Hacker Hunt – Tobe tale tu o Van Dam!!!

How did Arvin Datt and Rajendra Chaudhry know what was going to be published in the Sunday Sun of 3 February 2007 – They had the hacked e-mails on them:
Hacker Hunted
Fiji Times, 28, 2007 

Saturday, March 29, 2008
AN information technology expert now living in Australia has been linked to a series of leaked emails that resulted in the deportation of newspaper publisher, Russell Hunter.
Ajendra Diwakar, a former systems manager with Datec and now a consultant at an Australian computer firm, has denied being a party to receiving and circulating confidential emails and information.
 According to information and documents received by this newspaper, the owner of an email address called fijimanfiji@gmail.com sent an email to Nikhil Singh, a former TV journalist, containing the email exchanges between deported Fiji Sun publisher, Mr Hunter and that newspaper’s correspondent, Victor Lal, along with other exchanges regarding Howards.
In the email, fijimanfiji tells Mr Singh: “You don’t know me, however, I am trying to pass some info to Rajen and he is not responding.”
“I have some juicy tips which may help the FLP as a whole, especially things that Victor Lal is publishing. It is like early edition and you get infor for tomorrow’s paper today so you can act on it.
“Maybe I should send it to u or you can pass me Mahen’s email address.”
Mr Singh responds by asking for identification from the sender and the sender gives him his telephone number 0420959895.
When the telephone number was searched under the Google search site, it entered an entry from an A. Diwakar of St Leonards in Sydney who listed the same number with a message that he was looking for jogging partners from January 9.
That listing also includes ADiwakar@gmail.com which is known to his Fiji contacts.
The Fiji Times called the same phone number and Mr Diwakar picked up the phone and answered our questions.
Mr Singh confirmed to this newspaper that the leaked emails he circulated on Mr Hunter’s exchanges came from fijimanfiji@gmail.com.
“I have some juicy tips which may help the FLP as a whole, especially things that Victor Lal is publishing. It is like early edition and you get infor for tomorrow’s paper today so you can act on it.
“Maybe I should send it to u or you can pass me Mahen’s email address.”
Nikhil Singh posted the following email exchanges on FT Forum page on 5 March 2007:
Nikhil Singh of Australia says…
—– Original Message —–
From: Victor Lal
To: Russell Hunter
Sent: Saturday, February 02, 2008 9:10 PM
Subject: [Bulk] Re: Datt Piece – Use This One

Amazing! It could be a fishing exercise – we had planned the story for Monday – unless Leone said something – maybe not. What blogsite – so they are reading about themselves? There is fear and panic in their camp – who is going to be next? I have looked at some regular sites but couldnt find anything. We must not be deterred from our strategy – I will try and rush through the Coventry piece, maybe for Monday or Tuesday followed by Scott piece. Yes, you can delete the stuff for I have all the copies including hard evidence
Nikhil Singh of Australia says…
russellh@fijisun.com.fj> wrote:
Sorry too late. When the sevens team bombed out, Sami decided to bring
it forward. It’s page 1 tomorrow.
Here’s something more interesting. AD called me on my mobile about two
hours ago saying daaku junior had seen on a blog that there was a
story about him (AD) in tomorrow’s Sun. I told him there was a story
on FIRCA that did not mention him. Are you aware of any such blog? I
could find nothing.
To be safe I’m going to permanently delete everything on DT etc in
case the boot boys come here in the morning armed with a search
warrant – or worse.
AD is Arvind Datt – FIRCA Board Member
Daaku Junior: Nickname for Rajendra Chaudhry for story purposes:
Victor Lal’s story on Arvind Datt was published in the Sunday Sun on 3 February 200:
FIRCA Official in Tax Scam
A Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority board member claimed a rental loss in his tax return, whereas the rental property was owned half by himself and half by his wife, it has emerged.
He was able to claim his refund within three days – well below the normal time.
According to a FIRCA source, speaking to me on condition of anonymity, the board member not only abused his position to influence his treatment as a taxpayer but he joined the club of tax avoiders, along with an interim Cabinet minister and another tax expert.
In September 2007, the FIRCA board had directed that all senior FIRCA staff be audited.
Coincidentally, one of the FIRCA departments was already looking at the rental loss claimed by the board member, who according to the FIRCA source, “was jumping up and down for his refund and threatening the staff”.
As a result a senior member was suspended a few months later and then reinstated. An internal memo dated September 27, 2007 and seen by me, regarding the board member and his wife revealed there were two rental properties.
One comprised his residence with a flat at the back, which was rented for $550 a month.
This property was in the board member’s name alone. He bought it for $325,000, of which $90,000 related to land value.
The second property, according to the memo, comprised three flats, all of which were rented at the time, although one was vacant while the board member sought a tenant.
In 2006 he had collected rent totalling $7200. This property was, however, in the name of both the board member and his wife. The net rental income or loss should have been divided between the two of them.
According to the memo, the board member claimed $6,064 in maintenance, and provided receipts. The expenditure was for maintenance and not capital. There was additional capital expenditure of $100,000 for the first property and $35,000 for the second property, for which no expenditure claim was filed. This was later added to the building value for depreciation purposes.The memo advised that depreciation should be allowed at 2.5 per cent of the prime cost (concrete buildings) as follows for the first property: cost of building ($325,000-$90,000) = $235,000 plus improvements $10,000 = $245,000 at 2.5 per cent = $6,125. The cost of flat construction for the second property, $35,000 at 2.5 per cent = $875. The memo recommended the amendment of the assessments of the board member and his wife accordingly, and as soon as possible. A copy of the memo was also sent to FIRCA’s then acting chief executive officer Jitoko Tikolevu.
The board member was also informed of the decision about the depreciation and that since one of the properties was jointly owned, income and expenses “should be allocated 50 per cent to each joint owner”.
On October 23, 2007 in response to his enquiry about the 2006 tax calculation for himself and his wife, FIRCA also provided the board member a detailed breakdown of his request.
Basically, FIRCA split the rental loss 50/50 between the board member and his wife, being the normal practice, which resulted in a lower combined refund for the pair ($8,000 instead of $12,000) because the wife was in a lower tax bracket.
The above case, the FIRCA source claims, clearly demonstrates how the board member had joined the club of tax evaders, only to be caught out after an audit was carried out on his two properties.


21 Responses to “Hacker Hunt – Tobe tale tu o Van Dam!!!”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Bungling Idiots…this is what happens when one is a fallible speckand thinks they can fcuk with the might of the murdoch empire….and nikhil working where he does thought he could take them on??

    Looks like he spilled his guts like there was no tommorrow when he got that call!

    Where are those once loud proponents of that that shady media independence report anyway? (btw its available for download at http://www.fijitimes.com.fj/media-report.aspx)

  2. Tim Says:

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch: President, VP, and PM will cease to be GCC members
    Tuesday, April 01, 2008 (FijiTimes)
    So Frank is still in two minds whether he wants to be Arfa or Marfa. He cuts a mean figure on Discombobulated Bubu, and an occupation I think he’d be better suited to than an iIG PM. Lerv those black Fishnets. Frank – you’re turning me on. But then I know what a devious prick you are so maybe that’s part of the strategy :p
    Second thoughts, you’re really better suited to running Dad’s Army and leaving the seedy stuff to that Shaista and Bubba

  3. Tim Says:

    I just had a thought – one of those senior moments that sometimes happens. I’d dearly love to know what the likes of the idealists such as iIarse – if he can briefly come out of his closet to listen; Shaista’s – if she can get past her haze, and her sister who is obviously in a dilemma – blood’s thicker than water and all that; and most of the other pro-junta players and their very menials think – whether they be the Singhs, the ud’s and udders, the Pryde’s as well as the previously shamed.
    Faith seems to have been placed in their ideology – and that’s fine. I’m just as cynical about the shortcommings of democracy as they are. Plenty of examples exist whether they’re the Bush regime, Howard’s-end, Blair’s legacy, OR, perish the thought, Helen Clarke’s past and present inconsistencies. How is it, given all the above, they seem to accept that such an opposite extreme is a solution.
    I’d suggest to them, that in the process of ‘adopting Frank’ – just because he happens to be in control of an oversized army, was a bad mistake – EVEN IF your name is Chaudhrey.
    Do these guys REALLY think that the solution to what is a relatively minor deficiency in a Qarase led COALITION government, warrants putting Fiji through the turmoil that others have experienced?. Pakistan – how long? Uganda – how long?, Zimbabwe – how long? – you get the icture I hope.
    There’s actually an easier way. If I was more of a cynic, I might suggest it requires a few executions in order to expedite – but I’m not – others might not be so kind though.
    I’m kind, so I realise the ideologues that are at the forefront of this pathetic little merry-go-round, didn’t actually consider they were holding an entire country and its sovereignty to ransom – even if it was that their egos got in the way – 60 or 70 years ago – even in the most “civilised” of nations (including those that were not “nationalist”), a bullet through the skull would have been the easiest remedy.
    The simple truth is that it’s actually EASIER to just vote. If they turn out to be a load of bilge, you just ditch em during the next round. If the next round is taking rather too long…you suggest to thosae in power if they want to remain that way, they reduce the electoral cycle.
    If they get up to tricks like the infamous Joe Bielke – you lobby a little stronger. Now there’s an example for Frank and Co – A MAN (“man”) that thought he had it ALL under control. Ask any Queenslander what they think of that pathetic little Eketahuna gimp. They’ll pretend they’ve never heard of him, or that he was a NZer.
    I realise that Frank, Bubba and his Queen are not that concerned about their legacy just at the moment – but some of the others are. Let me assure them they’ll all be roundly ridiculed and despised by those that follow – and that INCLUDES the Mara’s.
    The world is laughing and your credibility is completely munted. Those of you that are trying in the iIG don’t even make good Socialists

  4. Lau Lass Says:

    SV, can u name the board member, so that we all know, maybe he’s got 3 Pajeros, houses rented out, etc etc , all from stolen taxpayers money !!!! FLASHING AROUND, DON’T KNOW!! CHORO !!!!

  5. micah Says:

    the stupid cow is at it again. baci tatawai o buicabuka!

    eagerly trying to take center stage and draw fire away from mahen and chodo. why does she think its ALL about her?


    An investigation report by the Fiji Human Rights Commission has raised some very serious concerns about the presence of the Australian SAS forces, warships and Black Hawks in Fiji in 2006.

    And the 13-page report released to the local media today suggests “meaningful discussion” in Pacific Island Forum meetings about the obligations of sovereign States to each other.

    It said there needs to be an independent assessment of whether the Australian government complied with its international obligations towards Fiji pursuant to the United Nations Charter.

    It has also called for an assessment of whether any of the provisions of the Biketawa Declaration would have been available at all to Australia to intervene in Fiji at the height of the 2006 coup.

    “The Biketawa Declaration may have been mis-applied by Australia to intervene unilaterally in a sovereign Pacific State,” the report said.

    It further raises questions on the “western powers’ intervention and involvement in Fiji’s affairs in 2006” and if they complied with international law.

    “It is also pertinent to ask whether Australia’s new Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith’s recent comment, that Fiji’s ‘bad behaviour’ will not be ‘rewarded’, should be taken seriously,” it adds.

    Ousted Fiji Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase has vehemently denied seeking foreign military intervention in 2006 to protect his Government.

    However, the FHRC report suggests that the sequence of events preceding December 5, 2006 suggests that the Australia military threat was serious.

    “The question that now needs to be considered is this: what was Australian Task Force 636 doing in Fiji territory in November-December 2006? The explanation post-Black Hawk-crash that the warships were preparing to evacuate Australian nationals is inconsistent with statements made pre-crash and eye-witness accounts.

    “The statements of the Defence Force Command, as well as Alexander Downer, Brendon Nelson and others were ambiguous and downright contradictory.

    “Furthermore no satisfactory explanation was provided for the presence of Australian SAS forces in Fiji from November 3. There is no record of when and how they left Fiji.”




  6. FijiGirl Says:

    This kind of evidence would not be admitted in a US court because it is gained illegally and thus considered to be ‘poison fruit from a poison tree’.

    So what’s the difference between the shenanigans of the hackers and Victor Lal’s case against Chodopu$$’s tax evasion?

    Professor Lal’s expose uses the legally acquired findings from Chodo’s tax file – legitimate research carried out by legitimate civil servants in a legal manner. The fact that they have been dismissed under shady circumstances speaks to the strength of their case against the evader and the extent to which Chodopu$$ is shit-scared. (So he should be.)

    These hackers are just pathetic little boys, playing around, wishing they were real men, and completely missing the point about authentic, accountable government.

    Well done to the Fiji Sun for their reporting of the story.

    Are there any bloggers out there who are IT techies and willing to do some charity work, ridding Fiji Sun of their hackers? Let’s support each other, people, and bring the (p)IG down.

    God bless Fiji

  7. kotare Says:

    FW to April 2009: is this Fiji:


    “It seems like a recipe for revolt. An despot clings to power. An impoverished people yearn for his downfall. The political opposition claim a landslide election victory, but the tyrant is charged with manipulating the results. Against this is a backdrop of a devastated economy, where inflation is running at over 100,000% per annum; a population wasted by hunger and disease, in which one in five adults have a steady job; and a ruling elite who live luxuriously, protected by a well-paid and well-equipped army.”

    “This is the situation in Zimbabwe. The opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), led by Morgan Tsvangirai, claims victory in last weekend’s general election. The MDC says that Tsvangirai has 60% of the presidential vote, while President Robert Mugabe (Zanu-PF), who has ruled Zimbabwe since independence in 1980, has 30%. Many Zimbabweans believe that Zanu-PF has suffered a devastating loss, and anticipate that Mugabe will have to step down.”

    “But the reluctance of Zimbabwe’s electoral commission to release the presidential results has led many to fear that Zanu-PF is manipulating the count in favour of Mugabe. There is speculation that Mugabe is planning to hang onto power, perhaps by imposing a state of emergency and martial law.”

    “What seems especially dangerous is that Mugabe and Zanu-PF are desperate to retain power at any cost, while the people are desperate to regain it. If Mugabe stays in power, will this precipitate a popular revolt?”


    “The calculations of Zanu-PF leaders and security chiefs – what they think the people will put up with – will be pivotal. If they calculate that a show of force will keep people quiet, they will back Mugabe. If they think that a rigged result will cause violence, thereby jeopardizing their interests, they will ease Mugabe out, and seek an accommodation with the opposition. As Chris McGreal in Harare comments, Zanu-PF leaders have much to lose:”

    “With no stake in government, [they] will have no protection from inquiries into corruption, state-sponsored violence against opponents, the plunder of white-owned farms and a host of other abuses of power.”

  8. ninaica Says:

    Kudos to the Times for their excellent sleuthing on this story! Shame, shame to the unprofessional hackers, system administrators who bring shame to their trade! But we see this lack of professionalism and breaking of ethics and the law from the rfmf, judiciary, lawyers, so whats new!

    Keep going Fiji Times, Victor Lal and the Fiji Sun! sniff the sucker out! bring him screaming and wailing into the sunshine so we can see him.

    Anyone know this ADiwarker@gmail.com?

    Anyone worked with him?

  9. Fijisleuth Says:

    Bula Laulass

    It looks like you overlooked the posting – the FIRCA board member is Arvind Datt, a cousin of Mahendra Chaudhry – he was brought on the board, along with Filipe Bole after the coup – this AD is the same chap who was previously sacked by FIRCA and Fiji TV – since he owns two houses and is not paying proper taxes why cant he house is another cousin – the brother of Mahen- who has been ordered to live in an Old Peoples Home until his case is heard next week – cant MC use parts of his $2million to buy a small flat for his brother but than he is so greedy that he even screwed up his own people by hiding that huge dosh in Russell Hunter’s country of Australia

  10. natewaprince Says:

    These illegal activities are being condoned and accepted by the illegal regime.These crooks will not stop,infact they will be bolder knowing they have the protection of Chodo who has the RFMF around his little finger.

    If the senior officers in camp are reading this,then take note that these type of people are using you guys to get away with murder,literally.

    Remember ignorance is no excuse,unless you stop your commander now,you will all be held accountable in a court of law.And you will also be held accountable to your chiefs and to your people.

  11. Budhau Says:

    FijiGirl wrote, “This kind of evidence would not be admitted in a US court because it is gained illegally and thus considered to be ‘poison fruit from a poison tree’.”
    You see FG, different jurisdictions have different rules as to what evidence is admitted – so in the US they automatically throw out such evidence – in some other jurisdiction that judges decided whether such evidence would be admitted in court or not.
    So the relevance of US court and how they work – that is immaterial.
    FG wrote, “So what’s the difference between the shenanigans of the hackers and Victor Lal’s case against Chodopu$$’s tax evasion? Professor Lal’s expose uses the legally acquired findings from Chodo’s tax file – legitimate research carried out by legitimate civil servants in a legal manner.”
    You got it wrong again FijiGirl, someone in FIRCA illegally sent Chaudary’s tax files to Lal – and Lal wrote his articles based on that illegal leak. Lal know full well that if the person who sent him copies of Chaudary’s file is traced, they can be prosecuted. BTW – if the guy who sent the files had owned up to it – there would not have been a witch hunt – and maybe some other innocent people would not have got hurt at FIRCA>
    FG wrote, “These hackers are just pathetic little boys, playing around, wishing they were real men, and completely missing the point about authentic, accountable government.”
    That “little boys” line – don’t you think you have used that line one too many time.

    NatewaPrince – getting the military to rise against Bainimarama – good job – but how will they be held accountable in a court of law. As for where their loyalty lies – the vanua, the church, the chiefs – that we have already seen.
    Those senior officers – they were not senior officer some time back – remember – they have been bought.

  12. woilei Says:

    Funny how a certain person commenting on this blog that always tries to get the last word in sounds just like Choro-ry eh ?

    Tu na Da !

  13. senikau Says:

    Badhau knows so much about “illegal” files, he is made of it.Badhau is totally illegal! Those chaudry files are not illegal, they are very legal and true. What is illegal is Chaudry not telling the truth.

  14. FijiGirl Says:

    Budhau / Rajendra – the reason you don’t understand things is because you are a complete moron.

    Why are you so interested in SV? You’re an Aussie now, boy. Play in your own backyard.

    God bless Fiji

  15. Lau Lass Says:

    FG, they’re Aussie but they’re sucking money away from Fiji & stashing in their accounts overseas. These are sly, bloodsucking animals, only to benefit themselves!!!

  16. Budhau Says:

    FijiGirl – It’s no me who does not understand things – I know what is going on – and I am not an Aussie – but that style – “you are an Aussie so stay out of here, or you are not a Fijian, so do not bring up Fijian related issues in the senate, or you are not a chief, you have no right to talk about Fijian issues, or the Indians should stay out of Fiji politics – this goes on and on – this type of thinking is part of the problem.

    Lau Lass – who is this “they” you are talking about – once you stop referring to those folks as “they” and start calling them “us” – thats when the problem will end. (those bloodsucking animals – so what if the cousins of these bloodsucking animals win the next election – can we allow them to run the country – or should we prepare for the next coup.

    Senikau, the idiot wrote, “Those chaudry files are not illegal, they are very legal and true.”

    It is not the files that are illegal or legal – it is illegal for anyone to leak FIRCA files – be it Chaudary’s, the CJ’s or whoever.

  17. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Budhau why don’t you call your father & tell him to come home to you and yours!

  18. Budhau Says:

    aubatinuku – at least I know who my father is – do you?

  19. aubatinuku-N Says:

    And what makes you think I don’t know who my father is?

    Budhau – You are one sorry excuse of a man!
    Do you have something against fatherless people?

    I am amazed at you way of thinking! For someone who always tries to come across sounding like an academic you do go oh so very low…..Way lower than most gutter snipe people would even dare crawl!!

    Stay on topic bro!!
    You are losing it!
    You are just like that thief Rajendra Chaudhary, desperation will drive a man to gutter crawling!
    Save yourself some decency while you still have it!

  20. John Veikoso Says:

    Budhau you’re the man, your comments are so constructive and balanced, live long bro, lauan lass, it’s because of you lauans that we have these problems so why dont you all go back to your province and do your thing there and as for aubatinuku, naita it only takes a few words for you to lose your cool indicating that you do have a mental problem bro, kua mada na sili mana vakabalavu tiko ulu lala….

  21. aubatinuku-N Says:


    Bro! You have not even begun to scratch the surface of how deranged I am 😉 On my word! You will be on the list of first priorities!


    You ain’t seen nothin yet bro!
    Waraka namaka!
    Power of the people!
    Kudru ni vanua!
    You and 7 generations of your decendents will be cursed with the same and even worse treatment you and your kind dish out.

    God bless you for supporting our cause by adding your 2 cents worth!

    E sa kanaki qima vi iko.
    Get it and get it good!!
    Iko vaka na tamata kaisi, sigai nona koro, sigai nona kawa!
    You think in your PUNY liver of a brain that you are all mighty, powerful because you hide behind your silly hat, camies and dumb gun you tote like a purse.
    At the end of the day good always TRIUMPHS over evil!
    Du sa maleka na kana loto tiko e na gauna taucoko qo eh!
    Ia, e sa vakarau qima, da qai saka yani i nakoro i RATU JONE VEIKOSO, me lai qaravi saka na i tavi e sa lesia saka mai na Tamada Sa Tabogo “TAGANE, KANA MAI NA BUNO NI YADREMU”.
    E a sigai ni vakarota na Kalou vi keda na tagane me da tauri dakai wavoki, se kanaloto, se butakoca na wekada, se vodomotoka wavoki!

    “Rerevaka na Kalou ka doda na Tui”
    God Bless you and yours bro!

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