Crooked lawyers are no joke if they’re dangerous idiots

We all know jokes about crooked lawyers. But since his appointment by Fiji’s
military-backed regime on 8 January 2007 “Kid Cowboy” Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum
is proving that crooked lawyers are anything but a joke, especially if
they bring a juvenile attitude to the exercise of power.

To see what we mean, look at his full title of office: officially, he is
“interim attorney general and minister for justice, electoral reform, and
anti-corruption”. Yet what has he done to uphold the rule of law, ensure
justice is always fair and impartial, administer electoral reform, or work
within the law against corruption?

Upholding the law? Not the Kid. He devotes all his energies to defending the
regime’s total disregard for the law.

Justice? Where’s the justice in his covert deportation of Fiji Sun publisher
Russell Hunter in defiance of a court order, or using documents hacked
from a lawyer’s computer to try and intimidate Fiji Times publisher Evan

Electoral reform? Has he done anything that even suggests he expects
elections any time soon?

Minister for Anti-corruption? Think of the way he hastily organised the
FICAC whitewash of CHODOPU$$’s tax breaches and you’d be excused for
believing that his title should be “Minister for Covering Up Corruption”.

So, who is this Kid Cowboy AG? What do we really know about him? More
importantly, what single thing has he done or said since his appointment
that might be used in evidence to prove that he’s worthy of the position
he was given?

Kid Cowboy is the son of long-time NFP politician, Sayed Abdul Khaiyum, and
the brother of another highly suspect regime appointee, Fiji TV
journalist, Riyaz Sayed-Khaiyum. As you may recall, despite having no
business experience, Riyaz was deemed by the regime to be the most suited
candidate in the entire world for Fiji’s top broadcasting Job and was
suddenly elevated to the position of Chairman of Fiji Broadcasting

There is no doubt Kid Cowboy Khaiyum is well educated: a Masters degree in
Law (UHK), Bachelor of Law (UNSW) and Bachelor of Political Science (ANU).
His professional experience includes stints with Minter Ellison in Sydney,
as a member of the board of Transparency International Fiji, as a lawyer
in Suva and as President of the Fiji Young Lawyers Association.

On paper, his educational qualifications therefore put him way ahead of both
the Vore and the CHODOPU$$. But in life is he smarter than either? Well, for
what’s it’s worth, we think he’s doing a good job of learning the cunning
ways of the ruthless and dishonest politician from CHODOPU$$, his mentor.
But in Frank’s case it’s embarrassingly obvious that it’s the Kid who has
the better brain and far superior grasp of English language.

It may surprise you to learn that the Kid would probably give a tick to that
summing up. He’s never thought much of the military. As he wrote in his
thesis for his Hong Kong law degree in 2002 when addressing the subject of
the 2000 (Speight) coup: “…a rescue of the prime minister and cabinet by
the Fiji Military Forces, which prides itself in its military prowess, was
an obvious and relatively easy task. However this was not to be. The
ineptitude, inertia and reluctance displayed by the military in the first
few weeks of the crisis allowed the kidnappers a free hand…So just why
has this undeniably bright, perceptive and well educated young man chosen
to walk on the dark side? Why has he signed on to a position in a regime
that his legal training must tell him is unconstitutional and totally
outside the parameters and norms that apply to “civil society”, a term he
surely have come to fully comprehend during his years studying the law?

He’s chosen the dark side because it’s in his psyche, which is more akin
to that of a rebellious adolescent with a chip on his shoulder than to a
mature, highly qualified and ethical lawyer. He thrives on deceit and
derives his stimulation and enjoyment by using his knowledge of the law to
manipulate the law. He thinks it’s fun, sometimes thrilling/ to pull a
smart stunt and outwit everyone. Never mind about the legality, or
otherwise. It.sall about him WINNING! Indeed, as we have seen a number of
times, when he gets carried away he can make up the law as he goes along.

All the time of course, there must be a tiny voice in the back of his
lawyer’s brain telling him: “Hey, Kid! Fiji has a Constitution, you know.
Not so fast Kid! This regime you belong to is not Constitutional, you

So how does he deal with this conflict? Easy. He just pretends and, like
anyone trapped in adolescent time warp, he makes inane and
all-encompassing pronouncements, such as this one: “We (the interim
administration) are guided by a mandate given to us by the President. One
of the clauses in that mandate is to uphold the Constitution.” So there!
Hey presto, we’re legal!

Unfortunately for Fiji’s international standing, already badly damaged by
the Bainimarama coup and the human rights abuses that followed, the Kid
Cowboy’s need to conceal the illegal regimes manipulations to compromise
and control Fiji’s once fine judiciary, saw him embark on a course of
action that would show the world just how corrupt Fiji had become since
the coup – he decided to refuse entry to Fiji of a delegation from the
International Bar Association
Now, this august body is not to be taken lightly. The IBA is to lawyers
what the Vatican is to priests. It calls the tune. As the largest legal
professional body in the world with more than 30,000 members consisting of
nearly 200 bar associations and law societies (including the Fiji Law
Society), it’s easy to see why.

So, when the IBA announced it was going to visit Fiji, Kid Cowboy not only
slapped a ban on the visit but arranged for British lawyer, Felicia
Johnston, who was representing the IBA’s Human Rights Institute, to be
arrested on her arrival at Nadi and then deported on a Brisbane-bound
flight seven hours later. Malaysian IBA delegate, Roger Tan, who was about
to board a flight for Nadi from Sydney, was the subject of a stop arrival
order, again arranged by the Kid Cowboy.

Bar associations and law societies around the world were quick to react.
Together with the Fiji Law Society they condemned Kid Cowboy’s actions. In
the words of NSW Law Society president, Hugh Macken: “the ban sparks
concerns about a cover up. It will only serve to undermine the confidence
that Fijians have in their legal system.”

A “cover up” was indeed the true purpose of the Kid Cowboy’s extraordinary
snub of the IBA, and it was a big mistake. Instead of playing along and
using his lawyer skills to put the regime’s case direct to an IBA
delegation, he instead used the megaphone of megalomania to draw Fiji’s
new corruption to the attention of the entire legal world.

So what does that tell you about the strength of Cowboy Kid’s conviction
that the record of Fiji’s military-backed is in any way defensible? Or was
he acting in desperation to prevent scrutiny of his wider agenda?

Make no mistake, the Kid Cowboy most certainly has an agenda. One does not
to need to probe very deeply to discover what that agenda is. Go back to
his 2002 thesis and it’s clearly set out. Not surprisingly, it’s the same
agenda being pursued so single-mindedly by CHODOPU$$ and Bainimarama,
namely the systematic undermining and dismantling of the systems and
institutions that comprise Fiji’s unique indigenous traditions and
cultural heritage.

For example, only six years ago, in setting out his case for the
dismantling of the Bose Levu Vakaturaga (Great Council of Chiefs, or GCC),
Kid Cowboy
Khaiyum pronounced thus: “The Chiefly system must go. Cultural autonomy
must have a sunset clause.”

So what is his vision for Fiji after his “sunset clause” is implemented–
a new nation built on a cultural vacuum? And how ruthlessly will he pursue
that end? We believe that, like any typically stubborn adolescent, Kid
Cowboy Khaiyum’s determination is firmly rooted in a belief that, whatever
the social cost or pain, the end justifies the means.

In sum, Fiji’s “interim” attorney-general has proved by action and word
that his appointment to that position was the unleashing on the nation of
a dangerous idiot. “Dangerous” – because he has power and uses it
indiscriminately. “Idiot” – because he not only propounds wacky, divisive
ideas, but he also believes in them. And he publicly demonstrates his
contempt for those who are too sensible or civilized to go along with him.
As lawyer jokes go, the Kid is well on the way to becoming an extremely
sick lawyer joke, to say the least.

Yet his days may be numbered. And it’s not the increasingly remote prospect
of a March 2009 election that will necessarily spell the end. Rather, it’s
the strong likelihood that the excesses of Kid Cowboy Khaiyum will,
ultimately, make him the architect of his own demise.

Already the signs are there. For instance, when it was revealed that
documents he used in his attempt to frame Fiji Times publisher Evan Hannah
had been hacked from lawyer Graeme Leung’s computer, this proved too much
even for that other dangerous idiot and avowed coup supporter, the
otherwise shameless Shaista Shameem, who went public on the illegality of

But it’s not just the Shaista who is becoming worried about personal post-
regime consequences to be faced by coup supporters. Another sinister
looming on Kid Cowboy’s horizon is the clear disillusionment of key military

They resent the huge influence that he and mentor CHODOPU$$ now exert over
titular regime leader, Bainimarama, and the way it’s changing the regime’s
original stated agenda. The emergence of a Cowboy Kid/CHODOPU$$
controlling faction was never envisaged under the regime’s immediate post-
coup administrative arrangements.

For example, the Military Council must still be smarting from the fact that
instead of heeding its advice for the interim finance minister to step aside
while his affairs were independently investigated; Bainimarama chose instead
to go along with the Kid Cowboy’s transparently shonky strategy to
facilitate a whitewash of the CHODOPU$$ tax scandal.

This might mean that Kid Cowboy Khaiyum’s career is be about to take a new
turn: while international pressure on the regime is mounting for it to
honour its commitment to hold elections in March 2009, it is from within
that very same regime that serious doubts are also being raised about
putting a dangerous idiot in charge of the nation s lawmaking.

If his extreme antics are not perceived by some regime insiders as being
aligned in any way with their own interests, this can only exacerbate the
tensions and rivalry that are already building inside Fiji’s illegal
military-backed regime.

History tells us that this is usually the point at which a dictatorship
that is self-serving, and which relies on dangerous idiots to do its dirty
work, inevitably begins to unravel. When that happens, this dangerous
idiot can at least take pride in having, finally, contributed in no small
way to something that will be to the ultimate good for everyone in Fiji.

Now, wouldn’t that be a novel punch-line for a crooked lawyer Joke?

Fiji Democracy Now


26 Responses to “Crooked lawyers are no joke if they’re dangerous idiots”

  1. ninaica Says:

    This is true FDN!

    problem is that idiots make connections with other idiots – whoever gave oiyarse entree into the rfmf is to be shot! but this is all history. All we can do is wait for this to play itself out.

    Hopefully the FLS will initiate its disciplinary process on the complaint against the fruit loop and not chicken out.

    After all the FLS disciplined Ratu Rakuita Vakalalabure in 2001 – suspending his practicing certificate, even before he was convicted by nazhaat (see

    On another note, kudos to the brave members of the judiciary who continue to stand up for the rule of law. Heres one in Labasa who waits to hear what Gates, Pathik and Byrne will say about Joe Mirror’s ‘powers’ to legislate oiyarse and mccoup’s ficac. Incidentally, Matalau was the Deputy Supervisor of Elections in the 2006 elections – a victim whom ficac gleefully prosecuted i bet!

    Magistrate waits on verification on ‘Presidents powers’
    Tuesday, April 01, 2008

    Labasa magistrate Penijamini Lomaloma says he will wait for the High Court to establish the President’s powers before determining trial dates for high-profile government officials in the North.

    Magistrate Lomaloma made the comments while dealing with the abuse of office case of former Divisional Planning Officer Northern Semi Matalau.

    Magistrate Lomaloma felt it would be wise to wait for the outcome of High Court cases determining the president’s powers in several cases instituted by the Fiji Independent Commission against Corruption.

    Semi Matalau, the former DPO Northern and a works contractor Jai Suren appeared the magistrate on several joint charges of fraud and abuse of office.

    Matalau faces charges of abuse of offence, obtaining money by false pretences, aiding and abetting by a civil servant while the Suren faces a charge of obtaining money by false pretences.

    FICAC alleges the two men defrauded the government when Matalau falsified a Certificate of Completion of works at Saroni Farm Road in Wainikoro in 2005 even though the road had not been completed.

    The allegation further highlights because of the signed certificate, the government lost $25,000. The case will be called later this month.

  2. Peace Pipe Says:

    Bubba has something wrong going on in his head to have made this stupid gamble with reckless abandon on his future. Only that it is more so damaging on the future of the nation which is much more important than his puny useless being. Did he ever consider the consequences. Did he really believe that he would pull off this caper and get away with it. If so then the title given him above befits the idiot most appropriately. He would make a good case study for distorted mentality syndrome in an asylum so that we could prevent such personalities from getting to the level bubba is now in and wrecking havoc in our beloved country and making Fiji a pariah amongst all law abiding progressive countries around us.

  3. natewaprince Says:

    Nice heading for your post SV.But those crooked lawyers can never come close to a Human Rights Commisioner with a law degree.

    Yeah,I’m talking about that peroxide blonde bimbo who’s latest brainwave is to attack the Aussie Navy for attempting to interfere in Fiji’s affairs.

    Her office should change it’s name to Interim Govts. Rights Commisioner,(IGRC) instead of FHRC.Kena ca gona ni dau mix taka cala na bena ni uluna,sa la’i kania na nona mona na wainimate ni bena,blerry bitch.

  4. Pusiloa Says:

    lol @ NP. Kai, va’a cava mo drau veibena mada???La’o sara….

  5. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    natewaprince, did you take note of the date that shyster’s latest novel was revealed; April 1st.

    Not quite as good though, as the radio station that announced that BMW had invented a car that would give a shock to a dog that peed on it.

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    A row has developed between shyster and the librarian at the Suva library.

    Apparently, he has catalogued her latest epic document under fiction.

  7. Mark Manning Says:

    Australia and New Zealand , along with joint Forces of the Pacific region , should replace the Fiji Military and Navy . Current serving members could be employed by those countries as required . This would allow funds to continue to be sent home to support family in Fiji , but remove the immediate threat of treasonous actions by Fijian Military !

  8. Frida Says:

    “The Chiefly system must go. Cultural autonomy must have a sunset clause.” Who the hell does he think he is? We cannot go and tell religous leaders of Muslim countries that their belief – an eye for an eye to end differences should have a sunset clause

    Someone should tell this idiot, if it was not for the chielly system of the indigenous people of this country, they may have not been here by now.

    He is so pathetic, a real loser and anyone who accepts and joins this illegal administration is a LOSER!

  9. Pusiloa Says:

    Dua mada e “set” taka nona sun me kua tale ni qai cadra……Luveni kulina vavaku…..levu na kora..kawa ni boci.

  10. kacikacivaki Says:

    O cei mada na kisoko kei silimaibau? eda bacani na i taukei ena small grant scheme nei voceke ena nona vakamamasu o kisoko ena retio ena vakasigalevu nikua. A kacivaka o kisoko na nodratou veisiko na tolu na timi ni charter i Vanua Levu ena macawa oqo ka vakamamasu vei ira na turaga ni vanua mera dolava na katuba ni veivosaki vei ratou na timi, ka me sagai na vakatorocaketaki e Viti ena ruku ni Charter boidada. Oti ya qai ‘advertise’ taka na grant scheme – eratou na voli photocopier, taqe ni wai, repair taka na valeniqasenivuli mera kerea mai vakaivola na vei koronivuli ena veiyasana. Nanuma tiko o bacani cei tiko? me vakaga nomudou kerea mai na ilavo qori mai jaina, ka ni dou sa volitaki viti, dou nanuma ni na volitaki na veidelaniyavu?

    Sa matata vinaka ni da bacani tiko na lewenivanua. Kacivaka o silimaibau na nodra bisinisi na 14 na yasana ka sa dola mai raiwai na kena sitoa…. raqa taka o koya na nodratou bose ena boardroom ni PSC.. mei cavai rupeni?

    Na ka lasa taudua nona cudruvaka tiko o kisoko na “levu ni veivacacani” mai vei ira na lewenivanua. Veitalia na levu ni koro se yasana dou sikova kisoko, ena sega ga ni bau na charter boidada dou volitaka tiko qori!

  11. Tim Says:

    @ EFT – at least it is accorded greater status there than it would be here if I ever run out of toilet paper

  12. Linus Says:

    More from the Ugly Shag Hag. Copied from Fiji Live.

    FHRC calls for probe into law firm
    02 APR 2008

    The Fiji Law Society has been asked to investigate whether law firm Munro Leys breached laws when it facilitated the registration of the Duavata Initiative Limited.

    Duavata Initiative is the commercial arm of the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party and lists ousted PM Laisenia Qarase and a few of his Cabinet ministers as directors and shareholders.

    In a letter to the society on February 27, Fiji Human Rights Commission chairperson Dr Shaista Shameem requested an investigation to determine whether the establishment of DIL was lawful.

    She said it appeared “that the formation of this company violated section 156 of the Constitution of the Republic of the Fiji Islands”.

    “The Commission requests that you immediately instigate an independent review – the subject of such review should be whether this particular law firm, or any of its principals, consequently infringed the laws of Fiji,” Dr Shameem said.

    Dr Shameem said in another letter dated April 1, she had not received an acknowledgement of that letter.

    In yesterday’s letter, Dr Shameem said she noted from recent media reports that the FLS Council had approved an inquiry into the Interim Attorney General’s appointment after a complaint was purportedly lodged to the Council.

    “I trust the Fiji Law Society is not favouring a particular complaint above all others made in order of chronology. This would constitute victimisation,” she said.

    “I am making this letter available to the media as the watchdogs of public interest and the fourth estate, in the hope that their scrutiny of the FLS Council might prompt you to greater effort in resolution of the complaint lodged with you by the Human Rights Commission.”


    I note she gave the FLS only 1 working day to respond; SO, this is obviously a threat attack or distraction in response to the challenge against her little toy boy; the Iarse AG!! wot sorta man needs a women to fight his battles??

  13. Navosavakadua Says:

    The legal system in Fiji is turning into Alice in Wonderland.

    In this mad world the term legal circles no longer refers to the membership of the Fiji Law Society or the people who attended the farewell of Mr Justice Coventry. Instead it now refers to the form of argument favoured by the Judges operating under the illegal regime.

    High Court judge Justice Jocelyn Scutt in Suva has refused the application by the Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions to stay the promulgation of the Employment Relations Bill. As a result she ordered that the promulgation of the bill will proceed as planned from April 2, 2008.

    The basis of this ruling was that she accepted the State’s contention that the case brought against the President Ratu Josefa lloilo by the trade unions be stayed until the determination of the case brought against the State, the President and the interim regime by former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase.

    Now this is where it gets interesting. Qarase’s dismissal was illegal because the President did not have the power to dismiss a a PM except on the grounds that he had lost the confidence of the Parliament. The ER promulgation is illegal because the constitution says any law must first be approved by the Parliament before it is sent to the president for assent. These are separate issues, subject to separate consideration. Even if the High Court found that Qarase had been dismissed legally, that does not mean that Parliament’s role in the constitution has also disappeared.

    It seems the illegal regime are treating this as just another case of the
    question of their legality. If that is the case Justice Scutt should have
    excused herself because her appointment is part of the same general
    issue of illegal regime legality.

    Thus the circle is complete. Justice Gates is in evidence again. Nothing the executive does is illegal until a court finds it so. Illegality on the part of the executive has to be proven. The executive never has to prove legality.

    Interestingly, Magistrate Lomaloma on Vanua Levu has taken a different tack and deferred a criminal case until the legality of FICAC is determined. Hotel operators should take note of this and refuse to pay the increased turnover tax until a court establishes that the increase can be imposed without the approval of Parliament.

  14. iceman Says:

    The land has eyes!!!!!. It is sad to hear the sudden passing away of the NLTB’s top man… Now this should be a lesson to ya all illegals who are wanting to take something away which is so dear to us, If you wanna mess with our land, you definetly will kick the bucket!!!!!!!!!RIP…..

  15. IslandBoy Says:

    Ni vosota – small digression here, anyone read the FPSA revelation (fijilive) about IG Ministers not having a 5% pay cut when the rest of the civil service was cut in March last year. By 22 March their pay had been restored after everyone else suffered the cut on 08 March.

    I fully agree that they are getting paid from the same pool of taxpayer funds and should have faced the same pay cuts as the rest of the civil service. Now they are left without a shred of moral decency. Sorry for the digression, I get so furious at their two faced deceit. What possible defence could they have.

  16. solivakasama Says:


    They even cut the civil servants pension. My parents happen to belong to the so called old scheme (prior to FNPF) and they cut that as well as my fathers Return Service After Care Fund.


  17. IslandBoy Says:

    @Kutu – go and see a lady from Viwa called Va at the after care fund. She can help your parents restore their Returned Servicemen Pension.

  18. Budhau Says:

    What a load of crap FDN with stuff like
    “He’s chosen the dark side because it’s in his psyche, which is more akin
    to that of a rebellious adolescent with a chip on his shoulder than to a
    mature, highly qualified and ethical lawyer. He thrives on deceit and
    derives his stimulation and enjoyment by using his knowledge of the law to
    manipulate the law. He thinks it’s fun, sometimes thrilling/ to pull a
    smart stunt and outwit everyone.”

    ..and what has lawyers jokes gotta to do with anything?

  19. Tui Says:

    @Iceman. We revealed on thy blog many moons ago that the late Semi T from NLTB had been taken to New Zealand suffering from an “unknown” ailment. My condolences to Semi’s family. It is indeed a reminder that if you play around with land, you pay! The pig will suffer the same fate. It will get worse before it gets better. The land of Fiji is cursed because of the inequities of our leaders. They have lost sight of the true path.
    Io digress mada. FRU, please run to Tui Suva’s residence in Vatuwaqa or Suvavou. Just take one small waka to him and apologize for the many years you have neglected him. Remember he is the paramount chief of Suva. If there is acurse it is because Suva has totally ignored and neglected him. If you want the curse to be lifted do that now, otherwise the Fiji team is doomed!
    Na ka bibi na yaqona vei keda nai taukei. Na tautau e dau caka tiko vei President mo dou kila e cala tiko kevaka e sega ni liu vei Tui Suva. Au wara ni kai Suva ia mai na noqu kila na tovo vakavanua, vaka kai Viti dina, e dodonu ga ga mo dou dau vakaliuci Tui Suva tiko. My father always reminded me as a “vulagi” to the land of Suva, to always remember Tui Suva whenever possible with a small token or even just to say hello before passing his residence.
    The problem today is that we have forgotten our history. Sa sega ga ni kila na nomu history o sa na siga ni “muria na nomu i yatu!”
    De dua beka na vuna qo e sa vaka me yalowai kina ko Viti. Sa yalowai na president, prime minister, na archbishop, na veiliutaki!
    Just a thought folks, [lease feel free to comment.

  20. senikau Says:

    Charter Chatter, all running around in circles, getting big bucks for sitting their butts, shifting timelines cos they dont seem to know whos doing what! Micky Mouse Circus is all it is,

    Okay lets form a Chatter Charter and lets all go and decide how Pakistan should be run, shall we!

    I like that new BMW model on 1st April, the one the shocks the dog that ppes on it. Someone should pee on Shyster Shamimi and give her a shock!! hahahahhaha

    Sorry sh’mimi, you look like a shock already, i wonder what the pee will do to you?

    Any yes Tui, I agree, do not with a big N O T , play around with the land, leave it alone if it aont yours!
    The Land has eyes.

  21. benhur Says:

    Remove this idiot by any mean necessary

  22. Seini Says:

    @SV and @all bloggers

    Remedy for Budhauitis: just ignore him. No matter what he says, do not bite. To make this easier, just don’t read anything he writes. I promise you: you won’t miss anything and he will go away.

  23. John Veikoso Says:

    Tui Suva a chief???? drunk useless old man??? is he fijian or solomon islander like you Tui Savu???

  24. aubatinuku-N Says:


    @ John Veikoso – Gonei! What they pay you to do on this blogsite and others is peanuts.

    Putting your foot in your mouth again hah!!

    You ain’t seen nothin yet bro!
    Waraka namaka!
    Power of the people!
    Kudru ni vanua!
    You and 7 generations of your decendents will be cursed with the same and even worse treatment you and your kind dish out.

    God bless you for supporting our cause by adding your 2 cents worth!

    E sa kanaki qima vi iko.
    Get it and get it good!!
    Iko vaka na tamata kaisi, sigai nona koro, sigai nona kawa!
    You think in your PUNY liver of a brain that you are all mighty, powerful because you hide behind your silly hat, camies and dumb gun you tote like a purse.
    At the end of the day good always TRIUMPHS over evil!
    Du sa maleka na kana loto tiko e na gauna taucoko qo eh!
    Ia, e sa vakarau qima, da qai saka yani i nakoro i RATU JONE VEIKOSO, me lai qaravi saka na i tavi e sa lesia saka mai na Tamada Sa Tabogo “TAGANE, KANA MAI NA BUNO NI YADREMU”.
    E a sigai ni vakarota na Kalou vi keda na tagane me da tauri dakai wavoki, se kanaloto, se butakoca na wekada, se vodomotoka wavoki!

    “Rerevaka na Kalou ka doda na Tui”
    God Bless you and yours bro!

  25. Tui Says:

    @JV, gonei ke “useless drunk” tiko o Tui Suva, that’s his problem. At least he does not have guns to chase you out from your home in Nabua.
    Have you thought of how you came to part of the land-grabbers in Suva? Because of the goodwill of the chiefs like Tui Suva, you should be thankful you have a roof over your head. Kakua ni sa rawata nomu bula mo viavia levu tiko. Humble yourself boy. Na tama dokadoka ena tina ga i na rusa. You are old enough to undersatnd this. Kua ni vagonegonea tiko. Sa qase mai Sakaraia. Sa gauna ni yalomatua mo veisau taka nomu yalo sese.
    I do have Solomon Island, Kiribati and Tongan blood, and yes I’m in the VKB. I’m proud of my history and the sacrifices my ancestors made on behalf of the Vunivalu and Rokotuibau. That’s another long story.
    JV, how have you benefitted from this coup? Are you also one who likes to see Fijian people killed and made homeless, jobless and starve! Do you revel in the torturing of unarmed civilians who differ in their views? Do you like voreqe support evil regimes like China that continue to kill civilians in Tibet, unarmed simple people who only fight for what is rightfully theirs?
    The latest trick from the IG is that while everyone had a 5% pay-cut, the IG ministers did not do the same! What does that tell you about these people JV? Where is the good governance and “cleanup” that was the reason for this stupidity?
    Are you fool and knave to continue with your blind allegiance to this evil that is hanging above us like black storm clouds? Come out of that stupor JV before it destroys you.
    This IG will collapse from the wight of it’s own inequities! Get out while you still can and for your own good and your family, I repeat what Aubatinuku says above, “REREVAKA NA KALOU KA DOKA NA TUI.”

  26. Indigenous Says:

    To kacikacivaki someone should investigate Mr.Silimabau’s employment as a court clerk, I heard there is a lot of dirt swept under the carpet maybe that was the reason he did not finish his University Degree at USP. Be a good piece for Peter Waqavonovono and his YPCN buddies….maybe even for FICAC

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