Nawalowalo’s folly

Nawalowalo’s labeling the Naitasiri Province as a ‘renegade’ for rejecting the amendments to the newly comprised GCC, is not ‘vakaturaga’ but grossly insulting for someone who struts around with a ‘ratu’ title next to his name.

He unashamedly echoes his political master’s naïve claim, that Provincial Council’s no longer will be responsible for electing its members to the GCC because they have become political.

I challenge Nawalowalo, Bainimarama and all puppet Provincial Council Chairmen to explain, when has their Councils ever abstained from being involved in political issues affecting their particular Provinces or the Fijian people as a whole?

Section 7 (1) of the Fijian Affairs Act creates the 14 Provincial Councils and subsection (2) empowers the Councils, subject to the Minister’s approval to enact by-laws for the health, welfare and good government of Fijians residing in or being members of the community of the Province.

Section 3 (1) creates the GCC and subsection (2) imposes a positive duty upon the GCC to submit to the President such recommendations and proposals it deems to be for the benefit of the Fijian people and to consider questions as to good government and well being of the Fijian people.

Furthermore, section 185 of the Constitution of Fiji specifically grants excusive vetoing powers to the Senate nominees of the GCC with respect to all matters affecting Fijian, Rotuman and Banaban rights.

So the intention of the legislators when enacting the Fijian Affairs Act and the Constitution, which had by-partisan support of the Indian members in Parliament, intended for the GCC and Councils to be involved in political issues, which directly affected their respective Provinces or the Fijian people as a whole.

The GCC’s rejecting President Iloilo’s nomination of Minister Nailatikau for Vice President clearly was within its Constitutional duties conferred upon it by section 90 of the Constitution, but in doing so, attracted the wrath of the interim government leading to its dissolution by Minister Ganilau.

It is therefore quite reasonable for certain Provinces to be weary of the interim government’s intention of a newly composed GCC especially if it will only act as a rubber stamp to Minister Nailatikau’s nomination for Vice President.

Nawalowalo’s insistence that even if 5 of the Provinces did not take part in the election of the Vice President, the GCC will still go ahead and make the appointment is worrisome.

The 5 Provinces likely to reject the proposed changes are; Rewa, Nadroga, Namosi, Naitasiri, Cakaudrove.

These Provinces simply cannot be over-looked in any proper GCC resolution.

How can this newly constituted GCC be truly recognised and accepted by Fijians if the traditional heads of Burebasaga and Tovata, Rewa, Nadroga, Namosi Naitasiri and Cakaudrove are excluded or refrain from being members, especially when you consider it was their ancestors who were signatories to the Deed of Cession?

Nawalowalo in his appeasement policy towards the interim government, is political as well, such as securing the interim government leasing their Provincial House, fails to see the hypocrisy and not ‘vakaturaga’ in returning to the Provincial Councils only this time to tell them of the new amendments.

He should recall when the Task Force first went around the 14 Provinces it was to seek their views in relation to proposed amendments to the composition of the GCC.

When the interim government rejected its recommendation that the GCC be apolitical and the President, VP and PM not be part of the GCC, former Chairman Tu’uakitau had the decency to speak out against it and replacements of other Task Force Members, could be interpreted as their agreeing with Chairman Tu’uakitau.

Nawalowalo is a ‘water-bottle principle man’. Water always takes the shape of its container and he always seem to be able to finagle himself back into the good books of the interim government, so it comes as no surprise, when Chairman Tu’uakitau was axed, Nawalowalo was elevated in his place.


This time instead of seeking the views of the 14 Provinces as before, he is now proudly tasked to tell of the amendments regardless of whether it is accepted or not and then has the audacity to label those Provinces rejecting it as ‘renegades.’

Who is guilty of ‘being political’? The interim government in trying to push ahead its agenda to secure the re-nomination of Minister Nailatikau as Vice President or the rejection by certain Provinces?

The answer is they both are playing politics and there is nothing wrong at all with it, so long as it is done with the interests of their Provinces and Fijian people at heart.

Bainimarama and his cronies loosely use the term ‘being political’ to anyone who oppose their agenda, but conveniently ignores the fact they too are playing politics, but have not succeeded in gaining their support.

Nawalowalo, if he is a truly installed chief should know fully well, that any decision supposedly made by the GCC without the acquiescence of the traditional heads of the certain Provinces within Kubuna; Burebasaga and Tovata Confederacies will not be morally or traditionally binding on the Fijian people.

However, of greater concern is the division it is going to cause within the GCC and its detrimental consequences on the Fijian people.

Nawalowalo should humble himself and remember a saying from his own Province: ‘mai ya so, mai vale e mino.’

Tui Savu.

Townsville. QLD.



42 Responses to “Nawalowalo’s folly”

  1. Vakatakilai Says:

    We all know of people who cannot compete in life but are still ambitious. They usually engage themselves in trying to appease the bosses in order to be recognised. This is the character that I see in this dear person nawalowalo.

    I do not know him personally but from his actions that I read in the papers almost daily, I have concluded that He is one of this hated pests in our workplaces, villages, community who we call “SoliMaka” or “Tabetabe”. They bow so low in their quest to be recognised that they will do anything and I mean anything, even to the extent of selling themselves and their people.

    Does this man have a wife and children? Are they proud of him? or are they just like the rest of us in disliking the actions of this man.

    On the same note, I am surprised not to see the Tailevu Provincial council in the list of provinces rejecting the GCC proposal nawalowalo and group are trying to promote. Have they also been influenced by the Tailevu version of Nawalowalo in their Chairman, Jo Seruilagilagi.

    The problem with these type of people is that they are so blinded by their self-centeredness that they cannot see that they are hurting others in the process.

    We have lots of ways to deal with this type of people but my suggestion is to do what our Saviour, Jesus suggested. That is to pray for them, forgive them for they hurt us, and when we have a chance, speakout what you believe in their face with love.

    Times have changed, now we see people like Bainimarama, Nawalowalo, Seruilagilagi and many others, who would have been “insignificant” in the normal run of things, become very significant in todays world.

    We see things that are happening that we know should not be happening. We see a whole race being persecuted. To narrow it further down, we see that in general, Christians are being persecuted.

    All these has happened before, and the Bible prophecied that it will happen again, not only in our beloved Fiji but the world over. We are helpless watching things happen in our very eyes. So, pray for these individuals who are being used by the devil to persecute God’s people. This will help you and me remove the hatred that comes up everytime we read of their actions.

    In the Dark ages, the Roman Church was given the political power to rule over all of Romes kingdoms and when this two powers was put together, persecution resulted. It is not surprising that Mataca has risen up to the leadership role lately and that to me suggests that the world is coming to the end. The Pope will be in America this month and the whole of AMERICA IS awaiting his arrival.

    Brothers and sisters, be ready for the end is near and that means if you are a “true” christian, the devil is after your neck.

  2. natewaprince Says:

    ”mai yaso,arsehole”. Fat assed gas bag’s term as chairman will be over in a couple of months or so.Maybe then the people of Kadavu will voice their real opinions on the charter.

    So far 5 provinces have definitly rejected the charter,
    * Rewa
    * Naitasiri
    * Namosi
    * Nadroga
    * Cakaudrove

    With Kadavu and maybe Tailevu,that would be half of Fiji’s total number of provinces.Plus the teachers,churches,trade unions and various organisations,it is clear that the majority of Fiji’s population reject Khaiyum’s Thesis.

    If the pig keeps on insisting that the charter has the support of the people,then he ,along with the leeches in the NCBBF really are living in another world.

  3. Peace Pipe Says:

    Nawalowalo the ball greaser is a joke. He is now painting a grim picture of what may happen if the new GCC is not formed and in the event of the Pressie kicking the bucket there would be a political crisis and blah blah blah. He is starting to sound like the owner of the balls he is greasing – the pig. What about the time he threatened to withdraw from the ncbbf during the Kadavu hse saga. He had second thoughts about the $100 allowance he would lose so he changed his mind and now deeply inserted in the ig propaganda machinery. Conman ga na conman.

  4. Bui Says:

    A real chief does not talk bad about the people especially of other Provinces. What this guy $2 did just informs us about his qualities and who he truly is.

    Ratu Jo ……..please establish (install the real Tui Tavuki first) blerry %^&$*………… Who wil represent your province?

    Kudos to the Turaga Roko Tui Bau, Tui Namosi, Tui Cakau, Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi and to Ro Filipe for their bold stand in upholding the rule of law and the integrity of Bose Levu Vakaturaga.

  5. FijiGirl Says:


    The other thing we need to get the Councils and landowners to do is to refuse to renew long term leases under this regime.

    If you question the logic of this, please refer to Jean D’Ark’s various postings on this issue.

    God bless Fiji

  6. Tebara Says:

    Great article Tui. One wonders the desperate tone in the Illegal IGs camp to take on board big mouth good for nothing idiot Nawalowalo. The rightful paramount chiefs of each confederacy would not want to join the so called newly revamped GCC and why would they when they have their reputation, pride and backing of their people. They certainly would not want to be classed together with such puppets as Mr No- Ghare Nawalowalo. As the saying goes ..Birds of the same feather flock together. It is beneath them to join with $2man and the owners of the very balls that he is washing.

  7. Knox Says:

    What constitutional crisis this con man is harping about. I believe it is spelt out in the constitution if the President is unable to do his job, then the VP takes over. In this case there is no VP, the only person next to hold that position is the president of the Senate…..Not Bainimarama, Rau veitono ga kei $2.00 Nawalowalo

  8. Budhau Says:

    Nawalowalo – so is he going head the next GCC, or should we just nominate him for the VP.

    The GCC wan’t mentioned in our original constitution. If was after the Rabuka coup that the GCC was gradually positioned itself as part of our constitution.

    We won’t have a constitutional crises if, if we just take the GCC out of our constitution like it was before.

    FijiGirl – your suggestion about not-renewing the land leases – good idea. The only problem is that what is their best alternative – if they do not lease the land – farm it themselves, yeah right! – and if they do the farming how is the NLTB and the chiefs higher up get their cut of the lease money. Jean has a separate racist agenda – she does not want the land leased to them “thieving Indians” no matter what – she follows her guru – Professor Davies.

    Bui says, “A real chief does not talk bad about the people especially of other Provinces.”

    Right Bui – they only talk with a forked tongue.

  9. Peace Pipe Says:

    Conman ga na conman. This ball greaser is a real stupid guy. He now sounds like the owner of the balls he is greasing – the pig. Just being used as a propaganda machine trying to convince people to accept this abominable ig which is ruining the country. Now questions are being asked about another ncbbf member Maharaj about his company’s gain from the charter’s development process. Questions about how his company Quality Print stand to gain by printing materials for all various aspects of the charter process including awareness brochures and forms booklets reports etc. Bunch of crooks and self serving snakes, thats what they are.

  10. IslandBoy Says:

    @Tui – Bula Tau, I thinkyou will like this funny one. Couple of evenings ago, we were at Narain jetty to pick up relatives from Kadavu. A well know Kadavu figure, yonger brother of Navi Naisoro showed up a little worse for wear and spoling for a fight.

    Then he spied the $2 chief and went for him, one upper cut and right cross later with a few choice words about the slackness of his private parts, had a few younger guys intervening as $2 Nawalowalo was going to end up in Walu Bay.

    The whole time, Naisoro was yelling at Nawalowalo sayig how he was an embarrassment to Kadavu and was selling the province to the IG. You should have heard the chorus of amens and ” kari laduka vaqaqa” coming from by standers.

    My silent thought was just as well the SV gang aren’t here or Nawalowalo would have been singing Hokaleio from beyond the reef.

  11. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Very funny IB! Baraca qo va tale na ucu mai duru 🙂

  12. dinata Says:

    E vinaka mera vakaraitaki ira mai na ligamalumalumu eso vakataki $2man kei $2woman matadua! Meda vakadinadinataka na lewenivanua o cei so era totaka mai na qaqa mai kiuva, o voceke.

    Mai na nodra mala ni vosa eso, era sa qai vakadinadinataka na nodra lecaika, ni ra biliga tiko na nodra mua o voceke kei ira na nona ilala daucakacaka vakabutobuto. Na cava meda kua ni kila kina na lewenivanua na kedra isau na cakacaka ena charter? mera vakamacalataka mai na levu ni allowance, per diem, consultancy, salary eratou saumi tiko kina o Samy, Nawalowalo, Finau, Dakuvula.

    Eda via kila talega na cava sa isau kei iloilo, voceke, o teleni, o naivalurua, o tikoduadua, o chaudhry, qiliho, ului kei ira kece na sotia era sa bini tu qo ena vei tabacakacaka ni matanitu. Ratou ia na cebuceburaki Qarase kei ratou na SDL…. eratou tukuna ni coup ni sasamaki kei na veivakararamataki qo? Levu ga na lasu voceke kei na mataivalu lasulasu daubutako. Tu na da! Dua mada e raica na civil list – na cava na kedra isau na ilala kanabuta oqo ena yabaki 2006? na cava na kedratou isau ena 2007 kei na 2008?

    Ia tu qo o $2 man na volitaki kadavu kei keda na itaukei. Dua mada e raica vakavinaka e vica na nona sea ena kabani na kadavu holdings? O jo la qo ka lasutaka dua na kai hawaii ni na vakauta yani vei koya na yaqona, ia me sauma eliu e $45,000 – tabaki na kena samani ena mataveilewai e suva, tini qai sauma lesu tale vei kaivalagi na $45,000 me kua ni bala kina e valeniveivesu – qo, na bokala qo me lewena na komiti e vola vou na lawa ni GCC? na daubutako vaqo e via vakaturagataki koya me siova me lai vakamacala taka ena veiboseniyasana na lawa vou ka sa qumia kina o voceke na itutu ni liuliu ni bose?

    E vinaka dina meda raici ira ni cila na siga, mera kua ni kanacuva toka ga ena loma ni working group ni NCBBF, ia, mera lamata cake mai ni cila na siga meda raici ira vinaka.

    Come out, come out into the sun ye thieves, so that we can see your faces clearly. Its good that we can hear and see you. Idiot doesn’t even understand the regulations he claims he contributed to. Nowhere does it say that the Bose Vanua will choose the 3 reps – it is still the Provincial Councils that do this. Why? because the IG has NO AUTHORITY or ABILITY to call a BOSE VANUA anwhere in FIJI. However it could be that the Provincial Councils are next to go under the knife and these idiots will decide that commoners cannot sit on the PCs. And this is TRUE DEMOCRACY? nuts! the majority of PCs are chaired by commoners – see Rabuka in Cakaudrove and Serulagilagi for eg. The GCC has INCLUDED commoners precisely because provinces want their qualified reps in the GCC.

    With one stroke voceke removes that, and next they will try to make the PCs filled by INSTALLED chiefs who do not necessarily perform executive roles within their vanua. Where installed chiefs are disqualified, there is NO PROVISION in the new GCC regs for them to nominate a replacement, effectively muting the voice of their vanua from the GCC.

    And as already mentioned, some provinces only have 1 or 2 Turaga i Taukei – what happens to their 3 seats? there’s no provision for the PC to make another nomination (of a lesser chief or a relative of the Turaga i Taukei who is disqualified by the rules because they were a member of Parliament etc).

    If voceke was SINCERE about good governance, the draft regs would have been published for public submissions, it would have gone to each PC for view. But voceke wouldn’t know sincere if it jumped up and bit him in the butt (he’d think SINS HERE!!! 😉 ) BUT NO, its done in SECRET, because of course voceke and khaiyarse know EVERYTHING and they know BEST. Tu na da! qai laurai o cei ena lewena na bose qori.


  13. Kaiviti Dina Says:

    Serulagilagi to lead NCBBF debate team
    03 APR 2008

    Three members of the Peoples Council to Build a Better Fiji have confirmed their participation in a debate on the People’s Charter on April 10.

    The team to be led by Tailevu Provincial Council chairman Joseva Serulagilagi, includes Fiji Council of Social Services President Loraini Tevi and Kamlesh Arya, the President of the Arya Pratinidhi Sabha.

    They will argue for the topic: “The People’s Charter for Change, Peace and Progress is good for Fiji”..

    NCBBF secretariat head John Samy who was earlier confirmed to lead the team has indicated his unavailability due to a “family emergency”.

    The team will pit their wits against the team for the negative, which includes Dr Wadan Narsey (Professor of Economics, University of the South Pacific), Tupou Draunidalo (Former Vice-President of the Fiji Law Society) and prominent Suva lawyer Richard Naidu.

    The moderator will be skilled national arbitrator and former Supervisor of Elections Jon Apted.

    The debate, organized by the Fiji Media Council, will be held at JJ’s on the Park, Suva.


    Vuni tale o Jet-Li….emergency tiko vei koya,e vekaca na nona tarausese ni sa tukuni vei koya me liutaka na timi ni NCCBF ena debate.ha!ha!ha! tamani goose vakai tamera rau,se goose master ga o Campo sa qai o Serevi qo sai John Sami!!!!!

  14. FijiGirl Says:

    Budhau / Rajendra – You’re a moron. Don’t ever forget that. It’s the reason why you don’t understand things.

    God bless Fiji

  15. IslandBoy Says:

    @aubatinuku-N – Kemuni na noqu i to dredre – e tabu sara mo ni lade vi rau na naita, Luvfiji & Dauvavana. Vitalia mada na Adelaide 7s, mai Rt. Cakobau sa draki ga ni Knights.

  16. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Drau bula i ye!
    Vinaka na bula noqui to dredre @ IB.
    Don’t get me wrong baraca!
    Au bai lasa sala vi au na nomu i talanoa.
    Drau kalougata tiko @ IB.

  17. benhur Says:

    exterminate Nawalowalo too!!

  18. Navosavakadua Says:

    The chair of the Constituency Boundaries Commission has taken the first step in the expected bid to rig the elections next year. He has announced that boundaries will change but they will not be based on the recent census data. The CBC will have to make its own estimates, apparently because census data boundaries and constituency boundaries do not align.

    This is a worrying statement that should not be ignored. We can look
    forward to a range of attempts to rig constituencies to favour the friends of the regime.

    But what can the CBC do to make the IG and anyone remotely associated with it electable? The answer is nothing. The SDL constituency is bigger than ever and the FLP is likely to split when it has to face the damage that the chodopu$$ has done its credibility.

    So what can the illegal unelectables do? Any attempt to rig the elections w
    that is what they want – Constituency boundaries that foreign donors
    will not touch with a forty foot bamboo pole. Then they can claim that
    they tried to hold elections but no-one would support them.

  19. Seini Says:

    @SV and @all bloggers

    Remedy for Budhauitis: just ignore him. No matter what he says, do not bite. To make this easier, just don’t read anything he writes. I promise you: you won’t miss anything and he will go away.

  20. lauan boy Says:

    no Tui Nayau has been traditionally installed. so the Mara children cannot claim shit…..the Lau Province will follow the head of the Tovata Confederacy ie: the Tui Cakau.

    Roko Ului – cannot claim to represent Lau but himself and his bros & sisters….ful stop. viavialevu … sa muria ga na lamusona vakaitamera….bodyguard everywhere even when dining @JJ’s … two vehciles folow each other like pusi kalavo.

    mai nei ta na matanitu mo ni vaka bodyguard sauma na lewe ni vanua. luveni boci

  21. LUVfiji Says:

    The female equivalent to Kadavu’s Jo Nawalowalo is Finau Tabakaucoro, the extract of Koro Is. Big time opportunist and an equally bit time failure; yet so ambitious. Nothing but a social climber.

    @Laun Boy. That saying comes to mind… one day, Mafatu !

  22. kaiveicoco Says:

    isa my $2 dollar chief and chairman !!!

  23. KaiFiji Says:

    bahahaha @ me jili gena vakia gonei. Sa rauji kia vinaka ga..Me ma laduka vinaka sara ga ko Sada em qai macala mada..kaila..

  24. John Veikoso Says:

    At least $2.00 chief is bold enough to stand up for his people not like you gutless aimless fijians. Tui Savu is insignificant to this country so why bother brother take your fight with the Aussies on Abo rights!!!

  25. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Na people cava o du kanaka tiko?
    Laurai vakavinaka, “BIG TIME PANIC ATTACK”!!
    E cava? Dodonu mo du sa tekivu leqataka tiko qo na vanua e na qai mai kina na i sau ni kemudou madrai ni mataka!!

    Ya ga na nomudou bulago katakata!


    You ain’t seen nothin yet bro!
    Waraka namaka!
    Power of the people!
    Kudru ni vanua!
    You and 7 generations of your decendents will be cursed with the same and even worse treatment you and your kind dish out.

    God bless you for supporting our cause by adding your 2 cents worth!

    E sa kanaki qima vi iko.
    Get it and get it good!!
    Iko vaka na tamata kaisi, sigai nona koro, sigai nona kawa!
    You think in your PUNY liver of a brain that you are all mighty, powerful because you hide behind your silly hat, camies and dumb gun you tote like a purse.
    At the end of the day good always TRIUMPHS over evil!
    Du sa maleka na kana loto tiko e na gauna taucoko qo eh!
    Ia, e sa vakarau qima, da qai saka yani i nakoro i RATU JONE VEIKOSO, me lai qaravi saka na i tavi e sa lesia saka mai na Tamada Sa Tabogo “TAGANE, KANA MAI NA BUNO NI YADREMU”.
    E a sigai ni vakarota na Kalou vi keda na tagane me da tauri dakai wavoki, se kanaloto, se butakoca na wekada, se vodomotoka wavoki!

    “Rerevaka na Kalou ka doda na Tui”
    God Bless you and yours bro!

  26. IslandBoy Says:

    @aubatinuku – Kemuni sa marama qaqa ga.

    BTW did you read in today’s FT how Rt Filimoni Ralogaivau’s sisters, (Rasagavi) have complained to the NLC about him forcing them to sign a letter making him the head of their clan. They actualy state in the article that he is only doing this for money.

    They have advised the NLC they are withdrawing their suppoer sincethey were forced and want to entire clan to deliberate on the matter.

    Segai kina na noda baigani ia sa mai kaburaki e matana levu.

    Sa leqa tiko mada o Nawalowalo, qai kanaka tale mai o naita LUVfiji baleti Di Finau, qo sa leqaa tale na i tutu ni Rt Vili. What kind of chiefs have they chosen to work with?

    Vakacava tale na vosa nei Jokapeci Koroi about Mick Beddoes being elected by mere minority nobodies. Who elected her? Sara leqa sara tikoga vakalevu na i taukei era cakacaka vata na IG.

  27. LUVfiji Says:

    ukunitabua ?

  28. LUVfiji Says:


  29. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Isa! Kainoqu IB, vutu tiko na yalo, levu na ka da sotava tiko e dai sa taura ga na kaukauwa ni Kalou eh!

    Levu tiko na qito duka!
    So many opportunists!

    Mr.Epeli Mataitini is running with the new look GCC right now because he has a lot to sweep under a rug and he is trying to find the heaviest rug he can. Se bera ni maroroi na yagodra na turaga tuakana sa vakababa tiko o la qo vi ratou na qai yani i Nakoro.
    He claimed to them that he has the support of the people of Rewa and this took place without the knowledge of na nodaru Marama Levu Na Roko Tui Dreketi!
    Levu sara na cakacaka kaisi e yaco tiko, as for me and mine, we know where our loyalties lie!

    “Rerevaka tiko na Kalou ka Doka tiko na Tui”!!

  30. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Sigai ni Nakoro!!
    You are very funny LUVFiji 🙂

  31. LUVfiji Says:

    @aubatinuku-N… now I can lay that one to rest. Gee, I was almost right ?

  32. Ima Says:

    @a-N, I’m as curious as LUVfiji about the website, when are you deciding to reveal more info….after all they say ‘curiosity kills the cat, information brings it back’.

  33. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ Ima
    Much appreciated!
    Kitou vakaruru saka tiko i vu ni baka!
    All in good time my friend.

  34. Ima Says:

    @ a-N… vosoti au ni’u via vakatotolotaki kemuni. Au lecava ni se dou vakaruru tiko i vu ni baka, vosoti au na wekaqu.

    However, the suspense is killing me, but will take (and respect) your word for it.

  35. LUVfiji Says:

    @IB. Dua mai keri !

  36. IslandBoy Says:

    Vei kemudou na marama – once naita LUVfiji and I exchanged posts in a joking manner about the current status of Rewa. It is true and I stand by what I said about the new leadership of the Gone Marama Bale (GMB) however there are self-serving elements that will be revealed once things lie in their proper perspective.

    The more the GMB proclaims the Lord and leads Rewa in Christian worship, the stronger is her power, I am in awe of what the Lord has done in her life and for her people.

    Na marama qo (ni vosoti au) aubatinuku-N may not have to refer you to a source. When her chiefly household is accorded due recognition, installed in their rightful place and they work in unison with the GMB, the pretenders will fall like leaves in the wind and you will have heard it on the traditional grapevine.

    Like the two of you, many of us commoner Rewans can’t wait for the day, it’s like waiting for this IG to come crashing down of its own accord and for the truth to prevail.

  37. IslandBoy Says:

    @aubatinuku-N – Ena vutu ni yalomuni, I respond as follows:

    Happy moments, PRAISE GOD.
    Difficult moments, SEEK GOD.
    Quiet moments, WORSHIP GOD.
    Painful moments, TRUST GOD.
    Every moment, THANK GOD.

    There is no way you can lose, just wait for his time. There is a reason you were placed exactly where you are and there is a reason you were given the fighting spirit of the true Vunivalu.

    You cannot own their folly, its of their making and they will reap the wind.

    Still your pain, claim his victory and may the Peace of the Prince of Peace be with you and indeed all of us in the service of the GMB.

  38. aubatinuku-N Says:


    Acknowledged, much appreciated and truly valued as wise counsel, it’s very encouraging to know that you are knowledgeable of and deeply understand the unspoken. God bless & protect you and yours.
    This pain we speak of has been around for generations and is comming to an end now,we have been doing groundwork and the blueprint is in place. We are handling this basically the same way our forefathers before us strategised and protected.

    We are not afraid and on the same token we will not rush in!

    Looks are deceiving and that is exactly why we have left certain obvious things to stay as they are because like the phoenix we shall………

    The fighting spirit has always been there, just dormant and watching through the generations.
    Our loyalty and allegiance to as you say(GMB) has never swayed or changed in any way shape or form. It has in fact become bolder and stronger through all the suppression and denial.

    You know what I find so very interesting? The simple fact that no one has ever told us what to do, when. Or questioned any involvement we have had with Valelevu from as far back as I can remeber to date.


  39. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ Ima.

    Vinaka Ima for the empathy and also with due respect much appreciated!

    Although, please accept that “vakaruru i vu ni baka” actually meant that we follow our ranks and await the direction from our superior.
    Superior as in where our loyalty and allegiance lies and the people of Rewa.
    With all due respect to the memory of Ro Joni not the Mataitini family in general, our family is respectful of but not observing any mourning period.
    Our traditional role comes first and we recognize no one but the GMB.

    The mentioned website will just be one of the bonuses and of course in keeping with the times become another portal of free speech. 😉
    God bless an protect you and yours.
    And thank you again.

  40. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Nanuma tiko gonei na vula i balolo?
    Dau levu na ka e cabe la mai waicala tale tu!
    O Naita Voreqe Bainimarama me lai lukuti beka? Maumau tale na lawa ni moci vua!

  41. IslandBoy Says:

    @aubatinuku-N – bera tiko vakalevu o kemuni Ro Buna. Ni tiko mai vei ni kama na valekuro ni Bu Tavaita. Na ka o ni a tagica tiko voleka sara me mana ena macawa se qai qima ga qo.

  42. IslandBoy Says:

    @aubatinuku – levu vei ra qori era vakavuka kuila taka tiko na nodra rogo vata na kila ka. Na yalo matua e segai. Ni kua ni leqa. me vaka ga ra dau kanaka na nodaru GMB ena gauna ni qaravi oga, dou relax tu mada. Au kanaka me dola vou tale na Wainibokasi Tavern.

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