Race Card

Dear Sir (Editor Daily Post)
Akuila Yabaki attempts to defend the CCF submission to CERD by calling those who opposed it as racists. The labelling of Fijians who defend Fijian institutions, traditions and culture as racists is often the last line of defence of those working to systematically weaken the Fijian people and their institutions. Such people include Yabaki, Bainimarama, Aiyaz Khaiyum and Chaudry and his Labour cronies.
Yabaki accuses Fijians such as me of inflaming racial tensions. Didn’t members of the IG such as Bainimarama and Chaudry inflame racial tensions with their anti Fijian statements and actions on the GCC and land de reservation? He is silent on these two. Isn’t this hypocrisy of the highest order? Or has he been truly and well ensnared within the deceit of the Interim Government and the NCBBF?
I did not agree with Yabaki on a lot of issues but did respect him and the CCF for their consistency on the rule of law and democracy. However, that respect has evaporated with his support of a government and Peoples Charter imposed by the power of the gun.
Yabaki continues to berate Fijians, their leaders and institutions in the media and through the NCBBF structure of which he and Jone Dakuvula are key members. They forget that for changes in Fijian society (or any where) , the consultative process never fails.
 Yabaki therefore needs to make his presentations to CERD to the NLTB Board, Fijian chiefs, Tikina Councils and Provincial Councils. He should also pass copies of his submissions to political parties so they include it (if they agree with it) in their manifestoes for the 2009 Elections. Better still, he should stand in the elections and not hide behind guns. The ultimate arbiter should therefore be the voter and no one else.
I enlighten our readers with Martin Jacques Research Fellow in London School of Economics (The Guardian 17 March 08) article on Tibet riots – ” Events in Tibet have served to expose the achilles heel of modern China: its inability to recognise and respect ethnic difference within its own borders”.
Unfortunately, Yabaki continues to advocate revolutionary change under the power of the gun and acting as if ethnic differences are non existent, which is why he and the Interim Government and its cronies have already lost the battle for the hearts and minds of the Fijian people even before the war began.
Filipe Tuisawau


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  1. newsfiji Says:

    Great letter! A big Vinaka Vakalevu to Ro Filipe Tuisawau for standing up for us fijians! You are a true leader and your people will be proud of you!

  2. Tebara Says:

    Ditto @ Newsfiji.

    We cant say much on the actions of the very much drunk and disordely Yabaki.

  3. missfire Says:

    If someone called me a racist, I would be proud, Yes I am a RACIST because I was given a race to belong to as an identity. God gave me the Fijian race to belong to and uphold its values, culture, & traditions.

    I am proud to belong to the fijian race. So is Chaudry. He is proud to belong to the Indian race.
    The problem begins when you form the Race Olympics.

    Race is special to its birth country, other races must not take over the fijians in their own country, that is morally wrong. If the fijians invite the indians, then thats ok..but other races must leave Fiji to rule their own .

    Im a racist, No doubt about that…YES IM FIJIAN, IM INTERESTED IN THE AFFAIRS OF THE FIJIAN, FIRST. There is nothing wrong with being a racist, it was God given.

    When you start disrespecting the rights, morals and values of one race group, that is when you become a negative racist.. Racism turns into an ugly ball game.

    INDIANS, respect the Fijians, take the back seat…do as you are told in this land which is your HOST land.

    FIJIANS, we are a race in our own God given land. be strong, dont allow it to be taken over by other races. BE PROUD OF OUR FIJIAN RACE.

  4. Osevula Says:

    Well said missfire, spot on! They call us racist yet the people of India will not let a naturalised Italian woman married to and mother of the Gandhi dynasty be Prime Minister. If they can do it in India, then I say that we are justified in demanding that all our Prime Ministers should be true blue Fijians only!

  5. FijiMan Says:

    The Racist label has always been used historically in a negative manner, and is as Ro Filipe says as a last resort. Usually people who dont belong and are trying to get they dont have use the racist card. Agreed, race is a living issue and should be seen in a positive light. It is your identity.

    Imagine if there was no race, everybody the same, like what FB & Chodo are trying to do?

    Where is your identity, your culture, your traditions going to go?
    The place wud be boring, no exitement, everybody one race….

    So later on everybody is called Fijian, say, …all indian, rotuman, chinese, kiribati, kailoma, european living in fiji are FIJIANS…all looking different, but all called fijians.

    You know God would have done that if he wanted all to be one race.
    I think Voreqe “thinks” he is GOD to make the race change.
    He “thinks”- not very smart.

  6. FijiMan Says:

    Thats right osevula, if they treasure their race, so they should, we the fijians also do.. YES well said, spot on

  7. FijiMan Says:

    Yabaki has alot of issues to deal with, depends on the state of his mind at the time

  8. Tui Says:

    @ FijiMan, Most of the time that state of mind is “where’s my whisky”!

  9. Kai Viti Says:

    Laurai nona ulukau o Akuila Yabaki in the Close up last nite..cakacaka tu vakaveitalia, gasa yawa in trying to fight for others other than his own people first …and without any check his tail was up until he was put into perspective by Ema Tagicakibau of Pacific Resources..nowhere sara ga na tamata ulukau

  10. Ravuravu Says:

    GOD created me as a Fijian, I own Land and eat Casava.

    GOD created an Indian. who does not Land in Fiji(Only in Mother India) and he eats Roti.

    Who is this Drunkard YABAKI to Change GOD’s Creation..

    Any way good on you Ro Filipe, The Burebasaga people are proud of you
    You will unite your Burebasaga Conf. during leadership. May the GOD our creator Bless you

  11. FijiMan Says:

    Hats off to Ema Tagicakibau. good show. Yabaki really does not really know what he is saying or gearing towards.

  12. Jean d’Ark Says:

    Speaking of Yabaki’s racist and patronizing opinions on all things Fijian, one key issue in all that is the Qarase court case verdict due out on notice this week. To wit, that verdict will be a crucial guide to all landowners as to the post-coup reliability of Fiji’s high court system.

    If Gates and Co. come up with some typically contrived and contorted Shyster-type legalese to legitimize the coup, then landowners will know definitively that they can no longer trust the integrity and independence of Fiji courts. And landowners will know for sure then that all the Regime’s nice words and noble sentiments, and any court review of their actions and decisions, is just a charade cover for the Regime to achieve its own warped and idiosyncratic political agenda.

    For those who doubt the Regime’s real aims, these were accidentally confirmed again by Akuila Yabaki on Sunday evening’s Close Up as he was under the pressure of having his ass handed to him by Ema Tagicakibau in the GCC restructure debate. Right at the end, as Yabaki was scrambling to justify his unlawful and condescending interventionism, he brought up the issue of “modernization” in order to achieve better land utilization, as his reason to justify the proposed GCC changes.

    So there you have it – motive, opportunity, method and “murder” weapon!

    And so if Gates & Co. try to legitimize the coup on top of that, then you can add “funeral service” and “burial”!

    So as I’ve advised landowners previously on this issue, the only sensible and prudent course of action for them in those suspicious circumstances, is to suspend approval for any new agricultural leases on their land until a legitimate, democratically-elected Government is back in power. Otherwise they simply have NO RECOURSE to anything if their lease deal goes sour, as these almost inevitably have done ever since ALTO/ALTA was first introduced.

  13. Morgan Chandra a.k.a MC Says:

    I’m also an Indian Racist. If I was in my mother country, INDIA I would have done the same. I would never want any race to govern our country therefore to all of us who came here from India or whereever we count this as our adopted country and leave the running of the country to the Fijian race.


  14. Budhau Says:

    I happen to be a racist too – it just that I belong to the human race.

    So this struggle – is this about democracy and liberty and all that crap – or is this about the Fijians, who seem to feel that they have lost power, and are trying to get back into power.

    If this is about the Fijians holding on to power, like many seem to suggest, then it must have been perfectly fine for Rabuka to overthrow that Indian backed Bavadra government and for Speight to coup the Indian snake.

    This never was about democracy – was it?

    Its all lies – the other side says this is about good governance, cleaning up corruption, racial equality. You buggers are on this Democracy mission when what you seem to want is Fijian dominance in politics.
    Speight said his coup was about indigenous right – that was a load of bull too. And those loser politicians sent in Rabuka to do in Bavadra in the name of indigenous struggle.

    So what would happen if the Snake, in coalition with some Fijian political parties wins an election sometime in future – a free and fair election. If this was about democracy, would you guys let him be the Prime Minister. Hell no! – many of you would be looking to the next guy in the military that can pull a coup on the snake.

    So why don’t we cut out the democracy crap – and lets go with the Fijian dominance theme.

  15. Budeu Says:

    Look in the mirror. your are an ape.

  16. Budhau Says:

    Budeu – you dumbass – a Ape looking in the mirror does not know its him in the mirror. Go to school, you idiot.

  17. Budeu Says:

    Budhau: Then don’t use the mirror ..ask your neighbour ..he/she should know.

  18. FijiGirl Says:

    Well said, Mr Tuisawau. And thank you MC for your honesty and refreshing insight.

    Yabaki really is showing his true colours with this regime. Thankfully the donor agencies will cut off funding to his organisation as a result of his comments.

    JDA, I like your thinking about the renewal of leases. It’s a great form of peaceful protest, and I doubt the Junta will have an answer to it.

    Budhau continues to merrily plumb the depths of idiocy. Just ignore him, people.

  19. knox Says:

    Budhau, boci. Meet me at Traps Thursday nite and we shall see if you are men enough to face me. Levu tiko nomu vakamacala sonasona eke. Come prepared hommy!

  20. Budhau Says:

    Jean wrote, “So as I’ve advised landowners previously on this issue, the only sensible and prudent course of action for them in those suspicious circumstances, is to suspend approval for any new agricultural leases on their land until a legitimate, democratically-elected Government is back in power.”

    Hey Jean remember 2000, thats when the Landowners suspended approval of all leases until the democratically elected government was removed.

    Now you want them to suspend the approval of all leases until a legitimate, democratically-elected government is back in power.

    What if MC would have won the last election – I am sure you or folks like you would doing the same – suspend approval of leases until the snake was removed.

    Do you see – why legitimate, democratically-elected Government has very little to do with anything.

    Come on Jean – your Professor Davies, the non-renewal of the lease and the anti-Indian stand over all will not work because the landowner has see what the best alternative to non-renewal of leases is – and he has realized that a good on-going relationship with the other side is the best option.

    Don’t make land into a political football.

  21. natewaprince Says:

    Bleedinghole,the answer to your question is easy. You kulina’s can live here untill the pig’s cows come home,become multi-millionairs and live the life of kings.

    But when it comes to the destiny of the Taukei,let them decide for themselves because whoever is in power makes these decisions.In the short time the snake,the arse and the peroxide bitch have tasted power,they have decimated the Fijian institutions we hold so dear.

    Imagine if they were allowed to do this legitimately if they were elected into power for 5 long years.This is what we cannot accept.And if the snake should find himself elected PM again with the help of a Fijian party (God forbid) ,then there can only be one outcome,COUP AND COUP AGAIN.

    You may call it racism,I might call it nationalism,but basically,it’s what you’de call SELF PRESERVATION.

  22. Tarotale Says:

    Thank you, Ro Filipe and Jean D’Ark. We need Fijian leaders like you to present the case for us. And we need opposition like Budhau to keep on showing us why we need Fijian leaders like you.

  23. lauan boy Says:

    vinaka vakalevu Ro Filipe….levu ga na vakafancy o ira na sotia boidada ra vakavuna na leqalevu sa tiko kina qo Viti nikua.

    ra tukuna tiko nira sotia ni viti….sa voleka mai na bankrupt?? the richer r getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

    bleary arseholes….open ur eyes and see the shit u hav got everyone into….dou vei vutusona.

  24. lauan boy Says:

    badhu….u small pce of shit…its clear from ur arguments u lack the understanding of the repurcussions of current mess Fiji is in.

    listen very carefully….the soldiers will pay for the misery they hav caused this country for ‘betraying their oath’. the fijians will bounce back united and pationate as never seen in the next elections.

    I want to tell Bainimarama and his men [yes .. the military] … don’t u start what u cannot finish – Bainimaram’s exact words to the Methodist Church ministers…now I am telling it back to his face…dou veicai na sotia.

    na numa tiko…na tamata, e vaka veiwekani. o Rabaka, Verebasaga, etc….dou na qai raica ka sotava nomu matavuvale kei nodra kawa na kudru ni lewe ni vanua – vakabibi na taukei kei na turaga bale kei na marama bale kei viti.

    na lasu sa matai lelevu mai kei na butako vakasigalevu. me na yaco i vei.

  25. Peace Pipe Says:

    Naiulukau is in NZ now facing a barrage of questions about the restoration of democracy and human rights in Fiji. Seeing NaiUlukau on TV and hearing his dumb and shallow comments makes me realise that he lacks intelligence very badly. He does not cut out a figure of being astute and of high esteem. Thats why he has taken his crew of backers to the conference which comprises Ligairi, Tikoduadua and parmesh the free rider going to visit family at the same time.

    However back to the topic I think the only people to use the word racist are the snake, arse, pig, yabaki, shamimi as they interpret everything the Fijians do for self improvement or self preservation as being racist. I have never heard this word uttered by Qarase or other Fijian representatives. This is a trump card being used too often by these same people above to have the desired impact of their cause.

  26. Tarotale Says:

    Nailatikau the rock star in NZ just as Voreqe was the rock star in Tonga.
    Va Ya!

  27. Jean d’Ark Says:


    You are obviously too used to thinking in terms of pointless, union-muscle-flexing harvest boycotts to understand what is actually going on here.

    If you had read my “lease renewal” comment properly, you would not have made your irrelevant comments because you would have understood the perfectly simple and reasonable basis for declining new leases.

    And that is, as Russell Hunter has already pointed out – there is no rule of law in Fiji nowadays! The rules are simply whatever a certain clique of hopeless amateurs and control-freaks think they are on any given day. The final bulwark against that sort of arbitrariness is a free and independent judiciary. But if the courts demonstrate a total lack of objectivity and independence by sanctioning the 2006 coup, then we can say without fear of sensible contradiction, that the courts and the rule of law in Fiji are verifiably biased and dysfunctional!

    That means that anyone signing any sort of legal document in Fiji, like a lease agreement for example, can no longer guarantee that the terms of the lease will actually mean what they say in plain English. They will just mean whatever the IG interprets them to mean on any given day. And as we can see from the Regime’s ever-evolving rationale for the 2006 coup, they are obviously just making a lot of things up as they go along. So that introduces a whole new dimension of variability to this equation. So if they need to do some “back door” legal changes to achieve their agenda, like they are currently doing with the GCC, then no-one can rely on the courts to force them to stick to Constitutional methods.

    That means landowners might be signing up to 30, or even 50, years worth of that kind of open-ended rubbish with any new lease. It is simply common sense then against that dackdrop, for landowners (and investors) to wait for the stability and predictability that can only ensue from the rule of law and democracy, before opening serious negotiations on lease renewals.

    Moreover, we can see from the Regime’s track history that it does not respond to common sense, or popular opinion, or expert advice, or good manners, or proper protocol, or honest disclosure, or lawful counsel. It only understands leverage. And so if that’s what it takes to get them to listen, and start doing things the right way, then so be it!

    Let me remind you that this does not represent some senseless act of gratuitous sabotage! It is simply the expression of peoples’ inalienable right to make informed decisions over their own property, the democratic right to associate with others of like mind or situation, and the legal right not to sign up to anything until they are happy and confident with the deal offered!

  28. Tebara Says:

    Hear Hear …Mr Butt-Hole … Kailaaaaaa!!

  29. Budhau Says:

    Hey Jean – the Butt-hole again, what was it that got your panties in knot.

    Let me get your reasoning right – Since there is no rule of law in Fiji, thus, any contract that anyone signs in Fiji would be void. Therefore, no one should sign any contracts at all. How about them folks paying taxes, I think they should not pay taxes to any illegitimate government. Those lawyers, who are objecting to the way some judges were appointed, they should boycott the courts. Those civil servants, there is not guarantee that they will get paid – so they should not go to work anymore.

    So how come you single out the landowners – was it just that you have this thing against them Indians.
    Your last sentence, “and the legal right not to sign up to anything until they are happy and confident with the deal offered!”

    Don’t give me that crap – that landowner had always had the last word on any lease – nothing goes without his consent.

    The problem is that people like you and some idiots NLTB who have made land into a political football.

    When we have a democratically elected government, that you do not approve of – you want the landowners to withhold consent for the lease. When we have a military dictatorship, you want the landowners to withhold consent until there is a democratically elected government – what will you do if Chaudary and company win the next election.

    You see Jean, calling me a Butt-hole, does not do anything for your argument – and the fancy language does not help either. However, the name calling tell a lot about you – wasn’t it you who had said that lets keep it civil – I think that only applies until some kick your rear end – then its OK for to call people names – how about if I called you some other kinda hole – how would you like that.

  30. Bean Says:

    Budhau: butt hole ha ha ha ha ha ……!!!!

  31. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Great entertainment!
    Hearty laughter……………………………..

  32. FijiMan Says:

    Did Wella just run out of Blonde hair colour.
    Must ask them goonies in NZ to bring some back for the Peroxide Bitch .

    I wonder if shaistas mimi is bottle blonde too.

    I mean if she is indian, why does she wanna look like that – all bleached.

    Thats typical of what she stands for. She is not herself cos she has clouded and doused and intoxicated her head pores and brain cells with blonde chemicals and peroxide, apart from the dope & grass she inhales everyday to kick start her. She is a false woman. She is fake. She wants to be someone else, she is crazy.

    Did you hear, that before the Qarase trial started I ARSE had all the judges and QC on the defence side at his house for a dinner party. O yes the mimi sisters were there too.

    They all had a good old chat and schemed about the trial and how it was to flow. Inside infomation..These guys dont know we have ears in the middle of them. They cant hide anything. wailei coconut wireless cant beat that.

  33. senikau Says:

    She is a natural blonde

  34. Jose Says:

    Fiji Man
    Hair colour is the fashion of today a lot of women use and they do look beautiful. Its no issue.

  35. naivi Says:

    Hey budhau… keep wailing… the chooks have come home to roost and LANDOWNERS ARE NOT RENEWING LEASES!!!! Inflation is up, the cost of bread today has AGAIN increased – THAT is the REALITY!

    So where’s the gud GOVERNANCE promised heh?

    Nothing you say here will convince the people of Fiji of the EFFICACY of the IG.

    So get lost with your stupidity, wanna be intellectual whinging and stick it where the sun don’t shine!

  36. FijiGirl Says:

    Sing with me, people …

    Budhau is an idiot, an idiot, an idiot
    Budhau is an idiot
    Ha ha ha

    Budhau is a mor-on, a mor-on, a mor-on
    Budhau is a MORON
    Ha ha ha

  37. jeke Says:

    MC and FB have no idea where they are or what they are doing – they are clutching at straws – they don’t even understand the cultural dynamic involved.

    FB can’t even keep a one party army intact – he has to keep massaging his officers balls every day – now its gone into overdrive – very soon he will be bending down for them to sodomise him. he has a beast on his hands that he has to keep feeding – more pay, more favours, more this and more that – and its not getting any easier as he runs out of money – now he has Nawalowalo to go around and “explain” to the chiefs about the new GCC thing – why not just send around a platoon of the RFMF to do the “explaining” to the chiefs with M16’s ? even MC got a dressing down by the Millitary council for trying to bring in that Dereservation report – they told him in no uncertain terms where to shove his Dereservation report.

    the difference between whats happening here and in Singapore is that LKY structured that whole sucessful set up through first understanding the cultural dynamic he was dealing with – thats the key.

    LKY didn’t execute a coup d’etat to achieve all that – he actually won elections and just consolidatd his position of power by improving the lot of his people and by the rule of law – not through the gun or massaging the balls of some dimwitted Army officer playing God.

    when LKY started out he didn’t even earn a salary for FIVE YEARS – and then when he started earning wages it wasn’t even the equivalent of what a teacher got in Singapore at the time – for fifteen years he was the lowest paid Prime Minister in the world – the first five years he wasn’t even paid – for 15 years he was getting far less than what a taxi driver/teacher in Malaysia was getting for the equivalent period – here in Fiji FB has his salary being increased by teh week with every new job he takes on – MC is hiding money in Australia – and Teleni the Comm of Pol who said he was there to serve, as his first order of business demanded a pay rise !

    so now we are supposed to believe that just because Tweedle Dum (MC) and Tweedle Dummer (FB) read a book about Singapore they reckon they now have a How to Do manual for successful government.

    they can’t even organise toilet paper for government buildings and they want to talk about succesful government – this is a joke.

    whatever action the regime takes, its not changing anything – even if Gates & Co rule that the takeover was legal, it doesn’t change anything on the international scene – the Judiciary is already seen as compromised – Gates himself owes his appointment as Acting CJ to the coup d’etat that occurred in 2006 – and so is Byrnes who also owes his appointment as Judge to the events of 2006.

    its only going into more confusion for the regime.

    so these consultations that are going on don’t mean anything – at the end of the day, between the funerals and the sickness and the failures, this whole thing will be brought to a conclusion – and then those who are left standing will simply be removed from the Judiciary and everywhere else and where appropriate charged.

    this is a long journey of cleansing. the enemies of the vanua are being brought out of their burrows and removed, one by one.

    its a cat stalking its prey and playing with its prey and maiming its prey and then killing and consuming its prey.

    its good xtali.


    Last Edited By: real jack 03/20/08 16:39:14. Edited 3 times.

    Rt Mara started playing with the thing in 1987 – by 2000 he was gone. angry, frustrated and abandoned. finished. no more. out of power. when you watched him on TV he was a shadow of his former self – his interview with Broadbridge was the bottom of the barrel – everyone had abandoned him. everyone.

    the night the Presidential guard abandoned Rt Mara in 2000 – the platoon at Government house abandoned their positions and left him – even Roko Ului couldn’t make it down to Government house with the back up platoon he was organising at QEB.

    in the end, as we all saw on the Broadbridge interview, the vanua still took its pound of flesh from him.

    thats the shape and size of it xtali – when the vanua comes to get ya, its you and the vanua. up close and personal and no bodyguards can change that thing or stop it when it goes down.

    Qarase started his run in 1988 with FHL – he hit his peak in 2000 – less then 6 years down the track he is finished.

    MC started his run in 2000 (conning the people into giving him money) – less then 6 years down the track he too is finished.

    Rabuka started his run in 1987, by 1999 he was finished. no more. his Taukei Movement guys have all disappeared. finished.

    FB started his run in 1998 and he is finishing it off now together with the crew who ran that thing with him – and his whole crew are all going out with him – this thing is now drawing to its conclusion – the Judges, everybody are going out – the funerals have started and thats the final death nell for this whole sinking ship – when the funerals start in the vanua thats the signal that the end is at hand – and it has started.

    they have put down March 2009 as the marker for the elections – but thats nothing – this thing is not going to end with the elections – the vanua clean up will carry on beyond the elections. it will go on and on and on until the people involved in this thing are totally and completely wiped out and removed from the positions of influence and power in this country – thats where this thing is going – and even the RFMF officers who have left the institution know it.

    just relax and leave it be xtali.

    Last Edited By: real jack 03/21/08 04:27:53. Edited 5 times.

    you think that i am “selling” you this thing. i am not. thats why you can buy FB and his Millitary Council – because they are for sale.

    but you can’t buy the vanua because the vanua is not for sale – thats the difference.

    vakadraunikau and sova yaqona and meke vula is for sale. to the highest bidder. thats why people go and pay sorcerers. thats why FB can be paid off to do the coup d’etat through a PM’s salary and Teleni can be paid off with a higher Com Pol’s salary and they are happy. thats why John Sami is happy with his 250k salary and Nawalowalo is happy with all the 100 dollar bills. its a sorcerers wage.

    and thats why its failing miserably and they are achieving nothing in every sphere from the economy to the toilet paper at govt buildings.

    so whether you buy it or not is immaterial – the funerals continue.

    relax xtali.


    if FB and MC drop dead tommorow or next week or next year – just leave it be.

    i posted to gdev a few months ago that this thing will eventually find its “point of equilibrium”. we can only sit and watch them disintegrate and fall apart and crash and then pick up the pieces after they have left the scene – thats why there’s no point arguing against whats coming.

    its meant to be.

    everything these guys do will end up in failure, sickness, discord and funerals – MC will make a pronouncement on what he will do and the opposite will happen – just like his promise to turn around the economy in twelve months, his promise to fix the roads in Vanua Levu (they did fix the roads and now the roads are messed up again – less than a month after they fixed them), the Charter which is meant to creatre harmony is now the source of disunity, the Archbishop who so self righteously proclaimed that the Charter would go ahead regardless of those who didn’t want to join is now begging for “forgiveness” and “unity” and “oneness” and begging the rest of Fiji to join the Charter, FB’s pronouncement that the GCC would be changed regardless of what the chiefs thought has now ended up with a ball massager being sent out in the form of Nawalowalo to massage the cheifs balls into accepting the changes – and the chiefs to a man are saying NO. MC said the sugar industry would perform well last year with the Indian support – and it performed so poorly we ended up buying sugar from India – India made more money from us buying their sugar then anything Mc got outr of them. they talked about the dereservation of native land and the Millitary Council gave MC a dressing down and told FB to shut up and stop talking to the media – FB is now in full ball massaging mode on the officers of the RFMf – he can’t get enough balls in his hands to massage – very soon he will be bending over to be sodomised by the RFMF officer corp – and the RFMF itself is in full funerals mode – burying their guys left right and centre, the soldiers and their wives are going wekk in and week out.

    now they are having water cuts and electricity cuts on an unprecedented scale – even in the past it wasn’t this bad – Fiji’s water and electricity situation is now the equivalent of Nigeria’s or elsewhere, where they have electricity and water problems so bad whole parts of urban areas are without water and electricity – and its now happening here in Suva, the supposed largest capital city of the South Pacific Islands minus Australia and New Zealand – these guys are dreaming and fantasising about higher things like Information Technology and all that jazz but they can’t even get the water and electricity issues right – even the toilet paper supplies to government facilities and locations are now an issue – they can’t supply it !

    they talk about building a “better Fiji” but the results are a “worse Fiji” – unemployment has now reached unprecedented levels – inflation has reached unprecedented levels – the state of the Rule of Law and the Judiciary is the worst than at any time in previous history.

    leave it be xtali. you are worried because all your fantasies are coming to nothing but failure and deaths- you thought FB and MC were an unchallengable team – the RFMf was an unchallengable team – but all they have done is achieve failure after failure after failure after failure.

    they think they can emulate the actions of teh native constabulary in the Colonial days – but the native constabulary was set up with the blessings of the vanua – thats the difference – and they didn’t have members of that constabulary kicking the bucket like the RFMf memebrs are doing today – week in and week out kicking the bucket – and that constabulary was the agency in a colonial administration that WAS SUCCESFUL, not a failure like this regime.

    what starts out wrong will always end up wrong. this 2006 thing started through witchcraft and manipulation and bribes – and its ending up where its meant to end up – in failure and funerals.

    its the same with what happened in 1987 and 2000. same crowd, same gang, same RFMF. same Judiciary.

    so don’t worry about whats happening.

    let it be.

    its meant to be.


    Last Edited By: real jack 03/22/08 16:26:21. Edited 2 times.

    well if you call them romantic and laughable, then good on you. i’ll leave you to believe what you want to believe.

    i am not waiting for the vanua to fix things up – its already fixing things up. i am just relaxing and watching it go down – and enjoying it.

    because its meant to be and its playing out the way its supposed to play out.

    like i said to you, it will mess these guys up completely – take every thing away from them and then spit them out – and thats exactly whats happening now. Rt Loki can join FB – but it doesn’t make any difference to whats going down – FB has the Archbishop in his camp – he has teh New Methodists in his camp, he has pastors of the AOG in his camp – he has chiefs in his camp – but its still going nowhere but to failure – all these regime policies are up $#*! creek – instead of getting native land opened up, MC now watches as the rentals on native leases GOES UP – its the opposite.

    yesterday you were talking about the “lack of action” – and why they can’t do anything – its not them xtali, its beyond them – they can talk all they want – but the opposite happens. thats the way it is – FB talks about changing the GCC and now he can’t do it – its all very nice on paper – and then what ? when is the first meeting of the new GCC ? where is his new GCC ?

    i’ll leave you to believe what you want to believe – as for me, its enjoyable watching these fools mess it up – and last week i watched Khaiyum cry at the funeral of that NCBBF guy – so much for all that talk – the funniest bit was the repair to the roads in Vanua Levu – it was touted that teh roads had been repaired – then the TV shows us that what the PWD did was dump tonnes of soil on the road – so when it rained again the mud went all gooey and the tyres sank five feet into the mud on any vehicle that went on that road – its a joke man. a real joke – and you just have to laugh and relax because its meant to be.

    believe what you will…all i can say is the wheels are falling off – and its a laughable state of affairs.

    Last Edited By: real jack 03/22/08 18:01:20. Edited 3 times.

  38. aubatinuku-N Says:

    So now that we know through Senikau that whats her face is a natural blonde, we better understand all the blonde stuff shes been up to.
    Peroxide or natural? Trying to decide as to which would be the lesser evil but then again we would be generalizing 😉

  39. John Veikoso Says:

    Jeke you belong to the archives with your historical crap. As for knox, grow up my boy, Natewa Princess cant say much if you’re a confused man/woman. Kua mada ni wedevi iratou tiko na sotia, as for Hollywood Filipe Tuisawau, wanna be chief, cant say much about you naita. You dont show traits of chiefly blood by contributing to these sites, sega ni dau va qori na turaga!!! thats if you’re got it which I doubt very much. Be postive people and join the journey the IG is taking us on otherwise vodo mada ena Vonu ni Baravi, one way ticket to the moon….

  40. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ Jone Veikoso.

    E sa baci sikasika mai na nomu weli o iko na cigani qo!
    O Ro Filipe gona ke qai e nona koro e sigai ni kila na vanua e qai mai kina na kena baleta ni turaga ni Valelevu vi kimamu na kai Rewa.
    Sigai ni macala o iko!! Na wann be chief e dau kanaki ga vei ira na kalawaca na vanua, sigai ni muria na nodra i yatu, sigai na nodra i kanakana, sigai na nodra i kacikaci ni cagi!

    Ro Filipe is exercising his freedom of choice just like you and I, he cares for his people and speaking for his people is one of the many ways that he shows his loyalty and dedication to his birthright.

    Sigai ni macala mada o kai vei o iko?
    Wasting taxpayer $$$ is all you idiots are doing!

  41. knox Says:

    JONE I VOCO!!!!.. Grow up ni waci!!!!.. Maumau na vosa ca vei iko!!!!!!.

  42. Jose Says:

    Jone Veikoso
    Na cala o vakadonuya tiko qori o volitaka tiko kina na bula ni yavutu nei tukamu kei bumu.Vakabauta se sega qori na ka o cakava tiko.O iko keira kece na kaiviti dou veivakadonui vata tiko. nai tovo ni veivanua tani me tu ga mai tautuba. O Viti na vanua ni bula va kaiviti. Ke ca vei iko rika ga ena nomu qarani valenivo. One way ticket to the moon is too good for the likes of you.

  43. Budhau Says:

    I like FijiGirl’s song:

    Sing with me, people …

    Budhau is an idiot, an idiot, an idiot
    Budhau is an idiot
    Ha ha ha

    Budhau is a mor-on, a mor-on, a mor-on
    Budhau is a MORON
    Ha ha ha

    So Fijigirl, how much did they pay you for this song?

    BTW – in one of your earlier posts you were trying to impress folks with Psychology stuff – about “projecting” or some other crap like that on Chaudary.

    Didn’t they teach you in Psych 101 – that the classification moron, idiot, imbecile, etc – you can only be one – can’t be both a moron and an idiot.

    So if I were to put you on some IQ curve – where would I put you – an idiot or a moron.

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