The finger-pointing of Pacific politics.

As someone who has to use his fingers to count past five, Fiji’s self-appointed dictator and interim Prime Minister, not to mention commander of the RFMF, Voreqe Bainimarama, is in deep trouble.

I’m not talking about his ignorance of Mahendra Chaudhry’s agenda, or his trying to live with the consequences of the various illegal antics of the childish lawyer and interim attorney-general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiym.

No, I’m talking about fingers, or more precisely, Frank’s fingers. You see, he’s only got eight of them, or ten if you count both thumbs.

Now, I hear you ask, how is this snippet of anodyne anatomical information of any relevance whatsoever, especially to those unfortunate victims of Frank’s 5th December 2006 caprice. Surely, there are more pressing matters to deal with, such as finding ways to survive as Fiji’s economy slithers down the plughole like an escaping bath on Saturday night.

Well, dear reader, please indulge your humble correspondent for a moment, and he’ll do his best to explain.

You see, in spite of the declining ability of the rapidly aging (such as myself) to muster their thoughts, I have nevertheless concluded that, in Bainimarama’s case, fingers have a special significance to that most unpleasant of individuals. Remember last year, not long after the coup, when Bainimarama would be using just two fingers ? At every opportunity he would point one of them accusingly at New Zealand or Australia, as if Fiji’s parlous situation was all their fault, not his.

All the time, the other finger would be pointing and wagging sternly in the direction of Fiji’s former government, accusing it of everything from the most ghastly excesses of corruption to being late for church.

As my wonderful old grandmother said to me so many years ago: “It’s rude to point.” And she had other advice for your humble correspondent, who was a most precocious little monster, in much the same way Bainimarama is today.

For instance, if I boastfully predicted topping fifth class in a forthcoming geography exam, my grandmother would quietly and gently remind me: “You must never tempt providence.”

And that, dear reader, brings me to the point of today’s short sermon: since that well attended convocation of Pacific types in Auckland the other day, things have changed rather dramatically in the politics of Pacific finger-pointing.

Memo Frank; It’s not just New Zealand and Australia anymore. Since the Auckland meeting the entire Pacific brotherhood of nations, under the banner of the Pacific forum, is on your case.

They are united as one in their expectation that you will ensure Fiji has parliamentary elections by March 2009.

So, next time you feel like pointing your finger at someone, remember my grandmother’s words and don’t tempt providence. Because there are 16 fingers pointing back in your direction from right around the Pacific.

Yes ! Its time to accept reality, Frank. Your finger-pointing days are well and truly over. The best option now is for retirement.

Then you will need only engage a single digit to indulge in far more productive and, dare I say, more personally fulfilling finger-pointing pursuits, like picking your nose.


31 Responses to “The finger-pointing of Pacific politics.”

  1. justman Says:

    Even Mother India seems to be having second thoughts:

    India supports 2009 election

    Sunday, April 06, 2008

    Update: 3.49pm Indian High Commissioner to Fiji, Professor Prabhakar Jha says his Government wants democracy restored in Fiji as soon as possible.

    Professor Jha said the Fijian delegation that attended the Forum Foreign Ministers meeting in Auckland confirmed a General Election will be held next year.

    He told Fijivillage India would never interfere with the internal matters of Fiji and were pleased there were signs of an election next year.

    But interim Finance Minister and Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry says if there is no Charter than there will be no elections.

  2. Peace Pipe Says:

    Most of us who have the right level of intellect know what the coup is all about and no amount of finger pointing or blaming will alter the fact of the matter that whilst the puff pig blames SDL for lots of things esp corruption he could come up with any proof to back his claims. He blames others whereas he is the culprit whose credibility is full of holes.

    Fiji’s woes continues at the 7’s rugby with yet another loss against NZ. This loss dates back to the start of the coup. For some supernatural reason Fiji 7’s rugby has been in the doldrums since the ig took power. Seems like bad omen to me. And the coach is also like the pig blaming everything and everybody else for the poor showing. The message is loud and clear even the custodians of our well being from the other dimesion want Fiji to be restored to normality before they will be ready to lift the curse.

  3. Indian Says:


  4. natewaprince Says:

    SV,you forgot what he does with his two thumbs.He’s usually sucking on one and sitting on the other.

    But isn’t it great how he has snubbed the media,the silence is bloody marvelous.But it has worked to benefit everyone,no embarassment on his part and less crap for us.

  5. Lau Lass Says:

    Victory to the bloggers !!!! Now they’re all keeping QUIET !!! Ha ! ha ! Cava tale !!! KO NA GALU MAI SAKARAIA !!!

  6. bodyguard Says:

    has anyone noticed the many businesses closing shop. and the new ones comin r rather cheap quality businesses.

    I just luv to hear these indian businessmen complain…..Himat Lodhia should call the military back to the streets in their bula shirts holding guns to guard their shops and bring back business to the main capital.

    maleka….we r not finished yet Mr Lodhia….when we r….u’ll regret for the rest of ur miserable life .. u small pce of shit.

  7. Peace Pipe Says:

    NP Hope the pig switches thumbs now and then to give him a taste of what he will be ending up to. And you right about the pigs squealing being silenced by his own self imposed media blackout. Its a relief to our ears and minds.

    Thats right bodyguard. These indo businesses supported the pig because the snake was with them. Now they are tasting the repercussions of the folly of their stupid actions. It does seem like they were in the loop when the planning of the coup was being cooked up because when it happened they were not surprised and did not condemn it. They all supported it and look what it brought them. I have decided not to spend on unnecesary things now till 2009 in protest against these businesses to show them what they did was wrong.

  8. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Thanks SV for a great post. We at FDN fully agree about the numer of fingers pointing back at Fiji. But it’s not just the Pacific community that is acutely awake to what’s going on. It’s also the United States and the entire European Union. And don’t forget India and Malaysia.

    If the CHODOPU$$ and Bainimarama persist in imposing their illegal regime on the people of Fiji, that will just pit their hopelessly inept and dishonest interim government, which was established at the point of a gun, against the wider global community. In the end, of course, they will lose

    But, in the meantime, how much worse will it become for the hapless ordinary citizens of Fiji?

    It will simply entrench them in their current role, which they never wanted or deserved – as the meat in a slowly rotting sandwich.

    We at FDN try and focus on the big picture, which is why we fully endorse your post above.

    But increasingly we find our gaze drawn to just one corner of that big picture. That corner is the tawdry and selfish personal agendas of two people-CHODOPUSS and Bainimarama — and their respective illegal and totally unprincipled actions.

    Their agendas have nothing to do with the stated purpose of the coup in
    Decenmber 2006, nor with their much-vaunted “people’s charter.”

    As is becomeing increasingly obvious, they see the charter as the main pillar of a smokescreen strategy to disguise their true intentions and, ultimately, justify their postponing, and postponing again, of the election that they promised for March 2009.

    To our brother nations in the Pacific and to those bigger and more influential nations of the great international community, we have this message: We apppreciate your concern but, please, for the sake of the ordinary people of Fiji, don’t just point your fingers. DO SOMETHING!

  9. John Veikoso Says:

    All such childish comments, doesnt need a ten year old child to know which school you lot went to!!! so if we dont have elections next year??? so??? any more sanctions now if there is any left will hurt NZ and Aust more than us since we import more from them than exporting to them. If we have elections next and hopefully not SDL wins??? Army steps in again then what??? use your 5 cent brain brothers and Princess from Natewa, first clean your house before trying to tell others what to do…

  10. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Io, Jone Veikoso! Levu tiko la nomu vosa vakavuku, sigai soti ni macala na cava soti o kanaka tiko.

    Baraca! Dua na ka me u kanaka mada vi iko, “Kena gauna qo mo tekiduru ka masu vakalevu, kerea vua na Turaga me solia vei iko na vakacequ sa mai vua” baleta o kemudou, waca la qo.

    Kua kua soti na vaqakoro tiko! E sigai ni dua na vanua o butuka tiko qori me lala tu gonei! Ke o taukei, nanuma tiko ni vinaka taudua me da dau muria na noda i yatu!

    Go back to basics! Appreciate your heritage! You are going to need a plan X in place for you personally and your family if you have one.
    Baleta ni o ni na vakaqaqai taucoko sara vakayadua o kemuni na i lala qo.

    You can only run so far!
    Vinaka mo se kila rawa tiko qo na vanua mo na dau maroroi kina.

    “YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE IN A COURT OF LAW” Anything and everything you say can and will be held against you.
    I ask you to please reconsider your options or in your case the lack of it!
    You hardly have enough time!
    Do it now!

  11. Adi Kaila Says:

    Every single thing they hope to implement goes arse up, why? We all know why here in Fiji – there’s noone in the ig, even fingers levu who has any idea how to run a business, successfully that is without ripping off the unsuspecting.

    People with political aspirations should be qualified or have experience in Business Practises, Law & Economics – in any order. There are those involved in the ig who may have experience or relevant qualifications in one of the above but not all three. But one thing they are all good at it is trying to pull the wool over everyones eyes to cover up their deceptions.

    fingers levu has been successful in his role as a unionist, ripping off poor canefarmers and naive kaidias. This does not mean he is a good businessman or good enough to be a leader of any country, usury is a crime. The amounts of paisa he has accumulated speaks volumes. fingers levu like his colleague jo cabbage are just plain loud & crass. The more voluble they are the dirtier the behind the scenes dealings. Their cumbersome utterances to undermine the SDL and anyone opposing the ig is a clear indication of plain old self interest and that they’ve more than reached their ‘use by’ date. Instead of becoming calm & reflective in their old age they seem to have shit on their livers and are pernicious and vindictive. Retire gracefully au kerekere.

    As for voreqe – well there’s a complete idiot if ever. If one looks at all the people having trumped up allegations being aimed at one can see that these people at some stage in their lives had innocently come across voreqe or his even more idiotic wife meri.

    Let’s begin with Alisi Tabete.
    Alisi Toganivalu is the daughter of the late Willy Toganivalu who was in Ratu Maras cabinet. She not only had a priviledged upbringing as the daughter of a government minister, she also went to St Josephs for 2 years and excelled in her favourite sport of basketball which she continued as coach and in administration for FNA, all the while she worked successfully at Westpac until retiring, studying to gain an MBA & raising her family. Tah! Dah! – everything meri meri quite contrary aspired to but could not achieve. So the trumped up charges against Alisi Tabete all because of the hatred for her carried by meri from way back in the olden days of the late sixties. This woman meri is sick & is a bully like the rest of her siblings.

    ‘TuSaki Tuisolia
    This Chiefs family own the land where the Togalevu Naval base is. voreqe in his youthful days in the navy would’ve seen the handsome Tusaki out and about around the naval base and would’ve been very very envious of the young Chief who is a real ‘Ratu’ thank you very much. Envy in this family of voreqe and meri can be fatal for the person being envied. Not only that, Tusaki is very successful, was once the Senior Economist & also chief of the PM’s policy unit in the chaudry government and CEO of the government owned Airports Fiji Ltd. He is also the husband of the beautiful lawyer Imrana Jalal who left the boci dilip jamanadas for the handsome chief. Well, well, the ig pm & the cuckolded ex are both red fire bocis – get their jealous selves together & lo & behold – yeah jamnadas also has an axe to grind with Qarase so he feeds inflammatory info to the journalist graham davis and davis like a bloody fool that he is goes on to publish this shit. Imrana gave a wonderful reply to davis’ article. Maybe FIRCA should be investigating jamnadas. We know they won’t investigate the sudden wealth voreqe has attained. See…….

    That’s only two, I could go on and on but we all know the stories…..SDL uncover the unscrupulous use of the regimental funds by $50 ep & co……..

    It goes on & on… personal issues, revenge, jealousy, theft & even murder, it’s like a shakespearean tragedy but it’s being played out in Fiji by idiots who have too much baggage, too much to hide so the Nation has to suffer for it.

    ig is all semantics, the stupid shameems and khaiyums have not only destroyed themselves but have also revealed their abhorrence of all things Fijian. They have revealed how xenophobic they all are. Did it take the upsurge is islamism around the world to reveal this insidious psyche?

    Now those fools trying to push their charter keep stating they want changes to the democratic governance framework; measures needed to grow the economy; freedom of information laws; improving environmental protection; improving accountability; enhancing human rights protections; alleviating poverty; and developing a common national identity. Hello ignoramus – it was already there until this ig which is doing exactly the opposite of what they are preaching. WOW! What a revelation! meanwhile all the ig consipirators are profiteering from this.

  12. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Excellent Adi Kaila!

    Better to make my coffee stronger!
    God bless you and yours!

  13. John Veikoso Says:

    Thanks Batilutu oops batinuku, glad you’ve accepted my views, who will prosecute them and who will carry out that order if there is ever one??? you and you mataqali? hopefully you dont belong to the extinct mataqali group becvause then you’re of no use. Kaila, oilei!!! na cava mada o rau qori??? tokona tiko o iko mera butakoci keda tiko ga na viavia Turaga kei na Marama vataki rau??? mshame on you two if you consider yourselves fijians..

  14. aubatinuku-N Says:


  15. aubatinuku-N Says:


  16. Budhau Says:

    Adi Kaila wrote, “People with political aspirations should be qualified or have experience in Business Practises, Law & Economics – in any order. There are those involved in the ig who may have experience or relevant qualifications in one of the above but not all three. But one thing they are all good at it is trying to pull the wool over everyones eyes to cover up their deceptions.”

    Honey, I totally agree please can you send a copy of the above quote to the GCC also – such good advice.

    Those poor cane farmers and kaindias being ripped off by that unionist fool – Those idiot Indians – how come they never saw the light – that you can see it so clearly.

    That comment about accumulation of paise – yes that is the problem, those Indian thieves they know how to accumulate paise, while our Fijian thieves, they steal even bigger amounts but those idiots blow it all – now foreign bank accounts to show for it. (except the CJ seem to have foreign account)

    That “use by date” – so when does LQ’s date come up – I hear some rumblings in the SDL that LQ’s use by date already up.

    Hey AK, what do you have against this Jamnadass dude – you didn’t work for this guy, did you – and I thought you supported this coup.

  17. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Budhau lai moce yo boci!

  18. Adi Kaila Says:

    swooooooooooooooooosh – went right over butthole karans head – on this site we are exposing the ig & ig apologists so they can be prosecuted when the time comes……………sorry I do not work for crooks or tax evaders……….some of us Fijians are actually very well off & do not work for kaidias or anyone else for that matter…………………….but it wouldn’t occur to you that we may be self employed, pay our taxes on time & look after our extended family………………….yes that’s right, but it’s hard for you xenophobes to comprehend that a Fijian can be well educated, articulate & God Forbid have money in the bank & financially secure. Yes some of us can afford to express our dismay here because we want to put the Fiji Nation together again & for our people to be as successful as we are. It’s called dedication through honest hard work.

    Yes I do support the fact that we SOLIVAKASAMA people who exchange posts here are more than keen to see the ig go arse up asap. That’s a real thorn in your side that honest people cannot have a voice.

    Well the Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase has allowed himself to be scrutinised, the question is the ig that is full of cowardly individuals are preaching on about Transparency & Good Govenance but can’t even front up in court or justify their illegal stance.

    Stick that in your mouldy roti & choke on it.

  19. Adi Kaila Says:

    That was meant to read

    ‘That’s a real thorn in your side that honest people can have a voice’ – yes because we can expose the liars, cheats, murderers & those who want to suppress our human rights.

    The tide is turning.

  20. Budhau Says:

    Adi Kaila wrote, “on this site we are exposing the ig & ig apologists so they can be prosecuted when the time comes”

    Ms Kaila – I am sure there are very competent prosecutors in this interim administration, and there would some good legal minds that would be working for the administration that would follow. Do you really believe that they need help from folks like you.

    Ms Kaila wrote, “some of us Fijians are actually very well off & do not work for kaidias or anyone else for that matter…”

    There was no reason to bring in race into this discussion – I am sure there are many Fijians who have Indian working under them and there are Indian who have Fijians as their employees – and if you choose to be self-employed, good for you – but that does not make you better than those of us that have to work for others for a living.

    Why do you try put race into every discussion – or to paint someone who has a different point of view as a racist.

    BTW – when did I say that I was not keen on seeing the IG – I think we are on the same side as far as that goes – However, we disagree as to what should replace the IG – most of you want the same old same old – some of us think that we should do better.

    You still don’t get it, do you about this “Transparency & Good Govenance”, this was just an excuse for the coup.

    Well I guess I will have my mouldy roti for dinner – I am sure you can afford some better stuff for your dinner table – with your hard earned income. BTW – so why did they fire you from your last job.

    As for your remark, “The tide is turning.” – I am sure it is – and then we will do it the other guys what they have been doing to us.

    Hey Kaila – just come to think of it – that Mouldy roti – that only happens when you buy your “Roti, Curry” – not when you make them fresh. Buy your “Roti, curry ” from another vendor the next time.

  21. Budhau Says:

    On SV’s Finger pointing piece –

    All those finger pointing – They are not pointing their finger – they are giving the one finger salute – to NZ, Australia, to SDL and the rest.

    BTW you may not agree with Frank – but the dude ain’t an idiot – your remark about not being able to count. That Aiyaz ain’t childish – he is doing a job he was appointed to do – and while we disagree with what he is doing – that guys ain’t no idiot.

    As for you remark about Chaudary’s ignorance – it ain’t ignorance – it is arrogance. And Maharaja Chaudary knows that arrogance works for him – if has worked for him throughout his political career – hasn’t it.

    So those 16 fingers pointing at Frank – he is giving it back to them one finger at a time.

  22. Adi Kaila Says:

    We who are the educated, intelligent, articulate, financially secure Fijians are the xenophobic butthole & ig apologists worst nightmare.


    We have it all & the reason many people don’t know this is because we’re not ostentatious.

  23. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Budhau listen to the lady and take your foot out your mouth for the last time!!

  24. Budhau Says:

    aubatinuku – you know where my foot is – its called kicking ass.

    As for AK, if you got it all good for – we just have to worry about our poor cousins – who have been ripped off by some of us well to do types for a long time – maybe than they can have the road go all the way to their villages, or have better medical facilities, or running water and electricity, or better rural schools, funds to help raise their standard of living.

    AK wrote “We who are the educated, intelligent, articulate, financially secure Fijians”

    Yes – Most of those folks are commonly referred to as the Fijian elite – many of them are part of the problem not part of the solution.

  25. Berenado Vuniboci Says:

    veiqati tuga na tamata boci levu budhau cici waqaqa, sega na nonai sala ni vei talanoa mai levu tiko na vaqa lala kei na lasulasu. Dou tukuna vavina’a vua ko NP – nuni kato.

    Don’t argue with Fijian women budhau that’s a sure sign of a born loser. You indians don’t let your women have a say so you think you can do that to feisty Fijian maramas, not on your life, as you can see from the replies you’ve been receiving they are smarter than you.

    Dou kita vakavinaka na luveni kora waicala.

  26. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Budhau is a lost cause!!
    Budhau’s feet both on the pedestal crouching & about ready to run for Ma Ganga or is it Ma Rewa? 😉 Heheheheh!!!!!!!!!!!

    All you can do buddy is repeat what everyone else has already said!

    You are not exactly plagued with ideas are you?

  27. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Freedom bloggers!

    Jone Vikoso is the self appointed JUDGE and JURY of this site!
    Pulling rabbits out of hats.
    Assuming things he has no idea of.
    Being a hypocritical leech for crumbs.
    Totally clueless as to where exactly he is headed.
    Oops, oops, oops everywhere.

    So long as you get the gist of things, is fine by me, I really don’t give a crap for spell check considering the fact, we have a disaster on our hands.

    Bro JV, do you even read the topic before you post?
    Or in your case count your digits!

  28. Mark Manning Says:

  29. Budhau Says:

    Berenado wrote, “Don’t argue with Fijian women budhau that’s a sure sign of a born loser. You indians don’t let your women have a say so you think you can do that to feisty Fijian maramas, not on your life, as you can see from the replies you’ve been receiving they are smarter than you.”

    Hey, so what are the Maramas doing in here – should be like the good old days – we men to hang around doing the serious discussion, you know about war and all that – while you maramas go work the teitei.

    ..and aubaitinuku -it ain’t “ma Rewa”, its ba rewa.

  30. aubatinuku-N Says:

  31. aubatinuku-N Says:

    There you go Budhau, something to calm your nerves with.
    Because I love listening to music of all kinds and because I read, speak and write Sanskrit is one of the many reasons I like this piece.

    There are only 3 places in the world where Rewa exists:

    1.The Rewa province in Fiji.
    2.Rewa in the North Island of New Zealand.
    3.Rewa district in Madhya Pradesh, home of the white tigers in India.

    We have strong opinions on the matter because we share the very human instinct of “self preservation” which can be interpreted in more ways than one.

    I hope you like it! 🙂

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