These Morons are so scared that……………..

Guess what they are doing to lure the people of Tailevu for support? Divide and rule.

Rumours are being spread around the province that if Qarase wins the Court Case, there will be a coup up at the barracks where the Lauans will overthrow Bainimarama and put Ului there and they will take over Government.

On top of that charter promoters are going through the province promising photocopiers for schools, water tanks, tar sealing of roads etc.

They are even quoting Bainimarama as saying to tell the people of Tailevu, “any thing you want, come and see me while I’m still PM”.

I have been doing my best to talk people out of the “hand out” mentality and also pointing out that the handouts was exactly the same thing the Military condemn Qarase and SDL of. I also pointed out that photocopiers or tarsealed roads will not lower the cost of patrol or food at the super market nor create employment.

Tourism recovery and economic recovery will bring in employment and can only take place with an elected government .

I am sure, these promotions and divide and rule propaganda and rumours have been conducted throughout Fiji by the iIG and Military and tailor made to suit the prejudice and fears of each provinces.

People, go out there and point out the arguments on the contrary as our people can be so naive!


47 Responses to “These Morons are so scared that……………..”

  1. Moro Says:

    So true, people in Fiji are naive at times, but most of all most are opportunists.

    What is he trying to do? buy popularity? If he wants that, get rid of his master CHODO!!!

    Now there are rumors of another coup within the barracks, come on if people are that stupid to do something like this then Zimbabwe here we come.

    Very Sad, Very Very SAD!!!!

  2. Tim Says:

    Well that’s a sure sign of desperation. Cargo Cult mentality. How does Frank and co then EXPECT the neighbours will take him seriously when he, in turn puts his hand out begging for funds. Those he promises the world to should be made aware of the strings that come with it. The first of which will be an additional piece of gold on that pearly white Chinese tailored uniform he thinks makes him look pretty.
    A more accurate symbol of Frank can be found here:

  3. church mouse Says:

    A promise of gifts is par for the course for people who want approval. It’s not a new thing and the acceptance of a bribe can help in the day to day living so it’s easy to lose your integrity.

    And now to just show a lack of integrity, read on.

    Mutton flaps must cost a lot in New Zealand! John Sami has now told us that he needs his huge salary to feed his family in New Zealand. Wow! Some of my relatives feed their family on about $80F a week in Fiji and others perhaps $300NZ a week in New Zealand!
    Samy Admits he Earns $14,500 Per Month
    10 Apr 2008 19:21:51
    New Zealander John Samy has admitted that he earns about 14 thousand five hundred dollars per month as head of the secretariat for the National Council for Building a Better Fiji.

    He has also confirmed he has a 10 month working contract – that puts his total pay packet at one hundred and 45 thousand dollars, not inclusive of housing and transportation which Samy also qualifies for.

    In another article he reckons he needs it to feed his family!

  4. Tui Says:

    Hahaha, this Samy fulla is laughing all the way to the bank while the average Fiji citizens has to suffer with pay cuts, job losses, and higher costs of living. And the response from Samy and the illigal government, “it’s a non-issue”.
    So this is what the pig and Jone Veikoso meant when they said “we will clean up Fiji”! They will clean I mean rob us outright and still try to convince us it’s all legal with the full backing Joe Mirror! Woia, JV, tukuna vei watimu o Gates cava sa rerevaka tiko. Vakatotolo taka na ruling ni case nei LQ mo dou lai gals vei iratou mai na Max i Naboro!

  5. Peace Pipe Says:

    Just saw part of the debate on air and how world apart the two teams were. Jo Lorini and kamlesh look scraggy and amatuerish when they appeared and when they spoke they sounded pathetic and unimpressive. On the other hand our team looked polished confident and walked all over the opponents with the greatest of ease. The supporters sounded embarassing and looked really out of place and unconvincing. By the who is this lorini who do she represent? Why don’t we get the full list of the council members and make voodoo dolls out of them and do the slow and painful disintegrating ritual. Just joking. But seriously we need to keep a list of these jokers and hold them to account for their gross indiscretion in supporting this illegal crooked banana republic instituted gang of morons and thieves. jo comb… the usual great apolomasist trying to justify the wrong deeds. kamlesh taking the blame away from the army. I would like to hear what he has to say when the tide turns and the army turn their stupidity on him and his kind. To me our guys won the debate hands down.

  6. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Absolutely agree with peace pipe, our guys won the debate hands down indeed, the opposing side looked like deer in headlights and hilariously dishevelled in the most diorganized unconvincing way.

  7. church mouse Says:

    You ask who is Lorini? She’s a very bright woman (from Savusavu) who worked in Geneva for many years n the World Council of Churches. She represents a network of social welfare agencies in the present situation it seems. She’s a very nice person and perhaps thinks this is a way to ‘move forward’ though some people would say it’s unwise to work on a committee alongside opportunists without a legitimate mandate to make big decisions for Fiji. In normal times, think-tanks and five year plans with opinions from the grass-roots people – are fine but….not necessarily now.

  8. Maqs Says:

    World Council of Churches… like the pope and his agent not-married-feed-on-the-nun-bishops who are behind things like interfaith services… the one world order people?

  9. vatukaca Says:

    By the way this kai Lau, kai Tailevu or kai Rewa thing were for administration purposes only. We are all kai Viti. Don’t let these political people sway you. Focus on the bigger picture.

  10. FijiGirl Says:

    Not only is Vore copying the ‘handout’ mentality he condemned of SDL of having (and whether they did is subject to debate).

    His regime has also copied the ‘Suncourt Fire’ episode with their arson attack on Colonial.

    The Suncourt Fire allegedly disposed of incriminating paper receipts – no doubt the Colonial Fire will have disposed of a fair few incriminating bank records.

    Let’s hope the bank had backed up its files safely in an off-site location. Ha!

    God bless Fiji

  11. Inoke Says:

    This illegal regime does not have the mandate of the people and therefore anything they do or pass as legislation, etc., is illegal and can be removed by any future democratically elected government in the future.

    All they’re doing now is wasting much needed funds on their frivolous agenda.

    Beware the Ides of March.

  12. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Divide and Conquer
    Empty promises

    Enough is enough already!
    So much time, effort and money wasted!

  13. Adi Kaila Says:

    Too right Inoke & aubatinuku-N

    What the hell do people want photocopiers for? Is there a container full of them up at the barracks they can’t get rid of. I can just picture everyone photocopying their butts to send off to people they don’t like – hey maybe that’s not such a bad idea. They can all photocopy their butts & scan them off to the ig as an indication of what the ig can do with their charter.

  14. MC Hammer Says:

    Has anyone else heard of the rumours that Chaudary has bought a house worth 250k for Bainimarama?

  15. Mark Manning Says:

    No , but let’s start one anyway !

  16. Mark Manning Says:

    Don’t you mean 30 pieces of silver ?

  17. John Veikoso Says:

    Hey people but Angie Big Lips Big Everything Heffernan (kila tiko o naita Batilutu oops nuku) got her case thrown out!!!!! doesnt that show the writting on the wall people???? be realistic how can the courts let poor Qarase win??? I’m sure grashopper wants to live long, dont you agree kai viti????

  18. Budhau Says:

    I see a lot remarks about our “handout” mentality – Tim even mentioned the “cargo cult” mentality – I had been saying this all along – but no, I am just a racist of something.

    You see, the majority of the folks that support the IG were bought. Qarase tried to buy votes in the last election by those handouts. Frank is doing the same – it works.
    Like both sides tried to burn down building that may have evidence of this “buyout”.
    ..and someone was saying that Chaudary bought a house for some else in the IG.

    Does anyone believe that this culture will end with the IG – come next election, they all will trying to buy it – with stuff up front or stuff promised when they get into power.

    Hey guys, at least I am not one of those with the Cargo Cult mentality – I make my money the old fashioned way – I steal it.

  19. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Buy offs
    Spoon feeding
    Rip offs
    These are all bad situations to be associated with in anyway.
    I agree with some of what you say Budhau.
    What we have to be careful of is the “dead voters”.

  20. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    The report in Fijilive about the Bose Vanua in Serua supporting changes to the GCC is a worry. If this report is accurate, the Serua Chiefs who’ve backed changes to the GCC regulations have been well and truly fooled. By endorsing anything this Illegal Regime has done they endorse the regime itself. If they knew anything about what this regime stands for they would know that it plans to do away with communal constituencies, which means there would no longer be any representative for Serua. Instead Serua would find itself lumped in with Nadroga or Namosi and Lami. At the moment Serua has about 4500 voters and gets a Provincial representative. Big Provinces have upwards of 10,000 voters. Do the people of Serua
    want these changes? The Chiefs should make sure they know what is going on before they start working with the IG in the hope that they’ll get a new road or some other bribe. As the report below shows, the two day meeting would be looking at ‘development projects’ on the second day of the meeting.


    Serua chiefs back new GCC regulations

    Chiefs of Serua Province have voiced their support for new
    regulations governing the Great Council of Chiefs, which was
    gazetted by the Interim Government.

    However, they’ve expressed their reservations on the National
    Council for Building a Better Fiji and the proposed Peoples’ Charter
    processThe endorsement of the new GCC regulations came after a
    presentation by the special task force headed by Ratu Josateki
    Nawalowalo, which reviewed the roles of the august body of
    hereditary Fijian chiefs.

    Earlier, the chiefs asked for more time to reflect on the GCC
    regulations, which now draws membership for the august body from
    district chiefs or the Bose Vanua.

    The new GCC regulations say that those to be selected from the
    provinces to be members of the newly-constituted body will have to
    be installed as chiefs.

    The problem with Serua is that most of the chiefs who make up the
    Bose Vanua have not been installed – including the province’s
    paramount chief-designate, Ratu Peni Latianara.

    The province is about to end the second day of its two-day meeting in
    Navua and development projects are also on the agenda.

  21. LUVfiji Says:


    Serua’s support for the changes in the GCC reform was a forgone conclusion. One of their own sons is a member of the iCabinet in Joketani Cokanasiga. His influence to favour the changes would have been laid out to the vanua well ahead of the team’s arrival.

    It would be the same in Tailevu. In fact the team probably need not even go there!

  22. Tui'ila'ila Says:

    Serua Provincial council did not support the new GCC regulations – how can they when their preferred reps are not installed. That $2 clown is telling the world they endorsed when they DID NOT. What they told him is that theres a few issues with the new regs, it should be IMPROVED, and they have SUGGESTIONS, because certain parts are UNWORKABLE. What they told vores $2 clown is that the BOSE VANUA would make the final decision. But here the $2 clown is LYING to the nation that Serua gave unconditional endorsement. The Serua Coucnil chairman has corrected this.

    As for the nominations of the new members, if $2 clown was correct in saying that the Bose Vanua makes the 3 nominations from each province, this would be again, UNWORKABLE, because the Bose Vanua is not legally defined in the regulations. eg it could be just the paramount chief and his favorite grandson and the COMPOSITION would differ from province to province – unlike the Council which is made up of reps from each Tikina within that province – from Tikina Councils which are defined in the regulations and the Tikina Councils are comprised of Village Council regs. Again, Village council are DEFINED in the regs.

    Whereas, BOSE VANUA ARE NOT DEFINED IN THE REGS. So how could the Minister be sure of the corectness of a so-called decision of a Bose Vanua, when this would differ from province to province – meetings are not regulated etc etc. In any case, $2 clown is wrong, because the Provincial Councils make the nominations.

    Unless the illegal government is going to amend the regulations for Provincial councils by requiring that the Turaga i Taukei for each province ONLY be members (this would exclude the educated non-chiefs who currently rep their Tikinas and sometimes chair the Councils – the majority of provinces have commoners as chairmen).

    But the point is that BOSE VANUA are NOT legal entities defined in the law, so which particular “bose vanua” makes GCC nominations to the Minister would be decided by the Minister alone, IF THE BOSE VANUA were to make these nominations and not the COuncils. But the new regs DO NOT REFER TO THE BOSE VANUA – they refer to the Provincial Councils making nominations.

    If it were the Bose Vanua, this would make the Councils redundant and would mean the taxpayers money is going down the drain paying for $2clown and that reject from Bua Ralogaichodo trips to all the Provinces.

  23. Glawyer Says:

    Thanks for clarifying that Tui’ila’ila. Was disappointed when I read about the endorsement but looks like that liar $2 clown has been at it again. He’s trying to take the Biggest Liar of the Year award away from Vore.

  24. John Veikoso Says:

    Batinuku, congrtulation naita brotherman. at last you’ve seen the light, God bless you. Finally you’ve come around, believe in the course naita and see Fiji prosper. Convince the rest of your group to join this journey my brother including the outcaste Tui Savu. Congrats Budhu, keep the good work, you’re starting to get people to see the light. For Fiji ever Fiji….

  25. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    It appears that $2 Nawalowalo will do anything to keep his allowances coming. Even to the extent of stating on radio that there is no need for people to question how much the NCBBF officials are receiving.

    This corrupt man with NO integrity dares say to the people of Fiji that they should not ask anything about how much these so-called consultants are receiving.

    Anything for money! What a loser!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. LUVfiji Says:


    Thanks for that.

  27. LUVfiji Says:

    We all know Nawalowalo had indicated his interest to chair the newlook GCC. And OMG, he even wants to be VP — dig it ??

    When appointed to replace Rt TC as team leader of this review, the man realised he was getting closer to achieving that dream; that hed even lie his way into it. Vakamadua!

    E sa vavaku qai vakavarina na lasu.

  28. Inoke Says:

    They need to be scared … be very scared! Nawalowalo is a CAMELEON and is tossed to and fro, which ever way the wind blows him to his own favour. Sa vakamadua sara qa. Shameful!

  29. aubatinuku-N Says:

    It’s what I call reverse psychology Jone Veikoso, Budhau is agreeing with us without really saying it, I just made you think we were agreeing with you.

    Thanks for the added emphasis! 😉


  30. Tui'ila'ila Says:

    See that Ro Epeli withdrew from the $2 clown’s team before they went to Rewa Provincial Council! o rere?

    What the $2 clown is peddling is that the new regulations are GOOD FOR THE PEOPLE.

    Lets examine this a bit further: If it was good for the people, they would still have a say in who represents them on the GCC. The 1993 GCC Regulations set out a clear procedure for the election of PC reps, by the PC. Voceke’s new 2008 GCC regs where he appoints himself chairman take away this power from the Provinces. With no clear procedure for the choosing of PC reps, Voceke as Minister has taken to himself this power to appoint the GCC reps, muting the voice of the people and chiefs in the Provinces. Unlike the 1993 regulations, the 2008 regulations say the 3 reps represent the chiefs of that province, not the Council of that Province. So Voceke can IGNORE the Provincial Council nominations ANYWAY because the 2008 regulations do not oblige him to LISTEN to the Provincial Council. And this is TRUE DEMOCRACY? First the new Regulations say they MUST BE Turaga i Taukei which means non-chiefs cannot be members of the GCC (up to now Provinces sent their well qualified reps, chiefs or not, to the GCC). And this is TRUE DEMOCRACY?

    No way will voceke be able to call a Bose Vanua (if that was his intention) because the chiefs WON’T LISTEN to him. He has no authority, no MANA to call a BOSE VANUA. O cei e kilai voreqe?

    $2 clowns like nawalowalo and ralogaichodo should beware this WRONG does not follow their descendants. Their short sighted need for the sitting allowance will be repaid in FULL.

  31. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Too late for Eveli mataitini though, the guy withdrew/resigned too late.

    Sa bera! O la qo e sa tubera qima vi rau na vitacini o Voreqe vata i Meli Bainimarama na kena kamunaga ni rusa.

    Na tovo kaisi ka vakamadua.

    E sigai ni Vunivalu kei Rewa.
    E sigain ni Roko Tui Dreketi.
    What is Eveli Mataitini to the people of Rewa if he does not know his place?

    Shame, shame, shame!!!
    No ancestor of his has ever “gunuva na bilo ni Vunivalu kei Rewa” or ever been accorded the appropriate traditional protocol.

    The whole Mataitini family know that they stole the heritage of another and this is all ending now in this generation.
    Enough is enough!
    Levu na lasu, na lawaki ca vata kei na butabutako!!

  32. LUVfiji Says:

    OMG!! the suspense is killing me… softly 😉

  33. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Heres the other way to look at this, we have nothing to lose, they’ve taken everything from us already.
    It’s full head on war to the max now!
    Who cares about reputation or pleasing gossipy people when your heritage is at stake.

    Sigai tale ni kila o Aca…………. na ka me kanaka ni sa qai yani na neitou i qaiqai ni reguregu, keitou na i liuliu ni bati e Rewa. Keitou na i taukei kei Nukunitabua na i tokatoka/mataqali/yavusa ni Vunivalu kei Rewa. Ratou ciqoma na kamunaga ka sa nona vosa tiko la o Aca, me keitou dau veilomani, me kua na vivala…..blah, blah, blah. Oho! Kimu qai tiko mada mai na mai reguregu, caka tale tiko na vakamalumu wakanikau ni waci!

    Qo gona na vu ni i valu e sa vakarau davo qoka e Rewa, line up all your resources, pull out all you ammo MATAITINI family, you have stolen from us but you have not killed our spirit, you have only served to strengthen our resolve. Justice will prevail.

    Kitou na vosa doudou tiko baleta ni kitou kena kawa, and we have nothing to lose at all. The worst kind of enemy!

    Vaka ga a sa kanaka qima o noqu i to dredre o Island Boy, the pretenders will fall like leaves in the wind.
    Sa dri yani! 😉

  34. kaiveicoco Says:

    I keep saying Isa to my $2 chairman.I would like to see what he comes up with when he comes face to face with the Kadavu Provincial council in May

  35. benhur Says:

    First of all, why do we have to go overseas and hires 4 foreigners, to come to Fiji and draw up a document(Fiji people Charter)to tell us how to live our lives? Wouldn’t you think that the local people who were born,raise,educated work and live in our country would be, the best and most qualified people, to write this so-called charter? Don’t we trust our own people, to come up with something smart or and appealing, to the people of Fiji? Hiring our own people, to write this charter,might benefit the economy of our nation, in that this money will be used and remain in Fiji?
    These 4 foreigners are being paid $195,000 each tax free, and have been sending their money back to their bank account ,back home, since they’ve started working for the IG. It just goes to show that these bunch of Military idiots-Nailatikau,Ganilau and Bainimarama- have no clue at all, on how a country economy and or administration are supposed to run? I say get rid of these people, forget the Charter, get rid of Voreqe and lets get back to an early election by the people,for the people to the people an of the people so help me god!!!

  36. Frida Says:

    What is interesting is that Samy had been working for the illegal administration for 10 months without pay? Can someone ask him when did that 10 months start? He might again confirm to us that Chaudhary has been planning all this way before december 05 or before he stared dangling the golden carrot to Vore who took it in one gulp.

  37. NadroKid Says:

    Kivei Tau kaiveicoco!

    Keimami sa kerekere me kua tale ni lesu mai i Viti Levu o nomudou chairman. Like, when he comes in May, handcuff him to one baka tree and throw away the key!

  38. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    John Samy has cleverly plotted to be hired to work on the Charter.

    He submitted the format for such a document, highlighted the good that the interim Govt can reap as the exit strategy for the military and got himself recruited in the process at $14,500 a month. He did all the preparatory work foc.

    The interim Govt was not able to recognise that John Samy planned everything so that he could be engaged for the big remuneration package he is now receiving.

  39. LUVfiji Says:


    With all sincerity, I wish you well.

    Bless you girl.

  40. ASSASSIN Says:


  41. Adi Kaila Says:


    I understand exactly, sa sivia na tamata dau butako i tutu.

    As soon as they come to power, legally or illegally they add Ratu or Adi before their names & think they can just walk all over us & take our inheritance, land, titles at the pretence of ‘development’.

    Keda kila kece na vanua keda lako mai kina vaka kina nodai tutu mai noda vanua – MATA TA VAKA BULAI


    vaka saqoqo taki iratou kece vaka vinaka sara – sivia nodra rokoroko vakanace na ig

  42. Budhau Says:

    That John Sami – it ain’t about the money. The guys claims that he could be making more money at his regular job – and I have no reason to doubt that.
    He has also worked for more than 10 months without pay.

    So guys, this ain’t about money – so go find out what the real agenda is, why is he doing what he is doing.

  43. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    @Tui’ila’ila Thank you for this. I hoped that there must be some mistake in reporting what the people of Serua actually said. Of course there is also the issue of the context in which they said whatever they said. What this illegal bunch don’t realise is that lies catch always up with the liars. Jo Serulagilagi has admitted that the
    iG plans to introduce one man/one vote before the next election. The people of Serua need to be told what this means for them – ie no separate seat in parliament for them. If they are ready to surrender their identity in this way, that’s fine. If this is not their wish, they will
    join a long and ever-growing list of people who realize the IG has lied to them.

    The so-called regulations are as illegal as anything the illegal regime has done. The Fijian Affairs act delegates the power to make regulations to a Minister who is elected and responsible to Parliament. The so-called Minister, ganilua, was rejected by the
    voters, so if he had an ounce of real pride he wouldn’t put his name to such a false document which pretends that he is an elected minister.

  44. Adi Kaila Says:

    I reckon this is The Almightys way of exposing the deceitful, sinful ones among us so that we can finally understand what they are doing & leave them to rot in Naboro or Korovou i cake.

    Wipe the slate clean & lead Fiji forward.

    We can do it, so let’s continue to expose, expose expose how voreqe, fingers levu & lailai & their co conspirators are trying their best to get rich off the fat of the land so to speak.

    Amazing what a bit of power can do to a person, let alone those of limited intelligence – the worst type ever. Let them enjoy the spoils, it’s not victorious, so it won’t last.

  45. senidilo Says:

    @ AdiK

    hear hear!


    A little bit of hang, drawing and quartering of coup perpetrators and inciters wouldn’t go astray too!

    lets keep our running list of loser IG and their supporters going.

    Lets keep our dossiers of nepotism, corruption, bad governance, lies and deceit, human rights abuses going

    We are the majority, they are the small constitution-breaking minority. Theres more of us than them. Lets keep the momentum going!

  46. IslandBoy Says:

    @kaiveicoco – Esa mino saraga ni dua tale na turaga tei na marama ni Kadavu e rawa ni madatakina na yasana? Na jiamen morosaqili busi kari mai rogo baci kora ke o Kadavu. Na vale e mino, na ilavo e drivata, mino vi kia na yalo matua, sa jila tu ga na vosa. Kerei Aleki me vakarua takina vi kia e tini tale na iladu qaqa wawadu baci.

  47. benhur Says:

    Me dua la e lai vanai Voreqe kei chodo?I’m willing to donate funds toward this end? Anyone with a better suggestion, put it up here please!

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