PCPI Press Release



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  1. senidilo Says:

    Here we go, “fiji, an emerging chinese colony”

    The piper does have to be paid, foreke and choro and trying their best to get china to replace the donor countries, so the IG can abrogate the constitution and cancel elections without worrying about where money will come to keep it afloat.

    First foreke writes a letter of support to China, then they arrest the silent tibet protesters. And china is such a good example for law and order, human rights, the rule of law and good governance!

    The money and assistance from china are LOANS. Long after foreke and choro are gone, the people of Fiji will still be repaying the loan with INTEREST. Just what is being sold to china here? sovereignty? heritage? mineral exploration rights? land? people?

    what else will china export to Fiji? re-education camps where those whose thinking is out of step with the government go to ‘relearn’ how and what to think? the execution and jailing of dissenters and criminals? (I forgot – the IG already started doing that with verebasaga, malasebe and rabaka).

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    What do you mean emerging ?
    Your already a Chinese colony !
    I was there in August 2007 and saw Chinese men in the streets of Suva , speaking Chinese . They were looking around the streets and up to the skys as if visualising the high rises etc . which they were going to be building .
    Languages offered in Fiji schools in order of importance , Chinese , Russian , mandarin , Cantonese , Hindi , Indonesian , one tok , Japanese , English and Fijian last .

  3. natewaprince Says:

    Vore: Blerry shit!! Nai,o cei e baci cakava na cakacaka qo?

    Avenai: I saka,na cava ya?

    Vore: Dua na turaga ni Idia e tukuna tiko e na TV ni so na sotia e faya taka nona muaimuri.O cei e cakava??

    Avenai: Au rogoca ni o ratou mai na media cell e cakava.O ratou a kauta tiko na i tukutuku ni charter i na yasayasa ya.

    Vore: O sobo,magaitinadratou. Sa so na i lala vutulaki.E tukuni me la’i kaburaki na i tukutuku vinaka,era qai la’i vei vutu sona tiko.Da sa mai rogorogo ca ga kina o kedatou.

    Avenai: Ka dina saka.E liu taki ratou na nodratou O/C vou sa qai lesu mai na course mai Ositerelia.

    Vore: Fakanas!, o cei na yacana???.

    Avenai: O kavatani Jone Veikoso saka. Wili tale tiko ga kina o kovula Budhau kei iratou na kena vo.

    Vore: Bastard! Kauti Veikoso mai vei au.Kauti maqe tale ga mai.Nikua sa na qai kila kina o ka qo na ca ni ucu da va veitalia.

    Avenai: Io saka.

  4. Adi Kaila Says:

    Oh Puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze mark manning your stupidity is incredible, Fiji has a large Chinese population Vinaka Vakalevu & they established a school in Suva in 1936 that is now called Yat Sen School where they have always taught the Chinese culture, language & how to write it. This school is attended by children from different racial backgrounds.

    The same with the schools established by the Hindu, Moslem & Sikh communities.

    Noone has ever had an issue with this as it is important to learn about ones heritage & to be able to speak & write the languages.

    You see we’ve always lived in harmony in Fiji. race has reared it’s ugly head because it’s an excuse for the pseudo ig to try to hammer chaudrys agenda.

    FYI the word is WANTOK which means ‘FAMILY’ yes it’s good to be able to Tok Pisin, Vosa vaka Viti, Valagi, Jaina, Idia, & our own idioms em blong Fisi.

  5. Adi Kaila Says:

    Isa dou vosoti au Bloggers & SV

    na vosavosa va lialia dau ca’ava mai o la na tamata qo mark manning va’a me vei dabui taka noda bula na lewe ni Kai Viti kece – ie all across the different races that live here.

    Au sevaka sara valevu na tamata dau vavuna na tiko vaka tikitiki vata kei na lomaca.

  6. Linus Says:

    Michael Field on Rambuka’s article in Fiji Sun!


  7. FijiGirl Says:

    Mark Manning – Fiji’s ethnic Chinese population have largely been with us since the days of beche de mer and sandalwood trade. Some even came to Fiji via Australia! Generally they have mixed well, learned our customs, our language, inter-married and been right and upstanding citizens

  8. Glawyer Says:

    The illegal regime is trying to pick up tips on how to persecute and abuse the people and then stack the ‘justice’ system so that they can get away with it. They also want to copy China’s ‘censorship’ of everything except ‘news’ that will make themselves look good….we’ll end up with TV-NONE and PROPAGANDA1.

  9. LUVfiji Says:

    Good one Adi Kaila @ 14 April; 9.58pm


  10. gemini Says:

    Well well well… Now look who’s fighting amongst themselves!

  11. hopefiji Says:

    there are a lot of wonderful things we can learn from China and yes I agree that China is a key economic force that is influencing national and global politics and policues, however, one measures a country and this case the government not on the economic prowess or technological advances of its elites but on how it treats its people in respect to human rights, political and civil rights and its respect for a free and independent judicial system. Unfortunately, the IG govt is very naive to think that the impact of the PRC govt’s influence in our law and Justice sector, even if it is only through IT, will not have corresponding negative results.

    But than again…perhaphs they are aware of what they are doing!! By the way folks I’ve been told that the militray is putting up camera’s in very public places, sounds very familiar….Russia and China tactics….so watch what you say and who you hang out with….BIG Brother the Military is WATCHING you!!

  12. Glawyer Says:

    Thanks to all who txtd against the toilet paper charter to get a majority over the sapota’s or it.

  13. Mark Manning Says:

    Thanks hopefiji , at least one of you understands !

  14. Mark Manning Says:

    Luvfiji , Fijigirl , and Adi kaila
    We are all one race , the human race .
    As for who I am , it’s not your business anymore than me knowing who you are , is ! You back off you clown !
    Living together in harmony , is that what you call your present situation ?
    I think you had better stop living in la la land and wake up to the reality that Fijians are in fact amongst the most prejudice population in the world , that is the sad reality , so don’t kid yourselves that your all things tolerant .
    Your population bitch and complain at the situation you yourselves have created . Now with poverty on the increase , crime on the increase , and the economy stuffed , you find yourselves creaming out for outside help and financial aid again .
    Well how about taking ownership of the mess your in and getting off your bums and start by helping yourselves .
    It’s not the Nationalities that I’m critical of , it’s the Doctrine !
    Do any of you understand English ?

  15. Dauvavana Says:

    Mark Manning is siuch a patronising fuckwit, isn’t he? The last thing we need are patronising preaching white trash!

  16. anon Says:

    NP, dredre kubukubu ni kua o Dr.Maqe.


  17. hopefiji Says:

    I disagree …he has a point….what else are we going to do as Fijians the goons goons are happlily dismentalling all our traditional institutions, yes we know that they were not not working perfectly, but who are they to think they can carry out this through the barrell of a gun and not expect reprecussions. Changes to such structures need a stable political and economic climate, and importaantly has to be carried with broad political and indigenious concensus and good will., Not the cowboy and non transparent and dispotic way they are doing things.

    What are we going to do with the outrageous farce of creating a new look GCC, with bought and paid chiefs going out widdle, trick , threaten and bribe the vanua to get legitimacy for their work.

    What is happening unlawful happenings in the GCC not only concerns the Fijians, because when shit hits the fan the burning lava from that eruption will not be contained, but will burn everything and anything in its path….that’s why we must be involved!

  18. Mark Manning Says:

    Thanks dauvavana
    you have highlighted a very good point and supported my claim as to your prejudicial intolerance . I will prey for your soul brother .
    Anyone seen the new article in the Fijity times stating that poverty in Fiji is possibly around 40 to 45 % ?
    This and previous coups have had nothing to do with culture or tradition .
    It’s about money and power .
    As they say , power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely .
    Plus Frank hiding from allegations of having knowledge of or ordering the murders of the CRW soldiers in 2000 .

  19. Tui Says:

    Now now bloggers, take a deep breath and …RELAX!
    Acha rait. Let’s continue with the blog and focus on the job.

  20. hopefiji Says:

    vinaka tui…

  21. Linus Says:


    From Fiji Village.com

    Rajendra Chaudhry charged by FICAC
    Publish date/time: 15/04/2008 [15:02]

    Suva lawyer, Rajendra Chaudhry has been charged by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption.

    It has been confirmed that Chaudhry, who is the son of the Interim Finance Minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, was charged earlier this afternoon.

    Chaudhry has already been taken to the Suva Magistrates Court and will appear in court this hour.

    The charges laid against Rajendra Chaudhry are yet to be confirmed. Stay with Fijivillage for more details in the next hour.

  22. Mark Manning Says:

    thanks tui , that’s better !

  23. Dazza Says:

    dredre mada ragone

    Ratou sa kune na rfmf media cell – http://profilesblog.com/?p=4
    volia mai o voceke mai idia edua na itaba vou. Ratou ia sara na veitaba oratou o jone veikoso kei budhau.

    eratou tabaka talega nodratou computer: http://consumerist.com/374402/photo-dell-breaks-your-laptop-sends-replacement-full-of-pubes

  24. JV-KULINA Says:

    @Linus – Rajendra bleating on radio Fiji is pathetic. Yet another gaping hole in their Chinese wall. Asking about the legality of FICAC is surely calling the kettle black. What a spoilt little arsehole.

    If Ratu Josefa Basulu’s radio report is to be beileved, do you think he will last as a NCBBF member.

  25. Folasade Says:

    As Bob Marley sang, A HUNGRY MAN IS AN ANGRY MAN

    Why Are So Many Fighting For Food?
    ABC News Asks Reporters Around the World to Analyze the Global Food Crisis
    April 10, 2008 —

    Food prices are rising around the world. In an interview with ABC News, Gregory Barrow, senior public affairs officer at the World Food Program (WFP), said that “the WFP has identified a number of countries that have been badly affected, and we have identified a type of country that’s most likely to suffer from rising food prices.”

    “”The kind of country to be worst-affected is a country which depends on importing its food to meet its people’s needs, it is likely to have witnessed dramatic inflation recently, and where individuals typically spend a significant portion of their income, i.e. 50 percent or more, on food.”

    According to Barrow, this definition “would cover a number of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa as well as countries in Asia, like Bangladesh and Pakistan.”


    ABC News takes a look at some of the countries most badly hit by the growing food crisis.


    The poorest country in the Americas, Haiti has seen some of the worst food-related riots in recent months, with protestors taking to the streets, burning tires and looting shops. As the vast majority of Haiti’s population struggles to get by on less than $2 a day, the rising prices of staple food items like rice and beans have left many Haitians angry with the government for not reducing taxes on foodstuffs.

    President Rene Preval recently acknowledged that the country’s problems were related to its dependence on imported rice and promised to boost food production. But opposition leaders immediately attacked him for doing little to address immediately the issue of food shortages.

    Rising fuel costs have also made transportation of foodstuffs increasingly expensive, making the current global crisis especially painful for this nation, which already suffers from extreme poverty. On Wednesday, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon asked donors to provide emergency aid to Haiti.

    The current unrest has provoked the U.S. Coast Guard to keep a careful eye on Haiti, in case of a migrant exodus to American shores.


    For the more than 600 million people who work in agriculture here, for the more than 600 million farmers and their families who live on less than $2 a day, it is the difference between cooking with oil and barely eating anything.

    Wholesale inflation hit its highest level here in three years, and for 1.1 billion Indians, that means that fruits and vegetable prices have risen 20 percent in just the last month — mostly because of lack of irrigation and unseasonably early rainfall. To try and tame inflation, the government relaxed import duties on oils and banned exports on all but the most expensive rice.

    But India is as much part of the problem as it is victim. This country is the second-largest rice producer in the world and is now exporting a fraction of what it used to, helping driving rice prices up in Asia and around the world.

    And there have never been more Indians — the country adds 20 million each year — and they have never been richer, demanding more and more food, especially meat, which takes more wheat to produce.

    The more that the new global giants China and India eat, the higher your food prices will go.


    In Nakuru, Kenya, the price of kales, the staple vegetable, has doubled in the last three months.

    Local conditions are partly to blame; last year’s post-election violence ripped through Nakuru and the resulting ethnic fighting has driven people from their farms.

    But food prices are rising across all of Africa – due to the cost of oil and demand for bio-fuels. This is causing social unrest throughout northern and western African countries and sometimes deadly violence, such as in Cameroon.

    Kenya’s response? A promise, so far unfulfilled, of free seeds and fertilizer for farmers.

    The Head Of The World Food Program urged the international community last November to take action .

    “I have seen in West Africa what havoc could be caused by the triple threat of climate change, rising food prices and population growth. But I have also seen that there are solutions to help people adapt before it is too late,” said Josette Sheeran of the food program. She described the combination as a “perfect storm.”


    Deadly riots erupted in Egypt last weekend, underscoring how rising costs and inflation can undercut governments in an already shaky region. State police were called in to quell the unrest, which left more than 100 injured among reports of looting and vandalism.

    According to Joshua Stacher, a Middle East expert at Syracuse University, food prices are up 40 percent while salaries are stagnant. Wage hikes are under discussion; typical public salaries are roughly $26 a day, Stacher says. Many take second jobs at night to make ends meet.

    Both economic experts and Egypt’s working class say the government’s economic reform efforts are to blame.

    “This has been going on for four years in Egypt&each year it has gotten progressively worse. We’ve seen the slashing of subsidies, massive amounts of inflation, the floating currency, and this is producing prices that are out of whack,” said Joshua Stacher, a Middle East expert at Syracuse University.

    The cost of basic necessities has risen across the Middle East. The United Arab Emirates saw record inflation of 9.3 percent last year, while Iran’s rate was closer to 20 percent. But unlike those states, the countries of the eastern Mediterranean  Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and others  lack the oil revenues to help fund public assistance programs.


    In Iraq, fears over security have affected food prices.

    Many Iraqis in Baghdad, Basra and other cities and towns try to stock up on food whenever possible to avoid the potential danger of returning to the markets. As food disappears from shelves, demand for it grows, and store owners capitalize on the situation by raising prices.

    An Iraqi reporter working with ABC News says that after the recent battles in Nassiriya, the price of a sack of flour went up by nearly 50 per cent.

    Additionally, the high rate of unemployment (which has reached 40 percent in some parts of the country) means that several families cannot afford to buy such staples as rice, flour and sugar.

    Despite Iraq’s status as an oil-producing nation, rising fuel costs have made transporting food an ever-expensive endeavor.


    Brazil is increasingly seen as a “feeding bowl” for China and India. The growing demand for food in these two rising giants has forced them to turn to Brazil, where agriculture and livestock play a crucial economic role.

    Brazil is leading the way in soyabean production; it is currently the world’s No. 2 exporter of soy beans and in the past two years it exported just over 25 million tons — China alone imported 10 million tons of that share. Soy is often used to feed livestock and with China ‘s appetite for beef rising, so too does its appetite for cattle feed.

    Brazil is also a world leader in the bio-fuel industry  many of the country’s cars run on ethanol, a product made from cheap sugarcane. Critics of these programs complain this demand for bio-fuels is also responsible for causing international food shortages, thus pushing up food prices.

    Defenders of biofuel programs, such as Brazil’s President Lula, insist that sugarcane cannot be grown to replace other crops as the land conditions are not suitable. Sugarcane plantations for ethanol currently take up 3 percent of the country’s farmland.

    Brazil has over 100 million acres of degraded land that can be used to grow more crops. It has lately been feeling the heat of rising food prices, especially in wheat products so the pressure is on for this land to be put to use.


    Just last month hundreds of Indonesians took to the streets in the capital of Jakarta, demanding that the government bring down the price of food. They were enraged over local newspaper reports that people were dying due to starvation.

    Over the last year, the price of basic foods has skyrocketed.

    Rice, a staple food in the country, has risen 25 percent, cooking oil 40 percent and soybeans 50 percent.

    With nearly half of Indonesia’s population, more than 100 million people, living on $1 to $2 a day, the high prices mean many people are going hungry.

    The government has responded by subsidizing soybeans and cooking oil and increasing rice production. The fear here is that rising food costs will result in security concerns, in Indonesia and across the region.


    China’s demand for meat and milk is rising with its wealth. But a bad winter and rising fuel costs is affecting all sorts of Chinese staples — tofu, noodles, and vegetable oil.

    The rising food prices are fueling inflation, which was up 23.3 percent in February from the year before.

    The Chinese government has reduced food exports and offered subsidies to rein in prices. Government officials fear continued inflation will spark massive social unrest in the same way it did leading up to the 1989 Tiananmen Square demonstrations.

    Last year, three people were killed in a stampede when a Carrefour supermarket offered free vegetable oil on a first-come, first-served basis.

    As food prices rise around the world, it’s easy to point the finger at China. Twenty percent of the world’s population lives here, and as its economy continues to grow, so does its appetite.


    In Russia, according to official statistics, the average household now purchases double the volume of food that it did only ten years ago.

    What only recently was seen as a sure sign of Russia’s economic success trickling down to the ordinary citizen is now beginning to worry some experts, who doubt whether Russia can afford the newfound consumerism.

    “Russia imports vast quantities of food and is now also integrated into the world economy. Global inflation will affect it badly,” Catrina Stewart, the finance correspondent for the Moscow Times, told ABC News.

    Russian overdependence on food imports is not just an economic concern. It has a political dimension as well — and that worries many Russian politicians.

    Russia’s eastern region is literally fed by China. More than 80 percent of all foodstuffs available in that vast territory are Chinese imports. With such economic reliance on China, Moscow’s politicians fear that they may eventually lose some control over their eastern territories.

    Russia has little agricultural capacity: less than half of its arable land is farmed and cultivated, and the yield remains poor. Nearly 80 years of communism killed the traditional family farm and today there are very few Russians interested in becoming farmers, especially since laws on land ownership are vague and arbitrary.

    The irony is that Russia’s huge profit from oil and gas exports has dealt another blow to its agriculture — the state has had plenty of cash to afford massive food imports and so has neglected local farming.

    In light of the new data and projections on global food prices, this neglect may now backfire. Russia quite simply lacks a healthy agricultural industry to absorb the potential impact of the rising cost of food imports.

    The blow will at least in part be compensated by rising oil and gas prices, but some economists believe that Russia’s heavy reliance on food imports could still affect it by propelling inflation even higher.

    “As recently as 2000, inflation in Russia was as high as 20 percent,” Martin Gilman, a Moscow University economics professor, told ABC News.

    “Early in 2007 it reached its low point of 7.5 percent. That’s when the relapse began and the fever is now raging. This January inflation rose to 12.6 percent year-on-year, and it seems to be heading toward 15 percent in the months ahead.”

    Joohee Cho, Margaret Conley, Clarisse Fortune, Sonia Gallego, Ammu Kannampilly, Zoe Magee, Tomek Rolsk, Nick Schifrin, Jim Sciutto, Lara Setrakian, and Stephanie Sy contributed to the reporting of this story.

    Copyright © 2008 ABC News Internet Ventures

  26. Tui Says:

    Yes people, like we said, let’s sit back relax and enjoy the circus. We don’t have to do much as they will make a complete fool of themselves before they fade to nothing. Just loud empty vessels signifying nothing.
    Wow fancy that, the prodigal son calls his dad’s baby FICAC an “incompetent commission”. Ha we told you JV and Budhau. Listen very carefully, I will only repeat this once, start planning your exit strategies…NOW! Listen…..
    Rejoice people, the hour of redemption is close at hand.

  27. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    The presence of the six People’s Republic of China Ministry of Justice officials in Fiji, presumably at the invitation of the illegal interim attorney-general, “Kid Cowboy” Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, just proves what we have maintained all along about the misguided and unscrupulous little lawyer.

    Kid Cowboy’s agenda has more to do with enforcing a totalitarian model onto Fiji than it has with administering justice that is fair and transparent.

    And he’s already well along the path towards realizing that agenda.

    Just look at the expulsion of Fiji Sun publisher, Russell Hunter. Or the way the Kid used illegally hacked emails to frame Hunter. Or the way he lashes out at every opportunity at Fiji’s still (partially) free media. Or the latest nasty little totalitarian trick – the distribution of the Ballu Khan DVD, the contents of which had been gathered as police evidence.

    Make no mistake, Kid Cowboy is ambitious, ruthless and totally unprincipled. He wants control. And he will resort to going outside the law he’s sworn to uphold if that enables him to get that control.

    The totalitarian way of administering “justice” therefore suits him right down to the ground.

    Any resemblance between the way he discharges his responsibilities as
    “attortney-general” and what honest and fair-minded people believe that role should be, lies only in the nomenclature.

    Three cheers for Angle Heffernan for spotting this latest move by Kid Cowboy.

  28. glutathionegsh Says:

    new mlm coming to Australia,New Zealand and the Pacific….Leaders required TOP POSITIONS…..

  29. church mouse Says:

    Nice new word for the Fiji vocabulary from one of the posters:
    ‘ dismentalling all our traditional institutions’
    I think that ‘dismentalling’ is a wonderful word in the current situation.

  30. John Veikoso Says:

    Sto dreaming Tui, your hour of redemption is coming when there will be no election next year than what will you do??? cry and bleat about like a goat??? as long as chines come and provide growth in the economy instead of provinces like Natewa that grow marijuana!! I’m all for chinese businesses opening here in Fiji, move them to the delta, lots of unused land because of lots of lazy Naita’s.

  31. John Veikoso Says:

    Stop dreaming Tui, your hour of redemption is coming when there will be no election next year than what will you do??? cry and bleat about like a goat??? as long as chinese come and provide growth in the economy instead of provinces like Natewa that grow marijuana!! I’m all for chinese businesses opening here in Fiji, move them to the delta, lots of unused land because of lots of lazy Naita’s.

  32. Lone Ranger Says:

    JV you are a breath of fresh air on this stale old site…

  33. Tebara Says:




  34. Destiny Says:

    WOW… are the inmates turning on each other??? where is the LOVE????

  35. Tebara Says:

    Love is when you go bend over for your gunholders up at the barracks… Vacava that … Kalavo tiko vei iko sista !

  36. Destiny Says:

    Tebara.. you speaking from experience or just wishful thinking…

  37. John Veikoso Says:

    Destiny Tebara must have been sodomised by soliders, seem to have a dislike for his brothers up at Nabua. Congratulation to Chairman of Lau Provinicial Council, one more joins!!! ha! ha! hurry up people you’re missing the bus, aubatilutu get your so called wanna be chiefs to join this journey, hurry up, hardly any seats left!!!

  38. Tebara Says:

    Honestly, no offense to the one day rich dudes at Delainabua I wudnt wanna waste my beauty and intelligence by letting one of those no brainers have a piece of my meat .. IA IA …!!

    Gauna qo sa gauna ni rai nei Ratu Sukuna …. keimami sa sega ni via lai uvu paramasi na tauri ira na vutuniyau siga dua … bahahahahahahaha!

  39. John Veikoso Says:

    Tebara, you’re going off track bro, must be the weather, take your tablets please. Dont worry no one after so called meat (kulina sara ga) Dau uvu paramasi o Rt Sukuna se o Tukumu??? sa dri yani..

  40. LUVfiji Says:

    Kemudou… Tebara is back! Im a bit sus about you, girl!

    You were missing for a wee-while and so was Destiny. And then you both reappeared together ? Whats going on here ? Anyway, Ill try and spot you at O’Reilleys or mayb at BD 🙂

  41. Tebara Says:

    @ Luvfiji … IM Back galfren … LOL !! Have promised meself to not go on long walkabout session again.

    Who is winning the pre votes in the US ..for presidential campaign … Hmmmm I hope its Obama. se o karuai Monica mai Togadravu.. LOL !!

  42. Adi Kaila Says:

    Hey Tebara – long time?

    Obama se waraki kemudrau kei pei.

    O karuai Monica me rau lai vei tauriliga kei fi.

  43. Tebara Says:

    Adi Kaila … Au se vayaliyali tu mada yani dua na gauna balavu meu cegu cagi bulabula. Baleta na gauna ga u visiko mai kina meu mai soli vakasama e vuki tuburi au tale mai na via vacu taga … LOL !!

  44. Adi Kaila Says:

    Darling – it’s good to have you back!

    Au sa bai blog tiko ni sivia na vakasigalevu, tubu sara noqu dredre niu wilika nomu blog.

  45. anon Says:

    JV is all for chinese investment baleta o ratou na nodratou no 1 client na kena maramas koya sa ra mai invest tiko e viti ena gauna qo. Standing on the road, pick up tiko na 4 wheel drop off sara tiko ena GPH makawa. Kini ucu tale oratou na chinese investors ni ratou raica na sapo ra lili yavoki se tauvi da tu ga…….now the chinese girls are saying no thank you, just go for each other’s wives!! and invest there.

  46. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Destiny looking down her nose again!

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