This is what you get when you scrape the bottom of the barrel

  • Use government funds for the hire of a helicopter to take him to his village in Yasawa-i-rara
  • Was named with Poseci Bune as the parties involved in the infamous Fishing Expedition where they used to take out, for regular weekend fishing expedition, the government speedboat used by the Nausori Police for patroling the Rewa Delta
  • Attempted rape on a Suva Grammar student who came to his flat to study with his daughter
  • Missappropriated money contributed by people (one third contribution) who applied for government grants administered by the PM’s Office during Qarase’s reign as PM and finally got what he deserved when he was sacked by Joji Kotobalavu

Being the snake he is and knowing that it would be a coup for Bainimarama, he reported to the camp and quickly became an expert on all things public service, after convincing the Military of what he can contribute. There use to be a zero tolerance on ex criminals or sacked civil servant joining the Officer Corp but I am going way back to the days of Colonel Taylor or Manueli.

He got his old job back at the PM’s Office after they stole the leadership at the point of a gun (ra tamata lamusona ga me biu mada na dakai da veivacu mada) and given his previous reputation as a tamata butabutako, he was given the free reign as (now promoted) Director to administer the funds controversially given by China.

I mean this guy was such a sorry sight when he was unemployed after being kicked out of the PM’s Office. You’d see him around Victoria Parade in shorts, t shirt and flipflops and the odd letter to the editors in the papers writing nonsense. Signs of an aimless bored and broken man.

Well after what has just leaked out of the media about his blatant disregard for law and order (typical of his father Voreqe who committed treason) where he was drunk and involved in an accident with a taxi then so cheekly resisted arrest, two old Fijian sayings just popped into my mind.

“Tu na da” and

“ni na qai aji ga na colo”

or the bibilcal version of ” ko na galu mai Sakaraia”

This weekends shameful pathetic actions of Seremaia Tuiteci is again, just another micro reflection of the Ilegal Government and Military Council at Large. The Chinese saying of when the fish rots, it starts from the head, rings so true here. The pathetic actions of a senior civil servant from deep within the nerve centre of this pathetic regime, “The Office of the Prime Minister”.



55 Responses to “This is what you get when you scrape the bottom of the barrel”

  1. vakamosi yalo Says:

    Na ka ra vakasaga na tamata e ra bula e na bula ni kana loto.

    Ni ra tara nai tutu cecere na luveda ra vakaivola, dau cakacaka ra mai usumaki ira wavoki o ira na lala vakai o koya qo. E via kana o ira na lewe ni vanua, o ira na mataqali qo era hire helicopter wavoki, na ‘tour’ ra vakacakava io na taga ni matanitu e lala tu ga.

    Oqo na mataqali “change” e ratou via kauta mai vei keda o ira na lala monalala qo. E ra via vunau mai vei keda io na leqa sa tu.

    na cava sa na headlines ena pepa ni mataka, sa baci tubu tale beka na sau ni dua na ka.

    vakaloloma dina na nodra bula.

  2. Soul of Fiji Says:

    We are lost for words with these fools

  3. justman Says:

    Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make them mad – in this case, bad – surprising that he is complaining that police beat him up – when ordinary citizens has been complaining about beatings etc, we were told its pack of lies

  4. Bebe ni Bogi Says:

    This story forced me to think deeper, why, why does this keep happening to us? It’s always about DISGRUNTLED ENVIOUS FAILED or OPPORTUNISTIC PEOPLE who cook up a DECEITFUL PLAUSIBLE REASON (EXCUSE) for a COUP to SERVE THEMSELVES FIRST at the EXPENSE OF THE NATION. If you scrutinize almost all of them individually there is a pattern, summarized in one word ‘FAILURES’ (in many aspects of their lives). Broadly speaking it also transcends race, religion, gender and so worth. It reminds me of maggots all hanging out together devouring everything in their path (with due respect to maggots who have an important task in the environment unlike this lot).
    But one by one, each maggot will meet a faggot, who will f— his a–.

  5. joji Says:

    Dua kania ga na kena sau dawa, na ka ga etea ena musuka. Sa tea o koya na ca, sa musuka talega na ka etea, sa vo o tukuna o bai kei ira na nona kalovo, This is not you reap wot u sow, this is you sow wot u reap. He choose to the reap the bad things and so he sow it on his ground and now its his harvest.. umm kania na kemu wai ni bele.. Sa votale the rest.. vinaka seremai o sa qai raica na moce tiko kei ira na ca, sa kemu tale na ca.. hahaha

  6. natewaprince Says:

    Here’s another wanker who has profitted from the evil deeds of the pig and his illegal regime.

    Frank is just a blerry idiot.He has gone back on every promise he made to the people concerning transparency,accountability and good governance.He has promoted soldiers to every top post in the civil service.

    Vore ulukau magaitinamu,do you know the meaning of NEPOTISM and CRONYISM ??????

    Kena ca ni o tamata lialia bavulu, blerry fool you are.

  7. Na Dina Says:

    Princess- You need your mouth flushed out with soap.

  8. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ Na Dina.
    Your concept of the “truth” is obviously warped.
    Laurai vinaka, dua na ka na levu ni taqaya o sa tu kina qori.
    You always come on here with your wimpy snide one liners and sit back to see what exactly?
    You and your kind are going to NUKULAU ISLAND, kua ni leqa baraca, it doesn’t even take an hour in an outboard to get to there from Mataisuva.

    E na qai kau tiko yani na kemu bavia 😉
    Dua mai keri!

  9. Na Dina Says:

    Raised your heckles did I? all of them I hope
    I disagree with the language, it demeans the site.

  10. aubatinuku-N Says:

    OH!! The language!

  11. lauan boy Says:

    maleka….ra viavia levu na sotia sonalelelvu qo….sa tu na da.

    na dina – luveni boci.

  12. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Today, this illegal green goon is complaining that the police don’t like the green goons.

    Unfortunately for him, the police are in the line with 800 000 Fijians who don’t like what the green goons have done to their country and who would love to see all the green goons put on fullchow’s patrol dinghies and taken out to sea to rot in the sun.

  13. Mark Manning Says:

    What do soldiers call it when , at the turning of a war , they start to take their rage out on the enemy ? A war of ?
    Now is the time for the Fijian community , to consider just how you should behave once this coup is over !
    It would be very easy to try and exact revenge and it would be an understandable reaction . But you must with hold your anger and respect the rule of law , or you will be no better !Otherwise , it could become a blood bath .

  14. IslandBoy Says:

    @aubatinuku-N – Kerekere vakabibi noqu marama – why bring him to Mataisuva or Nukulau for that matter. My ancestral fishing grounds should no longer be polluted by the likes of Tuiteci. Da mai leqa, sa rairai ca ka rogoca talega na nodaru toba lomani. Vavei me biu ga i daku ni tuba qai lewai koya dua na cagi tokavuki.

    I think he means hackles – please be kind, not everyone can be a refined Rewan, we did not all go to finishing school in the black snow mountains of the Swiss alps. (dabibi ni delta). LMAO!!!

  15. Sese Says:

    can someone send me the email of Tui Savu please

  16. Puf-Military Says:

    Agree with you Island Boy, these guys contaminating our beloved vanua.

    Na Dina (Na Dai) o iko talega ko na bala i vale ni veivesu.

    Also, please read and spellcheck before posting. Your posts condemn yourself as an ignoramus. U deserve a nip and a tuck from a ferocious mangrove scorpion.

  17. Danny Boy Says:

    Sorry for being off topic here folks, but check out the link

    This refers to the BBC story where all the current US presidential hopefuls have publicly displayed all their income and tax returns on their thats transparency.

  18. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    Io na tamata viavialevu e rau na sota dina ga vata na kena i wau! Sa dua na ka na viavia dua na ka e tiko vei Tuiteci. Na tamata e a sake mai na office nei Qarase. E sa baci mai vosa viavialevu tiko.

    Me rau na sota ga na bici kei na kena i ula!!!!!!!

    Mena sici!!!!!!!!!

  19. Senikau Says:

    Baleta ga ni from nothing qai mai viavia something….waca!!!!

  20. John Veikoso Says:

    Please people, proper lingo needed here!!! as far as your comments state, you’re no better than Tuiteci!!! the whole lot of you!!! cleanse your souls and mouths first before trying to critisize Tui, dou yavu gusu bona!!!

  21. kaiveicoco Says:

    tukuna vei Ratu Tuiteci me lesu tale mada ena dua na yavu jiko ya i Kaunikuila na yacana o Tu Taleva.

  22. Dauvavana Says:

    Au sa kerei kemudou na Turaga Naita (Island Boy and Co) me vaka ni dou taukei ni qele me sa lai moku mada o la na gone lakolako vaka lialia oqo o Tuiteci 🙂

    Na nona flat e veibasai kei na vale nei Dr Akanisi kei Inoke Tabualevu mai MacGregor Road. Dou lako dou lai buturaka me sau ni nona viavia levu 😉

  23. Adi Kaila Says:

    For Sese – here’s Tui Savus email address –

    Bloody moron! Tuiteci that is – he’s exactly like everyone else in this ig & their apologists – they’re all in denial, Blaming everyone else for their immorality & hardluck & they all think they’re immune from the law.

    Man if you drive into a taxi it means you’re a bad driver or you just can’t drive – finito, so don’t go blaming the Police for your senseless risky behaviour.

    He’s a friggin ugly shit to boot.

  24. Tui Says:

    Sota na bici kei na kena i ula. Umm kemu maleka! Dou sa vo tiko na kena vo ina IG! Your time will come too, make no mistake!

  25. John Veikoso Says:

    Big words for a small prick like you Tui, I guess your time has expired hence your frustrations, dream on…..

  26. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Went from IQ to prick in one minute flat! Bhahahaha!!
    Hint hint!

  27. Tui Says:

    John Veikoso, vaka leqai iko ni sa tu ga i nomu qavokvoka na vosa na “prick”! Bau lai vuli mo yalomatua. Nomui vosavosa e vaka na tamata lialia, sese kei na leca i ka. Sa rauti kemudou mada ga i na keba na “prick” dou cakava tiko. Ca gona qori na muri prick tiko mai QEB! Yalowai!

  28. aubatinuku-N Says:

    I’ll drink to that Tui!
    Ei!! Kadina kadina taucoko!
    QEB man!
    Sa yawa sara nodratou “prick” duties! 🙂

  29. Seini Says:

    Will she or won’t she? An old question with new meaning.

    Many people have suffered at the hands of the authorities in Fiji since the December 06 illegal takeover. The Fiji so-called Human Rights
    Commission has not managed to investigate any of them. Will the Tuiteci run-in be any different? After all he is a crony. This will be an interesting test for the Dr Shyster. Will she be consistent and just ignore the incident like she has all the previous cases, or will she show that she actually has responsibilities in relation allegations of breaches of human rights. The Police have already indicated that an internal investigation is being undertaken. Quite a contrast from the treatment of BaIIu Khan who had more than a few cracked ribs. (If that’s all Tuiteci’s got he shouldn’t be taking up space at the CWM).

  30. aubatinuku-N Says:

    What are the chances Seini?
    These people are so warped in their dealings it’s a big tent circus!

  31. Tui Says:

    @aubatinuku, daru masulaki JV tiko me na raica na dina. Sa da volitaki tiko na kaiviti, sa da vakamatei tiko, sa da vakacegui tiko mai na noda cakacaka, sa da baci lasutaki mai na charter kei na vei mataqali commssions era duri tiko me “vukei” keda na kaiviti.
    I hope this is not the same JV that went to SGS and LMS. If you are the same tamana, shame on you.
    Your PR team of Batibasaga, Kurusiga and co. have all gone quite. What’s happened, no more money to finance your so-called “Veitarogi Vanua”?
    Sa rauta mada na lasu. We all know where the money has gone! Yes to the big failure charter tamana. Your “veitarogi vanua” will not happen because vore is taking his queue from the choddo. If you are a real Fijian, be afraid, be very afraid.
    Now quit playing with those QEB “pricks” and repent boy! Just don’t go to Father Bahbah Black Sheep for confessions! Well that’s another story.

  32. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Amen to that too my brother!
    God bless you and yours!

  33. anon Says:

    J VEIKOSO, vacava mo drau veitauri dagger mada vata kei Tuiteci.

  34. IslandBoy Says:

    @Dauvavana – Naita, vakamakama sa tiko qori. Ni lomani Tuiteci, na siga au yalovi ratou kina na wekadatou mai Waiqanake, da ga nona tarausese ni sa ova i wai.

    @ AUBATINUKU-N & LUVFIJI – Dua tale mai duru qo kemuni

    Tuiteci, Nawalowalo et al are exactly the kind of cheap shit that give the rest of us Fijians a bad name. A good friend of mine once compared Fijians to graded copra at farm gate prices from the old days.

    On the old Fijian language station of Radio Fiji they used to announce weekly, the prices for grades of copra, grade 1 fetching the highest price and grade 3 the lowest. Her comparison for Fijians was as follows.

    Grade – I Fijians – Brought Up
    Grade – II Fijians – Dragged Up
    Grade – III Fijians – Fucked Up

    Tuiteci sa ratou kanaka na tabana ni volitaki niu e Grade III with a star. Otherwise known in America as a walking clusterfuck.

    Vacava that!!! – Dua mai keri.

  35. Dauvavana Says:

    LOL Naita IB

    datou tikoga e na volitaki niu kaya la na qase ni loma ya mai Kasavu, Savusavu “man gona levu ga na meeting (ni useless NCBBF) sega ga ni tubu na price ni copra”.

    Over to you 🙂

  36. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Au sa sevusevu dredre tu mada ga. 🙂
    Totoka, totoka @ IB.
    Kalougata tiko!

  37. FijianPatriot Says:

    That qauri John Veikoso is still around???? He must have had the shock of his life when the word “prick” was thrown back at him. Tamata sa ‘ila o i’o JV. Na kemu ya JV gusu ga ni kubu prick tiko vei iko. Mai tovolea mada a yakiti ni Ca’au me oso tu mada a dra’amu.

  38. Berenado Vuniboci Says:

    vei anon

    me lucky ‘o qauri mata vaka sona (no pun intended) ‘o jv – bitter & twisted old queen.

  39. LUVfiji Says:

    Wananavu IB.

    Grade I — Laisenia Qarase
    Grade II — the Mara siblings
    Grade III – need I say more… the f’d-up pig himself

  40. IslandBoy Says:

    NI SA BULA NA TURAGA KEI NA MARAMA – All of today’s print media carry a really balanced statement by the army media cell (at last) saying Tuiteci is on his own on this one and this incident was of his own making.

    Furthermore he is a junior reserve officer and is not seconded from the army to the PM’s office, he is a civil servant and his fate re – employment should be decided by PSC.

    The grapevine also says Parmesh is fed up of this two-bit idiot and as reflected in recent news, sent his file to the PSC. Lets hope Taina Tagicakibau does the right thing and sacks his sorry arse for bringing disrepute to the service over and over again.

    How the folks at the Auditor General must be falling off their seats laughing, two minutes of fame and animated explanation on TV then ek dham kalas.

    @aubatinuku & LUVfiji yet again – qima ga qo sa na kua tale ni caka na viwali vi kemudrau na marama rua.

    The same friend who told me about the 3 copra grades used to hum a little nursery rhyme under her breath (sung to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star) whenever any verbose public figure came on the local TV news.

    It really applies to the likes of Tuiteci (and hopefully junior Chodo, iAG, Shaista etc.) and goes like this:


  41. el Paso Says:

    Believe Tuiteci is too close to the boss to be sacked by anyone… it only takes a phone call from anyone in iPM’s for everyione to let go of the chase…The iIG committed murder and treason & got off with it…chodo’s tax evasiion big time crime got off just like that…so in comparison Tuiteci’s chicken shit compared to that…this regime is fooling the people that they are playing by the rules..we know they do this only when it suits them..

  42. dazza Says:

    dredre mada!

    3 possible scenarios of this illustration:

    1. Cow stuck under fence is Level 3 Frank, Cow coming to his aid is: Level 2 China’s Hu Jintao or Indias Manmohan Singh?

    2. Cow stuck under fence is Level 3 Tuiteci; cow coming to his aid is: Level 2s Parmesh or Teleni?

    3. Cow stuck under fence is Grade 1 Frank and cow coming to his aid is Grade 1 Mahen?



    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  43. aubatinuku-N Says:


    HooooWiiiiiiii!! Isa Lei Ko Viti!
    Na vanua ni marau………….
    Ko cei beka na kena i taukei?

    @ dazza – You leave me speechless & laughing so hard!
    Thanks for another good laugh, I like the Zimbabwe……..Dere is nobody now one you put up the other day.
    Everyone I showed that to roared with laughter!

  44. LUVfiji Says:

    Wete; stuck in the head… but a perfect posture from the rear; oh dear 🙂 ! O rau na gone mai Lakena qori.

  45. John Veikoso Says:

    Aubatinuku, you’re always on this site bro, are you one of those “sacked” people because it seems you have all the time in the world to contribute here, as for Tui, bless you taciqu, vosota ke au tara na ua ni nomu vakasama e na noqu vose. Vosota na noqu sakasaka baleta o iko na Tui se King???? e dina oya se o iko dua la na kaisi bokola wavoki wale tu ga, vosoti au tale ke o King dina taciqu, cigoma tiko mada ga ni kaisi wale tu ga vata kei aubatinuku..

  46. Moro Says:

    Makes you wonder what this Anti-Corruption thing is all about!

  47. anon Says:

    Vakasama ga ni boci e tiko vei iko, sona lailai(LEVU), vacava mo f/o mada.

    Be constructive, you prick.

  48. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Kaisi se waca, dai ga qo sa qima kina nomudou “coup” wasoma!!

    Vinaka saka na vosa ni vakadre Jone Vikoso!
    Sa noqu masu me na vaka Kalougata taki kemudou tiko na tamada sa cecere sara!

    We always appreciate more “BUKA DOGO” for our “I REVO NI BOKOLA”!!

    Figuratively speaking of course! If you even know what “figuratively” means!

  49. aubatinuku-N Says:

    I’ve never been sacked/fired in my whole entire life bro! It would be impossible for me to sack/fire, my own self.

    I own outright all I have including my own servers. I don’t work for anyone but myself and everything I do is funded exclusively by myself. I do not need to claim for on behalf of my mataqali $16.000 plus from FHL only to spend it on myself LIKE CERTAIN mataqali INDIVIDUALS have without mataqali approval!
    Qo gona na yaga ni vuli vinaka vata kei na sasaga kei na gumatua. Something the likes of YOU JONE VEIKOSO should try sometime.


    And unlike certain INDIVIDUALS we know, our allegiance and loyalty lies with the our GMB.

    I doubt if you can figure this one out.
    Southern Cross.
    One hop away.
    Global Crossing.

    The above mentioned 3 are of course all strategically in place for the common good of the people of Rewa & the rest of Fiji eventually.
    It’s all W.I.P. ! 😉

    Scraping the bottom of the barrel yet along with Tuiteci are you JONE VIKOSO???

  50. Adi Kaila Says:

    Yadra aubatinuku-N

    jv the pathetic old queen like his girlfriend butthowl (e mosi dear?) can only be malicious because it doesn’t have any concept of integrity.

    They cannot comprehend the fact that there are actually successful Fijians who are not involved in politics. The mindset with these two is that we women who regularly comment on this site are prostitutes & have been sacked from somewhere.

    Without further demeaning the plight of ‘kalavo – ism’ is this all that these imbeciles can contribute. They even call the men filthy names – jv asked Tui if he was an Abo? Is this what he has been called himself? Please leave our Aboriginal brothers alone they have enough to contend with.

    Anyone who logs on here can tell that you & I are not prostitutes, as for being sacked from a workplace – where on earth did that come from? Now that’s really scrapping the bottom of the barrel and is plain old malicious. I’ve never been sacked from anywhere & I’m really proud of that.

    Because they do not have any comprehension of what we are trying to achieve – which we’re doing very well Vinaka Vakalevu – they continually make up lies to make themselves look good. I find it quite hilarious that two obvious grown ups (?) have to resort to nastiness, man their lives must be so boring & unfulfilling – ho hum.

    Maybe their sisters or female relatives are what they try to claim we are? Or they are faded kalovos who need an injection of maliciousness to get them through the day. Whatever rocks you babe.

    I wonder if butthowl has found his tweezers? The 14th one he has lost that he needs so badly to hold up his sorry little excuse for a mimi to have a peepee. Butthowl suppressing your urge to urinate will only end you up in the renal unit. old poof jv doesn’t have one that’s why he is one angry malicious old qauri.


  51. aubatinuku-N Says:



    Qori kina o Adi Kaila!
    I always love your posts, always the spitfire.
    God bless you and yours and you have a great weekend!

  52. anon Says:

    Aubatinuku, this JV, na boci ga na boci,

    loloma, Los Gatos CA.

  53. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Bula vinaka anon, sa, sa, Los Gatos CA tiko qori!
    God Bless!

  54. nativegal Says:

    It is quite apparent fallen GeneralsCEO’s) from LQ camp are pathetic sympathisers here..and masquerading as women!!!
    JV …need your contact I have their identities…
    Me ratou lako na torture chamber at QEB..they cowards anyway ..small interrogate pee in pants…
    Tovolea mo ni tagane..Cowards…

  55. Glatombloli Says:


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