State auditors turned away by PM’s office
24 MAR 2008

A group of Fiji government auditors were recently turned away from the Prime Minister’s office, it has been revealed.

The auditors are understood to have been assigned to conduct normal audit of the Special Projects Unit in the PM’s office, a unit that looks after all overseas government grants to Fiji, including Chinese and Taiwanese government grants.

Secretary to the PM’s office Parmesh Chand confirmed this to Fijilive but brushed it aside saying it was a non-issue.

“They were there for a normal audit, it’s nothing extra-ordinary. If there’s any concern, it’s a communication problem,” Chand said.

“We have met with the Finance ministry and Auditor General, and appropriate staff has been informed to engage with the team,” he said.

Director Special Projects Unit Seremaia Tuiteci reportedly questioned the source of the directive to examine the files at the unit.

He said the unit was not informed about this visit by the auditors.

Tuiteci and interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama were on a visit to Yasawa when the audit was carried out.





  1. FijiGirl Says:

    The fish stinks from the head. Looks like the raison-d’etre for the 2006 coup has just be disproved again.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for which Fijian hymn we can sing, in churches, at rugby matches and on buses, to show our peaceful protest against this regime? Please blog in with your favourite.

    God bless Fiji.

  2. Adi Kaila Says:

    I have always loved ‘Tamai Keimami’.

    When this prayer is sung with a mass choir or just many many voices it’s AWESOME!

    It’s tears personified.

  3. Adi Kaila Says:

    Hopefully the prayer ‘Tamai Keimami’ when sung will bring a tear to the eyes of the pernicious voreqe and make him see the error of his ways & live up to his mantra of Transparency & Good Governance & then we can have Real Auditors audit.

    BTW, the appointments of diplomats to serve as ambassadors for Fiji is going ahead – I’m quite surprised.

    Apparently there was a bit of a hiccup with Finau Mara, because he is meant to be installed as Tui Lau (huh?) curioser and curiouser.

    Heck I wish they’d all stay down that rabbit hole. This ig is truly taking the form of the story Through the Looking Glass, people eating funny cakes & drinking odd drinks that make them shrink or grow and behaving most peculiarly.

  4. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    Tuiteci could see a repeat when he was “encouraged” to leave the PM’s Office (forcefully) during the SDL Govt when some funds were missed!

    Hello! there is something called “a surprise audit” done by auditors to check cash and the likes if these have been handled the right way.

    There is nothing wrong at all if auditors have already called in on the “Bossman” which in this case is Pramesh Chand the PS. The other “smaller bosses” do not need to be forwarned about the audit checks!

  5. IslandBoy Says:

    @Maqa a Leqa – Its always puzzled me why anyone would avoid an audit.
    OK so sometimes you posted something in the wrong ledger/account, or you double entered some thing, but at the end of the day, its all there.
    An audit pass means you can actually show off a little to your stakeholders, its like waving a clean bill of health. Go figure!

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Something ‘fishy’ here!

    If you read the reports from all of the news sites, there are variations on what happened.

    As a summary of what happened, it is believed that ‘somebody’ sussed that things weren’t OK in bananasinpyjamas ‘kingdom’ and alerted the auditors. They stepped up to the crease and were bowled over by some military fellow who couldn’t believe that anyone would check on him.

    As it is a newly, illegally created section that was audited, they can’t blame the real PM.

    Ha! Ha!

  7. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    As the money coming into this newly created section of the illegal pm’s office is from India and China, it makes you wonder if this money is being expended on the military and not the real purpose of the grant.

    BTW, wasn’t it wonderful of bananasinpyjamas to write a letter to the dictators in China to say how impressed that he was by the way they killed and beat up people in Tibet.

    I imagine that he hopes that they will give him tips so that he can improve his performance in human rights abuse.

  8. newsfiji Says:

    the reason that Tuiteci has become so defensive is because the grant that is in the coffers have been spent to buy fiji’s dictator’s 2 x homes….and they were bought cash…one in Nailuva road for the elder daughter and the other for the son at howell road..

    both the homes have been bought in CASH…

    we all know the dictator has NO MONEY…so where did the $$ come from to make 2 x cash purchases for homes…

    qori nomuni news tu mada yani..

  9. anon Says:

    Hey, check out a new website,

  10. Jean d’Ark Says:


    What are the words to “Tamai Keimami”?

    Wasn’t it Tuiteci who got “busted” by the PSC for some questionable practices or unaccounted funds in 2005/6? And didn’t he then join straight up with the military only to get re-appointed to the civil service after the coup?

    I think I read something like that on one of the freedom Blogs last year.

  11. natewaprince Says:

    Yeay JD, this is the same mongrel. The reason for being defensive is because these funds are obviously being misused.

    Now a check should be done on all these pigs bank accounts to see who has taken a page out of Chodo’s financial shenanigans.

    Thank God the $2 mans term as Kadavu Provincial Council cchairmanship comes to an end in April.Hopefully the next chairman will steer the privince away from this illegal charter.

  12. benhur Says:

    Can you believe it? RealJack is going real wacko! Listen to the poor demented soul he’s lost it! He’s gone from vakadraunikau to mekevula and then some! He should be shot before Bai-i think?

  13. Tui Says:

    Seremaia does not have an impressive record as far as accountability is concerned. Seem the pig sees otherwise. Well like we predicted earlier, it will not be too long before Seremaia will be at it again. Does not surprise us if the AG is a bit nervous with the Special Projects Unit. BTW people, Suva is burning as we blog. Fire started from the 5th floor of Vanua House which use to house the CID. I think it houses the IT unit of Colonial Bank. Wow thats bad. Does the pig and the RFMF use the Colonial Bank? This fire very suspicious to me.

  14. lauan boy Says:

    levuni boci…Tuiteci. vaka saraga nei tamamu na matanitu mo mai lewa tu o cei me lako yani…..bleary shit. this prick wants to talk about ‘decency, courtesy, etc’. do these idiots ever think about the principles or virtues they now preach and expect us to follow when they [military and their arseholes] forcefully removed the govt choosen by the ppl??

    Tuiteci, drau fire mada kei nomu boso o Cowardo Voreqe Bainimarama.

    dou veicai na sotia….qo gona na ‘clean up’ boidada dou mai cakava. na butako vakasigalevu sa matailelevu mai.

    dou vutusona.

  15. Peace Pipe Says:

    The snake doing a check on the pig eh? Thats ruffling some feathers dont you think? So the money have started pouring in from China. This raises a lot of questions like what special projects are there and how much money was allocated and how was it used, was it used for the specific projects or other hidden expenditures not covered by the agreement. If there is nothing to hide then there should be no qualms about being checked is there? only hope the pig takes offence and hit it up with the snake.

    EFT, youre right in your comments on the pig’s support for China’s brutal suppresion of the Tibetans. It would have been better if he was tacit about his opinion instead of openly supporting China’s inhumane action since it is not the general opinion of the people of Fiji to support military suppression. The chequebook diplomacy is paying dividends now. Birds of feather flock together.

  16. Tim Says:

    A little transparency on the junta’s tactics for those interested:

    “A Fijian women’s rights campaigner who was beaten by the military after the 2006 coup has won an International Women of Courage Award.

    Virisila Buadromo, executive director of Oxfam New Zealand programme partners the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement, was given the award yesterday in Washington by United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice”.

    A full audio interview with her will be on after midday NZT

  17. Budhau Says:

    It wasn’t the snake doing a check on the Pig. The civil still has a lot of SDL sympathizers – and good for them. So occasionally such situations develops.
    This had nothing to do with the snake.

    I would have thought that if this civil service refused to co-operate with this regime, they would probably have been able to shut the government down long time ago – but then again these guys need their paychecks also.

    As for the China policy – the Qarase government would probably have the same policy towards China.

    BTW – that 170 million that the Chinese gave the IG for infrastructure – building rural roads – we need good rural roads so that we can haul our natural resources to the ports and ship them to China – that is why they gave us that money.

    Transparency & Good Governance, clean-up campaign against corruption, one man-one-vote and all that – yeah right? ..and the last coup was about indigenous rights.

  18. LUVfiji Says:

    Intriguing news making the top article in Times Sports this morning !!

    The Fiji 7s Team to make a traditional apology to Serevi? This raises the eye brow. Was he deliberately dropped from the team because of some personal differences with Rugby House?

    Come on FRU.. yr CEO owes an explanation to the die-hard fans of this country. We have been denied the glory in the IRB 7s four times in a row because of some attitude emanating from Gordon St. Its time Tavanavanua come down his high horse and do some explaining. He shouldnt confuse himself of his traditional standing with the public office he holds. He owes it to the rugby-luving fans !

    A thought. Perhaps the auditors who cant get access to the books at the PM’s Office should make their way across to Rugby House 😉 Dua beka na duka e tiko mai keri ?

  19. Lau Lass Says:

    Tuiteci, wherever he goes there is always trouble, especially with money!!! levu ga na via vakateratera, no money tiko vei iko!!! all the special projects will be in Yasawa, where Mataca, Raturada, Tuiteci hail from!!!!

  20. woilei Says:

    The IG has gone to Tuiteci’s village and is either completed or completing a “village project” there …. someone told me a COMMUNITY HALL ? Better check it out.

  21. Dauvavana Says:

    Budhau is the snakes left cherry. Whenever something about the snake is mentioned he comes out very quickly with haymakers into the wind (vacu cagi) dropping a red herring to distract from discussions.

    Ignore him because his claims have no substance just like all the law cases handled by Rajend. He has never won a case in court 😉

    The auditors came from MOF and the snake may have tried a quick one there. Period!

  22. ulumaji Says:

    Something is seriously wrong here…. Tuiteci, was obviously on the IG side now he is not..hmmmm

    I wonder how many more pro-military out there are following Tuiteci? Are they finally seeing the truth behind all this IG facade?


  23. LUVfiji Says:


    They’re all a confused bunch, dont you think ? Like Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi recently said, “let us bear with their failings”.

  24. IslandBoy Says:

    Tuiteci was sacked by LQ when LQ was Mang Dir at FDB, then went to Min Information and was also sacked, then sacked from FBC and re-hired in the civil servive by Poseci Bune, was DO Navua when he flew a relief helicpter to his home island to deliver supplies intended for the Namosi Serua area. Was also on the infamous Bune fishing trip.

    Also up on child molestation charges when he tried to force himself on the friend of his daughter by his first marriage, when she came to study at his house – HA in Vatuwaqa.

    If they handed out an Arsehole of the Year award for civil servants, this guy would win hands down several years running back to back.

  25. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – Bula Vinaka Marama Nite – if there was a way you could pm me, the things I tell you about FRU would put at least 2 people behind bars.

    @NatewaPrince – Josateki Nawalowalo has recently moved back to his brother, Tu Gata & Seini’s house as he does not own one. He moved there when he evaded rent at his last domicile, but then moved to Rewa Street from his brother’s house. This did not last long. Reminds me of Adi K’s oft quoted comment about no ghare chiefs. Qo na waca dau tukutukuni tu.

    Kemuni na kila vinaka na veiwekani vakaturaga qo. The current Tui Tavuki, came to Suva recently where there was a lunch for him at Tu Gata’s house. The Tui Tavuki’s sister, Bulou Gavidi, told him off so severely that his own brother wanted to punch his lights out.

    Ko qo kemuni sa segai tu na madua. The yaqona traders are all saying the Kava Council is defunct and exists only in Josateki’s mind. In the Sun today he is boasting about his chiefly status and angling for another term as Chair of the Kadavu Prov Council.

    Mera va qaqa mada ga na Turaga/Marama ni Kadavu me lau caqe laivi na lasulasu levu o Josateki. Absolutely not a shred of moral fibre in his being.

    Sakiusa’s piece on Fiji TV last night may have been construed as an attack on Josateki’s position, but Sakiusa (from Nakasaleka) is only echoing what a lot of people from Kadavu are saying about this louse.

    On a brighter note, if this is FB’s hope of the side – in an attempt to convince the 14 Provinces of his GCC reform process, then FB must be mucho desparado, vakanuinui tiko ena taga lala. Josateki Nawalowalo does not even have the support of his immediate family. Rau sa sota ga!

  26. Tebara Says:

    Seriously… Everyone is sick of this Nawalowalo clan !! Laurai vinaka dou wacaaaaaaa taucoko …!! sa rauta mada na viavia Bulou kei na Ratu tiko. Sa qai vinaka me kila kece o Viti na levu ni nomudou boidada.

  27. Tebara Says:

    E ratou caka soqo mai na Yasawa … Nodratou vulagi dokai o Vore kei la na dau kucu gone o Tuiteci. Sa rauta beka me ratou sogota na katuba vei ira na dau vakadidike i vola. Levu tale na $50 soli nei Ganilua i Nabua … O rau na boci lako qo i Yasawa nodrau soli e kau beka mai na tobu levu ni sede ni veivakatorocake taki mai Jaina, Taiwan kei Idia. Just a thought … Public Holiday … hmmmmm ..what were they doing in the Yasawas … must ga me rau lai vatadra ceke mai cake e na dua na soqo mai yasana ya … !! Dou bula … da via valuta na cakacaka vakailoa …. Muri ratou wavoki ga na boica.

  28. Tebara Says:

    As of Pramesh Chand and his recent statement on official backing of this Illegal IGs of the Chinese govt continuos rape on freedom of expression in and around Tibet truly paints a picture of what this ghandusss are all about.

    Pramesh quoted as saying “It is normal for countries to share notes with other countries on situation like this” Wake up idiots look around you, no civilised country put up their hand in support of the massacre of Tibetans and suppression of expression from the Chinese mob. They did however raise their voice in condemnation whilst at the same time calling for Independence of the Tibetans. That is an autonomous governtment in action. Pramesh and his crew of Illegal snakes are very good in sucking up to communist governtments, agendas and propagendas at this time in order to drag their asses out of the financial misery they have embark Fiji and its people on.

  29. Gideon Says:

    First the Regimental fund;Voreqe fought tooth and nail to prevent an audit. Now Tuiteci is reinforcing the impression that his boss Voreqe has something to hide. Transparency & Good governance? Actions speak louder than words!

  30. Corruption Fighter Says:

    A blogger, I think it was Cassandra, said that the Taiwanese grants were the only cash that showed in the budget papers for the Charter process. John Samy had been saying that he needed more money for the Charter and Cassandra said he couldn’t see that Samy had even the money he thought he had. It was listed under the PM’s office in the budget papers. This was on SV a couple of weeks ago.

    There must be something fishy going on here if Tuiteci cannot just allow the auditors in. When he started talking about needing to see the terms of reference it sounded like he was making sure that the auditors only looked at the records of the Qarase Government.

    Everyone knows that the IG is a complete phony. The audit office is supposed to be independent of the executive arm of government but who knows what is happening under a regime that has interfered with the judiciary and is also trying to stack the BLV so they can nominate Naulukau as a stooge Vice president ready to step in as President.

  31. Adi Kaila Says:

    Hi Jean – here it is – It’s actually the Lords Prayer.

    Tamai keimami ma Lomalagi,
    Me varokorokotaki na Yacamuni;
    Me yaco mai na Nomuni matanitu;
    Me caka na Lomamuni e vuravura,
    Me vaka sa caka mai Lomalagi.
    Ni solia mai vei keimami ena siga oqo, Na kakana e rauti keimami.
    Ni bokoca mada na neimami i valavala ca,
    Me vaka keimami sa bokoca oti, Na nodra era sai valavala ta vei keimami.
    Ni kakua ni kauti keimami ki na vere;
    Ka mo Ni vakabulai keimami mai na ca.

    Ni sa Nomuni na Matanitu, kei na kaukauwa, kei na lagilagi,
    ka sega ni mudu.


  32. KaiFiji Says:

    Jo Nawalowalo
    This guy is not a chief and will never smell that Tui Tavuki post from Kadavu. The last Tui tavuki was Ratu Kisi Nacagilevu who passed away long time ago.His sons and daughters were never allowed any opportunity to hold the post . The current Tui Tavuki will not be silly to accept that bilo or he will be kicking the bucket as well..Since Ratu Nacagilevu’s eldest Rt Mekemeke has passed away, Bulou Wainikiti is next online or else it will be one of the boys, Rt Kini and Sitima,,,But you must all know that whoever will stand against any of this family will see the wraths of the Vanua..Funny thing is that none of these so called Chiefs or viavia Turaga beka e rawa ni gunuva tiko na bilo se me buli..era sa lamu kecega coz they know the truth..Well the Nacagilevu children were born and bred by their parents in their Chiefly home in Mokoisa called MATALEVU that is why people in Tavuki do not recognise them until today..I think it is time for them to pass on the titli to its rightful owner or else then drink that cup and say byebye from all your relatives..Funny eh???Till then..Cheers!!!

  33. aubatinuku-N Says:

    🙂 @ Adi Kaila: Whew!! I knew it, for a moment there you had me confused, then I’m going…..Wait a minute! Big relief when you came back and said Lord’s Prayer 🙂

    Big Vinaka vakalevu Adi K!!

    Hmmm!! Contemplating here!!

  34. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Adi Kaila.

    Well, that’s definitely one of the most powerful prayers of all! And yes, sounds awesome when sung with many voices.

    Another suggestion might be “Na Vanua Lagilagi”. The words in the hymn go “isa Viti, isa Viti, lesu tale, lesu ni se vo na gauna”.

    Also powerful, and appropriate to the situation, nes pa?

  35. Peace Pipe Says:

    I support the ideas and proposals by People Power. I was also reflecting on the vey same concepts that P/Power had outlined above. As it is now the businesses are feeling the decline in revenues of over 40% and it is not getting any better. Statistics reported that imports was down. Although this may be good for saving in foreign exchange the reality is that business is really slowing down that they are not importing much now. PP could be true when he said that businesses had backed the coup prior to its execution. So they must be made to suffer their ill conceived decisions by further decline in business. I would like to reiterate PP suggestion that we do not spend our precious money now on unnecessary items. Just use money on foodstuff and essetials like bills and basic clothing and footwear. If we could sacrifice our desires with this proposal for at least 3 months or better still 6 months it will have a great impact and the businesse will start crying out and rejecting the bunch of thieves they once supported. Let us show people power is potent and greater than those few who are holding the country at ramson for their selfserving objectives of self enrichment and that its not about being for the good of the people at large.

  36. LUVfiji Says:

    @IB. Ni sa bula vinaka na Turaga Naita !

    Ceburaka tani mai ke tiko dina na duka, o ni kila, mai na FRU.

    We now read in the papers today that Rugby House knows nothing about this apology yet in yesterday’s news we were made to believe that it was a FRU move. It looks as though the right hand does not know what the left one is doing. Ratou vei cara mada ! [Sa dau mosi dina vei au ni druka o Viti ena 7s]

    Why is the national 7s coach seeking forgiveness from Serevi? Was he personally involved in something that led Serevi to quit his job with FRU? They seem to be operating in a manner akin to this iG.

    I get the impression though that you know something. Please spill…. as we look forward to this weekend with hope and anticipation for that much deprived glory !

    Go Fiji Go !! You go Turaga Nite !

  37. Tebara Says:

    @ Naita Luvfiji. E tarai coach beka kei na nona timi na vunau kitaki vi ratou mai Naveiwekau. Ni sa drill taki i nodratou mona me ratou veivaka savasava taki sebera na veicaqe volo. i believe that was the main reason for the seeking of forgiveness.

    Unlike other big gun coaches in 7s tournies. Our Fiji team is an exception. He does not have the last say in who gets to run on donning the fijis jersey. He gives his list but the bottom line is and should be stressed to the Fiji Public that the FRU board has a say in who runs on PERIOD.

    We should also understand as a rugby nation that our days of dominating the 7s circuits is long gone. We have other power house of Rugby from other nation who specifically target and mould sprinters for their 7’s circuit. These players are specialised players for that purpose. Other nations have caught on to the flamboyant style that is akin to 7s. Nowdays, victory of the day is accorded to the best prepared team and it could be 1 of 4 or 5 nation. Its the better prepared and psyched up team.

    Those old grey hairy assed men running the rugby house should step down and give way to younger men with rugby passion at heart to take both the 7s and 15aside team to a new level of rugby administration and accountability to its die hard fans all around the nation.

  38. LUVfiji Says:

    @ Naita Tebara. Thank you for that contribution.

    E tarai coach na vunau mai Naveiwakau baleta ni tiko gona na duka. It had to be something that warranted an apology (it seems!).

    Its just as interesting to note the FRU Boards influence on the run-on side. So they get to choose who plays, or rather, who doesn’t ? Great! The pieces are beginning to make sense now… mayb Serevi wasnt abiding to those instructions causing the fallout with Rugby House. Waaaaailei ! To be honest, Im not much of a Serevi fan myself, but I luv the game and you have to salute the guy for such great talent.

    I totally agree with yr last para !

    Go Fiji !!

  39. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – Just before the last IRB 7s London/Edinburgh leg last year, theft of big money by a senior manager was discovered. The players were all there when the discovery was made and they asked for certain conditions.
    It was a clear cut police case, but top management covered up for the thief and let him go.

    Remeber there was a team massage guy called Simi Kuruvoli, he is now a security guard at the new MHs in central Suva. He was blamed for the theft and left the squad in disgrace even though the thief confessed that he framed Simi and all the players saw the proof. The CEO and Board let the thief go and Simi was never engaged by the team ever again.

    Walk over to him on his break and ask him. He will tell you exactly what happened. Also players Naevo, Simi Saravanua, Nasoni Roko, Lepani and Setefano were there with some staff members when it happened. All of them can tell you what happened.

    That is why the boys went crazy and did not win the series by not even making the 1/4 finals. They all broke dicipline and went boozing. When the squad returned, all were quiet, what goes on tour, stays on tour.

    Serevi spoke to the boys very harshly, but came back and defended them. Savou the dirty informer to the FRU board, that is why Nabuliwaqa and Co. were fined. This seemd like more injustice to them since the thief and many other thieves always go free.

    The senior players have absolutely no faith in Savou. Watch Setefano’s face when Savou is talking. He was one of the ones that wanted discipline to be applied uniformly and was disgusted at the treatment handed out, but Savou is his coach and superior at work. Why do you think Naevo never wants to play under Savou, can’t trust the 2 faced bastard.

    This is already a big digression and is just case number one, there are at east 50 such cases, kena ca ga ni ra sa rui waste time na noda sports reporters and don’t do enough digging. Mala Veisamasama knows a lot.

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