Burning House Analogy

The analogy sought as justification: ‘seeking to help put down the fire from a burning house rather then standing idly by and watching it raze to the ground’, has been used several times over the years to justify ones involvement in an interim government or organ after a military coup, which must be scrutinised on its own merit.


It was used by the late Ratu Mara to justify his involvement as head of the interim government after the 1987 Rabuka coup, Minister Ganilau in taking up his appointment as Fijian Affairs Minister after the 2006 Bainimarama coup, Pramesh Chand to justify his appointment as PS in the interim PM’s Office and now Josefa Serulagilagi to justify his involvement in the Charter Group, during the Charter debate.


They maybe others claiming the same, which I am unaware of, but the same principles, applies to them as well.


After closely scrutinising this analogy, serious fundamental flaws become apparent, that needs to be addressed to ascertain whether the analogy is properly justified in each instance.


The analogies of the ‘burning house’ in all instances refer to the adverse political, social and economical effects upon the nation of Fiji as a whole, as distinct from the unlawful act of the forceful removal of the lawful Government of the day.


When political, social or economical turmoil unravel the coup perpetrator’s objectives, they approach certain persons or groups viewed by the community as neutral and above politics to assist them steer Fiji away from imminent destruction caused by their coup.


It has nothing whatsoever to do with the legality of the forceful removal of the government of the day.


Now, to correctly use this analogy to justify ones involvement in the interim government or Charter Group, one must first ‘come with clean hands’.


In other words, one must not have been involved either directly or indirectly or supported or was indifferent or silently acquiesced to the illegal removal of the Bavadra or Qarase Government, which resulted in the ‘burning house’ or imminent destruction of Fiji.


If one was involved either directly or indirectly, supported or was indifferent or silently acquiesced to the illegal removal of either of these Governments, then one could be guilty of arson (treason) or by association at the very least and cannot legally or morally rely upon this analogy to justify their involvement.


Granted, there would be some who may genuinely risk their lives in helping put down the flames of the burning house, but they would be clearly visible for all to see.


Unfortunately, there has been none to date or if there were any, they have faded into the background and become barely visible.


Tui Savu.

Townsville QLD.



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  1. Inoke Says:

    That’s just it, our house was not burning, albeit that it needed “spring cleaning” it was still standing and there was peace in the land and life went on.

    HOWEVER, the very aggitated and mentally constipated and demented military commander and some of his henchmen razed OUR home to the grown. If ever a time we are living in a “burning house” it is NOW. We the LAW ABIDING people of this nation WILL rebuild OUR HOUSE and you swines just try to raze it again, you’ll surely get what you didn’t come for.

    Go figure you pathetic idiots of the IG (Illegal Regime) and Dictator Voceke Bainitamana. As for the NCBBF, it’s nothing but a cover-up farce and you will have to give account for your participation in this ILLEGAL Charter.

    The debate was so lop-sided … no one from the Affirmative side of the fence had anything to say that was of substance. Bloody wankers!

  2. Inoke Says:

    I mean to the ground.

  3. ligamamada Says:

    As the debate team FOR the 1997 CONSTITUTION says:


    But the Charter Farters (the team AGAINST the 1997 Constitution) are smart to talk about themselves:

    “Political instability, and in recent years, deteriorating governance, have
    been major problems for Fiji since its independence in 1970. In the wake
    of the coups since 1987, Fiji today has the reputation internationally of

    yes, you charter farters are just the latest “small irresponsible group undertaking unconstitutional activities (with your vocal supporters and apologists) discontented with the current government!

    chek out http://www.fijipeoplescharter.com.fj

    Na i Dusidusi Taumada
    Na i vola oqo e vakamacalataka na i tukutuku me baleta na i tuvaki kei na bula vaka i yau ni vanua ko Viti, kei na so na vakananu me baleta na vu ni veileqa e so e tara tiko na noda vanua ena gauna nikua. E vakadikeva talega e so na kena i wali me vukei kina na noda vanua.
    Na tukutuku e tabaki e na i vola oqo e vakarautaki me vakavurea na veivosaki, na kena vakadikevi vakamatailalai kei na vakarautaki ni vola tukutuku ni tuvaki ni vanua ko Viti kei na kena bula vaka i yau.
    E nuitaki ni veivakasama ka tiko e na i vola oqo, ena veivosakitaki sara
    vakavinaka mai vei keda na lewe ni vanua. Eda sa vakauqeti talega meda
    vakacuruma tale yani na vei vakasama se vakatutu eso ka da nanuma se raica ni sega ni tiko ena i vola oqo.

    Oqo na i Vola Vakatutu. Na i tukutuku taucoko vakamatanifika e tiko kina, e vakadeitaki ka taurivaki ena gauna e volai tiko kina na i vola oqo. Na
    veivakasama kei na vakanananu e koto kina e yavu ga ni veitalanoa. Na vakatutu mai na veisiko raraba ena qai vakadeitaka na veivakanananu kei na vakasama ka sa toqai toka ena vola vakatutu oqo. Nai naki ni veisiko raraba sai koya na kena gadrevi me vakatitobutaka ka vakarabailevutaka na kena kilai na leqa ka tarai Viti tiko, kei na kena vaqarai na vei sala eso me wali kina. E sega ni kena i naki me togoraki se usumaki yani vei kemuni na lewenivanua na vakanananu ni dua na matailawalawa se lewe vica ga na tamata.

    E kerei me da vakaitavi kece e na soli vakasama, ka oka kina na vei soqosoqo ena taudaku ni matanitu, na kabani kei keda yadudua na lewe i Viti .

    Na tiko yavavala vaka Politiki kei na leqa ni veiliutaki vaka
    matanitu e sa tiki tu ni bula ena noda vanua mai na 1970. Ena vuku
    ni vuaviri e ra sa mai yaco, sa kilai tani o Viti ni dua na vanua sa
    kena i vakarau tudei tu na vuaviritaki ni matanitu. SA MAI KACIVAKI

  4. tosotiko Says:

    This ‘burning house’ reason applies only to Ratu Mara and others who came in after the 1987 coup because they were brought in to help a shocked Fiji because no one knew what a coup was. When the newspaper headlines came out people were reading ‘koop’.

    For the 2006 coup it’s a cop-out phrase. Because they are being used by coup apologist… as things unfold it seems certain they were in the know from the very beginning. We were suppossed to have learnt from 2000 that it is not worth it for everybody. They must have other reasons for carrying out the coup – justifying for themselves the ‘house on fire’ reason to enrich themselves.

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    Anyone can find a way to justify their own agenda , take a look .

  6. Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi Says:

    Oso! na tarusese mai vei paddys e dara tu qo ko teleni:


    Sa nodratou iliuliu na teletubby rfmf police! bringing down the FORCE! vakamadua o spongebob!

  7. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    Good catch Hi Hi

    Man – they not even hiding it – so blatant and it looks ridiculous. Police Top and Army Pants!

    So much for no army officier benefiting from the coup.

  8. hopefiji Says:

    sa pathetic dina….what is he trying to prove…new fashion statement…or more threat that police and army are now one organisation….bloody bozo

  9. Mark Manning Says:

    Mark Manning for President , a free toaster and Volkswagon for all ! ( if I get elected ) .
    The catch is , there will be no electricity and petrol will cost a $1,000,000 a litre !

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    When I used to work for the Ambulance Service , our bosses decided to introduce motorbikes !
    I expanded on this great initiative and suggested that we all be issued with our own horses .
    When not in use for Ambulance duties , they could be tethered to posts in the local parks and by eating the grass , would save the Local Council , millions in grass cutting costs .
    The manure could be used to fertilise the gardens , hence saving more money . Each Ambulance Officer would be issued with his own saddlery and each horse with it’s own walkie talkie .
    The next step would be to teach each horse how to speak , like Mr. Ed .
    And I proposed that we call this new initiative and squad : –
    the N.S.W. Quick Emergency Cavalry Response Squad or Q.E.C.R.S. for short .
    Now I’m wondering , would any of the Ratu’s in Fiji , be interested in joining , there’s a gauranteed salary of 30 pieces of silver and a lifetime reputation as a turncoat !

  11. Ablaze Says:

    What do you expect? Mara the high chief, so called Fiji greatest leader, high profile politican etc etc uttered that excuse for allowing Rabuka to stage the 1987 coup.

    Nothing good comes out of being deceitful in the first place.

    The whole of Fiji must realize that Mara & Gaunilau are to blame for the coup culture in Fiji. The military know it but they need to put bread and butter on the table so are contented to play the deceitful game.

    Fiji need outside intervention for something to happen quickly.

  12. Ablaze Says:

    What do you expect? Mara the high chief, so called Fiji greatest leader, high profile politican etc etc uttered that excuse for allowing Rabuka to stage the 1987 coup.

    Nothing good comes out of being deceitful in the first place.

    The whole of Fiji must realize that Mara & Gaunilau are to blame for the coup culture in Fiji. The military know it but they need to put bread and butter on the table so are contented to play the deceitful game.

    Fiji need outside intervention for something to happen quickly.

  13. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    This John Samy guy – does he think we are idiots. From Fj village – “Although the NCBBF budget states that Samy’s salary is $157,500 Swamy said his salary was lower than the budgeted amount – Samy receives an after tax pay of 12 thousand dollars a month, a house and a car.” On my calculation he is rec more than the budged amt – 12*12 = 144k (net) so gross would def be more than $160k.

    This argument is still a side issue – what is the need for the NCBBrokeFiji anyway. Plus they printing 200k booklets. How about printing more textbooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. boo Says:

    And all being printed by Quality Print, owned by NCBBF member Dewan Maharaj?

  15. Mark Manning Says:

    A Chiefly title means didley squat and should no longer be part of Fiji society and the Military should be disbanded once and for all .

  16. wman Says:

    now cry me a river langman!

    this is TOO FUNNY. The idiots realise 2 years later (after crying corruption endlessly in the lead up to the 5/12 coup and since) THAT PUBLICITY is BAD for investigations. Har har har har

    FICAC: Publicity hinders investigation
    Monday, April 14, 2008

    Taken from Fiji Broadcasting Corporation
    The Fiji Independent Commission against Corruption says several major investigations have been compromised by media publicity.

    FICAC Deputy Commissioner Lt. Colonel George Langman says records and important documents disappear when publicity is given to investigations in their initial stages.

    Lt. Colonel Langman says their problem with publicizing facts is by the time they arrive at the investigations scene records have disappeared.

    An example, Langman says is investigations into a major educational institute in the country.

    Investigators arrived at the scene to find all important documents had been shredded.

    FICAC investigators are still trying to piece together the shredded pieces.

    Langman says FICAC will only release information in the public interest.

    He further added that sometimes the media unknowingly highlights important information about investigations that compromises investigations.

  17. Mark Manning Says:

    Only Fijians from within Fiji , can resolve this crisis .
    Evil succeeds where good men do nothing !

  18. Mark Manning Says:

    So the Judicuary is being influenced by the Chinese Government and going there for training !
    God help Fiji !

  19. Budhau Says:

    The fire started when Rabuka pulled the coup the same happened when Frank pulled the coup – there was no fire before the coup.

    Mara’s position seems to be the same as that of Chaudary – that they come in to help after the fire was already stated.

    Our good friend Tui Savu is trying to suggest that some who claim to be there to help, were actually involved in getting the fire started – there is no evidence of that.

    While most of these folks may not have been behind to the coup, or involved in it – many of these guys that came in – they did not come in to put out the fire – they are just there warming their hands while our house is burning down.

  20. Ablaze Says:

    Mark Manning, Budhau and others, whatever you say and think, deceitful is the word.

    If you are going to rely on people like Ratu Joni, Di Temumu, Everett Leung, Kenneth Zinck, Tupou Draunidalo etc etc etc ( these are the good people you had better be prepared to wait a hell of a long time) I say in your dreams!

    These people would have done something by now. They want the SDL to be part of moving Fiji forward. Something these idiots wouldn’t even think of. So there!

    The bastards do not care, they have what they want – A WAGE!

  21. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    @SV and Tui: Clean hands or not, we think more and more people will want to wash their hands of the whole charter farce, as more and more background is revealed.

    For example, some forensic investigative reporting by the Fiji Times’ Inaisi Ratubalavu has revealed details of expenditure on the people’s charter that the nation’s illegal military-backed regime has been trying to keep secret.

    We now know that the regime is spending $722,000 for the services of five
    overseas consultants for 10 months. That in itself is scandalous, but remember, it’s just the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

    What we still don’t know is how much more is being spent on items such as
    associated costs such as printing, transport and the payment of meeting
    attendance fees to members of the NCFBBF.

    Yet NCBBF member and president of the Fiji Manufacturers Association,
    Desmond Whiteside, says money is not the issue. Ironically, in one sense, he’s right.

    The real issue is that the people’s charter process, just like Bainimarama’s coup and the imposition of his illegal interim government, is extra-constitutional. It’s outside the law.

    This, however, does stop interim finance minister Chaudhry and others from insisting at every opportunity that if there’s no charter, there’s no election.

    If they could only put the national interest ahead of their respective personal agendas, they would realise that for the good of Fiji it should be the other way around – a return to democracy first, and then take the charter forward.

    In the meantime, Fiji’s overall situation is at a point where it’s painfully clear
    that the illegal actions of a few have created economic, social and political
    conditions that leave our country dangerously close to the brink.

    The national morale is sorely in need of a boost of confidence, the sort of
    confidence that, as a nation, we can only give ourselves through adhering to the timetable of elections in March next year and the return of parliamentary democracy and the rule of law, not to mention true, transparent accountability by government.

  22. Mark Manning Says:

    I was thinking that it’s the Fijian citizens themselves who have to stand up and fight for their rights . I don’t suggest that anyone holding a title is going to help , that’s my point , a Chiefly title , means jack shit , apparently .

  23. Mark Manning Says:

    Why fight the inevitable , come on , vote Mark Manning for President , a free toaster and Volkswagon for all , however , I can’t gaurantee the electricity supply will continue or that the petrol won’t run out !

  24. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Like almost all institutions in Fiji, the FDB is being subjected to takeover by the illegal junta. This news article on One National News gives us only a glimpse of the tip of a big and dangerous iceberg.

    What does the focus on lending to agriculture mean? Does it mean the FDB has not lent more to farmers because it didn’t have the funds? Or does it mean the bank will start lending to farmers without relying on the security of a lease for the loan? The difference
    between agriculture and corporate lending is that corporates repay, which helps provide funds for lending to farmers and as a result incurring losses.

    We need a lot more transparency. If we had a Parliament functioning questions could be asked. As it is, the evil Chodopu$$ goes on his way without his Puppet Dictator taking even a passing interest in
    what he is doing. What hold does the Chodopu$$ have on Voceke’s tiny brain?

    One National News

    FDB prepares for new beginning
    13 Apr 2008

    A month after being directed by the Finance Ministry to revert back to its core function as a farmers bank, the Fiji Development Bank is beginning to embrace the idea.

    A detailed plan on how the bank proposes to go about this has been presented and accepted by the Ministry as the bank now moves forward.

    Just when the FDB thought it was coming of age as a semi-commercial banking outfit, it was forced to revert back to its core role.

    Having now sacrificed all its commercial lending portfolio losing them potential millions in revenue, the bank has since come up with alternative strategies.

    While that plan might not see any major shift in focus…one part of it will soon see the streamlining of the bank.

    But while 60 percent of the banks lending will be diverted back to resource based sectors, the bank will still be given some leeway in lending the remaining 40 percent of its portfolio to corporate entities.

    This is in line with a 2003 World Bank study on the bank which recommended that because of the expensive nature and losses incurred by the bank in financing small business and agricultural loans, it must retain its corporate clientele if it was to survive long

    76 percent or just under $300 million of its loans are to corporate customers.

    Established in 1967, putting the key word development back into FDB could just be the shot in the arm for our resource based sectors.

  25. Budhau Says:

    FDN that “forensic investigative reporting” – was someone from the inside leaking information to the reporter. Just like Victor Lal’s “investigative journalism”.
    BTW where was this “forensic investigative” journalism for the past 30 or so years – did we see this with the Agriculture scam – that was what – 25 million?

    FDN wrote, “The real issue is that the people’s charter process, just like Bainimarama’s coup and the imposition of his illegal interim government, is extra-constitutional. It’s outside the law.”

    Hey wasn’t that how Rabuka got one of his constitution in place – “extra-constitutional” – that is the name of the game in Fiji.

    BTW – that election that we are all looking forward to – what happens if the “evil one” wins the election, or gets in line for the next Finance Minister – what then – another coup – or we will be OK with parliamentary democracy and the rule of law?

  26. Peace Pipe Says:

    The House burning analogy is a pathetic excuse for joining the charter. More to the truth is the greed for power and money and an opportinist’s grasp for self serving benefits. No matter how they to package the charter concepts and propaganda it does not hide the fact that it is not independent as claimed. All the ig cabinet, FLP and well known apologists are in it holding key positions in the charter such as the pig and snake who are chairman of various entities. Other constant propaganda cliches are that the charter must be implemented first before elections and that it is the peoples charter.

    What is disappointing is there are still more opportunists joining up with the ncbbf. Serua and Lau reps have joined in and so have some other abstract entities. The lure of the $100/day allowance is overwhelming in these times of financial difficulties that money overides ethics.

  27. waikatakata Says:

    Is the “independent team member” the same R. Nair being paid $135,000 as a conslutant?


    The three member independent team appointed by the President to monitor the process of formulating the People’s Charter, aren’t being paid for their services.

    They include Geert Van der Linden, whose the Chairperson, and members Robin Nair, and Reverand Carolyn Amy Chambers.

    In reply to our queries, John Samy says, the members don’t receive remuneration, but only the non-resident members are paid for their cost of travel and accomodation.

    Linden is the former Senior Vice President of the Asian Development Bank, while Fiji-born Nair is a lawyer, whose worked at various diplomatic missions and the United Nations.

    Reverend Chambers is a local ,and is currently the Principal of St. John the Baptist Theological College, and Vicar-General of the Anglican Diocese of Polynesia.

    The members are understood to have met the President today at Government House.

    They will be present at tomorrow’s N-C-B-B-F meeting.


    Charter salaries queried
    Monday, April 14, 2008

    TAXPAYERS are paying about $772,080 in salary to five overseas consultants for 10 months.

    The consultants have been paid for their work on the preparation of the proposed People’s Charter which is due in October.

    The money paid to the five people have drawn a lot of criticism from political parties.

    The breakdown of the budget for the National Council of Building a Better Fiji secretariat for this year obtained by this newspaper, states that secretariat director John Samy has a salary of $157,500.

    The other four consultants have salaries ranging from $90,000 to $194,790.

    Two consultants, M. Moriarty and E. Attridge are paid $194,790 each while R. Nair is paid $135,000.

    The fourth consultant, R.A. Herr is paid $90,000.

    Mr Samy said he would not answer to queries on the matter because he had been directed by the co-chairs of the NCBBF.

  28. Adi Kaila Says:

    the ig is all about opportunity not dedication.

    Fiji was propering until these pseudo leaders voreqe & fingers levu started blaming the Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase & the SDL for their own problems.

    Success is working hard, working smart, not waiting for someone to bring it to you or paying yourself big $$$$$$ & pretending to put out the yameyame ni buka.

  29. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    Why r they slating the media for the release of info. If there was nothing wrong with the consultants wages – they wouldnt be on the defensive.

    So much for accountability and transparency – if i recall properly, wasnt that the reason for the so called clean up….

  30. natewaprince Says:

    Another one bites the dust.

    Under instructions of the snake,the Primary Industries Ministry will be vacating their offices at Takayawa Towers in Toorak and move back to their old office in Raiwaqa.

    Kerekere me dua e vana na tamata qo.Dou rai tiko o kemudou na sotia,sa na lusi na kabani kece ni i Taukei.
    Na ka beka dou venakata qo???????????

  31. Glawyer Says:

    It would be more appropriate for the losers and sapota’s of this charter and illegal regime to be saying –
    “The house is burning….lets loot it for all we can get!!”
    Bloody looters!! Thats what these idiots are!

  32. tosotiko Says:

    Agree totally. Looters. They did not step in to put out the house on fire, they started the fire and are dousing it with kerosene and all the fuel they can getl.

  33. Striker Says:

    Pitch in and put out the fire, while you are at it remember, to the victor belongs the spoils! Makes sense doesn’t it? And from the loot some have acquired after December 2006, coups are becoming the preferred way forward. That’s the whole purpose of the charter you see? Its a way of distributing the illicit gains among the coupmakers and their cronies, of ensuring their interest in the long term and to make their illegal action legal!

  34. church mouse Says:

    To put out the fire, ten untrained volunteer firemen rush in to fix the problem, but hey, another ten are appointed to tell them what to do, then hey stop, another five have to work out a plan out to tell them what to do, then hey, another five have been appointed to monitor what that lot is doing, then ….ad nauseum. Meanwhile Tomu, Dike, Ari scratch around the blackened embers searching for a few tins of food and some unburnt shirts.

  35. rorogo Says:

    dou vakarogoca mada na Viti FM ragone.

    Ia tiko o Kisoko na vosataki ira na veilewenikoro a sikova, e kaya o koya ni dua na ka na cacawiwi ni taro vakapolitiki era taroga vei koya. Cudrutaka tale o Kisoko na levu ni taro – kaya o koya vei ira, “na cava na kena yaga vei kemudou na taro vakapolitiki vaqo – kemudou qo se leqa tu mada na wai”….

    Kisoko, o kemudou gona na yavu caviraki ni kania tiko qo na ilavo ni matanitu! Dou sa matai ga na vosataki ira na lewenivanua – ni bale vei ira nodra kauwaitaka na politiki. O cei mada e digitaki kemudou mo dou cicivaka na matanitu na mataivalu?

  36. Budhau Says:

    Glawyer on those who are joining the charter wrote, “The house is burning….lets loot it for all we can get!!”

    That reminded me of the burning and looting that happened in Suva around the 87 coup.

    Did anyone go save the judge’s house that they burned down in Deuba?

    Hey, so whats with the burning and looting – the other day Fiji Girl was threatening to burn down my beach house in Nadi.

    Maybe we should see if a former Fiji resident, now living abroad has a good deal on used fire engines.

  37. anon Says:

    Is this story on fijilive for real?
    Rajendra Chaudhry charged by FICAC
    Publish date/time: 15/04/2008 [15:02]

    Suva lawyer, Rajendra Chaudhry has been charged by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption.

    It has been confirmed that Chaudhry, who is the son of the Interim Finance Minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, was charged earlier this afternoon.

    Chaudhry has already been taken to the Suva Magistrates Court and will appear in court this hour.

    The charges laid against Rajendra Chaudhry are yet to be confirmed. Stay with Fijivillage for more details in the next hour.

  38. anon Says:


  39. Tui Says:

    Budha, stop reading between the lines like dimwit Drisi. The only people doing the looting is the IG besides big businesses like Punjas who are now colluding with the military to keep increasing the price of flour and rice. You see while the rest of Fiji struggles to make ends meet, your looters are helping themselves to our fast diminishing coffers. Your looters keep justifying themselves by saying, “if Rabuka, Mara, Ganilau and Bakani did it, we can too!”

  40. Exiled Says:

    Burn THEIR house(s) down! Bloody wankers!

  41. daubokobuka Says:

    These firefighters are SO confused, with ther $775,000 consultants telling them how to put the fire started by the Co-Chair of the NCBBF, THE HOUSE IS BURNING FROM WITHIN!!!!




    FICAC charge Chaudhry with obstruction
    15 APR 2008

    Lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry has appeared in the Suva court over a charge brought by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC).

    Chaudhry, the son of interim Minister for Finance Mahendra Chaudhry, pleaded not guilty to a charge of obstruction of justice.

    Chaudhry appeared with a Losalini Waqa.

    FICAC allege that on April 10, 2007, Chaudhry had tried to obstruct FICAC’s Losalini Seru from investigating Waqa.

    The court has advised Waqa to find a lawyer before she enters a plea when the case is next heard on April 29.


  42. IslandBoy Says:

    Anon – yes its true. he is furious, watch thenews at 6. kncikers and tits all tied up and spitting venom. He actually mentioned his father as a Minister and his impressive proffesion as a lawyer.

    He has dubbed FICAC the Fiji Incompetent Commission Against Crime. Sa qai ca vi rasona ni sa kati koya tale.

  43. Budhau Says:

    Tui wrote,
    “….IG besides big businesses like Punjas who are now colluding with the military to keep increasing the price of flour and rice.”

    Hey, Punja and them other Gujjus do not like Chaudary – remember, it was Chaudary who was accusing them gujju for financing the Speight coup – so how come Punjas and the rest are now working with the military – wasn’t it only about a month or so ago that old man Punja was complaining that Chaudary won’t even meet with him.

    As for the rise in the price of rice – it is a worldwide think – you idiot – the military has little to do with it – the next thing, you would be blaming them for the weather also.

  44. Seini Says:

    I thought when the brother of Eye Arse was appointed to head the Fiji
    Broadcasting Corporation it was just nepotism. How wrong was that.
    The real aim was to turn Radio Fiji into an arm of Illegal Regime
    propaganda. On the week-end I found all these stories on the FBCL
    web site. Dr Goebel’s would be jealous of such a propaganda effort.
    Ba residents are told water pressure will be low and supply
    intermittent at times, but take care to store water! What a spin to put
    on yet another loss of water supply 16 months after we told the water
    woes would all end soon. Chaudhry loves tourism! This kind of propaganda has to be done over radio. No-one could read it with a
    straight face on TV!

    Government continues Vatukoula support
    Sunday, April 13, 2008

    Great potential in tourism industry: Chaudhry
    Sunday, April 13, 2008

    Store water, Ba residents told
    Saturday, April 12, 2008

    Ba residents are being urged to use water wisely and store water
    when it’s available because the pressure will be low and supply will
    be intermittent at times.

    Chaudhry keen on Agriculture and hotel industry synergy
    Sunday, April 13, 2008

  45. IslandBoy Says:

    @Rorogo – anyone else would have taken that as an excellent indication of what the grass roots (hate that term) honestly think (without any manipulation) about their NCBBF and the IG.

    And would have used the opportunity to re-examine their stance and strategy, instead of blamingthe public.

    To quote a famous expat – NOT THIS MOB OF DINGOES!

  46. Tui Says:

    Budhau, if SDL was still in power,most of these risings coats would have been subsidized by government. Because the economy would have been able to cushion the rising costs of these of items including fuel. Because the economy would have been vibrant enough for government to afford lowering its duties. Now idiots like you and the military have only exacerbated the situation. You are an idiot for falling victim to that charade by Mr Hari Punja on TV. He threatens government because it wanted to reduce tariffs on rice imports meaning cheaper rice for Fiji. Government has gone quite because it does not want to loose more revenue. Rather the people pay more so Punjas can still rake in it’s millions every month. What dimwits you people have become thinking you are doing any good for this country.
    Get your f%^&king head out of your arse!
    At least your brother Rajendra now realizes what an idiot he was in believing in this IG crap. This regime is falling apart fast before you can call “Vore’s your uncle”!

  47. harmonious fist Says:

    The IG has taken their cue from history and have tried to be very smart with words. Their verbal coverups and responses please their cheerleaders (Prue, Talei, Swani, Arya, Jokapeci etc) but really have not fooled the rest of Fiji. I believe the majority of the population are not fooled, see very clearly what this IG is not able to achieve, see the IG wasting money on a charter that the IG believes will save its own skin, and see the blatant untruths that the IG tries to pass as FACT.

    We in Fiji have come to see how IG apologists, are apologists for violence, by means of euphemism, come to believe what they hear themselves say.

    We in Fiji have heard Father Kevin Barr, Father David Arms, Prue, Talei, Akuila Yabaki, Jokapeci Koroi, Swani Maharaj, Kamlesh Ary repeat ad nauseum the revolutionary euphemism, an invention of the later eighteenth century, brought into standard usage in the twentieth—”You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs”—by Stalin’s apologists for revolution and forced modernization in the 1930s.

    The French Revolutionist Jean-Marie Roland spoke of the mob violence of the attack on the Tuileries as agitation or effervescence, never as “massacre” or “murder”—improvising, as he went, a cleansing metaphor. It was natural, said Roland, “that victory should bring with it some excess. The sea, agitated by a violent storm, roars long after the tempest.” The task of the revolutionary propagandist, at a temporary setback, is to show that his zeal is undiminished. This he must do with a minimum of egotism, and the surest imaginable protection is to invoke the impartial authority of natural processes. If one extreme of euphemism comes from naturalizing the cruelties of power, the opposite extreme arises from a nerve-deadening understatement.

    Such phraseology is needed if one wants to name things without calling up mental pictures of them. Orwell’s insight was that the italicized phrases are colorless by design and not by accident. He saw a deliberate method in the imprecision of texture. The inventors of this idiom meant to suppress one kind of imagination, the kind that yields an image of things actually done or suffered; and they wanted to put in its place an imagination that trusts to the influence of larger powers behind the scenes. Totalitarianism depends on the creation of people who take satisfaction in such trust; and totalitarian minds are in part created (Orwell believed) by the ease and invisibility of euphemism.

    Like the National council for “building a better Fiji” and the “Peoples Charter for Progress, Peace and Change” What do these phrases mean? As their creator knew, the mode of their nonmeaning Is the point. Like “pacification” and “rectification of frontiers,” these markers of unstated policy are floating metaphors with a low yield of fact. But they try to provoke an image of decisiveness, with an insinuation of contempt for persons slower to pass from thought to action.

    The pushing of the Charter and the NCBBF upon the people of Fiji is characteristic of the unsuitability of the army and its coterie of inexperienced civilians, to govern our country. A group of men AND WOMEN who think what they want to think and pay little attention to evidence have been running things; and they are guided not by experience but by words that were constructed for the purpose of deception.

  48. harmonious fist Says:



    New political forum to be called for Fiji
    16 APR 2008
    A request has been made to Fiji’s President Ratu Josefa Iloilo that a forum be called for discussions to restore parliamentary democracy.

    And the forum should involve all stakeholders including political parties, electoral experts and Fiji’s major international development partners.

    “The purpose of the forum is to discuss the steps needed to reform Fiji’s electoral system to conform, inter alia, with the principles enunciated in the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights,” says the National Council for Building a Better Fiji.

    The NCBBF has also decided to accelerate its work on the draft People’s Charter particularly, to develop viable options for electoral reform, so that these may be put to the proposed forum and to the people of Fiji.

    “The NCBBF made these resolutions after having heard presentations from the Electoral Commission and the Constituency Boundaries Commission relating to the Fiji’s electoral system and on the planning and preparatory work that is underway for the national election to be held in 2009,” the NCBBF’s media committee said.

    Following its meeting yesterday, the NCBBF further resolved to express their concerns to the President that holding another election under the existing rules would be flawed because it would amount to seeking to elect a democratically elected government under electoral rules that were undemocratic.

    Another resolution was the NCBBF’s apprehension that any government elected in such a manner would be denied legitimacy and credibility locally and internationally thus leading to further political instability.

    Furthermore, the NCBBF resolved that after consultation with the public, there would be an urgent need to change electoral rules to ensure the election is held in 2009.

  49. Budhau Says:

    Tui – why don’t you get you facts straight – that “vibrant” economy that you talking about under SDL – hey guy the SDL was in deep doo-doo with our economy without the coup. Rising cost on foods – go read today’s newspaper worldwide, it is not a problem created by this regime of Punja. BTW – when was the last time our government began subsidizing food prices. And that conflict between Punja and Chaudary – that is real.

    As for that Rajend Chaudary’s arrest – you didn’t get, did you? And Rajend being critical of the IG – you didn’t catch on to this one either.

    The Rajend arrest and the resulting criticism by him of the IG agency – was all a show – to show idiots like you that the IG believes in the rule of law and that everyone is treated equally – no matter if he is the “evil ones” son. They did the same when they arrested Franks brother-in-law for murder of Whippy – they initially threw the book at him with murder charge – the same game, everyone is equal – no special treatment for Franks relatives. When are you guys going to learn?

    Maybe it is you that needs to pull you head out of the sand – or should I say pull out of you arse.

  50. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Budhau, it’s all a smoke screen and no one is convinced at all, on the same token, no one is above the law!

  51. John Veikoso Says:

    Tui Savu, they used burning house theory, vacavi iko, prodigal son se lamulamu, no difference between you and Victor Lalm, kena duidui dua na dosi, o iko??? o iko beka na Savu mai Vanua Balavu, nomu brother o Qarase??? sa rauta mo yalo dua tani tiko, sa oti o koya, sagai iko mada, guilecavi viti brother, this journey will go with or without people like your kind!!!!

  52. Navosavakadua Says:

    Illegal Acting Chief Justice Gates wil! be remembered for a few things
    but his chief legal legacy will be the doctrine of “legal until proved
    otherwise”. According to this, any action of the executive is legal and must be obeyed until an action can be found to bring the matter before a court and then the court has to find reasons within that particular case to find that the act is illegal. The executive never has to prove anything. It always has the benefit of the doubt, even when there wouldn’t seem to be any room for doubt. His attachment to this principle parallels his attachment to his office. Without this principle he wouldn’t be Acting CJ.

    Now this principle is being applied by Justice Jiten Singh to the sacking of the Great Council of Chiefs and the promulgation of illegal regulations setting up a new GCC. He said staying the implementation of the regulations would create a vacuum. This is dangerous nonsense.

    Fiji Times

    Chiefs lose stay appeal
    Thursday, April 17,2008

    AN application by dismissed members of the Great Council of Chiefs for a stay on the implementation of the new GCC composition regulation (2007) by the President, Ratu Josefa lloilo, was denied yesterday.

    The High Court refused the stay order application by Ratu Ovini Bokini, Ratu Sakiusa Makutu, Ratu Epenisa Cakobau and Ratu Ratavo Lalabalavu who challenged the legality of the regulations.

    Justice Jiten Singh said there were arguable grounds on the case to allow the ousted GCC members to proceed with their judicial review on the regulations.

    The applicants were represented by Kitione Vuataki and Savenaca
    Komaisavai while Adish Narayan represented the State.

    Justice Singh said he refused the stay order because the proceedings concerned matters of public interest and a stay would create a vacuum during the period it was in effect.

    He said it would be best for both parties to move on with the hearing.
    In his ruling, Justice Singh granted leave for Ratu Ovini and others to apply for a judicial review.

    The judicial review is against the Ratu Hollo and the interim Attorney-
    General on the grounds that Ratu lloilo acted for improper purposes
    and exceeded his powers.”

  53. hopefiji Says:

    Navosavakadua, I agree with you on Gates, but I do not on Justice Singh. In fact I think it was actually very clever of hiim to deny a stay on the GCC for a very good reason. He is a good honest judge one of the pre 2006 judges who still give the judiciary some integrity. Remember the Heffernan matter he heard early last year. He denied the state their application to strike out her matter. He issued the orders she asked for with costs. The state than went to their appointed judge Brynes and got the matter taken of him, basically appealing the stay that he did not grant them . This was done by Brynes pretending to act as a court of appeal judge!!. So Justice Singh has learned a very clever lesson there. If he had granted the GCC the stay they requested, the state would have appealed this to their court of appeal….pathik or brynes and basically a repeat of Heffernan saga all over again. Justuce Singh in his ruling stated the matter needed to go imediately for full hearing…a hearing that will be conducted by him. I stand by this judge, because he is one of the rare ones that have stood by their oath!

  54. voceshitsta Says:

    da mai leqa vei vore kei rau na salulumimis

  55. Arrested Development Says:

    Thanks Hopefiji, absolutely can’t compare A/CJ Gates with the honourable Justice Jiten Singh!

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