Further evidence that the final draft of the Charter was preconceived!

Read this article from Fiji Times online. It indicates that the so called Charter will not be an apolitical document. The People pushing it already have ideas of what the final document will look like and it has not involved the largest Fijian Political Party nor the largest Fijian Christian Church! 

A FORMER police commissioner, diplomat and senior military officer was asked to stop compiling a report on the military for the technical and support secretariat for the National Council for Building a Better Fiji.

Former Police Commissioner Isikia Savua confirmed yesterday he was asked on March 5 to attend a meeting in Parliament where he was asked to submit the report. Deputy Head of TASS Peter Wise confirmed receiving the submission from Mr Savua and indicated that it was a communication breakdown at secretariat level.

Mr Wise said they were now trying to resolve the matter to ensure nothing like this happens again.

Mr Savua said on March 13, after drafting his first copy, he sent it to the TASS so they could gauge whether it was the kind of information they wanted.

“On March 15, I got a call from one official of the TASS saying that someone had objected to my participation viz-a-viz about my writing a report on the military,” he said.

“The official then asked me whether I could withdraw and this I did.”

Mr Savua said the official could not reply to his queries on who objected to his being a part of the process or why they objected.

“It is my understanding that the NCBBF wanted as wide a range of views as possible from all sections of the community and after I gave them the report they have decided they wanted me earlier but now they want somebody else,” he said.

“It makes me think do they want people who want to tell them what they need to know or do they want people who tell them what they want to know.

“This episode questions the independence and transparency of the NCBBF.

“They have failed to tell me who wanted me out of the process and why.”

Mr Savua, who was Police Commissioner at the time of the 2000 coup and a senior army officer during the 1987 military coup, declined to forward a copy of his draft report to The Fiji Times, saying it was confidential.


36 Responses to “Further evidence that the final draft of the Charter was preconceived!”

  1. natewaprince Says:

    No sour grapes please Savua.On your return from your diplomatic posting,the first thing you said in the media was that you were ready to serve in any capacity in this illegal regime.

    By accepting to work for them in the first place shows your true colours.Now that you have been snubbed,please don’t expect us to feel sorry for you.

    If you intend to sleep with dogs,you are bound to get fleas.

  2. Tim Says:

    And he’s not the only one itching!

  3. Peace Pipe Says:

    It shows who is pulling the strings in the background. None other than the snake himself. We all know that there is a great divide between Savua and the snake since the snake firmly believes that Savua was also complicit in the his ovethrow in 2000. Thats why there was no name forthcoming when the question was asked about who gave the order not to accept Savua. No prizes for guessing right on this question. More and more and day by day we see the control and manipulation being applied by the snake. While the pig is now quiet the snake is again making a lot of noises.

  4. Always 4 Fiji Says:

    I am glad that the Fiji Community in Auckland has made its stand about its opposition to the Charter. The Fiji Community in Auckland through our spokesperson said today in the Fiji Times that we do not agree with the Charter. That is in contradiction to news reports that stated that the head of the technical secretariat for the National Council for Building a better Fiji John Sami held meetings with members of the Fijian Community in New Zealand on the people’s charter where he claimed that there was positive response. Sami may have met with the Fiji Indians living in New Zealand and also spoke on Radio Tarana, an Auckland based Hindustani radio station.

    Some of us have copies of the Charter that Sami gave out after April last year. I have personally read through and familiar with the Charter. Sami even told us then that he was going to head the technical secretariat for the national council for building a better Fiji. That was almost a year before his appointment. It was during the same time when Pramesh Chand (the liar) denied the involvement of two people outside Fiji in the preparation of the Charter and even said there was no draft Charter! Liar!!! The Charter was compiled between February and March and published in April 2007. Those of us that have copies of the Charter laughed at Pramesh but were in deep sympathy with the people of Fiji. I know that Sami had wanted to meet some members of the Auckland Fiji Community last year to discuss the Charter where he was told in no uncertain terms about our collective opposition to the Charter.

    Our opposition is based on the contents of the Charter especially with regards to page 16 where it proposes the review and weakening of Fijian institutions. Those us that have copies of the Charter knew that Charter was being implemented when members of the Great Council of Chiefs were sacked by the Interim regime and review of Fijian Institutions by Kurusiga’s team. The Charter has been implemented in a very dictatorial manner. It is clear that the Charter aims at weakening the foundations that indigenous Fijians hold dear.

    The world of the Fijian people is the Vanua where the Chiefs are inseparable with the people, the land and the fishing ground. The vanua is identical or related to fanua (Samoa), fonua (Tonga), fenua (Tahiti and whenua (Maori). It is a very important foundation of the indigenous peoples’ culture, identity and survival.

    Land to the Fijian people was not just soil or rocks or minerals, but a whole environment that sustains and is sustained by its people and culture. There are only approximately 500,000+ indigenous Fijians in this world. For Indigenous Fijians the land is the core of all spirituality and this relationship has been deeply misunderstood by the People’s Charter and non indigenous Fiji people. This relationship regarding land is fundamental to all issues that are important to Indigenous people of the world.

  5. IslandBoy Says:

    A4F – Please, kerekere vakabibi – write this as a letter in the mainstream media. What I did not understand about John Sami’s trip, unless it was to visit his family, is why he has to go and convince the Fiji community in NZ, or anywhere else for that matter about the Charter. Se bera mada ni va qimai na kena cakacakataki e Viti.

    I just hope they did not pay for his trip and per diems out of the NCBBF’s already depleted budget.

    The follow up question is which of the grovellers gets the US, Oz, Canada, the UK and India trips to brief the Fiji people there.

    One of the things we have been doing (without first consulting with the SV Editors – yikes, very sorry) is forwading the real good posts on this board to friends and relatives to help them form their opinions.

    This is so that we are not just preaching to the converted in here but so that we spread the word. I must have broken a million copyright laws, but please forgive me, it was with good intention and I always tell my cousins I got this from the SV website.

    Free advice to the IG. Evidently the iAG does not have an internal crash warning system in his control panel. When he failed to garner the support of the Fiji Muslim League, should that not be a key peformace indicator failure for FB to kick him out, if taken into consideration with his previous bad and wrong advice.

  6. Peace Pipe Says:

    Always4Fiji, thanks for clearing the air on the level of support for the charter from Fijians in NZ. We now realise the false propaganda and lies being spouted by the members of the NCBBF who are losing support and credibilty by the day as people start to realise the hidden agenda being espoused within the charter. I was also wondering why the heck samy had to go to NZ to promote the charter. The charter will affect those living in Fiji and not those in NZ so I dont see the rationale in going to NZ and doing all these jigs promoting the charter. Maybe he just want to have a break and visit family on a free air ticket paid by Fiji taxpayers on the pretext of taking the charter roadshow to NZ. Or will there be mass migration back to Fiji of those who left Fiji for greener pastures. After all, people who have migrated are being permitted dual citizenship in the igs quest to get back numbers to support them in the next elections. Is there a grand plan where all these smallers ones link directly to?

  7. Budhau Says:

    Always 4 Fiji on the subject of the charter wrote, “Our opposition is based on the contents of the Charter especially with regards to page 16 where it proposes the review and weakening of Fijian institutions.”

    My suggestion to some of you in here is that cut the crap about personal attacks on John Sami and some others in that committee.
    You don’t even have to take a position on the Charter – whether you are for it or against it.

    There are two issues in here. One is the what is in the charter itself, and secondly, how they are going about putting the charter in place.

    Look at the issues. What is in the charter, what you agree with and what you don’t and why.

    Then make the argument that something like the Charter should be put into place by an elected government – so maybe FLP and New Alliance can put the Charter on their Manifesto for the next election. There may be certain things in the charter that even the SDL might like and which may be good for the country.

    So cut out the emotions – attacking individuals or the scare tactics that this is anti-Fijian. Focus on what you want. If they want to do a referendum, than we have to make sure that such a referendum was free and fair.

    It seems that on may issues, some who have an agenda want to get a inaccurate perception out there, get the emotions running high, misunderstanding, frustration and little communication

    …and for former Fiji people who have migrated, they should just stay out of this – who cares what they think about the charter.

    ..and there was some idiot in here that said something about dual-citizenship – there ain’t no dual citizenship being offered by the IG.

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    Peace Pipe
    it could just be that , like Heinrich Himmler , Hitler’s second in Command , that samy has gone to New Zealand to offload businesses or shore up support for himself , should the Court case go against the regime !
    Himmler , unbeknownst to Hitler , was off loading businesses all over the world , while buying shares in those same businesses . so while Hitler thought he would win his delusional war on everything and everyone , Himmler was lining his own pocket and the pockets of the International business world in America , South America and South Africa among others .

  9. Mark Manning Says:

    Why should Fijian citizens be even considering this peoples charter ?
    Where did it come from in the 1st. place ? Who are the people behind it and when did it’s original concept form ? How long ago , was it perceived ? What is it’s true intent and finally , what Authority does this silly document have anyway , why are we even discussing it ?
    I could write something on toilet paper which would have more meaning !

  10. The cosmos Says:

    Exactly : Why should people even consider this piece of shit called the charter. If others want to live in Fiji then they should adapt accordinly or else go and adopt another country and adapt to it.This charter is a waste of money and shouldn’t even be considered. All those who are part of its design and propagation like John Samy and Co will be brought back to Fiji for treason wherever they are in the world, when the time is right.

  11. iceman Says:

    Budhau or wateva your name is. We are sick and tired of you and others who tried to convince us here about this so called charter. Can’t you get it in your thick head that we do not want any freekin CHARTER!!!..END OF STORY.. You can take your charter, call Voreqe and Co, sit under the mango tree and discuss your dumd ass charter there..OK…

  12. Always 4 Fiji Says:

    To Budhau

    The contents of page 16 that I was referring to stated the following among other matters:

    “……Review the roles of the following institutions and recommend reforms:

     The Great Council of Chiefs
     Native Land Trust Board
     Fijian Affairs Board
     Ministry of Fijian Affairs and Provincial Development
     Business Development initiatives such as Yasana Holding, Vanua Development Corporation, etc”

    The above are copied from page 16 of the Draft Charter that Sami circulated to us in April last year. You may ask yourself on the sequence of events for analysis. When did the IG sack the members of the Great Council of Chiefs? When was the Cokonauta review team appointed? When was the Kurusiga team appointed? All those were done in accordance with Sami & Narayan’s Charter that was commissioned by the IG. The GCC members were sacked when Sami was not even appointed to his current position and Pramesh was still denying his involvement. But we know because we had copies of the Charter. Sami boastfully told a friend of mine he speaks directly to Bainimarama.

    Fiji can never be taken away to Fiji people to reside overseas. It is our right and our Fiji as much as yours. It pays to be observant and analytical Budhau to reflect maturity and intelligence. I am sure you can do better than this. May you and your family have a Blessed Easter!

  13. Soul of Fiji Says:

    Listen Bloggers, Don’t reply to Budhau…you can see what he is doing here, if we respond to the issues we …..are indirectly or directly involved in the final draft of the CHARTER.

    Our responses will be viewed and claimed as our part or contribution to the Charter SO BEWARE WE HAVE A SNAKE AMOUNG OUR MIDST….


  14. Adi Kaila Says:

    Esa yaga na kutusebe nei vore – sara milamila ‘ece na ce’e –

    GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY you itchy lil critters & itch them to hell.

  15. Kutusebeneivore Says:

    Ha ha ha Adi K, I am still around nd yes look what I started. I am the irritating itch that will not go away. I will itch his cherries till the pig drops dead and yes Victory is indeed ours!!!

  16. Qarauna Says:

    Is there any way the contents of that charter in NZ can be put on this blog? or sent/emailed to us?

  17. solivakasama Says:


    What have you started – There’s a whole army of them lil critters out there to torment them – yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!!!!!

    If you see anyone playing pocket billiards you’ll know what it’s all about.



  18. Always 4 Fiji Says:

    Qarauna , I am willing to send it to you if you let me konw the address.

  19. LUVfiji Says:

    Na cava tale taroga tiko kina o Isikia Busi Savua se o cei e sega ni vinakata na nona laki vakaitavi i na ncbbf? Ni sa macala votu tu ga o cei.

    Na karuawana o eveli… e se mosi tiko ga vei koya na nona a kabati mrs ganilua ti’o ‘ina. Uuuwaisaaaaka !

  20. Tebara Says:

    Aeeeeee …kari bagi na bichi lailai o Elenoa e vuli lave saga wavoki mai vei nona tutua o Ateca ……Me trim tiko gona na kete Eveli …ke wara o Bu na lai vidividilaki i tuba …!!

  21. Budhau Says:

    When they abrogated the constitution the last time around, the other side took a similar stand – “we have nothing to do with the new constitution, it ain’t worth the paper it is written on yada, yada, yada.” Those Indians refused to serve on the committee – I guess they got a few Indians finally from the Methodist church to be on that committee. They finally came around.

    Doesn’t this look the same, only this time they did not abrogate the constitution (For the IG, it might have been better if the did make the clean sweep). And our attitude is very similar to what the other side had the last time around – that “we are going to hold our breath until we turn blue” kinda attitude.

    What exactly is wrong with reviewing the Great Council of Chiefs and making any recommendation if there is a need for a change? The same goes for all those other matters noted on page 16. Didn’t the last constitution give the GCC the expanded constitutional role that it now enjoys – could we have gone wrong in giving them this constitutional role – these are good points that need to be discussed.
    Why should you not look at the Vanua Development Corporation – what if we find out that they were working against the best interest of the common Fijians.

    First, do away with the personal attacks, on Sami and the rest of the people pushing for the Charter.
    Second, do not take a position – for the Charter or against the Charter.
    Look at the issues – and go hard on the issues on its merits. Going hard on the people and the emotional rhetoric such as “Fiji can never be taken away to Fiji people to reside overseas.” – this is the problem

    Always 4 Fiji wrote, “It pays to be observant and analytical Budhau to reflect maturity and intelligence.” Come on Always 4 Fiji, you hurt my feelings.
    Now, you can’t argue with that can you? What if I said you are ill-informed, immature and naïve – I am sure you will have a argument for that, right, and I probably piss you off also. – BTW those words came up in the last few days from the Tui Namosi and the SDL spokesperson – such personal attacks are totally counter productive.

    The way things look, you are either at the table on the table – it is your choice. Qarase himself has said that he is willing and would like to work with Bainimarama – the question is not whether he is willing to work with the IG or not, its some of the silly ass POSITIONS that both sides take, and make the situation worse by bad mouthing the other side.

    This is the same these buggers have been doing on the land problem – to hell with the issues – they take a position – ALTA or NLTA –and that’s the end of it.

  22. Maqa a Leqa Says:


    Youe explanation supports what is happening! One observation though-the campaign on the acceptance of the Charter being done in Fiji is directed at indigenous Fijians only. One can see that radio programmes, public presentations at villages, provinces, etc, etc are filled with the charter campaign.

    The opposite is happening overseas like in NZ as A4F stated. The campaign there is directed at Indians. Indian meetings, indian radio station, etc, etc

    Could it be that these are the people opposing the charter both locally and overseas?

  23. Qarauna Says:

    Vinaka Always 4 Fiji, please email it to rexedwards2@gmail.com

  24. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Silly col. dimwiti must lie awake at night trying to think of new names under which to write stupid comments on these blogs.

    The dear john comment above could only have been penned by a halfwit like dimwiti.

  25. LUVfiji Says:


    Marama Nite… o Elenoa cava ‘qori, ie !

  26. Fijianpatriot Says:

    Sega ni o John Veikoso ga qo koya na qauri qase tiko mai Raiwaqa koya na daku ni makete e cake ya. E dua na qauri qase tiko e kea yacana o Veikoso. Vaka vei au o koya sara la qo baleta ni via to the left to the left toka vakalevu na nona mentality.

    As for Budhau, I just don’t understand why bloggers even bother to reply to his comments. As for me, as soon as I see the name Budhau, I just take a mighty leap onto the next bloggers’ comments. He ain’t worth it and no matter how hard he tries to justify himself and everything illegal, we are not convinced. Create your own blog, put as many pro coup comments there as you like and see how many hits you get in a month. That will act as an indicator whether people are really interested in your views or you are just a lonely voice in the wilderness where Mick Beddoes was told to take a walk in.

  27. anon Says:

    Ka Fijianpatriot ni kilai Veikoso ena daku ni makete mai Raiwaqa mai vei?

  28. TAG Says:

    @Fijianpatriot & anon.

    Sigai, me tarogi vakavinaka mada o IB; vaka me rau “string” vata tiko o rau qori; d-rrrring! oilei; o raiwaqa kei na daku ni makete.

    Celebrate good people. Our sins have been washed by the Blood shed on the Cross of Calvary. Oh Bless my Jehovah Jireh!

  29. Qarauna Says:

    vinaka vakalevu A4F for the document. E ra dau kaya na nodatou mai Wainunu, sa qai dua na colovu levu!!

  30. aubatinuku-N Says:

    No charter in REWA!!
    Boonti Budhau & Jhooti JV……..Had a happy Easter I gather, grease and all!!
    The more you talk the more water you tread, very sorry!! No essence, the both of you!!

  31. John Veikoso Says:

    Fijianpatriot or fijianparrot??? anyway as for aubatikinuku, you must be on the wrong wavelength tamana. Charter has already been to Rewa, Army Engineers renovating school in noco, Army team played first game last two weeks agi in Burebasaga Rugby union competion!! you must be outer touch with your soso bro, well you cant think properly if you leave right next to the lami dump, must be the smell, gone to your brains!!!

  32. aubatinuku-N Says:

    JV, Vutu saka vei kemuni na naita!!

    You give yourself away so easily, mr.QEB man….heheheh!!
    Lami dump qori na nodratou na wekaqu bibi mai Suvavou, qai sala yani lai vivosaki yani kina vata i ratou.
    Who cares about your rugby team and how qualified are your army engineers anyway because anyone can wear a uniform and fool anybody! You dead give yourself away already and you may as well go back and finish high school at the least!!

  33. Fijianpatriot Says:

    Oilei o Veikoso. Sa daba la na mai vakamacala dou ulu lala. E sega ni curu rawa tiko e nona mona o Veivutukoso ni vakacava sara na levu ni ka e mai cauraka tiko eke baleta na mataivalu, keimami sa sega sara ni ulukau vakataki koya me keimami vakadonuya ni donu e dua na cala. Na cala e na cala tikoga veitalia o lai vakasalusalutaka, vakadabera e na dua nai dabedabe koula, vakaboivinakataka e na alapasita, qai mai vakaisalataka e na sala vakatui daimani, e na sega ni kauta laivi na cala levu a nonai kaukau tiko mai.

    O mai vakaukauwataki keimami tiko me keimami tokona na matanitu, na mataivalu kei na kenai liuliu ni dodonu na veika e ratou kauta tiko mai. Na uasivi ni nona i solisoli na Kalou vei keda na tamata ni rawa ni da kila na kedrau duidui o vinaka kei ca, na cava e dodonu kei na cava e cala. Ni o mai vakasaurarataka na tamata me ciqoma na cala me i wali ni vinaka, e sega ni vakalou na nomu i le baleta ni rau na sega ni na veiwaki vata vakadua na dodonu kei na cala. Sa vaka ga o mai tukuna tiko eke ni o eli e tiko talega mai lomalagi.

    Vakasavasavataka na nomu rai, kauta laivi na yalo ni veiqati, na vuvu kei na loma ca ka vakavulici iko mo dau kila na kedrau duidui o vinaka kei ca, o cala kei dodonu. O keimami na tiko e ke na ka e kauti keimami vata mai na neimami valataka tiko me na qaqa tikoga e na veigauna kece na dina, na loma vinaka, na veilomani, na dodonu kei na savasava. Keimami sega ni veikilai ia na ka talei ga ni keimami duavata ena neimami rai e na gauna dredre oqo me keimami valataka na dina baleta na dina ga e na qai tasereki keimami.

  34. natewaprince Says:

    Amen FP.

  35. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Vinaka vakalevu @ Fijian Patriot!!
    Kajina taucoko kemudrau, o Jone Veikoso qo e sa rui daba sivia tale, e sa va tale na “MANA DOMICI”!!

    Du vakaraica vakamalua, sa maca qima mai na nona weli 😉

  36. People Power Says:

    It has been for sometime now that the beatings, the harrassment and the expulsion has quietened us and reduced us to the underground. The underground has provided us with options that need to be developed and this is a proposal.

    First of all, I urge all of us who are against the illegal regime that we are not powerless. We are sitting on a time BOMB that ha to explode now in small isolated explosions but the effect will be chaotic for the illegal regime that they will have not choice but to give us back our government, our power to rule ourselves by whoever the majority of us vote for in a free and unconditional election as early as March 2009

    Do you know that it is you and none other that can bring back our democracy? Do you know that you and me, we have the key to return us to democracy? fi you did not think it before, know that you and me the power of the people will never be subdued

    For this proposal to work, we have to make personal sacrifices and we all have to sell this idea to each and every right thinking people of Fiji. We have to deny us of time and distance and in other instances, pay a little bit more but only for a while.

    This proposal is based on intelligence that The Gujerat Community were asked in the West and in Suva in 2006 if they will support Voreqe in his takeover and they agreed. Only one did not want to support and I wil get you his name.

    Tebara Meats gifts premium cuts to Voreqes house every week, Let us buy from other butchers from today onwards

    Vodafone is headed by biased and racist Judge Nazat Shammeem so let us all migrate to Digicel come September

    Colonial is lead by prominent Army Officers so lets bank with ANZ and Westpac and invite a new insurance company where our brothers and sisters can find work in.

    Let us fly Freedom Air or Virgin Blue and not Air Pacific or Air Fiji until they give us back our unconditional democracy

    Thing is, there are many business people out there that supported the planning, the conduct and the continuation.

    Another is the renatal car company that was allowing the Army to run around Suva in new rental cars

    There are many others that you and the others know. We need to consolidate Voreqe’s supporters and zip.

    What do we do?
    Just when they think they could hide, just when we though we were opposing the illegal regime; we were actualy funding Voreqe’s supporters by buying from their shops. We, the people ae not powerless as we buy from this people

    Therefore, the proposal is that we do not buy from these people, we do not hire their vehicles, we do not sleep in their hotels, we do not hold conferences in their hotels, we do not ride in their buses and taxis

    The sacrifice is in walking or driving an extra mile to buyt or hire or book from the next genuine business person and not from the one that is close by as your money indirectly goes to Voreqe and the Interim Regime. The choice is yours

    In this way, they will run out of our money and they can no longer support Voreqe. Instead, we will all buy from small genuine business people and reward them from the genuiness and at the same time can even get good people to establish new shops, rentals insurances companies etc etc so that we the people of Fiji take back what is ours, control of our beloved Fiji

    Please distribute this posting widely, pint it and give to all the right thinking people and let us remind ourselves that with a illtel sacrifice, we can show us how powerful we are and they have no choice but just to feel it.

    Let us all act, let us all sacrifice, let us be strong and let us be the victorious people uinited as one. You will still buy your goods but from genuine sellers

    That is the Power of the People

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