I never dreamt of the day

when we would belong to the same club as these countries:

  1. Russia (a defector dictatorship of Putin with supression of the media, rigged elections and nationalisation of Commercial Enterprises to control the Nation’s wealths;
  2. Syria (Ruled as a dictatorship by the Baath Party and a well known sponsor of terrorism);
  3. North Korea (need a say more)
  4. Vietnam (Like China, ruled by a Communist Dictatorship with an iron grip)
  5. Benin (This landlock African country has a long history of Military Coup like Fiji but currently ruled by an elected government)
  6. Belarus (A Russian satelite reminiscent of the Soviet Era and feeds of the crumbds of Russia and China)

What club am I referring to??? The ones that have sent letters of support to China for the brutal suppression of the uprising Chinese occupied Tibet.

NB: Mugabe has not given his support yet until some Chinese Yuan gets credited on his Swiss bank account 😉


33 Responses to “I never dreamt of the day”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Evil succeeds when good men do nothing .

  2. Budhau Says:

    Remember the draconian Internal Security decree of 1988 by Rabuka regime.

    How many of you spoke against that, maybe there is a lesson in that.

    First they came for the Jews
    and I did not speak out
    because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for the Communists
    and I did not speak out
    because I was not a Communist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists
    and I did not speak out
    because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left
    to speak out for me.
    Pastor Martin Niemöller

  3. Tebara Says:

    Budhau … maybe you are a product of an Indo- Fijian society and are not well versed in our traditional ways and morals.

    You are part of a breed that is synonymous with a saying .. “A good Indian is a dead Indian”. (Im only quoting a saying … LOL ..!)

    Our parents before us in were in their prime during the 87 coup and came from a culture that sets us Taukei apart which is one of reverence, respect and following of traditional protocol. They busy themselves with the burdens and engagements of the land and its fellow people, showing utmost respect to their paramount chiefs and tribal chief eventhough some of the Chiefs were misusing and misappropriating the wealth of the land. That was the way of life, its all about respecting your Chief and chiefly system.

    Fastforward 2 decades later – what you see are the Taukeis of today no longer subjected to self serving Chiefs. We still will lay down our lives for our land and people even for the Chiefs who have the best interest and wishes of their subjects at heart. We no longer let ourselves to be led blinded by usurpers of today. We will voice our opinion and fight our cause instead of being dormant.

    We are the voice of today and the future leaders of Fiji tomorrow. For us to make a difference tomorrow, it is high time that we continuosly voice and fight for the betterment of our Fiji today. For we are not our parents generation.

  4. Budhau Says:

    Don’t give me that, Tebara – The Fijian culture is not about putting up with crooks as you put it “…eventhough some of the Chiefs were misusing and misappropriating the wealth of the land.”

    The Vanua has its own justice, they do not have to go to court for that justice. Its time to do justice – for people who have been ripping off the vanua.

    So, as you claim that you are not your parents’ generation, start asking questions.

    You need to know the truth. So better start asking where their Yasana money and their Tikina money went. Better ask how the government has spent the money that was earmarked for you for the past 30 years. Why the community village projects never got of the ground, those roads in the rural areas they don’t reach the villages, those poor medical facilities, those infant dying due to poor medical care, poor education for rural Fijians. Question the FHL, where is the money from FHL for their yasana’s shares. What has GCC and NLTB done for them. GCC is more interested in the money from NLTB and politics or course.
    Why were there coups in 1987 and 2000.

    Get the answers first then become the voice of today and the future leaders of tomorrow.

  5. Budeu Says:

    Full of crap: Trying to divert attention & focus from the eveil of the present & illegal regime. Certainly a Chaudhary “sapota”, I mean supporter.

  6. Budhau Says:

    Budeu – what goes around comes around.

  7. Tim Says:

    Budhau obviously wants to live an ideologically driven and static life where context, an ability to learn, evolve and change play no part.
    I’m not quite sure why I never had the resolve I have now in recognising Rabuka’s little escapade back in 87 was totally munted. No wait, perhaps I was preoccupied on other matters like changing shitty nappies, disinterest, lack of knowledge or a heap of other reasons. None of them make my current position any less valid.
    Come to think of it, at least morally, and if we assume that we should learn from history and the mistakes made by others, it makes this current little escapade by Frank even worse.

  8. KaiFiji Says:

    Budhau, Laurai ga vei iko na Boo-taki..bahahahaha..lol

  9. KaiFiji Says:

    Bhudau iko mo chumataka ga na tebe ni gusu vavaku bona nei Vore..bahahahaha..

  10. FijiGirl Says:

    People, please just ignore Budhau / Rajendra. That idiot (I wish I could find another word to describe him, but it is just so APT) is just trying to distract us whenever we get too close to the truth.

    The good thing is that other bodies in the international community are seeing this and the Junta is showing its true colours for all to see.

    The letter will also be an attempt to warn the people of Fiji not to rise up. Why don’t they want us to rise up? BECAUSE THAT IS THEIR GREATEST FEAR.

    Think about it, people.

    (Except you, Budhau – we all know how weak you are on the ‘thinking’ front! Wouldn’t want you to strain a muscle.)

  11. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ Budhau:

    Think about what you said for a second bro!!

    “What goes around comes around”

    Oh! It is comming around alright enough 😉
    Just you be ready to swallow all the bile in your mouth and grin and bear it!!
    It’s comming around so fast and precise it’ll hit you square between the eyes and you are gonna wish you didn’t have so much diarrhea of the mouth like your nutjob friend taukei.

    Blog on fellow free people!!
    The battle is already won!

    Democracy! Democracy!! Democracy!!!

  12. IslandBoy Says:

    @People Power – May we add Quality Prints (Walu Bay) headed by Dewan Chand Maharaj, head of the Sabha who is falsely claiming 90% Sabha support for the IG.

    Also ask ou rKadavu relatives to oust Josateki Nawlowalo and ask our Provincial Reps not to entertain his team when they make ther rounds.

  13. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    As for the Chinese ambassador saying that China is not buying Fijian support for its one china policy, all I can say is;-

    “Methinks the lady doth protest too much.”

  14. church mouse Says:

    Sobosobo. Stay with the topic of Tibet. It is importnat. The compromise and attempt to appease the Chinese is wrong. Trashing the name of the Dalai Llama is wrong. But I guess promises of loans (which have to be paid back) etc. etc. etc. as said in ‘The King and I’ is the problem. What a shame.

  15. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Well said Church Mouse!

    I wonder what happens next year when an democratically elected government is back in power and they give the Chinese the ‘Flick’.

    A legal government would have no responsibility to pay back a ””’LOAN”” which was not legally obtained.

    Maybe ambassador thingo from china would like to pass this on to his’ superiors’ in bejing.

  16. IslandBoy Says:

    I know we aren’t supposed to bring religion up on SV, but China also continues to persecute and even kill Christians.

  17. Ignore Budhau Says:

    Ignore Budhau – you’re all falling for the postings “purpose”. Rise above it and ignore it. Don’t comment at all, skip right past it, read and reply selectively. It’s a disruptive strategy that is fulfilling its mission. Need we say more about the supression of Tibet (a sovereignty in it’s own right). Look closer to home – aren’t we fighting for the same thing, our God given rights! It takes likeminded regimes to reconize each other. The mentality of the commander is indeed saddening, once again the reflection of his true character or lack thereof. Great comments above except for kari sasa baku budhau. Boycott the known pro supressors businnesses. Natewa Prince how about one for Budhau and MC – I need a laugh to cheer me up.

  18. Budhau Says:

    Tim wrote, “Come to think of it, at least morally, and if we assume that we should learn from history and the mistakes made by others, it makes this current little escapade by Frank even worse.”

    He is making the point that we learn from our mistake – I assume that he is of the opinion the the coups of 1987 and 2000 were mistake. I beg to differ.

    The two prior coups were about removing “Indian” or “Indian backed ” democratically elected governments – and it was no mistake – the majority of the folks -mostly you folks and those of you who were not born then, people that think like you, supported those coups.

    If Chaudary and company had won the last election, and if the miitary was not so opposed to the SDL, it is very likely that there would have been a coup to remove the “Indian” government – and many of you would have been there, marching in support of the indigenous rights.

    So cut out the crap about democracy. Nothing has changed, it is just that the guys who happened to pull the coup are not on our side – so may be we should make sure that the next coup is done by the “right” people.

    ..and Tim, we are not talking about you personally, it is about us as a people – and we did not learn anything from the past coup. The only lesson for us in this coup is that make sure that the military is on our side, the next time around.

    Go ahead ignore me – but you can not ignore the truth – and until you admit the truth – this culture of coup will be around for a very long time – and generations form now they will be making the same excuse that our friend Tim keeps coming up with it.

  19. natewaprince Says:

    Chodo and son at the breakfast table.

    Chodo: Teri nani chodo sala,what’s wrong with you yarr ?

    Son: Arreh papa,what you talking about?

    Chodo: What the f**k you blogging on SV for.Now they assume it’s you and they start talking about me too.I’m bloody hiding low for awhile and you go and do this.

    Son: But Papa,how do you know it’s me ? It might be brother Khaiyum.

    Chodo: You f**k Khaiyum OK ? That Taliban is just as stupid as Frank.I know it’s you because everything I teach you ,I read on the blogs the next day.

    Son: I’m so sorry Papa.

    Chodo: And how dare you use the name Budhau.That’s the name of the mechanic that used to bang your grandmother when your grandfather used to drive the bus in Ba befor even I was born.

    Son: That means Budhau could be your father ,eh Papa ?

    Chodo: Yes you asshole. And I can see why you’re such an ugly looking faggot.You look just like him.

  20. aubatinuku-N Says:

    So hilarious!! @ natewaprince.

    You have talent and inside information?

    hahahahah 🙂

    Good points!

  21. Tarotale Says:

    It is shameful that Fiji should be counted in this club. All of us who love democracy and especially freedom deplore the current state of affairs in Tibet and in our own beloved Fiji.

  22. Budhau Says:

    Natewaprince – That was funny and really creative, both the knowledge about Indians and Chodo – impressive.

    If someone in here has mistaken me for Rajend – that is a compliment – to pass for an insider and a lawyer – be it mediocre one at that.

    While I appreciate Natewaprince’s talent, sorry to disappoint you guys about me being someone that you guys love to hate.

  23. woilei Says:

    SV so true – never dreamt that we would see the day that we would be clapping China on. I have never felt so ill in my life when I heard what the imbecilic iIG has done … and for Parmass Chand to dismiss the matter like it was such trivia is not on ……. shame on us in Fiji.

  24. Gideon Says:

    I can see the link in the case of China – the money. What’s so special that Voreqe has to carry Chaudary inspite of the yet to be expained $million+ he had mysteriously ammassed while in public office? What is Voreqe’s motivation, I wonder?

  25. Jose Says:

    I think I know you from previous blogs with a different name. I’m interested, so tell me, what do you stand for? You don’t seem to be either here or there.

  26. Lau Lass Says:


  27. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Ultimately the Chinese want in Fiji what they have going on in Tibet, total control of land and governance.

    We are supposed to be supporting Chinese oppression? How stupid!!

    Prince Charles is one of the few who are boycotting the 2008 Olympics and with water shortages in China being one of the few problems apart from the Tibet issue, our imbecile of a self appointed leader has really put Fiji on the map.

  28. Peace Pipe Says:

    Surely A club of evil axis. When I saw Tv footage of the Chinese army on the march on Lhasa against the rioters just gave me flashbacks of our own puf army in action in Suva carrying out their dirty job of intimidating and removing the elected govt. So there is a common thread in this between the ig and the Chinese govt. It would be just fine if they kept a low profile on their support whether it be genuine or influenced to maintain our distance from such brutality as that carried out by the Chinese army. So our cue to this is to keep our oppositon civil and let us use words and boycotts and not violence for the time being as the army can be inhuman as displayed by the Chinese soldiers. But we don’t know what our puf soldiers will do when confronted with a heated situation such as in Lhasa.

  29. Adi Kaila Says:

    the ig is supporting Chinas brutality against Tibet because they want the ‘promised’ aid funds sara kania vaka oti nai lavo ni matanitu.

    kisikisi tiko ena mu lila nei Jinbiao –

    Biau tiko man!

  30. FijiGirl Says:

    China is lovin’ up Vore because they want : any precious metals that Emperor may have left behind ; our mahogany ; access to our fishing ; marine rights (which are considerable) ; contracts for buildings.

    Look at what they have done and are doing in Africa – Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, even French-speaking nations. They are taking jobs, mineral resources, building contracts. Fiji is a much, much smaller scale than any African nation. They could chew us up and spit us out.

    And these doces have gone and gotten into bed with them. Dumb f***ers.

  31. LUVfiji Says:


    E laki veibulu o la luveni vuaka qo e daidai. Na cava beka lai nona tu e kea? mmmmm’tinana!

  32. joka Says:

    This illegal government have just covered themselves in shame. No low is low enough for these idiots. Supporting their chinese heroes, bought for a few pieces of silver, they keep building their coffins.

  33. kakala Says:

    talk to the hand foreqe!

    ignore human rights in tibet because the chinese master is giving you $500million, in the same breath want to talk about the rule of law???

    There is nothing sinister or inappropriate about the message which Fiji has sent to Beijing pertaining to demonstrations and violence perpetrated by protestors in Lhasa, Tibet. In clarifying Fiji’s stand, Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has called on the commentators and media not to distort the facts and mislead the people.

    “ The Interim Government’s stand on the Tibet issue is very clear and consistent. Our stand is a principled one within the parameters of law with the need to maintain peace and harmony.”

    “We have supported People’s Republic of China’s stand on resolving the issue peacefully within the law.”

    Commodore Bainimarama said “ People’s Republic of China has been a long standing friend of Fiji and we value China’s contribution in Fiji’s economy”

    “ Fiji has always maintained the stand that Tibet is an internal matter for the People’s Republic of China to deal with. This is similar to China’s stand on Fiji situation

    “ The fact that the protestors are trying to associate their grievances if any, to a major international event such as the Beijing Olympics, further warrants appropriate action being taken by the Government of the People’s Republic of China to maintain peace and stability.

    PM Bainimarama said the Fiji will always support efforts to ensure that there is peace and harmony not only in China but throughout the world.

    and heres more confusion at that great tower of babel – the national council, yes members, close your eyes, clutch tight your $100 sitting allowance and bow down to foreqe, coz he’s leading you on the right road, yes you know, that road that he’s not licenced to drive on!





    The second meeting of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji (NCBBF) was held at the Nasova Police Academy on Thursday, 27th March 2008.

    The National Council welcomed the participation in the NCBBF of several new members appointed by His Excellency the President. These included representatives from Soqosoqo Vakamarama; Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, and Stri Sewa Sabah of Fiji. The Council now has 36 members.

    In his opening remarks to the National Council, His Grace Archbishop Petero Mataca re-iterated that political events over the last 20 years had left a trail of hurt, disappointments and un-reconciled people. The NCBBF agreed that in now developing the People’s Charter, it is very important that all the peoples of Fiji should treat respect and listening to one another as the cornerstones for rebuilding human relationships.

    The National Council members recognized that developments since the first NCBBF meeting held on 16th January, 2008 clearly show that the Council faces challenges in its efforts to progress the very important national initiative of developing a People’s Charter for Change, Peace and Progress (PCCPP). Nevertheless, the NCBBF affirmed that there is no doubt, notwithstanding such challenges, that all communities across Fiji are seeking a better, more united and more prosperous Fiji.

    The National Council recognized that national unity and national interest must now be paramount in any effort to embed sustainable democracy rather than the pursuit of narrow self serving political agendas. The National Council agreed that determination and perseverance in helping chart the way forward for Fiji was essential. It urged the many supporters of the People’s Charter not to be deterred by the negative rhetoric of the few. Over time, it is very important that all the people of Fiji become committed to the way forward in addressing Fiji’s deep-rooted problems.

    In addressing the National Council, Interim Prime Minister, Commodore Josaia V. Bainimarama, applauded the progress made so far in the formulation of the PCCPP. However, he noted that the progress could have been even better if there had been less resistance to change from some within and outside Fiji. The Interim Prime Minister reiterated his commitment to the People’s Charter process.

    The National Council stressed that the work on the Peoples Charter was an absolutely vital part of the preparation for the general election in March 2009. It is important that national agreement on the way forward for Fiji, through a People’s Charter, is in place well before the next election.

    The National Council’s meeting was divided into two major sessions. The morning session covered an update on the preparation of the draft Peoples Charter which includes the status of the preparation of the SNE Report; the meetings of the National Task Teams and their respective Working Groups; the media and outreach strategy; and the formation of an Independent Monitoring Group (IMG).

    The afternoon session covered discussion of a number of critical issues relating to further work required and the timetable necessary for the completion of PCCPP work. The issues discussed included the Role of the Interim Government vis-à-vis NCBBF, the desirability, and practicality of a National Referendum and Related Issues; Dialogue and Reconciliation Initiatives; and the role of Civil Society.

    National Council Members noted the initiatives to continue with dialogue with those who had not yet taken up their NCBBF membership; and expressed the hope that those who have not yet responded will come onboard. It also noted, with regret, two resignations from the Council and one from a Working Group.

    With the establishment of its nine Working Groups, the Council noted that there were now approximately 200 representatives of the people of Fiji actively involved in discussions on vital issues affecting the people of Fiji. The Working Groups would soon start meeting to discuss 38 Issues and Discussion Papers that were being prepared for consideration.

    The National Council noted with appreciation the progress made so far by TASS in the preparation of the SNE Report, as outlined in the reports made by the submissions provided by Chairpersons of the three National Task Teams.

    A number of National Council members raised questions about the poor quality and negative nature of some of the media reporting on the People’s Charter. The NCBBF expressed concern that important information on the many vital issues facing Fiji, as outlined in the Consultation Document on the State of the Nation and the Economy, was not even being discussed in the media. The absence of relevant information about the People’s Charter was making it more difficult for the public to understand what the relevant issues were.

    To improve the promotion of the People’s Charter, the National Council endorsed a Communication, Public Relations and Media Strategy. In order to assist the media in their important work, the NCBBF also called on TASS to organize further information sessions for media representatives to help to improve their awareness of Charter issues. The Council also welcomed the public release of the video song, “A New Day for Fiji”, to help to promote the People’s Charter process and the case for change in Fiji.

    The National Council felt that even more critical to the success of the People’s Charter process were the grass roots consultations that are now getting underway among communities across Fiji. These consultations covered “bread and butter” issues like improving government services through building better roads and enhancing education and health delivery; finding opportunities to create new jobs; alleviating the extent of poverty in squatter settlements and rural communities; and resolving issues that caused racial tension. The NCBBF noted that in the consultations so far undertaken, particularly with young people, there was considerable enthusiasm for change once the rationale for a People’s Charter was explained.

    The proposed appointment of a three member Independent Monitoring Group (IMG) by His Excellency the President to independently monitor and oversight the PCCPP process, was acknowledged and welcomed by the Council.

    In the course of a wide ranging discussion on the critical national issues facing Fiji, members of the NCBBF:

    – Expressed their disappointment that particular recommendations the Reeves Commission had made on the Constitution, had not been accepted in 1997- these would have moved the country away from the race-based politics that has divided the people of the country against themselves. NCBBF members suggested that the electoral rules need to be changed to ensure sustainable parliamentary democracy.
    – Affirmed that it was time to move away from elitist and self-centered politics and to focus through good governance on promoting national unity and pursuing policies that are in the national interest of the people of Fiji.
    – Emphasized the importance of having stronger governance institutions to enforce accountability and to punish corrupt practices.
    – Strongly endorsed the need to end the coup culture and to entrench long term political stability.
    – Noted the necessity for fostering enlightened community leaders who are prepared to be accountable to their communities and work unselfishly for the betterment of their people.
    – Stressed the significance of setting meaningful and achievable targets for reducing poverty; for revitalizing the economy so as to create new markets; and for creating new jobs.
    – Pointed out the requirement to confront the underlying social and economic issues in Fiji that create law and order problems.

    In considering critical issues relating to the successful completion of the PPCCP, the Council agreed to the following:

    (i) The National Council believed that, while there were linkages, the clear demarcation between the day to day running of the Interim Government and the work of the NCBBF must continue. It is urgent that the NCBBF continue its independence and autonomy and express whatever views they believed were in the best interests of the people of Fiji;
    (ii) The National Council noted the essential role to be played by civil society in promoting the People’s Charter and, for that purpose, supported the creation of support groups at the local grass roots level;
    (iii) The necessity to fully involve the people of Fiji so as to ensure the general acceptance for the People’s Charter is well established through the Charter process and that any future governments treat themselves as bound by the Charter;
    (iv) Dialogue and reconciliation initiatives must be rigorously continued so that the whole process in the formulation of the PCCPP is inclusive and that there is a strong sense of ownership and commitment from all stakeholders; and
    (v) The Council agreed that since a majority of the members are from civil society organization they should continue to take a leading and pro-active role in the process and the formulation of the PCCPP.

    The National Council endorsed the revised timetable for the completion of PCCPP work so as to provide more time for consultations and for the deliberation of the Working Groups.

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