Know who your Ahmadiyya are!!!

After the Fiji Muslim League refused to join the Illegal Charter NCFBBF, the Ahmadiya jumped in as the representative of the Muslim Community in Fiji. But like any other thing associated with these failures in the IG, the Ahamadiyas’ are not even recognised as Muslims in Muslim Countries and the opposition to their teachings are one of the rare things that unite the Sunnis and Shites. 

This self proclaimed Muslim Cult that started in Pakistan in 1908, are considered trouble makers and false in the Muslim world and are banned where it started, in Pakistan.

They have a presences in ROFTI (and a curse to us all) and guess who belongs to it. The Shameem sisters. No wonder they break all the laws of Islam such as drinking alcohol and smoking that strange weed that is farmed in the upper reaches of the Valley Road of Navosa. Others that belong are you friendly neigbouhood arse hole, I mean, Attorney Generals and the Sahu Khans.

You see main stream Muslims belong to the Muslim League, are law abiding and had politely declined to join the NCFBBF citing that its uuuhhhmm “Unlawful and unconstitutional”.

And in the tradition of our infamous Glawyer (God I loved that term, who ever invented it is a genius) a.k.a. the Shyster and the Illegal Chair of the Internationally Rejected Fiji Human Rights Abuse and Torture Commission we have managed to fish this out of Wikipedia via Google.

Ahmadi (Urdu: احمدیہ Ahmadiyya), is the collective name given to the two distinct groups[2] (The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement) comprising of followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (d. 1908) from Qadian, in Punjab, India. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed to have fulfilled the prophecies about the world reformer of the end times who was to herald the Eschaton as predicted in the traditions of various World religions, the Mujaddid (divine reformer) of the 14th Islamic century, the promised Messiah (“Second Coming of Christ”) and Mahdi.[3][4][5][6][7] Ahmadis consider themselves Muslims and claim to practice the Islam that was taught and practiced by Muhammad and his companions, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad termed his movement the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat (community) envisioning it to be a revitalization of Islam. However, Ahmadis are not considered to be Muslims by Sunnis and Shias.[8][9][10]

The original Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat split into two separate groups[11] after Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s death, known respectively as the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and the smaller Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement for the Propagation of Islam (Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat-i-Islam). These groups vary in their specific interpretations of Ahmad’s teachings and claims. They also differ in their views on who should have succeeded Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, and how such a successor should be chosen.[12][13]

The Ahmadi view on certain beliefs in Islam has been controversial to mainstream Muslims since its birth. Majority of Muslims have not accepted Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s claims and do not consider Ahmadis to be Muslims, citing in particular the Ahmadiyya view on the death and return of Jesus, the Ahmadiyya concept of Jihad and their view on the finality of Muhammad with particular reference to interpretation of verse [Qur’an 33:40] of the Qur’an. [14] Ahmadis however argue that their beliefs are in accordance with Islam,[15][16] and using arguments from the Qur’an, Hadith and opinion of Islamic jurists and theologians, challenge the contention of the groups calling them non-Muslims.[17]

A very confused lot as you can see while they considered themselves Muslims and strictly follow the Koran, they believe in the Ressurrection of Jesus and believe that their founder was fufilling Jesus second coming as promised in the Christian Bible.

No wonder the Shameems, The Arse and the Sahu Khans don’t know whether they coming or going most times.


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  1. FijiGirl Says:

    Oh crap. You mean we’ve been taken over by the Islamic version of the Moonies?

  2. muni Says:

    The lawores new convert is pictured at Discombombulated Bubu’s page.

    The other prominent fiji lawore is that other disillusioned army officer whose mouth was shut by voceke last week – Col Aziz. But of course he’ll keep shut coz he dont want to be evicted from his new quarters at the australian defence force quarters in Allardyce in Domain – along with other regime lackeys and facilitators – Pryde, Ului, Qiliho. Bought with a house – its the trend with the regime that has sold itself to China now!

  3. Budhau Says:

    Why beat up on the Ahmadiyas – whatever their beliefs. So their group decided to join the charter folks.

    May be you should have focus more on why they should not have joined, or individual in that organization who support the IG who may influenced their decision to join.

    BTW – how come these cults and idol worshipers are joining the Charter folks – first there was the Catholics, now them Ahmadiyas.

    What has this gotta do with anything: “A very confused lot as you can see while they considered themselves Muslims and strictly follow the Koran, they believe in the Ressurrection of Jesus and believe that their founder was fufilling Jesus second coming as promised in the Christian Bible.”

  4. Peace Pipe Says:

    I had this inkling that there was something like this when with the arse and shamimi in deep shit in this illegal quagmire the League distanced itself from joining in. So it had to do with the sects involvement in the overthrow of govt. This sect was providing illegal advise on the legality of such action. So look what the ig have done. They have done exactly the opposite of what they preached about uniting the races. Evidence of racial division couldnt be more pronounced than what it is now. With overwhelming odds against this ig and its charter it is doomed to collapse and fail.

  5. Peace Pipe Says:

    Excuse my digression but I just want to bring this up. Just read in FijiLive that the new GCC will proceed even without 5 provinces participating. Never mind the 5 faithfuls but which of the provinces are turncoats that support a regime which goes against the grain of traditions and customs of the Fijians. If we get at least 3 of the 9 traitors back to the fold we could declare the GCC illegal for not having a quorum and majority support to convene meetings. These traitors are so blind they couldn’t wait for at least 12 months to see everything through in a legal manner. Many of these people have been bought out like the mr $2 no pai man. Just the same as the snake when he bought out the pig and green goons to carry out his dirty work. Everything is being facilitated by these culprits with the cash incentive. Look at China for example. Their support for the pig has paid off with the pig openly reciprocating by stating his support for China in Tibet saying it was in the view of upholding the rule of law. What a sick joke. He just broke a sacred national law and is now running the country outside the rule of law and he wants to talk about upholding the rule of law???

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    The true architect of this coup ! Could it be ?

  7. Mark Manning Says:

    Frank and Teleni in their new Police or Army vehicle !

  8. anon Says:

    Sounds like a nerve has just been hit B. I can’t see anything in the post that could be regarded as a “beat up”.

  9. Arif Marley Says:

    I have a question which i ask of you to publish just for fairness. Has anyone that read the writings in this website ever wondered why the Interim Regime will not hold election in 2009?

    Here is why?
    Because the SDL Party would win. And they fear that they would go to Nukulau. Do you agree with me?

    Another question.
    Do you believe that the Interim Government might just hold the election in 2009? Yes folks. They also have contingency plan to hold the election. The preparation is already on the roll. They will do so when they have confirmed all strategies such as the adoption and use of the Charter, adoption of all election systems changes that will favor the Fiji Labor Party.

    Why the Fiji Labor Party? Because Mahendra Chaudrhy will then be able to form the next government, take to parliament the illegality of the Interim Gov, make laws that will cover them for the rest of their lives. They will then live happily ever after.

    I know someone, who knows someone that happens to know someone that is one of the few that round up the grog basin at his heavily guarded sleep room, who told him that a structured movement is being initiated to form a Fijian Party to split the Fijian community, the backbone of the SDL Party. This new Fijian political party is intended solely to help the FLP win the Election.
    Yes folks. Election might just be around the corner. When they are ready, will call the election. Its just a matter of time.

    Here it is. Election or NO Election. They will never give the SDL Party another chance to rule. Over their dead body. That. I am sure.

    The Interim Government is like a scared dog which will bite back to save its S.

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    Can anyone get a message to the lady who lost her son to the thugs and recently was fighting the case in court ? The case where one brave Police Officer admitted seeing him having breathing problems at the crime section of his Police Station . She should be told to sue the Police Force because they had a duty of care while her son was in their custody and that she should sue the people involved like they do in America , it’s called a civil suite , i think .
    And maybe she should bring the matter up with the Human Rights Commission in the Geneva , so these bastards can be tried in an International Court or at least arrested by Interpol if they try to leave Fiji again !

  11. Adi Kaila Says:

    Well arseholes should clean up there on backyards first. …………


    Court hears case of the unwanted brother
    Saturday, March 29, 2008

    A MAN who told the court he was the younger brother of interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry wants to go to prison because he has nowhere to stay.

    Ravindra Pal Chaudhry, 58, will know his fate on Monday when his assault case is called in the Lautoka court.

    He was charged with act with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and appeared before magistrate Shafiullah Khan yesterday.

    The court heard that he caused injury to his cousin who he was staying with on November 19, 2007.

    Mr Khan adjourned the case to be called before magistrate John Rabuku on Monday.

    Mr Chaudhry had pleaded guilty before Mr Rabuku on March 18. He had said then that he wanted to go to prison because he had nowhere to go. The court then called a Social Welfare officer who was told to look into the case.

    The court informed the Social Welfare officer to call Mr Chaudhry’s brother. The officer was not in court yesterday. Outside court yesterday, Mr Chaudhry said he wanted to go to jail because he had no family to take him in.

    “I do have a family but they are overseas. I have a brother who is out there somewhere.”

    He confirmed he was a younger brother of the interim Finance Minister, who could not be reached for comment.

  12. Adi Kaila Says:

    ESA VADUGU MAI NA DOMO NI DINA – as per FIJI LIVE……. and about time too…………………………………………………………kick the silly poof & his nani matamata (gates the paedophile) right out……DISBAR THE Garns!…………………………………

    Law society to discuss AG case
    29 MAR 2008

    The Fiji Law Society council will today discuss a complaint lodged against the Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum at its meeting in Suva.

    FLS president Isireli Fa has confirmed the complainant had called for Sayed-Khaiyum to be disbarred for taking an oath in an alleged illegal regime.

    The complainant said that a precedent had been set with Ratu Rakuita Vakalalabure after he was sworn in as interim Attorney General of the Taukei Civilian Government following the 2000 coup.

    Fa said the society needs to verify if the complaint from a member of the community was genuine.

    “We don’t want the society to be used as a means by some people to attack other people for some reason,” he said.

    The law society’s decision is expected to hinge on the High Court, which will soon rule on the legality or otherwise of the appointments made to the interim Government.


  13. aubatinuku-N Says:

    This might be off topic you guys, but is this for real?
    Is the guy really who he says he is?

    Saturday, March 29, 2008

    A MAN who told the court he was the younger brother of interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry wants to go to prison because he has nowhere to stay.

    Ravindra Pal Chaudhry, 58, will know his fate on Monday when his assault case is called in the Lautoka court.

    He was charged with act with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and appeared before magistrate Shafiullah Khan yesterday.

    The court heard that he caused injury to his cousin who he was staying with on November 19, 2007.

    Mr Khan adjourned the case to be called before magistrate John Rabuku on Monday.

    Mr Chaudhry had pleaded guilty before Mr Rabuku on March 18. He had said then that he wanted to go to prison because he had nowhere to go. The court then called a Social Welfare officer who was told to look into the case.

    The court informed the Social Welfare officer to call Mr Chaudhry’s brother. The officer was not in court yesterday. Outside court yesterday, Mr Chaudhry said he wanted to go to jail because he had no family to take him in.

    “I do have a family but they are overseas. I have a brother who is out there somewhere.”

    He confirmed he was a younger brother of the interim Finance Minister, who could not be reached for comment.

  14. Jale Says:

    O what a tangled web we weave, when first we set out to DECEIVE!

    While the hypocrisy and inconsistency of the illegal government is clear as day to us who have to hear them speak, the inbred quality of their pronouncements is music to their own ears – they’ve all convinced each other of the truth of their reasoning and anything contrary to that is reacted to with verbal violence. The house of cards it will come tumbling down soon!


    Conflicting statements indicate a “dysfunctional” family, Beddoes

    Saturday, March 29, 2008

    Update: 10:49AM OUSTED Opposition Leader Mick Beddoes says the interim administration is doing everything that they accused the ousted Laisenia Qarase government of doing, but on a bigger scale.

    Mr Beddoes said the conflicting statements by interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, Archbishop Petero Mataca and interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry on the Forum Foreign Ministers meeting outcomes showed a dysfunctional family.

    He said although he agreed and accepted that some NCBBFs goals and objectives were worthy of serious considerations, he felt that the uncompromising attitudes being displayed by the interim government was more like an attempt to impose the Charter Outcomes on people.

  15. Adi Kaila Says:

    are the khaiyums, matacas, bainimaramas, shameems & sahu khans by chance the ahmadiyyas from kiuva?

    They used to worship near that water tank, you know the one near the house that was built for voreqes father with supplies meant for cyclone victims.

    Cici ‘i macawa!

  16. Mark Manning Says:

  17. FijiCID Says:

    Indian High Commission celebrates Holi
    29 MAR 2008
    Enjoying a splash of colours, tasting the thandai (a special drink) for the first time, feasting on traditional sweets and delicacies, and all this with the Indian community made Holi celebration a truly exciting time for VIPs at the India House today.

    Interim Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama and his wife were among the VIPs who graced Holi (festival of colours) hosted by the Indian High Commissioner Prabhakara Jha.

    Jha welcomed the guests by applying the traditional gulal on their foreheads.

    Speaking at the gathering, Fiji’s Electoral Commissioner Mohammed Kamal-Ud-Dean Sahu Khan said that the contribution by Muslims and Hindus in the country will one day be recognised and they all will be called ‘Fijians’.

    Khan also wished Bainimarama and said he will pray that the path, which the interim PM has taken, becomes a success.

    “I pray for you that you are successful in your goal,” he told Bainimarama.

    While addressing the gathering, Jha said Holi means equality and the people of Fiji should become one to take forward the country to greater heights.

    “The red colour (gulal) signifies that every human being has same colour of blood and they all are equal.

    “We have fought three wars with Pakistan but on this day we will welcome Pervez Musharraf with a hug,” he said.

    He also said that people do have differences but on this day everything is forgotten.

    “Husband and wife have differences but they still don’t leave each other,” he said.

    Local artists provided entertainment to the guests by singing Holi songs and Faag songs.

    The celebration also saw the lighter side of Bainimarama, as he applied the gulal on the cheeks of dignitaries.

    Interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, Parmesh Chand, permanent secretary of PM’s Office, Police Commissioner Commodore Esala Teleni, former Agricultural minister Jainend Kumar, ex interim Labour minister Bernadette Rounds-Ganilau, Citizens Constitutional Forum executive director Reverend Akuila Yabaki, retired judge Sir Moti Tikaram, Justice Devendra Pathik, French Ambassador Jean Francois Bouffadeau, Korean Ambassador Nam Jin Zeon, High Commissioner of Malaysia Nafisah Mohamed and other who’s who of Fiji also took part in the celebration.

  18. Zeus Says:

    I don’t see the most WHO of the whos whos of FIji – mahen lah! was he looking after his younger brother Ravindra Pal?

    Anyway, it was good to see that kailoma vore ahmadiyahse and his wife lah meriperilah at the HOLI… they’ve assimilated so well!!!!!!!!!

  19. FijiCID Says:

    What we do not know is hom many milions of rupees was stuffed up the pockets of these new found unholi men and women of women who were farting with the Indian High Commissioner – IT just shows he doesnt even care to buy a small house for his Ravindra bro – yes, the money from $2million – wake up, you coolies?

  20. FijiCID Says:

    Sorry folks!
    Thanks Soli – now it explains why he is berating the Fiji Muslim League – In 2001 he wrote the following, which was reproduced by the FLP website:

    Letter: Critique of FML decision to make submission to Constitution Commission

    by A S Khaiyum
    (Letter from A S Khaiyum)

    The claim by some executive members of the Fiji Muslim League (‘League’) that Muslims support a review of our Constitution and demand separate seats merely because the executive says so is a gross misrepresentation of the views of the everyday and majority of Muslims in our country.

    The executive lack the mandate to speak as a representative body for Muslims since the League has been and is essentially an administrative institution managing and maintaining mosques, schools, orphanages, a sugar cane farm and real estate.

    In addition to the lack of mandate the arguments and justifications espoused by the executive for a review and separate seats are flawed. They are flawed because our Constitution, in particular the Bill of Rights, namely
    sections 38(2) and 35 more than adequately guarantee and protect religious freedom and minority rights. Indeed if an almost identical South African Bill of Rights provision protects the rights of the minority South African Muslims then what is so special about and differentiates Muslims in Fiji?

    On the basis that last century the then nascent League made submissions on separate seats, it is argued today that so called Muslim rights will be achieved if these seats as submitted then are allocated now. To refer to a
    resolution passed some seventy years ago, in an era with its own specificities and dynamics, as justification for separate seats in today’s Fiji illustrates a complete ignorance and denial of our political, social and
    constitutional history/experience as a nation-state.

    Indeed if we were to hark back and uphold the standards of 1929 then commoner indigenous Fijians and women would not have the right to vote. Fiji and the rest of the world have moved along. Clearly such absurd referrals to the
    past illustrate an enormous vacuum in basic critical thinking and analysis, discourse and a general prevalence of obscurantism within the executive.

    Furthermore, it aptly demonstrates a complete ignorance of contemporary developments in and interpretations of Islamic law and jurisprudence vis-a-vis constitutional, human rights and international law and conventions. More
    tragically, however, the opportunism of the executive displays the absence of and lack of belief in justice, compassion, selflessness and basic human decency.

    Most Muslims in Fiji know that certain officials treat the League and its branches as their own little fiefdoms. Fiefdoms, where nepotism is known to be rampant at most times; where certain families and individuals have reigned
    as executives literally for decades; where children and families of well-to-do officials benefit from scholarships which were and are meant for poor students; where chairs of numerous committees are held by single individuals; where businessmen and business interests are over represented; where women,the youth, various provinces and other denominations are either underrepresented or not represented at all; where appeals to religious dogma and unity are utilized in response to queries of administrative/financial discrepancies and where certain individuals view the League merely as a means to acquire access to power, influence and ultimately money – all under the guise of “protecting Muslim interests.”

    Indeed the absence of proper representation, transparency, accountability and ultimately legitimacy also plague other local institutions in contemporary Fiji.

    The executive of the League cannot and does not represent the political opinion, views, philosophies of individuals or the bulk of Muslims in Fiji. These self appointed guardians do not speak for the masses. Therefore, the
    current administration and all Fiji Islanders must understand and recognize the majority of Muslims who believe in basic human decency, justice, democracy and constitutionalism reject the idea of separate seats and/or a review of our Constitution.

    Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum
    University of Hong Kong
    Hong Kong

  21. gonedau Says:

    The charter farters are really desperate now, scraping the bottom of the barrel, as the rfmf are used to doing (eg illegal cabinet) picking up the strays that need the sitting allowance like the barking matadua finau who swans around town in the wankmobile (pajero) that belongs to the soqosoqo.

    matamapolo is the female version of $2 nawalowalo, the famous choker from union club who has now collected enough $100 sitting allowances to get himself made a new safari jacket pictured the Fiji Times yesterday. already finau is doing a gd job for her masters barking about the race card and how the itaukei have been abused by their leaders. never mind she was a minister in the svt govt and senator who famously said that democracy is a foreign flower, as well as famously in the 97 senate was against the 97 constitution because it gave equal rights to homosexuals. Upon the svt losing the 99 elections, she who famously took a tabua to kubuabola to ask for a senate seat!

    The other 2 fellow bottom barellers are the ahmadiyarse rep and the Stri Sewa Sabha rep, Urmila Prasad, distant rello to the jokhans.

    We can see the same old wolves now coming in sheep’s clothing. Fortunately, the memory of the people of Fiji serves them well, unlike the rfmf which has forgotten this. Imagine that! aiyarse and finau in bed again! what a larf.

    Its all coming apart people. We don’t have to do nuthin to help these lot out of power, they’re doing a good job self destrcting on their own. Life is getting harder, the economy in ruins – this is what people remember. Yet who is living in luxury? mahen happily secure with his $3m, $2m of which the people of Fiji will never SMELL, because its in australia, IN CASE HE AND HIS FAMILY NEED TO EVACUATE.

  22. IslandBoy Says:

    COMMENTS PLEASE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN? Sorry this is a major digression, but on television news last night (Saturday) the Gen Sec FPSA, Rajeshwar Singh was very vitriolic in running down the IG boldly declaring army officers appointed to top civil service jobs unqualified etc. In fact all of the things you’ve been saying on SV for months now.

    My first reaction was NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!! – then I remembered Rajesh is really a spineless piece of swamp algae who doesn’t blink without specific approval from his Lord and Master, Mahen the man.

    Could his master have given him the go ahead to start attacking the IG and the Military Council? Could this be the first sign the honeymoon is truly over? So now in the cold harsh light of common sense they can see what they have jumped into bed with? (yikes!!) Should we ask our civil servant relatives/friends to further push and encourage Rajesh? Is the united façade and resolve starting to crumble? DO WE DARE HOPE?????

  23. "A new day" - same shit Says:

    Sorry for the digression (excellent comments above)

    Fiji Girl – I agree – protest songs.

    More popaganda from the strategists > a song, pamphlets as per today’s papers – disinformation to the masses (used extensively in the past by opressive regimes).

    Fcuk the new song – New day ni waci – another day same shit. Prostituting the Nation again – cheap shots. Ignore it, switch the radio off, don’t buy cds, burn or use the pamphlets as TP.

    Resistance – sing enmasse as recommended by Fiji Girl –
    Ni toro mai Turaga, Ni vukei au mada, Au nuinui tiko, Vei Kemuni…..
    Victory will be slow but sure. Brains always beat brawn in the end.

    NP – your version of the new anthem please.

    I’m off to Church (so hard with a haevy heart) – forgive me father for I have sinned – it’s just so hard to say a particular part of the Lord’s prayer “… as we forgive those who tresspass against us”. Bless them Lord and change their heart.

  24. Adi Kaila Says:

    Look the charter that is being bandied about is going to have a theme song ‘A New Day’. We’re all aware that this ncbbf is wholly flp or should I type holi flp aren’t we?

    Yes I do agree IB – mahen & the coup conspirators are beginning to worry that voreqe has taken to his position of power quite literally & gleefully & is not about to relinquish it, listen to them or stay on track with their long term plan.

    Now there’s a dilemna for them to cope with. Not easy to do business with the tevoro.

  25. aubatinuku-N Says:

    I just hope Mahendra Chaudhary remembers his now imprisoned brother when he does plan to high-tail it out of Fiji for good!

  26. FijiGirl Says:

    Thanks, people.

    Try this hymn as our protest anthem – ‘Na Vanua Lagilagi’

    Isa Viti, isa Viti, lesu tale, lesu ni se vo na gauna

    God bless Fiji

  27. New Day - same sh.. Says:

    Vinaka Fiji Girl – ‘Na Vanua Lagilagi”

    Batinuku – Waraka namaka

  28. newsfiji Says:

    Wailei, Fiji lost in the Semi’s in HK! – It’s all part of God’s plan – no disrespect to the rugby boys!

    God will not allow any victory to Fiji as long as this EVIL DICTATOR IS IN POWER!

    Wa..ha..ha…Frank must have been waiting for FIji to win from Hong Kong so he could throw a big celebration and be macho…

    Frank iko na qai lai wini ga na PING PONG ni o sa na curu tiko mai Nukulau…

    Balabala…me mai rawataki nomu raqa ke a wini o VITI! Sorry!

    Fiji will only smell glory again when an ELECTED PM is in place! Period!

  29. FijiGirl Says:

    NF – remember in 2000 when we were poised to win the IRB series, all we had to do was beat Argentina in the quarterfinals (my memory could be playing tricks on me, but I think that’s right). And then Speight held his doce coup, and we lost.

    Our rugby boys know and feel our pain.

    Who can think and play like a champion when your country’s heart is crying out, and breaking?

    God bless Fiji

  30. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    IsladBoy, you are spot on.

    chaudhry the cheat is going to move to take complete control before the military incarcerates him for tax cheating.

    Let the games begin!

  31. benhur Says:

    Hey people anyone knows the name of the New Supervisor of Election from New Zealand? How come they don’t want us to know his name?Could it be that he or she is a member of the Indian Despora and has a name like Suresh,Jains, Khan,etc???

  32. natewaprince Says:

    New anthem?? ,hhmmm let me see.

    How about Vore and Avenai’s de-stressing song ”Cu Mai Au Bili Yani” sung to the music of our popular Fijian number ”Kisi mai au kisi yani”.

  33. natewaprince Says:

    IslandBoy,you can imagine the predicament Rajeshwar Singh has found himself in.He has a job to do for his members but also tries to appease his boss the snake.

    Does he kowtow to the snake and face the backlash at the next FPSA AGM?
    Or does he do the job that puts bread on his table?

    I’d like to think that he now realises that the snake is in there for his own selfish gains and is using the unions and the cane farmers for his own personal agenda.

  34. natewaprince Says:

    We already have our $2 man.Now we have a $2 woman who has just joined the NCBBF.

    Just one of the unemployables who cannot find an honest job.Rawa ga ni va raravi vei ira na vei liutaki tiko i na matanitu,legal or otherwise.

  35. Peace Pipe Says:

    So sad that Fiji had lost in HK once again. But we must remember that they went to HK with the best wishes of an illegal wannabe pm the pig. Whats happening in Fiji’s 7s rigmarole has some parallels to the coup and the countrys illegal ig. Ever since Dec 2006 we have never had any joy in our 7s excursions. They took out the popular coach Serevi like they did Qarase and look where that has taken us. Total Loss – no 7s victory to date by new coach like the the economy and political crises in Fiji getting worse under the pig. Its very much like looking at the interests of a selfish few instead of the nation at large. Fiji will probably return to 7s glory once there is joy of freedom in Fiji.

  36. IslandBoy Says:

    @Peace Pipe – if you look at the last hread at the very bottom of SV, regarding Transparency, I responded to LUVfiji with just one of the reasons for the continuing defeat. Yes FRU is as bad and as corrupt as you are ever likely to get.

  37. Seiko Says:

    news of the $21m purchase of RB Patel by FHL must have po’d the rfmf enough for Col Langman to authorise charges on Weleilakeba.

    Mahen: But Sir, there’s no money to increase allowances for the RFMF
    Frank: I don’t care, find the dolaar yaar
    Drisi: Oh lookee here, FHL got $21m spare change they just boughta RB centerpoint
    Langman: No worries, we’ll arrest Weleilakeba
    Oiyarse: Yes, we can then confiscate all the FHL funds (thinking to himself: finally I can break up FHL formed in 1984 by Mara and that Rabuka poured $20m into in 1988).
    Frank: goodee boys, get crackalacking then! we’ve run out of money and this dumbo Tuiteci’s too slow, Jimbokoys playing shy now, maybe we can hold on for another month… one day at a time as my guru mataca tolding to me!


    Fijian Holdings executive in court
    Monday, March 31, 2008
    Fijian Holdings chief executive Sitiveni Weleilakeba is to appear in the Suva Magistrates Court this hour.

    He is being charged by the Fiji Independent Commission against Corruption with forgery and uttering false documents.

    It’s understood the charges relate to Fijian Holdings board meetings.
    Fiji Broadcasting Corporation


    RB Patel ownership to change
    27 Mar 2008 00:47:04
    The ownership structure of one of the country’s leading supermarket chains will soon undergo major changes.
    This follows Fijian Holdings Limiteds takeover of majority shares in the publicly listed supermaket giants RB Patel.
    While Fijian Holdings has not released financial details of the takeover, Surendra Patel of RB Patel Group Limited says the family owned company has agreed to sell off its majority shareholding of 50 point 1-6 percent.
    This means FHL will acquire just over 15 million shares, at a discounted rate of 1 dollar 40 each.
    In other words FHL’s takeover will be in the vicinity of 21 million dollars.
    The takeover is expected to be finalised in 14 days time.
    Fiji Television One News

  38. Budhau Says:

    FijiGirl – In 2000 when our team lost against Argentina about the time Speight pulled his coup – they must have been partying hard celebrating the indigenous cause and the coup that got rid of them Indians.

    Benhur – so that Sup of Election – is he an Indian – former Fiji type.

    Natewaprince on that woman who joined the Charter crowd wrote – “Just one of the unemployables who cannot find an honest job”

    Hey NatewaPrince – aren’t most Fijian politicians, once they are out of power, unemployable.

    So the Muslim league supported the review of the constitution that last time around – and demanded separate seats in parliament for the Muslims – and now they say that joining the Charter committee involves politics. Why couldn’t they have have opposed the charter process in the first place.

    BTW – what has Chaudary’s brother gotta do with anything – did some try and do a psychological profile on him.

    …and that Manning dude on his legal advise, “She should be told to sue the Police Force because they had a duty of care while her son was in their custody and that she should sue the people involved like they do in America , it’s called a civil suite , i think .”
    I like the “duty of care” part – like they do in America.

    Finally ,“… as we forgive those who trespass against us”. Bless them Lord and change their heart. – NEVER right?

  39. ulumaji Says:

    @ Seiko, good stuff you have there

    This IG, seems to be chasing all current and future foreign investors in this country. But thats not eneough…..They want to steal money from the only other ray of Fijian hope…FHL

    They seem to be so driven to desperation, ey?

  40. Lau Lass Says:

    I remember we had a teacher all the way from Pakistan, he was a Ammadiya, from Pakistan, he got a posting to Koro Island to teach Chemistry, then he came to Tailevu. Now after so many years, I see the connection, Munshi, the Ammadiya rep speaking last night on TV, was the Education Officer, Secondary at that time, & I suspect he was bringing all these Pakistani terrorist under the guise of teachers & maybe paying huge sums to the fiji Ammadiya. They will wear their white religious costume, but inside they are evil devils, we are witnessing what pakistan is today,

  41. E dina beka Says:

    I am told the Shameems’ father was an Ahmadiyya brought in to teach in Fiji. Is that true? So they have more right to decide the future of this country than we others do. How about that?

    Our forefathers toiled and fought for our beloved country but Vore and Yabaki think that we should not have a say in its running.

  42. Medina Says:

    ALL the established ahmaadiya families came to Fiji as asylum seekers.

    But yes, while Munshi was Senior Education Officer (Secondary) in MinEd, quite a few ahmaadiya ‘teachers’ were brought in – INCLUDING that one from Sudan deported in 2004?

  43. Adi Kaila Says:

    They come to Fiji as asylum seekers then turn around & bite the hand the feeds them,

    No wonder they had to leave wherever they came from.

    Damned ingrates.

    The business with the FRU – Serevi is a successful man who is much loved by the Nation, not only for his rugby prowess but also for his dignity & big heart. All the virtues that voreqe the loser does not have and covets for himself – never gonna happen voreqe – you’ve shown the Nation your true colours – Yellow for cowardice, Green for envy of every successful Fijian, Red for anger & hostility, Black for the evil in his soul, Brown for the da lodged firmly between his ears.

  44. gumatua Says:

    Is the disagreement between Sir-revi and the FRU not solvable or non-negotiable? surely there is room for discussion, the laying down of parameters for future engagement, for the good of the nation?

    Surely serevi and the fru owe it to the nation and rugby fans to sit down and come to some agreement that will benefit not only themselves but also all the people of Fiji. We all know serevi has forgotten more about 7s than savou will ever learn, more knowledge in his little finger than in savou’s brain. we know serevi can help the team to look like a team and not a bunch of individual gits, play with some tactic, not the “pasi taka isau” refrain.

    Yes, there might be wrongs on both side, committed in the past that the people of fiji don’t know about. That would undoubtedly embarass both sides, that is why they are so mum about it. But surely they can grow up, moderate their demands – maybe serevi shouldn’t both play and coach, and fru won’t accede to that demand – its not fair that he would hold fru hostage like that.

    Maybe serevi can be coach, and get some help with that, or play as captain (provided he’s fit enough) and still get to input into coaching, with some fancy title and added bonus befitting his status.

    Can we have some real negotiation, rather than now the fans calling for heads to roll at FRU, in effect a coup like voreqe did, for serevi to get it ALL his way. Theres gotta be some give and take fellow rugby fans.

    Surely they can put aside their hatred, cooperate for the sake of the nation, sit down, negotiate, lay some ground rules, and not expect it all their way?

    Can someone mediate? rather than this stony wall of silence that confuses and enrages the fans?

    Can the rumours about wrongdoing stop, parties to grow up, sit down and talk this through, with some give and take, put aside selfishness and save face for each other, at heart both FRU and Serevi want Fiji 7s to regain its rightful place in the world? Surely neither want Fiji 7s to wallow in this indignity?

    Is it really beyond talking and is it time for the guns and knives to come out?

    Can someone mediate? Will one party take the first step?

  45. FijiGirl Says:

    Budhau – still an idiot, I see. Your team (Australia) are crap at 7s rugby, so I don’t what you’re on about, mate.

    IB, AK – We had a great man at the head of FRU, ‘Tu Saki, but because the Junta was defaming him and ‘investigating’ him, he did the honourable thing and resigned pending the outcome of said ‘investigation’. Would that the Finance Minister had the same sense of honour, but of course you can’t expect that from a 2-bit piece of crap like Budhau’s father.

    FRU, for all their alleged sins, at least have accountability, and will listen to criticism. The Junta can’t even do that.

    God bless Fiji.

  46. Budhau Says:

    What’s with this Ahmadiya crap in here – come on guys – choose your battles. Is is really worth it beating up on them Ahmadiya’s in this forum.

    That Ahmadiya guy – came in as a refugee – and what, all his daughters ended up with post graduate degrees, one became a judge – and that was before this coup – a real success story.

    …and our Island Boy gets a FAB scholarship because he can’t get one on merits.

    So what is the problem with trying to get the Fijians in the mainstream – and weaning them of this affirmative action, cargo cult mentality. How long will it take – should the SDL put this on their their election manifesto in the next election.

  47. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ Budhau.
    You are generalizing my friend.

    I beg to differ!
    Not all fijians go for that FAB scholarship, I am one of many who have achieved all I have through good ole sheer grit, determination, family support and elbow grease.
    I don’t believe in handouts!
    After all is said and done, I go give back and contribute to humanitarian purposes and education for my kin and clan.
    So it would not be fair to generalize any one for that matter.

  48. ninaica Says:

    @ bidet – you do not decide the AGENDA in here. We’ll talk about this group of ahmadiya crappers as much as we want! They are central to this coup, so just as you like to go on ad nauseum about the Fijians whom you see as the PROBLEM, we freedom bloggers will discuss these ahmadiyaas as much as want, investigate their origins, beliefs, ambitions and geneology until we know them as well as we want! If we want to tear them to shreds, investigate every minutiae about these particular group of ahmadiyaas in Fiji, we WILL!

    It is a fact that many of these figures come from this sect of muslim heretics – who are YOU to come and decide what we talk about?

    Start your own blog and see how many pro-coup supporters come there and keep you company!

    No one has any issue with the refugee’s daughter’s qualifications – its HOW they’ve used those qualifications that is the PROBLEM. They think they have some kind of DESTINY and AUTHORITY to help the rfmf with this coup. DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR! Exactly the kind of thing that got daddy-O fleeing from India – the MAHATMA was already there, no need for the ahmaadiya’s violent strategies!

  49. E dina beka Says:

    I don’t have an issue with their qualifications. I am glad that a country that was run on Christian principles did not discriminate against them and gave them all the opportunity to succeed. That was my country.

    It is now obvious that they want to change everything and deprive us of our birthright and put themselves in an exalted purpose as custodians of our future. And they did that by usurping the legal authority of this country put in place by a democratic process. That is nothing to brag about. by any stretch of the imagination.

  50. one day mafatu Says:

    E sega ni ura me tei damu rau!
    Sa roro mai na siga ragone, qo na nodratou itau ciocio na veitacini ahmadiyaa, oratou na shamimi,25197,23442059-16953,00.html

    Way clear to pursue Scutt
    THE Victorian Government says there is nothing to prevent the top regulator of the state’s lawyers from investigating barrister Jocelynne Scutt over her links with Fiji’s military rulers.

    Dr Scutt, a noted feminist author and former Tasmanian anti-discrimination commissioner, has been subjected to intense criticism for accepting a judicial appointment from the post-coup authorities in Fiji.

    Her appointment was made after six Australian and New Zealand judges resigned last year from the Fiji judiciary in protest at the way the courts were being administered after the 2006 coup.

    Fiji democracy lobby, the Pacific Centre for Public Integrity, lodged a complaint against Dr Scutt this month with Victoria’s Legal Services Commissioner. Victorian Attorney-General Rob Hulls said he did not wish to comment “on the legality or otherwise” of Dr Scutt’s appointment to the Fiji High Court. But “there is nothing in the Legal Profession Act that would preclude an investigation by the Legal Services Commissioner into alleged professional misconduct”, Mr Hulls said. “The act clearly states that any person may make a complaint about the conduct of an Australian legal practitioner to the commissioner.

    “Ultimately, it would be a matter for the commissioner as to whether such a complaint had merit.”

    A spokesman for Legal Services Commissioner Victoria Marles said confidentiality provisions in the Legal Profession Act meant she was unable to comment “on matters that may or may not be under investigation”.

    The Pacific Centre for Public Integrity’s executive director, Angie Heffernan, had complained to the commissioner that Dr Scutt had “knowingly accepted an unlawful position in a constitutionally unlawful regime”.

  51. IslandBoy Says:

    @Budhau – Sorry not me. Check through all FAB scholarship recipients over how ever many years it’s been in existence, I do not appear on their books. All degrees and subsequent diplomas through sweat and sometimes tears. FYI I am a commoner Fijian (tau vanua) and had plough the hard yards.

  52. solivakasama Says:

    Budhau, as an Indian, (and I am glad you in the minority of Indians at that) your problem is you hatred and racism which causes you to stereotype.

    However, there are people like me who will not.

    I also value your right to freedom of speech and expression and will not sink to your level.

    But just one thing, I am a proud Taukei with an Australian degree and post graduate award and it was due to the thrifty saving of my parents and sheer hardwork, sweat and tears on my part not to let my parents down that got me to where I am. No FAB or AUSAID help as you think we all tend to do.

    I would suggest you do two things:
    1. Get off your high horses in Australia and come over to Suva, go down to USP night classes and witness the number of Taukei attending night classes as private students paying their way through studies;

    2. Check out the stats on the number of Indians given Multi Ethnic Affairs scholarship during the SDL reign. Go on, its a simple matter of dropping into the Ministry. You’d be surprise because your father Mahend would never ever acknowledge it.

    Hopefully that would shut you up.


  53. aubatinuku-N Says:

    I always knew this Shameem woman was beyond just shady, now we know that the Ahmadiay Muslims are behind her actions, it makes perfect sense how she’s been behaving.
    I say send the whole lot of them packing off to Pakistan or whatever hole they crawled out of.
    Bloody terrorists!!

  54. IslandBoy Says:

    @Kutu – What you say really resonates with me. There were many Friday nights rushing from work to classes on freezing subways through snow and sleet that I almost gave up. It was the fear of letting my parents and my relatives down, returning home in disgrace, that drove me on. I did not want to be another failed Fijian statistical entry.

    I have always envied the well connected and chiefly ones that get handed job after cushy job, having always had to fight for every job I got. Did not realise there were more of us out there, not that I’m assuming you are a commoner like me.

  55. FijiGirl Says:

    Kutu – well said. Another thing that Budhau/Rajendra can’t argue with is the fact that the majority of Indo-Fijians who get scholarships through the Fiji Govt usually end up migrating to Australia, NZ, Canada, USA or elsewhere abroad.

    Nothing wrong with migrating, except that when you have this kind of exercise carried out on a large scale, it means that the Fiji taxpayer pays for their education, then basically loses that money because, instead of remaining in country to repay that investment into the economy, they take flight and all those benefits go with them.

    I think all students and graduates educated on scholarships they have won in Fiji (including from NGO’s or foreign govts) should be made to repay that money either in working for a bonded time, or like a proper loan repayment before they are allowed to migrate. Or otherwise be treated as other people who refuse to pay tax and incarcerated on return to Fiji.

    Why all scholarships won in Fiji? Because if that person had not taken that scholarship money, it could have gone to another candidate, who would have stayed in Fiji to let the economy benefit from their education and contribution. People who just take the money and run abroad are stealing from our taxpayer, our youth,and our future just in a different way.

    Other countries do this. Why not us? (Other than the fact that our Minister for Finance is a butt-crazy psycho power-hungry blood-sucking liar-lair-pants-on-fire manslaughtering tea-lady-f*cking sugar-addicted sneaky louse.)

    God bless Fiji.

  56. sakaraia Says:

    Wonder who wrote this? probably military (but not rfmf?) aussie sympathisers of the shitster likely contributed. A collaborative effort? but not much analysis of the relevant “international law” to lead to the conclusion that international law was BREACHED by Australia. A real international lawyer would’ve done a helluva betta job, then again, its shitster, thats not a hardship! Then again, this is meant for mass consumption, just put it out there and draw fire away from frank and chodo, annoy downer, rudd, houston and smith.


    Special Investigations Report by the Fiji Human Rights Commission
    31 March 2008

    Australian intervention in Fiji in October- November 2006- an
    issue of international law

    Over a 12-month period in 2007, the Fiji Human Rights Commission investigated significant events of October-December 2006. The evidence was collated from independent eyewitness accounts and media reports emanating from the region. The chronology below is a compilation of the evidence. The serious issues raised by this special investigation requires a firm international legal response given the breach of international law represented by these events.

    1. Chronology of Material Events October-December 2006
    October 30
    Fiji’s Police Commissioner (former Australian Federal Police (AFP) Officer) Andrew Hughes, confiscates a consignment of ammunition meant for the RFMF.

    October 31
    Australia’s Air Chief Marshall, Angus Houston, telephones RFMF Commander, Commodore Bainimarama, in Sinai threatening him and warning him not to do anything that would make him ‘pit his soldiers against Fijian troops’. Commodore Bainimarama said this call represented a threat involving a clear intention to send Australian defence forces to Fiji. He said, ‘in military terms when you threaten someone it involves capability and intention so there was intention to move troops to Fiji’.

    November 2
    Australian opposition spokesman (now Prime Minister), Kevin Rudd, in an interview requests that relevant provisions of the Biketawa Declaration be ‘activated’ to deal with the ‘possibility of a military coup in Fiji’. Rudd calls upon Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer to ‘activate these provisions of the Biketawa Declaration and convene an emergency meeting of Pacific Island Foreign Ministers’. Rudd said, ‘the time has come to use this mechanism. Let’s get on with it’.

    Guided missile frigate Newcastle deployed to Fiji that same evening.

    In a Department of Defence Media Release, Chief of the Australian Defence Force Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston states that ‘the current situation in Fiji is deeply regrettable. Any threat to the legitimate and democratically elected Government of Fiji is unacceptable. The Fiji Military Forces should cease any activities that present a threat to Fiji’s democratic status and act within the terms of the country’s constitution’.

    Later that evening, an Australian Defence Task Force, of around 800 personnel comprising HMAS Kanimbla (amphibious support) and Success, together with a Special Air Services contingent and a Black Hawk helicopter detachment, purportedly from the ‘Black’ Squadron based in Toowoomba, were deployed to Fiji waters. The Task Force was supported by a RAAF maritime patrol aircraft based in Pago Pago, Samoa. Other resports suggest that base was Noumea.

    For the Fiji operation, in conjunction with the Maritime Task Group deployment, the RAAF also maintained a number of C-130 Hercules and Boeing 707 transport aircraft on standby in Sydney.

    The Operational History of the deployment, apparently termed “Operation Flashpoint” states that the three Australian warships were sent to Fiji as part of the ADF response to threats of a coup d’etat by Fijian military forces against the Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase.

    In Suva, up to 1000 RFMF troops in full battle dress parade through the streets.

    In an Australian television interview Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes said he had taken care of ‘any bid to oust me as police chief’.

    [Note: the Kanimbla was commissioned by the Royal Australian Navy in August 1994 for use as an amphibious warfare transport ship. It has 2 x LCM8 landing craft. It has the capacity for 400 embarked forces, 955 square metres of useable tank deck space, complement of 23 naval officers, 2 army officers, 197 sailors, 18 soldiers. It carries armament of 1x 20 Phalanx Mk 15 close in weapon system, 6x 12.7 mm machine guns. The Black Hawk carries a crew of four and up to 10 soldiers and is the principal transport helicopter of the Australian army].

    November 3
    Australian Foreign Affairs Minister, Alexander Downer told the press, ‘We think there is a very real chance there could be a coup in Fiji and it’s important that all of us do everything we can to stop that occurring’.

    A group of at least eight (8) Australian Special Air Service (SAS) forces secretly, and in breach of border protocol, arrive at Nadi Airport on Air Pacific flight FJ910 from Sydney. They are taken directly from the plane to a vehicle and driven out with their cargo without going through normal customs formalities and procedures. The SAS forces were later described by Australian Foreign Affairs Minister, Alexander Downer, as ‘additional coordination and administrative staff’. However, he refused to specify whether they were police or military. The Australian Department of Defence called these special elite forces ‘Defence Supplementation Staff (DSS)’.

    The SAS forces’ cargo consisted of sealed strong silver boxes weighing more than 400 kilograms. There was no customs clearance of these boxes and therefore no report on its contents until later when the media published the airway bill. Canberra insisted that the boxes were entitled to evade inspection because they were classified as a ‘diplomatic consignment’. Downer said they contained ‘communication equipment’.

    The RFMF accused Canberra of smuggling elite SAS forces into Fiji and said the boxes contained weapons and ammunition.

    When questioned by the RFMF, the Australian Defence Adviser at the Australian Embassy in Suva denied the existence of the SAS forces. The RFMF Commander announced that if no one would claim responsibility for the special forces they would be treated as mercenaries.

    The Chief of the Australian Defence Force then telephoned the Commander RFMF and claimed responsibility for the troops . He admitted they were members of the Australian SAS. The elite special forces had initially been placed with the Police Tactical Response Team but after this exchange between the Chief of the Australian Defence Force and the Commander RFMF, they withdrew to the Australian Embassy premises.

    Australian media reports said the deployment of warships to Fiji was backed by the United States and New Zealand.

    Approximately 3000 RFMF reservists parade at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks led by Captain Esala Teleni, who told the troops it was for ‘the purposes of re-evaluating our operational effectiveness, unity and cohesiveness of the force’. Captain Teleni told his troops that the military was the last bastion of law and order under Fiji’s Constitution, not the police.

    Australia’s Defence Minister, Brendan Nelson told the press in Australia that if the warships on their way to Fiji ‘has any impact at all on Commodore Bainimarama then, hopefully, it will be to discourage him and to reinforce the view put to him by (Australian Defence Force Chief) Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston that he should not proceed with his stated intentions of overthrowing, through a coup, the democratically elected government’.

    Australian Prime Minister John Howard tells the Australian press that Fiji’s government had not asked Canberra for military assistance.

    November 5
    RFMF’s Land Force Commander Pita Driti announces that Fiji’s Police Commissioner Hughes had illegally brought Australian and New Zealand police into Fiji to bolster police forces. He asks Hughes to explain why the officers were brought in without proper security checks, along with a shipment believed to be weapons.

    NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark says the Fiji military was ‘poking its nose in where there’s absolutely no cause to. There was a decision taken at the end of last week for four NZ police officers to go up to the NZ High Commission in Suva to provide it with additional security and support. Of course the NZ police didn’t go to the Fiji military, why would they? Absolutely ridiculous’.

    Col Pita Driti tells the press that Australian forces had arrived from Sydney. He says the problem resembled Papua New Guinea’s mercenary ‘Sandline’ affair. He also says that NZ police did not have the mandate to exercise authority in Fiji, and blamed Police Commissioner Hughes for the breach of border control. Col Driti says that the arrival of Australian and NZ police and military officers was part of a move to intervene in Fiji.

    Col Driti also tells the media that Australians should not think that they could invade Fiji. ‘We’re a small army but we are not scared of them. We will not accept any foreign intervention’.

    Permanent Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, Joji Kotobalavu hints to the media that ‘Fiji authorities’ gave permission to Australia and New Zealand to bring in ‘additional security personnel’ but denies knowledge of a specific arms shipment. Kotobalavu provides no further details on the source of the authorization.

    November 6
    Australian Department of Defence admits sending an ‘unspecified number of staff’ to the Australian High Commission in Suva.

    NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark says the RFMF was ‘trying to control the presence of NZ police sent to guard the High Commission in Suva’ which was ‘hardly a takeover of Fiji’.

    November 7
    Australian press reveal that some of the group sent to Fiji were SAS forces based out of Swinburne in Western Australia. The equipment brought in was to enable them to contact the warships Newcastle and Kanimbla lying off-shore.

    An airway bill relating to the covertly-introduced equipment is published in the press. Reportedly it included US $1.5 million worth of communications equipment weighing 472 kgs and originating from Garden Island in Sydney.

    Downer says that the equipment was to communicate with the Australian warships sent to Fiji.

    November 8
    Fiji police question and release two enlisted (RFMF) men in civilian clothing parked in a rental car outside the Australian High Commission in Suva. They were reportedly keeping the Australian High Commission under surveillance.

    November 9
    RFMF’s Col. Pita Driti describes the entry of Australian forces into Fiji as a ‘gross breach of sovereignty’, denouncing Canberra’s actions in the Pacific as ‘sheer ignorance or hegemonic shoving of big brother policies down our throats’.

    November 16
    RFMF Spokesman, Major Neumi Leweni says the Biketawa Declaration was being exploited by countries like Australia and New Zealand to facilitate their foreign policy and front for neocolonialism.

    He said ‘this policy is now unveiling right here on our doorstep and we should take heed. We should learn from the MSG (Melanesian Spearhead Group) countries that have experienced foreign intervention and whether it has helped them. Fiji has a strong military that has proven itself in many theatres of war. It will not stand by and see any foreign force interfere with its affairs’.

    November 28
    Australian High Commissioner, Jennifer Rawson, United Kingdom High Commissioner, Roger Sykes and United States Ambassador, Larry Dinger visit high ranking RFMF officers at Queen Elizabeth Barracks to request the officers to withdraw their support for Commodore Bainimarama.

    This invitation to mutiny is rebuffed. Major Leweni said it was ‘inappropriate for a civilian diplomat to visit a military camp and seek to speak directly to officers’.

    By November 28 the three Australian warships had been within or at the fringes of Fiji waters for about 7-14 days. The RFMF said they were suspicious but could not confirm the presence of the warships until 28 November.

    November 29
    New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister, Winston Peters, facilitates a meeting between Commodore Bainiamara and Prime Minister Qarase in Auckland. One of outcomes of that meeting is that the ‘Government of Fiji, the RFMF and Fiji’s bilateral partners agreed there would be no foreign military or police intervention into Fiji’. However, the phrase, ‘Fiji’s bilateral partners’ is subsequently deleted from the document. It is not clear when these words were removed as both versions of the document are dated 29 November 2006.

    The Fiji Government published the amended agreement as an advertisement in Fiji’s newspapers after the meeting.

    That same evening RFMF soldiers patrol the streets of Suva and fire flares and shots into the harbour around Suva peninsula. The RFMF said the patrol was in anticipation of any foreign intervention and it was taking all precautionary measures. It would not say whether they would be firing live rounds.

    Canberra was reported to be taking ‘aggressive steps to protect its interests in Fiji and the region’. Elite Australian troops had their leave cancelled and a Sydney-based commando task group was placed on standby.

    Downer tells the press that he hoped the crisis would be resolved by the ‘Fijian Government and the military, rather than through a clash between militaries’.

    Prime Minister Howard reportedly plans to host a meeting of 16 Pacific Foreign Ministers on December 1 in order to invoke the Biketawa Declaration.

    Heavily armed troops continue to move through the streets of Suva after military officers said they feared foreign powers were set to invade Fiji.

    Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes leaves for Australia saying his family was threatened.

    Voluntary evacuation of families of Australian High Commission staff commences.

    RFMF troops in full battle gear secure strategic sites including Vodaphone and Fiji Telecom headquarters, Fiji Electricity Authority and government offices. Col Driti said ‘We are just taking precautions tonight because a foreign intervention could be imminent’.

    RFMF three-hour exercises entailed securing strategic areas within the greater Suva area and firing illumination rounds into the sea near Nukulau, Makuluva and entrance to Suva Harbour.

    During the exercises, checkpoints were erected on all roads leading into downtown Suva.

    Col Driti says that if Australian forces are called into Fiji, the RFMF would stop them: ’put it this way, we wouldn’t be waving a white flag at them’.

    Major Leweni says the RFMF would also conduct exercises near Nausori Airport to prevent foreign incursion.

    Australian PM John Howard tells media that the presence of Australian military off the coast of Fiji is ‘appropriate’.

    However, just as the RFMF exercises began, the Australian army confirms that a Black Hawk helicopter had crashed. It carried SAS forces. The pilot dies and an SAS trooper is missing. Seven others are injured. One escapes without injury.

    November 30
    The Australian warships are already in Fiji waters. A civilian aircraft sent from Nausori Airport to locate the ships finds them at 35 miles west-south-west of Vatulele Island at a range of 75 NM directly south (180 degrees magnetic) off Nadi International Airport and bearing 223 degrees magnetic from Nausori International Airport at approximately 95 NM.

    The eyewitness crew on the aircraft recorded that the bow of the assault ship, later identified as the Kanimbla, contained two large motorized landing craft. At the stern was a large helicopter landing deck, which had 3 helicopters. The Black Hawks were painted in tropical camouflage colours. One of the Black Hawks was fitted with two stub wings on either side and was apparently armed with rocket launchers/ missiles. The eyewitness saw 1 UH -60 Black Hawk and 1 MRH 60 Black Hawk (combat talon-type gunship) Helicopters and 1 Sea King Helicopter on the Kanimbla. The crashed Black Hawk was not visible.

    The civilian aircraft noted that the two Black Hawks were quickly hangared out of sight as he came in for a third pass over the ships.

    While the civilian aircraft was conducting reconnaissance and surveillance of the warships, two red flags were raised at short intervals warning it to back off. The pilot recognized the threat that his aircraft would be shot at and prepared to leave the vicinity. Prior to leaving the site, however, he recorded that the supply and assault ships, across whose bows he had flown, were suddenly vacating the area heading south. The frigate remained.

    Soon after, Prime Minister Qarase tells the media that the helicopter crash ‘could not have come at a worst time’.

    [Note: In July 2007, an Australian Defence Inquiry conducted into the accident revealed that the helicopter crash had occurred during preparations for an ‘incursion’ into Fiji. The preparations were for ‘roping exercises on a stationary ship’. The pilots were preparing for landing on a wide variety of buildings, most of them with prevailing winds which would be cross wind or tail wind’. One of the factors taken into account in the exercises that ended in the fatal helicopter accident was reported as ‘the determining factor of disposition of elements, friendly or otherwise, on the ground’].

    December 1
    The Fiji Navy offers assistance to the Australians following the helicopter crash. This was declined. RFMF said the refusal was because the Australian warships were within Fiji waters. Major Leweni said that ‘presence of foreign troops in Fiji would be seen as an invasion. We knew they were out there and we believed they were close and we were right’.

    Prime Minister Qarase said he was considering asking for foreign intervention. Australia’s acting Prime Minister Mark Vaile said Australia would, if requested, consider intervention in Fiji and Australian warships were still near Fiji ready to act in the event of a coup.

    Commodore Bainimarama tells the press that ‘if foreign troops land on our soil I will hold him (Qarase) responsible’.

    December 5
    Australian PM John Howard says he refused three requests from Prime Minister Qarase for ‘military intervention to end a coup’.

    Note: Mr Qarase has repeatedly said that he did not request military intervention.

    The President of Fiji as Head of State and Commander of the armed forces was unaware of any request made for military intervention. Defence of the realm is the responsibility of the President of Fiji as Head of State.

    2. Relevant International Law: Application
    The United Nations Charter is the ultimate international human rights reference point for an assessment of the law applying to the events unfolding in Fiji between October and December 2006.

    The UN Charter was drafted after the end of World War II in recognition of the establishment of the United Nations. The Charter prohibits the use of force between nation states. The instruments that provided for trials post World War II, for example the Nuremberg and Tokyo trials, defined crimes against peace with reference to wars of aggression or wars in violation of international agreements.

    Article 2 .1- 4 of the UN Charter expresses an agreement between States that:

    1. The Organization is based on the principle of the sovereign equality of all its Members

    2. All Members, in order to ensure to all of them the rights and benefits resulting from membership, shall fulfill in good faith the obligations assumed by them in accordance with the present Charter

    3. All Members shall settle their international disputes by peaceful means in such a manner that international peace and security, and justice, are not endangered.

    4. All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.

    The UN Charter is only one of relevant international instruments on obligations between states. On 17 December 1984 the UN General Assembly passed a resolution on Implementation of the Declaration on Strengthening of International Security (A/RES/39/155).

    The Declaration recalls:
    …the duty of States not to intervene in the internal or external affairs of any State, in accordance with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

    Article 2 of the Declaration states that all States are urged to abide strictly, in their international relations, by their commitment to the Charter of the United Nations, and to this end:

    (a) To refrain from the use or threat of use of force, intervention, interference, aggression, foreign occupation and colonial domination or measures of political and economic coercion which violate the sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence and security of other States as well as the permanent sovereignty of peoples over their natural resources

    Article 4 of the Declaration:
    Invites all States, in particular the major military Powers and States members of military alliances, to refrain, especially in critical situations and in crisis areas, from actions, including military activities and manoeuvres conceived within the context of big-Power confrontation and used as a means of pressure on, threat to and destabilization of other States and regions.

    The UN Declaration on Principles of International Law Concerning Friendly Relations and Cooperation Among States (Resolution 2625 (XXV) is another relevant instrument defining the obligations of States to each other.

    The relevant provisions are as follows:
    Convinced that the strict observance by States of the obligation not to intervene in the affairs of any other State is an essential condition to ensure that nations live together in peace with one another, since the practice of any form of intervention not only violates the spirit and letter of the Charter, but also leads to creation of situations which threaten international peace and security.

    Recalling the duty of States to refrain in their international relations from military, political, economic or any other form of coercion aimed against the political independence or territorial integrity of any State.

    Every State has the duty to refrain from organizing or encouraging the organization of irregular forces or armed bands, including mercenaries, for incursion into the territory of another State.

    No State or group of States has the right to intervene directly or indirectly, for any reason whatever, in the internal or external affairs of any other State. Consequently, armed intervention and all other forms of interference or attempted threats against the personality of the State or against its political, economic and cultural elements, are in violation of international law.

    No State may use or encourage the use of economic, political or any other type of measures to coerce another State in order to obtain from it the subordination of the exercise of its sovereign rights and to secure from it advantages of any kind. Also, no State shall organize, assist, foment, finance, incite or tolerate subversive, terrorist or armed activities directed towards the violent overthrow of the regime of another State, or interfere in civil strife of another State.

    All States enjoy sovereign equality. They have equal rights and duties and are equal members of the international community, notwithstanding differences of an economic, social, political or other nature.

    The UN Declaration on the Non-Use of Force 1988 is also pertinent in light of a decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Case Concerning Military and Paramilitary Activities in and Against Nicaragua (Judgment delivered June 27 1986). In this case the respondent was the United States. The Court ruled in favour of Nicaragua. While this complaint to the ICJ contained issues of a very serious nature, the developing jurisprudence of the ICJ is relevant to establishing the parameters and rationale of foreign intervention in a wide range of situations.

    In Fiji, given the chronology of events in October-December 2006 which is provided in the first part of this Special Investigations Report, there needs to be an independent assessment of whether the Australian government complied with its international obligations towards Fiji pursuant to the United Nations Charter.

    Furthermore, there needs to be an assessment of whether any of the provisions of the Biketawa Declaration would have been available at all to Australia as Opposition Spokesman Kevin Rudd claimed on November 2. Whether they were available prior to a meeting of the Pacific Foreign Ministers scheduled for early December is also a pertinent question. The Biketawa Declaration may have been mis-applied by Australia to intervene unilaterally in a sovereign Pacific State.

    In any event, the substantive provisions of the Biketawa Declaration should be read consistently with its Preamble that Forum Leaders would respect the principle of non-interference in the domestic affairs of another member State. This perspective accords with the UN Charter.

    Whether western powers’ intervention and involvement in Fiji’s affairs in 2006 complied with international law is a relevant question. It is also pertinent to ask whether Australia’s new Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith’s recent comment, that Fiji’s ‘bad behaviour’ will not be ‘rewarded’, should be taken seriously. This type of comment from Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister will certainly raise eyebrows given this Special Investigations Report.

    The question that now needs to be considered is this: what was Australian Task Force 636 doing in Fiji territory in November-December 2006? The explanation post-Black Hawk-crash that the warships were preparing to evacuate Australian nationals is inconsistent with statements made pre-crash and eye-witness accounts. The statements of the Defence Force Command, as well as Alexander Downer, Brendon Nelson and others were ambiguous and downright contradictory.

    Furthermore no satisfactory explanation was provided for the presence of Australian SAS forces in Fiji from November 3. There is no record of when and how they left Fiji.

    The Kanimbla reached Townsville on December 17 as notified by Defence Alert Bulletin No CPA 372/06 which the banned media from making contact with any personnel disembarking.

    Any inquiry into Australian presence within Fiji’s territory in November-December 2006 should be considered in terms of the following facts:

    1. SAS forces arrive in Fiji. Australia initially denies their presence. It admits that they are SAS forces only after receiving a warning from Commander RFMF that the troops will be treated as mercenaries.

    2. Australian Defence Force says it sent warships etc only to evacuate Australian nationals in the event of a coup. But two of the ships depart Fiji waters on November 30, five days before the takeover, presumably leaving Australian nationals in Fiji to fend for themselves on December 5.

    3. Australians claim the warships were not in Fiji waters. However they were located within Fiji waters by civilian aircraft.

    This FHRC Special Investigation Report raises some very serious concerns about the presence of the Australian SAS forces, warships and Black Hawks in Fiji in 2006. Clearly there needs to be some meaningful discussion in forthcoming Pacific Island Forum meetings about the obligations of sovereign States to each other and the rights and duties of members of this sub-regional body under international law pursuant to the UN Charter and relevant Declarations noted in this Report.

    March 31 2008
    Copyright Fiji Human Rights Commission 2008

  57. sakaraia Says:

    ia kitchim, kitchim!


    Australia ‘broke laws before Fiji coup’
    April 1, 2008 – 11:24AM
    The Age

    Australia may have breached international law in the run-up to the 2006 military coup in Fiji, a new report from the South Pacific nation claims.

    The report issued by the Fiji Human Rights Commission (FHRC) paints a picture of Australian troops ready to invade the South Pacific country, as tension heightened prior to the coup on December 5.

    Australian leaders at the time claimed there was no intention to invade Fiji and have previously denied many of the allegations outlined in the report.

    Entitled “Australian intervention in Fiji in October-November 2006 – an issue of international law” the report says the actions prior to the coup may contradict the United Nations Charter and other UN declarations.

    “Whether western powers’ intervention and involvement in Fiji’s affairs in 2006 complied with international law is a relevant question,” the report says.

    The UN Charter says member states will settle international disputes peacefully and will refrain from the threat or use of force.

    Another UN declaration quoted in the document says no state can intervene in the internal or external affairs of another state.

    According to the report Australia’s Defence Force Chief, Angus Houston, contacted Fiji’s military leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama on October 31 and warned him Australian soldiers may be pitted against Fiji troops.

    Later that day about 800 Australian personnel from the HMAS Kanimbla and HMAS Success together with a Special Air Services (SAS) contingent were deployed to Fiji waters, the report says.

    The Newcastle, an Australian guided missile frigate, was also deployed to Fiji and on November 3 eight Australian SAS troops “secretly, and in breach of border protocol” arrived at Nadi Airport.

    The men carried boxes weighing more than 400 kilograms that Australia said contained communications equipment, but Fiji’s military claimed actually held weapons and ammunition, the report says.

    The report says a Fiji reconnaissance plane spotted two Australian warships in Fiji waters on November 30, and saw motorised landing crafts on the bow of the HMAS Kanimbla.

    According to the report, the explanations from the Australian Defence Force, Australia’s then Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and then Defence Minister Brendan Nelson, were “ambiguous and downright contradictory”.

    The FHRC, which produced the report, is supposed to act as an independent body to investigate human rights in Fiji but since the coup has been a strong supporter of the military regime.

    A FHRC report last year claimed the military coup was not a coup at all because the “essence of state power” was not removed.

    Last year Mr Downer denied Australia had been asked to invade Fiji in the lead-up to the coup.

    “This reminds me of when I did history at school and back in the 17th century when leaders of European powers were internally under threat and their political base was collapsing, they used to dream up claims, fantastic claims of foreign invasions in order to distract them,” he said.

    The FHRC report comes as the Fiji High Court considers a case which will determine whether the ousting of the democratically elected government of Laisenia Qarase was legal.

    During the court case Qarase has been repeatedly questioned about whether he sought help from Australian troops prior to the coup.

    © 2008 AAP

  58. Budhau Says:

    That scholarship thing – that really hit a soft spot.
    I sure that all of you got your scholarships on merit basis. And there are extremely hard working Fijians taking night classes.

    I also see the the need for affirmative action, to get a backward community upto the same level as the rest of the citizens.

    But we have to draw the line somewhere. Since we are all such hard working people – I am sure none of you will have any objections if the race based affirmative action in education is replaced with a need based policy.

    So commoners like Island Boy, if they can show a need, would get a scholarship. The same as another poor person of a race other than a Fijian would be entitled to same support to further his or her education.

    If I had a college degree, which I don’t, I wouldn’t want anyone telling me that I got it just because of may race. So why should we allow this.

    Also note that people of other races, besides the colonialists, did not discriminate against the Fijian. If Fijians are behind other races, it has more to do with the Fijian administration that have kept them down – while the Fijian chiefs and the Fijian elite ripped them off.

    So somewhere down line, this cargo cult mentality has to stop – no more free money – We should make money the old fashion way – you earn it.

  59. aubatinuku-N Says:

    And YOU BUDHAU need to DROP your “SLAVE MENTALITY” where you are so convinced without a shadow of doubt that that the whole world owes your sorry self just because the BRITISH did what they did.

    Why don’t you do your GIRMITYA ancestors proud and retrace their footsteps back to your motherland INDIA where I am sure they will welcome you with wide open arms complete with the technology, the freehold land, the non racial discrimination and the caste system!

    Read the topic and all the posts carefully while you’re at it why don’t you? You are entitled to your own opinions of course.

    The word of the day for you is “DISENFRANCHISED”
    Sleep on that.


  60. Budhau Says:

    Hey aubatinuku – maybe I am a Ahmadiya and not a Girmitya – the motherland is Pakistan, not India – the mentality is Jihadist, terrorist mentality, mot slave mentality and all that combined with the Menopause problem.

    You see the idiot that you look now, and you said something about you going to college.

    The topic in here is “Know who your Ahmadiays are?” Maybe I am one of them, but than again, I could the Rajen dude right – what if I ain’t Indian.

  61. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ Budhau.

    Dude, I don’t need to be a brain surgeon to figure that one out!

    You have confused identity or what?

    You are the one who mentioned “cargo cult mentality”


    It is obvious that Fiji is not your motherland! And you call me racicst? I really don’t care because one cannot say or do anything nowadays without sounding or appearing racist!

    Welcome to life as we know it where at the end of the day I know Fiji is my motherland.



  62. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ Buhau.

    Yes maam, I am have to be an idiot to be having a conversation with a fellow idiot like you.

    Back at yah!


  63. Budhau Says:

    Aubatinuku – so how did you figure that – Indian form Australia.

    Why, mentioning the Cargo Cult – does that make me form Australia.

    Your anti-Muslim remarks, anti-Indian remarks, anti women remarks makes you one very prejudiced person – that is YOUR problem, Your parents msut have taught you well – because no one born with these prejudices.

    By claiming that “Fiji is my Motherland”, that does not excuse you being a racist.

    BTW – do you folks refer to your country as MotherLand. I thought that was a Hindu thing – Mother = to some goddess theory.

  64. aubatinuku-N Says:


    I suggest you pray to whatever godess you worship, pray boy! Like you’ve never prayed before.

    You and the likes of you are going to need idol intervention!

    My middle name is prejudice 😉

  65. benhur Says:

    I say, exterminate these bastards?

  66. zorro Says:

    Bidet GET OVER IT


    but there are still many in our villages whom the rest of us ASSIST – we contribute to traditional functions that serve as REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH – that is our social safety net.

    Of course there are some that fall through the net. We are a people coming to terms with the modern world, globalisation, market economy etc.

    All the insults you hurl are IRRELEVANT to us.

    While few are lucky enough to get scholarships, many ARE NOT. So they work hard, apply the elbow grease, like many other people the world over, including Indians in Fiji, and do part time study or get loans or PSC 1/3 scholarship or AUSAID or NZAID or British Council or Canadian, or Malaysian, or Taiwanese, or Chinese etc scholarships.

    Yes there were some who failed on scholarship – WE’D ALL LIKE TO SEE THAT LIST GOING BACK TO 1984 WHEN MARA STARTED THE FAB SCHOLARSHIP, esp, which provinces got the lions share, right from Mara, thru Rabuka’s time.

    At the same time, we’d like to see PSC publish all recipients of PSC/AUSAID/AIDAB/MALAYSIAN/CANADIAN/BRITISH etc scholarships and where in FIJI are they now? how many of them are sitting overseas and thinking that nothing progressed because they weren’t here the last 5, 10, 20 years?

    Yes we’d welcome them back, BUT don’t try to come like SAMY and impose some UTOPIAN ideal without UNDERSTANDING the ACTUAL CHALLENGES in the govt, infrastructure, law that the CHARTER is trying to REPLACE WHOLESALE. You can’t build something from nothing.

    You can’t annihilate systems thinking that while its still working you can replace it in ONE GO – you have to examine each strand, see how many bunches can be replaced together, which bunches must be coordinated with others, rather than unplugging everything AT ONCE.

    Its people, knowledge, culture, systems, relationships, linkages, values, standards, mechanims, that make up this nation – you can’t rewire everything, unplug, replug and turn the switch on and presto like its an entertainment system. Its more complex than that. Much much more complex than that.

    Thats the problem with soldiers when who don’t know how to GOVERN aided by well-meaning but still grudge-holding advisors (Chodo, Parmesh, Samy, Dakuvula) with hangers on (Ganilau, Nawalowalo, Borron’s grandkids etc) take over the Govt. Nothing gets done and they worsen the situation in fact.

    Yes many recognise the problems. But is the solution to take all Fijians from villages and put them in Suva and force them to find a job? If not, what new order will be given to them in the villages? what about the qoliqoli dispute with the next village? Is the law going to be that all Fijians must forget their land and their qoliqoli? their culture? Hey it’d be wonderful if you could emancipate them all by law so I don’t have to contribute to their funeral or marriage or other traditional obligations. But it aint gonna happen for another 50 years at least. Yes, lets make all appointments on merit and let the fittest (most qualified) survive. By all means, lets have an inquiry and question how effective Adika and Ratuka is at their job and did they get it on merit (beginning with Nailatikau, Ganilau and Borron’s grandchildren including Finau) – how PRODUCTIVE are they in their appointments? lets have it!

    Yes, lets make all affirmative action needs based – then only those who need it, can get it. Thats not the issue. The issue is that the small grants scheme in Voceke’s office is giving assistance ONLY to villages! Thats what you get when the illegal govt is NOT ACCOUNTABLE. Thats why we want leaders we ELECTED. Qarase included FLP in his cabinet – who knows the development and prosperity that lay in store for Fiji but for that nutter who took over Fiji on 5 December 2006.

  67. Budhau Says:

    Zorro wrote, “but there are still many in our villages whom the rest of us ASSIST – we contribute to traditional functions that serve as REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH – that is our social safety net.”

    Hey Zorro – that “redistribution of wealth” theory – they taught that to you in Cultural Anthropology 101.

    You see guy – when that land lease money – that percentages that do not go to the landowners – that money is supposed to benefit all – guess what – that ain’t happening – now that money goes to support the expensive lifestyles of the chiefs. Those SUV’s – they don’t come cheap, do they?

    I totally support affirmative action – that we SHOULD assist the needy – and I think that the poor Fijians need the most help. Why don’t we make such assitance, be it scholarships, loans etc – they should be need based and not race based. The biggest abusers of the assistance money is the Chiefs, their relatives and the Fijian elite.

    Some else brought us the matter of Indian who study on scholarships migrate. That is true. However, the terms of the scholarship requires a bond that has to be paid back. But the bigger problem is why are these folks leaving the country – that is what we have to address – some are leaving because of the pull factor of the other countries – however, there are many that have been pushed out of the Fiji – and those are the ones that we should try to hold on to.

    This may have been a lesson for all – when we are done with this IG – hopefully some of the good things that some are talking about will be incorporated in the next major Fijian political party’s manifesto.

  68. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Hey, you wanna name these chiefs you talk about?
    Not all Fijian Chiefs and “elite” whatever you’re saying live the way you are saying!

    Heaven forbid!! Budhau the fusspot generalizing again!!
    You need to stick with facts and real time issues man!
    You are just taking up space!

  69. John Veikoso Says:

    aubatinuku thats a reference to chiefs from Rewa who are holding this country back and people that was a victory when the Aussies went hightailing back to home with their tails up their rear after the brave RFMF scared the, qori lamusona levu.

  70. A-Man Says:

    I suggest you guys go to to find out what Ahmadis are all about. There is some interesting stuff there.

  71. freefijian Says:

  72. FijiDaddy Says:

    I don’t understand all the hatred towards Fiji born indians…my dad was born in Fiji in 1930. My grandfather worked hard for his family so that He and his family could be happy and have a good life. Eventually he bought a piece of land (7 Acres)they could call there own. They plowed fields and had some animals. My dad had a form 3 education but was a supervisor at FijiBuilders – he became a carpenter. So, you tell me…does that make him less Fijian? After the first coup, my fathers family was told they had to leave that land because it did not belong to them – what the eff!?!!?!?!? There are a lot of unfair things that happen in the world – get over it and do something about it. How about working hard and building a foundation. None of the indians came there with money – they worked hard and smart to get where they are. But like any race or nationality there are good people and there are bad people. Not all indians are bad. George Speight is a half caste – not a true Fijian by your comments towards Indians but the Fijian masses jumped on his band wagon and with gang mentality started to rape, murder, steal, and assault your indo fijian brothers and sisters.

    Mahendra Choudhry is a piece of shit!!! what kind of person does not acknowledge his own brother? and believe me I know first hand they are brothers. Ravindra is a drug addicted bully who is a dead beat dad and owes 10’s of thousands to his ex-wife. Mahendra doesn’t even call the ex wife to see how his niece is doing but would rather go to India and try to rebuild something that is long gone. How about fixing your family problems – how can a guy running the finance ministry be capable when he can’t even take care of his own family. God willing one day he will get what is coming to him. India my ass – take care of your own family beeyatch.

  73. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @FijiDaddy – Mate, for whatever it’s worth, I am very sorry that grassroots Indians in fiji suffered what they did. I also have very good Indo Fijian friends and family and it is people like Mahendra Choudhry who worsen certain situations for people.

    So Ravindra really is Mahendra’s blood brother huh? And the guy denies it, even his son also denies it………..very sad!

  74. FijiDaddy Says:

    Thanks aubatinuku for your comments. My family loves Fiji and would do anything for Fiji. The only way for Fiji to become economically sound would be to have each nationality work together and build Fiji into a successful nation. All this racial bickering doesn’t solve anything and has negative affects globally. Anyways, change will only come when the people are ready and willing.

    Yes sir, Mahendra and Ravindra are blood brothers and from what I hear, ravindra used to be a very successfull mechanic in California. He also used to send his big brother thousands of dollars on a regular basis – just because. and now that Ravindra is down on his luck – big brother can’t even lend a helping hand. Did you know that right after the coup Mahendra travelled the world raising money for a new campaign but no one knows where the money actually went. From what I understand he raised $40,000 from the indo-fijians in Modesto California but he also went to Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles and God knows how many other cities and countries he travelled to inorder to raise money. At the end of the day, that crook walked away with a substantial amount of money, probably in the $100’s of thousands – if not more.

    It would come as no surprise to me if he did steal money from the government or evaded taxes.

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