levu Says:

  18. Inoke Says:

    Ro Filipe is what you call a true and honourable Chief … as for Nawalowalo he’s titled for nothing. He’s a lacky and is bankrupt of true Chiefly leadership skills. He’s the sort of “chief” with personal agendas attached to everything they do or so they say they do for their vanua. What a disgrace he is, end of story!

  19. Inoke Says:

    To John Veikoso, it’s time you took your head out of you minor chief’s and Franks arse so you can let some much needed oxygen to enter the gap between your ears.

    The Tui Cakau Rt. Naiqama and The Gone Marama Bale are of impeccable heritage and lineage, goes without saying … unlike your want to be kaicolo kai sii bakola “chiefs” that are SELL OUTS to every peasant thug that executes a coup!

    Get a life you hopeless moron!

  20. LUVfiji Says:

    Can we have a background on the real Ro Filipe?

    How can this site call him an honourable chief when we all witnessed in the elections of 2006 that he stood up against the Gone Marama Bale, na Roko Tui Dreketi. Are they not from the same chiefly household ? Why does he stand up against the senior ranks ? I certainly dont regard that as honourable.

    Here he goes again; under the guise of smart comments he is campaigning for support. What I can see is that this guy is preparing yet another fight against someone he is supposed to revere and uphold traditionally.

    Pardon me, but I just dont get it !

  21. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – via tautauvata tiko na nodaru rai Marama Naita. Au se segai ni guilecava rawa na nona via saqata na GMB, not for the elections, which is his democratic right as a citizen of Fiji, but to challenge the position of the Roko Tui Dreketi, was in my humble opinion – unforgivable.

    Firstly for raising the subject, thereby inviting public comment, by dividing the loyalties of those who are easily swayed and thridly for overstepping the mark as there are other loyal and dedicated turaga kei na marama, members of Valelevu who are of the same generation as the GMB and also eligible to be the RTD after her. Theyhave been carrying the load in support of the GMB and the Vanua all this time.

    Well before that he has started a letter writing campaign against the GMB, I clearly recall Ro Teimumu on Fiji TV saying she is the RTD, “and that is not a comma, its full stop.” Sa qai lai soro vua na GMB o Ro Vilive, sa ciqomi mai Valelevu, but by that point he had revelead his hand.

    Now he can make as many politically correct statements as he wishes, I don’t trust him, full stop.

  22. Dauvava Says:

    One thing about Ro Filipe is that he is one of the rare employable young chiefs. He was at Forumsec, then moved on to ATS after turning down an NLTB offer and now is at USP. Why?

    Because he has the qualifications and experience to pick and choose where he wants to work and is a man in demand.

    Keep on keeping on Turaga Nite!

  23. tosotiko Says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with that. He felt he had something to offer and wanted the people to decide who they feel will better serve them. When the people’s verdict became known he accepted it. He did not join the losers and stir up Bainimarama’s hornets’ nest. He did not insist he knows better than the people of Rewa.


    @Jone Veikosi – e tagi na yaloqu mai loma niu wilika na nomu vola waca na yacadra na Gone Marama, na yaca tabu kimamu vakamareqeta qima na kai Burebasaga.

    Au na tukuna ga vakadua vi iko, kua ni dua na vanua daru sota kina ena dela ni soso kei Burebasaga meu rogoca nio cavuta waca na yacadra na Gone Marama Bale.

  25. yaqona levu Says:

  26. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – I have always taken the measure of a Chief by the way he or she treats all those who have traditional ties of loyalty and service relationships with the title they currently occupy.

    A good verification mechanism is to ask those of us in the lower service ranks (o keimami na nodra tamata) what we think and by way of concrete examples, why we would hold such an opinion.

  27. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ LuvFiji:

    I agree with everything that Island Boy has said in his above comment.
    Ro Filipe is married into the Mataitini family and his in-laws may be having a lot more to do with influencing his decisions than what we can percieve.

    Because I agree with Island Boy, me and mine will just be over here following in our ranks.

    At the service of our GMB.

  28. Pusiloa Says:

    Cant really compare Ro Filipe with that grog dope Nawalowalo…Everytime he speaks he sounds like someone whose mouth has been disconnected from his brain and connected to his rear end where all the shits are comming from…..As for JV…dream on bro and enjoy the ride ‘cos it wont be long Pusiloa will be coming searching for ur arse…..

  29. LUVfiji Says:

    @IB and aubatinuku-N.

    Thanks for yr responses. Appreciate it !

    I would much rather had seen him exercise his democratic right over someone else. “E kalawaci ga na kau”.

    Forgive me for being the traditionalist that I am, but it just does not potray a good image of the person that deserves to be applauded, and let alone the support, of the people AND of all places, from this site… where we spend just about the best part of the day (ahem)!

    I thought his wife was from Lau… nevermind.

  30. Dauvavana Says:

    Oilei mistype taka tale tu na yacaqu! Io sa vava madafa 😉

    Dua vosota na Naita

  31. Inoke Says:

    A LUVfiji, I was merely making and perhaps in error a comparison of Ro Filipe and the stooge Nawalowalo where there really isn’t any comparison by any measure.

    Every household will have their squabbles but at the end of the day, blood is thicker than water, even that may be a far reaching remark these days, given where the late RTD Adi Lady Lala’s kids stand now from where their auntie the current RTD stands. We just don’t know who to trust anymore in our beloved country.

    These are truly sad times for Fiji, but the thing about hitting bottom is there is no way to go or look but up.

  32. LUVfiji Says:

    You are still mistyping Dauvavana. Au kerea me’u laki ‘aipa yani vei kemuni !

  33. Dauvavana Says:

    @Luvfiji oilei oilei oilei one thing might lead to another

    (waraka me comment mai o Naita IB)

    Ia dou vosota sivia na grog na bogi, qai kuria na vakarorogo veimataqali theory ni politiki. Selai dua mada na coffee e na ROC

  34. LUVfiji Says:

    Esquire ??

  35. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ LUVFiji:

    I can identify with how you feel about this and believe me I do also very much agree with you on it.
    My issue on the deal is, I can appreciate RoVilive’s “democratic right” and as much as I would like to speak my mind here, I still have to follow my ranks. Which means that our traditional role is to protect and support our GMB and in turn all Valelevu clan members as well. It is our traditional role!

    IB on the other hand may have more leg to stand on than we do with regards to discussing things with the GMB and/or the Valelevu clan members.
    Such is the nature of the beast!

    RoVilive’s wife is from Lau and wainisucu is Mataitini.

  36. Tui Says:

    One would hope that as we blog, we contribute something positive and meaningful to chip away, bit by bit the defences of the military junta thugs currently ruining this beautiful land.
    Given the side issues and comments from the likes of Gemini, Budha and JV. I think it makes the discussions interesting as we each try to prove our points. This is the beauty of blogs like SV and Dicom Bubu. We can say what we want and not be afraid to do so. There are times though when we feel we need to correct misguided “lost causes” like JV!
    In regards to my naitas in Rewa, it is not new. There are many cases like it all over Fiji. To name a few, there is the Tui Namosi, Vunivalu Natewa, Tui Suva, Tui Nayau, Tui Labasa and lately the Vunivalu title in Rewa. Not to mention the Vunivalu in Bau.
    Both Ro Filipe and GMB have legitimate rights to the title. Ro Filipe from his late father’s side and GMB taking over from the former through her late Ratu. What I see complicates matters is when we diverge from protocol.
    What has always been the practice of the past? Was the heredity title only passed on to the male lineage? Was the title a “bilo soli” which was always acknowledged by the majority and not unilateral?
    In the case of the Tui Cakau, it was a common agreement by the Valelevu Ai Sokula to “pass” the cup around the vuvale and not just one family. When Ratu Sukuna came, he made a ruling that the cup will only stay with the Lalabalavu family. Of course this did upset the rest of the Valelevu clan who also had a right to the title. You may recall the disputes that happened with the Ganilau and other families.
    I just want to say something to Jone Veikoso and other Fijians who speak about chiefly familiess and titles. Kevaka o kai Rewa dina o na sega ni vosa vakalialia. Kevaka o turaga dina, ona sega ni dau rulaka na tamata.
    Kakua nida dau vosa vaka lialia kevaka eda sega ni kila tiko na noda history. O na vosa tiko ga me vaka edua na sese kei na yalowai kevaka ko sega dina ni kila na vuvale ko vosataka tiko.
    Io kevaka ko sa kila ka qai kodro tiko ga me vaka na koli kila e manumanusoni tu sa mimidra tu na vutina, io sa rairai o iko sa dua sara ga na tamata viavialevu, dokadoka, ciriveni qai vaqakoro!
    There a so many of these title disputes on land and leadership. l The only way to solve these is through dialogue and consensus
    For us Fijians, it is through kava or yaqona. This is the most powerful medium of intervention. Before Christianity and even today. Like any medium, you can use it for good or evil. Better you use it for good, I always say.
    Na leqa qo ena wali ga kevaka meda vei talanoa savasava ka vakai dina. E liu e dau lose na yaqaona ni vei vakasavasav taki. Oya nai wali lekaleka saraga ni tutu ni vanua se veileti taki ni qele. Kevaka ga o sa via taura na qele se tutu, io yalo vaka tagane, gunuva na kena bilo. Thats where “the rubber meets the road”, so they say.
    Of what use is the title anyway if you cannot bring about happiness, wealth and wisdom to the land. Me kani cava gonei ni ra vakaloloma tiko kina na noda??
    Today we have accepted Christianity and the new gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet we are confused when we try to mix the old ways with the new. In the end my philosophy is always, “Good Deeds, Good Thoughts”.
    Anyway people, am taking an early weekend and I leave you JV, Voreqe and co with a quote from Einstein and a stroy from our management class.
    Peace and blessings.

    “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”
    – Albert Einstein

    A turkey was chatting with a bull. “I would love to be able to get to the top of that tree,” sighed the turkey. “But I haven’t got the energy.” “Well, why don’t you nibble on some of my droppings?” replied the bull. “They’re packed with nutrients.” The turkey pecked at a lump of dung, and found it actually gave him enough strength to reach the lowest branch of the tree. The next day, after eating some more dung, he reached the second branch. Finally after a fourth night, the turkey was proudly perched at the top of the tree. He was promptly spotted by a farmer, who shot him out of the tree.

    Management Lesson : Bull shit might get you to the top, but it won’t keep you there.

  37. Tim Says:

    Speaking of Shaista and iI-Arse (some time earlier and in a less important guise), up pops the devil. Hark at her! Must have been a moment of lucidity – defending the rights of the protester. What’s up Shaista? has the crop failed? Or maybe the sis has given you alecture that’s bitten, or iI-Arse has been mean to ya?
    Thank God noone that’s on to it takes any of the opportunists seriously

  38. Budhau Says:

    Tuisawau’s “warning to Kamlesh Arya and his NCBBF is don’t meddle with what does not belong to you ie the Fijian Communal seats. Those seats are the property of the Fijian people and their descendants and will never be surrendered.”

    Isn’t this what it is all about – there should be no race based election.

    BTW – what is the problems with some of these chiefs – that they won’t be able to win elections on a on a one-man-one-vote basis, even with the Fijian population at almost 60% of the population.

    The Fijian communal seat is only there to guarantee political power of the chiefs and to keep the common Fijian out.

  39. tosotiko Says:

    The Fijian communal seat is there to ensure the voice of the common Fijian is heard. That’s what happenned in 2006 and the people who wanted to see the common Fijian disenfranchised freaked out. But blog on people! Ena qai yati mai na colo….

  40. Litensalt Says:

    Vinaka vakalevu Ro Naita ena nomuni valataka tiko na noda dodonu na kawa i taukei. Na duidui ena loma ni vale vakaturaga mai Rewa eda kila vinaka na lewe i Viti ena gauna rau se bula kina na Turaga, Marama veiganeni Na MRD sa bale o Ro Lala kei Rt Mosese. Eda vakadinadinataka qori ena nona mai tu o Ro Filipe me saqata na MRD o Ro Teimumu ena gauna ni veidigidigi. Ia sara vosa na lewe ni vanua ena nodra digitaka na MRD kau marau ni ciqoma o Ro Filipe na domo ni vanua.
    E ka marautaki tale ga ni da raica na nodrau sa mai walia na nodrau duidui na veiganitamani mai valelevu, me rau dua vata ena nodrau nanuma na vanua o Rewa kei na matanitu o Burebasaga.
    God has certainly used the current situation for his purpose in this chiefly household.

  41. Striker Says:

    Good comment Ro Vilive. Who’s this Kamlesh Arya? A foreigner, nobody in the Fijian communal sense. What’s this NCBBF? An illegal gathering of freewililling volunteers, according to Serulagilagi. Yes illegal, because this incapable President has no power to appoint such a body. There we are- just a bunch of nobodies!

  42. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Budhau you can spit all you want, no cigar!!

    Tough titties!!

  43. Taukei Says:

    This is for you JV.

  44. natewaprince Says:

    Nice comment Tui.

  45. LUVfiji Says:


    Thank you. You’ve restricted yrself from the topic to uphold yr traditional role towards the number one chiefly household… I acknowledge that with a great deal of respect and admiration!! Good one, girl! Eratou sa kalougata na nomudou Valelevu ena nodratou laveti cake tiko ka vaka kina na nomudou veitaqomaki kei na veimaroroi vakaturaga.

    I’ve no doubt that they would in turn give back to you that same level of respect.

    Be Blessed !

  46. FijiGirl Says:

    Mark my words – On the one hand Chodo is trying to abolish the Fijian Communal seats.

    On the other hand he will be working behind the scenes to ‘stuff the ballot boxes’ with innumerable ‘Vijay Patel’s and ‘Vikram Singh’s and ‘Nisha Naidu’s so that the number of Indo-Fijians on the electoral role will be at least quadruple the actual number.

    To any bloggers working in the electoral office – investigate how they are doing it and leak your evidence to the media and SV!

    We have to catch them and stop them!

    God bless Fiji

  47. Bebe ni Bogi Says:

    agree everyone – nothing to add – excellent comments except the same MO..FO’s.

  48. aubatinuku-N Says:


    You are more than most welcome LUVfiji, your understanding and stance on the matter is deeply appreciated and respected.

    Our bond with and loyalty to our GMB & Valelevu has never changed! Never will!!

    Vinaka vakalevu noqu i to na nomuni dau vakaraitaka tiko na i tovo vakaturaga! Qo na i saluwaki ni bula, na veiuasiviti kei na veivakamareqeti!

    Rest assured everything will be just fine! 🙂
    God bless you & yours my friend!

  49. John Veikoso Says:

    People, do you know that there was an attempt by the current Roko Tui Dreketi to take out Filipe Tuisawau from the vola ni Kawa Bula for the mataqali valelevu??? (Tui??) do you know that he is married to a woman from lakeba?? (aubatinuku???) do you know that his father was a half brother of former Roko Tui Dreketi??? (Alpha Renegade Rewan). So get your facts correct kemudou na naita!! O filipe me muria ga na nonai yatu, o ira na veiqaravi ena veiqaravi tu ga, beauty of our traditional system, once a chief, always a chief, once an indian always an indian, food for thought you ‘indians’ on this site wili kina o iko Pusi Loa se cici loaloa.

  50. aubatinuku-N Says:


    Jone Veikoso is a saboteur!! In every sense of the word!

    Sikasika tiko na nomu weli e na vanua e sigai kina na nomu baigani o iko na kanakana benu qo! Cava e nei Eta? Na nona vidikoso?
    Ke marama ni LAKEBA na marama watidra na turaga qo sa koya tiko!! Cava na kena ca ya? Thats his God given right and who are you to say otherwise!!
    We have our structure and you are just jerlous that unlike you we don’t have to go steal or rip people off to be content.


  51. Always 4 Fiji Says:

    @ Badhau
    You can never do away with the race. Race is ethnicity. It encompasses language, culture and indeed identity that enrich our lives. Fiji was praised and elevated to be the example for the world during the Papal visit because of the diversity of the community, with different races that lived together peacefully, despite cultural and religious diversity. One is proud to be part of a race. Whilst we are all Fiji nationals, Indians, Fijians, Chinese and others should be proud of their race. Whilst you can change your citizenship, you can never change your race. Fijians according to the New Zealand Governments definition are those with Fijian ethnicity, the same for Indians from Fiji are classified as Asians but are all regarded as Fiji Nationals. Race is simply a fact of life and indeed a gift of God. Be thankful!

  52. Taukei Says:

    Bring in the Marines already U.S.A.

    The US says Fiji’s interim Government and the National Council for Building a Better Fiji lack the key ingredients to change the country’s political system.

    In a statement today, the US Department of State said if the people of Fiji wanted change, then decisions should be made “transparently, inclusively, and legally”.

    “The interim Government and the National Council for Building a Better Fiji (NCBBF) lack such transparency, inclusiveness, and legality,” it said.

    The statement was made in response to the Council’s communiqué on April 15, which called for changes to Fiji’s electoral system.

    This has been backed by the interim Government.

    It said the electoral system enshrined in Fiji’s Constitution was reached through transparent, exhaustive consultations among all political groups in Fiji and received unanimous endorsement by the Fiji Parliament in 1997.

    “The US continues to urge the return of rule of law with a legally elected government. Such a government, legitimised by the people’s votes, can best consider important issues like possible changes to the electoral system.”

  53. John Veikoso Says:

    Okay, I give up. You are all right and I’ve been having a brain fart for too long.

  54. solivakasama Says:

    With all due respect to my Turaga and Marama Nites, I think we should stick to discussing the subject raised by Ro Filipe rather then discuss the in and outs of the Royal House of Burebasaga.

    Chiefly things regard the various Vanua Vakaturaga should be discussed by those that have the right to speak about it at the Vanua level.

    E na beci kina na vanua ke mai ceburaki tu vaka oqo e matana levu.

    Dou vosota na wekaqu mai Burebasaga. Au nuitaka ni dou na ciqoma na kerekere malumalumu oqo.

    Kutu (SV co-editor)

  55. IslandBoy Says:

    @aubatinuku-N & LUVfiji – leqa tiko vakalevu na trigger finger nei naita Dauvavana, vakavuna me siri vakatotolo qai calacala na tonotono ni nona tabataipa. Kevaka ni segai ni dua na ka maleka e tara, sa baci via vava tu ga o naita. Drau kerea vua me sobu, sa keke na dakui Bu Tavaita.

    Kena iwali me toni limalima na nona iqaqalo ena disi gusu raraba, sova kina e dua taucoko na tavaya waiwai, qai mai wadruci yani vakamalua.

    OOOHH NITE! Vacava that?

  56. IslandBoy Says:

    @Dauvavana – Ni bula vinaka na turaga naita, se dede ko yali mai vale. Kamica nai rogorogo ni nomuni vaka oilei. Sa bu wacava na gauna o ni qai vakadre domo kina. NOCHEE!

    Ke sa mani sosoko sivia na memu yaqona, vakawai taka na memu bia.
    Sa dri yani.

  57. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ SV.

    Vinaka for the reminder! Much appreciated, no need to apologize, I must admit I get real passionate about it.
    Just standing up for what I believe in!
    Ni kua ni leqa taka na buturara, because this blog did not go in to drag precious out, precious decided to drag itself through mud and all sundry.
    We as citizens who cannot just stand by and let people pile on the crap. We must speak out or forever go down in history as the ones who stood around silent while atrocities were being commited.

    In the service of my GMB.
    Once again we much appreciate the reminder SV!
    Vinaka saka vakalevu.

  58. LUVfiji Says:

    @ SV

    Thanks for the gentle reminder!

    I guess aubatinuku-N’s response sufficiently covers the rest of us that participated in the discussion. @a-N. Thanks to you.

    Na vakavinavinaka mai na dua na tiki Kubuna !

  59. Dauvavana Says:

    @ IB and ratou na Naitas

    Ooooohhhhh Naaaaiiiiiittttt 🙂 🙂 🙂

    And as for SV’s reminder, ni mavoa o Burebasaga keitou mai mavoa talega e Kubuna.

    Me dei ka cecebuya tiko na drotini, lagilagi kei na dokai ni tikotiko turaga e Burenivudi.

    Have a good weekend all, sa na vakamuri nai vakasala mai vua nai taukei kei Mataisuva (IB) me sa vakasosoko na mequ yaqona qai vakawai na mequ bia de lakolako au se baci mateni mai ka mai taceqe na noqui qaqalo e noqu keyboard ni baci votu mai na matai koya na baji votu ya o Shaista meu mai nightmares tu yani kina 😦

  60. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Bhahahahahah!! 🙂
    Nomu tiko mada ga na Kalougata e na vi gauna qima naita Dauvavana!!

    Oooohhhhhhh Naaaaaaiiiiiiiitttttttt Kadina gonei!!

    Au vakamuria tiko mai na nomudrau vivosaki vata i IB!
    Dua ga na ka au rawa ni kanaka i ke!

    “Big time sensory overload for me, reason to have more than 2 glasses of wine with my dinner tonight” 😉
    huh, huh!!

    Ni sa qima na ka taucoko me tu qai lai suntan yani i Mataisuva, nodatou yalava ya!!

  61. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ LUVFiji.

    No worries me matey!!
    You know I have your back!
    God bless you and yours always!

    Dredre ga o kemudou na nitou naita!!

  62. John Veikoso Says:

    Aubatilutu oops nuku, why you jumping up and down about Filipes’s pillow, she still flies??? kila ga na high flyer, gunugunu ni sucu vinaka tokara toka na marama ko ya!!! sa rauta me veilecaki o turaga nite. Dauvavana, vana mada ga na nomu maimuri, kua mada na viavia vuku tiko. What Royal Household in Rewa Solivakasama??? try and read the history of Fiji!! the VUNIVALU is really the warlord and Chief over Burebasaga, qai mai yaco e dua na veisolisoli, tovolea mo ni kila na veika baleta na noda vanua dou yavu dosi, vabibi vei kemuni na kai Rewa!! sega ni dou kila tu mada ga na nomuni yatu, nodra cabe mai dosi mai na nomuni vanua sa vavuna na nomuni lecaika, shame on you so called, wanna be fijians!!!

  63. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Kua ni leqa bro,
    Keitou taukena tale ga na sisi ni Lakeba o keitou………LOCK , STOCK & BARREL!!
    Believe me I know all about Vuanirewa, you my friend are talking to someone with inside info.

    Vunivalu cava tale o kanaka tiko o iko?
    You are off topic brother man!! You sound so familiar I have managed to map your location on my grid BOY!!
    Vosa tiko!
    Look over your shoulder everywhere you go!!
    You and seventy seven generations after you!
    You speak of things you know nothing of!!

    OH! How very pathetic, a Mataitini sympathiser among our midst!
    You still have not answered my question to you on the 3 point plan.

  64. Dauvavana Says:

    Vosavosa ga ni Kaisi kawaca e jiko vei Jone Edre Kaca, what do you people think?

    Ke vaka me kilai wati Ro Filipe then he should not talk like that about her given his all time support for the vunivalu of Rewa in his above comments.

    Evonne, for his info is a niece of the late Vunivalu of Rewa. She is the daughter of his younger sister.

    And by the way, I sense a bit of tirivu cala qai wainidiva no kabita from Jone Ulukobo’s comments. Dream on 😉

  65. IslandBoy Says:

    @Dauvavana & aubatinuku-N. Sa vakudukudua tu qo na medatou gunu, kua mada na lose na bogi edai. Tonight’s menu, chilled white wine and chilled bacardi with bu juice over crushed ice and lime juice. yummm

    Qai dua na kena kari toa gaga qai vata na roti katakata. Vacava that.

    aubatinuku-N, daru qai waraka na boko ni cina vi ratou na FEA me daru boboka nai qaqalo ni naita. Ca na kana keke!!!!

  66. Tebara Says:

    JV sa kua so na via tuvakawa ni o ni sega ni kila na i sema ni kawa. Me cava kina ke marama ni Lakeba o Yvonne. Na ka o sega ni kila ni vasu Turaga mai Lomanikoro.

  67. IslandBoy Says:

    Jone Veikoso – LUVfiji and I were exchanging views on Ro Vilive’s political position in terms of the statements he is making with increased frequency.

    This is his political right, quite separate and distinct from his traditional family ties and obligations to the GMB.

    Our point is that in crossing his lines he had inadvertently (or not) contravened his traditional role as a much younger member of Valelevu.

    Your puerile personal comments about Yvonne and her profession as a flight attendant are way beyond the bounds of decency. You may be in urgent need of psych evaluation, analysis and counselling assistance.

    You have presumed to lecture us here regarding our knowledge and traditional roles, forgetting that many of us commoners (tukadra and budra) the GMB and the members of Valelevu, have a sacred duty to address and correct with loving discipline, chiefs who have strayed or who may be hurting the Vanua.

    E duidui nai balebale ni tamata ni turaga, o keimami na tau vanua vata kei nai balebale ni tamata kaisi.

    The fact that you do not seem to know the difference, and so freely use the word speaks volumes about the category in which you have placed yourself.

  68. iceman Says:

    jone naivoco..gusu bona!!!.Drau lai dre kau dre kei jo nawalowalo

  69. aubatinuku-N Says:


    @ Naita Dauvavana.

    Naita, vacava tale na menu for tonight sa vakaraitaka tiko mai ya o noqu i to dredre IB!
    Au sa macu sala!!

    Dua mai keri!! 🙂

  70. Adi Kaila Says:

    Absolutely Correct IB!

  71. Mieke Says:

    TUISAWAU – isnt this the same man who tried to take Ro Teimumu’s current traditional position thus resulting in a personal family feud? The same man who could not win an open seat? The same man who yrs ago was accused of being a corrupt (liar, thief etc) person? If not, why havent we heard of him before but now? The whole cake is def’ better than just a slice!

  72. hopefiji Says:

    Mieke alot of unfounded character assassnation allegations….so where is your proof. Unlike you and JV, and badhu at least Ro Filipe is fighting for Fijian rights and others rights under the constitution,…not just sitting on his ass doing nothing…that’s the kind of Fijian leaders we want, not easily bought ones like flip flop Nawaluwalo who changes as the wind blows, and others like Ratu Fili from Bua who can be bought with a promise of a position.

    I support Ro Filipe..this is the new generation of educated caring Fijians who will not sway under threat of politucal harrassment…..military know they cant touch him…becos to do so would invite shit that they cannot handle…

  73. LUVfiji Says:


    I applaud the stand the Rewa Provincial Council has taken towards the GCC reform. Bravo to the Delta!! And, it is so just and fitting to have the GMB chair the RPC at a time such as this. I see the Rewa Province in solid unity rallying behind her with wise counsel and support she dearly deserves. Long may she reign!

    Oh! how I yearn the same for Tailevu. Alas… !

    Gonei; sa baci la’i ciqi sara tu ya o Finau Tabakaucoro i na Taskforce vei Jo Nawalowalo. Ko la dau kakanaki tu… birds of a feather flock together. Oilei, o Adi Busi. Kua la ni bai dua mai na kedrau i rogo! 😉

  74. aubatinuku-N Says:

    I’m still craving more of the chilled white wine, chilled bacardi with bu juice & crushed ice & lime juice. Qai mai muria yani na kari toa gaga vata na roti katakata!
    Sa lai caka sala yani qo!
    I really love the fact that my GMB has just taken charge, we can have so much more faith in our system now!!

  75. John Veikoso Says:

    GMB?????? sega ni vuli rawa o koya ena RB, O Vilive mada qori a suguti koya enai tutu ni RTD, sa baci lade o Eveli, io o okoya dina na dra va RTD, sega ni o rau na dra tani o GMB kei vilive. Well people thats what the council said but at grassroot level they all support the IG, watch when FB calls the Bose Vanua and selects GCC members from Rewa from it then where will GMB and Vilve stand???? ena dabibi mai Nukulau na vanua rau na lai tini kini sa na qai dua na pote levu sara….

  76. aubatinuku-N Says:

    You wish!!

    You have no idea about the concept of “grassroots” in Rewa then!! And I like the fact that YOU PEOPLE ARE TOTALLY CLUELESS!!

    You really should leave your glass bubble sometimes and walk on the wild side a bit, you might be able to experience life in the raw.
    You Jone Veikoso sound a lot like just one of Eveli Mataitini’s very own, because you never cease to tout so stupidly something that has no standing with the people of Rewa.

    O se sigai ga ni vuli rawa? Cava tale o du se saga tiko? Vinaka mo du vosa vinaka sara tiko vaqori.

    You people are going down big time!!

  77. atamatayuba-T Says:

    john veikoso……….


    1. O vosa vakacacataka na Gone Turaga o Ro Filipe Tuisawau – “o qai varaitaki iko dina ga ni o sega dina ga ni kawa turaga”. Ra, kawa vaka turaga o Ro Filipe Tuisawau.

    2. O vosa vakacacataka na Gone Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi – “dont want the so called chiefs like _______,’Teimum’,wanna be chief”.
    Edai e ‘chief’ tiko o Ro Teimumu.V.Kepa,Na Gone Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi.Ena vanua o REWA.

    3.O sa siosio sara ena, noqu Loma ni Yavu – “the VUNIVALU is really the warlord and Chief over Burebasaga”. SEGA ni dua na vei solisoli,e Ciqoma ka Vakadonuya na Gone Turaga Na Vunivalu. Na nodra kerekere na Sau Turaga, o ira na Bati kei na vanua o Rewa me dua na Tui kei Rewa ( Roko Tui Dreketi) A sega ni tarovi, tarogi, se vosa muri taki yaco tu mai edai. Burebasaga, e dua na matanitu….QO NA YASANA O REWA.O REWA QIMA. Mo kila sara tiko… tekivu edaidai, KUA talega ni siova se o vola me dua na ka me baleta na Vunivalu kei Rewa ena vuku ni vakacacani na GMB ….me vaka na nomu vosa – “as i’ve told you before, sega ni mai buturara ni veitalanoa o ira dina na turaga na blog site”.

    4. O vosa Beci ira qima na Gone ni Rewa – “vakabibi vei kemuni na kai Rewa!!sega ni dou kila tu mada ga na nomuni yatu”. Kua ni siova e dua na ka me baleta na kai REWA vakabibi Na GMB.

    “warlord”… Na kena YAU se toka vinaka tu qo. Se drodrova vinaka, tu qo na Dra kei na wai ni Tagi vei ira na matavuvale qima era tagica tu na Luvedra, Tacidra kei na Watidra me ra lesu yani ena nodra dui vale. Ena vuku ni nodra saga me ra valuti, REWA.
    KUA ni kidacala ni sa cabo na kemu yau, Mo sa na vakaqarai iko. Veitalia se marama. Ni sa kune, o na vakararawataki tu e tinikarua na siga. Qima, na yagomu ena wase vaka tinikarua. Qai, lili tu ena vei tinikarua ni tikina o REWA.Me na kila o REWA kei VITI raraba, na nomu kalawaca na yavu Turaga e Lomanikoro, REWA.



  78. Beware The DividenConquerRule Says:

    Beware Freedom Fighters. Leave family matters within the family and closed doors. Distractors tactics – create chaos and divide and conquer, using provincial politics. Don’t fall for the trap. Focus on the bigger family issues. United we stand, divided we fall. Freedom for Fiji.

  79. anon Says:

    E leqa gona o John Veikoso ni sega ni kila e dua na ka ia sa dua na ka na levu ni nona vakilakila the signature nodratou na lialia mai QEB. Ka kecega e vosa kina, all without substance, na vesu mona e cakava na mataqali ga era cakava kece tu. Qo ke tukuni ka taki eke na vanua vakaturaga o LAU se TAILEVU, ena baci vakayatuyatu voli o bokola, ra dau kaya mai lau ” era tawa wili” bunch of sour grapes the whole lot of them!!!

  80. anon Says:

    get gone with you jone vakosakosa! stop trying to drive a wedge where it doesnt exist. dou qarauni kemudou ga mai na keba. sa rogo levu mai na nomuni tawase na sotia ni kauta mai na leqa vei keimami na lewenivanua.

    e ca gona ni ko ni sa ‘green’ kecega, ni sega ni lewena e dua na vanua, ni sa nei voceke kecega. ni ia tikoga na cu vei voceke, sa sivia na nomuni veiqati vakatakikemuni tikoga. ni sa vaka mai na sasayalewa na nomuni veiqati.

    dou bau leqa taki kemudou madaga. ena sega ni dua na ka dou mai kainaka eke, me veisautaka na neimami vakabauta ni na tini na matanitu dukadukali oqo.

    na veimatanitu kece ena tini ena dua na siga, na siga ni nomudou rusa sa roro mai oqo, dou vakarautaki kemudou ga! dou tekivu yania na nomudou taurusese kaki three-quarter, dou vakarautaki kemudou ki na valeniveivesu e naboro!

  81. John Veikoso Says:

    Aubatilutu, oops nuku kei tamata tayabu (yavu mai vei oya, benubenu mai lami?) drau vosoti au turaga naita, tovolea mo drau vakasama mada. Keda la qo na kai vata, keimami sa vabauta ni na kauti keimami ena dua na vanua vinaka na IG, sa rauta mada na gauna ni GMB, Tui Cakau kei ira na nodrau lawalawa, soli mada vei keimami na tawa vanua me keimami cicvaki viti, sara takali yani na turaga kai na marama bale dina ni noda vanua, sa qai vo ga na ciriveni, if you wanna live in glass houses dont throw stones. We believe in FB and the cause so sorry for you anon because you will always be anon…insignificant like SDL and Qarase now.

  82. anon Says:

    JV – so you’ve fnally acknowledge that it is time for tawa vanuas to lead, which means that Voreqe is a tawa vanua, not RT so you establish this from where, where the sun doesn’t shine I suppose. IG taking you to a better place, koya ni sa qai dinau yarayara tu ga kina to all the money lenders and shopkeepers. Sa ka ni veitalanoa vei keimami na money lenders na vesu ni nomuni ATM cards. You’re correct sa mai liutaki keda dina tu qo e dua na ciriveni, bokola qai macawa, sa tawa vanua mada qai ta sukulu…awa cava tale beka nomudrau credentials!! Check out loan departments in all banks, sinai ga kina na sotia, vaqara bula – so again like you say, if you live in aglass house don’t even think about throwing stones…..ulupepa!!

  83. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – Vinaka Vakalevu Marama Nite. Under the leadership of the GMB Rewa is standing firm and at the risk of self-praise I must say the position taken by the Prov. Council is coherent and rationale and I am glad that is has been unwavering.

    After what we said about Ro Vilive last week, I think he did the province great credit on Viti Nikua this afternoon. He was very factural in quoting chapter and verse and had his facts down solid. If he is reading this, well done Na Maku!

    There is no denying that we in Rewa are richer in resources and stronger when he fell in line with the GMB. I guess he was just on a very steep learning curve.

    Au kerea mo ni Ni vosota na taro qo. I have spoken to a lot, in fact an overwhelming majority of my naita I speak with, are against the IG and the NCBBF. Do you think those in Tailevu against the charter will be able to have a significant impact at your provincial council when it meets to deliberate?

    Last question, promise – Adi Kaila has made a few comments about Adi Finau climbing aboard the NCBBF process. I think we can all say we know the Roko Tui Bau’s position as well as Ratu Epeli N. AK’s comments made me think about the majority of the yanuyanu turaga – do they support or oppose the IG?

    I guess the treatment handed out to Ratu Jope by FB must also influence a lot of opinion. Would really like to know what you think.

    In the meantime we from Rewa will stand firmly in support of our GMB and reaffirm our traditional support relationship (veiwekani vakavanua) with our kinsmen from Naitasiri in terms of safeguarding the rights of Fijians as well as all who call these islands home. Have a blessed week my nite!

  84. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – sorry, rationale in first para carries an additional e should read rational. I previously made comments about the Police Commish’s english and his general reading skills which were kinda of petty, I admit.

    I was watching TV re: his speech to school kids about road safety, trying not to smirk, until he said they must always to make sure they fasten their seat belet. Immediately my nephews and nieces all chorused, ” BELET, BELET.” Now when ever he appears on TV they all say, size ni belet tiko vi iko. I had resolved to be more mature, starting this week until I heard about the SDL’s Kinivuwai saga.

  85. firewalker Says:

    i just want to comment on this bastard, John Veikosonalevu.
    If you know your rank as a ‘nothing’ in the Rewa Province chiefly family, then say nothing you ‘luve ni yali’

    Sa rauta mada na viavia levu baleta o iko, tamamu kei tukamu e a sega ni dua na gauna ni nomudrau veiliutaki.

    Let chiefs be chiefs. You were born as a nothing and die as a nothing

  86. Jose Says:

    Jone Veikoso
    Kena balebale ya iko na KAISI. Me vamacalataki ga yani mo kila tiko na kena vaka Viti dina baleta o iko sa tikitiki kulina baku dosi dosi tiko. Ke o vinakata sara mai logana o iko na kaisi bakola. Qori sa qai insignificant tale. Qai lewa ga o cei veiratou.

  87. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Jone Veikoso should go to Nasali landing when all the dinicavu boys are there and do his “cursing at the Rewans there”.
    Tovolea mada ya bro!!
    Qai mada i Nasali landing or even better qai vei ira na kai Tokatoka, lai kitaka kina na mataqali vosavosa o cakava tiko e ke.

    Then come back on this site and talk to us about grassroots in Rewa!


  88. LUVfiji Says:


    Tailevu chiefs at a special meeting of the Bose ni Turaga ni Vanua mid-last year, issued a statement rejecting outright this IG. That meeting was spearheaded by Adi Samanunu.

    Almost immediately after that, in an unprecedented move, Jo Serulagilagi came out saying that the Bose ni Turaga was not the voice of the Provincial Council. Months later, he joins the bandwagon for “building a better Fiji” on the ncbbf process.

    Then we saw Ratu Tu’uakitau Cokanauto go out the GCC Taskforce, and in came Finau Tabakaucoro.

    You see, the influence behind these moves is almost obvious!

    But, needless to say, Tailevu is fragmented. The province has been at the receiving end of disunity trickling from the chiefly island. I hate to say this, but the longer they delay the choice for Vunivalu, the more disillusioned the people will get. They need leadership; they need direction.

    In the almost unlikely event (a POSSIBLE scenario, in my view, is) the people will have had enough of this muddling, there will be a shift of allegiance to the Roko Tui Bau. The people will rally behind the RTB for a true leader they have all longed for, for too long.

    And then we will see a similar structure of that you have in Rewa. Me dabe na Turaga ka qai tiko na nona Vunivalu. Im not saying this is going to happen, but it looms in the dark. Afterall, it’ll be history repeating itself.

    Right now, the beloved chiefly island seems to be sitting motionless on the dela ni wai siliva, underestimating the power of the people. They’re probably even oblivious to the rising sea level! 😉

    So the power influencing the provincial council is from the upper ranks. Remember him saying, in the recent past, that he was the highest chief on Bau? FT is pro-Naisogolaca through and through, and so is JS.

    re yr questions… Im not sure if its correct to say; the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind!

  89. koicolo Says:

    The cavemen’s folly
    Alisi Daurewa
    Fiji Sun

    A long time ago, a group of men lived together in a cave. This was their home and they did everything together in the cave. No one ventured outside. Every morning when they woke up at sunrise, they would stand in a line and facing the cave wall where the sun ray sat, would match the shadow on the wall with the person standing in the line.
    There was much laughter and fun when this was achieved. This activity took place every morning, at the same time, every day, and every year. Until one day, after many years, one of the men decided to venture out of the cave. And lo and behold, he was shocked to find another place where the sun actually shone from the sky to light the whole world, right there next door to the cave!
    I am reminded of this fable by the early Greek philosopher Plato referred to by Dr Nii K Plange in one of his books on Social Policy whenever Fijian leadership and management are discussed.
    The ugly head of confusion between the traditional and introduced systems of governance has manifested. The dichotomy that exists has the Interim Administration recommending changes to the make- up and operations of the Great Council of Chiefs while others believe this is a ‘no touch institution’ and any action otherwise is unlawful and deemed, ‘viavialevu’ or disrespectable to the chiefs.
    The late Dr Rusiate Nayacakalou, in his book, ‘Leadership in Fiji’ said, “…..For Fijians, the traditional leader, as distinct from various types of modern leaders is the person who occupies the customary office of chief of the group”, .”It seems to me that one of the greatest obstacles facing the Fijians today is the failure to recognize that there is a contradiction they must now make the momentous choice between preserving and changing their ‘way of life’.
    The belief that they can do both simultaneously is a monstrous nonsense with which they have been saddled for so many years now that its eradication may be very difficult to achieve.”
    Given the similarity of the mindset of our Fijian leaders with the cavemen in Plato’s fable, it is not surprising that over forty years on, Dr Nayacakalou’s prediction is still ringing loud, clear and true.
    But, can you blame the Fijians for their assumed confusion? Those that continue to live in the villages, which make up about 59 per cent of the Fijian population 473,983 (Bureau of Statistics, No.53 2007) are forced to live with at least four main structures of governance.
    Firstly, the traditional structure where ideally, there is a chief and members of his/her team which oversees, makes decisions, manages the operations of the ‘vanua’ and develops plans for the future of the ‘vanua’.
    Secondly, the lotu or church which has a talatala or church minister and is assisted by a circuit or parish council for its pastoral and administrative work.
    Thirdly, the matanitu via the Provincial Council, the Tikina or District Council and the Bose Vakoro or Village Meeting.
    The fourth is politiki and identified by the political representative of the constituency to the Parliamentary System, only where the representative is actively involved with community development.
    On the other hand, if political parties in Government power truly operate independently from the central government system where funding assistance for communities are nicely packaged with poverty eradication labels, and instead, wisely manage their constituency funds for the purpose it is given, the local governance system born out of this, could eventually, weaken the traditional governance system that is no longer responsive to the people.
    In addition all four systems engage in some kind of economic relationship with the people. The village resident while a partner is an unequal one and furthermore, cannot claim to have a bargaining power, in particular under the first three systems; of ‘na vanua’, ‘na lotu’ kei na matanitu.
    Under the ‘vanua’ governance system, the village is expected to adhere to and contribute to customary practices because it is an obligation, failing which, you would be accused of breaking the law as Lorimer Fison, a Methodist Missionary and lawyer in the Colonial Administration observed, that the Fijian custom is law and that ancestral spirits were the judiciary, in his article on Land Tenure in Fiji.
    Under the ‘lotu’, the village that does not give will not be blessed. It must be noted though that long before Christianity arrived, Fijians in the Colo area for example, were described by AB Brewster’s ‘The Hill Tribes’ as already practising baptism which symbolized sharing and caring of ones resources. To be selfish was sin and punishable.
    Under the ‘matanitu’, the Roko or Provincial Office coordinates the ‘soli ni yasana’ which varies from province to province. This is a financial contribution expected from all registered male Fijians in the ‘vola ni kawabula’, to assist with the administration and development of the province. The Provincial Office usually provides an account of these ‘soli’ at its Provincial meeting.
    Under the ‘politiki’, the village enjoys campaign visits by the parliamentary hopeful, where much yaqona and tea are drunk with merry making into the early hours of the morning. It’s only contribution is to place a tick against the hopeful’s name.
    In all these four systems of governance, there is a varying degree of reciprocity that the late Professor Asesela Ravuvu wrote about (Vaka I Taukei, Fijian Way of Life) that is necessary when making social contact with Fijians.
    Having said the above, this article recognizes that some villages are a class above others in their local governance systems. Their success is measured by their healthy quality of living standard. Well structured landscaping, nice big houses and a well maintained school. They have reached this far from good strong leadership and wise management of their regular income earned from their natural resources.
    Of such a class is Lutu tucked away in the ‘colo’ of Naitasiri. Their management model is one, the whole of Fiji could learn from.
    They like some Fijian villages realised much earlier on their wealth of resources and reorganised themselves into their own management model which is not controlled, but works in harmony with any of the four governance systems common in the villages today.
    If the government was really serious with developing a robust rural economy and decreasing rising urbanisation, it would have by now, provided a well developed infrastructure and affordable means of communication and movement internally and externally.
    The rural to urban pull to Viti Levu for better education, health and other services, is not only a cost to the villages it is also a cost to the city rate payers and the national budget as a whole as allocations have to be stretched to accommodate the increasing population of squatters in urban areas. And no wonder there are burst water pipes and endless water cuts because our almost 50 year old system which has long passed its used-by date just cannot take the pressure of increased water use.
    And while in urban Viti Levu, new informal governance systems have emerged over the years as most Fijians manage their own development, some linked and some not so linked to their respective villages. Often, relatives who live abroad contribute to these development initiatives through remittances from monies earned overseas.
    A quick glance at the local newspapers is enough to confirm the various forms of social capital developed in urban areas either by common heritage or interest. There are notices for meetings and other events that seem to keep most Fijians in urban areas busy.
    This is proof that the Fijians are emerging into a different style of development management to take them into the 21st century where realistically, the traditional chiefly system will only be recognized for its effectiveness.
    To be effective, the chief must be humble enough to recognise that he or she is a member of a team that is tasked with certain functional roles that may not be so relevant now but can be easily modified to deal with the changes that occur in a global village.
    For example, a few chiefs who are custodians of marine resources are now actively engaged in protecting, conserving and managing these resources for their future generation.
    A few are beginning to realize the importance of planning and are keen to see the people participating in the formulation of their development plan.
    Some chiefs have only the interest of their people at heart and therefore apply flexibility in their decision making as long as the people benefit from such a choice.
    Then there is the chief that is continuing to steal from the people by not giving them their rightful share of the Native Land Trust Board’s land lease allocation. I don’t know if he appreciates that the Colonial Administration including the late Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna had a purpose for allowing him the bigger share of the lease earnings.
    This money is supposed to assist him, in his leadership role, not for him to squander on himself. It is not meant for an annual changeover of huge ‘pajeros’, three houses and three wives while the people continue to live in tin shacks, struggle to put food on the table and made to raise funds for their community owned school that is almost falling apart.
    A chief that works in isolation and looks only after his or her personal nest at the cost of the people and the vanua at large cannot be a chief and time is usually a great teller for the outcome of such a leadership style.
    More than ever now, the Fijians in particular the chiefs must realise that new management models for Fijians have emerged and taking them into the 21st century with or without the chiefs. And these models developed out of necessity to meet the peoples’ needs because the ‘old’ structure is no longer responsive to the people.

    * These are the personal views of the author and not of Partners in Community Development Fiji (PCDF) where she is the Executive Director.

  90. aubatinuku-N Says:

    I just received a tip off from santa’s helpers that Bernie Bainimarama’s profile is now blocked but only too late because those GUN Shots, excuse the pun have been saved for posterity.

    We might be able to view them again soon via Yat Sen Sec Sch website is what I hear because they will be emailed to the appropriate authorities at the sch.

    Out of the mouth of babes!

  91. Jose Says:

    Put Bernie Bainimarama’s picture with the gun on You Tube and send it around the world to see what voreqe and meri’s example of parenting is like with the title “My daughter has protection”

  92. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – Vinaka vakalevu sara na nomuni sauma na taro sa qai tiko yani. Sa volai qima yani ena bogi au sa qai wilika edai ni sa kacivi tiko edua na bose vanua ena tikina Vakaturaga o Bau, by the Turaga Tui Nausori, me laki vivosakitaki kina e levu na ka me baleta na GCC & IG.

    With all due respect and in all humility, e levu vi kimami na wekamuni mai Burebasaga, dau vakabauta tu ni na qai cagi donu na noda waqa ke sa matata na ituvatuva vakaturaga mai Kubuna.

  93. LUVfiji Says:

    @IB – sa raica na ka levu sa ceburaka tiko qori of aubatinuku-N? Sa leqa e dai o ratou qori !

  94. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Heres a part IB’s post on April 20, 2008 @ 11pm. Universal safety!

    I was watching TV re: his speech to school kids about road safety, trying not to smirk, until he said they must always to make sure they fasten their seat belet. Immediately my nephews and nieces all chorused, ” BELET, BELET.” Now when ever he appears on TV they all say, size ni belet tiko vi iko. I had resolved to be more mature, starting this week until I heard about the SDL’s Kinivuwai saga.

    Maybe they should come up with something similar for our school kids regarding guns. Perphaps this should be number one priority among the many issues for the next democratically elected government to push with the Ministry of Education. Not to mention the fact that the very basic foundation of education begins at home.

    “Fasten your SEAT BELET after you’ve made sure to leave your daddy’s guns where they belong”

  95. aubatinuku-N Says:

  96. IslandBoy Says:

    @ aubatinuku-N & LUVfiji – actually that’s very very sad indeed. It’s like they are raising their kids on crack.

  97. LUVfiji Says:

    @aubatinuku-N & IB. These pictures should be exposed as widely as possible. I never have and I never will, allow my children play with toy guns. It is a definite no-no for me and famili. What we see is worrying.

    And those kids even had uniforms on. Where did that come from?
    Dua na ka sa da raica votu eke… the military has become dad’s army.

    YSSS – an extension of Vore’s military base under the guise of a talent quest.

    Isa drau lomani “belet i”. Me lai vavulici mada na vakayagataka vakavinaka na vosa mai na Tebara!

  98. LUVfiji Says:

    @aubatinuku-N & IB.

    Lets EXPOSE these pictures please.

    Isa drau lomani “belet i”. Me lai vavulici mada na vakayagataka vakavinaka na vosa mai na Tebara!

  99. LUVfiji Says:

    HELP !! I better get some sleeeep !

  100. Tebara Says:

    Bunch of idiotic terrors the Piggy has raised. Laurai ga vei ratou na bavulu sese vakai tamadratou. Even dictators children in the global world follow suit of their peers i.e children of rightful rulers and head of state by being vigilant and are made aware of consequences of their actions. This picture shows disregard of fathers wish for transperancy and good governance. Mary with your Bubu clothes .. plis stay home and teach your children or is it too late? This children of all fijian children should be setting example as their dickhead daddy dearest wilfully strip off the democratic elected government of their rights to govern by wanting to set example. Sa rauta mada na vapoposi tiko na BEBO dou yavu CEBO !

    Mere Latu – Teleni .. where the heck are u?take your lofty eyes and nose of your azz and see what your students are doing.

  101. Tebara Says:

    SV .. Can we have these army fotos to head a new discussion ? heading should read something like … DADDYS GALS GOT A GUN … LOL !!

    aubatinuku did u get the ones of the dickhead brother cutting his bday cake with the sword whilst piggy luk on ? Me oti ga ya rabacaki tale yani i galegalei daddy na sword.

  102. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – vinaka na biliga naita! ke sa mani belet, me helep talega.

    On a more serious note I have begged you repeatedly not to leave me alone in bed at night. I woke up at a little after midnight because I can’t sleep without the soft scent of yasi from your hair, all I could feel was the cold pillow.

    Tonight if you leave before dawn, don’t leave my broken heart where your beautiful head used to lay, take it with you. Ni qai lewa na vakamacala vi karua.

  103. LUVfiji Says:

    @Naita IB – Oilei oilei oilei

    Na cava tale meda kaya rawa.
    Na mataqali vosavosa qori e dau waicala kina na vakasama; koya dau sisi kina na yava. Waisaka! Daru se bau manoa toka ‘qo.

    e Uro.. eUro… eUrotic!!! Uuuuuie!

    Na kena ca gona na yadra levu tu.

  104. Tebara Says:

    Kamica na soli vakasama ni da veiraqati tiko kei ira na Naita … !

  105. aubatinuku-N Says:

  106. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Vei kemudou na naita! Qo me nomudou druka! 🙂

    Na sasawailei ni REWA!!

  107. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Du vosota na naita, here it is!!
    Na sasawailei ni REWA!! 🙂

  108. Dauvavana Says:

    A ka ie e sa daba na sasawailei qo

    Au nauma lesu na qaqani sere momona ni Gauna Divi Vocal Group “Malumu ni tolodra lako vata na yavadra…..”

    Au sa mate tu la e na nomudou black snow na Naita

    Naita IB e sa lai rawai tu na neitou goneyalewa o luvfiji e na nomuni vosa kamica.

    A cava tale meu kaya, au sa galu madaga ka vakatapako 🙂

  109. Tebara Says:

    LOl @ Daushootin .. veivaleqai gona na yasi e uludra na marama naita … koya mai jiqe walekina neitou cauravou .. bahahahahahahaha!! vakavuna me lutu mai tebe ni gusuna na vosa kamica.

    Teri yaga na vakatapako daushootin ..rauti iko la na suki …mo vakuvukuvu o qai vakasama taka tu mai na mudre ni cagi e neitou baravi … LOL !

  110. LUVfiji Says:

    Io.. sa dina! Totoka, totoka. Keitou na druka tu ga vei kemudou na neitou Naita.

  111. IslandBoy Says:

    Kivei kemuni taucoko na Turaga, Marama naita. Vavei me sogo na makete mai Nausori, dua mada na noda taralala vakavanua.

    Da kitaka vaka timi, me ono na timi, yadua na timi ni marama kei na turaga mai Tailevu, Rewa kei Naitasiri. Wacava na tatavasavasa ni ruku ni wavu makawa.

    @Dauvavana – ni refer mada vakavinaka na posting vi Mick Beddoes. Rau waraki kemuni tiko na wekaqu, aubaitinuku-N kei Tebara ni lai leca vata tu kei Destiny.

  112. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – au segai ni vinakata vakadua mo ni druka na marama naita. Noqu dina taucoko au solia yani vi kemuni.

    Vanua dravudravua na bucabuca o Rewa, io na kena tamata qima, na kena i tei, na manumanu vuka vata kai na ika i wai sa soli tu vi kemuni na nitou naita, tekivu sara mai ena gauna a vakadratavi kitou kina na Kalou levu o Jiova ena neitou dela ni yavu.

    Ke sa io dina qori, ena segai tale ni dua na siga mo ni leqa kina. Segai na ilavo, segai na iyau, na tamata ga qo kei na nona dina, sa saini mate tu yani vi kemuni.

    Every single day for the rest of our lives together, you will never have doubts, you will never have to worry about where I am or what I am doing.
    Wherever you go, I will always be there waiting for you.

    Meu tei tatau mada, sa qai mai qo na tinani toa, de qai toboka na vosa ni raqa au vola lo tiko yani vi kemuni. Au sa na moce dai e tuba.

  113. IslandBoy Says:

    @aubatinuku-N. Vinaka vakalevu noqu ito.

    Kerei ratou taucoka na lewe timi ni marama mai Nasali, ratou meke sasawailei tiko qori me ratou tu levu taki naita Dauvavana, yacova sara ni sa mama na yamena se lave liga.

    Kerei karua Bese, vakarau tiko nona idinicavu me qai cicivaki koya vakabalavu i Wainibokasi, ke sa vuso na gusuna.

  114. Dauvavana Says:

    @IB, me vaka la dou dau kaya mai na Lomani Buca, “ocei e cata na maleka” dua ia mai. What a way to go!!! LOL

  115. Jose Says:

    Yalovinaka kemudou na kai noqu sa vaka dou sa vuka tiko dou sa ciri sara tiko vakayawa dou sa guilecava beka nomudou gaunisala lesu mai? Dou lesu mai na vanua ni waini diva qori tou mai veitalanoa au sa tai lasa tiko.

  116. Tebara Says:

    Maleka nomu vakayatuyatu IB .. LOL

    Me vaka ga na i talanoa ni veibuli ni Kalou vei kedatou mai Rewa. E sa i vovo ga koya keimami buli kina na kai Rewa. Loaloa ka qai yago ca. Qai taura na Kalou na suka biuta i tebe ni gusui keimami koya mai kamica tu kina na gusu ni vakamacala.

  117. LUVfiji Says:


    Kemudou na noqu Naita! Ie!! Na cava tale me’u kaya rawa. Au sa mai vakadrukai ena vesu mona tale cakava mai qo o IB. Qai kuria na vakamacala nei Tebara. E kamica dina na i talanoa ni veibuli!!!

    Me dou kalougata tiko na Naittts!

    Sa cadra na mataivalu mai na Delta ?!! Sa cava tale ‘ya?

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