Not divulging of salaries within NCBB.

Mataca’s acquiesce with Bainimarama to not publicly divulge salaries within the $2.4m NCBB budget on the pretext of the their concern of the media’s priorities reveals just how far he has spiritually transgressed during this turmoil.

Bainimarama after his coup justified it on the basis of good governance, anti- corruption, transparency, accountability, etc.

Ironically Mataca in 1987 had maintained the high moral road, when the majority of the Methodist Church leadership and other Denominations transgressed by supporting the coup, but he remained steadfast on principles of rule of law.

However, this time around, the new leadership within the Methodist Church rejects the coup, but Mataca has transgressed and become a loyal apologist.

This latest revelation is unbecoming of a Prince within the Catholic Church, but it goes to show despite how lofty one maybe perceived, spiritually speaking, it doesn’t take too much to fall flat on your face.

Lucifer the Bible says was the most beloved of angles, closest to God and continually in his presence, yet even he strayed.

Difference between Mataca and Lucifer is that he can still repent and change his ways, whereas Lucifer has been eternally condemned, but if he fails to do so, he will end up the same.

Tui Savu.


Townsville QLD.


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  1. taukei Says:


    Tui Savu: “Ironically Mataca in 1987 had maintained the high moral road, when the majority of the Methodist Church leadership and other Denominations transgressed by supporting the coup, but he remained steadfast on principles of rule of law. However, this time around, the new leadership within the Methodist Church rejects the coup, but Mataca has transgressed and become a loyal apologist.”



  2. taukei Says:


    That is why the Methodist Church supported the 1987 coup.


    That is why the Cathoholic Church supported the 2006 coup and is currently supporting the IG (Indian/Interim Government).

    ********FIGHT AND ANNIHILATE THIS INDIAN-CATHOLIC-ANTIFIJIAN “GOVERNMENT”********************************************

  3. taukei Says:


    Do you have to be stupid to become a Catholic, or does being a Catholic make you stupid (and poor)?

    The dramatic differences between Catholic and Protestant nations in test scores, and thus IQ’s (AND most significantly, incomes) should make anyone, including Catholics, wonder about the root cause. With Portugal, Italy, Spain, and Mexico being the most notable Catholic countries and having the world’s lowest test scores and incomes, and with Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland being the most notable Protestant countries and having the world’s highest test scores and incomes, consistently, in every test ever conducted, the question is valid and crucial and IMPORTANT.

    SO, what possible factors might be responsible for such a VAST difference between Catholics and Protestants in their well being, confidence, intelligence, self-reliance, initiative, work ethic, morals, religious beliefs, independence, creativity, research and development, racial ethics, and of course ultimately INCOMES AND SAVINGS? Why do Catholic Tijuana and Protestant San Diego, situated almost on top of each other, look like opposite ends of the universe? Why are most Catholics too dumb to even recognize the serious shortcomings of a “religion” which CREATES poverty out of thin air, openly practices cannibalism, and HATES the Word of God?

  4. Ima Says:

    Tui, spot on mate!! They’re a contradicting bunch (the IG & NCBBF team), so much for their catch phrases, ‘transparency & accountability’.


    If you profess yourself to be a Christian then I feel you have contradicted your beliefs & principles of being a Christian. After all, aren’t we told in the good book (The Bible) that we are to love our enemies as we love ourselves??

    Maybe if you had read about Mataca’s choice of joining the NCBBF team, you would understand that he accepted the president’s invitation solely on a personal level and not as the head of the Catholic Church….but then again he has tarnished the church’s reputation.

  5. taukei Says:

    Ima Says: “If you profess yourself to be a Christian then I feel you have contradicted your beliefs & principles of being a Christian. After all, aren’t we told in the good book (The Bible) that we are to love our enemies as we love ourselves??”

    Read my earlier posts on the scriptures, Ima.

  6. taukei Says:

    War is a sad necessity in this cracked world.

    Wars are always unfortunate but it would be more unfortunate for the unjust to triumph over the just.

    We humans continue to want peace and dream of peace, hoping against hope that the prophecy of Isaiah will finally come true (Isaiah 2: 2-5).

    Isaiah’s prediction of the future is indeed encouraging but the cry of Joel seems to be a better description of our present situation:

    “Declare this among the nations:proclaim a war,rouse the warriors to arms! Let all the soldiers report and march! Beat your plowshares into swords,and your pruning hooks into spears; let the weak man say, “I am a warrior!” —- Joel 4: 9-10

  7. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Sa baci vunau mai qori o aimless warrior!

    @ taukei.
    Do you also interpret out of the New Testament, you know! After Jesus died on Calvary for you and me.
    Or do you just only live in the past with your head so far up where the sun don’t shine.

  8. NadroKid Says:

    Vinaka Ima!

    Fighting and bickering amongst us will get us nowhere. Lets not fall for the divide and rule. As a Methodist I know Catholics who are all out for God and have nothing but respect for them. We may be peeved with the way some of them like Mataca carry on just like we will be peeved with the way even some of our own church/family/work place etc. carry on. But lets be specific and not generalise. Me yaco ga vei koya. We may not agree with some of their doctrines but we do agree on some of the most basic things. Lets focus on those.
    Jesus in His high priestly prayed “That they all may be one as thou Father art in me and I in thee that they also may be one in us that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.”

  9. NadroKid Says:

    Vinaka Ima!

    Fighting and bickering amongst us will get us nowhere. Lets not fall for the divide and rule. As a Methodist I know Catholics who are all out for God and have nothing but respect for them. We may be peeved with the way some of them like Mataca carry on just like we will be peeved with the way even some of our own church/family/work place etc. carry on. But lets be specific and not generalise. Me yaco ga vei koya. We may not agree with some of their doctrines but we do agree on some of the most basic things. Lets focus on those.
    Jesus in His high priestly prayed “That they all may be one as thou Father art in me and I in thee that they also may be one in us that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.”
    Blog on in unity!

  10. Na Dina Says:

    To aubatinuku-N
    Yes the NT says: Resist legion and he/she will flee from you.

  11. woilei Says:

    Peeeps – remember the topic – the likes of the boci commenting like a crying boto are just trying to deflect discussion – even better just ignore them as they are “insignificant” to our cause.

    Howzat for a turn for the books ! Hehe !

    Blog on peeps – let us demand REAL TRANSPARENCY and GOOD GOVERNANCE from this regime since they profess to be the experts at it. Sa tu ga na da !

    Come on ARSHBISHOP and BAINI – tell us the people – we have the RIGHT to know how our TAX MONEY is being USED !!!!!!!!!!!

    You want us to learn what ACCOUNTABILITY and TRANSPERANCY is ?

    Then tell us what we have the right to know !

  12. dazza Says:

    @ MM

    recording of a spoof call to the Zimbabwe embassy, which has aired on exile radio stations. hilarious

  13. taro Says:

    Fiji – World Bank economic update

    Since the takeover of Fiji’s Parliament in December 2006, the Interim Government led by the military commander has continued to face international sanctions by some donors. These include the suspension of parts of the aid program and immigration restrictions. Restoration of bilateral relations with key external partners remains largely dependent on the Interim Government’s demonstrating a commitment to return Fiji to democracy. National elections are expected in the first quarter of 2009.

    Fiji’s real GDP contracted by an estimated 4 percent in 2007, largely reflecting the effect of recent political events on the tourism and construction sectors. Tourism earnings fell by an estimated 20 percent while construction activity declined by one‐third in the first 9 months of the year. Sugar production declined by 23 percent due to unfavorable weather conditions and supply chain inefficiencies. Copra production declined by 9 percent. Garment export earnings have remained subdued since the expiry of the US preferential agreement in 2005.

    The trade balance showed some improvements in 2007. Export earnings rose slightly (led by mineral water, fish, and timber), while imports dampened, reflecting tightened credit conditions (following the imposition of credit ceilings on commercial banks). The trade and current account deficits remain large at approximately 27 percent and 16 percent of GDP, respectively. Despite the current account deficit, the balance of payments recorded a small surplus largely attributable to foreign direct investment. With the import cutback driven by investment goods, investment declined from 19 percent of GDP in 2006 to approximately 15 percent in 2007. Domestic demand weakened in 2007, as indicated by slower domestic credit growth (from an average of 28 percent in 2006 to 6 percent in September 2007), sluggish employment conditions, fall in remittance receipts, and declined imports of consumption goods.

    On a positive note, gross foreign reserves stabilized in 2007 to reach US$618 million as of December. Excluding foreign assets of non‐bank financial institutions, gross reserves were estimated at US$510 million at end‐2007 (sufficient to cover approximately 3 months of imports).

    The budget was in near balance in 2007 through a substantial reduction in capital expenditure and a cut in civil service wages. The 2008 budget targets a fiscal deficit of 2 percent of GDP, focusing on consolidating Fiji’s fiscal position and reducing public debt from 50 percent to 45 percent of GDP over the next 3 years.

    Inflation for 2007 was estimated at 4 percent, reflecting increases in excise duties and higher food prices following supply shocks (flood‐ and cyclone‐related losses). However, it jumped to 7.4 percent at end‐January 2008 as higher global oil prices affected domestic transport and electricity costs, and higher international wheat prices and cyclone‐led disruptions in local supply increased food prices. The inflation rate projected for end‐2008 has been revised upwards to 5 percent.

    A modest recovery of approximately 2 percent real GDP growth is forecast for 2008 linked to expected growth in tourism. However, economic recovery remains vulnerable to political instability, natural disasters (cyclones, floods), high global oil prices, and uncertain relations with key development partners. Reforms in macroeconomic policy, public sector management, land, and the sugar sector are much needed but difficult to implement under present circumstances.

  14. Peace Pipe Says:

    Mataca not only has bad eye but also a bad conscience. Why hide the salaries of these ncbbf staffs. Isn’t it our money being used to pay these buggers so surely we should have the right to know where and how it is being used. Its not bad eye’s or the pig’s money. Even the pig is living off our money as well and need to know how much he grates off the peoples money.

    Well, well, we now have the other gender championing the ig in the form of the witch from the north and marble eye a witch from somewhere I dont know. Both these hags are calling for people to support the ig. Bloody old useless suckers. Go suck the pig.

  15. Corruption Fighter Says:

    John Samy take a bow. You have just joined the ranks of Dr Shyster
    and Jo Nawalowalo as a contender for the Clown of the Year

    You claim “Ratu Joni’s applauding the principles of the Charter is a
    positive comment in regards to what the NCBBF and TASS want to achieve through this process of the formulation of a People’s Charter for Change. Peace and Progress.”

    This is quite a spin to put on the comment that it is “impossible for a
    government that derived its power from the barrel of a gun to enforce
    cordial community relations.”

    Or “Further there is little credibility when the army commander says the charter will put an end to racial discrimination when his own record of leadership of the military shows very little to support such assertions in terms of membership of the military.”

    Good intentions are not enough but your latest effort suggests that your intentions are no better than the gang of thieves whose ranks you have joined. Trying to twist Ratu Joni’s words is dishonesty which everyone can see through. Quit before your credibility is gone altogether and you finishing up as a complete clown like Shyster or Nawalowalo.

  16. Frida Says:

    people who accept anything from this illegal administration – whether to support its own initiative locally ro otherwise is simply benefitting from a criminal exercise. It is when peole like Mataca and others do, the illegal junta belwieve they are doing the right thing. So for any right thinking people – stay away from them as afr as you can – and it is interesting how the situation in Fiji will unfold. As LQ had said in early 2007 – sa qai matata tikoga mai na mata ni meke qo.

  17. Mark Manning Says:

    For the sake of your Children etc.
    Dr Phil says , you can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge !
    You can keep taking the high moral ground and blaming one another , but unless each person is prepared to take ownership for their individual actions regarding this and previous coups , Fiji will continue to go down the same road . Just sometimes , we have to take a step backwards , look hard and deep within ourselves and ask , did and do my views affect what has happened since 1987 ?
    My guess is , everyone in Fiji has been influenced by the various arguments put forward , to some extent . Now is the time for true leadership . I hope Fiji can sort out it’s mess before the economy suffers too much more . Or else there will be intrenched poverty in Fiji , perhaps forever more !
    For the sake of your Children , this generation owes it to them !

  18. Nasi Lomani Says:

    But then again, they will always rely on that mentality “we are not accountable to anyone because we were not voted in” !!!! They are so contradictory and confused!

  19. Bebe ni bogi Says:

    Tui I agree
    From Wikipedia

    Mataca said he did not support the concept of amnesty for persons convicted of political crimes. The overthrow of a democratically elected government a serious crime, he said, and “the coup cycle” would continue unless those involved faced the consequences of their crimes. “I publicly appeal to our President, our Prime Minister and the members of our Government to withdraw the Bill until such time as proper consultations can be held and appropriate amendments made,” Mataca said. Reconciliation and unity could not come from a politically motivated bill, he warned. On the contrary, he saw reconciliation as a healing process that must start with truth telling, confession of wrongdoing, genuine request for forgiveness and willingness to accept the consequences of one’s actions. “It seems … that the Bill has been hastily put together for political purposes – especially in view of the elections next year,” Mataca said. “This is not in the interests of the country and any stubborn effort by the Government to push through this Bill will be counter productive and will threaten Fiji’s future stability.”

    I’m baffled – a 360 degree turn – by the religious leader – what’s the difference ? Is this an admission of guilt. Nasi Lomani – I’m also confused with the contradictions.

  20. Tui Says:

    My fellow bloggers. I write to you with a heavy heart. For I see that the road will be long and treacherous. I have seen the cries and the suffering our people are going through. I have seen and witnessed our Fijian brothers and sisters dying from curable diseases and lack of food. I have seen and witnessed the sudden rise of poverty and crimes amongst our people.
    I now question Rabuka, if this is what he wanted for the Fijian people? I question Speight and co. who did you carry out out the coup for?
    I question Voreqe, who are you fighting for?
    For I have just found out that the IG will not fund the work carried out by the new task force headed by Kurusiga and Batibasaa. Instead funds will only be directed to the charter. So I ask you Fijians supporting this illegal IG, who are you fighting for? Whose personal agenda are you sacrificing the lives of the Fijian people for?
    Fellow bloggers, I have been a following the blogs of RFC, WFC, HnC, Hearts and Minds and now SV. In the hope that we take this to another level, I will be writing to the 3 dailies in Fiji. I will ask the same questions I’m asking now, and I will come out in the open.
    We have to push on with our cause, and we have to consider making some personal sacrifices.
    May God be with us in this long journey to freedom and justice for all.

  21. anon Says:

    Wananavu Tui, so tale mai

    Taukei, lako mada i Sukuna Park, lai vunau tu mada kina.

  22. aubatinuku-N Says:

    O taukei me kua ni lai vunau i Sukuna Park, de vakacalai ira na lalai!
    Vinaka cake me biuta laivi tu mada ga na nona dakai taura wavoki tu, me lai tomitomi i Thurston Gardens…….Me bu kena yaga tu!

    Love reading all the posts!

  23. knox Says:

    O taukei me mai “SUPU” la!!!!!!!!!!!!lol

  24. taukei Says:

    We make war that we may live in peace.

  25. taukei Says:

    Do some housework for a change, aubatinuku-N

  26. taukei Says:

    War a necessary evil

    I’ve experienced war and can tell you that it is evil and unglamorous. However, war is sometimes the lesser of two evils, sadly required to protect our nation and to liberate oppressed peoples.

  27. taukei Says:

    The Necessary War

    War IS ‘Necessary and Just’

    War IS necessary for justice.

  28. Mark Manning Says:

    To Dazza
    I have to say , thanks for that laugh , dazza was very good maaaaaaan !

  29. aubatinuku-N Says:


    I love my God and I love my country.

    Blogging freely is one way to exercise my freedom of choice.
    I love my family and I do my own housework.
    I travel the world.
    I have more customers than I do vendors.
    I earn way more than you can ever make in 10 lifetimes.
    I pay my taxes, therefore I pay your wages!
    I am a free thinker.
    I live and fight for democracy.
    All because I am a unique indivudual.

    Psalm 139: 13-14 “For you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made

    And the beauty of all this is you and I are equal in the sight of God but the choices we make in life determines our destinies.

    You and I know that we have crossed the rubicon, right now it’s just a matter of time.

    taukei is giving the impression that he is threatened by women.
    How can any war be won by people with defeatist attitudes?

    STICK TO THE TOPIC taukei!!

    A good example is NCBBF budget.
    What are these crooks hiding?
    Being paid taxpayer dollars becomes a funky deal if one decides to play God. It simply means you have responsibility and accountability to the public in general.

    Cough it up! Cough it up!

    Na war e cakacaka taki, sigai ni levu tiko ga na vosa! O cei e na sauma na war o kanaka tiko o iko??

    DEMOCRACY NOW!!!!!!!

  30. aubatinuku-N Says:


    Dazza! Thank you.

    Don’t press one whateva you do

    Allo and Welcome to Zimbabwe Embassy
    Dere is nobody now
    Our office hours is 11.00 to 11.30 Tuesday
    if you want information about election…………….

    Now press one!! And give us your physical address and one of our representatives will come and help you……..

    Sounds all to familiar!!

  31. far and wide Says:

    Kirk her right in the mouth!!

    Right On Dinger..!

    Fiji Times

    Voice of the People

    Saturday, April 05, 2008

    False claim

    A REPORT issued this week by the Fiji Human Rights Commission’s Shaista Shameem repeats a false allegation that three diplomats, including myself, attempted to incite a mutiny by senior RFMF leadership against Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama in the days just prior to the December 2006 coup.

    The media have picked up on that accusation.

    As my diplomatic colleagues and I made clear when the initial “mutiny incitement” allegation arose, the actual facts are that the three diplomats had been instructed by their governments to meet with the most senior RFMF leaders to ensure they were fully aware of what the negative consequences would be from a coup: Harsh sanctions on the RFMF, a tarnishing of the RFMF’s reputation and, for Fiji more broadly, immense economic, political, and cultural fall-out.

    Cmdr Bainimarama was in New Zealand at the time, so the diplomats met with then acting RFMF Commander Captain Teleni and Colonel Driti.

    My government also instructed the US ambassador to New Zealand to attempt to convey the same points to the Commodore.

    The intention was to convince the RFMF senior leadership, including the Commodore, that a coup would have very negative consequences and any such plan should be abandoned. Unfortunately, the RFMF proceeded with the coup and, as our governments predicted, the negative consequences have followed.

    If Ms Shameem felt the need to include the false “mutiny” allegation in her report, she, in fairness, should have also included the fact that the diplomats have flatly, publicly and repeatedly denied the allegation.

    Larry Dinger
    US Ambassador to Fiji
    Tonga and Tuvalu

  32. Peace Pipe Says:

    So what is the real deal with this illegal ig and their illegal farter charter. They all seem to be singing from different hymn sheets. In today’s paper we have this wretched accursed viper proclaiming to Fiji that there would be no election if there is no charter. This makes the farter charter all the more sinister in its underlying objectives. I now firmly believe that the snake has ulterior motive which is self serving and destroys the Fijian race. He possesses the Mugabe syndrome which is to win the elections by any means – by hook or by crook in order to press home his evil agenda.

    This viper has to be removed from the scene or else Fiji is doomed to this wretched miserable situation we have been in the last 20 years.

    He moans about having to correct the “fundamental issues” first before elections. So what the F does he mean by that. Now he is clamoring for changes since he realizes that he will not be able to win any more elections under the present constitution which is the very same one that got him into power in 1999 but people have now rejected him as they know what he is really like. Only when the constitution does not serve him favorably he rejects it as being the cause of the nation’s problem. This however is his personal biased views which are all fabricated lies. We will never believe anything that emanates from the snakes lying filthy mouth as we can see his real evil intentions very clearly.

    Have you noticed that all the Indos are holding the top electioneering positions like the elections commissioner, boundary commissioner, minister responsible for these the arse himself and don’t be surprised the supervisor would be one as well. This is geared to procure a system which would bring about the results they so desire by concocting a system that would provide them an assured access.

    This takes me back to Bubu’s hypothesis of the boiling frog. Are we going to let this snake steal our country or should we wake up get out of the simmering water and reclaim our rightful place and get rid of this festering pest once and for all.

    This begs the question of who is the boss here. The Pig and snake alliance is pulling apart and soon it will snap. But come what may, the election has to go on and we will be there to ensure it. The snake will not have his way this time.

  33. A letter Says:

    Ni sa bula vinaka blogger Taukei

    Please take your tablets as prescribed, your delusions and hallucinations are making you sick again. Please contact the duty Doctor/Nurse immediately. We would love to have you back for some rest.
    Can you ask the rest of the ‘FAM’ily (Frankenstein, Arse, and Mayhem) to come for their injections if you see them – they’ve been missing them since Dec 06. The Bua Ward is lonely without you all. As a bonus if you are good we will give you a room with a view of Korovou and Lovonilase, should you wish to move their later. Don’t say later you didn’t have a choice in your democracy.

    Loloma levu
    Matron Daulomani
    St Giles

    PS Now Fuck Off now and take your tablets.

  34. Jose Says:

    You can ensure nothing and the so called alliance is not going to snap. Let’s not kid ourselves with that. Blogging is all we can do but who gives a damn? These people are under orders to bring our country in-line with the system of the one world order. Taukei is right. Action is needed. But again they had psyched and figured out the Fijian mentality. Just as New Zealand and Australia were as guinea pigs, test cases, with the Kiwis laid back mentality”She’ll be right” Australia says with their schooners “Cheers, mate”, that’s why they were chosen as test cases and the Fijians, what do we say? ” Laiva, laiva me macala sara mada na ka ra cakava tiko. Da waraka ga. Ia taki mai.”

  35. Adi Kaila Says:

    While we are all watching the 7s Rugby being played in Adelaide & hoping for a win, So far we’ve beaten England & France, Let’s not forget what we’re all fighting for on this site – FREEDOM from oppression that the ig has imposed on us.


  36. Adi Kaila Says:

    PP the whole agenda is the charter that they expect everyone to comply with, that’s all they have – sa oti, kalaas, finito, kaput, the end.

    They can try to implement all they want – it’s all illegal anyway – has to be passed via parliament that doesn’t exist.

    They can gazette it all they want – it’s just another piece of paper that is better off pulped & turned into toilet paper & to use as road fillers for the pot holes resembling the large gaps between ig voreqe, chaudry & their supporters ears. Would be most beneficial for natuvas departments.

  37. LUVfiji Says:

    Is the planned debate organised by the Media Council at JJ’s for invitees only or is it open to the public? This is one that is to be compered by Jon Apted with an interesting lineup of panelists including that black kulina from Tailevu; his master’s voice – Idi Amin reincarnated.

    Does any one know, please?

  38. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    ‘A letter’, thanks for that brilliant contribution.

    I’m sure that bananasinpyjamas, hairyarse and chodopu$$ are all St Giles patients.

    BTW, an army officer in the illegal pm’s office has been arrested for drink driving and punching a policeman.It will be interesting to see if this is the character who is dealing with the chinese loan money and wouldn’t let the auditors in to see the books.

    It will also be interesting to see if the charges are quietly withdrawn.

  39. lava not a fighta Says:

    Isa LuvFiji bau loloma. O jiameni ni bose ni yasana mai tailevu e solisoli ni kalou. E dina ni sega vakasevaki na nona sa lai coko tu qo ena NCBBF, ia e sega ni lewa o koya na kena ibulibuli lewa.

    Kerekere meda veitalanoa tikoga me baleta na ka e vakatulewa kina o koya me vaka nona lai lewena tu na charter, sega ni baleta na roka ni yagona ka isolisoli ni Kalou.

    By definition, a Forum is: an assembly, meeting place, television program, etc., for the discussion of questions of public interest. Media Council Forums started in 2005 and are aired on TV (not live but later in the week). They are usually open to the public. All media companies are members of the council and they all usually promote each Forum, and run stories on them.

  40. Philadelphia Says:

    The bust up within FRU is keeping vore and chodo silent but happy.

    The teams crappy performance in HK seems to further bring down the people already struggling with rising food prices, continued uncertainty and political instability. Fiji’s people found no relief from a sweet sports victory that vore wished for when he farewelled the team.

    The anger at the interim government, prevented by the threat of rfmf bloodshed and brutality (as unleashed on the people after the 2000 coup), quickly transformed into destructive attacks on the FRU and its Board on talkback radio, texting and around the tanoa.

    The continued silence of the illegal govt means that there is little else to focus on but serevi, savou and the fru.

    People just want to vent their anger and the 7s is providing that opportunity. Watch out rfmf, they may get used to their freedom of expression!


    Fijian rugby’s biggest star has denied sabotaging the national sevens rugby team for personal gain.Waisale Serevi, considered the best sevens player in the world, has denied influencing players to perform poorly in last weekend’s Hong Kong Sevens tournament.

    The Fijians, ranked third in International Rugby Board (IRB) Sevens standings, were thrashed 34-0 by New Zealand in a semifinal in Hong Kong.Fijian coach Josateki Savou had said that with the calibre of players he had, there was no way the team should have fared so badly.The coach said he and captain Marika Vunibaka had established some key players were influenced by a former senior player not to perform at their best in the game.Savou, in Australia for today’s opening of the Adelaide sevens tournament, said he wanted the allegations fully investigated by the Fiji Rugby Union.

    Savou has refused to name the player involved but Serevi has acknowledged he is the former senior player referred to.”At no time did I ever sabotage or influence any player,” Serevi, who controversially quit as Fiji’s sevens coach last year, told the Fiji Times.”I don’t have anything against Savou, the team or players. I don’t have a bad heart.”

    There were suggestions Serevi wanted to return as sevens coach and a poor performance against New Zealand would enhance that ambition.

    Savou deflected further questioning after his side put the controversy behind it on the field today to record a 31-12 triumph against England in their opening match at the Adelaide sevens.”I think the media has been getting wrong information on what has happened,” he said.

    The controversy came after the Fijian Rugby Union on Thursday denied it held a grudge against Serevi, who quit as Fiji’s sevens coach last July over what the union described as “serious work related issues”.Serevi has denied mis-using union funds during last year’s Hong Kong sevens tournament.



    Bainimarama keeps silent on tour

    Saturday, April 05, 2008

    AMID proposals put forward by people living in the Northern Division, interim Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama told media representatives during his tour there to send their questions to the military media centre.

    Commodore Bainimarama referred queries to his military media staff officer Lieutenant Colonel Sitiveni Qiliho who said that all questions were to be faxed to the media centre. During his tour, the interim PM met board members and staff of the Labasa Hospital.

    He met business people and Labasa Mayor Doctor Pradeep Singh and councillors to discuss issues affecting them.


  41. pravda Says:

    Charter teams to visit villages
    Fiji Times
    Saturday, April 05, 2008

    Update: 9.58am The National Council for Building a Better Fiji will send teams to the villages across Fiji to obtain first hand feed back about the Charter.

    This document that has already been drafted has been condemned by many quarters including Australia and New Zealand that want Fiji to return to the polls and allow an elected government to rule.

    However Fiji Labour Party leader interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry says there will be no election next March if there is no charter.

    Meanwhile the salaries of those involved with the Charter remains confidential to tax payers despite the fact they are funding the initiative.


    Work on the People’s Charter is now focusing more closely on each of the major issues of concern that have been raised by the people of Fiji.

    The National Council for Building a Better Fiji (NCBBF) media committee confirms that the nine working groups will meet over the next month to review 38 issues and discussion papers (IDPs).

    In a statement this afternoon, the NCBBF says these papers canvass a broad range of critical governance and economic and social issues affecting Fiji.

    According to the committee, the IDPs include possible changes to the democratic governance framework; measures needed to grow the economy; freedom of information laws; improving environmental protection; improving accountability; enhancing human rights protections; alleviating poverty; and developing a common national identity.

    “While working groups are working through these major issues, consultation teams will be visiting villages to obtain feedback from the people.

    “This consultation process is essential so that the People’s Charter, when formulated, properly reflects the people’s will,” the committee said.

    It added that it is vital that the media continue to take an interest in promoting debate on issues related to the content of the Charter.

    No charter, no election

    Saturday, April 05, 2008

    ANY plan to return Fiji to democracy through a general election should only happen after the People’s Charter is formulated and finalised, said interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry.

    While visiting the Northern Division yesterday, Mr Chaudhry said next year’s election should come after the People’s Charter had been formulated.

    Mr Chaudhry said that Fiji had a lot of problems which needed to be resolved and rectified first before an election could take place.

    “The Charter should be put together first before the election because we need to address many problems we are facing in this nation. We have to address problems and put our fundamentals right before an election is held.”

    Mr Chaudhry said it was important to address such problems first, particularly the systems in place before going to the polls.

    He said that Pacific neighbours Australia and New Zealand needed to understand that an election was not the solution to the problems Fiji continued to face.

    He said such problems included the systems in major institutions and the civil service which needed to be improved to help bring about better productivity and performance.

    The Foreign Affairs ministers of New Zealand and Australia, Winston Peters and Stephen Smith, have continuously called for an early election.

    They have raised concerns on how the charter could delay the election next year.

    The foreign ministers also said the proposed People’s Charter could be used as a distraction.

    Meanwhile, Fiji’s interim Foreign Affairs Minister Ratu, Epeli Nailatikau, assured the Pacific Islands Forum meeting in Auckland last week the election would go ahead with or without the People’s Charter.

    Interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said last week at the second meeting of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji at the police academy in Nasova that the Charter was a vital part of preparations for the election.

    He said his regime saw the NCBBF as a guide for the Charter to pave the way forward for Fiji

  42. dredre mada Says:

    @ Fiji Freedom bloggers

    Splitting headache
    April 6, 2008
    A FARMER cut his tools and machines in half to comply with a court ruling that he must share all his property with his former wife.
    Branko Zivkov, 76, said he had been ready to give his wife, Dinka, her equal share of everything earned during their 45-year marriage, but was furious at being asked to give away half his farming equipment.
    Instead, he cut in two all his tools, including cattle scales, a harrow and a sowing machine.
    “I still haven’t decided how to split the cow,” he said

  43. jim crow Says:

    Dr. King, Forgotten Radical

    Long before his death, white and black America began to forget the true legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Kai Wright | April 4, 2008 |
    America began perverting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message in the spring of 1963. Truthfully, you could put the date just about anywhere along the earlier timeline of his brief public life, too. But I mark it at the Birmingham movement’s climax, right about when Northern whites needed a more distant, less personally threatening change-maker to juxtapose with the black rabble rousers clambering into their own backyards. That’s when Time politely dubbed him the “Negroes’ inspirational leader,” as Gene Roberts and Hank Klibanoff point out in their excellent book Race Beat.

    Up until then, King had been eyed as a hasty radical out to push Southern communities past their breaking point — which was a far more accurate understanding of the man’s mission. His “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” is in fact a blunt rejection of letting the establishment set the terms of social change. “The purpose of our direct-action program is to create a situation so crisis-packed that it will inevitably open the door to negotiation,” he wrote, later adding, “We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

    Shame that quotation rarely makes it into the sort of King remembrances that will mark today’s 40th anniversary of his assassination. Generations after the man’s murder, our efforts to look back on his life too often say more about our own racial fantasies and avoidances than they do about his much-discussed dream. And they obscure a deeply radical worldview that remains urgently important to Americans’ lives. Today, I don’t mourn King’s death so much as I do his abandoned ideas.

    We’ve all got reason to avoid the uncomfortable truths King shoved in the nation’s face. It’s a lot easier for African Americans to pine for his leadership than it is to accept our own responsibility for creating the radicalized community he urged upon us. And it’s more comfortable for white America to reduce King’s goals to an idyllic meeting of little black boys and little white girls than it is to consider his analysis of how white supremacy keeps that from becoming reality.

    Take, for instance, his point that segregation’s purpose wasn’t just to keep blacks out in the streets but to keep poor whites from taking to them and demanding economic justice. There’s a concept that’s not likely to come up in, say, the speech John McCain was rumored to be planning for today. “The Southern aristocracy took the world and gave the poor white man Jim Crow,” King lectured from the Alabama Capitol steps, following the 1965 march on Selma. “And when his wrinkled stomach cried out for the food that his empty pockets could not provide, he ate Jim Crow, a psychological bird that told him that no matter how bad off he was, at least he was a white man, better than a black man.”

    It’s thoughts like those that made him decidedly less popular at the time of his death than today. The bloom started to wear off King’s media rose when he turned his attention to Northern racism. The central defense Southern segregationists offered when thrust on the national stage was that their Jim Crow was no more of a brute than the North’s. King agreed, and in announcing his organization’s move into Chicago, he called the North’s urban ghettos “a system of internal colonialism not unlike the exploitation of the Congo by Belgium.” And he named names, pointing to racist unions as one of a dozen institutions conspiring to strip-mine black communities. So much for “inspirational.” But then, like now, nobody wanted to hear such talk — only the black press paid any attention.

    Later, when a white mob hurled bricks and cherry bombs at marchers in Chicago, King told reporters that the scene outdid anything below the Mason-Dixon Line. “I have never in my life seen such hate,” biographer Taylor Branch quotes him as saying. “Not in Mississippi or Alabama.” Today, we hear little about the ideas that experience provoked for King: His deathbed blueprint for changing America’s caste systems included a three-pronged attack on racism, poverty, and war.

    It’s that last charge, to fight war-making, that got him in the most trouble during his time and that gets most readily ignored today. Despite grenades of criticism from his fellow civil-rights leaders, his erstwhile ally in the president, and the press, King declared he had no choice but to stand up against the Vietnam War. But what’s striking is the still red-hot relevance of his reasoning, a perspective also likely to be left out of the dreamy platitudes delivered on days like today.

    King called the armed forces a “cruel manipulation of the poor” and likened war funding to “some demonic destructive suction tube,” siphoning off resources needed to deal with pressing domestic issues. And he warned that our zeal for the fight reflected “a far deeper malady in the American spirit,” one which drives us to consider the protection of our “overseas investments” to be a greater imperative than the preservation of life. The 1967 speech bears quoting at length:

    I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a thing-oriented society to a person-oriented society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered.

    It’s to our detriment that we whitewash all of these valuable ideas from our national memory of King. But the greatest tragedy may be that African Americans have morphed his belief in the power of community into a follow-the-leader obsession. Each King holiday and memorial spawns another round of “Where’s Waldo?” pondering over who our new leader is, or should be, or if one exists at all.

    I suspect King’s answer would be who cares? Indeed, while the rest of the civil-rights establishment cringed when black college students launched their own, amorphous movement of sit-ins, King applauded it. He called the student movement “a revolt against Negroes in the middle class who have indulged themselves in big cars and ranch-style homes rather than joining a movement for freedom,” according to Branch. Today’s preoccupation with naming King’s successors seems similarly trivial.

    Black America first anointed King its savior after he stormed onto the national scene in Montgomery, holding together the prolonged 1954 bus boycott with nightly speeches in which he exhorted everyone to stay the course. Jet magazine called him “Alabama’s Modern Moses.” WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR ANOTHER PROPHET SINCE HE WAS GUNNED DOWN ON APRIL 4, 1968. I JUST WISH OUR LAST ONE WOULD COME BACK AND REMIND US THAT OUR POWER LIES NOT IN LEADERSHIP BUT IN A COLLECTIVE REFUSAL TO BE OPPRESSED.

  44. taukei Says:

    Nobody cares about “Seven-a-Side Rugby” in western countries….

    It was a FAD many years back and its popularity died as quickly as it rose.

    Play what REAL MEN play –

  45. natewaprince Says:

    Why don’t you play with yourself,that’s what you soldiers play best.But then you can always play with each other,which is what you guys are always doing while out on exercise in the bush,hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  46. anon Says:

    Taukei, vakacava mo biuta mada e dua a i tono totolo kina nomu qara ni cici qai mai vakarogoca toka yani. Oti e tolu na miniti dua tale.

    That will surely keep you occupied.

  47. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ taukei.

    Qori baraca, o se kida tiko se sigai?
    Ratou sa vaqarai iko tiko mai St.Giles, o metereni e sa waraki iko tiko vata na kemu i cula.
    Vinaka mo se tatau rawa ni bera ni o qai eh 😉
    Levu la nomu vosa vakavuku tiko!
    Tamata dadatuvu, tautauvata ga i nomu boso!

  48. IslandBoy Says:

    @ Ex Fiji Tourist – The papers today say its Seremaia Tuiteci. This guy has been involved in so many dirty dealings over his career as a civil servant. It’s absolutely amazing how he continues to thrive and rise through the ranks, and now sits at Director level.

    Question for you guys in government service – Isn’t there a clause in the General Orders stating that bringing disrepuite to the service is grounds for dismisal. $10 says he gets off the hook, like Lavenia Padarath’s son, Ben when he smashed his car at the Nasese seawall killig a girl who was in the car at the time.

  49. IslandBoy Says:

    @natewaprince – Ni Bula! – that comeback absolutely slays me – segai ni qito qori e kanaka tiko o la na sese. O ni sa vaqitori koya mada vakaca qai culai koya tale yani na noqu Marama Vunivalu (de convoy taki) sana dradrakusikusi dai nona vika qima.

  50. lasa Says:

  51. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    IslandBoy, I’m amazed that this green goon is still under police guard.

    I would have thought that fullchow teleni or bananasinpyjamas would have had him released by now.

    I bet the arresting police get the sack over this.

    BTW, has anyone heard of any charges being laid against the green goons/police who nearly fatally bashed Mr Khan some months ago?

  52. not so sweet Says:

    Loss of $350m EU AID because of coup

    Sunday, April 06, 2008

    Update: 11.56am The military government has taken a series of consequential actions which has affected the sugar industry.

    Fiji Cane Growers Association national president Attar Singh said the coup allowed Fiji to lose out on the European Union aid of $350m.

    “That money is much needed to salvage the ailing sugar industry and deteriorating infrastructures around the country,” he said.

    Mr Singh added the regime had taken away a democratically elected government but the farmers should not allow it to remove their rights too.

    He said the interim government was doing nothing to cushion the global prices of items for the people of Fiji especially the interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry who claimed to champion the plight of the poor yet did nothing to help during these hard times.

  53. pravda Says:

    aaah, the illegal rfmf government’s loyal ally continues its good work in its province tibet

    “The use of live rounds was a last resort, the Xinhua news agency said, without specifying how the Tibetan demonstrators had injured the official. It said: “Police were forced to fire warning shots and put down the violence, since local officials and people were in great danger.”

    China said yesterday it had restored order to the heavily Tibetan areas of Western China. Now, it turns out, that claim may have been a bit of an exaggeration. London’s Times is reporting from Sichuan that as many as 1,000 paramilitary police opened fire late last night on a group of several hundred monks and other protesters, killing eight and wounding dozens:
    Chinese paramilitary police have killed eight people after opening fire on several hundred Tibetan monks and villagers in bloody violence…. Witnesses said the clash – in which dozens were wounded – erupted late last night after a government inspection team entered a monastery in the Chinese province of Sichuan trying to confiscate pictures of the Dalai Lama.

    Here’s the background:
    Officials searched the room of every monk in the Donggu monastery, a sprawling 15th century edifice in Ganzi, southwestern Sichuan, confiscating all mobile phones as well as the pictures. When the inspectors tore up the photographs and threw them on the floor, a 74-year-old monk, identified as Cicheng Danzeng, tried to stop an act seen as a desecration by Tibetans who revere the Dalai Lama as their god king. A young man working in the monastery, identified as Cicheng Pingcuo, 25, also made a stand and both were arrested. The team then demanded that all the monks denounce the Dalai Lama… At about 6.30 p.m., the entire monastic body marched down to a nearby river where paramilitary police were encamped and demanded the release of the two men. They were joined by several hundred local villagers, many of them enraged at the detention of the 74-year-old monk Cicheng Danzeng, who locals say is well respected in the area for his learning and piety. Shouting ‘Long Live the Dalai Lama,’ ‘Let the Dalai Lama come back’ and ‘We want freedom,’ the crowd demonstrated until about nine in the evening. Witnesses said that at around that time, as many as 1,000 paramilitary police used force to try to end the protest and opened fire on the crowd.

    Chinese paramilitary police killed eight people and wounded dozens more when they fired on a protest by several hundred Tibetan monks and villagers, The Times has been told.

    The protesters were enraged by a government inspection team trying to confiscate pictures of the Dalai Lama.

    The clash, one of the bloodiest since Tibetan protests against China erupted last month, occurred in the village of Donggu, high in the mountains of Sichuan province near the border with Tibet, after government officials entered the sprawling ancient hillside monastery of Tongkor.

    They searched the room of every monk, confiscating all mobile phones as well as the pictures. The monastery’s website ( says that it is home to 350 monks. A contact telephone for the monastery was not operational yesterday.

    When the officials had removed the photographs, a 74-year-old monk, identified as Cicheng Danzeng, tried to stop police from throwing the images on the ground — an act seen as a desecration by Tibetans, who revere the Dalai Lama as their god king. A young man working in the monastery, Cicheng Pingcuo, 25, also made a stand and both were arrested.

    The team of officials then demanded that all the monks denounce the Dalai Lama, who fled China after a failed uprising in 1959. One monk, Yixi Lima, stood up and voiced his opposition, prompting the other monks to add their voices.

    About 6.30pm, the entire monastic body marched down to a nearby river, where paramilitary police were encamped and demanded the release of the two men. They were joined by several hundred local villagers, many of them enraged at the detention of the elderly monk, who locals say is well respected in the area for his learning and piety.

    Shouting “Long Live the Dalai Lama”, “Let the Dalai Lama come back” and “We want freedom”, the crowd demonstrated until about 9pm.
    Witnesses said that up to 1,000 paramilitary police used force to try to end the protest and opened fire on the crowd. In the gunfire, eight people died, according to a local resident in direct contact with the monastery. These included a 27-year-old monk identified as Cangdan and two women named as Zhulongcuo and Danluo.

    Witnesses said that a 30-year-old villager, Pupu Deley, was killed, with the son of a villager named Cangdan, and the daughter of a villager called Cuogu. Two other people, whose identities were not available, were also killed, the witnesses said. Among those wounded was one person with a bullet through the ear and another shot in the shoulder. About 10 people were still missing yesterday, including another monk, Ciwang Renzhen.

    One witness, who declined to be identified, said: “People were very angry after the old lama was detained. He is very much loved and so many ordinary people were very excited.”

    State-run Chinese media confirmed that the police resorted to force but insisted that it was only after a government official was attacked and seriously wounded by protesters. “Local officials exercised restraint during the riot and repeatedly told the rioters to abide by the law,” they reported.

    The use of live rounds was a last resort, the Xinhua news agency said, without specifying how the Tibetan demonstrators had injured the official. It said: “Police were forced to fire warning shots and put down the violence, since local officials and people were in great danger.”

    Pro-Tibet activists said the incident erupted after the chief monk turned away the officials on Wednesday, and they returned the following day backed by a squad of paramilitary police. They said the police had opened fire when demonstrators, expecting the two detainees to be freed by 8pm, confronted the security at a roadblock outside the temple.

    Yesterday armed paramilitary police patrolled the streets of the village and surrounded the monastery. All communications had been cut.
    Pictures of the Dalai Lama have been banned in China since the mid-1990s when the exiled monk enraged Beijing by announcing that, working with an abbot of a major monastery in Tibet, he had identified the reincarnation of the Panchen Lama — Tibet’s spiritual leader — who died in 1989. That boy disappeared and the Communist Party oversaw a new search in which another child was installed as the reincarnation.

    The new search appears to be part of a policy by the Government to try to suppress the anti-Chinese unrest. On Thursday paramilitary police entered the Drangko monastery in Sichuan — where a policeman and two Tibetans died in clashes on March 24 — in a hunt for banned photographs. Witnesses said that the police threw the pictures on the ground and stamped on them.

    The latest upsurge of violence highlights the difficulties the Chinese authorities are facing in trying to end almost a month of protests across the Tibetan region and the depth of anti-Chinese sentiment among a deeply Buddhist minority loyal to the exiled Dalai Lama. It comes just as the issue of unrest has become a focus for activists around the world who are criticising China’s human rights record as it prepares to host the Olympic Games in Beijing in August.

    The latest violence must also cast a shadow over Beijing’s plans to reopen the Tibetan capital, Lhasa, to tourists by May 1.

    Before Thursday’s violence, the security forces appeared to have regained control of the vast areas of the country. In Lhasa, police issued their Number 13 most wanted list, bringing to 79 the number of people still sought for their roles in a riot on March 14 when Tibetans rampaged through the streets of the Tibetan capital, stabbing and stoning ethnic Han Chinese and setting fire to hundreds of shops and offices. At least 18 people died.

    Lhasa authorities sent out a text message to the mobile phones of all residents yesterday, offering a reward of 20,000 yuan (£1,300) to anyone giving information leading to the arrest of those wanted for the violence.
    The unrest has spilled quickly since monks from a monastery on the edge of Lhasa first tried to stage a peaceful demonstration on March 10 to mark the anniversary of the Dalai Lama’s flight into exile in 1959. Since then, violence has been reported in several provinces with large Tibetan populations.

    Two monks in Sichuan province have committed suicide, according to Tibetan sources. One aged 32 hanged himself in his room at Geerten monastery on March 27, leaving a signed suicide note. Another, aged 72, from Guomang temple, was apparently upset after being detained while en route to a religious ceremony with his disciples. He returned to his monastery and killed himself.

  54. Budhau Says:

    I see that Tui Savu has now got the “solicitor” after his name. Does that mean that this somehow makes him more credible.

    Tui argues that even though the Methodist Church supported the previous coup – “However, this time around, the new leadership within the Methodist Church rejects the coup, but Mataca has transgressed and become a loyal apologist.
    Hey Tui, this ain’t about the new leadership or a change of heart of the Methodist leaders – it just happens that this coup was pulled by people on the other side – What if Chaudary had won the last election, and there was coup for the “indigenous cause” – I bet this same Methodist Church would be right there supporting another coup – just as they did the last coup.
    I agree with Tui on his comment “spiritually speaking, it doesn’t take too much to fall flat on your face.” – the Methodist church has been doing that for some time – you trying to make this one into some sort of a moral high road being taken by the Methodist is funny.

    You see Tui – It was OK for the other side to use the Methodist Church – this time around the military and the FLP seem to have the Catholics on their side – what goes around come around

  55. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Hush now Budhau!
    You are beginning to sound like those Lebanese in Australia who very puclicly said on Australian National TV back in 2005 that they will not assimilate. They want to live in Australia, enjoy all the benefits but not assimilate? Hah!

    You Budhau sound a lot like them!

    Remember!! “DISENFRANCHISED”

    The big reason why Mahendra Chaudhary has those offshore accounts, stole from his Haryana, India relatives and is looking out for his own ass.

    Why does the idiot still want to be anywhere in Fiji still?
    Him and his big flapper gums!
    You Budhau and your bigger flapper gums!!

  56. Taukei Says:

    Nobody cares about “Seven-a-Side Rugby” in western countries….

    It was a FAD many years back and its popularity died as quickly as it rose.

    Play what REAL MEN play –


  57. Taukei Says:





  58. Budhau Says:

    Aubatinuku – so you preduced against those Lebanese also?

    Talking about money from Haryana that Chaudary’s cousins donated – how much did you guys donate to LQ’s fund – the last time I looked, someone in here was trying to figure out which bank account to send the money to.

    Now seriously – when LQ lost his pension – those of you abroad who supported LQ should have got a fundraising going every month for him – or you think he does not need the money – all that income from FHL.

    You have been harping on that “disenfranchised” word for too long – that I am disenfranchised” – I think it was Frank and Chaudary who have disenfranchised you – didn’t they.

  59. Mark Manning Says:

    So the Indian Government has finally stated it wants Fiji to return to Demcracy in 2009 . So where does that leave Chaudhry , Frank and the IG ?

  60. KuitaMada Says:

    That leaves them holding each others guns! These idiots need to wake up to reality, they’re not going anywhere and taking the rest of Fiji with them. What they need to do is get Fiji back to elections asap so we can get some normalcy back in our lives.

  61. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Hahahahah!! @ Budhau.


    I get my harp, you pull out your violin.
    At the end of the day, the bottom line is we want democracy and “LEAVE THE LAND ALONE”

    However you slice it, you will always be who you are and you cry about me harping, have you not noticed how boringly repetitive in the most non-constructive way you are!!

    But then again, why would you care? This is not the land of your ancestors we are harping on about now is it?

    There you go generalizing again, not all Fijians contribute funds to LQ for his causes. We are here talking about the power of the people and you are always trying to distract everyone from the issues at hand!


  62. Taukei Says:

    Mark Manning: “So the Indian Government has finally stated it wants Fiji to return to Demcracy in 2009 . So where does that leave Chaudhry , Frank and the IG ?”


    I do NOT believe these LIARS.

    They are simple giving people “FALSE HOPE”.

  63. aubatinuku-N Says:

    The Indian Govt is saving face already, it will distance itself and draw clear boundaries about where it’s best interest lie regarding it’s alleged involvement with Chaudhary.

    I wonder what China will say next?

  64. Danny Boy Says:

    They ought to start talking democracy before someone realises how marginalised the muslims are in India. Over the past years, hardline hindus have pulled down a few Mosques, the famous one being the grand mosque @ ayadhoya. despite a court order prohibitng any activity on this site, the hardcore hindus have decided to build a temple on this very site……my point they have enough crap on their hand, and can’t afford to be scraping shit from people like Mahen…….clean up your own backyard first….acha rite.

  65. IslandBoy Says:

    @aubatinuku-N – o la na sese vola toka ecake na vosa na “preduced.” Did he mean prejudiced? E kila beka na kena duidui?

  66. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ IB, I did notice and like 99.9% of what he says on here, not worth the time of the day!

    I assume he did mean “prejudiced” but then again, with this guy we never know!
    How was your weekend?
    Nomu ni tiko mada ga na kalougata!

  67. bodyguard Says:

    SV…the bastrad John Swamy is paid handsomely by the IG like $100,000.00+ per mnth. his salary is desposited into Colonial National Bank.

    RBF has a limit on international transfers….don’t be surprised this man is being given special treatment to move this cash overseas.

    one day….mafatu.

  68. Sese Says:

    can someone give me the email of Tui Savu please

  69. KaiFiji Says:

    reminds me of all the undercover sins going on at the vatican. Nuns and Bishops have a go at each other and yet still regard themselves as saints and virgins..bahahaha..Similar to this topic..Someone is hiding something from the Public…Look who it is????the one and Only..from the Vatican..his name is there as the Pacific Leader of ??????..ok..till then..cheers…!

  70. John Veikoso Says:

    It’s fortunate that they have a site like this where like minded people take their frustrations out on otherwise St Giles would be overflowing with people like Batinuku, Natewa Princess etc. Its so sad to see intellects pour out their frustrations like this. It just indicates that all is not well with some people therefore elections should be held next year but await the next 10 years till people on these sites chill out. Tui Savu, no use talking from Australia, come home if you’re still Fijian, hold hands with Filipe Tuisawau and joiun the NCBBF because thats what matters now. Otherwise you’re wasting your time, breath and money bro….

  71. aubatinuku-N Says:



    You ain’t seen nothin yet bro!
    Waraka namaka!
    Power of the people!
    Kudru ni vanua!
    You and 7 generations of your decendents will be cursed with the same and even worse treatment you and your kind dish out.

    God bless you for supporting our cause by adding your 2 cents worth! 😉

    E sa kanaki qima vi iko.
    Get it and get it good!!
    Iko vaka na tamata kaisi, sigai nona koro, sigai nona kawa!
    You think in your PUNY liver of a brain that you are all mighty, powerful because you hide behind your silly hat, camies and dumb gun you tote like a purse.
    At the end of the day good always TRIUMPHS over evil!
    Du sa maleka na kana loto tiko e na gauna taucoko qo eh!
    Ia, e sa vakarau qima, da qai saka yani i nakoro i RATU JONE VEIKOSO, me lai qaravi saka na i tavi e sa lesia saka mai na Tamada Sa Tabogo “TAGANE, KANA MAI NA BUNO NI YADREMU”.
    E a sigai ni vakarota na Kalou vi keda na tagane me da tauri dakai wavoki, se kanaloto, se butakoca na wekada, se vodomotoka wavoki!

    “Rerevaka na Kalou ka doda na Tui”
    God Bless you and yours bro!

  72. Budhau Says:

    aubatinuku – all land is stolen – doesn’t matter what country you look at.

    IslandBoy – that “preduced” – so you read my stuff also – so you go for typos – good for you – you will find a lot in my post – or do you think I should bother with spell check before I post – that tells a lot about you IB.

    As for Prejudice – its the Indians, Muslims, Ahmadiaya, Kai Tongas, Lebanses, and the list goes on. So you want to comment on how someone spell prejudice.

  73. woilei Says:

    Whatshisface is at it again – always trying to have the last word.

    Well again may I reiterate that the topic is about the lack of transparency in regards to taxpayers money – the issue is the hypocrisy of the wannabe powers that wannabe lying and hiding the truth from us the people.

    So no matter the spin on anything, the issue remains – these people would rather put this stupid charter as a priority bankrupting the nation and making us poorer for the sake of an insane and asinine doctrine.

    Vinaka Soli for highlighting this issue.

  74. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Budhau is baseless and spineless!
    Tough I say! REAL TOUGH TITTIES!!
    Man aren’t you just pathetic!

  75. John Veikoso Says:

    Aubatilutu oops nuku, brother naita you must have been born on a leap year??? you are so aggresive, should play rugby, could have used you against the AB’s last week but then you’re one of those spineless, faceless wannabe detractors who do nothing but wine like a pig all day long like FB says till the cows come home..

  76. aubatinuku-N Says:


    Waisere waikau…..du yavu wamalai!
    Naita…Osobo, o du ucu mai duru tiko se tu vaka toto tiko? hahahaha!!

    lol @ cows comming home, wara o Kalikawa 😉 Bhahahaha
    You seem to know quite a bit about being spineless, faceless and the word is whining not “wine”.

    Not born on a leap year nite, born leader at your service 😉

    Nite, au kanaka ga ni o ni cata na rakavi?
    Kua mada na butubuturua tiko naita! Kemuni saka na turaga dredre!

    So you have a piggery too??

  77. Budhau Says:

    Woilei – on “lack of transparency”
    Listen, you idiot, the military’s excuse for the coup was lack of transparency, corruption, yada, yada, yada – it was just that and EXCUSE.

    Who said anything about this military regime would be transparent?

    Remember the past coups – their excuse was “indigenous rights” – does anyone believe that the last coups were about indigenous rights.

    Of course all the coups were just about power grab. So don’t be naive about what this coup is about – it ain’t about clean-up and corruption, it ain’t about transparency, it ain’t about racial equality.

    It is about one group of Fijians who went for the power grab. In the beginning they did not know what to expect from the local crowd so they gave this line about clean-up and anti corruption – and that line went out the window the moment the IG realized that the local crowd can do doo-doo about what had happened.
    Then they turned to the foreign audience – remember the UN speech – that is when they came up with the racial equality crap.

    Aubatinuku – them tight titties – you seem to be real fascinated with certain parts of the human anatomy – so what an I supposed to say – that you are tight or loose down there – or should I refer to the size – you idiot.

    BTW Tui Savu’s line “However, this time around, the new leadership within the Methodist Church rejects the coup, but Mataca has transgressed and become a loyal apologist.”

    I thought that was really funny – the Methodist Church has seen the light and now reject the coup – yeah right, they reject the coup only until the next time their guy loses the election.

  78. aubatinuku-N Says:


    You crack me up man! Bhahahah!

    “tight titties” you say??? What the heck!! WOW!!
    I said “tough titties” as in “REAL TOUGH” as in ” TOUGH LUCK”, it’s all figuratively speaking bro!
    It was a figure of speech and not an invitation to talk about tits yo kaisi bokola o tamamu!!

    Hah!! Whos the idiot now? AYE??
    You Budhau have a sick mind to go with your sick mouth.
    You and your connotations!
    You brilliant FOOL and a half!!

    Don’t tell me you at the pub again!!! heheheh!
    But then again with you we never can tell!

  79. anon Says:

    aubatinuku, qori tacina, tavulaki rau. hahahahahahaha

  80. Jose Says:

    Cool it aubatinuku,save it for the IG. They are the problems.

  81. Tui Says:

    @aubatinuku, gang, what JV is saying is that she is a “big prick” because she has the guns. That makes her tough and strong. Take away the guns? Go figure budha and JV!
    Savu has “Solicitor” under his name because he is one! By the way he did go to school and earned the title! He did not shortcut his ways with guns.
    Vacava that!

  82. NadroKid Says:

    Adi Veikoso!

    Qu kerekere me mutu vakasamatakinia vina na vanua mutu tu koto ke. Mutu veivutuni. Mutu tara vina na lemutu itavi. Me kodaki ga muju dou kwaya “Na djina, na dodonu qai nia na savasava”!

  83. Budhau Says:

    Take away the guns – come one guys, who said any thing about taking away the guns. What we need is bigger guns on our side.

    Tui – so this “solicitor” dude went to school – says who? BTW – there are other ways of short cutting you way to a better job and title in Fiji – not only with this IG – it was always like this.

  84. John Veikoso Says:

    Tui Savu??? any relation to Tui Na Savusavu the old folk song, hey bro so you belong to the same club, solicitors/lawyers etc like Apted, Leung, Madraiwi who all have the same lifestyle, same kind, sleep together??? e dina beka Tui Savu, sa boi mai na da!!!

  85. John Veikoso Says:

    Tui Savu??? any relation to Tui Na Savusavu the old folk song, hey bro so you belong to the same club, solicitors/lawyers etc like Apted, Leung, Madraiwiwi who all have the same lifestyle, she male Draunidalo same kind, sleep together??? e dina beka Tui Savu, sa boi mai na da!!!

  86. John Veikoso Says:

    Tui Savu??? any relation to Tui Na Savusavu the old folk song, hey bro so you belong to the same club, solicitors/lawyers etc like Apted, Leung, Madraiwiwi who all have the same lifestyle, she male Draunidalo same kind, sleep together??? e dina beka Tui Savu, sa boi mai na da!!! dou gole mada i na Delta me lai boro mai na dabibi mo dou kaukauwa kina.

  87. Tui Says:

    Io me vaka sa kanaka tiko o LQ, “Sa qai matata tiko mai na mata ni meke qo” Sa dina sara, sa qai matata mai na nomudou sese kei na yalo wai. What other solicitors and lawyers do is their business. Cava o lai milamila tiko kina? Vakacacani iko ni o drau cakava tiko kei gates, qai ca tale vei iko ni dua e cakava. De vanua nei tamamu!!!
    Maybe you not getting enough and are now stealing other peoples private movies. If these guys want to film themselves while having sex, what is it to you? Only perverts like you would raid a house, steal their computer and perv on their private movies. This is how sick you morons at QEB are! Can’t find evidence of an assassination plot, steal the man’s PC, car, hose-pipe, dog, cat, rake and garden tools! What idiots! And you call yourself a soldier!!? Bleary wankers is all you are. E vaka yalo caka na junglee murgee vei kemudou na ulu lala mai na keba.
    Rogoca tiko vaka vinaka, ena lesu tale mai na SDL! Sa sogoca? Io, SDL is coming back and we will continue the work for the next twenty years! Vacava that?
    So start looking for another location for QEB as we will start working on returning that land back to the Kalabu and Tamavua people. RFMF is sitting on land stolen by Ratu Sukuna from the Tamavua people. Kua ni levu tiko na vaqakoro ni da dabe tiko e na qele butakoci!
    Sa sega tu vei kemudou na maduwa me vaka sa kania tu na nomudou i tovo na kokoroti. Dou sa vaka tale ga na rairai ni kokoroti!!
    Io sa malo e. Qarauna tiko na weekend qo ni na boko tiko na power. O buddha e kerea tiko mo drau qai weekend vata i nona vale! E kanaka o koya ni dau rerevaka ni butu na loma ni nona vale. Io au sa recommend taki kemuni me vaka o kemuni e dua vei ira na “little pricks” mai QEB! Ni kenadau toka na “fight-sword”! Io drau la’o sara!! Have a good weekend folks!!
    God Bless You All!

  88. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Ya nomu news Jone Veikoso!

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