A lesson from history

I remember when doing UE history our history teacher would always
talk of “the lessons of history”. Most of us didn’t give much thought to
this at the time.

But the more I think about what is happening in Fiji now, the more it
starts to resemble the Nazi takeover of Germany. And it’s much more than
Frank’s impersonation of a mad dictator or the resemblance of Dr Shyster’s
flights of propaganda to the worst of Dr Goebbels. It’s the whole regime
and the way it operates.

In March 1933 the German Parliament under the armed threat of Nazi thugs
passed what they called a “Law Concerning the Solving of the Emergency of
the People and the Reich, 24 March 1933” According to this law:

“The Reichstag has issued the following decree, which is hereby announced
with the agreement of the Reich Council, after having ensured that the
necessary legal constitutional amendments have been made:

Article 1 – Laws of the Reich can be passed by the government, in addition
to the procedure laid down in the constitution of the Reich. This also
applies to laws covered by Articles 85, para. 2, and 87 of the Reich

Article 2 – The laws passed by the Reich government do not have to adhere
to the constitution provided that the institutions of the Reichstag and
Reichsrat have no objection. The rights of the President of the Reich
remain unaffected.

Article 3 – The laws passed by the government of the Reich will be drafted
by the Chancellor and announced in the Law Gazette. They will apply,
provided that no other provision is made, from the day following their
publication. Articles 68-77 of the constitution do not apply to the laws
passed by the government of the Reich.

Article 4 – Treaties agreed by the Reich with foreign states, which
concern the constitutional affairs of the Reich, do not require the
consent of the legislative institutions. The government of the Reich will
issue the necessary instructions for the implementation of these treaties.

Article 5 – This law applies from the day of its publication. It will expire
on 1 Apri! 1937: it will also be annulled if the present government of the
Reich is replaced by another.”

Does this sound familiar? The law is said to be necessary because of the
’emergency’, even though the only emergency was the threat posed to law
and order by the Nazi storm-troopers.

After the so-called “Enabling Act’, laws in Germany would be made by ‘the
government’. not the parliament. The laws did not have to adhere to the
constitution. They were simply announced in the gazette and said to be
laws. Does this sound familiar? Think of the so-called reform of the Great
Council of Chiefs and the way it was ‘gazetted’.

After the Enabling Act, anything resembling the rule of law ceased to
exist in Germany. The organs of the ‘state,’ the police, armed forces and
the bureaucracy did what they like. Nothing done by the Nazis could be
illegal because they made the law.

Could the Charter be the Baimmahendra Junta’s version of the Nazi’
Enabling Act?



28 Responses to “A lesson from history”

  1. kaiveicoco Says:

    all good points Navosavakadua.One must admire your analysis.But at the same time we must all put our views through the charter.I am not a supporter of the interim government but in my naive mind I cannot see any comparison between those Nazi laws and this proposed charter.Since the charter has been given to us ( again in my naive opinion ) on a silver platter we might as well jump at the opportunity to put forward our views,wether ours or my views and opinions,ideas etc are taken up or at least considered or not thats something else.But this charter could be the definining moment in our history.Sometimes we have to make our own luck.Consider the two countries Germany and Japan and where they were back in world war 2.After the war they put everything behind them,rebuild their economies and more so their image and reputation and worked bloody hard to the point now where they are no 2 ( Japan ) and no 3 ( Germany ) economies in the world now as we speak.So there may be lessons on either side of the coin that we can learn from.Sa dri yani

  2. Striker Says:

    Not only dictatorial, but unjust and undemocratic. But what can one expect of a bunch of thugs who removed the government we legally elected and seized power by the power of the gun? Now they have the gall to tell us there can be no way forward but through the charter. Dream on Lorine Tevi, Desmond Whiteside, Jolame Lewanavanua. Fool yourselves all you want we know you don’t have popular support. Get it through your thick, empty skulls that you can’t fool us the people. Don’t be fooled by the power of the gun; the Constitution, and the will of the people is still supreme, and come the time, rest assured the people will decide. Your ‘charter’ is destined for the toilet where it truly belongs!

  3. Pedro Says:

    The difference with Nazi Germany, Hitler was out to protect the german people from the humiliating and dehumanising conditions imposed by the victorious WWI powers who were hell bent on destrying the german people from the face of the earth (genocide.). The rich zionist jews took advantage to wage war on the German native people in 1933, while the Germans were preoccupied by the survival of their race, the alien (jews) were busy filling up the public service and the private sectors and deleiberately pitting in designs to exterminate the german. ( Compare to what the Indians and their leaders CHodhary are doing to Fijians).This ofcourse led to the bitterness the Nazi had for jews and led to what they did. But hitler’s rise and the introduction of the enabling act were all legally made political manouvres that made by smart people. They were smart moves by sophisticated people with brains. Unlike our case ..which is of course the opposite. Bunch of idiots who could not think of political manouvring and politicking per se but only to resort to the gun to save their asses. Besides our iIG are bunch of BIG TIME criminals and murderers and fraudsters whose time in the government are merely delays for their time in Naboro.

  4. natewaprince Says:

    Kaiveicoco,I think you’re a bit off the mark there my friend.After pounding those two countries into submission,the Americans,with the help of it’s allies took them under it’s wings and rebuilt their economies to what they are today.

    To this very day,those two countries are still prospering with the help of their former enemies.

    That’s why, in a previous posting,I suggested that the US Navy park one of their carrier fleets in Fiji. This would help us twofold.First ,with the US at our side,the economy would pick itself out of the doldrums we find ourselves in.And second,most importantly,it would keep the bi-polar pig and his qauri soldiers in line.

    But that was just a thought.

  5. Isaisa Says:

    NTW Prince: yes…Germany & japan prospered after the war through US capital. Same thing will happen in the rebuilding of Iraq and soon Iran (after the coming US-Iran war very soon..).

  6. Tim Says:

    Interesting point, and not one I’d necessarily support. Come late 2008, if the US or even A/NZ were to park one or two naval vessels in the vicinity, my pick is Frank and some of his cohorts’ laundry bill would skyrocket. Still, by that time there might be a number of low wage Chinese coolies already ensconsed starching his collars and bleeching his pearly whites.
    Which reminds me of something else: why does the media sometimes refer to Frank as “Military strongman” when in fact by many of their own past stories and reporting, nothing could actually be further from the truth? What he actually is, is a coward with rank, and the means by which he attained it is questionable.
    Military “strongmen” do not run away half shitting themselves in times of crisis, with their primary concern their own survival. He shouldn’t delude himself that he’s a Mugabe freedom fighter or a Musharif, even though he’s just as mad as the former.
    And as for the criticism of travel bans, Frank should be careful what he wishes for – he might find he’s no ‘hero’ and that what he thinks are his “brotherhood” only tolerate him. They’ll shove a knife in his back at the first opportunity. Pity the kids aye!

  7. Tim Says:

    I’m noit a fan of US hawkish behaviour, but come to think of it, I guess there’s really be no harm in them sending an aircraft carrier to American Samoa for a bit of R&R followed by some joint excercises.
    Afterall, there’s a damn sight more to the Pacific than Fiji and its self-indulgent military

  8. Budhau Says:

    The History lessons – yeap, learn from 1987 and 2000. That will teach a lot more than those Germans. It is the charter this time, it was Rabuka’s constitution back then – you see, since they did not abrogate the constitution this time – they had to go the charter route.

    Hey Tim – whats in it for the US to send an aircraft carrier out this way. And why do they call him a “strongman” – well, until someone can kick his arse – he still remains strongman.

  9. kaiveicoco Says:

    Natewa prince,
    vinaka for the comments.Like yours mine was just a thought.In our perspective we may consider India to be our enemny here,but it could very well be the enemy we need to help us prosper.Look at what Australia is doing to us taking the cream of our everything, our rugby talents,all the profits from the banks,all the profits form hotels,all profits from financial institutions like Colonial which are all owned by Australians.Look at Vatukoula gold mine all the cream are taken overseas.Transfer of technologies from India to here can very well benefit us look at what the Apollo hospital will bring us,the first specialty medical care facility which will be set up in the south pacific,even Australia and New Zealand people will benefit from this ( NZ especially where the waiting list for public hospitals specialist services are so long ) The list of benefits can go on and on and as I said earlier there are lessons to be learned on both sides of the coin.One must know that how those two countries were able to rebuild their shattered image after the war ( I mean Germany and Japan ) they hired the services of a top American PR company.sa dri yani

  10. natewaprince Says:

    You have a point.But at least the ANZUS countries would never back their former countrymen to do what these Indians are doing to the indegenous Fijians.

    Sa ra via mai lewai keda na i Taukei,e ra sa via mai liutaki keda.Na ka tabu sara ga qo.Na ka qo e sega ni caka mai Idia,a cava me mai caka kina i Viti.

  11. Tim Says:

    @ Budhau. The aircraft carrier would be to give the crew R&R as I stated. Plenty are capable of kicking Frank’s ass as well he knows – its just that it isn’t politically correct for them to do so, and nor are most of them prepared to engage in exercises purely for the purposes of building one man’s ego.
    Neither NZ or Australia want to pit troops against many rfmf personnel with whom they’ve worked and have an intimate understanding of (more than Frank knows – or possibly even something he’s jealous of).
    They’d prefer to use the non hawkish options first. And there’s Frank saying that THEY’RE lecturing HIM ffs!
    Frank and despots like him always want to operate down a one way street. He already has a victim mentality – its evident in everything he says (e.g. referring to ANZ as “big brothers”). If he dsidn’t have that mentality and the likes of Shaista weren’t winding his mechanism up constantly, with academic analyses of neo-colonialism and other theory, he’d realise that’s not how many percieve the relationship. What many ARE pissed off about is that the big brothers didn’t DO enough earlier.
    But it IS a 2 way street. Unfortunately Frank simply wants to demand aid ON HIS TERMS and play the victim. It ain’t gonna work

  12. Tim Says:

    @ kaiveicoco. You’re right. India is not necessarily the “enemy”.
    All “nations” act in their own interest first and that hopefully includes Fiji.
    What ISN’T happening now is that this junta isn’t acting in Fiji’s interest. It is acting in the interests of a few opportunists who count themselves somehow above those they consider plebs.
    The motivation is entirely from a selfish and revengeful standpoint. It’s extremeist. That simply means in an environment like that, the pendulum will just keep swinging from one extreme to the other.
    Better, and easier to just return to some sort of representative democracy and let it all evolve over time. The trouble is, there seems to be some that think they know better and have a few things they aren’t pround of and want to keep under wraps. Well that attitude won’t, and never has lasted forever, and when it eventually turns to shit, the consequences for those that try that route are usually more dire than they need be.

  13. Budhau Says:

    Hey Tim – every time an Island nation disagrees with the policies of Australia or NZ towards them – guess what? they refer to Australia or NZ as the “big brother” – now, how does Frank referring to these countries as “big Btother” shows that Frank has a “victim mentality”.

    As for foreign policy – I am sure folks in the IG know how to play China against these guys – so FB will get aid – either from China or from these guys – he does not have to play the victim.

    As for your remark “plenty are capable of kicking Franks ass” – I would like to politely disagree with you.

    Just remember – Australia, NZ, the US and others are only looking after their interests.

  14. Tim Says:

    @ Budhau : You’re either very naiive or overly endowed with macho testosterone (which I doubt). It never would come to such a stoush but if you think that a couple of Australian jets couldn’t deal a fatal blow to Fiji’s defenses in a couple of days severely damaging their capability, you’re just bloody stupid. It is something that is such a preposterous idea that it is unthinkable. But then many didn’t think Zimbabwe would get to where it is except in hindsight.
    AS for aid, personally I have no problem with P.I nations seeking aid from whomsoever is prepared to offer it. They should just do so in their own best interests and with those they can trust – and that means without any hegemonic strings, or backhanders or threat to their sovereignty, and in the interests of their populations – not the interests of a few self appointed elite.
    Further than that, the best thing for P.I nations is to represent their citizens interests firstly, and in co-operation with regional neighbours. That doesn’t NECESSARILY mean Australia and New Zealand, it just means those with whom they have an affinity with.

  15. Tim Says:

    PS which is why everyone has every right to be cynical of Chodo and others. Whose interests do you REALLY think he’s considering? OR Frank. OR iI-Arse or Shaista.

  16. Tim Says:

    Oh, to answer your question re the ‘Big Brother’ thing. There is NO reason for Frank to consider Aus or NZ as Big Brother. Fiji has a lot to be proud of IN ITS OWN RIGHT. It was only a few decades ago that (even pre-independence) it was almost the “hub” of the Pacific.
    If it (I mean an elected and representative government) perceives NZ or Aus to be “lecturing them”, then tell them to get munted – just as NZ did a couple of decades ago with the US over the nuclear issue.
    When you do though, don’t EXPECT that there shouldn’t be a reaction.
    At the moment however, both NZ, Australia, other P.I nations, the US, the EU actually realise that the current regime doesn;t actually REPRESENT Fijians.

  17. Corruption Fighter Says:

    Loreni Tevi and her friends from the bullshit council who think that they know more than everybody about their country should think about what they are doing. They are collaborating with people who would not hesitate to lock them up or worse if it suited their purposes. What is at stake is democracy and the rule of law, not just whether the so-called Charter or SDL documents are better.

    They say the SDL government’s consultation base was narrow’. Is consulting all voters in an election a narrow consultation? Who elected Loreni Tevi Desmond Whiteside and Jolame Lewanavanua?

    They say the SDL Government was about to bankrupt Fiji. This Chodopu$$ propaganda line is so obviously false that they make themselves look stupid by repeating it. They should ask anyone in the tourism industry if they feel like they have been saved from bankruptcy.

    They say they want to end the coup cycle but they are too stupid to realise that we can all see that they are taking part in a propaganda exercise on behalf of the coup makers and accepting $100 a day for the privilege.

    They dismiss SDL plans as mere government documents. “Fiji governments have produced similar documents every five years since independence,” Do they expect the people to accept that because they help to write this document it is going to be completely different? This is nothing but arrogance. People like this get a bit of education and they think they know everything.

    As my Bubu always said when she saw jumped up smart alecs like this – “Toro cake na ua, toro cake na kolokolo”.

  18. IslandBoy Says:

    OK I know we aren’t supposed to post religious stuff here but please read this little history lesson through and I especially commend to you the prayer today. It was sent to me by an Aunt in California.

    The Law of God

    “O Israel, you should listen and be careful to do it, that it may be well with you and that you may multiply greatly, just as the LORD, the God of your fathers, has promised you, in a land flowing with milk and honey.” – Deuteronomy 6:3 NASB

    Born on this day in 1583 in Delft, near the North Sea in modern-day Netherlands, Hugo Grotius demonstrated that he was a gifted writer, even as a child. When he was fifteen, he began studying law in Orléans, France. In 1601, he was appointed to an official position for the states of Holland and increasingly became involved in politics and government. His efforts included defending free access to the ocean for all nations.

    However, because of his involvement in religious and political disputes, Grotius was arrested in 1618 and sentenced to life imprisonment. Three years later, hidden in a chest of books, he escaped, fleeing to Paris. In 1625, still in exile, he published his legal masterpiece, On the Law of War and Peace, which laid the foundations for international law.

    For Grotius, law began with a belief in God and the Bible. He wrote, “Whatever God has shown to be his Will, that is Law.” No one could rule a kingdom, village, city, a family, or even oneself, without reason, and no one can be ruled by reason unless they can be “ruled by God, and (wholly) be obedient to Him.”

    Today, many people seek to remove God from our political life and our laws. But as Hugo Grotius knew and the Bible reminds us, if we want to be successful, we need to live according to God’s Word.

    Make sure that you base your life on the Bible and put His Word into practice. Don’t compromise. Pray for our leaders. Pray for revival in our country and the world.

    Today’s Prayer
    Heavenly Father, thank You for Your Word. Help me to put it into practice in my life. Bring about a return to righteousness in my nation. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  19. Adi Kaila Says:

    Thank You for the beautiful prayer IB, God Bless You!

    Of course every country has their own best interest at heart, why the hell wouldn’t they?

    This is the reason we exchange ideas here, Fiji is our best interest & we want nothing but the best for it. Not this ragtag ig that deigns to reign. There is not one person involved with the ig who is honest or can be relied on to make Fiji a better place. They’re all UNTRUSTWORTHY and championing the ig & it’s incongruous ncbbf for the per diem, illegal pays for cooperating & because they are all failures, none of them have ever achieved anything positive in their lives.

    This is their last hurrah & it’s a very inauspicious one!

  20. FijiGirl Says:

    Vinaka Navosavakadua.

    I’ve said before that this Junta is taking lessons from other cases in history (Hilter’s Reich) and currently – Burma, Tibet, Palestine, Kashmir, any African cesspool.

    Now that Zimbabwe looks like returning to democratic rule, Chodo is probably looking at what NOT to replicate from there.

    Conversely, we can look to the French Resistance, Aung San Su Kee, Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jnr, Morgan Tsvangrai and other freedom fighters for our way to defeat this Junta.

    Give us the ballot box, give us peace, give us the chance to take back our future!

    I have a theory – I think that Vore/Chodo’s greatest fear is for us to march against them.

    I mean, they totally clamped down on a peaceful women’s march outside the Chinese Embassy, and they supported China’s ‘crackdown’/killings in Tibet as a way of suggesting that they might take similar action here.

    I think they are really AFRAID of us marching, because they don’t want to have to carry out their threats. Like all bullies, they are afraid.

    Does anyone else see this as a sign that we therefore MUST march?

    God bless Fiji

  21. kaiveicoco Says:

    Lets put all these ideas and thoughts in black and white and forward them to the charter secretariat.Up to them whether they give them serious considreation, some may be even considered in 20 years time if at all BUT lets do it.

  22. John Veikoso Says:

    Budhau, you say the truth, if shit happens in Fiji no one will come to their aid only the Army will protect everyone including all you detractors. As for the charter, provinces are begining to come around now read todays papers (11/4) next week more will come cause they have seen the light and believe in the truth which is now prevailing as it did with Tuitect is obviously now was not supposed to be in the IG, God hs his unique way of correcting people as he did with Qarase and co. So decide now while you have time to join this journey or you’ll just be a small insignificant speck in the horizon.

  23. woilei Says:

    This JV person is sounding like he’s God or something. And he’s definately part of the military cell as he is using that “insignificant” word again.

    Now we have established that – even more good reason to ignore the cicibona.

    Now back to the topic …… Charter is like Hitler’s Mein Kampf . End of Story.

    As Richard Naidu says, we already have a charter – it is called the Constitution. End of Story

    The illegal regime needs to wake up and get a life. End of Story.

    God bless our little island nation and her 95% good people

  24. Sigavou Says:

    You are right Navosavakadua, once the rfmf took the law into their own hands on 5 December, they walked up that slippery slope where only they know what is best for this country no matter that we had our say at the 2006 general elections.

    But its good that the people are neither stupid nor forgetful. They will remember the appointment of sons (rajend to sports council, crooks (arvind to firca board), brothers (riyaz to fbcl), the inconsistencies, the lies, the self-gorging (no paycut for loser IG ministers), the bankrupt (ganilua), the stupid (naulukau), the demented (shaista), the spitters (vore) and the snake (chodo).

    All these we will remember and no amount of lies, confusion, misinformation, ad hominem attacks, mocking, veivakacacani from budhau, jone veikoso or military stooges will take away our knowledge! Never you mind Jone and Budhau, all this we will remember next time stooges like vore and messianic rfmf officers appear before us!

    Vore’s IG is similar to Hitler, Amin, Mugabe, Pol Pot, Pinochet, Musharraf is the extent to which these illegal military governments take power to themselves – ABSOLUTELY.

    They take to themselves the power to decide which ‘laws’ or rules they will enact, never mind the CONSTITUTION or the people or even the LAW.

    There is no CERTAINTY or CONFIDENCE in the system they setup because they change their mind from one day to the next. One day the rule is this, tomorrow it is another. One day its good governance, the next day critics are ‘nitpicking’ or ‘splitting hairs’ or ‘insignificant’ when they point out BAD GOVERNANCE, because only the regime recognises good governance and what is good for the country, because everyone else is stupid, corrupt or insignificant or splitting hairs or whatever is the word of the day up at the nabua barracks.


  25. orion Says:

    Charter is a terrorist document. Must never be accepted by anyone. It must not be decided by a referendum or anything else, under current circumstances where free and fair debates and discussions cannot take place. Where the media (press,TV,radio,etc) is not free, where people are not allowed to assemble freely to discuss issues important to them. Where intimidation and fear tactics by the ever storng arm of the army & police are still lurking in the background. It must not be done ..its suspect, who is forcing this agenda in the iIG, what is in it for each community, the Indians, Fijians, for the people, what will they have to give up and what will they gain, what is in it for the iIG, those proponents of the coup, the military, etc..etc.. These cannot be discussed freely under current circumstances where iIG is controlling, the press, & affecting the dissemination of information to the communities, & is buying people like JSami, NCBBF, etc, like mercenaries to carry out their agenda. High sounding names like people’s…, building a better fiji..etc, are sweet advertising headings but are misleading because of above & also because they have not come out clean on how this document came about. Its suspect and it must not be made.

  26. John Veikoso Says:

    Charter for Fiji, the way the world should be!!! constitution to the drain because it promotes gay rights which we Fijians dont want. Exactly why Richard Naidu, Apted, Leung and Madraiwiwi want the constitution because it protects their kind. Get it people??????/

  27. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Jone Veikoso, taking up unnecessary space again!
    You and the likes of you are for the charter because you want to save your own rear ends BUT, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

  28. Budhau Says:

    Hey Tim – that “Big Brother” comment of yours – that Frank was playing the victim by referring to NZ and Aust as big brothers.

    Come on guy – Australia and NZ have always been to as the “big brother” whenever the rest of the Pacific Island nations did not agree with their policies in the region. Just the same as the US being referred to as the “big brother” in other parts of the world.

    I had an issue with you analysis – that since Frank was playing the victim because he was referring to NZ and Ausltalia as the “big brother”

    You remark about Fiji being the “hub” of the pacific – yeah right! – they may have been the hub – when you do not count Australia and NZ.

    as for you remark about them Australian jets – hey dude, we all know that Australia can wipe out the Fijian army in no time – so there must have been a reason why they did not come in at the invitation of Qarase, or even without any invitation – why would they come in now – because Fiji might go the route of some African country – so since when have we become Australia’s responsibility.

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